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00:00 <Kq head> You decide that them cancelling the event is a reasonable outcome
00:00 <Dtm142> Sebastian Gno had his own soundtracks.
00:00 <Coelacanth0794> so this event takes up a large chunk of the f2p area
00:00 <AnselaJonla> Yeah, we had that, Tony. Jace Keni uploaded it
00:00 <Dtm142> Possible outcome, and the best one they could choose.
00:00 <Kq head> best one in your eyes*
00:00 <Dtm142> Most likely outcome?  That's less clear.
00:00 <Kq head> worst one business-wise
00:00 <Dtm142> Riiight.
00:00 <AnselaJonla> But when I asked Dro to sort out the uploads after several hours, he interpreted it as "delete them all"
00:00 <Kq head> It's incredibly clear that the only likely outcome is they won't cancel it
00:00 <Dtm142> Because we all knew WE1 affected their business.
00:01 <Dtm142> 9_9
00:01 <Dtm142> Most likely?  Probably.
00:01 <TonyBest100> I would have just suggested to keep only a few images, such as the map itself until a cleaner version can be taken ingame
00:01 <Dtm142> I consider myself an optimist though
00:01 <Dtm142> :)
00:01 <AnselaJonla> hahahahahahah
00:01 <AnselaJonla> you're fucking kidding, right?
00:01 <Spineweilder> From the conversation we're having that doesn't seem to be the case
00:01 <Coelacanth0794> he's pretty pessimist
00:01 <Dtm142> Sure it does.
00:01 <Coelacanth0794> i'd know, i'm pessimist
00:02 <Spineweilder> Coel is not pessy
00:02 <Coelacanth0794> yes i am
00:02 <Spineweilder> Coel is cool
00:02 <Coelacanth0794> i don't know how to respond to that
00:02 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
00:02 <Dtm142> I hope for a certain outcome, and I place some probability on the occurrence of said outcome.
00:02 <Coelacanth0794> i bet 5 coins a god will die
00:03 <Kq head> They're as likely to cancel it as I am to give birth to a coconut
00:04 <Dtm142> untrue
00:04 <Dtm142> Above zero > 0
00:04 <Coelacanth0794> i have high hopes we2 is released within the next 30 days
00:04 <Kq head> it's as likely as spineweilder having his spine dislocated from a coconut thrown through his window
00:05 <Kq head> probably my coconut
00:05 <Dtm142> lolwut?
00:05 <Coelacanth0794> you like coconuts dont you squidward
00:06 <Kq head> it's as likely as coel hitting his head on the desk and coming up with a reasonable scientific theory on how the universe is in fact a giant coconut
00:06 <Kq head> and last but not least...
00:06 <Dtm142> stranger things have happened
00:06 <Dtm142> remember newton and the apple?
00:06 <Coelacanth0794>
00:06 <Coelacanth0794> no i missed that world event
00:07 <Coelacanth0794> i hear the apple won by about 32 million tears tho
00:07 <Kq head> it's as likely as I am to spontaneously combust on the crapper while reading the works of Edgar Allan Poe on the back of a beluga whale wearing a yellow dress
00:07 <Kq head> yes these are hyperboles
00:07 <Dtm142> You cite no evidence for that claim.
00:08 <Spineweilder> Joey
00:08 <Joeytje50> sup
00:08 <Coelacanth0794> joey, make dtm go away
00:09 <Joeytje50> dtm go away
00:09 <Joeytje50> shoo
00:09 <Coelacanth0794> (y)
00:09 <Kq head> a more realistic comparison would be for me to make a sandwich with no butter
00:09 <Spineweilder> joey
00:09 <Spineweilder>
00:09 <Kq head> like i just randomly forget to use butter
00:09 <Spineweilder> can you expand that some time
00:09 <Spineweilder> Me and Temu want to revamp the main page
00:10 <Kq head> i'd say that is around the same probability
00:10 <Dtm142> lol
00:10 <Kq head> i have had a butter-less sandwich a total of like... 2 times, ever
00:10 <Joeytje50> ok
00:10 <Coelacanth0794> so just 2 pieces of bread?
00:10 <Joeytje50> should that be about something christmas'y then?
00:10 <Joeytje50> or something general
00:11 <Kq head> well obviously it had other stuff in it
00:11 <Spineweilder> general
00:11 <Spineweilder> need to remake main page 
00:11 <Spineweilder> so it looks nicer
00:11 <Coelacanth0794> so the second exam today had a question that was meant to say 'off course' but was typod to be 'of course'
00:11 <Kq head> ...of course.
00:11 <Coelacanth0794> changed the question into something muchmore humorous
00:11 <Spineweilder> !tell Temujin96 I added a logo to the main page; I think priority is more about making the Main page look nice than making it festive.
00:11 <RSChatBot> I will tell Temujin96 this next time I see them
00:11 <Spineweilder> Gtg
00:11 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
00:12 <TonyBest100>
00:12 <Kq head> coel what else did the question say
00:12 <Kq head> can't believe the godless is the lowest :[
00:12 <Joeytje50> what does the question say?!?!
00:12 <Coelacanth0794> wow tony zam is a popular fellow
00:12 <TonyBest100> Didn't help him though at WE1 lol
00:13 <Kq head> zamorak has many traitorous followers
00:13 <Coelacanth0794> it saidsomething along the lines of emit tractor beams bees off course
00:13 <Coelacanth0794> true false
00:13 <TonyBest100> I would have betrayed Zamorak too after he destroyed Lumbridge Forest
00:14 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
00:14 <Coelacanth0794> no it's probably all the zarosians on sara's side
00:14 <Dtm142> ^
00:14 <Coelacanth0794> ryan get a christmas avatar
00:14 <Dtm142> More of the gods have a beef with Z than with S
00:14 <Ryan PM> nope.avi
00:14 <Coelacanth0794> yuno
00:14 <TonyBest100> true, zaros fans sticking with Saradomin until Zaros actually arrives
00:15 <TonyBest100> then we kill the rest of the gods, leaving Zaros as the last!
00:15 <Coelacanth0794> "zaros would want zamorak dead" not really
00:15 <Dtm142> he wouldn't want him even more powerful
00:15 <Dtm142> (with phr33 Guthix energy)
00:15 <Kq head> saradomin accepts alliances but zamorak only wants conquest
00:15 <TonyBest100> well Zamorak was Tier 4 before BoL
00:16 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
00:16 <Cook Me Plox> Woo
00:16 <Cook Me Plox> We can get rid of even the historical Tarikochi animations
00:16 <Coelacanth0794> poor zammy, stuck in the shit tier with fucking brassica prime and other gods nobody has heard of
00:16 <Dtm142> How, Cook?
00:16 <Cook Me Plox> 07scape
00:16 <Dtm142> Explain
00:16 <Coelacanth0794> wat?
00:16 <Dtm142> And Coel, that's probably why he's ruining Christmas
00:17 <Dtm142> I was talking to cook.
00:17 <Dtm142> And we still have historical RS1 images
00:17 <TonyBest100> Zamorak's a sore loser
00:17 <Cook Me Plox> The only Tarikochi animations we have anymore are historical
00:18 <Cook Me Plox> Because we replaced all the others
00:18 <Dtm142> Ditto for RS1 images, yet we still have them
00:18 <Kq head> we should keep at least 1 tarikochi animation that doesn't require specific gear though right?
00:18 <Dtm142> What is your point?
00:18 <Cook Me Plox> But now that we have 2007scape, we can replace historical Tarikochi ones
00:18 <Kq head> or are you wiping her from existence
00:18 <Dtm142> :(
00:18 <Coelacanth0794> what if she were to come back
00:19 <Coelacanth0794> all her godly relics dismantled by the new god of power
00:19 <Dtm142> I'd have to block her per [[RS:SIG]]
00:19 <Dtm142> And RSHD was essentially the bane of her existence.
00:19 <Cook Me Plox> [[User:Tarikochi]]
00:19 <Coelacanth0794> whyzat
00:19 <Dtm142> Too bad.  She worked so hard on that collection, and submitted it to so many websites
00:20 <Ryan PM> tari still played post rshd though
00:20 <Dtm142> Coel, her sig doesn't link to userpage/talk/contribs.
00:20 <Dtm142> Oh, she plays, but she doesn't edit.
00:20 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <Dtm142> And it's not templated, so I can't edit it.
00:21 <Cook Me Plox> Make her edit
00:21 <Cook Me Plox> What do you mean she submitted it to so many websites?
00:21 <Dtm142> I've checked
00:21 <Cook Me Plox> hm?
00:21 <Dtm142> She tried to get, RuneHQ, Zybez to use her gifs iirc
00:21 <Cook Me Plox> lol
00:22 <Cook Me Plox> how'd that work out
00:22 <Dtm142> Well, they don't use them.
00:22 <Ryan PM> lol realy?
00:22 <Dtm142> So yeah.
00:22 <Cook Me Plox> nooo
00:22 <Cook Me Plox> we missed our shot on this one
00:22 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
00:23 <Ryan PM> I thought I replaced that one
00:23 <Ryan PM> oh flail fail
00:24 <Coelacanth0794>
00:24 <Ryan PM> O_o
00:24 <Coelacanth0794> does that item exist in 07?
00:24 <Kq head> of course
00:24 <Coelacanth0794> then make spine do it
00:24 <Kq head> off course*
00:25 <Ryan PM> rod is a pain to get
00:25 <Coelacanth0794> oh it's out of the way oh well
00:25 <Kq head> isn't it vital to a quest?
00:25 <Ryan PM> yeah
00:25 <Cook Me Plox> lul
00:25 <TonyBest100> From Amazing Spider-Man 2's trailer :P
00:25 <Ryan PM> vanity at its best.
00:25 <Ryan PM> I miss the Roibot
00:25 <Ryan PM> robot*
00:25 <TonyBest100> also, almost forgot bout my spins
00:26 <TonyBest100> and [[Meg]]
00:26 <Cook Me Plox> I miss the robit as well
00:27 <Ryan PM> /me wonders who is the oldest active wikian (by date joined)
00:28 <Coelacanth0794> that might be ryan
00:28 <Coelacanth0794> or suppa
00:28 <AnselaJonla>
00:29 <Coelacanth0794>
00:29 <TonyBest100> Spin 1: Medium Cash Bag (YAY) 
00:29 <TonyBest100> Spin 2: Small Cash Bag (BOO)
00:29 <TonyBest100> Spin 3: Small XP lamp (Mining)
00:29 <Suppa chuppa> ?
00:29 <Suppa chuppa> i joined after cook by like half a year
00:30 <Suppa chuppa> fergie joined before cook though, i think
00:30 <Suppa chuppa> not entirely sure
00:30 <Coelacanth0794> go to active administrators and spy on all their release dates
00:30 <TonyBest100> lol
00:30 <Ryan PM> [[RS:ADMIN]]
00:32 <Coelacanth0794>
00:33 <Cook Me Plox>
00:34 <Ryan PM> lol
00:34 <Cook Me Plox> "That's not wikipedia, it is just a random wiki made by somebody on a free host... the images are pretty neat though."
00:34 <Cook Me Plox> lol
00:35 <Ryan PM> hm, karlis is still on active crats, but hasn't edited in 7 months
00:35 <Cook Me Plox> Just a random wiki
00:35 <AnselaJonla> That thread is just painful, Cook
00:35 <AnselaJonla> I'm guessing she wouldn't survive in the modern wiki?
00:36 -!- Shoyrukon has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Cook Me Plox> Lol, I have a feeling not
00:36 <Shoyrukon> Cook, nice redirect =)
00:36 <TonyBest100> Falador is in serious need of a graphical rework
00:36 <Cook Me Plox> shaddap people searched it
00:37 <Cook Me Plox> SearchDigest yo
00:37 <AnselaJonla>
00:38 <Ryan PM> agility course y u make me noclip
00:38 <Shoyrukon> reported
00:38 <Shoyrukon> buga buse
00:39 <Cook Me Plox> oh yeah, there's an agility course there...
00:39 <Ryan PM> second time that happened
00:39 <Cook Me Plox> I think that's just weird, honestly
00:39 <Ryan PM> to which?
00:39 <Kq head> at least she wouldn't do stupid revert wars like the lore fans
00:39 <Cook Me Plox> the existence of new agility courses in osrs
00:39 <AnselaJonla>
00:39 <Ryan PM> they are fun though X_X
00:40 <Shoyrukon> why sailer moon
00:40 <Ryan PM> are you of the impression that osrs shouldn't get updates? :s
00:41 <Shoyrukon> tbh it really should get new game content
00:41 <Shoyrukon> shouldn't*
00:41 <TonyBest100> Wow, Varrock sure looked ugly in 05
00:41 <AnselaJonla> Their friend likes it, Shoyk
00:41 <Ryan PM> it was player designed and voted on by the community.
00:41 <Kq head> ahhh nostalgia
00:41 <Shoyrukon> doesn't make sense if people want old school yet new content
00:42 <Joeytje50>
00:42 <Joeytje50> Wikis are often targets for vandalism because of the ability for it to be edited by anyone. However, the RuneScape Wiki is moderated by a number of administrators and other users.
00:42 <Shoyrukon> ie. no one edits rswiki
00:42 <Joeytje50> it's kinda putting the emphasis on admins too much imo
00:43 <Shoyrukon> lol
00:43 <Kq head> but joey you are admin
00:43 <TonyBest100> Damn, ugly!
00:43 <Kq head> how can you doubt yourself like that
00:43 <Joeytje50> the "moderated" even links to [[RuneScape:Administrators]]
00:43 <Cook Me Plox> regular users don't really matter imo
00:43 <Cook Me Plox> I'm better than most people because I'm an admin
00:43 <Joeytje50> stfu kq don't think I would doubt myself
00:43 <Joeytje50> how would you dare say that about an admin
00:43 -!- Kq head was kicked from Special:Chat by Cook Me Plox
00:43 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
00:44 <Ryan PM> O_O
00:44 <Joeytje50> pfft ryan
00:44 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <Kq head> ;_;
00:44 <Joeytje50> you shouldn't be afraid
00:44 <Joeytje50> admis 4eva
00:44 <Joeytje50> much abus
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00:44 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <Ryan PM> I'm only afraid of when Magica Quartet does to PMMM
00:44 <Cook Me Plox> wow
00:44 <TonyBest100> I had forgotten how ugly the interface for RS was back in 04 :P Those icons for everything were terrible
00:45 <Coelacanth0794> like wow can you not
00:45 <Coelacanth0794> gawsh
00:45 <Kq head>
00:46 <Ryan PM> oh, with the osrs xmas event, should we update the Shanty Claws or w/e
00:46 <Ryan PM> or leave it alone because it's a different interface (slightly diff)
00:46 <Joeytje50> ty kq
00:46 <Kq head> cut out the interface
00:46 -!- Benjingo13 has joined Special:Chat
00:46 <Ryan PM> [[2005 Christmas event]]
00:46 <Benjingo13> anyone know what is good to flip on here right now ? 
00:47 <Ryan PM> er 2006
00:47 <Ryan PM>
00:48 <Joeytje50> so guys, should the thing of be changed to something like "However, the RuneScape Wiki is moderated by a number of users who keep an eye out for vandalism."?
00:48 <Ryan PM> my eyes
00:48 <Joeytje50> seems like that's more accurate
00:48 <Joeytje50> there are enough antivandles who aren't admin
00:49 <Joeytje50> ryan: looks like it's from a yt vid or something...
00:49 <Ryan PM> [[RS:RFA]]
00:49 <Ryan PM> ik
00:49 <Cook Me Plox> this make cook me plox sad :(
00:49 <Ryan PM> what happened in 2010
00:49 <Ryan PM> can't remember
00:49 <TonyBest100> That Shanty Claws image could do with an update
00:50 <Ryan PM> [[2010]]
00:50 <AnselaJonla> Well... I guess that Pandemic 2 was wrong...
00:50 <Cook Me Plox> dungeoneering and elite clues helped
00:50 <TonyBest100> I just realized it'd been over 3 years since the OoO was released :P
00:51 <Joeytje50> 2010 is kinda the generation 2 before the "current" one
00:51 <AnselaJonla> And... top comment on the reddit post references...
00:51 <Joeytje50> so with cook, suppa, parsons, fswe, LordDarkPhantom, me
00:51 <Joeytje50> I think we just got all the work done, and then no more work was needed from IPs
00:52 <Joeytje50> cus we're ossum like that and there's no doubt about it being anything else
00:52 <Cook Me Plox> wait, wat
00:52 <TonyBest100> 2010 was also the year the Wilderness ditch was reworked into the Wilderness wall :P
00:52 <Joeytje50> :3
00:52 <Cook Me Plox> what are you trying to say
00:52 <Joeytje50> I am trying to say 2010 generation was best generation
00:52 <Joeytje50> cus self-centered
00:52 <Cook Me Plox> generation of editors?
00:52 <Joeytje50> ya
00:53 <Cook Me Plox> lol
00:53 <Joeytje50> we r best rite
00:53 <Ryan PM> big news /jk
00:53 <Cook Me Plox> oh and btw, that shanty claws picture is from
00:53 <Joeytje50> ouch my eyes AND ears
00:53 <Joeytje50> btw cook
00:53 <Joeytje50> could you put that chart on top of a chart of RuneScape players
00:54 <Joeytje50> and then make a line that shows the ratio between the two
00:54 <Cook Me Plox> how do you define runescape players
00:54 <Joeytje50> the amount of people playing rs
00:54 <Joeytje50> or if that's hard to get, the amount of visits to will probably roughly do
00:55 <Joeytje50> I think a chart with that would help, cus I think there's an overall decline in RS players, but I think the percentage of players who edit the wiki is somewhat increasing all the time
00:55 <Cook Me Plox> it's definitely down
00:56 <Joeytje50> even relative to the amount of players?
00:56 <Cook Me Plox> I would think so
00:56 <Cook Me Plox> I don't have very good data on visits though
00:56 <Joeytje50> :/
00:56 <Ryan PM> lmao
00:57 <TonyBest100> lol
00:57 <Joeytje50> but I think that relativizes it a bit
00:57 <Cook Me Plox> I mean, there's
00:57 <Cook Me Plox> I can't vouch for that accuracy
00:59 <Joeytje50> mk
00:59 <Joeytje50> well yeah then it looks like it's still quite a downward trend
01:01 <Cook Me Plox> Anyway, the editor count is usually proportional to the amount of incomplete information
01:02 <Cook Me Plox> Since we usually have editor spikes when new stuff comes out that we're not prepared for
01:02 <Cook Me Plox> But since we've streamlined that whole process, and there's usually not that much shit to do...we don't get many editors. So that hurts in the long run
01:02 <Joeytje50> so what you're saying it
01:02 <Joeytje50> is
01:02 <Joeytje50> dump crap all over the wiki
01:02 <Joeytje50> kinda like an easter egg hunt
01:03 <Joeytje50> anons gotta find the mistakes
01:03 <Joeytje50> >:D
01:03 <Cook Me Plox> I mean, not dump crap...but sort of
01:03 <Ryan PM> speaking of stuff we're not prepared for, I'd watch the [[Yelps]] article to see if he dies soon =P
01:03 -!- Sojurnstrs has joined Special:Chat
01:03 <Cook Me Plox> We need to call attention to the flaws and needing-work areas, in a place where lots of people can see it
01:03 <Joeytje50> "A Jagex bronze dagger and Jagex wooden shield are very effective against Nex, if used in combination with a partyhat, and when pumpkins and half-full wine jugs are used as food."
01:04 <Cook Me Plox> I think it's safe to say that most of us got involved with the wiki long-term because originally we noticed there was a problem with something, and we fixed it
01:04 -!- Shoyrukon has left Special:Chat.
01:04 <Cook Me Plox> For me it was release dates
01:04 <Joeytje50> for me it was images :3
01:04 <Joeytje50> I think we get most long-term editors via this chat now
01:04 <Ryan PM> I think it was me wanting to get a 99 image of firemaking onto the wiki lol
01:04 <Joeytje50> usually it's people joining, chatting a bit, and sticking around
01:04 <Cook Me Plox> maybe, that's another facet we need to look at
01:05 <Joeytje50> or via the cc, probably
01:05 <Cook Me Plox> but tbh we don't get that many long term editors anymore
01:05 <Cook Me Plox> like, who stands out from the last year
01:05 <Joeytje50> I think UOTM might have promoted sticking around too
01:05 <Ryan PM> [[Special:Log/import]], do I win?
01:05 -!- Beyondthebeyond has joined Special:Chat
01:06 <Joeytje50> I think people who try to be helpful so they can become uotm might stick around longer
01:06 <Cook Me Plox> no
01:06 <Ryan PM> :(
01:06 <Cook Me Plox> @ryan
01:06 <Beyondthebeyond> why is sirenic , and malevolent armor crashing so much atm?
01:06 -!- Sojurnstrs has left Special:Chat.
01:07 <Joeytje50> and UOTM is of course not something that can be achieved via pointless edits
01:07 <Ryan PM> they don't have any dps advantage over nex gear iirc
01:07 <Cook Me Plox> sirenic I think because airuits crashed the scales
01:07 <Cook Me Plox> yes they do, Ryan
01:07 <Cook Me Plox> Minor, but existent
01:07 <Ryan PM> they have set effects?
01:07 <Cook Me Plox> no, but neither does nex gear
01:07 <Kq head> because permanent degradables are a pain in the arse to maintain
01:07 <Ryan PM> bleh, behind on the times.
01:07 <Joeytje50> so having an UOTM thing won't really attract bad edits, even though "editing to win" might sound like the edits would be just to get something, instead of doing it to help
01:07 <Kq head> if they could be repaired properly, they'd be worth more
01:08 -!- Shoyrukon has joined Special:Chat
01:08 <Cook Me Plox> really, who are the good editors who joined in the last year?
01:08 <Cook Me Plox> or at least got active in the last year
01:08 <Beyondthebeyond> but even the new kite shields are crashing hard
01:08 <Kq head> shields generally aren't that popular
01:08 <Beyondthebeyond> is divine and arcane / dom still better?
01:08 <Joeytje50> I've been quite busy with school lately so I wouldn't really know that many newer editors
01:08 <Beyondthebeyond> they have better stats i guess just no effects
01:09 <Cook Me Plox> I would say the spirit shields are better
01:09 <Kq head> i heard they were going to have an effect or something
01:09 <Beyondthebeyond> I also love how the new gloves went from 30mill to 3 mill in 2 days
01:09 <Beyondthebeyond> amazing!
01:09 <Cook Me Plox> they're degradable gloves
01:09 <Kq head> it's not really a good idea for lower tier gear to have amazing effects
01:09 <Cook Me Plox> what do you expect, lol
01:09 <Joeytje50> but cook, I think there are enough people who are helpful and who really stick around
01:10 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
01:10 <Joeytje50> kq of course is the #1 example (*WINK WINK KQ*)
01:10 <Joeytje50> but yeah, kq is atleast one example
01:10 <Kq head> what about mol
01:10 <Cook Me Plox> Yeah, but he's like...the only one
01:10 <Cook Me Plox> mol is a little bit older
01:10 <Joeytje50> I wouldn't know exactly who is recent enough to really be in the "current generation"
01:10 <Joeytje50> but I think there are a few more
01:11 <Kq head> it's sort of funny how wiki editors come in generations, like a microcosm of... real life :o
01:11 <Joeytje50> ~report TonyBest100
01:11 <TyBot> Generating an edit report for TonyBest100 at [[User:TyBot/editreports/TonyBest100]]
01:11 <Joeytje50> kq: yeah I was thinking the same thing
01:11 <Joeytje50> but there's actually quite clearly a kind of seperation between generations
01:12 <Cook Me Plox> it's a continuum
01:13 <Joeytje50> yeah but you can quite clearly say there's a *kind* of generation-like thing
01:13 <Shoyrukon> [[mmg]]
01:13 <Ryan PM> only separation I've seen is the lack of RFA's from people joining in hte last two years.
01:13 <Cook Me Plox> yeah, we've had two new admins in the last year
01:13 <Cook Me Plox> anyway, the chat thing is the reason I want to direct as many new people to chat as possible
01:13 <Kq head> I am a prodigy of my generation, but I am just one editor against the world...
01:14 <Ryan PM> :o
01:14 <Cook Me Plox> wtf
01:14 <Cook Me Plox>
01:14 <Joeytje50> we should probably have something like "we need help in ..."
01:14 <Cook Me Plox> yeah, I was thinking that, Joey
01:14 <Ryan PM> author wut
01:15 <Kq head> "Sebastian the Riftspliter"?
01:16 <AnselaJonla> One thing could be to clear out old sysops
01:16 <Ryan PM> still surprised no one has made an authenticated account here yet
01:16 <AnselaJonla> Ones that aren't around much, or don't really know current policies
01:16 <Cook Me Plox> I don't think that would have any effect, Ansela
01:16 <Cook Me Plox> We've been over it before though
01:17 <Ryan PM> have we had a 2013 discussion of it?
01:17 <Cook Me Plox> last was early 2012 I think
01:17 <Cook Me Plox> [[Forum:A long overdue cleanup]]
01:17 <Cook Me Plox> mid 2011
01:18 <Ryan PM> O_o
01:18 <Joeytje50> [[RS:ADMINS]]
01:18 <Joeytje50>
01:18 <Joeytje50> the active administrators thing seems like it makes clear enough how many admins are (semi)active
01:19 -!- Benjingo13 has left Special:Chat.
01:19 <Joeytje50> oh by the way
01:20 <Kq head> i searched "Jodie Holmes" and the first suggested result under the searchbar was... you know what
01:20 <Kq head> it really saddened me to see that
01:20 <Joeytje50> oh nvm what I wanted to say
01:21 <Ryan PM> I wonder [[Special:ListUsers/sysop]]
01:22 <Ryan PM> hm, some haven't logged in in five years :o
01:22 <Joeytje50> wow
01:22 <Joeytje50> O_o
01:22 <Cook Me Plox> Malestro for the win
01:22 <Joeytje50> XD
01:23 <Joeytje50> weird thing is though
01:23 <Joeytje50> the most ancient 3
01:23 <Joeytje50> all last logged in within 1 month of each other
01:23 <Ryan PM> oh forgot abuse filter counts as sysop
01:23 <Ryan PM> but that's just weird but okay
01:24 <Ryan PM> wonder if a crat could change it and break AF lol
01:25 <Joeytje50> I bet that's not possible
01:25 <Ryan PM> meh
01:25 <Joeytje50> that would be one of the worst flaws of anything Wikia has made
01:25 <Joeytje50> and that probably says enough
01:25 <Joeytje50> but I would bet it works like
01:26 <Joeytje50> oh wait, Wikia is staff now?
01:26 <Joeytje50> I remembered it as being just admin
01:26 <Joeytje50> I am quite sure it was not bot-global either
01:26 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
01:26 <Cook Me Plox> ugh, stupid newusers log
01:26 <Cook Me Plox> Wikia broke it
01:27 <Joeytje50> I believe there were Wikia edits in the recent changes on wikis that had Wikia enabled
01:27 <Joeytje50> not sure though
01:27 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
01:27 <Ryan PM> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
01:27 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
01:28 <Cook Me Plox> So, uh
01:28 <Cook Me Plox> Do we want to utilize the sidebar a bit more?
01:28 <Cook Me Plox> Wikia would get pissy about moving ads, but we could work within that
01:28 <Ryan PM> we did it before
01:29 <Cook Me Plox> copyright notice, yeah
01:29 <Ryan PM> they didn't seem to talk about the copyright notice I had in it at once point
01:30 <Cook Me Plox> They've admitted that the sidebar basically exists to have room for an ad
01:30 <Ryan PM> wonder if they didn't mind that change
01:30 <Cook Me Plox> So I don't think they really give a shit about the components of it
01:31 <Cook Me Plox> I want to find some way to track the clickthrough on that though
01:31 <Joeytje50> ryan: is JS possible on wikiamobile skin?
01:31 <Cook Me Plox> maybe we use sitemeter for that specific page
01:31 <Ryan PM> yeah
01:31 <Joeytje50> I didn't see any scripts in the sources
01:32 <Ryan PM> but not wikia.php?controller=GameGuides
01:32 <AnselaJonla>
01:32 <Ryan PM> lmao
01:33 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <Ryan PM> [[MediaWiki:Handheld.css]]
01:34 <Cook Me Plox> so...I would like to add something at the top of the sidebar that points people to some page where they can get started editing
01:35 <Kq head> @ansela
01:35 <Kq head> that guy had a delayed response O_o
01:35 <Ryan PM> shouldn't take too long to write up
01:35 <Cook Me Plox> could give a list of things we need help with, a link to sign up with the various benefits of editing
01:36 <Cook Me Plox> er, benefits of having an account
01:36 <Cook Me Plox> then link them to chat
01:36 <Ryan PM> [[MediaWiki:Common.js/copyright.js]]
01:36 <Ryan PM> ew
01:36 <Ryan PM> need to update that lol
01:37 <Ryan PM> ugly js is ugly
01:37 <Joeytje50> if this imports CSS
01:37 <Joeytje50> why doesn't it import JS?
01:37 <Cook Me Plox> is that going to get loaded noticeably later than the rest of the page, Ryan?
01:37 <Shoyrukon> [[porter]]
01:37 <Cook Me Plox> I don't want the notice to be obnoxious
01:37 <Joeytje50> or if it's not necessary, why is it still there?
01:37 <Ryan PM> are you talking about the copyright.js?
01:38 <Ryan PM> and not sure
01:38 <Ryan PM> haven't messed with it since my last edit to it
01:38 <Cook Me Plox> I am, yes
01:39 <TonyBest100> Hmm, Youtube had an update
01:39 <Ryan PM> YT always has updates
01:39 <Ryan PM> yet ppl still use it
01:39 <Ryan PM> so they must be doing something right
01:39 <Joeytje50> monopolies! :D
01:40 <Joeytje50> oh wait
01:40 <Joeytje50> the updates are good / not bad! :D
01:40 <Kq head> Google+
01:40 <Joeytje50> yeah
01:40 <Joeytje50> /me has no problem with G+
01:40 <TonyBest100> G+ sucks >.<
01:40 <Cook Me Plox> so then the question is
01:40 <Ryan PM> ugh, cant update scripts while doing agility
01:40 <TonyBest100> Also, I hope clearing my cache has fixed the most annoying bug with youtube ever
01:40 <Cook Me Plox> what editing stuff do we actually need help with
01:41 <TonyBest100> HTML5 Player being the bug
01:41 <TonyBest100> thats what youtube looks like for me atm when not signed in
01:42 <TonyBest100> Ugh nope, HTML5 player still forcing itself onto videos >.<
01:43 <Ryan PM> > that ^
01:44 <Joeytje50> what's wrong with html5 player?
01:44 <Joeytje50> works fine for me
01:44 <Kq head> lol Katy Perry
01:44 <AnselaJonla>
01:46 <TonyBest100> Theres several things I hate bout HTML5 player. 1) Audio stutters while listening to something and switching over to a new tab. 2) I did not request to use HTML5's player
01:47 <TonyBest100> In a response to NSA spying on games like WoW:
01:48 <Kq head> ansela that would be one of the most heartwarming stories ever, if it weren't for the fact that i saw it on the internet... and too many >s
01:48 <Coelacanth0794> he graduated with a dds eh
01:49 <AnselaJonla>
01:50 <TonyBest100>
01:51 <AnselaJonla> lol @ url
01:51 <Coelacanth0794>
01:52 <TonyBest100> Oh dear god, how did imgur randomly create that url when i uploaded that image >.<
01:53 <TonyBest100> O_O GTA Online glitch that lets you explore North Yankton
01:53 <TonyBest100>
01:53 <Kq head> "Come up and sushi me anytime."
01:53 <Kq head> oh Japan, you and your puns/euphemisms
01:55 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
01:55 <AnselaJonla>
01:56 <Jlun2> guys
01:56 <Jlun2> in sgs
01:56 <Jlun2> the gnome air teleport is free atm, right?
01:56 <TonyBest100> yes
01:56 <Jlun2> so....
01:56 <Jlun2> why does the login message still say revolutionary mask??
01:56 <TonyBest100> hasn't been updated yet
01:56 <Jlun2> [[gnome air teleport]]
01:57 <TonyBest100> They'll change the text to gnome air with the next update most likely
01:57 <TonyBest100> also North Yankton as seen in GTA Online
01:57 <TonyBest100> from a distance :P
01:57 <Kq head> it's just a big load of squares
01:58 -!- 4 i am King has joined Special:Chat
01:58 <Jlun2>
01:58 <Jlun2> there
01:58 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
01:59 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
01:59 <TonyBest100> Yeh, they mapped off most of the surrounding areas for viewing pleasure during the missions which take place there, but only the village area is used :P
01:59 <AnselaJonla>
02:00 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
02:00 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <TonyBest100> not all of it is solid though
02:00 <Jlun2>
02:00 <Jlun2> hm....seems to have stopped going up
02:00 <TonyBest100> the grave which was supposed to have Michael Townley from the prologue just makes you go right through
02:03 <TonyBest100> anyway I'm off, cya
02:03 <Jlun2> bye
02:03 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
02:04 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
02:05 <Jlun2> how do you stop the wardrobe tab from blinking >>
02:05 <AnselaJonla> Hi Fergs
02:06 <4 i am King> hey, you guys know what the hex code is for the background colour of the wiki?
02:06 <Jlun2> use gimp and prntscreen
02:06 <AnselaJonla> The map?
02:06 <Jlun2> then paste the screenshot in gimp
02:06 <AnselaJonla> Or the yellow bit?
02:06 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
02:07 <AnselaJonla> yellow/cream area is fff8dc
02:07 <AnselaJonla> map is c39268
02:07 <4 i am King> just like the background behind article text
02:07 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
02:07 <AnselaJonla> First one then
02:07 <4 i am King> alright thanks :)
02:11 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
02:30 <Ryan PM> ~updatelogs
02:31 <Ryan PM> ugh whats the command again X_X
02:31 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
02:31 <Demise36> isnt it !updatelogs
02:31 <Demise36> ?
02:31 <Ryan PM> !updatelogs
02:31 <RSChatBot> Ryan PM: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 2193 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
02:31 <Demise36> k
02:32 <Ryan PM> some bots use ~ some use ! lol
02:32 <Ryan PM> keep forgetting all the time
02:32 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
02:34 -!- Shoyrukon has left Special:Chat.
02:35 <Urbancowgurl777> "For a full list of the items which can be converted please refer to the Runescape Wiki
02:35 <Urbancowgurl777> When an item is converted, it is stored in the Dragon Keepsake Box and cannot be equipped, traded, or lent while stored."
02:35 <Urbancowgurl777> i like how they unintentionally give us advertising
02:35 <Cook Me Plox> Did they not link it
02:35 <Urbancowgurl777> no
02:36 <Cook Me Plox> woo
02:36 <Jr Mime> I love how they can't even spell RuneScape
02:38 <Jr Mime> I love how I keep pressing X by accident
02:40 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
02:40 <Ryan PM> Cook
02:40 <Ryan PM> like that?
02:40 <Hairr> Hello
02:41 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
02:41 <Jr Mime> Hairr
02:42 <Jr Mime> Yay
02:42 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
02:42 <Ryan PM> lol
02:42 <Jr Mime> Hairr
02:42 <Jr Mime> Go put a hat on your elefint
02:43 <Hairr> Can I put a star on it, like Mol Man
02:43 <Hairr> I mean
02:43 <Hairr> Because I'm a wikia star
02:43 <Hairr> right Cook
02:43 <Jr Mime> That's a Jew star
02:43 <Jr Mime> >:O
02:43 <Hairr> It's not called a Jew star <_<
02:44 <Jr Mime> It's a blue satr
02:44 <Jr Mime> star*
02:48 <Ryan PM> If anyone wants to figure out what Cook wants.
02:48 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
02:48 <Jr Mime> Interesting
02:48 <Jr Mime> Lets steal the code!
02:49 <Jr Mime> I guess the 2007 rs wiki advertising are gone
02:49 <Jr Mime> advertisers*
02:50 <Ryan PM> huh?
02:50 <Ryan PM> what do you mean advertisers?
02:50 <Jr Mime> There was some IPs saying "Search blabla in Youtube to get free billlsss"
02:50 <Ryan PM> oh
02:51 <Jr Mime> Bills mills meals pills
02:52 <Coelacanth0794> free food? wewt
02:52 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
02:53 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
02:53 <Ryan PM> lol okay
02:54 <Ryan PM> "Taking into account all these variables, we estimate the value of this website at: $7,403,279 USD."
02:54 <Ryan PM> seems a bit low
02:55 <Jr Mime> Binary IP
02:55 <Jr Mime> So usefulk
02:55 <Jr Mime> useful*à
02:55 <Coelacanth0794> yeah clearly all this mad data on [[special:random|this page in particular]] makes it worth a few bill more
02:55 <Jr Mime> Scroll down at the end
02:56 <Jr Mime> Those typos
02:56 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
02:56 <Jr Mime> bikia
02:58 <Hairr> Hi Ty
03:00 -!- Crystal bow has joined Special:Chat
03:03 <Coelacanth0794> wut?
03:03 <Coelacanth0794> cool username
03:07 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
03:07 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
03:09 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
03:09 <Joeytje50> "It seems has about 3,475,718 daily visitors"
03:09 <Joeytje50> sounds like an oddly specific for a number that "seems" to be the case
03:09 <Jr Mime> Seems.
03:10 -!- Beyondthebeyond has left Special:Chat.
03:10 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
03:11 <Cook Me Plox> it's totally wrong too, lol
03:12 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
03:12 <Jr Mime> Maybe people visiting only
03:12 <Jr Mime> And not all Wikia sites
03:13 <Joeytje50> ain't nobody heard of significant figures
03:13 <Joeytje50> mime: seems wrong then
03:13 <Joeytje50> don't think 3.5m people visit that daily
03:13 <Joeytje50> what's there to do outside any wiki
03:14 <Ryan PM> cook, you never said what you really wanted to look like
03:15 -!- Crystal bow has left Special:Chat.
03:15 <Cook Me Plox> I care more about what it looks like logged out
03:16 <Ryan PM> looks exactly the same
03:16 <Ryan PM> oh
03:16 <Ryan PM> without adblock and stuff
03:19 <Hairr> ~test
03:19 <TyBot> Hairr: I love you more than everyone here. <3
03:20 <Jr Mime>
03:20 <Jr Mime> Longest page we have?
03:20 <Hairr> 2nd longest
03:21 <Jr Mime> Wat
03:21 <Jr Mime> What's longest?
03:21 <Hairr> [[Grand Exchange/Buying limits]] is the longest with 208,466 bytes
03:21 <Hairr> [[History]] has 180,006 bytes
03:22 <Jr Mime> If people don't know ctrl f, they are screwed
03:22 <Ryan PM> cook
03:23 <Jr Mime> Dat ad totally loaded
03:23 <Ryan PM> ikr
03:25 <Cook Me Plox> looks good
03:25 <Cook Me Plox> I'm not sure how we want to word it
03:26 <Ryan PM> neither do I
03:26 <Jr Mime> Want to help out? Here are sectors that can be improved:
03:26 <Jr Mime> * Joey
03:26 <Jr Mime> * Joey
03:26 <Jr Mime> * Joey
03:27 <Ryan PM> thinking of having a popup like those in visual editor (assuming it's not too much work) or just linking to a new project page rather than [[RuneScapeAdministrators#Access types]]
03:27 <Joeytje50> :c
03:27 <Joeytje50> hao can I be improved
03:27 <Ryan PM> improve js
03:27 <Jr Mime> More caek
03:27 <Joeytje50> how can joeyflaws be real if caeks aren't real
03:27 <Cook Me Plox> ryan
03:27 <Ryan PM> I fail linked
03:27 <Cook Me Plox> does that notice load instantly or is there a noticeable delay?
03:27 <Cook Me Plox> and that history page is pretty bomb-diggity
03:28 <Ryan PM> it loads same time rest of the WikiaRail should
03:28 <Ryan PM> but i'll test it on my wiki in a moment.
03:28 <Jr Mime> Cus lazy loader? :p
03:28 <Ryan PM> yeah
03:28 <Hairr> I just checked the list of wikia stars and oh my there are so many now
03:28 <Hairr> oh hello ty
03:29 <Ryan PM> because you can apply and get it
03:29 <Ryan PM> what a stupid program
03:29 <Cook Me Plox> hair can I be a star
03:29 <Jr Mime> Apply Cook for president!
03:29 <Cook Me Plox> can you put in a good word for me
03:29 <Hairr> yes cook
03:29 <Hairr> u are star
03:29 <Hairr> golden star
03:30 <Jr Mime> Sexy star
03:30 <Jr Mime> Underscores in Wiki navigation
03:30 <Jr Mime> /me raegs
03:30 <Cook Me Plox> Hair what is the most starry thing you've done
03:31 <Hairr> i put in the good word for cok me plok
03:31 <Joeytje50> /me goes star his way to bed
03:31 <Joeytje50> bai
03:31 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
03:31 <Hairr> that was very star of me
03:31 <Cook Me Plox> whats the second most star thing youve done
03:31 <Cook Me Plox> have you guest blogged yet
03:32 <Hairr> no
03:32 <Cook Me Plox> what have you starred in
03:32 <Jr Mime> The Elefint Show
03:33 <Hairr> I've starred in the local news
03:33 <Hairr> I was the pothead
03:33 <Cook Me Plox> holy shit there are 40 wikia stars?
03:33 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
03:33 <Jr Mime> I photo bombed a Canada channel
03:33 <Cook Me Plox> that's hilarious, there's not even enough work for one person
03:33 <Jr Mime> Umad
03:34 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
03:34 <Jr Mime> Stars have work to do?
03:35 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
03:35 <Cook Me Plox> whatever it is they do
03:35 <Cook Me Plox> shine, I guess
03:35 <Jr Mime> Shine their title
03:35 <Cook Me Plox> anyway Ryan, I would also like to put a visitor counter on whatever page we link people to
03:37 <Jr Mime> Cya tmr
03:37 <Ryan PM> hm, okay gotta let cqm look at it
03:37 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
03:37 <Ryan PM> can't figure out how lazy loader is doing what it is
03:41 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
03:41 <Hairr> Cook Me Plox
03:42 <Hairr> What are these [[Razorback gauntlets]]?
03:42 <Hairr> Are they Arkansas Razorback gauntlets????
03:42 <Cook Me Plox> Yes Hair
03:43 <Hairr> And they're dropped from [[Airut]]s right??
03:43 <Cook Me Plox> yes, scary hogs
03:43 <Hairr> "Also called - Harbinger of Tuska"
03:44 <Hairr> TUSKA - TULSA
03:44 <Hairr> !!!
03:44 <Cook Me Plox> fucking Americans
03:44 <Cook Me Plox> think everything is about them
03:45 <Cook Me Plox> Hair are you still a euphoric atheist
03:46 <Hairr> just saying "evolution is true" makes me stand out
03:47 <TyA> Hairr, you're gonna get yourseslf killed
03:47 <Hairr> probably
03:48 <TyA> Cook: Both RT and I were asked by Mister Rhea, so they might be planning something
03:48 <TyA> But I doubt it
03:49 <Urbancowgurl777> you can apply for wikia star now?
03:49 <Urbancowgurl777> lul
03:49 <Hairr> Fergie: That's how it always worked
03:49 <TyA> You've been able to since the release of the thing
03:49 <Urbancowgurl777> wat
03:49 <Urbancowgurl777> hair then you fail
03:49 <Hairr> fergie do you want to be star
03:49 <Urbancowgurl777> yus ):
03:50 <Hairr>
03:50 <Hairr> apply fergie apply
03:50 <Hairr> Ty is a star
03:50 <Urbancowgurl777> you can has put in gud word?
03:50 <Urbancowgurl777> everyone from rs wiki should apply
03:50 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
03:50 <TyA>
03:51 <SovietHero> IS WE2 out yet? supposed to be today
03:51 <Urbancowgurl777> it's 3am at jagex
03:51 <SovietHero> >.>
03:52 <Cook Me Plox> Ty: he asked me too
03:52 <SovietHero> *Goes back to working on my manga*
03:52 <Cook Me Plox> That would actually be hilarious if we all tried to join
03:52 <Hairr> pls cook
03:52 <Cook Me Plox> I wonder if they turn people down for not being star enough
03:52 <TyA> pls cook
03:53 <Hairr> pls cook
03:53 <Cook Me Plox> all of us
03:53 <Cook Me Plox> anyone with at least 1000 edits on the wiki
03:53 <Hairr> fergie im giving you good word rite now
03:53 <Cook Me Plox> we could become the dominant force on Wikia stars
03:53 <Cook Me Plox> we could be the majority
03:53 <Cook Me Plox> they might as well just call it rune wikia stars
03:53 <TyA> We should be the majority of everything because we're the best wiki
03:53 <Cook Me Plox> we really are
03:53 <TyA> The CoD Wiki has had it too good for too long
03:54 <Cook Me Plox> call of duty isn't even trying
03:54 <Cook Me Plox> they don't even get HALF our pageviews
03:54 <Cook Me Plox> amateurs
03:54 <TyA> I think we should go and delete all their content
03:55 <TyA> I think we can get everything deleted and recreated as spam before they can stop us
03:55 <Cook Me Plox> probably
03:55 <Cook Me Plox> or we could pull the ol' unrollbackable one-two punch
03:55 <Hairr> Ty make sure to protect site to all vstf and wikia stars
03:55 <Cook Me Plox> Hair can you tell us about wikia stars secrets
03:56 <Cook Me Plox> pls
03:56 <TyA> Madness is the only admin on their chat too
03:56 <TyA> We can totes do this
03:56 <Cook Me Plox> let's global block him
03:56 <SovietHero> (fp) Are you guys serious?
03:56 <TyA> And play with abuse filter
03:56 <Urbancowgurl777> yes
03:56 <Cook Me Plox> yes we're serious
03:56 <Cook Me Plox> let's make abusefilter block and remove the rights of anyone who edits that isn't you or me
03:56 <Cook Me Plox> DAMN RIGHT
03:56 <SovietHero> Some people call this "Wikia Terrorism".
03:56 <Cook Me Plox> we should also extort wikia for money
03:56 <TyA> And t-shirts
03:57 <Cook Me Plox> and jean shorts
03:57 <Cook Me Plox> and walrus stuffed animals
03:57 <TyA> I'll name it RansomTime
03:57 <Cook Me Plox> huehuehuehue
03:58 <Cook Me Plox> Also, Sam Najdowski is sad because he got banned for sockpuppeting on cod
03:58 <TyA> lolol
03:58 <Cook Me Plox> poor codwiki isn't even in the top 29 on WAM
03:58 <SovietHero> I wonder what would happen if a guy from central wikia just joined this chat.
03:59 <TyA> Soviet: That would probably be Cook and I
03:59 <SovietHero> Oh, whatever.
04:00 <SovietHero> *Goes back to drawing a crying manga girl*
04:00 <Hairr> I also hope that no VSTF member hears this
04:00 <Hairr> pls keep secret
04:01 <Cook Me Plox> I wonder how much of our epic WAM score is a result of TyBot being a cool dude
04:01 <TyA> The VSTF isn't real, yo
04:01 <SovietHero> WAM?
04:01 <Cook Me Plox> We need to find a way to make him do one extra edit per day
04:01 <Cook Me Plox> per item
04:01 <Hairr> add a \n to the page
04:01 <TyA> [[homepage:WAM]]
04:01 <Hairr> then get another bot to remove the \n
04:01 <Cook Me Plox> have TyBot have a manually updated editcount page
04:02 <TyA> updated after every edit
04:02 <Cook Me Plox> damn right
04:02 <SovietHero> yay w're #3 :D
04:02 <TyA> No, we're #1
04:02 <Cook Me Plox> we should get some slack though, all these other wikis are flashes in the pan
04:02 <Cook Me Plox> we've been top dogs for years, bro
04:02 <TyA> Just rename ourselves The Glorious RuneScape Wiki
04:03 <Cook Me Plox> I mean honestly, if we wanted to be top on WAM we'd just need to enable article comments
04:03 <SovietHero> The Imperial Runescape Wiki?
04:04 <TyA> To bad article comments are both ugly and suck
04:04 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
04:04 <Cook Me Plox> shut your mouth
04:04 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
04:05 <TyA> My sincere apologies Greater Leader Cook
04:05 <SovietHero> Emperor?
04:05 <Urbancowgurl777> wth is vanguard <.<
04:05 <Cook Me Plox> idk
04:05 <Cook Me Plox> it's not even that popular of a wiki
04:05 <Cook Me Plox> but it has article comments on
04:05 <Cook Me Plox> and gets like...2000 of them a day
04:06 <TyA> Are many of them spam?
04:06 <TyA> I hate spam in article comments
04:06 <Hairr> fergie I just sent good word for you
04:06 <Cook Me Plox> looks like they have anon editing disabled
04:06 <Hairr> you are wikia star now
04:06 <Cook Me Plox> so that's actually more impressive
04:06 <Urbancowgurl777> wait i don't want to be one <.<
04:06 <Hairr> too late you are shining bright now
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> nu D:
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> now everyone else has to join too
04:07 <Cook Me Plox> okay
04:07 <Cook Me Plox> Hair can I be head star
04:07 <TyA> You'll be a tennis star
04:07 <Cook Me Plox> wait do they have class presidents
04:07 <Hairr> cook they said you are too star
04:07 <Cook Me Plox> damn
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> how is the admin list generated on that wam page?
04:07 <TyA> I think it's on activity and randomness
04:07 <TyA> It used to be in order
04:08 <Urbancowgurl777> hm
04:08 -!- Thisismyrofl has joined Special:Chat
04:08 <SovietHero> hey this
04:08 <TyA> uh oh, it's the central po po
04:08 <Thisismyrofl> >_>
04:08 <Cook Me Plox> omg it's someone from central
04:08 <Thisismyrofl> Banbanban
04:08 <Cook Me Plox> look what you did demise
04:09 <Cook Me Plox> wait, not demise. the other guy
04:09 <Urbancowgurl777> someone make the christmas theme ):
04:09 -!- Thisismyrofl has left Special:Chat.
04:09 <TyA> I'm terribad at themes and stuff
04:09 -!- Thisismyrofl has joined Special:Chat
04:09 <Cook Me Plox> Hair, are there Wikia Stars class presidents?
04:10 <Hairr> no
04:10 <TyA> !updatelogs
04:10 <RSChatBot> TyA: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 173 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
04:10 <Thisismyrofl> /me clicks
04:10 <Cook Me Plox> Oh. When I was talking to Linda about it however long ago, she said she wanted there to be Wikia Stars class presidents
04:11 <Ryan PM> ah got it now :3
04:11 <Cook Me Plox> The lazy loading?
04:11 <Ryan PM> it'll load a few microseconds after the rail
04:11 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
04:11 <Urbancowgurl777> bad fetus is chess right?
04:11 <Ryan PM> can't load it at same time
04:12 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
04:12 <Cook Me Plox> yes
04:12 <Cook Me Plox> microseconds?
04:12 <Urbancowgurl777> icr all these non active people anymore
04:12 <Cook Me Plox> like actual microseconds? is it noticeable?
04:12 <Ryan PM> it can be
04:12 <Cook Me Plox> shit.
04:12 <Ryan PM> because the sampling in the lazyload
04:12 <Ryan PM> trying to fine tune it atm
04:13 <Ryan PM> tell me if it's too slow
04:13 <Urbancowgurl777> seems to be about as fast as switch infobox
04:14 <Ryan PM> bleh I hate lazy loader
04:14 <Urbancowgurl777> maybe faster
04:14 <TyA> Since it appeared as it's own thing and not having text and stuff change, it didn't feel too bad
04:14 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
04:14 <Urbancowgurl777> yeah
04:15 <SovietHero> hey super chopper
04:15 <Suppa chuppa> hi
04:15 <SovietHero> ....
04:15 <Cook Me Plox> that's fine actually, Ryan
04:15 <SovietHero> *Goes back to drawing a crying manga girl*
04:15 <Cook Me Plox> the disruption of the lazy loading dwarfs the disruption of the extra element
04:15 <Ryan PM> jsyk, it's not going to load 100% of the time
04:15 <Urbancowgurl777> ._.
04:15 <Ryan PM> without delaying it further
04:16 <Cook Me Plox> what percentage of the time will it load?
04:16 <Ryan PM> because fuck lazy load
04:16 <Urbancowgurl777> next manga chapter needs to be posted ):
04:16 <TyA> Whatcha reading?
04:16 <Urbancowgurl777> attack on titan
04:17 <Ryan PM> this is what is killing me
04:17 <Cook Me Plox> so...then the question is, what do we want to have on the notice and associated page, and what do we need people to edit?
04:17 <Thisismyrofl> Kthxbai
04:17 -!- Thisismyrofl has left Special:Chat.
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> it's been released on mangapanda but mangapanda sucks
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> so waiting for the hd release <.<
04:18 <Suppa chuppa> lol mangapanda
04:18 <SovietHero> lol
04:18 <SovietHero> I use mangareader
04:18 <Ryan PM> not sure, something I don't mess with
04:19 <Urbancowgurl777> that one is just as bd
04:19 <Urbancowgurl777> bad*
04:19 <SovietHero> >.>
04:19 <Urbancowgurl777> those two rip the scans ._.
04:19 <SovietHero> eh
04:19 <Urbancowgurl777> mangastream is 100% hd
04:19 <Urbancowgurl777> and you can download them too
04:19 <Cook Me Plox> pls
04:20 <SovietHero> oh yeah I sometimes use stream
04:20 <Urbancowgurl777> i mean traders
04:20 <Urbancowgurl777> siodfjeosd
04:20 <Cook Me Plox> what are some low-hanging-fruit tasks we could have new editors do?
04:20 <Urbancowgurl777> mangatraders*
04:20 <Urbancowgurl777> wth is low hanging fruit
04:20 <Suppa chuppa> Cook Me Plox: Rewrite skill articles
04:20 <SovietHero> oh >.<
04:20 <Hairr> Fergie: Easy to pick, easy to do
04:20 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
04:20 <TyA> make them chat moderators
04:20 <Dtm142>
04:20 <Dtm142> lol
04:20 <Urbancowgurl777> hmm
04:20 <TyA> I think Atheist is the only one we have left
04:20 <Dtm142> Michelle Obama's face is perfect
04:20 <Dtm142> (H)
04:21 <Urbancowgurl777> rewrite strategy guides
04:21 <Hairr> yup ty
04:21 <Cook Me Plox> try a bit lower
04:21 <Suppa chuppa> create a userpage
04:21 <Dtm142> Cook:
04:21 <Urbancowgurl777> uh
04:21 <Dtm142> Work on the [[RS2]] article
04:21 <Dtm142> Build it up to featured article standards (H)
04:21 <Ryan PM> thinking maximum of three links and no more than three lines of text above the hyperlinks
04:21 <Hairr> and touhou is disabled again
04:21 <Ryan PM> don't want it too big
04:22 <Dtm142> unpopular opinion time:
04:22 <Urbancowgurl777> do basic maintenance tasks in our maintenance categories
04:22 <Dtm142> If the whole voter ID thing is really just an evil plot by the right-wing to suppress people from voting, I'm perfectly fine with that.
04:23 <Dtm142> If you don't have photo ID, you're probably a low-information voter.
04:23 <Dtm142> If you're a low information voter, you're probably not going to know enough to make an informed decision.
04:23 <Urbancowgurl777> i'm a registered voter now ^-^
04:23 <Urbancowgurl777> though i'll probably never vote
04:23 <Dtm142> (think the Homer Simpson voter)
04:23 <Dtm142> (H)
04:23 <TyA> I'm also registered! I voted for president once!
04:23 <Dtm142> so yeah.  Quality over quantity.
04:23 <Hairr> did you vote for the right person ty
04:23 <SovietHero> Getting picked out for jury duty is by random, right?
04:24 <Dtm142> (though my main problem with voter ID laws is that they're not the same across all 50 states)
04:24 <Cook Me Plox> good, don't vote
04:24 <Urbancowgurl777> i got picked for jury duty once but it got cancelled
04:24 <Ryan PM> sometimes those adverts are scary, as it appears to me (anon)
04:24 <SovietHero> y?
04:24 <Dtm142> (it's a bloody federal election.  It should be standardized procedures)
04:24 <Urbancowgurl777> that was like 4 years ago, haven't been called since
04:24 <Dtm142> (the same ballot)
04:24 <Dtm142> (the same ID requirements)
04:24 <Dtm142> (etc)
04:24 <SovietHero> get adblock, dtm
04:24 <Urbancowgurl777> wow that's the stupidest ad ._.
04:24 <Hairr> Ryan: What are you looking up in your free time???
04:25 <Cook Me Plox> dentists hate her!
04:25 <Dtm142> Precisely why I use monobook
04:25 <Dtm142> @ryan @soviet @cook
04:25 <Cook Me Plox> voting sucks
04:25 <Hairr> /me high fives Dtm
04:25 <Ryan PM> just anime and runescape
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> well considering the anime you watch <.<
04:26 <Ryan PM> all on cr
04:26 <Cook Me Plox> hair why are not I star yet?
04:26 <Hairr> because you are too star
04:26 <Hairr> they said you'd shine too bright
04:26 <Urbancowgurl777> coal doesn't shine
04:26 <TyA> Fergles: You should watch Hunter x Hunter
04:26 <TyA> It is rather alright
04:26 <Urbancowgurl777> it's on my to-maybe-watch list
04:26 <Ryan PM> I've seen a lot of anime, all kinds
04:26 <Hairr> and *all of wikia* would be blinded just by going on the site
04:27 <SovietHero> I've never watched Fruits Basket, is it good?
04:27 <Urbancowgurl777> i watched the first ep and wasn't impressed but might try again
04:27 <Urbancowgurl777> fruits basket is ok if you're a girl <.<
04:27 <TyA> I really enjoyed when they were taking their Hunter exam
04:27 <SovietHero> is there a manga of it, too?
04:27 <TyA> Though some points were slow
04:27 <SovietHero> @ Fruits
04:27 <Urbancowgurl777> yes
04:27 <SovietHero> k
04:27 <Urbancowgurl777> hmmk Ty :3= i want to try it
04:28 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
04:28 <TyA> (yay)
04:28 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
04:28 <TyA> Though only 108 episodes are currently out
04:29 <TyA> I'm going to catch up tomorrow :(
04:29 <Ryan PM> Urban:
04:29 <Dtm142> Justin Bieber story of the day:
04:29 <Dtm142>
04:30 <Cook Me Plox> [[airut bonemeal]]
04:30 <Urbancowgurl777>
04:30 <Cook Me Plox> can anyone online QC that?
04:30 <TyA> my anime collection consists of a brown box of 30 random dvds 
04:30 <Cook Me Plox> or just "bonemeal" and tell me the results
04:30 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
04:31 <Urbancowgurl777> are those the english versions Ryan?
04:31 <TyA> airut bonemeal appears
04:31 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
04:31 <Ryan PM> yes
04:31 <Cook Me Plox> what else?
04:31 <Urbancowgurl777> interesting
04:31 <Ryan PM> that's my current collection
04:31 <TyA> bonemeal also appears
04:31 <Urbancowgurl777> my collection consists of bookmarks in my browser ):
04:31 <Ryan PM> :|
04:31 <TyA> I decided to get the mystery box to try some things
04:31 <Cook Me Plox> what else?
04:31 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
04:32 <TyA> /
04:32 <TyA> oops
04:32 <Dtm142> the thing is the chick JB insulted can lose weight
04:32 <Dtm142> but JB will always be a douche
04:32 <Dtm142> (H)
04:32 <Dtm142> (I think churchill said something like that?)
04:32 <TyA> Cook:
04:33 <Cook Me Plox> hmm
04:33 <Urbancowgurl777> wow what a jerk
04:33 <Cook Me Plox> we should probably have a separate page for airut bonemeal
04:33 <Urbancowgurl777> could a person be any more evil ._.
04:34 <Dtm142> Ikr
04:36 <Dtm142> Woah
04:36 <Dtm142> Airut bonemeal gets its own item
04:36 <Dtm142> But none of the other bonemeal types do o_O
04:36 <Dtm142> That's like a big deal
04:37 <Dtm142>
04:41 <SovietHero> DO any of you guys know any opening anime theme that isn't in Japanese or English?
04:42 <Ryan PM> yeah (because no singing lol)
04:43 <TyA> You could watch Code Lyoko's opening
04:43 <TyA> That show is French though
04:43 <Ryan PM> oh ik
04:43 <Ryan PM> GITS
04:43 <Ryan PM> multiple languages
04:43 <SovietHero> Yeah, I know
04:43 <Ryan PM> Inner Universe - Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex O.S.T. 1
04:43 <SovietHero> Meh
04:44 <SovietHero> Elfen Lied's opening is in Latin ._.
04:44 <SovietHero> but it's pretty good
04:44 <Ryan PM> Ghost Hunt is instrumental (both op and ed)
04:44 <SovietHero> hm
04:45 <Ryan PM> i'd say Guilty Crown, but it's only one of the instert songs
04:45 <Urbancowgurl777> uh
04:45 <Urbancowgurl777> none that i can recall
04:46 <Urbancowgurl777> apart from elfen lied
04:46 <Ryan PM> βios - Mika Kobayashi
04:48 <Ryan PM> Robotics;Notes OP2
04:48 <Ryan PM> chinese
04:51 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
04:55 <TyA> yay, fergles added me on steam
04:55 <TyA> you've played a lot of l4d2 o.o
05:01 -!- Sum1 0 o has joined Special:Chat
05:02 -!- Thisismyrofl has joined Special:Chat
05:06 <Urbancowgurl777> got all the way upstairs and forgot napkin ): ftl
05:06 <Urbancowgurl777> yey Ty :3= yeah i used to play it a lot
05:08 <Thisismyrofl> :(
05:11 <Urbancowgurl777> -.-
05:11 <Urbancowgurl777> napkin necessary
05:11 <Urbancowgurl777> brb
05:11 <TyA> I never really got into l4d
05:11 <TyA> Though I own both of them for computer
05:12 <Urbancowgurl777> a friend gave both of them to me for free
05:12 <Urbancowgurl777> they're ok, fun to play with friends
05:12 <Urbancowgurl777> not fun to play with random people ._.
05:13 <TyA> I find that easy to believe
05:15 -!- Thisismyrofl has left Special:Chat.
05:15 -!- Thisismyrofl has joined Special:Chat
05:17 <Urbancowgurl777> i remember playing with these people who were voice chatting one time, and one guy was laughing and said "dude urbancowgurl just swung her axe at the air for like 5 minutes"
05:17 <Urbancowgurl777> x_x lol
05:17 <Suppa chuppa> LOL
05:19 <TyA> well, did you?
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> yes
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> i kept missing the zombie
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> and ended up swinging at the air
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> ):
05:20 <Thisismyrofl> I did similar in hl2dm
05:20 <Thisismyrofl> I still rock at that game
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> the guy was on the ground and i was trying to fight off zombies to help him up
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> but i just kept hitting the air. and he laughed at me. lol
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> was so embarrassing
05:20 <Urbancowgurl777> x_x
05:24 -!- Thisismyrofl has left Special:Chat.
05:26 <TyA> lol
05:27 -!- BennieBoy has joined Special:Chat
05:30 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
05:34 <Demise36> (spin)
05:37 -!- NextCopeland has joined Special:Chat
05:38 <Demise36> (spin)
05:43 -!- NextCopeland has left Special:Chat.
05:44 -!- NextCopeland has joined Special:Chat
05:45 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
05:46 <NextCopeland> bye
05:46 -!- NextCopeland has left Special:Chat.
05:54 -!- Zelmore has joined Special:Chat
05:55 -!- Zelmore has left Special:Chat.
05:57 -!- Ryan PM has left Special:Chat.
05:57 <Dtm142>
05:57 <Dtm142> (H)
06:26 <Urbancowgurl777> nn
06:26 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
06:27 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
06:28 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
06:30 <Atheist723> !updatelogs
06:30 <RSChatBot> Atheist723: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 5 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
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06:33 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
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06:40 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
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06:43 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
07:04 -!- Selltheworld has joined Special:Chat
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07:25 <Cook Me Plox> [[dragon plateskirt]]
07:32 <Cook Me Plox> = ?
07:48 -!- BlatantDecoy has joined Special:Chat
07:48 <BlatantDecoy> Anyone here?
07:48 -!- BlatantDecoy has left Special:Chat.
07:54 <Dtm142> Hi
07:54 <Dtm142> "Waiting on the Photo of @BarackObama at #PearlHarbor to be released by The White House today."
07:54 <Dtm142> (H)
08:46 <4 i am King> haha keep leaving this chat window minimized and forget about it. Well, i'm off for the night, see ya guys :)
08:47 -!- 4 i am King has left Special:Chat.
08:59 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
09:15 -!- Ryan PM has left Special:Chat.
10:00 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
10:15 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
10:17 <MahjarratInfo101>
10:30 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
10:40 -!- Bohemia60 has joined Special:Chat
10:40 <Bohemia60> hi gouses
10:40 <Bohemia60> wtsa hup
10:41 <Bohemia60> :)
10:41 <Bohemia60> u ma ghawd 
10:42 <Bohemia60> wty noone ahsieriering
10:42 -!- Bohemia60 has left Special:Chat.
10:48 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
11:06 <Dtm142>
11:06 <Dtm142> (fp)
11:12 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
11:12 <Battleben> amg postbag
11:13 <Battleben> can we block Fswe for 3rr?
11:17 <Battleben> "Do you enjoy killing innocent creatures for no reason beyond getting XP and drops? Admit it. Join #TeamBandos."
11:18 <Dtm142> Who tweeted that?
11:19 <Dtm142> Bandos is most representative of the playerbase
11:20 <Battleben> Mod John A, creator of Bandos
11:20 <Battleben> Gods *own* their mortal races, and have the right to abuse them in any way they please. Help enforce that right. Join #TeamBandos.
11:20 <Battleben> The weak will suffer and die horribly in war, but who cares about them? *You're* one of the strong, right? #TeamBandos
11:21 -!- BennieBoy has left Special:Chat.
11:21 -!- Temujin96 has joined Special:Chat
11:21 <RSChatBot> Temujin96: <Spineweilder> I added a logo to the main page; I think priority is more about making the Main page look nice than making it festive.
11:22 <Temujin96> !tell Spineweilder I meant the actual text on the main page. It hasn't been altered since March as I recall and is rather obsolete.
11:22 <RSChatBot> I will tell Spineweilder this next time I see them
11:22 <Temujin96> !tell TyBot ~test
11:22 <RSChatBot> I will tell TyBot this next time I see them
11:22 <Temujin96> ~test
11:22 <TyBot> Temujin96: I love you. <3
11:22 <RSChatBot> TyBot: <Temujin96> ~test
11:23 <Temujin96> Why didn't it work ):
11:23 <Temujin96> Bad TyBot
11:24 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
11:24 <Coelacanth0794> hi
11:24 <Battleben> This is pro
11:25 <Coelacanth0794> nice tongue arma
11:25 <Temujin96> Meh, clone of the Sara v Zam backdrop
11:25 <Demise36> L
11:26 <Coelacanth0794> well sarazam had more action in the poster
11:26 <Coelacanth0794> this one it's like the cold war, they're just staring at each other angrily
11:26 <Temujin96>
11:26 <Temujin96> See?
11:26 <Temujin96> Just staring angrily
11:27 <Coelacanth0794> 404 - Page not found
11:27 <Coelacanth0794> Sorry, the page you were looking for was not found.
11:27 <Temujin96> Works fine for me...
11:28 <Temujin96> Oh, that's odd...
11:28 <Temujin96> It can be found here, just open it in a new tab
11:28 <Temujin96>
11:28 <Coelacanth0794> didnt they have hands and weapons in tow towards each other to some extent?
11:28 <Temujin96> No
11:29 <Coelacanth0794> yeah, zam has a fireball blaring to go
11:29 <Coelacanth0794>
11:29 <Temujin96> >_>
11:29 <Temujin96> Well, Bandos has a fist clenched
11:30 <Coelacanth0794> armadyl has his prehensile tentacle tongue out, so bandos has no chance
11:30 <Temujin96> lol
11:30 <Temujin96> inb4Bandos dies
11:30 <Coelacanth0794> bandos has about as much chance as a japanese schoolgirl
11:30 <Temujin96> Tribute to Bandos
11:30 <Temujin96> ...
11:30 <Coelacanth0794> but my question is what will happen with bandos' godly energy
11:31 <Coelacanth0794> will it be spread on the world cuz it wasnt slurped
11:31 <Temujin96> Japanese schoolgirls are nicer than English, French, and Australian schoolgirls imo
11:31 <Coelacanth0794> or will arma slurp it and become t3
11:31 <Temujin96> They're more polite
11:31 <Coelacanth0794> but they dont have anything to do with slurping god energy
11:31 <Temujin96> Temu will slurp it and become t7 :D
11:31 <Temujin96> Update :D
11:32 <Battleben> TEAAAM JACOB
11:32 <Temujin96> It's a nicer counter now :)
11:32 <Battleben> Uh
11:32 <Battleben> Bandos
11:32 <Coelacanth0794> i'd like to think because afaik it's mass destruction blasts, it'd be like sliske on guthix
11:33 <Coelacanth0794> and bandos would have his itty bitty kitty energy spread across the immediate area
11:33 <Coelacanth0794> like bandosian wisps, no specific level, scale with lvl and xp, brown in colour
11:34 <Temujin96> gpeng w60 east of alk palace
11:34 <Coelacanth0794> oh hey there's a system update
11:34 <Temujin96> Guthix let Sliske kill him
11:34 <Temujin96> No, shit
11:35 <Temujin96> I just said that >_>
11:38 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
11:38 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
11:39 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
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11:40 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
11:40 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
11:41 <Temujin96> ~ Oz has joined the chat. 
11:45 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
11:46 <Battleben> I sent a letter to Akthanakos, yay.
11:47 <Coelacanth0794> huh
11:47 <Dtm142> Still no WE2
11:47 <Dtm142> Clock is ticking
11:48 <Dtm142> They might cancel it still :)
11:50 <Coelacanth0794> they won't im sure
11:50 <Coelacanth0794> im optimistic :)
11:51 <Battleben> "@JagexRaven Who needs respect? Being the puppet of a warmongering psycho sounds fun! #TeamBandos"
11:51 <Dtm142> confusion around the office, evidently
11:52 <Temujin96> The abilities had better bloody good :/
11:52 <Dtm142> Evidently Mod Raven didn't get the news that her project was huffed.
11:52 <Dtm142> (H)
11:52 <Temujin96> Well, no one told Mod Ana that they'd decided that Guthix would merely backhand Sliske
11:53 <Temujin96> But that still happened :/
11:53 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
11:53 <Dtm142> (H)
11:53 <Temujin96> !tell Neitiznot You're a nub
11:53 <RSChatBot> I will tell Neitiznot this next time I see them
11:54 <Coelacanth0794> is the update on the homepage yet
11:54 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
11:54 <Temujin96>
11:54 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
11:54 <Dtm142> ugh
11:54 <Dtm142> they didn't cancel it.
11:54 <Dtm142> Damn them :@
11:56 <Temujin96>,16,749,65232664
11:56 <Dtm142> "More rewards will open up as the weeks progress. Be bold, be resolute, and check back as the event goes on! "
11:56 <Dtm142> Fuck me.
11:56 <Coelacanth0794> can you stop complaining please
11:57 <Dtm142> Oh, I'm just getting started.
11:57 <Coelacanth0794> well don't.
11:57 <Dtm142> Wait until I actually have time to play it.
11:57 <Dtm142> You ain't seen nothing yet.
11:57 <Coelacanth0794> only thing you should be starting is grinding divination
11:57 <Dtm142> But you probably won't hear much from me... today at least
11:58 <Coelacanth0794> dtms should be seen and not heard
11:59 <Dtm142> You see, wanting to get rid of me is just like me not wanting the world event to come out.
11:59 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
11:59 <TonyBest100> Hey Guys :)
11:59 <Dtm142> You get negative utility out of hearing someone's opinion that isn't your own.
11:59 <Battleben> "Vorago has deemed the 'Undefeated' title to be too easy to attain. As such, he has stripped all players of this title, and created a new form of attack, which he'll unleash on certain weeks. Players will need to complete a fight where Vorago uses this new attack to retrieve this elite title."
11:59 <Temujin96> Was too small:
11:59 <TonyBest100> Yay, WE2 is out now :)
11:59 <Temujin96> Sacrifice: a basic ability (Constitution) that self-heals as you deal damage.
11:59 <Temujin96> Devotion: a threshold ability (Defence) that grants 100% effectiveness of protection prayers for a time. The effect can be extended by killing enemies.
11:59 <Temujin96> Transfigure: an ultimate ability (Constitution) that stuns you for a short duration, then heals more than twice any damage you've received during that stun, and subsequently imparts a lengthy stun immunity.
11:59 <Dtm142> Yet you can't stand missing out on what I have to say.
11:59 <Battleben> Solomon's General Store can now be found in-game, just south of the Grand Exchange.
11:59 <Battleben> Solomon's General Store can now be found in-game, just south of the Grand Exchange.
12:00 <Battleben> LLLL
12:00 <Dtm142> Thus your solution is to ban me from the CC.
12:00 <Temujin96> Yes
12:00 <Temujin96> 100% prayers :D
12:00 <TonyBest100> I'd say the text on the news post is only small due to some site problems atm
12:00 <Battleben> dibs on orbing Solomon
12:00 <Temujin96> Please have a ridiculously short cool-down :D
12:01 <Coelacanth0794> no dtm i just dont wanna hear someone bitch about something for 20 minutes
12:01 <Dtm142> Then you're gonna have a bad time (H)
12:01 <Temujin96> aviansie wand + shield
12:02 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
12:02 <Dtm142> And if you didn't want to hear me bitch about it, you should have wanted them to cancel it so I wouldn't have to.
12:02 <Dtm142> (H)
12:02 <Coelacanth0794> i shouldnt share an opinion with you to know that you're being annoying
12:02 <TonyBest100> The combat XP reward from the Blood Pact quest is now in the form of a combat XP lamp, to allow players to opt out of receiving the experience.
12:02 <TonyBest100>  I really don't get why they're still letting pures have their way
12:02 <Battleben> Ashdale tweaked
12:03 <Battleben> omg did they fix Magda
12:03 <TonyBest100> Go check!
12:03 <Battleben> (i doubt it but that'd be awesome)
12:03 <AnselaJonla> "Note that this a safe event. If you die in one of the marked zones around RuneScape's major cities - be it to an NPC or another player - you'll respawn with all your gear intact at your faction camp."
12:03 <AnselaJonla> YES!
12:03 <AnselaJonla> And Kara-Meir seems to be the official referee/team-signing-person for all these god events
12:03 <Dtm142> Yes
12:03 <TonyBest100> So she's back again
12:03 <Coelacanth0794> she needs a ref whistle
12:03 <Dtm142> She's hotter on the cover of the book.
12:03 <Battleben> Is it wrong for Fswe to pretty much declare Ashdale non-canon and put that on its page?
12:04 <AnselaJonla> "Read on, and see the wiki for full details of everything you can do to help." - I love when they advertise us in their news posts
12:04 <Ryan PM> inb4 yelps death
12:04 <Demise36> game wanna load
12:04 <Battleben> Yeah I love it too.
12:04 <TonyBest100> "Loot beams now appear on ascension keystones and ferocious rings." :)
12:04 <Dtm142> Why don't they ever link to the relevant RSOW articles?
12:04 <AnselaJonla> They do sometimes
12:04 <Dtm142> It's a total pain in the ass to find anything on their site.
12:05 <Ryan PM>
12:05 <Demise36> k
12:05 <Ryan PM> way too purple
12:05 <AnselaJonla> Can someone copy over the news post so I can read the tinytext
12:05 <Coelacanth0794> inb4 solomon dies
12:05 <Temujin96> Sacrifice: a basic ability  (Constitution) that self-heals as you deal damage. Devotion: a threshold ability  (Defence) that grants 100% effectiveness of protection prayers for a time. The effect can be extended by killing enemies. Transfigure: an ultimate ability  (Constitution) that stuns you for a short duration, then heals more than twice any damage you've received during that stun, and subsequently imparts a lengthy stun immunity.
12:06 <Coelacanth0794> Finally, you'll be able to collect sacred metal fragments and faction-specific weapon components as you fight and work on battlefield structures. 1000 fragments and a weapon component can be combined to make orkish or aviansie weapon overrides for claws, shields, throwing weapons and wands.
12:06 <Coelacanth0794> i hope it didnt destroy all my things
12:06 <Ryan PM> cool
12:06 <Demise36> ew claws
12:06 <Demise36> i wanted a mace
12:06 <Ryan PM>
12:06 <Temujin96>
12:06 <Ryan PM>
12:06 <Temujin96> ugh
12:06 <TonyBest100> Tbh. I like the Devotion ability
12:07 <Coelacanth0794> waiting on the game to load...
12:07 <Temujin96>
12:07 <Temujin96> eww
12:07 <Temujin96> That sucks :/
12:07 <TonyBest100> why couldn't that ability be out when BotD was released, would of made the fight easier lol
12:07 <Demise36> LLL
12:07 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
12:07 <Temujin96> lol
12:07 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
12:07 <Temujin96> Might have a lengthy cool-down though :/
12:07 <Battleben> *joins Bandos for the reward*
12:07 <Temujin96> :S
12:08 <Battleben> I wrote that as "johns Bandos"
12:08 <TonyBest100> Also, that reward armor is called Warpriest of "God name"
12:08 <Battleben> Because Mod John A is Bandos.
12:08 <Temujin96>
12:08 <TonyBest100> similar to Warpriest of Zamorak/Saradomin
12:08 <Dtm142>
12:08 <Temujin96> Both wands suck
12:08 <Dtm142> Fail
12:08 <Dtm142> RSOW's article is worse than ours.
12:08 <Dtm142> Bring back the Knowledge Base.
12:08 <Temujin96> Mod Michelle will have it up within 30 min
12:08 <Temujin96> She seems to do that
12:08 <TonyBest100> A nice clear Warmap
12:08 <Temujin96> Never goes into much depth
12:09 -!- Temujin96 has left Special:Chat.
12:09 <Battleben> Even with lots of lorenuts joining Bandos
12:09 <Battleben> I doubt he'll win
12:09 <Ryan PM> come on...
12:09 <Ryan PM> y wont the game load X_XX
12:09 <Ryan PM> update taking too long
12:10 <TonyBest100> So did this update only happen like 5 or 10 minutes before I came into the chat?
12:10 <Ryan PM> I want to see yelps die X_X
12:10 <Battleben> not actually happened yet
12:10 <Battleben> Why would Yelps die?
12:10 <TonyBest100> Oh
12:10 <TonyBest100> NICE!
12:11 <Battleben> yep
12:11 <Ryan PM> so we start the image with a biased outlook?
12:11 <Battleben> notice how in the banner
12:11 <Ryan PM> okay
12:11 <Battleben> Armadyl is reall really really winning
12:11 <Battleben> lol
12:11 <TonyBest100> LOL!
12:11 <Battleben> Bandos shhas a tiny part of the bar
12:12 <Coelacanth0794> wat?
12:12 <Demise36> k jagex
12:12 <Demise36> k
12:12 <Coelacanth0794> is that the artist's interpretation
12:12 <Coelacanth0794> or... wat?
12:12 <TonyBest100> Armadyl bribed Jagex to have that bar show him winning
12:12 <Coelacanth0794> is anyone ingame?
12:12 <TonyBest100> Not yet
12:12 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
12:12 <AnselaJonla> nope making phonecalls
12:13 <Battleben>,16,141,65232607 FAQ is up.
12:13 <TonyBest100> always stuck on 0% configuration
12:13 <Coelacanth0794>,15,545,65115644,goto,22
12:13 <Ryan PM>,16,945,65232684
12:13 <Ryan PM> lmfao
12:14 <Coelacanth0794> imma make patch notes ok?
12:14 <Ryan PM> oh that's nice
12:14 <Dtm142> Server issues again.
12:14 <Ryan PM> they fixed livid farm
12:14 <Ryan PM> or so they say
12:14 <Dtm142> "We're more secure than the military"
12:14 <Dtm142> -> gets DDOSed by kids
12:14 <TonyBest100> Kaigi confirmed female :P
12:15 <Ryan PM> "Dropping of Tuska mask parts has been stopped to prevent drop trading.
12:15 <Ryan PM> Trading certed Tuska mask parts is no longer allowed."
12:15 <Ryan PM> gg
12:15 <Battleben> followers of tuska are
12:15 <Battleben> Tuskan Raiders
12:16 <Atheist723> Huh, why is it not tradeable?
12:16 <Battleben> DO you think it's a coincidence
12:16 <Atheist723> I thought they said they are going to be tradeable pre-release?
12:16 <AnselaJonla> lol ben
12:16 <Battleben> that jagex tweak the graphics of main hand broken drygore maces
12:16 <Battleben> after I upload images of broken off-hand ones?
12:16 <Ryan PM> "Players can no longer equip lent rare items in the Wilderness." lol nice
12:16 <Battleben> They fixedErnest after I uploaded an image of him being tiny.
12:17 <TonyBest100> Q: Can Bandos ride Tuska into World Event 2?
12:17 <TonyBest100> Mod Osborne: That is a glorious image. lol
12:18 <Ryan PM> way too many stickies in recent updates now
12:18 <AnselaJonla> Can't get in game :(
12:18 <Atheist723> I had a nightmare of bringing my bank into the Wilderness for no reason and promptly losing it to a PKer yesterday.
12:18 <Ryan PM> (qc) There are currently 6,719 people playing RuneScape.
12:18 -!- Amo Vos has joined Special:Chat
12:18 <Ryan PM> lolllll
12:18 <Amo Vos> yay offline servers =p
12:18 <Atheist723> Can't load RS either.
12:19 <TonyBest100> I still can't get on lol
12:19 <Coelacanth0794> Q: How long ago was Kaigi's Journal written?
12:19 <Coelacanth0794> Mod Osborne: Before the First Age of RuneScape, which puts it over 12,000 years old. The journal pages have survived quite well!
12:19 <Atheist723> Oh well, more excuse to play LoL.
12:19 <TonyBest100>
12:19 <Atheist723> How on earth does paper survive 12000 years?
12:19 <Dtm142> Thank you Tony.
12:19 <AnselaJonla> Magic
12:19 -!- Amo Vos has left Special:Chat.
12:19 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
12:19 <Atheist723> Free-to-play?
12:20 <Atheist723> What.
12:20 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
12:20 <Atheist723> Also, my membership runs out tomorrow, dammit.
12:20 <Atheist723> And I don't even have 8m left in my bank.
12:20 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
12:20 <Coelacanth0794> Mod Osborne: Tuska opens the portal. I hope you will find out more about this in future content, but she is knocking on the door of Gielinor. That 'knocking' opens up smaller fissures that allow harbingers through. Then, when the portal is wide enough, the beast arrives. The time of Tuska cometh...
12:21 <Atheist723> You know, that sounded just like the entry of the Corporeal Beast...
12:21 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
12:21 <Ozuzanna> why cant i play rs
12:21 <Ozuzanna> been trying for last half an hour
12:21 <Atheist723> Update.
12:21 <Atheist723> "From atop lofty towers, they're gathering divine energy to fuel siege weapons of prodigious power - enough to kill a god."
12:21 <Ryan PM> yay it's loading finally
12:21 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
12:22 <Ozuzanna> wish jagex would get more stable servers
12:22 <Atheist723> First time a god is killed without an elder weapon?
12:22 <Battleben> yay loading
12:22 <AnselaJonla> Same
12:22 <Ozuzanna> than taking 30 minutes to have an update
12:22 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
12:22 <Alchez> What's the template for the "source needed" tag?
12:22 <Battleben> it's a big update, bit of downtime was expected.
12:22 <Ryan PM> {{fact}}
12:22 <Battleben> {{fact}}
12:22 <TonyBest100> From one of the Passing events: "A follower of Sliske appears and will ask players who interact with them if they want to accept golem parts. The first faction with 20 players to request the parts will receive 5% in all golem sections."
12:22 <Alchez> Thanks.
12:22 <Ryan PM> lmao
12:22 <Ozuzanna> on another note I'm getting a 4.0GHz, 8 core 16GB RAM comp for my 18th birthday :)
12:22 <Battleben> why would someone follow Sliske?
12:22 <Battleben> Dibs on orbing Sololomon btw
12:23 <TonyBest100> why is a follower of sliske at a Bandos/Armadyl event!
12:23 <Atheist723> What?
12:23 <Ozuzanna> does solomon follow sliske
12:23 <Coelacanth0794> Q: Can Bandos ride Tuska into World Event 2?
12:23 <Coelacanth0794> Mod Osborne: That is a glorious image.
12:23 <Atheist723> Someone said it before, but yes.
12:23 <Coelacanth0794> bandos and tuska ship confirmed
12:23 <TonyBest100> theres one other event called Tricking the Godless
12:23 <Atheist723> What have you done!?
12:23 <Ozuzanna> ew coel
12:23 <Ozuzanna> :|
12:23 <TonyBest100> "A follower of Sliske appears and will ask players who interact with them if they want to trick the Godless into attacking the other faction. The first faction with 20 players to accept this aid will ensure that the Godless will attack an enemy building. If there are no buildings, or a truce in place, the attack may be delayed for up to an hour."
12:23 <Ryan PM>
12:24 <TonyBest100> "A brigand boss and a brigand will show up on a node and demand donations before they will allow construction on the node. You will not be able to build anything upon the node unless 300,000 gold is given to them. The brigands will not take less than 10,000 or more than 50,000 from any player and will only take one donation per player. This event lasts for 30 minutes and may occur on any node with no building and no other building events, not just the one the caravan passes" More Goldsink!
12:25 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
12:25 <Kq head> [[File:Teak-dresser.png]]
12:25 <Kq head> this image really irritates me for one reason
12:26 <Kq head> other than lack of AA
12:26 <TonyBest100> As before the tokens for the world event go from Bronze to Dragon
12:26 <Ryan PM> awwww
12:27 <Ryan PM> they changed it
12:27 <TonyBest100> Defo making sure I buy the new abilities from reward shop
12:27 <Battleben> Kara has a new outfit.
12:27 <TonyBest100> and changed what ryan?
12:27 <Ryan PM> originally, Bandos was going to throw Yelps at Armadyl
12:27 <Ryan PM> not three random goblins
12:27 <Kq head> by "new outfit" do you mean she's wearing less or more this time
12:27 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
12:27 <TonyBest100> Oh great, hint arrow pointing to the world event lol
12:27 <Dtm142> "There are three tiers of all items in the quartermaster's stores, and a new tier is unlocked every few weeks (tier 2 is unlocked on week 4, tier 3 is unlocked on week 7) giving you plenty of time to get enough renown for your purchases."
12:28 <Kq head> sounds like copypaste
12:28 <Atheist723> Behold, the representative of the RuneScape elitist:
12:28 <Dtm142> ^ Either it's going to be 10 weeks again, or they copypaste faied
12:28 <Dtm142> failed*
12:28 <Ozuzanna> lol
12:28 <Ozuzanna> they used graador's CHAAARGE
12:28 <Ozuzanna> in the cutscene
12:28 <TonyBest100> Dtm, it's not 10 weeks
12:28 <AnselaJonla> I hate doing this pricing up tradesmen crap
12:28 <Atheist723> What?
12:28 <AnselaJonla> Partly coz it involves phoning and talking to strangers
12:29 <Atheist723> Can't be worse than talking to them face to face.
12:29 <Kq head> i don't like talking on the phone either
12:29 <Coelacanth0794> is there a general for each side?
12:29 <Atheist723> Well, off to play LoL, check back later.
12:30 <Coelacanth0794> akin to moia and padertomus whatever
12:30 <Kq head> Loading - please wait.
12:30 <Kq head> (0%)
12:30 <TonyBest100> 21k renown to buy the Sacrifice ability
12:30 <TonyBest100> 32k for devotion
12:30 <TonyBest100> and 105k for transfigure
12:31 <Kq head> i'm guessing renown will be earned a lot faster this time
12:31 <Atheist723> ...Did anyone click my link by any chance?
12:31 <Kq head> and a higher cap
12:31 <TonyBest100> Yeh, it should be easier
12:32 <Coelacanth0794> Loot beams now appear on ascension keystones and ferocious rings.
12:32 <Coelacanth0794> [[drops]]
12:34 <TonyBest100> Now to get to world event :P
12:34 <Dtm142> and fine
12:34 <Coelacanth0794> ey tony
12:34 <Coelacanth0794> are there generals that talk about the battle?
12:35 <Dtm142> just for today, I'll pretend to agree with you guys instead of thinking for myself.
12:35 <Dtm142> So here it goes
12:35 <Kq head> I gave birth to a coconut yesterday btw
12:35 <Dtm142> "z0mg, a new world event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!111!111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
12:35 <Dtm142> *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap*
12:35 <Coelacanth0794> why dont you like world events?
12:36 <Dtm142> You'd know that if you had been paying attention.
12:36 <Dtm142> But if I answered honestly, I'd be breaking my promise.
12:36 <Ryan PM>
12:38 <Kq head> [[kara-meir]] has the same outfit as before...
12:38 <TonyBest100> Bandos is cruel
12:38 <TonyBest100> throwing his minions at his opponent
12:38 <Coelacanth0794> ill come fight for arma after the exam i promise
12:39 <TonyBest100> I don't know who to side!
12:39 <Ozuzanna>
12:39 <Ozuzanna> pretty accurate
12:40 <Battleben> k I don't like Mara-Meir anymore.
12:40 <Battleben> Kara*
12:40 <Battleben> Also Theodore is definitely dead
12:40 <TonyBest100> bandos is only losing slightly atm, they did a wise thing not showing the bar UNTIL you've joined one faction
12:41 <Kq head> marriage is stupid anyway
12:41 <Ozuzanna> why dont they teach people how to be gay in schools anyway
12:41 <Ozuzanna> imo its only fair if they do
12:41 <AnselaJonla>
12:41 <Ozuzanna> cus they do it for straight people
12:41 <Ozuzanna> and the gay people probably feel alienated by it
12:42 <Battleben> Saradomin is a jerk confirmed
12:42 <TonyBest100> Ugh, game seems to have froze
12:42 <Kq head> "State-enforced homosexuality. I don't have a problem with that - it's equal!"
12:42 <TonyBest100>  before I continue, gotta get some images done :P
12:42 <Kq head> why do the world event recruiters have single-colour eyes
12:43 <Kq head> are they wearing contacts?
12:43 <TonyBest100> most notably, the map of the event
12:43 <Battleben> dibs on sololomon
12:43 <Coelacanth0794> bbl exam
12:44 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
12:44 <Battleben> It's okay that Saradomin ripped off Garlandia's wings
12:44 <Battleben> because he's deepy slorry.
12:44 <Battleben> sorry*
12:45 <TonyBest100> lol
12:45 <Ozuzanna> comeon windows_7_illegal_copy.iso
12:45 <Ozuzanna> hurry up
12:46 <Ozuzanna> oh wait its .exe
12:46 <Ozuzanna> probably a virus
12:47 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
12:47 <TonyBest100> Wtf are you doing trying to download an illegal copy >.<
12:47 <Ozuzanna>
12:47 <Ciphrius Kane> Anybody want 200K worth of herbs for free?
12:47 <Ozuzanna> im not tony lol
12:47 <Ozuzanna> i'm not that stupid to say something like that :p
12:48 <Ozuzanna> besides, how the hell does someone fit a whole OS in 440KB
12:48 <Ozuzanna> i'd imagine it to be 1GB+ at least
12:48 <Ozuzanna> does anyone use Linux here
12:48 <TonyBest100> :)
12:49 <Ozuzanna> oh god a furry in RS
12:49 <Ozuzanna> you can tell by the fox ears
12:49 <Kq head> she isn't a furry
12:49 <Kq head> those are acorns or something
12:49 <Kq head> plus she doesn't have a tail
12:49 <Ozuzanna> seems legit
12:50 <Kq head> gaining renown by punching this weird siphon thing
12:50 <Ciphrius Kane> Whole load of lantadyme and dwarfweed free for the taking
12:51 <Kq head> i'm guessing the WE2 abilities will be available afterwards somehow
12:51 <Ozuzanna>!Mysterious_old_man.gif
12:51 <Ozuzanna> its that guy again
12:51 <Kq head> limited-time abilities just don't sit well with me
12:51 <Kq head> yeah it's that guy who goes "kekekeke grub"
12:51 <TonyBest100> If you see 3 or 4 images uploaded by me in the next few minutes, it's because I'm working on copying over the update article
12:51 <Ozuzanna> I have not...not...NOT...NOT!
12:51 <Dtm142> Someone doesn't like the update?
12:52 <Dtm142> Who would've thought?  Kq head hates change.
12:52 <Kq head> Yep that's me
12:52 <Dtm142> Kq head, we need to let go of nostalgia so the game can progress.
12:52 <TonyBest100> You're one to talk Dtm
12:52 <AnselaJonla>
12:52 <Ozuzanna> when i get my new pc i'm downgrading from windows 8
12:52 <TonyBest100> complaining yesterday that this update might have been cancelled
12:52 <Kq head> I know, also they should update rsc
12:52 <Ciphrius Kane> Really, nobody wants 200K worth of herbs absolutely free?
12:52 <Ozuzanna> cus windows 8 is sucky for me
12:52 <Dtm142> Tony, I'm being a Jagex apologist just for today.
12:52 <Dtm142> I'll give my honest opinion of the update at a later date.
12:53 <Dtm142> When I'm less tired ;)
12:53 <Dtm142> Buckle up.
12:53 <Kq head> I hate change I want to go back to 07
12:53 <Kq head> wtf is this rooftop agility thing
12:53 <Kq head> ffs stop devaluing agility jagex
12:54 <TonyBest100> Kq, that rooftop agility was a players idea
12:54 <Kq head> also you're missing the fact that i didn't say i didn't like this update which is vital to your caricatured-apologist argument
12:54 <TonyBest100> which they added to the game
12:54 <Ciphrius Kane> Guys, I really don't care who takes these herbs, just so long as you come take them off me for no cost
12:55 <Dtm142> Nope, Kq head.
12:55 <Dtm142> If you don't think an update is perfect in every regard, you're just a whiny nostalgia head.
12:55 <Dtm142> Sorry.
12:55 <Dtm142> That's the way she rolls though.
12:56 <Kq head> So you're saying that jagex apologists don't actually exist, then?
12:56 <Dtm142> Oh, they do.
12:56 <Dtm142> Visit RSOF sometime.
12:56 <Dtm142> Or this chat.
12:56 <Dtm142> Or the CC
12:56 <Dtm142> duh
12:56 <TonyBest100> Back to copying over article :P
12:56 <Kq head> I do, all I see is moaning
12:56 <Battleben> Solomon is ugly.
12:56 <Battleben> *orbs*
12:57 <Ciphrius Kane> Ben, fancy 200K worth of free herbs?
12:57 <Dtm142> That's because I'm normally here to balance out the Jagex apologists.
12:57 <Dtm142> Except for today
12:57 <Dtm142> (H)
12:57 <Kq head> I see the opposite of apologists, I see people who bitch about every tiny little thing
12:57 <Kq head> "ffs jagex you ruin my d boots!!1"
12:57 <Dtm142> confirmation bias
12:57 <Kq head> You're already doing it, problem?
12:57 <Dtm142> They ruined d boots?!?!?!?!?!!
12:57 <Dtm142> the bastards :@
12:58 <Kq head> yeah because the d boots don't have enough right angles
12:58 <Kq head> or something
12:58 <Dtm142> (H)
12:58 <Battleben> Guys
12:58 <Battleben> Solomon has a giant elefint!
12:58 <Battleben> AN ELEFINT
12:58 <Battleben> SUPPORT
12:58 <Battleben> BUY RUNECOINS
12:58 <Kq head> solomon is in-game??
12:58 <Battleben> NOWWWW
12:58 <Battleben> Yes
12:59 <Ozuzanna> ben did you buy the ponie from solomon
12:59 <AnselaJonla> My mum is silly
13:00 <Kq head> what did she do
13:00 <AnselaJonla> She told me to use the phonebook to find electricians to call
13:00 <Ciphrius Kane> Seriously, nobody wants 210K in herbs for nothing?
13:00 <Ozuzanna> lol why would someone look in a phonebook to find a phone number?
13:00 <Ozuzanna> doesnt make sense
13:00 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
13:00 <Ozuzanna> l2 google
13:01 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
13:01 <Ozuzanna> how do skinny people get stretch marks
13:01 <Ozuzanna> i have them all over my legs and idk why
13:02 <AnselaJonla> Why would I look at a book with 6pt font when I have my nice, readable internet with
13:03 <AnselaJonla>
13:03 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause the internet has naughty things on it.  The phone book doesn't
13:03 <Ciphrius Kane> She's just trying to protect your fragile innocent mind
13:03 <Kq head> The internet is a fucking disgrace
13:04 <Ozuzanna> yeah ik what you mean, Ciph
13:04 <Ozuzanna> my uncle is a builder and he looked for "hard core" for sale on the internet
13:04 <Ozuzanna> you can guess what else came up instead 
13:04 <Ozuzanna> (hard core is a building material)
13:04 <Ciphrius Kane> Susan, want 210K worth of free herbs?
13:04 <Ozuzanna> no thanks
13:04 <Ciphrius Kane> Why is it nobody wants it?
13:05 <Ozuzanna> i'd rather someone else use it than me
13:05 <Ozuzanna> i have too much excess cash atm :/
13:05 <AnselaJonla> Alright, time to go join Armadyl
13:05 <Kq head> give it to the poor
13:05 <Ciphrius Kane> Kq, that's what I'm trying to do
13:05 <AnselaJonla> I'm poor
13:05 <Ciphrius Kane> But I cannot move from my current location or I'll lose my progress
13:05 <Ozuzanna> ciph next time a noob comes in RSW chat and starts saying "can any1 give me money plzzzzzzzz"
13:05 <Ozuzanna> maybe you could contemplate giving it to them
13:05 <Ciphrius Kane> And I did not spend 4 days building up this killcount just to end it now
13:06 <Ozuzanna> are you at GWD
13:06 <Ciphrius Kane> Slayer tower
13:06 <Ozuzanna> oh
13:06 <Ciphrius Kane> Trying to get a scroll
13:06 <Kq head> I wanted to see a picture of Jodie Holmes (protagonist in Beyond Two Souls) so I googled... first suggestions under search bar were stuff like "naked" etc.
13:06 <Atheist723> Free stuff? Where?
13:06 <Ozuzanna> didnt know slayer tower had a KC system
13:06 <Ciphrius Kane> W23 Slayer Tower by the banshees
13:06 <Ciphrius Kane> It doesn't
13:06 <Atheist723> Be right there.
13:06 <Kq head> Why do men have to ruin a great female protagonist with their sex-obsessed minds
13:07 <Ciphrius Kane> But my helm does
13:07 <Ozuzanna>
13:07 <Ozuzanna> poor girl
13:07 <Dtm142> R34, Kq head
13:07 <Atheist723> Huh, world selection automatically chose world 23.
13:08 <Kq head> No exceptions? No excuse...
13:08 <Atheist723> Loading...
13:08 <Ozuzanna> found this on my facebook feed
13:09 <Ozuzanna> see, he deserved it, he said it IN HIS FACE
13:09 <Ozuzanna> meanwhile i said it in a desolate and lonely place with no one around
13:09 <Kq head> You made the wind blowing in Mod Mark's direction feel sad
13:10 <Atheist723> Black screen, minimap navigation rules.
13:10 <TonyBest100>
13:10 <Ciphrius Kane>
13:10 <Battleben> Updated [[Solomon]]
13:10 <Kq head> since lvl 90 armour lasts 60k hits, how many hours is that
13:10 <Ozuzanna> atheist does your minimap glitch up
13:10 <Ozuzanna> at times
13:10 <Atheist723> I used to play Mario Kart solely with the minimap.
13:10 <TonyBest100> That was a pain to copy over >.<
13:11 <Kq head> I have more respect for Solomon now that he exists in-game
13:11 <Kq head> Yelps better not show his face around here, though
13:11 <Ozuzanna>
13:11 <Ozuzanna> Plot twist: She's British and lost a £2 coin
13:11 <Dtm142> (H)
13:12 <Kq head> I'm not sure whether to find that funny or cruel
13:12 <AnselaJonla> Where is Kara hiding now?
13:12 <Kq head> in plain sight
13:12 <AnselaJonla> Where?
13:12 <Kq head> north of falador
13:12 <AnselaJonla> thank you
13:13 <Kq head> she is wearing less clothing this time
13:13 <Kq head> she took off her cape
13:13 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
13:13 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
13:14 <AnselaJonla> I will orb Garlandia
13:14 <Ciphrius Kane> Did you know she fucked a werewolf?
13:14 <Atheist723> Eh, maybe that makes her look marginally less ridiculous.
13:14 <Atheist723> ...What?
13:14 <Ryan PM>
13:15 <Kq head> Well, werewolves are technically humans too
13:15 <Atheist723> ...Er, no.
13:15 <Battleben> Theodore is confirmed deceased
13:16 <Atheist723> But then, there was Nymphadora Tonks so it isn't that...weird.
13:17 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
13:18 <Ciphrius Kane> Well Gar'rth is actually only half human
13:20 <Battleben> I wonder long it will take for people to notice that I wrote "elefint" on Solomon's page.
13:20 <Kq head> I noticed it
13:21 <Kq head> i found an [[Orken shield component]]
13:21 <TonyBest100> Right, now that I've done all the images I could do time for me to join in on the fight :P
13:21 <Kq head> it was dropped by a caravan
13:21 <Atheist723> Isn't there some kind of opening cutscene?
13:21 <TonyBest100> There is athe
13:21 <TonyBest100> Talk to Kara-Meir to view it
13:22 <Kq head> if you attack caravans, bring an orb of oculus
13:22 <AnselaJonla> [[Garlandia]]
13:22 <Kq head> for override item DIIs
13:22 <AnselaJonla> [[template:infobox NPC]]
13:22 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
13:23 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
13:23 <Atheist723> Extremely laggy...
13:23 <Atheist723> "Can you show me what happened again?"
13:24 <Battleben> You can replay the tutorial now.
13:24 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
13:24 <Kq head> yay
13:25 <Kq head> but can we bank the rusty sword
13:25 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
13:26 <TonyBest100> A cap of 30k energy a day it sees :P
13:26 <Atheist723> ...Well, at least they didn't make a giant beam-of-war again...
13:26 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
13:27 <Kq head> long-distance staring contest of war
13:27 <Ozuzanna>
13:27 <TonyBest100> ugh can't do a thing in this lag, even on the vip world
13:27 <TonyBest100> but yeah, looks like Armadyl is winning
13:28 <Ozuzanna> justice will be dealt if Armadyl wins
13:28 <Ozuzanna> if you see what i did there
13:28 <Kq head> i can see ryan in-game
13:29 <Ozuzanna>
13:29 <Ozuzanna> hang on dude, help is coming
13:31 <Ozuzanna> my nans younger cat:
13:32 <Kq head> reminds me of my nan's cats :p
13:32 <Kq head> much in common
13:32 <Kq head> wow
13:32 <TonyBest100> 30k renown daily (assuming u even use up 30k energy each day)
13:32 <TonyBest100> :P
13:33 <Ozuzanna> here's both of the cats
13:33 <Kq head> i have pics of cats... on my 3ds
13:34 <Atheist723> My prediction is actually partly correct...they did nuke Clan Camp.
13:34 <Atheist723> Who uses it anyway.
13:34 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
13:34 <Kq head> i don't have a camera and my phone has rubbish quality so i take pictures with a 3ds
13:34 <Kq head> weird, huh
13:35 <Ozuzanna> kq the classic tabby cat like my nans and yours
13:36 <Ozuzanna> generally look the same
13:36 <Ozuzanna> well its actually tabby mackeral 
13:36 <Battleben> There's so much dialogue. Won't be fun transcribign it all.
13:36 <Kq head> lol one of the cats scratched me
13:36 <Kq head> i held a mouse toy a little too low
13:36 <Ozuzanna> much dialogue
13:36 <Ozuzanna> such many transcrib
13:36 <Ozuzanna> wow
13:36 <TonyBest100> got ganged up by armadylians while I was lagging >.<
13:36 <Ozuzanna> tony do you want bandos to win
13:37 <TonyBest100> Yes
13:37 <Ozuzanna> oke gl
13:37 <TonyBest100> but i don't care either way anyway, i just want rewards
13:37 <Atheist723> Huh, the occupied spots are actually shifting rather than one-sided.
13:37 <TonyBest100> omfg they're right outside the base >.<
13:37 <Atheist723> For the moment, that is.
13:38 <AnselaJonla> Ben?
13:38 <Kq head> some armadyl guy walked into the bandos zone and started trying to kill me
13:38 <Battleben> Yeah?
13:38 <Kq head> i asked "Why me"
13:38 <Kq head> and people said "Because you're cute"
13:38 <Kq head> D:
13:38 <Kq head> ..."Cute ones always die first"
13:39 <TonyBest100> I can't get capping at this rate
13:39 <Atheist723> Do you get xp from the PvP?
13:39 <AnselaJonla> You're the lore fiend in here
13:39 <AnselaJonla> Could you make the New Domina page please
13:39 <Kq head> if you turn on pvp you get renown faster even if you don't actually fight
13:39 <AnselaJonla> Also, [[Garlandia]] is made
13:40 <TonyBest100> soul split is op >.<
13:41 <Atheist723> Not really.
13:41 <Dtm142> Is there a limit to how much renown you can get in a day?
13:41 <Kq head> 30k
13:41 <Dtm142> Fuck
13:41 <Kq head> but it's much faster than bol
13:41 <Atheist723> Protection prayer is even more superior than Soul Split now.
13:41 <Dtm142> Oh, good.
13:41 <Kq head> you turn on pvp mode and you get like 20 per second
13:41 <Kq head> just with afk
13:41 <Kq head> repairing the things
13:41 <Atheist723> I'm more interesting in Divination xp.
13:42 <Atheist723> The construction xp is very poor.
13:42 <Kq head> i think if you go out and attack caravans you get more
13:42 <Dtm142> There's no multiplier?  It's just a straight up 30K?
13:42 <Kq head> this is way more fun than bol was
13:42 <Kq head> nope doesn't seem to be one
13:42 <TonyBest100> Got a Heroic skull :P
13:42 <Kq head> i'm at 20k and it hasn't changed
13:42 <Dtm142> What's a heroic skull?
13:42 <Kq head> kill another player and they drop it
13:43 <TonyBest100> Drops from PVP at the event
13:43 <Dtm142> What does it do?
13:43 <TonyBest100> bury to get prayer xp
13:43 <Dtm142> Oh.
13:43 <Dtm142> lol
13:43 <TonyBest100> and i've lost it
13:43 <TonyBest100> drops if you die :P
13:44 <Atheist723> Where are the divine energy you are supposed to harvest, anyway?
13:44 <TonyBest100> i hate soul split users, it's so op
13:44 <Atheist723> Nope.
13:44 -!- Sir Wooki has joined Special:Chat
13:44 <Atheist723> Protection prayers are buffed from 40% to 50%, Soul Split is nerfed from 20% to 10%.
13:44 <TonyBest100> Yes, it is
13:45 <Atheist723> So OP.
13:45 <TonyBest100> Soulsplit is OP
13:45 <TonyBest100> I am dying in 5 seconds from people using it
13:45 <Atheist723> (fp)
13:45 <Kq head> I just got murdered by some guy with asc bows
13:45 -!- Sir Wooki has left Special:Chat.
13:45 <TonyBest100> Died again in the lag
13:45 <TonyBest100> they're just camping outside bandos's area, pissing me off atm
13:46 <Atheist723> Did you not know what PKers are?
13:46 <AnselaJonla> We've got a sneaky one here
13:46 <AnselaJonla> Repairing the bandos thing that all us armadyleans are trying to destroy
13:46 <Atheist723> Also, are you fundamentally misunderstanding what Soul Split actually does?
13:46 <AnselaJonla> But he's got pvp off
13:46 <TonyBest100> Yes I know what they are!!
13:46 <TonyBest100> I am not mistaken on what soul split does
13:47 <Kq head> soul split is pretty effective when the person gutting you has lvl 90 weapons
13:47 <Battleben> I need to transcribe Bandos's dialogue
13:47 <Battleben> and everyone else.
13:47 <Battleben> This may take a while.
13:47 <TonyBest100> I can't get capping at all
13:47 <Atheist723> Destroying structures give construction xp, lol.
13:47 <Kq head> Deconstruction xp
13:47 <AnselaJonla> If someone could improve on then please do so
13:47 <Atheist723> Then you should know Soul Split doesn't make them kill you faster.
13:48 <TonyBest100> Yes it does
13:48 <TonyBest100> I'm wearing pretty much full bandos and I am getting slaughtered by people using soul split
13:48 <Kq head> it makes them last longer so you can't kill them
13:48 <TonyBest100> It's completely OP
13:48 <Atheist723> Have another extremely well-deserved facepalm: (fp)
13:49 -!- Sir Wooki has joined Special:Chat
13:49 <Sir Wooki> Then you soul split them lol
13:49 <TonyBest100> I can't soul split them, I don't have a high prayer lvl to use it
13:49 <Kq head> it doesn't make them kill you faster, it makes them harder to kill
13:49 <Atheist723> Soul Split does not increase damage in any way.
13:49 <Sir Wooki> Dat message flood
13:49 <Sir Wooki> i think I made them mad
13:49 <AnselaJonla> So your icon is smaller if you have pvp off than if you have it on
13:50 <Atheist723> It only heals them and lowers your prayer by practically negligible numbers.
13:50 <TonyBest100> Yeah Ansela
13:50 <TonyBest100> icon smaller for PVP off, bigger for PVP on
13:50 <TonyBest100> Athe, it's op, they heal I get hit hard
13:50 <Atheist723> Nice new name by the way, Ansela.
13:50 <TonyBest100> and no, it's not because I'm wearing shit armour cuz I'm wearing bandos gear
13:51 <Atheist723> For the very last time SS has nothing to do with the damage they do.
13:51 <Sir Wooki> Ok ok calm your farm
13:51 <Kq head> if they are using lvl 90 weps, they will cut through bandos like butter
13:51 <Atheist723> ^
13:51 <Sir Wooki> yum butter
13:51 <TonyBest100> I didn't see any 90+ weapons
13:51 <Kq head> i'm wearing warpriest and i die to pretty much anything
13:51 <Atheist723> Generally speaking people rich enough to SS and Turmoil has level 90 weapons.
13:51 <Kq head> that said, the only person to kill me so far used lvl 90 cbows
13:51 -!- Sir Wooki has left Special:Chat.
13:52 <Atheist723> Unless you are me, who is dirt poor.
13:52 <AnselaJonla> Bloke teles in with big bandos symbol
13:52 -!- Tiddles0536 has joined Special:Chat
13:52 <AnselaJonla> A dozen of us turn away from the icon we're attacking to KILL
13:52 <TonyBest100> they're using both soulsplit and turmoil
13:52 <AnselaJonla> He turns tail and flees
13:52 -!- Sir Wooki has joined Special:Chat
13:52 <Atheist723> Seriously where is the Divination in this event?
13:52 -!- Tiddles0536 has left Special:Chat.
13:52 <Kq head> i was with another person and somebody came in and attacked him instead of me
13:53 <AnselaJonla> The caravans are doing all the div
13:53 <AnselaJonla> We're doing all the fighting
13:53 <Kq head> then i noticed my ally was dying so i used binding shot on the guy and he couldn't do anything for the last 2 seconds of his life
13:53 -!- Sir Wooki has left Special:Chat.
13:53 <Kq head> reluctant teamwork...
13:54 -!- Sir Wooki has joined Special:Chat
13:54 <Sir Wooki> I'm around 100 combat where should I train archery?  
13:54 <TonyBest100> Died in 5 seconds YET AGAIN
13:55 -!- Sir Wooki has left Special:Chat.
13:55 <TonyBest100> I can't get doing a thing!
13:55 <Atheist723> If you still have yet to learn what PKing is, no one can help you.
13:55 <Kq head> finally capped
13:55 <AnselaJonla> [[p2p ranged training]]
13:55 <Dtm142>
13:55 <Dtm142> india's kind of a stupid country tbh
13:55 -!- Sir Wooki has joined Special:Chat
13:55 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
13:55 <Sir Wooki> ?
13:56 <TonyBest100> Athe, I KNOW WHAT IT IS ALREADY!
13:56 <Kq head> if you died in 5 seconds then it wasn't a fair fight
13:56 <Kq head> you got piled
13:56 <Dtm142>
13:56 <Dtm142> Well, at least they didn't pick someone dumb
13:56 <TonyBest100> It clearly isn't when 5 asshats pile up on me
13:57 <Dtm142> Should've been Rob Ford though
13:57 <Dtm142> (H)
13:57 <Kq head> you can teleport around the map so go to a spot with less people in it
13:57 <Atheist723> That's my point. That's what PKing is: no fun at all.
13:57 <Kq head> it's fun if it's arranged
13:57 <Kq head> duel arena and stuff
13:58 <Kq head> though that's not pking lol
13:58 <Sir Wooki> !!!
13:58 <Atheist723> Some say that is the different between "PK" and "PvP".
13:58 <Kq head> anyway if you have pvp turned on, you get renown way faster
13:58 <TonyBest100> everywhere i fking go I get killed
13:59 <Kq head> so there's no reason to have it off unless every spot is a death trap
13:59 <TonyBest100> I don't want to turn off PVP either because it's faster gains on renown
13:59 <Stinkowing> I haven't bothered with the event yet
13:59 <Stinkowing> do the gods have voices?
13:59 <Stinkowing> I just heard Armadyl screech, but that's it
13:59 -!- Sir Wooki has left Special:Chat.
13:59 <TonyBest100> doesn't help either when I have to right click atk
14:01 <AnselaJonla> - worst lore page ever
14:01 <TonyBest100> FFS why the hell are there Zero bandosians here!
14:03 <TonyBest100> I idn't notice they added a bridge just east of Draynor Manor
14:03 <Kq head> how do i get sacred metal fragments?
14:04 <Atheist723> Wow, the xp is really slow.
14:04 <AnselaJonla> I assume by attacking the convoys
14:04 <Atheist723> Especially compared to BoL.
14:05 <Atheist723> Eh, maybe I'll try the PvP.
14:05 <Atheist723> I'll keep my precious void knight equipment safely in my bank, thank you.
14:05 <AnselaJonla> No need Athe
14:05 <AnselaJonla> It's safe pvp
14:06 <Atheist723> I know.
14:06 <AnselaJonla> Ciphrius Kane, Ryan PM, Dtm142 - please delete reason: blank new article
14:06 <TonyBest100> Now i'm finally getting somewhere on renown gaining
14:06 <AnselaJonla> I've died like 6 times so far
14:06 <TonyBest100> 19k renown left to get
14:06 <TonyBest100> for today
14:06 <Atheist723> Knowing Jagex and their recent QA, I'll play it safe.
14:06 <AnselaJonla> It's. Safe
14:06 <TonyBest100> It's already safe pvp athe
14:07 <TonyBest100> I've died countless times and the only thing I've lost was a heroic skull I just obtained
14:07 <Atheist723> Read above.
14:07 <AnselaJonla> So, you don't trust us and you're calling us liars then?
14:07 <Kq head> guy with asc cbows just took on 3 people by himself
14:07 <AnselaJonla> Right, nice to fucking know
14:07 <TonyBest100> They mentioned on the news article, the bts video and INGAME that it's safe
14:07 <Atheist723> I know it is safe PvP, Ansela.
14:07 <Kq head> now he's onto the 4th person
14:08 <Atheist723> What I meant is I don't trust Jagex to not let any bug occur.
14:08 <Stinkowing> ^
14:08 <Kq head> lol a guy just said "No" as he got destroyed
14:08 <Battleben> Bandos is done.
14:08 <Kq head> not very dramatic way to die
14:08 <AnselaJonla> Yes, because you're be the ONLY one to lose items. Athe
14:08 <AnselaJonla> Never mind the THOUSANDS that have already died
14:08 <Kq head> turn on pvp and bring nothing, problem solved
14:08 <AnselaJonla> You're just such a special wee snowflake that it'd be YOUR shit that gets lost, huh?
14:09 <Atheist723> Who says it is not bad for everyone else to lose items?
14:09 <Atheist723> But I'm not one to risk that, it's only my decision.
14:09 <Kq head> lol oh damn
14:09 <Kq head> guy with asc cbows is being attacked by other guy with asc cbows and sirenic
14:09 <TonyBest100> It's still a safe fighting place, why would u lose stuff in a safe area
14:09 <Kq head> this is the pvp food chain
14:09 <Ozuzanna> from bugs, tony
14:10 <Kq head> even if you did, there'd be a gravestone
14:10 <Ozuzanna> dont you remember the global storm of armadyl pking bug
14:10 <Ozuzanna> on day of release
14:10 <Atheist723> ^
14:10 <Stinkowing> of what?
14:10 <Battleben> Why does Bandos have an ourg.
14:10 <Atheist723> If you want to bring your items, be my guest, I'm just saying. And I will be very sorry if you lose of items.
14:10 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
14:10 <Ozuzanna> ben in the cutscene he sounds like graador
14:10 <AnselaJonla> Oh, I got a heroic skull
14:11 <Atheist723> It'd be nice if you could assume a little more good faith, Ansela.
14:11 <AnselaJonla> Didn't even realise I got last shot on that guy
14:11 <Stinkowing> Ozu, what pking bug
14:11 <AnselaJonla> It'd be nice if you weren't such a pessimistic little Dtm clone, Athe
14:11 <AnselaJonla> Assuming that Jagex will always and forever get it wrong in such a way it will lose your precious armour
14:12 <Dtm142> Hey!
14:12 <Stinkowing> To be fair, Jagex does fuck up quite a bit more
14:12 <Kq head> even if you did die, grave would appear
14:12 <Ozuzanna> sec stinko
14:12 <Atheist723> It does not have to be 100% sure to play it safe.
14:12 <Ozuzanna> i'll link a vid
14:12 <Stinkowing> than your average MMO developer
14:12 <Stinkowing> kk
14:12 <Kq head> because it always appears outside of specific areas
14:12 <Dtm142> 3 item it ;)
14:12 <Atheist723> The Lagathon bugs aren't giving us a ton of confidence.
14:12 <Ozuzanna>
14:12 <Ozuzanna> it was only 2 year ago ^
14:12 <Dtm142> Or go in without items
14:12 <Atheist723> Dtm142: You lose ALL your items now.
14:13 <Atheist723> Which is an incredibly idiotic change that tilts the balance even more in PKers' favour.
14:13 <Ozuzanna> wait that one doesnt show it everywhere
14:13 <Atheist723> Might bring staff of light anyway.
14:13 <AnselaJonla> "You offer all your heroic skulls to the glory of Armadyl.
14:13 <AnselaJonla> While pleased, the god of justice is slightly disturbed by your offering."
14:13 <Ciphrius Kane> That is only in the Wildy Athe
14:13 <Kq head> considering all the pvp is outside of the wilderness (thus graves) and they've no doubt perfected safe pvp by now (so many minigames) i wouldn't worry
14:13 <Atheist723> ...Did they not get someone else read it?
14:13 <Ozuzanna> here stinko
14:13 <Ozuzanna> this is the vid i meant
14:14 <Ozuzanna> it was a reborn version of the hand cannon glitch except you could pk anyone anywhere too 
14:15 <Atheist723> Staff of light not even 300k, would be harder to replace void given the level of activity in PC.
14:15 <Dtm142> Could you pick up their drops?'
14:15 <Kq head> Lag is a completely different beast from losing items in safe pvp, just putting that out there
14:15 <Ozuzanna> dtm in wild yes
14:15 <Ozuzanna> out of wild no they have a grave
14:16 <Ozuzanna> but you could keep killing them so they couldnt loot grave
14:16 <Ozuzanna> lol
14:16 <Kq head> Aren't you worried that somebody will discover a bug allowing them to kill you when you have pvp off too?
14:17 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
14:17 <Dtm142> (H)
14:17 <Dtm142> And athe has a point.
14:17 <Atheist723> The chances are not low enough to ignore, to be honest.
14:17 <Dtm142> It's wise to avoid logging in until at least a couple days post-update
14:18 <TonyBest100> 21k renown now :)
14:18 <TonyBest100> so pleased that this is much faster than it was at WE1
14:19 <Atheist723> Lol, you only need 4 kills to get into hiscores currently.
14:19 <Atheist723> PvP enabled...icon still small...cosmetic overrides still on...
14:20 <Dtm142> Knowing Jagex, they'll nerf it by the time I actually get to play it
14:20 <Dtm142> Because they read NLF.
14:20 <Atheist723> The construction and divination xp is poor, don't worry.
14:20 <Atheist723> I'm more concerned about the prayer xp.
14:20 <Dtm142> Idgaf about xp
14:21 <AnselaJonla> Main reason why we will NEVER attract new people for them to stay: a pair of constant and persistent whiners bitching about every aspect of every update
14:21 <AnselaJonla> It's annoying, irritating and gets on everyone's nerves, so can you just give it a fucking rest for a while?
14:22 <AnselaJonla> You don't like updates, you don't like world events, you don't like jagex... WE GET IT!!!
14:22 <Dtm142> strawman after strawman after strawman
14:22 <TonyBest100> soul split defo op, even as a group of people fighting 1 person he didnt appear to take damage
14:22 <AnselaJonla> Deet, imagine you're a new editor, you come in and investigate this chat?
14:22 <Dtm142> and tbf, you're not exactly little miss sunshine yourself
14:22 <AnselaJonla> And they see you, and Athe, whining about whatever update just happened
14:23 <Coelacanth0794> this is about you dtm not ans
14:23 <Atheist723> I'd say it is worse to have a negative attitude towards user than to bugs.
14:23 <Dtm142> Perhaps they'll appreciate gaining a new perspective, if they're open-minded
14:23 <Coelacanth0794> being yelled at? im so happy to experience something so wonderful
14:23 <TonyBest100> i can't kill these 2 mage armadylians
14:23 <Dtm142> "being yelled at"?
14:23 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
14:23 <Dtm142> Hardly.
14:24 <TonyBest100> and just when i am so close to capping on renown
14:24 <Atheist723> I think he is referring to Ansela, but I'm not sure.
14:24 <Atheist723> Hmm, should go and offer that skull.
14:24 <Dtm142> Besides
14:25 <Atheist723> I am truly surprised.
14:25 <Dtm142> For a day, I'm only giving you what you want to hear.
14:25 <Atheist723> I expected at least 1000 xp or so.
14:25 <Atheist723> ...It is 20.
14:25 <Dtm142> I'm not going to give my honest opinion about the update until tomorrow at the earliest.
14:25 <Ozuzanna> burundanga 
14:25 <Ozuzanna>
14:25 <Dtm142> So you have that to look forward to.
14:26 <AnselaJonla> Deet, have you even tried the update?
14:26 <Dtm142> No.
14:26 <Dtm142> keyword: "at the earliest"
14:26 <AnselaJonla> Or are you just continuing you hatred from before it?
14:26 <Ozuzanna> this is why you dont accept business cards
14:26 <Ozuzanna> they contain lethal substances 
14:26 <Ozuzanna> and can easily kill you within seconds
14:26 <Atheist723> So far this world event doesn't look too bad, and yes, I've tried it.
14:26 <Atheist723> I'm just concerned about bug abuse.
14:26 <Dtm142> I haven't said anything particularly scathing since it came out.
14:26 <Kq head> "The chances are not low enough to ignore, to be honest."
14:26 <Kq head> It's as low as the chances of WE2 being cancelled
14:27 <Dtm142> Pre-release.
14:27 <AnselaJonla> Athe, if there was a pvp bug it would have been found within minutes
14:27 <Dtm142> What I've read, it sounds better than I expected.
14:27 <Dtm142> I am sometimes wrong.  Perhaps I am this time.
14:27 <Atheist723> *shrug* Better safe than sorry.
14:27 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
14:27 <Atheist723> Also, there are things about this world event that ticks people off before it starts.
14:27 <AnselaJonla> It's actually better than Bol< Deet
14:27 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
14:27 <Dtm142> ^
14:27 <Dtm142> @athe
14:27 <Battleben> Can someone other than me transcribe Kara and whatsherface?
14:27 <Ciphrius Kane> You should try reading the forums from time to time
14:27 <Ozuzanna> guys 32 bit or 64 bit OS
14:27 <Ozuzanna> which is better overall
14:27 <AnselaJonla> Combat is not necessary
14:27 <AnselaJonla> Although fun
14:28 <Battleben> Busy with the Bandosians atm!
14:28 <Dtm142> There's a huge gap between BoL and not sucking, Ansela.
14:28 <Atheist723> Combat is necessary in BoL?
14:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Apparently Q&A can actually programme stuff
14:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Or rather design stuff
14:28 <Kq head> I'd see it taking at least a few days to discover a bug like that, but the main issue here is that there's too many failsafes even if it did happen
14:28 <Dtm142> Yeah.
14:28 <Dtm142> Rollbacks, the regular "gimmie my phr33 r00n back!!!" sticky
14:29 <Dtm142> etc
14:29 <Ryan PM> lol ppl trying to use bol shards on we2 items
14:29 <Ozuzanna> lol wtf
14:29 <Atheist723> I'll just be relieved if there is no bug over the course of the event.
14:29 <Ozuzanna> a captain called "Silver Silver"
14:29 <TonyBest100> damn, didn't even notice i gained ver 40k con xp in a short time lol
14:29 <Atheist723> Probably not unlocked yet.
14:29 <Atheist723> Huh, that fast?
14:29 <TonyBest100> yes that fast
14:29 <AnselaJonla> I'm at 28k
14:30 <Kq head> armadyl claws should be razor bird wings
14:30 <AnselaJonla> It's fast
14:30 <Atheist723> I'm getting 9xp drops...
14:30 <AnselaJonla> Getting 16xp multiple times a minute
14:30 <Atheist723> You mean second?
14:30 <Ozuzanna>
14:30 <Ozuzanna> well that escalated quickly.
14:30 <TonyBest100> i'm getting 11-12xp
14:30 <Atheist723> Scaling by level.
14:30 <Ryan PM> 267
14:30 <Ryan PM> my god
14:30 <Atheist723> Also, I'm also surprised that the Divination xp isn't fast.
14:30 <Ryan PM> we'd die instantly
14:31 <Atheist723> After all, lots of people complained about it.
14:31 <Ozuzanna> yeah ryan
14:31 <Ozuzanna> it escalated rather quickly
14:31 <Ozuzanna> from 27 to 267
14:31 <Atheist723> ...And before someone jump down my throat, I'm NOT saying current training's rates are too slow in my opinion.
14:31 <Ozuzanna> also i like how the condition is cloudy
14:31 <Kq head> That's a shame
14:31 <Kq head> You'd be right
14:31 <Ozuzanna> "So at 9PM, it will be 267 degrees and cloudy."
14:31 <Atheist723> Lol, people are having Protect Item on just in case.
14:31 <TonyBest100> lol armadylians trying to dismantle something here and they aren't turning on pvp
14:32 <Atheist723> Looks like I'm not the only paranoid guy.
14:32 <Ozuzanna> dismantle a bandos godsword
14:32 <AnselaJonla> Well, I'm capped
14:32 <TonyBest100> capped 
14:32 <Kq head> I'm wearing warpriest anyways so
14:32 <Kq head> all they'd loot is a fury
14:32 <AnselaJonla> Tony, that's smart
14:32 <Atheist723> An amulet of fury is still pretty expensive to me.
14:32 <AnselaJonla> [[War map]]
14:32 <Dtm142> ^
14:32 <Kq head> if you're dismantling something it's better to keep pvp off unless you have enough people
14:33 <TonyBest100> 30k renown daily ftw
14:33 <Ozuzanna> its only 3m or so
14:33 <Dtm142> [[fury]]
14:33 <Ozuzanna> it used to be 10m+
14:33 <AnselaJonla> [[template:infobox item]]
14:33 <Atheist723> By the way, they directly promised "great prayer xp".
14:33 <Ozuzanna> thats by heroic bone burying 
14:33 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
14:33 <Ozuzanna> shame only PvP participants can get
14:33 <TonyBest100> got warpriest of bandos boots
14:33 <Atheist723> ...Wonder if the "free xp plz" rant is coming.
14:34 <Ozuzanna> what would happen if you wore 3 pieces of sara/zammy and 3 pieces of arma/bandos warpriest
14:34 <Ozuzanna> gain both effects?
14:34 <Atheist723> Well, the effect depends on how many pieces you wear.
14:34 <Atheist723> So it won't be as effective on either side.
14:34 <TonyBest100> Oh that's just being a troll right there, won't get silver bandosian token until tomorrow
14:34 <TonyBest100> and after 1k renown more lol
14:34 <Atheist723> By the way, you get a whopping 20 xp from a heroic skull.
14:35 <Atheist723> So you aren't missing out a lot.
14:35 <Dtm142> (H)
14:35 <TonyBest100> Athe, pvp on means more xp and faster renown gains from construction
14:35 <Atheist723> Yes.
14:35 <Atheist723> Still not fast by any means but at least it is free.
14:35 <Atheist723> I wonder if Jagex thinks the BoL xp is *too* generous.
14:36 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
14:36 <Atheist723> It is true, of course, but it is a very un-Jagexy thing to do.
14:36 <Coelacanth0794> awwww.
14:36 <Coelacanth0794> found zanik, nothing new to say
14:36 <Coelacanth0794> "bandos is gone remember?" uhhh no.
14:36 <TonyBest100> 17k xp left til next con lvl :P
14:37 <Atheist723> Player still tells her gods don't walk around in Lumbridge, why are you surprised?
14:38 <AnselaJonla> Okay, which fucker put [[File:War map.png]] that there
14:39 <Atheist723> What?
14:39 <TonyBest100> Ah, that was my fault when making the name
14:39 <Atheist723> By the way, quick prayers are glitched as well.
14:40 <Atheist723> Not sure if it has anything do with the event but it was fine a few days ago.
14:40 <Ozuzanna> haha lol
14:41 <Atheist723> ...Wow, music player still not fixed.
14:41 <Atheist723> Okay, my fault to ever turn that thing again...
14:41 <Ozuzanna> i'm getting ads saying "plastic surgeons are furious at this elderly woman. Get bigger breasts from A cup to D in just 3 days with this one amazing tip"
14:41 <Atheist723> *turn that thing on
14:41 <Ozuzanna> this "one amazing tip" shit is annoying
14:42 <The Mol Man> ya, it did not make my dick bigger at all
14:42 <Battleben> Why is the Bandosian record keeper Perien
14:43 <Coelacanth0794> gonna orb bandos guys
14:43 <TonyBest100> Also got 15k bonus agility xp from vote at bandos tower :P
14:44 <Coelacanth0794> then go to arma and orb them
14:44 <The Mol Man> tony
14:44 <The Mol Man> bonus xp? or xp?
14:44 <TonyBest100> bonus xp
14:44 <The Mol Man> wanna update the [[bonus experience]] page?
14:44 <Ozuzanna> wow
14:44 <Ozuzanna> why is my USB drive so FAT?
14:44 <The Mol Man> since you probably know how it works better than I
14:45 <The Mol Man> wow, I never added the Duke's Vote in there
14:45 <TonyBest100> it's similar to claiming xp from weekly votes from World Event 1
14:45 <The Mol Man> wanna just write a brief sentence then?
14:45 <Battleben> Heh.
14:45 <Battleben> Nobody has found the little easter eggs on Solomon's page yet.
14:45 <The Mol Man> I did
14:45 <The Mol Man> I kinda just left it there
14:46 <AnselaJonla> Ben, please remove it
14:46 <The Mol Man> anyways, don't do that again, ben
14:46 <Ozuzanna>
14:46 <Battleben> But elefint.
14:46 <Ozuzanna> YEAH
14:46 <AnselaJonla> It's vandalism
14:46 <TonyBest100> sure I can wire a brief sentence about it
14:46 <The Mol Man> thanks tony
14:46 <Battleben> It's called a typo.
14:47 <Atheist723> Not when it is intentional.
14:47 <AnselaJonla> Ben, please focus on actually doing something useful
14:47 <AnselaJonla> Like new lore stuff such as
14:47 <The Mol Man> AGF, atheist
14:47 <Battleben> Okay, it's called pselling a word incorrectly, but I wouldn't call it vandalism.
14:47 <Ozuzanna>
14:47 <Ozuzanna> the fuk
14:47 <AnselaJonla> I made a crap page on it for you to improve
14:47 <Battleben> I didn't just change "elephant" to "elefint"
14:48 <Battleben> I'm transcribing diaouge, Ansela ;_;
14:48 <The Mol Man> wth all the uses of "elefint" on rsw, I can't blame ben for spelling it that way
14:48 <TonyBest100> Oh god, the new visual editor changes are on here now
14:48 <Battleben> there's a lot
14:48 <The Mol Man> he's just so used to it
14:48 <The Mol Man> give it a chance tony
14:48 <The Mol Man> supposed to be better
14:48 <Ozuzanna> no matter how good visual becomes
14:48 <Ozuzanna> it will never be "better"
14:48 <Atheist723> ...Their is seriously an elephant there?
14:48 <Ozuzanna> than source
14:48 <The Mol Man> ofc not ozzy
14:48 <Battleben> Yes.
14:48 <The Mol Man> but not everyone uses sources
14:48 <TonyBest100> Ah, it's all good, Found the source editor still :P
14:49 <Battleben> There is an elephant.
14:49 <Ozuzanna> i disabled visual editor globally
14:49 <Ozuzanna> thank Saradomin.
14:49 <The Mol Man> tony, you can have it set to always be source
14:49 <The Mol Man> [[Special:Preferences]]
14:49 <Atheist723> AGF does not apply when it is repeatedly used and openly bragged about.
14:49 <The Mol Man> that spelling is in his head all the time atheist
14:49 <The Mol Man> he's psychologically rewired to spell it that way
14:50 <The Mol Man> it was an honest mistake, yo
14:50 <Dtm142> [[elefint]]
14:50 <Ozuzanna> good guy haidro
14:50 <Dtm142> [[elephant]]
14:50 <Dtm142> [[Special:Contributions/Battleben]]
14:50 <The Mol Man> Elefint was my page
14:51 <The Mol Man> I maded it
14:51 <Ozuzanna> why did it redirect to homepage
14:51 <Ozuzanna> its not relevant at all
14:51 <Ozuzanna> in any way
14:51 <The Mol Man> cause it's our mascot
14:51 <The Mol Man> when people think elefint
14:51 <AnselaJonla> [[Abbinah]]
14:51 <The Mol Man> they think rs
14:51 <Dtm142> spirit animal*
14:51 <Ozuzanna> no its some forced fad that developed here
14:51 <The Mol Man> ya see
14:51 <The Mol Man> dtm gets it
14:51 <Ozuzanna> like (caek) was
14:51 <Dtm142> (H)
14:51 <The Mol Man> shut up, go back to that awful trashcan known as mlp wiki
14:52 <Atheist723> True, Ozuzanna.
14:52 <Ozuzanna> Mol MLP wiki is by no means relevant here
14:52 <The Mol Man> neither is your mother
14:52 <The Mol Man> why did I bring her up?
14:52 <The Mol Man> I have no clue
14:52 <Ozuzanna> you didn't
14:52 <Ozuzanna> she had her own parents to bring her up
14:52 <Ozuzanna> :)
14:52 <The Mol Man> oh good
14:53 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
14:53 <The Mol Man> i can tell by he lovely son that she was raised well
14:53 <The Mol Man> I love you, ozzy :ɔ
14:53 <Ozuzanna> but yeah, this elefint think is just like caek V2
14:53 <Ozuzanna> thing*
14:53 <The Mol Man> ummm, caek isn't the only thing
14:53 <Ozuzanna> but caek at least had a useful and relevant redirect
14:54 <Atheist723> I'm just glad that I don't have to see cake or elephant every couple of lines.
14:54 <Atheist723> It was childish and irritating.
14:54 <TonyBest100> Hmm, I like this new Visual Editor
14:54 <The Mol Man> what did I tell you, tony?!?!
14:54 <Battleben> transcribed all the bandosians I'm going to trans for now ;_;
14:54 <Ozuzanna> yeah Atheist i admit it was a little funny at first but then it got forced
14:54 <The Mol Man> ben
14:54 <TonyBest100> Oh one more thing, I got my Skypuncer outfit from SGS now due to gold premier club
14:55 <The Mol Man> is any dialogue dependent on your side from the last event?
14:55 <Ozuzanna> also atheist i took your advice regarding merchants in PoP
14:55 <Ozuzanna> useful in my voyages when i want to collect lower level resources such as bamboo
14:55 <Ozuzanna> :)
14:55 <The Mol Man> you needed atheist to tell you to use merchants?????
14:55 <Battleben> I don't think so.
14:55 <Atheist723> He's sort of new to ports.
14:55 <Ozuzanna> mol i wouldn't rely on you to
14:55 <Ozuzanna> you said you would td with me but you didnt
14:56 <Battleben> Anyway, elefints are gone now.
14:56 <The Mol Man> I've had shit I had to do
14:56 <Ozuzanna> and yeah I am new, only done it for like 3-4 weeks
14:56 <The Mol Man> don't blame me, blame shit
14:56 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
14:56 <Atheist723> Your current merchants boost resources by 25% right?
14:56 <Ozuzanna> yeah
14:56 <Coelacanth0794> almost got everything of bandos
14:56 <The Mol Man> also, participating in pvm is different from asking a question
14:56 <The Mol Man> ozzy :c
14:56 <Ozuzanna> does having more merchants make the boost stack
14:56 <Ozuzanna> in the same voyage
14:56 <The Mol Man> I'll be free next week
14:56 <The Mol Man> ask then
14:56 <Atheist723> No.
14:56 <Ozuzanna> oh k
14:56 <Atheist723> It says so on the tooltip.
14:57 <AnselaJonla> - like my intro?
14:57 <The Mol Man> ozzy, did chu hear me?
14:57 <Atheist723> By the way you can calculate if the merchant is worth it, or how worth it to have a merchant.
14:57 <Stinkowing> what's this about a snowman and pudding hat I'm hearing about in my CC?
14:57 <The Mol Man> Ben
14:57 <The Mol Man> if there really is a giant elefint
14:57 <The Mol Man> then he is noteworthy enough
14:57 <The Mol Man> we NEED NEED NEED an article on him
14:58 <The Mol Man> thank you
14:58 <Atheist723> It isn't really a "closing", Ansela.
14:58 <Ozuzanna> finally, 4.5k slates
14:58 <Atheist723> "Depletion"?
14:58 <Ozuzanna> yes Mol I did
14:58 <Battleben> Since when is clan vex 1h
14:58 <Ozuzanna> now I gotta get 3k bamboo
14:58 <The Mol Man> do you acknowledge? :ɔ
14:58 <Ozuzanna> I will contemplate it sure
14:58 <Atheist723> Since...the introduction, Battleben?
14:58 <Atheist723> Are you upgrading office?
14:58 <Ozuzanna> also mol on 25 december i will get amazing PC
14:58 <Ozuzanna> yes Ath, going for the 3rd ship slot
14:59 <Ozuzanna> the amazing pc will make me not lag
14:59 <The Mol Man> ozzy, do you have your workshop upgraded yet?
14:59 <Ozuzanna> yeah
14:59 <The Mol Man> best bank yo
14:59 <Ozuzanna> and i almost have full sea singers
14:59 <Ozuzanna> need 2 more scroll
14:59 <Atheist723> I didn't get in until I got into the cherrywood region, but getting it sooner may be helpful.
14:59 <Ozuzanna> but i dont have any chi
14:59 <Ozuzanna> yeah i'm in cherrywood, ath
14:59 <The Mol Man> don't worry about upgrading the workshop too much more
14:59 <Ozuzanna> you know, the scythe
15:00 <The Mol Man> since it really only gives extra xp, how often do you even use it anyways
15:00 <Battleben> CAn someone who isn't me please transcribe the Armadyleans and godless?
15:00 <Ozuzanna> mol i havent used it
15:00 <Ozuzanna> and i'll only use it for making the armour
15:00 <Ozuzanna> which i haven't done yet because i can't
15:00 <The Mol Man> my point exactly lol
15:00 <The Mol Man> think about getting rocktail soup scrolls and spices
15:01 <Ozuzanna> just upgraded it once so i /can/ make stuff in it when i get the resources
15:01 <Atheist723> I still haven't built it.
15:01 <The Mol Man> it's also a nice bank ozzy
15:01 <The Mol Man> you oughta athe
15:01 <Atheist723> Don't have the levels.
15:01 <The Mol Man> I have been making no ports progress at all, idk, just kinda bores me
15:01 <The Mol Man> oh
15:01 <The Mol Man> i've just been doing chi missions
15:02 <Ozuzanna>
15:02 <Ozuzanna> look its a doge
15:02 <The Mol Man> okay, that is something I don't really like
15:02 <Ciphrius Kane> It's impossible for me to progress at ports
15:02 <The Mol Man> the visual editor tag 
15:02 <Ozuzanna> Mol I got the right artefacts to "farm" chi missions 
15:02 <Ozuzanna> but i'm still only in the quarterfinal region
15:02 <Atheist723> Why, Ciph?
15:02 <Atheist723> Maxed?
15:02 <The Mol Man> ciph
15:02 <The Mol Man> you're not done until you max every resource
15:02 <Ozuzanna> ciph did internal battery run dry?
15:03 <Atheist723> Big chinchompa, back in 15...maybe.
15:03 <Stinkowing> how do I enable PVP on this event? I don't remember...
15:03 <Ciphrius Kane> How can you progress when there's nothing to progress with?
15:04 <The Mol Man> you could try to help jlun find resource caps :ɔ
15:04 <The Mol Man> kane, did you pay much attention to the lore?
15:04 <The Mol Man>!
15:04 <The Mol Man> amg
15:05 <Ciphrius Kane> What lore?
15:05 <The Mol Man> in PoP
15:05 <Ciphrius Kane> A bit.  Why?
15:05 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
15:05 <The Mol Man> we're mssing a lot of stuff I bet
15:06 <AnselaJonla> - no one's paying attention to rc?
15:06 <Atheist723> OMG POSTBAG!
15:06 <Jlun2>
15:06 <Jlun2> "and the third is that you get to climb inside a giant elephant."
15:06 <Jlun2> .......
15:06 <Jlun2> elefints are invading RS!
15:06 <The Mol Man> I was able to make 2 lore related pages when I first started pop
15:06 <Jlun2> WHY COOK WHY
15:06 <The Mol Man> so I don't think everything got covered
15:06 <Jlun2> @mol
15:06 <Jlun2> 350k steels 
15:06 <The Mol Man> of course you can ignore me, but it's for the wiki, kane
15:07 <Ciphrius Kane> 8300 kills and counting and still no scroll
15:07 <The Mol Man> ?
15:07 <Ozuzanna>!
15:07 <Ozuzanna> what the fuck is this shit
15:07 <Ciphrius Kane> 1 in 5000 chance my arse
15:08 <Battleben> WE Armadyl should probably get a seperate image
15:08 <The Mol Man> that's not how odds work, kane :c
15:08 <Battleben> Aas he has a staff and like 9 wings
15:08 <Atheist723> Please kindly read [[drop rate]].
15:08 <The Mol Man> gopher it, ben
15:08 <Jlun2> "Vampire Fruit Bats"
15:08 <Jlun2>
15:08 <Jlun2> ?
15:08 <Jlun2> @ozu
15:09 <Ozuzanna> i ended up on a lesbian pony tumblr and the motto is
15:09 <Ozuzanna> "stay gay, pony girls"
15:09 <Ozuzanna> (y)
15:09 <Jlun2> btw dev console has snow again
15:10 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
15:10 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
15:10 <The Mol Man> can't you make basic gifs, jlun?
15:10 <Stinkowing> [[saradomin's hiss]]
15:10 <AnselaJonla> Can someone please explain to Xdragonaite why his imageis bad?
15:10 <The Mol Man> stinko
15:11 <TonyBest100> Bandos looks bored
15:11 <The Mol Man> that is not worth it if you have the dg level for arcane stream
15:11 <AnselaJonla> And can someone PLEASE delete his duplicate file?
15:11 <AnselaJonla> ~test
15:11 <TyBot> AnselaJonla: I love you. <3
15:13 <AnselaJonla> Oh, there's two new items in my overrides
15:13 <AnselaJonla> Christmas pudding and snowman heads
15:13 <Jlun2> uh....
15:13 <Jlun2> guys
15:13 <Jlun2> wtf happened to me
15:13 <TonyBest100> :O those are the 2 overrides you got?
15:13 <Atheist723> ?
15:13 <Jlun2> @athe
15:13 <Jlun2> half of the map is....gone
15:13 <TonyBest100> Hmm weird, must take a look to see if I have them too :P
15:14 <Jlun2> @athe
15:14 <Jlun2>
15:14 <Jlun2> ???
15:14 <AnselaJonla> Jlun2, did you lose mems?
15:14 <Jlun2> no
15:15 <Jlun2> I'm ingame atm
15:15 <The Mol Man> lol
15:15 <Atheist723> If you lose membership you get teleported to Lumbridge if you are in a p2p area.
15:15 <TonyBest100> Yep, chrismas pudding head and Snowman head overrides
15:15 <The Mol Man> you didn't get teleported back to your own location?
15:15 <TonyBest100> they weren't on that list before lol
15:15 <The Mol Man> old*
15:15 <AnselaJonla> Gonna try and get an image of Arma
15:15 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
15:15 <Stinkowing> where'd you get those, Tony?
15:16 <Stinkowing> I looked on the override list
15:16 <Stinkowing> and my clanmates mentioned them
15:16 <Jlun2> @mol
15:16 <Jlun2> I had to teleport out back to fally manually
15:16 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
15:16 <Ozuzanna>  ê¿ê
15:16 <Jlun2> in w24 atm
15:17 <TonyBest100> Stink, I just somehow got them when I logged in today
15:17 <The Mol Man> cê¿êɔ
15:17 <Battleben> How dod I source mode?
15:17 <Atheist723> Aw, only got 1480 points this game.
15:17 <The Mol Man> same way as always
15:17 <Atheist723> Too distracted.
15:17 <TonyBest100> Ben, click More, and then click Source editor
15:17 <The Mol Man> have it enabled be default yo
15:17 <The Mol Man> what game?
15:18 <Coelacanth0794> FICK
15:18 <TonyBest100>
15:18 <Coelacanth0794> i missed an npc
15:18 <Ozuzanna> [[w:c:mlp:User:()]]
15:18 <Coelacanth0794> gotta get tp bandos...
15:18 <Ozuzanna> best name ever
15:18 <Jlun2> btw
15:18 <Jlun2> "Invalid teleport!"
15:18 <The Mol Man> paft, jlun
15:18 <The Mol Man> do a paft
15:19 <The Mol Man> everyone is excited about WE2 (except dtm)
15:19 <The Mol Man> and here I am transing boots
15:20 <Atheist723> Postbag from the hedge: Best Christmas present ever.
15:20 <The Mol Man> God letters would be better
15:20 <TonyBest100> lol mol :P
15:20 <Ozuzanna> God, letters would be better.
15:21 <The Mol Man> no >:I
15:21 <AnselaJonla> [[Special:Upload]]
15:21 <Atheist723> Heard of the Infinite Crisis game, Ansela?
15:21 <Atheist723> Or did I ask this before?
15:21 <The Mol Man> we oughta start transcribing all the post bags
15:21 <Atheist723> [[postbag]]
15:21 <AnselaJonla> Nope and nope
15:21 <AnselaJonla> [[Template:Infobox item]]
15:22 <The Mol Man> we have non transcribed here on the wiki athe
15:22 <The Mol Man> we do have all the god letters though
15:22 <Atheist723> MOBA (a.k.a. LoL clone) set in the DC multiverse to be released this month.
15:22 <Battleben> how many wings does Armadyl actually have
15:23 <The Mol Man> more than ye mortals can fathom
15:23 <Jlun2> brb
15:23 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
15:24 <The Mol Man> Ben
15:25 <AnselaJonla>
15:25 <Stinkowing> fuck this
15:25 <Stinkowing> I hate pvp
15:25 <AnselaJonla> Turn it off then
15:25 <TonyBest100> getting the warpriest of bandos boot's inventory icon now
15:25 <Ozuzanna> ansela is there any j mod clones in this event
15:25 <Atheist723> Well, they want fast xp.
15:25 <Atheist723> And before you jump on me again I'm personally not saying it is an unreasonable price.
15:25 <AnselaJonla> Were there jmod clones in the first day of Bol?
15:25 <Atheist723> I don't think so.
15:26 <Ozuzanna> i want an off hand partyhat
15:26 <Atheist723> I didn't get attacked much even with PvP on, by the way.
15:26 <AnselaJonla> If you stay in a pack you won't be
15:26 <AnselaJonla> I was only attacked when I tried to go alone
15:26 <TonyBest100> theres no info on jmod clones being used for this event on the Jag wiki at all :P
15:27 <Battleben> He has foru wings.
15:27 <Battleben> four*
15:27 <TonyBest100> It'll be annoying for bandodian's to contribute if all areas end up being owned by armadyl >.<
15:27 <Ciphrius Kane> Tony, now you know how I felt in Zamorak
15:28 <AnselaJonla> Don't worry, a lot of those Armadyleans will swap sides to get the Bandosian rewards later
15:28 <Ozuzanna> tony there's probably some cap
15:28 <Ozuzanna> that the armadylians or bandosians can't control 100% of the warzone
15:29 <Atheist723> I'm not sure if letting it get one-sided is a good idea.
15:29 <Atheist723> Given that the upper hand as a much larger impact than in BoL.
15:30 <TonyBest100> at least capping to 30k renown doesnt take over 7 hours
15:30 <TonyBest100> more like an hour and a half at least :P
15:30 <TonyBest100> and thats with PVP on
15:30 <Ozuzanna> yeah atheist, another thing i find stupid
15:31 <Ozuzanna> how they reduced it from 10 days to 6
15:31 <Ozuzanna> and this time a god DIES
15:31 <Ozuzanna> like, really?
15:31 <Ozuzanna> why reduce the length of the battle?
15:31 <TyA> 10 weeks took forever and it was annoying
15:31 <TonyBest100> 6 weeks is better
15:31 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause 10 weeks was too long
15:31 <Ozuzanna> true but the consequences for the losing side is a lot more serious
15:31 <Ozuzanna> than BoL
15:31 <TonyBest100> 6 weeks is plenty of time to get all the rewards
15:31 <The Mol Man> wasn't it 11?
15:31 <TyA> 6 weeks is still a long time
15:32 <AnselaJonla> Susan - on w83 EVERY spot is, or was, when I last looked, Armadylean
15:32 <TonyBest100> plenty of time to get the rewards you want :P
15:32 <The Mol Man> but tony
15:32 <The Mol Man> it's a useless grind for rewards that are not better than r00n
15:32 <The Mol Man> (H)
15:32 <The Mol Man> :@
15:32 <The Mol Man> (H)
15:32 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
15:32 <TyA> I see Mol is channeling Dtm in his absence. 
15:32 <Jlun2> back
15:32 <TonyBest100> The warpriest armour goes up to 75 def in members worlds
15:32 <The Mol Man> don't trawman me, ty
15:32 <The Mol Man> strawman*
15:32 <TonyBest100> 50 in f2p, like the other warpriest gear
15:32 <TyA> lol
15:33 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
15:34 <Jlun2>
15:34 <Jlun2> omg
15:34 <AnselaJonla> lol
15:35 <AnselaJonla> used a secret santa code to get a free gift when buying my dad's xmas pressie
15:35 <Jlun2> if she/he ends up doing 34, I'll be freaking pissed
15:35 <AnselaJonla> It just arrived
15:35 <The Mol Man> so there are new titles, right?
15:35 <Battleben> Should Kara get a seperate image for WE2?
15:35 <AnselaJonla> it's a mini tennis ball keyring
15:35 <AnselaJonla> Yes, Ben
15:35 <AnselaJonla> She's changed appearance
15:38 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
15:38 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
15:39 <Jlun2> after this seasonal hiscore, I'll celebrate it's end by burning 50mish
15:39 <TonyBest100> Ansela, I know why we have the Snowman head and Christmas pudding heads on our wardrobe list, it's cuz those are 2 items from an upcoming gamecard promotion :P
15:40 <TonyBest100>,16,351,65232872
15:40 <Jlun2> really? good thing I still have my gamecard
15:40 <Jlun2> just need like 3 bonds and I can get those legendary pets for wikia
15:40 <TonyBest100> what legendary pets exactly?
15:40 <Jlun2> the bol ones?
15:40 <Battleben> There's a new path behind Lumbridge Castle.
15:41 <TonyBest100> Ah
15:41 <TonyBest100> :O I'm gunna go look
15:41 <TonyBest100> but theres also a bridge just east of Draynor Manor too
15:42 <AnselaJonla>
15:43 <TonyBest100> :P
15:43 <AnselaJonla>
15:44 <Jlun2> hm...
15:44 <TonyBest100> Yep, defo a new bridge between Draynor Manor and Champion's guild, west of where that other old bridge was :P
15:44 <The Mol Man> tony
15:44 <The Mol Man> there new titles?
15:44 -!- Xdragonaite has joined Special:Chat
15:45 <Jlun2> @mol
15:45 <Jlun2> check wardrobe
15:45 <The Mol Man> not in game atm
15:45 <Jlun2> @tony
15:45 <Jlun2> when is the promo?
15:45 <TonyBest100> No idea when the promotion is
15:46 <TonyBest100> can't find any info on it from the Jag wiki
15:46 <AnselaJonla> [[RS:NOT#Crystal]] @ Jlun2
15:46 <AnselaJonla>
15:46 <TonyBest100> Oh god, I just realized armadyls camp has ruined part of the clan camp!
15:47 <The Mol Man> meh
15:47 <The Mol Man> tony
15:47 <The Mol Man> titles?
15:47 <TonyBest100> Bandos - doesn't do any damage in building his tower
15:47 <TonyBest100> Armadyl - Ruins half of Clan camp
15:47 <TonyBest100> And titles for what WE2?
15:47 <Jlun2> i hope to complete 70% of my goal before 2014 :/
15:47 <The Mol Man> ya, are there any?
15:47 <TonyBest100> Hmm, not sure
15:47 <TonyBest100> 1 sec while I look
15:48 <The Mol Man> thanks, yo
15:48 <Jlun2> yes
15:48 <Jlun2> Vangaurd of <god>
15:48 <TonyBest100> Wingman, Soldier
15:48 <TonyBest100> Oh
15:48 <Jlun2> replace god with Armadyl or bandos
15:48 <The Mol Man> wanna update [[Titles]]?
15:48 <TonyBest100> named differently in game :P
15:49 <Jlun2> @tony
15:49 <Jlun2> its in military ranks
15:49 -!- Polo2673 has joined Special:Chat
15:49 <TonyBest100> Ah
15:49 <Jlun2> ?
15:50 <TonyBest100> checking name of the emotes ingame too :P
15:50 <TonyBest100> to be sure they're the same as whats written on Jag wiki :P
15:50 <Jlun2> where did you find wingman?
15:50 <TonyBest100> Over on Jag wiki
15:50 <TonyBest100>
15:50 <TonyBest100> Scout, Wingman and WIngleader for Armadyl's side according to jag wiki
15:51 <TonyBest100> while Grunt, Soldier and Veteran for Bandos
15:51 <Jlun2> you are right tony
15:51 <Jlun2> those are also in military ranks tab
15:51 <Jlun2> log in and use wardrobe
15:51 <Polo2673> What about the Bandos Warrior title
15:51 <Jlun2> they are all in the same tab
15:52 <TonyBest100> ah yeah
15:52 <Polo2673> How long will the event last for?
15:52 <The Mol Man> 6 weeks
15:52 <Jlun2> really?
15:53 <TonyBest100> yes
15:53 <Jlun2> damn
15:53 <TonyBest100> 8 weeks, 30k renown daily :P
15:53 <TonyBest100> still, I have no idea when Tier 2 or 3 shops open
15:53 <Jlun2> any use of previous bol crap?
15:53 <TonyBest100> Tier 2 opens on Phase 4 of the battle
15:54 <Polo2673> Nope, no use for it
15:54 <TonyBest100> while phase 7 for tier 3
15:54 <Xdragonaite> it says you can use the sacred fragments, not proved yet.
15:54 <Polo2673> What phase are we at now?
15:54 <Jlun2> 1?
15:54 <The Mol Man> it just started
15:54 <Polo2673> I guess we are at one then
15:54 <Polo2673> And how does the phase go up?
15:55 <The Mol Man> time
15:55 <Jlun2> per week?
15:55 <TonyBest100> Emotes named Bandos's Might (I to III) and Armadyl's Glory (I to III)
15:55 <Stinkowing> wrgkbjjgnrjgrjwrl rrrrrrrrrrghhh
15:55 <Stinkowing> I hate pvp so much
15:55 <Stinkowing> I turned it off and I'm still feeling angry
15:55 <Polo2673> xD
15:55 <TonyBest100> it really can't be per week, otherwise event would need to be 7 weeks long :P
15:55 <Stinkowing> I will strangle you, polo
15:55 <Jlun2> @stin
15:55 <Jlun2> ??
15:56 -!- Xdragonaite has left Special:Chat.
15:56 <The Mol Man> "wrgkbjjgnrjgrjwrl rrrrrrrrrrghhh"
15:56 <The Mol Man> sounds like you're being strangled
15:56 <Stinkowing> when I lose to some greedy pker in the wilderness who has no desire to get off his fucking ass and make rs money in a decent skilling way
15:56 <Stinkowing> that makes me angry
15:56 <Stinkowing> same thing applies here
15:56 <Jlun2> osr?
15:56 <Stinkowing> no
15:56 <Stinkowing> the event
15:56 <Jlun2> also why skill for gp?
15:56 <Polo2673> We can get 1,680,000 Renown overall
15:56 <Stinkowing> because you can't die?
15:56 <Stinkowing> farming, crafting, mining
15:57 <Stinkowing> those are great ways to make money
15:57 <Jlun2> [[Lrc]]
15:57 <Stinkowing> with NO risk
15:57 <Jlun2> ;)
15:57 <Stinkowing> well, some have risk
15:57 <The Mol Man> there are way better methods
15:57 <Stinkowing> but most don't
15:57 <Jlun2> market manipulation?
15:57 <Stinkowing> ewww
15:57 <Polo2673> Almost reached 30k
15:57 <Polo2673> ;p
15:58 <Polo2673> And also, you can use bonds for premium membership?
15:58 <The Mol Man> yes
15:58 <Jlun2> yes
15:58 <Ozuzanna> been sitting at PoP for the last week or so.
15:58 <Ciphrius Kane> InB4Christmasiscancelled cause of Bandos
15:58 <Jlun2> ^
15:58 <Polo2673> How many?
15:58 <The Mol Man> 6 for bronze
15:58 <Polo2673> 0.0
15:58 <The Mol Man> then I think it's 9 or 12
15:58 <Jlun2> [[premium club]]
15:59 <Jlun2> is there an interface for redeeming that with bonds?
15:59 <The Mol Man> yes
15:59 <The Mol Man> the membership option is replaced with a packages option
15:59 <The Mol Man> and then there's another interface with the 3 club options on top and the 14 days on the bottom
16:00 <Polo2673> 52,200,000 for 3 months of premium then
16:00 <Jlun2> [[bonds]]
16:00 <The Mol Man> bonds are 9.1m
16:00 <Polo2673> They rose again>?
16:00 <The Mol Man> they don't buy for mid
16:00 <The Mol Man> I bought 14 days this morning
16:00 <The Mol Man> don't pester me about not getting the interfaces, jlun
16:00 <Polo2673> Well then 54,600,000
16:01 <Jlun2> @mol
16:01 <Jlun2> I was thinking more of how long I would be standing in GE for gold club actually :P
16:01 <The Mol Man> k good
16:01 <Jlun2> someone update article to add how many bonds per tier of club?
16:02 <TonyBest100> 6 bronze, 12 silver and 24 gold
16:03 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 24x [[bond]] is 208,662,312 coins (8,694,263 coins each).
16:03 <Battleben> ...yeah, where can I permenantly enable source?
16:03 <The Mol Man> [[Special:Preferences]]
16:03 <Jlun2> so....around 20 days assuming i force myself to make 10m a day
16:03 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:03 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 12x [[bond]] is 104,331,156 coins (8,694,263 coins each).
16:03 <Jlun2> that sounds more reasonable
16:04 <Ozuzanna> lol
16:04 <Ozuzanna> [[james]] [[bond]]
16:04 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:07 <Atheist723> Is it normal for people to already have the warmaster title?
16:07 <Jlun2> probably
16:07 <Ciphrius Kane> Did you know major Team Rocket duos are named after famous outlaws?
16:07 <Jlun2> how much renown for it?
16:07 <Jlun2> yes kane
16:08 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:08 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:08 <Ozuzanna> i remember the banned pokemon episode when james got breast implants 
16:08 <Ozuzanna> and he wore a bikini 
16:08 <Ozuzanna> weird...
16:08 <Ozuzanna> for a kids tv program
16:08 <Jlun2> @ozu
16:08 <Jlun2>
16:09 <Ozuzanna> yeah i remember the ugly graador
16:09 <Polo2673> You need to add the War Map to the wiki!
16:09 <Polo2673> brb
16:09 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:09 <Ciphrius Kane> I thought we had already
16:10 <Battleben> Ciph, write Kara-Meir's article, it suckssss
16:10 <Battleben> no info on the last two books
16:10 -!- Coffee Panda has joined Special:Chat
16:10 <Coffee Panda> heroic skull page added
16:10 <Ciphrius Kane> Kara-Meir's article, it suckssss
16:11 <Coffee Panda> ill add more specs to it when i get them
16:11 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
16:11 <The Mol Man> lol your page was tagged as a clan/player article, coffee
16:11 <Jlun2> cook
16:11 <Ciphrius Kane> stinks
16:12 <Jlun2>
16:12 <Jlun2> "and the third is that you get to climb inside a giant elephant."
16:12 <Jlun2> WHY
16:12 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause he hasn't showered since last Christmas
16:12 <Jlun2> I meant why did he infect RS with elefint??
16:12 <Ciphrius Kane> Elephant, not elefint
16:13 <Ozuzanna> elefint instead of elephant is like caek instead of cake
16:13 <Ozuzanna> right
16:13 <Ciphrius Kane> Or do you mean to say every reference to an elephant is a reference to elefint?
16:13 <Jlun2>
16:13 <Ciphrius Kane> Like that fucking stupid doge meme
16:14 <Jlun2> ^
16:14 <Ozuzanna> i will go poach all the fricking "elefints"
16:14 <Jlun2> That meme is indeed stupid, kane
16:14 <Ozuzanna> not elephants, elefints only
16:14 -!- Polo2673 has left Special:Chat.
16:14 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
16:15 <Coelacanth0794> imade a page
16:15 <Coelacanth0794> :3
16:15 <Jlun2> is it about elefint virus?
16:16 <Ozuzanna> inb4 someone redirects elefint to elephant page
16:16 <Jlun2> "Thanks for the idea!"
16:16 <Jlun2> ~Cook
16:16 <Ozuzanna> (H)
16:16 <Ciphrius Kane> So elefint!  Such wow!  English grammar not apply here!
16:17 <Coffee Panda> ??
16:17 <Jlun2> you know, the person in rank 1 dom tower atm hasnt logged out for over 12 hours
16:17 <Ozuzanna> such elefint
16:17 <Ozuzanna> much amazingnes
16:17 <Ozuzanna> very famus
16:17 <Ozuzanna> wow
16:18 <Ciphrius Kane> Darling, where'd I leave my poaching gun?
16:18 <Jlun2> world or warcraft (doge edition)
16:18 <Jlun2> *of
16:18 <Ozuzanna> does anyone watch the mentalist here
16:18 <Cook Me Plox> wait there are elefint????
16:18 <Jlun2> I hate you too cook
16:18 -!- Ryan PM has left Special:Chat.
16:19 <TonyBest100> Oh god, I just saw youtubes temporary icon for Youtube rewind 2013
16:19 <Ciphrius Kane> Now let us join together and destroy the English alphabet, one animal at a time
16:19 <Atheist723> I believe there is an actual elephant in game somewhere.
16:19 <Jlun2> in ge
16:19 <Atheist723> [[Solomon]]
16:19 <Ciphrius Kane> The Fox one?
16:19 <TonyBest100> yeh that fox one
16:19 <Ozuzanna> i hope jagex dont name an elephant after the one who got electricuted when using tesla's electricity
16:19 <Jlun2> do it
16:20 <Ciphrius Kane> But what does the fox say?
16:20 <Jlun2> qweqwewqewqw
16:20 <Ozuzanna> the fox doesnt say anything because foxes cant speak
16:20 <Jlun2> botter
16:20 <TonyBest100> watch this :P
16:20 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
16:20 <Ozuzanna> the talking bot
16:21 <TonyBest100> boat*
16:21 <TonyBest100> :P
16:21 <Atheist723> I like how the Solomon chathead is the "shifty" one when he introduces you to his store.
16:21 <Ciphrius Kane> But if he comes across a friendly horse, will he communicate through morse?
16:21 <Ciphrius Kane> How will he speak to that horse?
16:22 <Ozuzanna> how hoarsely, Ciph
16:22 <Ozuzanna> the horse did it in a hoarse way
16:22 <Ciphrius Kane> Not the horse, the fox
16:25 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
16:25 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
16:26 -!- Coffee Panda has left Special:Chat.
16:26 <Ozuzanna> he got kicked in the head by a horse
16:27 <Ciphrius Kane> But it's a friendly horse
16:29 <Atheist723> Just click on a hotspot and you basically become an infinitely operational construction/deconstruction machine...
16:30 <Atheist723> Hmm, there is an option to gain "divine crystals" from Divination...
16:30 <Atheist723> Someone could check it out, really busy this week.
16:31 <TyA> I just got one actually
16:31 <Atheist723> Ugh should've done laundry hours ago...
16:32 <Ozuzanna> atheist do you wash clothes by hand
16:32 <Ciphrius Kane> Laundry or "laundry"?
16:32 <Ozuzanna> or do you use one of those extremely expensive things called washing machine
16:32 <TonyBest100> Silen'ts Spotlight of WE2
16:32 <TonyBest100> Silent's*
16:32 <TyA> message for getting a divine crystal
16:33 <TyA> Drop == destroy
16:33 <Ciphrius Kane> You have disgraced us all Tony.  Hang your head in shame in this noose shaped rope
16:33 <The Mol Man> destroy message?
16:33 <TonyBest100> I have not disgraced anyone lol
16:33 <Ozuzanna> ciph can i use the noose too plz i want some fun as well
16:33 <TyA> destroy text == "You can release this crystal in your faction's tower instead of destroying it. If you throw it away it might be a while before you find another"
16:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Yo!  We heard you like divining, so we put some divining into your divining, so you can divine while you divine
16:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Sure Susan, once Tony's done with it
16:34 <The Mol Man> but I already mastered divining ._.
16:34 <Ozuzanna> divine spirit shield or gtfo
16:35 <Ozuzanna> [[divine]]
16:36 <TonyBest100> I aint using no noose :P
16:37 <Ozuzanna> you hurt [[noose wand]]
16:37 <Ozuzanna> also is it possible to re-arrange your crew in PoP
16:37 <Ozuzanna> like in the crew management section 
16:37 <Atheist723> As in...?
16:37 <Ozuzanna> i'd like to put all my combat guys in 1 row
16:37 <The Mol Man> no
16:37 <Ozuzanna> morale guys on the second row
16:37 <Atheist723> No, it is arranged by ship.
16:37 <The Mol Man> just look for red
16:37 <Ozuzanna> damn :(
16:38 <Ciphrius Kane> /me forces the noose onto Tony
16:38 <Ozuzanna> I purchased a second merchant too
16:38 <Atheist723> First row = first ship (including the captain), etc.
16:38 <Atheist723> Good.
16:38 <Ciphrius Kane> This is for bringing shame onto us!
16:38 <Atheist723> Really got to go.
16:38 <Ozuzanna> cya Ath
16:39 <Coelacanth0794> [[heroic skull]]
16:39 <The Mol Man> coel
16:39 <The Mol Man> [[Heroic Skull]]
16:39 <The Mol Man> someone made that
16:39 <Coelacanth0794> ill move
16:39 <The Mol Man> k
16:41 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:41 <Ozuzanna>
16:41 <Ozuzanna> he was born to grill.
16:41 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah the irony of his anti drug message
16:41 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:42 <The Mol Man> amg tya made a paeg
16:42 <Ozuzanna>
16:43 <Ozuzanna> omg ponie
16:43 <TyA> I should've waited to release it til tomrrow :(
16:43 <The Mol Man> :c
16:43 <TyA> since I already hit the 30k renown for the day
16:43 <Ciphrius Kane> TyA, you have brought shame upon us all.  Wear this noose and contemplate your actions
16:44 <The Mol Man> kane, you're so macabre
16:44 <Ciphrius Kane> I know
16:44 <Battleben> O
16:44 <Battleben> oh, newbuff with this update
16:45 <Ciphrius Kane> But the fun part is that nobody thinks that it's weird that I think up of lots of differing ways to kill people....hehehe
16:45 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:45 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:45 -!- Xdragonaite has joined Special:Chat
16:46 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
16:46 <TyA> hai fergles
16:46 -!- Xdragonaite has left Special:Chat.
16:46 <The Mol Man> fregglies
16:46 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:46 <Urbancowgurl777> hai
16:47 <Urbancowgurl777> Rhys is in the guinness world record now
16:47 <Urbancowgurl777> he famus
16:47 <Ciphrius Kane> What for?
16:47 <Urbancowgurl777> helping pull the world's longest christmas cracker at runefest
16:47 <Atheist723> "It can be brought to a player's faction camp and buried for a large amount of prayer experience."
16:47 <Atheist723> "Large"
16:48 <Battleben> .[[User:Battleben/Litterbox2]] We need to fix this.
16:48 <Battleben> Uh
16:48 <Battleben> I need to finish this*
16:48 <TonyBest100> Well, the xp is depending on how many skills you bury at once
16:48 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <TonyBest100> Ranging from 20 at 1, to 250 at 5
16:48 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:49 <TonyBest100> while if you bury 6 at once, it's going to be 1500xp, 250 for each :P
16:49 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:49 <Urbancowgurl777> we2 looks stuppids
16:49 <The Mol Man> are you dtms sock puppet?
16:50 <Urbancowgurl777> yes?
16:50 <TyA> Dtm's argument was it would be a grindfest, but it's not
16:50 <Ciphrius Kane> Ok that's all the evidence I need, time to start Fergie's desysop thread
16:50 <Urbancowgurl777> it's just completely one-sided
16:50 <The Mol Man> it's still limited time and stupid and strawman and (H) and :@ :@ :@
16:50 <Urbancowgurl777> and the loser dies, wth
16:51 <TyA> If people liked the otherside, it would be onesided that way too
16:51 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <Ciphrius Kane> Hmmm, is the post office closed I wonder?
16:51 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:52 <AnselaJonla> 6pm is usually close time
16:52 <AnselaJonla> ~test
16:52 <TyBot> AnselaJonla: I love you. <3
16:52 <TonyBest100> I don't mind the one-sided teams, considering thats how WE1 was :P
16:52 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:53 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:53 <Ciphrius Kane> /me chops TyBot up and serves with spaghetti and tomato sauce
16:53 <TyA> ~test
16:53 <TyBot> :D
16:53 <Ozuzanna> so my brother came home an hour late
16:53 <Ozuzanna> from school
16:53 <TyA> I don't know what you're referring to Ciph
16:53 <Ciphrius Kane> Anybody for spag bol?
16:53 <Ozuzanna> turns out he was involved in a fight
16:53 <The Mol Man> ~test
16:53 <TyBot> /)
16:53 <The Mol Man> (\
16:53 <Ciphrius Kane> The "beef" is really TyBot
16:53 <TyA> /me marks as CANNOT_REPRODUCE
16:54 <Ciphrius Kane> Pity.  TyA cannae have kids
16:54 <AnselaJonla> - agreed on my revert reason?
16:54 <TyA> Poor TyA
16:54 <TonyBest100> At least TyBot hasn't got a gant mole on it's face:
16:54 <Ozuzanna> he's in year 8, and about 5 kids in year 9/10 satrted on him
16:55 <Ozuzanna> started
16:55 <TyA> Switch to one with more Armadyl on it
16:55 <The Mol Man> what's wrong with moles, tony?
16:55 <Ozuzanna> he hit all of them and they all backed off lol
16:55 <Ozuzanna> 5v1 and he won
16:55 -!- IsobelJ has joined Special:Chat
16:55 <IsobelJ> Hi
16:55 <Ciphrius Kane> Let me guess he got in trouble?
16:55 <Ozuzanna> yeah
16:55 <Ozuzanna> 1 hour detention 
16:55 <Ozuzanna> although it was self defence
16:56 <Ozuzanna> shame school doesn't give a flying fuck about self defence
16:56 <Ciphrius Kane> The teachers don't want us defending ourselves
16:56 <Ozuzanna> as long as you're involved, you get punished, whether you were the perpetrator or the victim 
16:56 <TyA> 1 hour? 
16:56 <Ozuzanna> yes
16:56 <Ozuzanna> he's only 13
16:56 <TyA> Seems like he got off very easy anyway
16:56 <TyA> They'd suspend them in the middle schools here for that
16:57 <Ozuzanna> well he got put in isolation 
16:57 <Ciphrius Kane> They want us to be dependent on authority figures and to not be capable of being possible leaders
16:57 <AnselaJonla>
16:57 <Ciphrius Kane> No Garrus?
16:57 <Ozuzanna> "don't fight other kids, tell us teachers to help out and we'll help"
16:57 <Ozuzanna> shame teachers can't do shit about bullying
16:57 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
16:58 <AnselaJonla>
16:58 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <Ozuzanna> geschissen
16:58 <Ciphrius Kane> Susan, I knew a guy who was bullied right in front of a teacher, and the teacher encouraged the bullies, so the guy's brother came in to talk to them
16:58 <AnselaJonla> - dafuq did I just see?
16:58 <Ciphrius Kane> 4 of them attacked him, and first opportunity he got he fought back
16:58 <TonyBest100> What the hell
16:59 <Ozuzanna> ciph hopefully that teacher got sacked 
16:59 <Ciphrius Kane> Want to know what the school's reaction was?
16:59 <Ciphrius Kane> Nope Susan
16:59 <Ozuzanna> suspension 
16:59 <Ozuzanna> or sent down for assault
16:59 <Ciphrius Kane> Who being sent down for assault?
16:59 <Ozuzanna> the brother
16:59 <Ciphrius Kane> That's exactly what happened
17:00 <Ozuzanna> what a moronic decision 
17:00 <Ciphrius Kane> And then the school had the nerve to cover it up and claim it was all Alan's fault
17:00 <Ozuzanna> the bullies along with the teacher need to all be sacked/suspended
17:01 <TonyBest100> Elder Scrolls Online :P
17:01 <Ciphrius Kane> And the teacher, who just so happens to also be a Nazi lover, continues to teach there, promoting Hitler as good and making inappropriate comments about the health of other teachers to the entire school
17:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Guess what political party he's in
17:02 <Ciphrius Kane> He stands for election every chance he gets if that's anything of a clue
17:03 <Ozuzanna> BNP?
17:03 <Ciphrius Kane> Close
17:04 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
17:05 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
17:05 <Ozuzanna> idk
17:05 <AnselaJonla>
17:05 <Ozuzanna> is there such thing as british nazi party
17:05 <AnselaJonla> British National Party, Susan
17:05 <Ozuzanna> ik that
17:05 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
17:06 <Ciphrius Kane> Put it this way: he's happy enough to take a poor kid's lunch money claiming we're all in it together
17:06 <AnselaJonla> And the Nazis weren't the name of the actual political party
17:06 <AnselaJonla> National Socialist German Workers' Party
17:06 <Ciphrius Kane> National Socialist German Worker's Party
17:06 <IsobelJ> Sadface
17:06 <AnselaJonla> So... erm... actually, they were more like Labour
17:06 <Ciphrius Kane> Damn you honey
17:06 <AnselaJonla> :)
17:06 <IsobelJ> PS2 controller cost half as much as buying the actual PS2
17:06 <Ciphrius Kane> Nope they weren't
17:07 <Ciphrius Kane> They were actively opposed to socialism
17:07 <Ciphrius Kane> Plus nationalism and socialism are anotyms
17:07 <AnselaJonla> - deal with it
17:08 <Ciphrius Kane> Nationalism - only a select few benefit, socialism - all benefit
17:08 <Ozuzanna> at least labour cared more about the working class than the torys
17:08 <Coelacanth0794> guys
17:09 <Coelacanth0794> vote recorder acts like duke during bol
17:09 <TonyBest100> Why must IPs insist on creating pages when we have little information on it, or even just create for the sake of creating >.<
17:10 <The Mol Man> just let them try to help tony
17:10 <Ciphrius Kane> L0L!! FIRST1!!1!
17:10 <The Mol Man> u so not understanding ;-;
17:10 <TonyBest100> How is creating a blank page itself helping
17:10 <The Mol Man> maybe he made a mistake
17:11 <The Mol Man> after all, there's a link to the page
17:12 <Ciphrius Kane> Skulls in wildy again
17:13 <Atheist723> Since you are autoskulled it doesn't seem to make an actual difference.
17:13 <Ciphrius Kane> Ya, it's cosmetic
17:15 <Ozuzanna> what a dumb cosmetic
17:16 <AnselaJonla> Can someone actually delete the blank article then?
17:17 <Ciphrius Kane> Want to know what a dumb cosmetic is?  Stinky liquid approved by a bunch of marketed losers who are trying to convince young girls they're the best thing since sliced bread
17:17 <The Mol Man> I agree kane
17:17 <The Mol Man> liquid helm is stinky
17:17 <Ciphrius Kane> Not him
17:17 <AnselaJonla> There's a "Keep Calm" perfume now
17:17 <The Mol Man> I still think he's stinky
17:18 <Ciphrius Kane> These losers are so convinced they're great they made a song titled "Best Song Ever"
17:19 <Ozuzanna> [[best thing ever]]
17:19 <AnselaJonla> Nuh-uh
17:19 <Ciphrius Kane> And their fans hate Taylor Swift with a passion
17:19 <Ciphrius Kane> And Robbie Coltrane
17:19 <AnselaJonla> Tenacious D played the best song in the world in a guitar-off against the devil, then they made another song in tribute to it
17:19 <Ciphrius Kane> Well, Hagrid.  Doubt they know who Coltrane is
17:20 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
17:20 <Ciphrius Kane> Aye but they specifically said that that song was not the greatest song in the world
17:20 <Ciphrius Kane> These guys have
17:20 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
17:20 <Ozuzanna>
17:21 <The Mol Man> anyone in game?
17:21 <Ciphrius Kane> No.  Meanie banhsees
17:21 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
17:21 <Urbancowgurl777> why did they bring their present to the bathroom
17:22 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
17:22 <The Mol Man> to take a selfie
17:22 <TyA> obv
17:22 <Ozuzanna> it might be a new phone
17:22 <Ozuzanna> who knows
17:22 <Cook Me Plox> they should make WE2 xp inversely proportional to the number of players on your side
17:22 <Urbancowgurl777> maybe it's a gun-shaped cookie
17:22 <Cook Me Plox> that would be a fun exercise
17:22 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
17:23 <Ciphrius Kane> It's Little Timmy's Walking Stick if A Christmas Carol was set in modern day America
17:24 <Ciphrius Kane> The banker Scrooge took it for a present for his favourite son
17:24 <Atheist723>
17:24 <Atheist723> Eh?
17:24 <The Mol Man> just a placeholder atm
17:24 <Ciphrius Kane> That sounds like a weird porno
17:24 <The Mol Man> The Bird and the Beast with Two Backs and the Bees
17:24 <Cook Me Plox> zaniknex pls
17:25 <Ozuzanna> zanikxnex
17:25 <Ozuzanna> best ship
17:25 <Coelacanth0794> so ben uploaded an arma perch too
17:25 <Coelacanth0794>
17:25 <Coelacanth0794> which do you prefer?
17:25 <The Mol Man> no preference
17:25 <The Mol Man> flip a coin
17:25 <Ciphrius Kane> Betcha somebody's written a fanfic entitled "The Bird and the Beast"
17:26 <Ciphrius Kane> And like 90% of fanfics, it's mostly porn
17:26 <Ozuzanna> is there any divination boosts
17:26 <Ozuzanna> [[divination]]
17:26 <Ciphrius Kane> That's why Ansela reads them
17:26 <Battleben> Well, Armadyl (World Event 2) was uploaded first and is larger.
17:26 <Battleben> And faces the article.
17:26 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
17:26 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <Ozuzanna> "Artur was attracted to the University of Derby’s outstanding professional facilities"
17:27 <Ozuzanna> why the fuck am I being told to go to Derby
17:27 <Ozuzanna> also I'd probably bump into Ansela there and she'd beat me up :/
17:27 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
17:27 <Ciphrius Kane> Come now, she doesn't beat people up whenever she bumps into them
17:28 <Atheist723> The attitude...isn't exactly encouraging sometimes.
17:29 <Ciphrius Kane> I think I know her slightly better than you Athe
17:29 <Atheist723> I am not disputing that.
17:29 <Ozuzanna> true ciph
17:29 <Coelacanth0794> what is the thing called? disruption rod?
17:29 <Atheist723> I am just saying it is easy to think so if they don't know her as well as you do.
17:30 <Ozuzanna> anyway i'm more content on becoming an IT technician after I'm done with education
17:30 <Ozuzanna> which will take 2 yeaars
17:30 <Ozuzanna> (y)
17:30 <Ciphrius Kane> And I know her rather well, if you know what I mean
17:30 <Atheist723> Like I said, I do not doubt that in the slightest.
17:31 <Atheist723> But I'm tired of people assuming the worst of my intentions.
17:31 <Ozuzanna>
17:33 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
17:33 <AnselaJonla> ~test
17:33 <TyBot> AnselaJonla: I love you. <3
17:33 <Ozuzanna> ah cool, the spicy stew can boost divination
17:33 <Ozuzanna> thats good
17:33 <Ciphrius Kane> /me shoves TyBot through a wood chipper
17:35 <TonyBest100> Lol
17:36 <Atheist723> ...That is why he shouldn't have removed the unique message.
17:36 <Ciphrius Kane> Could be worse.  I used to just tell Mol to have his way with the bot
17:37 <Ozuzanna> gah, only 125 tears
17:37 <Ozuzanna> could have done better
17:37 <Ozuzanna> and yay 62 (div)
17:38 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
17:38 <Stinkowing> how do you get the snowman head in the customiztion menu?
17:39 <Ciphrius Kane> Go to the head slot and select it
17:39 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
17:39 <Ozuzanna> whats the tag for an image that needs AA
17:39 <Stinkowing> oh, I thought you had to unlock it
17:39 <TyA> Try {{AA}}
17:39 <Ciphrius Kane> {{AA}}?
17:39 <The Mol Man> it's aa
17:39 <Ciphrius Kane> Stink, it's automatically unlocked if you're eligible
17:39 <Stinkowing> then what's eligible?
17:40 <Ozuzanna> ty
17:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Being a premier member or buying the relevant card
17:40 <TonyBest100> Is it just me or are they milking the Angry Birds series dry
17:40 <Stinkowing> fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
17:40 <Stinkowing> I wanted it
17:40 <Stinkowing> but I'm only a silver member
17:40 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
17:40 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
17:41 <Ozuzanna> hey look the big fat wisp arrived
17:41 <Ozuzanna> and I only get 3 memories
17:41 <Ozuzanna> yeah okay
17:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Tony, it's internet consumerism
17:42 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has joined Special:Chat
17:42 <Casting Fishes^^> okay
17:42 <Casting Fishes^^> question
17:42 <TyA> okay
17:42 <TyA> answer
17:42 <Ciphrius Kane> If there's money in it they will suck at it until it is gone
17:42 <Ozuzanna>
17:42 <Ozuzanna> that page makes me lol
17:42 <TonyBest100> Surprised that CoD hasn't been milked dry yet, seeing as it's the same game with the same engine every time
17:43 <TonyBest100> Only reason I may ever get another CoD game is zombies alone
17:43 <Casting Fishes^^>
17:43 <Casting Fishes^^> what 
17:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Tony, they''re getting there
17:43 <Casting Fishes^^> what even is that
17:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Snowman head!
17:43 <Ozuzanna> tony what about ghosts
17:43 <Ozuzanna> did you buy that
17:43 <Casting Fishes^^> where the heck do you get it
17:43 <Ciphrius Kane> You pissed off Frosty
17:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Buy the premier package or the relevant game card#
17:44 <TonyBest100> no Oz
17:44 <Casting Fishes^^> :c
17:44 <Ciphrius Kane> Nah but seriously you pissed off Frosty and he's out for revenge
17:44 <TonyBest100> i won't get Ghosts
17:44 <Stinkowing> there's game cards notices out
17:44 <Stinkowing> how would you know?
17:44 <Ozuzanna> i liked blops 1
17:44 <Ciphrius Kane> Guess
17:44 <Stinkowing> You bought one?
17:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Yay, Arma winning
17:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Stink, I'm a VIP
17:45 <Stinkowing> Well that fucking explains it
17:45 <Stinkowing> my parents would be livid if I bought gold
17:45 <Stinkowing> So I don't have money to spend on shit like that
17:46 <Ozuzanna> stink can you afford a few bonds
17:46 <Stinkowing> no
17:46 <Stinkowing> I have 11m
17:46 <Stinkowing> and I'm already a silver member
17:46 <Stinkowing> and I'm not allowed to use my credit card any more or else it gets deactivated
17:46 <Urbancowgurl777> i wouldn't pay any more than my $5 monthly fee for this game ._.
17:46 <Stinkowing> well, not anymore for the rest of the month
17:47 <Ozuzanna> people complain that bonds aren't worth it
17:47 <Ozuzanna> but lets face it, they're 9m-10m and
17:47 <Ozuzanna> veteran players can do things like qbd and make 4m-6m an hour
17:47 <The Mol Man> would anyone be against me splitting [[Rune essence]]?
17:47 <Stinkowing> I can't kill her ._.
17:47 <Ozuzanna> 2 hours of qbd for 14 days... worth it? Yes
17:48 <Atheist723> Yes, for the 1% elite.
17:48 <Stinkowing> why do you people not realize that not every good moneymaker is for everyone? 
17:48 <Atheist723> ^
17:48 <Urbancowgurl777> everything else is split for dungeoneering
17:48 <Ozuzanna> like i said
17:48 <Ozuzanna> veteran players
17:48 <Ozuzanna> i didn't say everyone did I
17:48 <Stinkowing> I've been around since 05
17:48 <Stinkowing> am max combat level
17:48 <The Mol Man> i gueess I'll split it unless anyone else wants to
17:48 <Ozuzanna> huh
17:48 <The Mol Man> finishing something else first
17:48 <Ozuzanna> then you shouldn't have much of a problem if you're maxed
17:48 <Ozuzanna> if you have chaotics
17:48 <Stinkowing> nope
17:48 <Ozuzanna> they're only slightly worse than drygores
17:48 <Stinkowing> I hate chaotics
17:48 <Stinkowing> don't have 80 dung, don't like thier degrading
17:49 <Ozuzanna> oh k
17:49 <Stinkowing> dung sucks anyway
17:49 <Atheist723> A lot of free players are saving up for months just to hand over their bank to a RWTer for a bond.
17:49 <Stinkowing> Too few tokens for too much time, IMO
17:49 <Atheist723> Dungeoneering is very easy now.
17:49 <Stinkowing> seriously, I take ~20 minutes for a solo small
17:49 <Ozuzanna> well stink atm i have 3m tokens knocking around
17:49 <Stinkowing> that's how meticulous I am
17:49 <Ozuzanna> they're just the byproduct from when i got 119 dung
17:49 <TyA> Stinko: You just need to work on your dg ability
17:49 <TonyBest100> da hell, how do people already have 60k score on the BatB hiscores?
17:49 <TonyBest100>
17:49 <TyA> bug probs
17:50 <Atheist723> [[Titles]]
17:50 <TyA> since I couldn't go past 30k
17:50 <Ozuzanna> and i apologize for assuming you can all pvm, i'm a self proclaimed pvp/pvmer :/
17:50 <Atheist723> "Warmaster" title too.
17:50 <Ozuzanna> and I know many people are better skillers than pvm/pvpers
17:50 <Stinkowing> My best money is avantoe herbs
17:50 <Stinkowing> and that's...what, 100k an hour?
17:50 <Stinkowing> it sucks, either way
17:50 <TyA> You can sell energy from div!
17:50 <AnselaJonla> - another file
17:50 <TonyBest100> I'm only at 30k, with me in the top 1000 on the hiscore
17:51 <Stinkowing> my divination is only65
17:51 <Ozuzanna> stinko do you do pop by any chance
17:51 <Ciphrius Kane> Jagex really couldn't think of another name for that event?
17:51 <Stinkowing> I do, but have no rewards other than death lotus hood unlocked
17:51 <Stinkowing> and I have no lacquer
17:51 <Ozuzanna> :/
17:51 <Stinkowing> only have 90 fishing for adventures
17:51 <Stinkowing> I'm not a good player, I suck too much at trying to be like every other Runescape player
17:51 <Ozuzanna> you got a yak?
17:52 <Ozuzanna> can you summon yaks*
17:52 <Atheist723> Too bad chaotics are like, second rate now.
17:52 <Stinkowing> Summoning is only 78
17:52 <Stinkowing> so no
17:52 <Ozuzanna> hmm war tort
17:52 <Ozuzanna> you know black dragons are fairly easy to kill with range
17:52 <Ciphrius Kane> "The other gods hare hypocrites"?
17:52 <Stinkowing> I still can't bank with a war tort
17:52 <Ozuzanna> and yield 10k each kill
17:52 <Atheist723> Not that I am complaining, I got good mileage from those, but you'd be better off getting a drygore, perhaps.
17:52 <Stinkowing> ranged is only 71
17:52 <Ozuzanna> and the evil chicken lair is next to a bank
17:52 <Atheist723> ...No?
17:52 <Stinkowing> [[black dragon]]
17:53 <Atheist723> It is halfway across Zanaris.
17:53 <Ozuzanna> athe its near-enough to a bank
17:53 <TyA> [[RS:CC/C]]
17:53 <Ozuzanna> i know theres a shortish journey 
17:53 <Ozuzanna> but its not too far
17:53 <Stinkowing> could I kill them with a crystal bow and no super antifire (but regular antifires)
17:53 <Stinkowing> I have one i need to use
17:53 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
17:53 <Stinkowing> or would a rune crossbow work better?
17:53 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
17:53 <Atheist723> If you have low Ranged but high melee stats, frosts are a lot better.
17:54 <Stinkowing> ._.
17:54 -!- Coffee Panda has joined Special:Chat
17:54 <Ozuzanna> no stink
17:54 <TonyBest100> I wonder if, after the end of this event, they'll have the warpriest armour drop at GWD like they've done for Saradomin and Zamorakian armour sets
17:54 <Coffee Panda> lol
17:54 <Ozuzanna> they have long ranged fire breath
17:54 -!- Coffee Panda has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <Ozuzanna> you could use anti d and rune c bow though
17:54 <Stinkowing> what bolts?
17:54 <Ozuzanna> frosts are like, 86 dung though
17:54 <Atheist723> 85.
17:54 <Ozuzanna> the best you can use, preferably 
17:54 <Stinkowing> and I'm only 76 dung, athe
17:55 <Atheist723> It's really easy to level Dungeoneering with sinkholes.
17:55 <Ozuzanna> not everyone likes D&Ds though
17:55 <TyA> or dging with some better dungeoneerers than you
17:55 <Atheist723> Like, 200k xp in 20 minutes.
17:56 <Ozuzanna> thats not that good
17:56 <Atheist723> The problem with Dungeoneering, hard to catch up since everyone else want to do deeper floors.
17:56 <Ciphrius Kane> I just solo
17:56 <Atheist723> Well you are 119, I'm just 97.
17:56 <TyA> I just go with frience chat mates
17:56 <TyA> er, friend*
17:56 <Ciphrius Kane> No, I'm 106
17:57 <Ciphrius Kane> (qc) My Divination level is 76 (xp: 1,366,527, rank: 35,814). XP until level 77: 109,054.
17:57 <Atheist723> Was referring to Ozuzanna.
17:57 <Ciphrius Kane> Shit wrong one
17:57 <Atheist723> I don't bother to do sinkholes now, so much xp and I don't want to trim my cooking cape.
17:57 <Ciphrius Kane> (qc) My Dungeoneering level is 106 (xp: 26,965,565, rank: 22,128). XP until level 107: 1,816,504.
17:57 <Atheist723> (qc) My Divination level is 89 (xp: 5,089,143, rank: 16,170). XP until level 90: 257,189.
17:57 <TyA> (qc) activities's Divination level is 98 (xp: 12,800,819, rank: 8,775). XP until level 99: 233,612.
17:57 <Atheist723> And I was hoping WE2 would give some good Divination training.
17:57 <Atheist723> Don't want to go to the desert.
17:58 <TyA> The desert isn't that bad
17:58 <TyA> Just take that tome of frost 
17:58 <The Mol Man> tome of frost doesn't help
17:58 <TyA> Though I only used the desert for around 500k exp
17:58 <Atheist723> I didn't send out ships earlier because I didn't think I will have the 7 hours required, end up staying wide awake at 2 a.m. anyway.
17:59 <Atheist723> I'm so going to regret this when I had to crawl up at 7 a.m. next morning.
17:59 <Ciphrius Kane> Time to go see if the post office is still open
17:59 <Stinkowing> 65 div good for money?
17:59 <Casting Fishes^^> meow
17:59 <Stinkowing> other than divine box traps, that is
17:59 <Atheist723> [[Vibrant energy]]
18:00 <Atheist723> Wow, that's like almost triple the amount when I was level 60.
18:00 <Atheist723> That's pretty decent money for the average player.
18:00 <Stinkowing> I have 900+ energy currentrly
18:01 <Stinkowing> wait...
18:01 <Atheist723> Had 17k, but not sure if it's going to be enough.
18:01 <Stinkowing> 1k is only like 150k coins
18:01 <The Mol Man> my goal was 10k of every energy
18:01 <Stinkowing> that's not good money!
18:01 -!- Fury Aftershock star has joined Special:Chat
18:01 <The Mol Man> atheist
18:01 <The Mol Man> you can get roughly 8k energy an hour if you convert all memories
18:01 <Atheist723> I have at least 10k of anything sparkling or above.
18:01 <Atheist723> But it'
18:01 <Atheist723> s really too bad I didn't buy any vibrant energy.
18:01 <TonyBest100>
18:02 <Ozuzanna> convert ALL the memories!
18:03 <Fury Aftershock star> who can smith adamant platebody
18:03 <Atheist723> I think I have 100k radiant energy...not sure if it's a good idea.
18:03 <Fury Aftershock star> i ned one
18:03 <TyA> It would probably be cheaper to buy one than to make one
18:03 <Atheist723> Just buy it off GE.
18:03 <TonyBest100>
18:03 <Fury Aftershock star> anyone has a smith level to do it
18:03 <Fury Aftershock star> saves money and time
18:03 <TyA> yup
18:03 <Fury Aftershock star> tya
18:03 <The Mol Man> it actually doesn't
18:04 <TyA> But I'm not going to make you one because it would be cheaper to buy off ge
18:04 <Fury Aftershock star> well i bought one but it is taking like forever to buy it
18:04 <The Mol Man> does anyone have the law/nature staff?
18:04 <The Mol Man> or the merc gloves
18:05 <Ozuzanna> from the global messages I see Armadyl is doing well
18:05 <Fury Aftershock star> so tya can u smith one
18:05 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
18:05 <TyA> Do you have 5 addy bars?
18:06 <Fury Aftershock star> well can u mine it
18:06 <Fury Aftershock star> i think there is a mine in lumby
18:06 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
18:06 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
18:07 <TyA> I will not
18:07 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
18:07 <Fury Aftershock star> bandos army killed armadyl armada
18:07 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
18:07 <Ozuzanna> why did they do that
18:07 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
18:07 <Fury Aftershock star> umm duh
18:07 <Fury Aftershock star> enemies
18:07 <Fury Aftershock star> thingy
18:08 <Fury Aftershock star> ok if i give you 5 adammy ores can you smith for me
18:08 <TyA> no
18:08 <Fury Aftershock star> why
18:09 <TyA> Because I don't want to make addy bars from ores and I'm planning on getting 99 div today
18:09 <Ozuzanna> fury
18:09 <Ozuzanna> just go to champ guild
18:09 <Ozuzanna> and buy the plate for 16k
18:09 <AnselaJonla> Almost finished getting site maps for the event
18:09 <Ozuzanna> 5 addy bars cost more than an addy plate
18:09 <TyA> I find it hard to believe you can't buy one on the ge since addy plates are nice smithing training
18:09 <Fury Aftershock star> 16000!!
18:10 <AnselaJonla> Is it weird that it's only taking so long because I'm making them all the same size in both the overall picture AND the orange marker in the centre?
18:10 <Fury Aftershock star> i am killing elvarg so duh quickly
18:11 <Fury Aftershock star> i hate green dhide platebody
18:12 <The Mol Man> TyA
18:12 <AnselaJonla> Damnit... does it matter if the goblin raid icon is over the champ guild mining site in one of these maps?
18:12 <TyA> Moley
18:12 <The Mol Man> you know css right?
18:12 <TyA> Very little
18:12 <TyA> But I can make the text change colors
18:12 <The Mol Man> enough to make a quick change that involves adding a class?
18:13 <TyA> I don't remember the identifier for classes
18:13 <TyA> But I can look it up
18:13 <Casting Fishes^^> well
18:13 <The Mol Man>
18:13 <Casting Fishes^^> that's a bit annoying
18:13 <Casting Fishes^^> jthey can attack the structure thing but I can't kill them
18:13 <Ozuzanna> reality:
18:13 <The Mol Man> just need you to add this to the selectors that ryan added:
18:13 <Ozuzanna> funny but true
18:13 <The Mol Man> .mw-tag-marker-visualeditor-needcheck
18:14 <Ozuzanna> mol thats a cute property
18:14 <Battleben> Bandosians have it rogh ;_;
18:14 <Battleben> rough*
18:14 <The Mol Man> o wait, he just named the class wrong, ty
18:14 <Ozuzanna> i guess the victor of this battle will go up a god tier right
18:14 <The Mol Man> add "mw-tag-" infront of the last class
18:15 <TyA> so the result should be
18:15 <TyA> /* Remove certain styles from Tags */
18:15 <TyA> .mw-tag-marker-visualeditor,
18:15 <TyA> .mw-tag-visualeditor-needcheck {
18:15 <TyA>     font-weight: normal;
18:15 <TyA> }
18:15 <The Mol Man> yes :ɔ
18:15 <TyA> then it has been done
18:16 <The Mol Man> I don't get why we need both tags
18:16 <The Mol Man> to display at the same time that is on one edit
18:16 <The Mol Man> i mean, the first one is knda implied by the second >.>
18:17 <TyA> yay, I have have 3 divine crystals banked
18:17 <The Mol Man> WOO
18:17 <The Mol Man> what do they do?
18:17 <TyA> I hope they'll be good for the renown they give
18:17 <TyA> but I doubt it
18:19 <Ozuzanna>
18:19 <Ozuzanna> legit?
18:22 <Ciphrius Kane> Talk to him and find out
18:22 <Ciphrius Kane> Or her
18:22 <TyA> The other page is written like it's true
18:22 <TyA> and ansela wrote that page
18:22 <Ozuzanna> i'd rather not get involved in the lore scuffles so I'll leave it be I think
18:23 <AnselaJonla> Yeah, that's true
18:23 <Ciphrius Kane> Does thoust accuse my beloved of bearing false witness?
18:23 <AnselaJonla> I wrote the [[Garlandia]] page after speaking to her, north of Falador
18:23 <Ciphrius Kane> Postie was shut
18:23 <AnselaJonla>
18:23 <TyA> Ciph: I think I just said I believed it because she wrote it. 
18:24 <Ciphrius Kane> My accusation was pointed at the one named Susan by his peers
18:24 <Ozuzanna> safaleen is a icyene human hybrid right
18:24 <TyA> I didn't get that vibe from him either
18:24 <Ciphrius Kane> Aye he is
18:24 <Ozuzanna> is there a new myreque quest coming out soon
18:24 <Ciphrius Kane> Son of Queen Efitary
18:25 <Ozuzanna> or did that storyline finish
18:25 <Ciphrius Kane> Still at least 1 more
18:25 <Ozuzanna> yey
18:25 <Ozuzanna> [[safaleen]]
18:25 <Ozuzanna> damn useful redirect
18:25 <Ciphrius Kane> Last I saw, Ranis was dead and Vanescula was plotting against her brother
18:25 -!- Ice Rush12 has joined Special:Chat
18:25 <Ice Rush12> how do you get the sacred metal frags for the new world event?
18:26 <Coelacanth0794> slay the enemies at caravans
18:26 <Ozuzanna> isn't Vanescula trying to take the throne
18:26 <Coelacanth0794> and ther caravans themselves
18:26 <Ice Rush12> im getting the components from the caravans 
18:26 <Ice Rush12> do you get the frags from pvp
18:26 <Ice Rush12> ?
18:26 <Ciphrius Kane> Hmmm...I wonder
18:27 <Ice Rush12> or do you have to get all the components before you get the frags
18:27 <AnselaJonla> Only thing I got from pvp was a skull
18:27 <AnselaJonla> buried it at base for 2oxp
18:27 <AnselaJonla> 20*
18:27 <Ice Rush12> hmm >.>
18:27 <Ciphrius Kane> I got a skull once.  He told me to put him down or he'd get his brothers on me
18:27 <The Mol Man> Coel, in game?
18:27 <Coelacanth0794> nope
18:28 <The Mol Man> TyA?
18:28 <TyA> Yup
18:28 <The Mol Man> you did tww right?
18:28 <Ozuzanna> woo 63 (div)
18:28 <TyA> Yup
18:28 <AnselaJonla> Gratz
18:28 <TyA> Nice job susan
18:28 <The Mol Man> is Balanced Strike listed as an attac ability
18:28 <Ozuzanna> thank ya :)
18:28 <The Mol Man> or a strength ability?
18:28 <Ozuzanna> attack
18:28 <The Mol Man> thanks yo
18:28 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
18:28 -!- Ice Rush12 has left Special:Chat.
18:30 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
18:32 <TonyBest100> New thread:,16,310,65233095
18:33 <Battleben> oh come on
18:33 <Battleben> We've just updated our pages ;-;
18:33 <Ciphrius Kane> It's the 11th day of the 12th month of 2013
18:33 <Ciphrius Kane> 11/12/13
18:34 <Ciphrius Kane> For those who use the inferior dating system, it's 12/11/13
18:34 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
18:34 <TonyBest100> :P
18:34 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has joined Special:Chat
18:37 <Ozuzanna>!Slayer_tower_building.png
18:37 <Ozuzanna> much cool
18:37 <TyA>
18:37 <Ciphrius Kane> Also 2 weeks to Christmas
18:41 <Ciphrius Kane> And 2 weeks until we wave goodbye to Floppy Hair and hello to Mr "Fuck it, I'll fix it myself"
18:42 <Battleben> Took me a while to realize you were talking about the doctor
18:42 <TonyBest100> Tier 5 auras confirmed!!!
18:42 <TyA> welp, already spent mine
18:43 <TyA> but I only have the festive aura and one of the tier 1 ones anyway
18:43 <TonyBest100> Aww, why couldn't this be how the meter is now :(
18:43 <The Mol Man> demand a refund
18:43 <TyA> /me shrugs 
18:43 <TyA> I never use the auras anyway
18:43 <TonyBest100> We need an image of the bar at a tie >.<
18:44 <TyA> we can fabricate one
18:44 <TyA> only Jagex would know
18:44 <Ciphrius Kane> Can't wait to see what Capaldi will do with the role
18:45 <Ciphrius Kane> "You are useless Clara!  Go sit in the TARDIS, I'll kill this fucker myself"
18:46 <TonyBest100> lol
18:48 <Ciphrius Kane> Wonder if they'll bring Jack Back
18:49 <Ciphrius Kane> I'd like to see him return
18:49 <Ciphrius Kane> The way he just flirted with anything that moved
18:53 <Ciphrius Kane> Well I know they're bringing back the lizard, the housemaid and the butler
18:53 <Battleben> [[Seasonal HiScores]] updated.
18:53 <The Mol Man> ben
18:54 <The Mol Man> you should totally source the url you got that image from
18:54 <AnselaJonla>
18:55 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
18:55 <Jlun2>
18:55 <Jlun2> god statue xp glitch v2
18:55 <Jlun2> (facepalm)
18:57 <Battleben> but lazy ;_;
18:57 <The Mol Man> do it
18:57 <Battleben> ;_;
18:59 <AnselaJonla> ~test
18:59 <TyBot> AnselaJonla: I love you. <3
19:00 <Ciphrius Kane> Mol, you want to handle this one?
19:00 -!- 4 i am King has joined Special:Chat
19:00 <Ciphrius Kane> Clearly my slaughtering isn't working
19:01 <Ozuzanna> try using another ability, Ciph ;)
19:02 <Ciphrius Kane> /me has TyBot tried as a witch, found guilty and burnt at the stake
19:02 <Ozuzanna> yey matthew hopkins
19:02 <Ciphrius Kane> And of course I used the good old method of gathering the evidence necessary for a guilty verdict
19:03 <Ciphrius Kane> "She's a witch, your honour"
19:03 <Coelacanth0794>
19:04 <AnselaJonla> Hi 4 i am King
19:04 <AnselaJonla> I moved your Port Sarim file
19:04 <AnselaJonla> Felt it was better to keep the naming scheme for the screenshots similar to the maps
19:04 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
19:04 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
19:04 <AnselaJonla> And since the maps were up first...
19:05 <Ciphrius Kane> I once read about a town of around 300 people who were in a grip of witch fever, and for 8 hours straight they burnt every woman they thought was a witch
19:05 <Battleben> Huge battle in wildy volcano
19:05 <Battleben> on w100
19:05 <Battleben> just npcs no players
19:05 <Ciphrius Kane> By the end of it they'd burnt every single woman and girl in the town
19:05 <AnselaJonla> And I'm moving them again because you love capital letters
19:09 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
19:09 <4 i am King> yeah sorry i can change that :)
19:09 <Jlun2> back to dom tower :P
19:09 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
19:09 <Jlun2> [[fire surge]]
19:10 -!- 4 i am King has left Special:Chat.
19:11 -!- BrenRS has joined Special:Chat
19:11 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
19:11 <Dtm142>
19:11 <Dtm142> Merry Cheistmas, y'all
19:11 <Dtm142> (santa)
19:11 <Jlun2> Give me santa pls
19:12 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
19:12 -!- 4 i am King has joined Special:Chat
19:12 <BrenRS> lol dtm I have it on speaker :P
19:12 <AnselaJonla> I fixed the ones already uploaded, 4 i am King
19:12 <Dtm142> good song
19:12 <Dtm142> (santa)
19:12 <Jlun2> does using fire surge make my abilities hit higher than w/ air surge + abilities?
19:13 <Ozuzanna> all i want for christmas is youuuuuuu..... baby
19:13 <AnselaJonla> Should do, Jlun2
19:13 <AnselaJonla> Abilities are a percentage of spell damage, right?
19:13 <AnselaJonla> So using a higher damage spell will make your abilities hit higher
19:14 <Jlun2> ok
19:14 <AnselaJonla>
19:14 <BrenRS> [[warbands]]
19:16 <AnselaJonla>
19:16 <AnselaJonla>
19:17 <Ciphrius Kane> Wow, Peter Jackson, just wow
19:17 <Dtm142> "Great. Now we're going to have a bunch of kids that think foxes actually sound like that."
19:17 <Ciphrius Kane> How could you be so cruel?
19:17 <Dtm142> (H)
19:17 <Ozuzanna> wow such peter jackson much wow*
19:17 <AnselaJonla>
19:17 <Ciphrius Kane> Susan, do you know what he did?
19:17 <Ozuzanna> no
19:18 <Jlun2> @dtm
19:18 <Jlun2> stupidity will never die
19:18 <Ozuzanna>
19:18 <Ozuzanna> looks like the tickler of dicks came to MLP wiki too
19:18 <Ozuzanna> not just here
19:18 <Ciphrius Kane> 15 dead hobbits were found in his house
19:18 <Ozuzanna> along with other accounts of his
19:18 <Dtm142> (H)
19:19 <TyA> and we already know their ips!
19:19 <Ozuzanna> [[user:dicktickler]]
19:19 <The Mol Man> hehehehehe
19:19 <Jlun2> Stop tickling Richard
19:20 <TonyBest100> Unrelated to DickTickler:
19:20 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
19:21 <AnselaJonla>
19:21 <BrenRS> [[world event 2]]
19:21 -!- Shoyrukon has joined Special:Chat
19:22 <Battleben> Sacred metal from last time doesn't stack with sacred metal from this time
19:22 <AnselaJonla> - are they talking Thorin-style of Tyrion-style?
19:22 <Battleben> and it doesn't work on the new overrides
19:24 <Ciphrius Kane> I'd say the one who favours Baccus
19:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Can you really see Thorin wandering round naked with Henry
19:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Or do you see Tyrion doing that
19:31 <Dtm142> No elefint?
19:31 <Ciphrius Kane> /me executes Dtm142
19:32 -!- Fury Aftershock star has left Special:Chat.
19:32 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
19:32 <Ozuzanna> (yelps) approves
19:33 <Ozuzanna> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[bond]] is 8,694,263 coins.
19:33 <AnselaJonla> tbh I can picture them both doing that if they're wasted enough
19:34 <TonyBest100> Hmm, looks like it's gunna be possible soon to buy Top Trumps cards for bonds >.<
19:35 -!- Cblair91 has joined Special:Chat
19:35 <Ciphrius Kane> Thorin, strolling naked, with a Henry hoover?
19:36 <BrenRS> mol did you ever get that info you needed from hlf
19:36 <The Mol Man> no
19:37 <AnselaJonla> Post-drinking, wakes up the next morning, his head hurts, his clothes are nowhere in sight... and the only thing around large enough hide his magnificence is the hoover, because he thinks he heard his sister's voice and he does NOT want to endure her snickering at him
19:38 -!- Nyancateater has joined Special:Chat
19:38 <Nyancateater> Cant you make heraldic armour?
19:39 <The Mol Man> no
19:39 <AnselaJonla> Nope
19:39 <AnselaJonla> Treasure Trail is only way to get them
19:39 <AnselaJonla> Or GE, but they've come from TT
19:39 <AnselaJonla> Oh, the [[columbarium]] might give them as well
19:39 <Ciphrius Kane> Yeah, but would he be that happy little dwarf in the pic
19:39 <AnselaJonla> No
19:39 <Battleben> Do the overrides and override fragments have articles yet?
19:39 <Battleben> ugh, damn lag.
19:40 <TonyBest100> don't think so
19:40 <Nyancateater> then what is that thing where you can paint in your poh?
19:40 <The Mol Man> that's a different type of heraldic armour
19:40 <AnselaJonla> He'd be stomping around and bellowing and threatening Dwalin/his nephews with dire consequences if his clothes do not reappear
19:40 <The Mol Man> though it's not necessarily known as heraldic
19:40 <The Mol Man> but ya, you can paint that
19:40 <AnselaJonla> [[pluming stand]]
19:41 <AnselaJonla> and
19:41 <Nyancateater> Thanks
19:42 -!- Nyancateater has left Special:Chat.
19:42 -!- Nyancateater has joined Special:Chat
19:42 <AnselaJonla> yw
19:43 <Ozuzanna> (qc) Exchange prices: 1x [[torva platebody]] = 60,400,987gp; 1x [[ torva platelegs]] = 43,395,226gp; 1x [[ torva full helm]] = 30,447,136gp; Total price: 134,243,349
19:43 <Ozuzanna> >.<
19:43 <Ciphrius Kane> (qc) Exchange prices: 1x [[armadyl chainskirt]] = 8,025,360gp; 1x [[ armadyl chestplate]] = 7,377,936gp; Total price: 15,403,296
19:43 <Ciphrius Kane> So 20M
19:43 <Ozuzanna> (qc) Exchange prices: 1x [[ pernix cowl]] = 10,635,571gp; Total price: 10,635,571
19:43 <Ozuzanna> i put armadyl helm not helmet
19:44 <AnselaJonla>
19:45 <Ozuzanna> looks like the whiskey has underwear 
19:45 <Ciphrius Kane> You dirty, dirty boy
19:45 <Battleben> Poor Bandosians need articles.
19:46 <Ciphrius Kane> You should feel ashamed for sexualising that poor bottle of whiskey
19:46 <Battleben> So uh, you can get t3 rewards what, 20 days in?
19:46 <Ciphrius Kane> Do you feel shame?
19:46 <Battleben> no..
19:46 <Battleben> uh
19:46 -!- Nyancateater has left Special:Chat.
19:46 <AnselaJonla>
19:46 <Ciphrius Kane> Was talking to Susan
19:46 <Battleben> I know, I wasn't talking to you.
19:47 <Battleben> 35 days until tier 3.
19:47 <AnselaJonla>
19:48 <Ciphrius Kane> My strategy: temporarily suspend development which involves travelling outside
19:48 <Battleben> So there's like a week to get the other sides rewards if you faction switch
19:49 <Ciphrius Kane> The warpriest outfit will be available at gwd afterwards
19:51 -!- Cblair91 has left Special:Chat.
19:52 <Battleben> Still, the o ther stuff won't.
19:53 <Shoyrukon> this event is stupid
19:54 <Coelacanth0794> so i suspect the own aviantese is taka'ra but he wont say much cuz im only bronze
19:54 <Shoyrukon> completely lopsided
19:54 <Coelacanth0794> owl&****
19:54 <TonyBest100> so basically 210k for the other side if you plan to switch?
19:54 <Shoyrukon> the fragments are impossible to get
19:55 <Shoyrukon> being on bandos is like willing walking into a gangrape
19:55 <Shoyrukon> and asking for it
19:56 <TonyBest100> I just want the emotes, armour and abilities
19:56 <Shoyrukon> i want the overrides/abilities/emote if possible
19:56 <Shoyrukon> but that's like a total of 600k per faction
19:56 <Battleben> Why am I fighting for Bandos ;_;
19:56 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
19:56 <Shoyrukon> because you want the rewards
19:57 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
19:57 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
19:58 <Coelacanth0794> ben yay
19:58 <Coelacanth0794> can you write articles and get examines for bandosians?
19:58 <Battleben> Can't you?
19:59 <Battleben> I'm buy sulking.
19:59 <Ciphrius Kane> If you think this is dirty you have a dirty mind
19:59 <Battleben> I'll only be able to get a few of Armadyl's rewards, bleh.
19:59 <Shoyrukon> Why only friday
19:59 <Ciphrius Kane> I give it 10 minutes before Ansela stops laughing
20:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Also that's the only day Jack is allowed a break on]
20:02 <Shoyrukon> seems he works very hard
20:03 <Shoyrukon> this event is poorly designed
20:03 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
20:03 <Shoyrukon> my complaint will be heard
20:04 <Coelacanth0794> ben can you at least get their examines?
20:04 <Coelacanth0794> at absolute minimum
20:05 <Coelacanth0794> it'd be nice if you could talk to them and get their backstory etc too
20:05 <Coelacanth0794> but bare minimum
20:05 <Battleben> You can get the examines if you try.
20:05 <Battleben> It's possible to get to the top of the tower and speak to Bandos/Armadyl, in fact.
20:05 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
20:05 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <TonyBest100> it is?
20:06 <Coelacanth0794> ben cmon. work with me
20:06 <Coelacanth0794> ill make the articles k?
20:06 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
20:07 -!- BrenRS has left Special:Chat.
20:08 <Battleben> I actually already transcribed the dialogue for all of the bandosians with lore.
20:08 <Battleben> [[Bandosian golem master/dialogue]], for example.
20:09 <TonyBest100> I swear Bandos sounds like an evil Optimus Prime lol
20:10 <Coelacanth0794> how can i link the dialogue page onto a page?
20:10 <Coelacanth0794> which template does that?
20:10 <The Mol Man> {{hasDialogue|NPC}}
20:11 <The Mol Man> or somethin
20:11 <Coelacanth0794> ok thamks
20:11 <The Mol Man> you welcone
20:12 -!- Shoyrukon has left Special:Chat.
20:12 -!- Shoyrukon has joined Special:Chat
20:15 <TonyBest100> Bandosian head diviner's name is Davosi.
20:20 <Shoyrukon> Done Mol
20:20 -!- Shoyrukon has left Special:Chat.
20:21 -!- Shoyrukon has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <The Mol Man> (y)
20:22 <Shoyrukon> Bandos getting roflstomped
20:23 <The Mol Man> ty
20:23 <The Mol Man> oooo tya
20:23 <TyA> yo
20:23 <The Mol Man> pm
20:27 -!- 4 i am King has left Special:Chat.
20:27 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
20:27 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
20:31 -!- Dontgoout has joined Special:Chat
20:32 -!- Dontgoout has left Special:Chat.
20:32 -!- Dontgoout has joined Special:Chat
20:33 <Shoyrukon> LOLOL
20:33 <Shoyrukon>,16,310,65233095
20:34 <TonyBest100> Old news, I linked to it earlier :P
20:34 <Dontgoout> guys the character biehn of the godless
20:35 <Dontgoout> his name on here is said to be pronounced bine
20:35 <Dontgoout> buts its actually bean
20:35 <Battleben> If it isn't the case then it's a retcon
20:36 <Dontgoout> what
20:36 <Battleben> Bandosian record keeper is a guy fyi
20:37 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
20:38 <Battleben> I think, anyawy. They use Perien's chathead, and he's a guy.
20:39 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
20:40 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
20:40 <Battleben> Cook.
20:40 <Battleben> Cook
20:40 <Battleben> Cook
20:41 <Battleben> Have you seen Solomon's elefint?
20:41 <Coelacanth0794> who is beihn
20:41 <Battleben> Leader of The Godless.
20:42 <Battleben> Founded it with Kara-Meir.
20:42 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
20:42 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <Ozuzanna>
20:43 <AnselaJonla> Erm... I think I've got a template that Mol asked for... but if I upload it to imgur then it'll lose the transparency that it needs to have
20:43 <AnselaJonla> Do I have permission to upload it here, Coel/Cook/Ty?
20:43 <Ozuzanna> why would it lose trans
20:43 <Ozuzanna> imgur supports
20:44 <Coelacanth0794> ?
20:44 -!- Nyancateater has joined Special:Chat
20:44 <AnselaJonla> You ever saved a transed image from imgur and then opened it?
20:44 <Ozuzanna> oh
20:44 <Ozuzanna> no
20:44 <Coelacanth0794> i think saving an image from a site should keep the trans
20:44 <Ozuzanna> but when you upload a trans image it should keep the trans
20:45 -!- Dontgoout has left Special:Chat.
20:45 <AnselaJonla> It usually gives a black background where trans was, for me
20:46 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
20:46 <AnselaJonla> Can someone try with please?
20:47 <Ozuzanna> ansela if you copy it you will get a solid color background
20:47 <Ozuzanna> but if you download it, it should keep the trans
20:50 <Cook Me Plox> ^ that's my experience too
20:50 <Ozuzanna>
20:50 <Ozuzanna> michelle jelly
20:50 <TyA> !version
20:50 <RSChatBot> TyA: Currently running:,
20:51 <AnselaJonla> Can't move it after pasting, possibly due to the alpha channel in it, but it will go into a selected area, so that's cool
20:55 <TonyBest100>,16,997,65233274 Lol another noob demanding a refund on Gnomecopter teleport animation
20:55 <TonyBest100> all because it suddenly became free to buy for a month
20:56 <Cook Me Plox> How is the lead % on calculated
20:56 <TonyBest100> Contribution points as before I think
20:56 <TonyBest100> or not, not sure
20:56 <Cook Me Plox> but it seems unrelated to the actual numbers there
20:57 <Cook Me Plox> it says 28.128% is the lead percentage, but that's just how many points Bandos has
20:57 -!- Funds has joined Special:Chat
20:57 <AnselaJonla> Not sure
20:58 <Ozuzanna>
20:58 <Ozuzanna> joey's favorite
21:00 <Funds> in a pro team
21:00 <Funds> you can make at least 9-15m per hr at rots
21:01 <Cook Me Plox> rots?
21:01 <Cook Me Plox> oh
21:01 <Ozuzanna> return of the six
21:01 <Funds> lol
21:01 <Ozuzanna> new barrows
21:01 <Funds> maybe more if you can get a kill in 4 mins
21:05 <TonyBest100>
21:07 -!- Funds has left Special:Chat.
21:09 <Ozuzanna> [[elefint]]
21:09 <Ozuzanna> good no redirect yet
21:09 -!- IsobelJ has left Special:Chat.
21:10 -!- IsobelJ has joined Special:Chat
21:10 <Nyancateater> how do fallen stars work?
21:10 <Ozuzanna> [[fallen star]]
21:10 <AnselaJonla> You find one, you mine it, you give the 200 dust to the tellytubby inside, you get some free stuff and a mining boost for a length of time
21:11 <Coelacanth0794> you click them and they grant bonus xp
21:11 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
21:11 -!- IsobelJ has left Special:Chat.
21:11 <Coelacanth0794> then disappear
21:11 <AnselaJonla> Or whatever dust you manage to get
21:11 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
21:11 <AnselaJonla> Oh, fallen not shooting
21:11 <Coelacanth0794> think like a bone (prayer) but bonus xp instead of direct xp
21:11 -!- Funds has joined Special:Chat
21:11 <Shoyrukon> fallen stars =pendants
21:11 <Shoyrukon> just use it and it gives a chunk of bonus xp
21:13 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
21:13 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
21:13 <Nyancateater> how does the bonus xp work? like do you get it when you use that skill or what?
21:13 <TyA> Yup
21:14 <AnselaJonla> Speaking of which, I should really get round to finishing this:
21:15 <Ozuzanna> the bonus xp depletes while training the skill
21:15 <AnselaJonla> What do you guys think so far?
21:16 <Battleben> our WE2 page sucksssssss
21:16 <Shoyrukon> [[we2]]
21:16 <Shoyrukon> we2 is a mess anyways
21:16 <AnselaJonla> Well sort it then
21:16 <Shoyrukon> nothing can be done since arma beats the shit out of anyone who comes close
21:17 <Ozuzanna> lol
21:17 <Ozuzanna> we might as well finish the event today
21:17 <Cook Me Plox> lol
21:17 <Ozuzanna> save bandos the shame of losing 6 days instead of 1
21:17 <Cook Me Plox> I bet you anything the pictures on are from us
21:17 <Ozuzanna> put him out of his misery 
21:19 <Coelacanth0794> oz would like this
21:19 <Battleben> They are.
21:19 <Battleben> Cook, have you seen the elefint?
21:21 <Nyancateater> What is WE2? and is it still going?
21:21 <Cook Me Plox> no I heard someone mention it
21:21 <TyA> It's going for the next 6 weeks :P
21:21 <Cook Me Plox> but I haven't seen it
21:21 <Cook Me Plox> what is it
21:21 <Shoyrukon> that girl is crazy
21:22 <AnselaJonla> 195k to 84 div
21:22 <AnselaJonla> Might get tonight
21:23 <Ozuzanna> lolwat coel
21:23 <Ozuzanna> that girl has some kind of behavioral issue i think
21:23 <Battleben> Go south of the GE
21:23 <Coelacanth0794> OMGGGG GOTTA UPD8 FACEBOOK
21:23 <Shoyrukon> the girl beside is feels so awkward
21:24 <Cook Me Plox> I am so excite
21:24 <Ozuzanna> "no I swear she's not my sister, she's just a random girl"
21:24 <Shoyrukon>
21:24 <AnselaJonla> Well, now we can see for definite who the noobs using visual editor are
21:25 <Cook Me Plox> RIP Dave Neihaus
21:25 -!- Nyancateater has left Special:Chat.
21:25 -!- Nyancateater has joined Special:Chat
21:27 <AnselaJonla> who?
21:28 -!- TheWWC has joined Special:Chat
21:28 <AnselaJonla> Erm...
21:28 <AnselaJonla> Not really a set, imo
21:28 <TheWWC> No Hairr?
21:28 <Ozuzanna>
21:28 <AnselaJonla> !seen Hairr
21:28 <RSChatBot> I last saw Hairr 4 hours, 22 minutes and 37 seconds ago.
21:28 <Shoyrukon> [[disruption rod]]
21:28 <Ozuzanna> lmao ansela
21:28 <TyA> WWC: If he's not on the userlist, he isn't here
21:28 <Ozuzanna> so much for a "set"
21:29 <TheWWC> I know lol
21:29 <Nyancateater> Where can i buy this set!?!!?!?
21:29 <AnselaJonla> Nyancateater - it's from [[the Bird and the Beast]]
21:30 <AnselaJonla> You get the warpriest of armadyl from joining Armadyl and of bandos by joining Bandos
21:30 <AnselaJonla> You can only get boots today though
21:30 <Shoyrukon> [[garlandia]]
21:30 <Cook Me Plox> elefintitis
21:31 -!- TheWWC has left Special:Chat.
21:31 <Ozuzanna> i read that as elefint tits
21:31 <Shoyrukon> do you like big breasted elefints?
21:32 <Battleben> Solomon is creepy.
21:32 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
21:32 <TonyBest100> inb4 yelps added near solomon soon
21:33 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
21:33 <AnselaJonla> [[divine crystal]]
21:33 <Battleben> Bye!
21:34 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
21:34 -!- Nyancateater has left Special:Chat.
21:35 <Coelacanth0794>
21:36 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
21:38 <Ciphrius Kane> So is it Bine or Bean?
21:38 <Ozuzanna>
21:38 <Ozuzanna> ponie
21:38 <Coelacanth0794> grey tipped wings look strange
21:39 <Coelacanth0794> took me a sec to figurer out they were feathers
21:39 <Ciphrius Kane> Which reminds me - I saw a film the other day about a knight who led a group of mercenaries and a monk to a necromancer's hideout
21:39 <Ciphrius Kane> One huge clue that the knight was going to die
21:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Anybody want to guess what the clue is?  Here's a hint: Ansela should know
21:42 <AnselaJonla> Was he played by Mr Walking Spoiler?
21:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Depends who Mr Walking Spoiler is
21:43 <Ozuzanna> ciph
21:43 <Ozuzanna> does he look like a bitch?
21:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Not really
21:44 <Ozuzanna> i was referencing pulp fiction lol
21:44 <Ciphrius Kane> I know
21:44 <Ozuzanna> (qc) The Exchange price of 2703x [[vibrant energy]] is 405,450 coins (150 coins each).
21:44 <Ozuzanna> harvested them today lol
21:44 <Ozuzanna> worth keeping for invention?
21:44 <Ciphrius Kane> But as far as I know SLJ said that line
21:45 <Ozuzanna> He did
21:45 <Shoyrukon> how do you indent?
21:45 <Ozuzanna> :
21:45 <Ozuzanna> :: is two indents
21:45 <Shoyrukon> ty
21:45 <Ozuzanna> etc
21:46 <Ciphrius Kane> Is Delta suggesting we remove warpriest armour from GWD monster pages?
21:47 <TonyBest100> Why suggest that, they're clearly drops that can happen there >.<
21:50 <Coelacanth0794>
21:50 <Coelacanth0794> i dont recall seeing that confirmed...
21:50 <Coelacanth0794> does anyone?
21:51 <Demise36> thats an ourg fayrg or raurg
21:54 <Cook Me Plox> Cok Me Plox for burrito cart
21:54 <TyA> support
21:54 <Ozuzanna> lol cok
21:55 <Shoyrukon> i'm hungry
21:55 <Shoyrukon> i want a burrito
21:55 <Shoyrukon> and taco
21:55 <Coelacanth0794> cook what think of a godless category]
21:55 <Coelacanth0794> since we have one for saradominist as an example
21:56 <Cook Me Plox> Probably a good idea
21:56 <Ciphrius Kane> Hehe...Nord execution party gets interrupted by a very unexpected guest
21:56 <Ciphrius Kane> Thomas the Tank Engine!
21:56 <Ozuzanna> aka leader of the illuminati
21:57 <AnselaJonla> "From the day they arrive on this planet and, blinking, step into the sun
21:57 <Ozuzanna>
21:58 <AnselaJonla> There is more to see than ever be seen, more to do than can ever be-
21:58 <AnselaJonla> Source of that quote?
21:58 <Cook Me Plox> who's the girl on the left
21:58 <Ciphrius Kane> The Doctor?
21:58 <Cook Me Plox> is she the one that killed herself or some shit?
21:59 <AnselaJonla> No, it's the Lion King
21:59 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah, thought it was either the Doctor or Gandalf
21:59 <Cook Me Plox> The one on the right is Owen Wilson, right?
21:59 <AnselaJonla> The Doctor quoted it in The Christmas Invasion
22:00 <Ciphrius Kane> Anyway, you were right about the knight Ulric being the Walking Spoiler
22:00 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
22:00 <Dtm142> "In just six months, the left's view of the Pope has transformed from right wing death squad enabler to Leon Trotsky ex cathedra."
22:01 <Dtm142> (H)
22:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Eh?
22:02 <Ciphrius Kane> They saying the Pope's gone from being very right wing to very left wing?
22:02 <Dtm142> in their view
22:02 <Dtm142> more of a change in style, combined with media perception.
22:03 <Dtm142> not much of a change in ideas
22:03 <AnselaJonla> You know that The Year That Never Was is The Doctor's fault?
22:04 <Ciphrius Kane> Which year is that?
22:04 <AnselaJonla> The Master's reign of terror over the earth that gets paradoxed out
22:05 <Ciphrius Kane> I find the new pope has changed a lot of things though - changing from being all about the pomp of the office to actually trying to help
22:05 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah yes that
22:05 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause he brought the Master back using the TARDIS?
22:06 <AnselaJonla> Harriet Jones was supposed to have 3 terms in office, leading Britain into a golden age of technology and prosperity
22:06 <AnselaJonla> But the Doctor gets her removed from office during her first term
22:06 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh but he got her sacked after she blew up that ship
22:06 <TyA> she was looking tired
22:06 <Ciphrius Kane>
22:06 <AnselaJonla> Yep Ty
22:07 <Ciphrius Kane> Charity = socialism, so remember to be good in America and not give to charity
22:07 <Dtm142> derp
22:07 <Ciphrius Kane> Else you invite Uncle Joe to stay
22:07 <Dtm142> Nah
22:07 <Dtm142> Iirc, charity is considered an honour across the political spectrum
22:07 <Ozuzanna> charities have bad intentions anyway
22:07 <Dtm142> It's involuntary redistribution of wealth that's frowned upon
22:07 <Coelacanth0794> where was beihn's page
22:08 <Ciphrius Kane> [[Biehn]] or [[Beihn]]
22:08 <Ciphrius Kane> I actually work for a charity part time
22:09 <Ciphrius Kane> Well, I say work....more I just price the media and they keep forgetting to pay me
22:10 <Shoyrukon> okay i finished transcribing garlandia =/
22:10 <Dtm142> so
22:10 <Dtm142> hidden mickeys
22:10 <Dtm142>
22:10 <Dtm142> (H)
22:11 <AnselaJonla> ty Shoyrukon
22:11 <AnselaJonla> She's got some good lore there, huh?
22:11 <Shoyrukon> yeah
22:11 <AnselaJonla> Like proof of Saradomin being an absolute arsehole
22:12 <Shoyrukon> lol does anyone need more proof?
22:12 <AnselaJonla> Well there are still some people that think he's good
22:12 <Shoyrukon> i don't know the template to link to the dialogue page. so can someone add it
22:12 <AnselaJonla> {{hasdialogue}}
22:12 <AnselaJonla> not sure if there's a space in there
22:12 <Dtm142> How come there aren't any birdmen in BOF?
22:12 <AnselaJonla> bof?
22:13 <Shoyrukon> there are
22:13 <Shoyrukon> caravans
22:13 <Dtm142> BoF = Battle of Falador
22:13 <Dtm142> (H)
22:14 <Coelacanth0794> the armadylean bodyguard is an aviansie.
22:15 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
22:15 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
22:15 <Coelacanth0794> likelwise, the bandosian bodyguard is an ork.
22:15 <Shoyrukon> aviansies are birdmen
22:15 <Ciphrius Kane> And birdwomen
22:15 <Ozuzanna> birdman
22:16 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
22:16 <Dtm142> So do they lay eggs?
22:16 <Shoyrukon> who knows
22:16 <Dtm142> Btw
22:16 <Dtm142> T. rex almost certainly had feathers
22:16 <Dtm142> And probably was more colourful than most would have you believe
22:17 <Dtm142> #funfacts
22:17 <Shoyrukon> dinosaurs are fake!
22:18 <Ozuzanna>
22:18 <Shoyrukon> they are alien troops set to colonize us
22:18 <Shoyrukon> the dinosaurs died out because earth was unihabitable back then
22:18 <Ciphrius Kane> Duh.  Everybody know scientists made a pact with Satan to create fake bones so they could deny the existence of God
22:18 <Shoyrukon> they will return at the bottom of the pacific ocean
22:19 <Ozuzanna> BIRDMAN
22:19 <Shoyrukon> sexy use her as teh rs wiki picture
22:19 <Shoyrukon> arlene is overrated
22:19 <AnselaJonla> An elderly man goes to see his doctor. The doctor says "I have two bits of bad news for you."
22:19 <AnselaJonla> "Okay, tell it to me."
22:19 <AnselaJonla> "Well, the first bad news is that you have alzheimer's."
22:19 <AnselaJonla> "Ah, that's bad news indeed, doc. What's the other bad news."
22:19 <AnselaJonla> "I'm afraid that you also have cancer." 
22:19 <Shoyrukon> arianne*
22:19 <AnselaJonla> "Well, that's bad, but at least I don't have alzheimer's."
22:20 <Shoyrukon> cancer may be treatable. i'll take that over alzheimer
22:21 <Ciphrius Kane> If I were at his age, assuming he's in or past his 70s, I'd refuse the treatment
22:21 <Dtm142> Not necessarily, Shoy
22:21 <AnselaJonla>
22:21 <Dtm142> If your guyses prime minister is to be believed
22:21 <Dtm142>
22:22 <Ozuzanna> damn ansela that pic is nice
22:22 <AnselaJonla>
22:23 <Shoyrukon> hawkeye
22:23 <AnselaJonla> Susan, make comment:
22:23 <Dtm142>
22:24 <AnselaJonla>
22:24 <Dtm142> (H)
22:25 <AnselaJonla>
22:26 <AnselaJonla>
22:27 <Dtm142>
22:27 <AnselaJonla>
22:27 <AnselaJonla> - wow, such writing, much good
22:28 <Ciphrius Kane> That's easy - Lucario
22:28 <Dtm142> (H)
22:28 <AnselaJonla> Arcanine
22:28 <Dtm142>
22:28 <AnselaJonla> Aka, someone clean that page up
22:28 <Dtm142> ^ Am I the only one who would still be happy if that happened?
22:29 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
22:29 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
22:29 <Dtm142> Driving 20 - 30 minutes in -30 weather only for class to be cancelled.  Would I be mad?
22:29 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
22:29 <AnselaJonla> - I have Dana Scully, Stephen Colbert (who?) and Spock... I'm doomed
22:29 <Dtm142> Of course not.  I don't have to sit through a lecture
22:29 <Shoyrukon> yes
22:29 <Cook Me Plox> you don't know Stephen Colbert?#@#
22:29 <Shoyrukon> because you have to travel that 20-30mins back home in shittier weather
22:29 <AnselaJonla> I'm not American, Cook
22:30 <Dtm142> So?
22:30 <Cook Me Plox> but he's the greatest person
22:30 <Dtm142> I'd have to do that anyway
22:30 <TyA> colbert for presidenty
22:30 <Cook Me Plox> colbert for president of south carolina
22:30 <Dtm142> Don't cry over spilt milk.
22:31 <AnselaJonla>
22:31 <Ciphrius Kane> I have Sheldon Cooper, Batman, and Dave Grohl
22:32 <Ciphrius Kane> I have Batman!  I win the zombie apocalypse
22:32 <Dtm142> So
22:32 <Dtm142> How are you voting in the big voteoff thingy, Ciph?
22:32 <Ciphrius Kane> What big voteoff thingy?
22:32 <Dtm142> Are you going to quit the UK, or stay put?
22:33 <Ciphrius Kane> Quit
22:33 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah wait, I don't have Batman
22:33 <Ciphrius Kane> I have Harry Potter
22:33 <Ciphrius Kane> Darnit...I'ma die
22:33 <AnselaJonla>
22:33 <Ciphrius Kane> Still could be worse
22:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Least I wasn't born on 30 May and wear a checkered shirt
22:35 <Ciphrius Kane> Whoever gets stuck with Peter Griffen, Sheldon Cooper and Kim Kardashian may as well run out into the street
22:35 <Shoyrukon> no
22:35 <Shoyrukon> you use them as sacrifices to get away
22:36 <Ciphrius Kane> By the time you're 4 streets over you're alone
22:37 <AnselaJonla> - Fire Crusader... I like it
22:38 <Ciphrius Kane> Time Light
22:38 <Ciphrius Kane> That sucks
22:39 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah good to see they didn't include Power in there
22:39 <Shoyrukon> [[divine crystal]]
22:39 <Ciphrius Kane> Would have been embarrassing for Billy Flannigan if F was Power and not Marvel
22:40 <Ciphrius Kane> There's a guy called LeBatard who has a TV show
22:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Who else added an S into the guy's name?
22:40 <Coelacanth0794> did someone say eyebrows
22:41 <Ciphrius Kane> No Coel
22:41 <Cook Me Plox> brezhnev had some badass brows
22:41 <Shoyrukon> brow*
22:42 <Shoyrukon> he has a unibrow not eyebrows
22:42 <Cook Me Plox> KGB kill you for that
22:42 <Ciphrius Kane> /me kills Cook Me Plox
22:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Do not say what we at the KGB do
22:47 -!- Shoyrukon has left Special:Chat.
22:50 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
22:51 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
22:51 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
22:56 -!- Str Cape Ftw has joined Special:Chat
22:57 <Str Cape Ftw> how do people have 60k renown already in the new world event?
22:59 <Ciphrius Kane> Cheats
22:59 <Coelacanth0794> whut
22:59 <Coelacanth0794> that shouldnt be. 30k is the cap and reset isnt for an hour
23:01 <Str Cape Ftw> i know but on the hiscores for the world event people already at 60k 0_o
23:02 <TonyBest100> People are somehow confusing renown and Contributions >.<
23:02 <TonyBest100> but still yeah, they shouldn't have 60k contribution
23:06 -!- ChaoticShadow has joined Special:Chat
23:06 <ChaoticShadow> W00t god wars are on! :D
23:06 <AnselaJonla> You can gain contribs after hitting 30k but not renown
23:07 <TonyBest100> would still be weird that they stop at 60k :P
23:08 <Ciphrius Kane> A mega me?  This is...this is...this is...something
23:08 <ChaoticShadow> you guys do realize
23:08 <ChaoticShadow> arma vs bandos hass started
23:08 <Ciphrius Kane> Yes
23:08 <AnselaJonla> Erm... no, we hadn't realised
23:08 <AnselaJonla> Thank you so very much for informing us =p
23:09 <Dtm142> Who's winning, ChaoticShadow?
23:09 <TonyBest100> Ah the sarcasm is strong here :P
23:09 <Ciphrius Kane> So, where would one acquire some lucarionite?
23:10 <Dtm142> Serious question, Tont
23:10 <Dtm142> Tony*
23:10 <AnselaJonla> Are there multiple parts to the orkish wand?
23:10 <AnselaJonla> Anyone?
23:11 <TonyBest100> No, just the Orkish wand component
23:11 <TonyBest100> and 1000 sacred metal fragments
23:11 <AnselaJonla> Okay, moved and transing
23:12 <Dtm142> Armadyl is winning.
23:12 <ChaoticShadow> ouch bandos is losing badly
23:12 <Dtm142> I;m surprised
23:12 <Dtm142> I would've thought the playerbase would pick Bandos
23:12 <Dtm142> Knowing that they're the playerbase
23:13 <TonyBest100> Wish people on reddit would shut up about the rumours that Brian Griffin is returning on the 15th, it's not going to happen >.<
23:13 <Dtm142> Yes it is
23:13 <Dtm142> It's in People magazine
23:13 <Ciphrius Kane>
23:14 <Dtm142>
23:15 -!- Sactage has joined Special:Chat
23:15 <Sactage> give me all of your monies
23:15 <Ciphrius Kane> You can have this spare lucario that the chat seems to have acquired.  Will that do?
23:16 <Sactage> You're just going to *give away* a lucario?
23:16 <AnselaJonla> /me likes how often her name appears on the first page of [[Special:NewFiles]] today
23:16 <Ciphrius Kane> This lucario yes
23:16 <Ciphrius Kane> We already have one on the team
23:16 <AnselaJonla> /me thinks that she can entirely fill that page when she wants to
23:16 <ChaoticShadow> i is lucario
23:16 <AnselaJonla> I could deal with the intruder, darling
23:17 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
23:17 <Ciphrius Kane> Aha, indeed
23:17 <Ciphrius Kane> We can deal with the intruder together
23:18 <Ciphrius Kane> Say your prayers!
23:18 <Coelacanth0794> hi cod4
23:18 <Ciphrius Kane> /me uses Aura Sphere on ChaoticShadow
23:19 <AnselaJonla> /me uses Incinerate on ChaoticShadow
23:20 <Ciphrius Kane> And that's a double whammy of double damage from 2 attacks for ChaoticShadow
23:21 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
23:21 <SovietHero> Anyone doing The event right now?
23:21 <TonyBest100> nope
23:22 <TonyBest100> but will be again in 40 mins :P
23:22 <SovietHero> k
23:22 <AnselaJonla> Garlandia's harp is going to be a pain in the backside to trans
23:23 <AnselaJonla> Current progress:
23:24 <TonyBest100> damn, that is a pain to do
23:24 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
23:25 <Coelacanth0794>
23:25 <Ciphrius Kane> A six your old kid was suspended for sexual harassment apparently
23:26 <TonyBest100> wtf
23:26 <Ciphrius Kane> Yeah, he kissed a girl on the hand!!!!
23:28 <AnselaJonla> Just like transing bow strings...
23:28 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
23:28 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
23:28 <AnselaJonla> But there's several of them
23:28 <AnselaJonla> In one image
23:28 <AnselaJonla> Transing bow equips is also a pain
23:29 <Ciphrius Kane> Great, now doge is taking over moon moon's territory
23:29 <Ciphrius Kane> I'd rather have Moon Moon
23:30 <AnselaJonla> - harp inside done