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23:45 <AnselaJonla> I'm not the lore expert
23:45 <Hallowland> Battleben is saying my statements are fictions of a fan...
23:45 <EpicPancakes> wut
23:45 <AnselaJonla> I defer to Ben and Cam on such matters
23:45 <AnselaJonla> EpicPancakes - Captain America
23:45 <The Mol Man> epic
23:45 <EpicPancakes> i answered it
23:45 <Ryan Baker> what
23:46 <Ryan Baker> Captain America is not a Nazi
23:46 <EpicPancakes> HE FAUGHT THE NAZIS
23:46 <Lord Yura> Yup ;o Captain america was in the Super soldier program, along with his budy, from WW2
23:46 <EpicPancakes> FOUGHT
23:46 <Hallowland> I'll post on his talk page.
23:46 <Lord Yura> buddy*
23:46 <EpicPancakes> Captain America has a talk page?
23:46 <EpicPancakes> Cool
23:46 <Ryan Baker> Who later became a full member of the avengers after fighting Nazis?
23:46 <Ryan Baker> oh
23:46 <Ryan Baker> misread
23:46 <Hallowland> [[User:Battleben]]
23:47 <EpicPancakes> pfft why would a nazi be in the avengers
23:47 <Lord Yura> Especially when the Avengers already consists of an Assassin or two ;3
23:47 <The Mol Man>
23:47 <EpicPancakes> Ask "Who is Mr. Bobo
23:47 <EpicPancakes> Because I don't watch Dragonball and I'm pretty sure it's popo
23:48 <Lord Yura> It is :o
23:48 <Coelacanth0794> popo
23:48 <AnselaJonla>
23:48 <Lord Yura> COntinents of Egypt? o-o
23:48 <EpicPancakes> that...
23:48 <EpicPancakes> WHAT
23:48 <Coelacanth0794> seeing massive fish swimming about is just beautiful
23:49 <The Mol Man> i added on to that ansela
23:49 <EpicPancakes> I just don't understand how some of the people on that site are so...
23:50 <Ryan Baker>,_if_so,_about_how_much_would_that_take?state=asked
23:50 <Ryan Baker> My question^
23:50 <EpicPancakes> NINJAD DANG IT
23:50 <Lord Yura> ;ol
23:50 <EpicPancakes> But Ryan
23:50 <Ryan Baker> ?
23:50 <EpicPancakes> The answer is yes
23:50 <Ryan Baker> ik it is
23:50 <EpicPancakes> I don't know how much, but the answer is yes
23:50 <The Mol Man>
23:50 <EpicPancakes> THEN Y U ASK
23:50 <The Mol Man> (fp)
23:50 <Lord Yura> Isnt it like.. 30,000 calories a day or something as the bodys absolute limit? ;o I remember something on MANswers about that
23:50 <EpicPancakes> MOL AHAHAHAHAHA
23:50 <Ryan Baker> I'm most interested in how much
23:50 <Ryan Baker> Lord Yura
23:51 <Ryan Baker> there are two ways to die from it
23:51 <EpicPancakes> Three
23:51 <Ryan Baker> eat too much of 1 thing and it poisons you
23:51 <EpicPancakes> The third is eating so much your intestins explode
23:51 <Ryan Baker> or, stomache rupture
23:51 <Lord Yura> Go watch MANswers.. they have all the info ;o Its too fuzzy for me. But they did a study
23:51 <EpicPancakes> Intestines
23:51 <EpicPancakes> I LOVE MANSWERS
23:51 <Ryan Baker> I guess EpicPancakes has a point
23:51 <Ryan Baker> 2
23:51 <Ryan Baker> 3*
23:51 <Casting Fishes^^> BUKO
23:51 <Casting Fishes^^> LOG ON RS
23:52 <EpicPancakes> It's so stupid and inappropriate and stupidly uneducated that it's hilarious
23:52 <Ryan Baker> I heard a story of a man who ate nothing but steak, and he couldn't crap because of it
23:52 <Lord Yura> They studied how much the human body can eat from the term "Im so hungry, that I could eat a horse"
23:52 <EpicPancakes> Wait...
23:52 <Lord Yura> :o crownyyy~
23:52 <EpicPancakes> I said stupid twice
23:52 <Ryan Baker> so he died because his intestines exploded with crap
23:52 <Coelacanth0794> wat
23:53 <EpicPancakes> You know how elvis died right
23:53 <EpicPancakes> Heart attack on the toilet, that's awesome
23:53 <Xalexownzx> lol legit?
23:53 <Xalexownzx> did he have taco bell in the moments prior?
23:53 <The Mol Man> he shot a TB
23:53 <The Mol Man> TV*
23:53 <The Mol Man> Ansela
23:54 <Ryan Baker> EpicPancakes
23:54 <Ryan Baker> you know how Dave Carradine died?
23:54 <Coelacanth0794> epic: heard Disgraceland?
23:54 <Ryan Baker> that's even worse
23:54 <Lord Yura> .-.
23:54 <Coelacanth0794> by alice cooper
23:54 <EpicPancakes> wat
23:54 <EpicPancakes> Oh yeah
23:54 <EpicPancakes> Alice Cooper is cool
23:54 <Lord Yura> I dont think we should discuss that if he doesnt know. Lol
23:55 <EpicPancakes> Yes Ryan
23:55 <Coelacanth0794> you have epic?
23:55 <EpicPancakes> Yep
23:55 <Coelacanth0794> disgraceland is a song about elvis
23:56 <Ryan Baker> EpicPancakes
23:56 <EpicPancakes> wat
23:56 <Ryan Baker> wanna know what's sorta neat and silly?
23:56 <EpicPancakes> Wat
23:56 <Ryan Baker> there's a genre of metal called Elvis Metal
23:56 <Meter55> 39 farming so far.
23:56 <Lord Yura> So uhm.. Is anybody available to take 2 pictures at the moment?
23:56 <EpicPancakes> That is not neat at all
23:56 <EpicPancakes> I AM YOUREA
23:56 <Casting Fishes^^> [[Shooting star locations]]
23:56 <Ryan Baker> the only band I listen to in it rocks tbh
23:57 <Lord Yura> Yay~ Cause I tried an hour ago x3.
23:57 <Ryan Baker> Volbeat >.>
23:57 <AnselaJonla> omg I want to link this question but it is SO NSFW
23:57 <Lord Yura> And Illumise? :o
23:57 <EpicPancakes> So whtchu need yura
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> whyzat ansela
23:57 <EpicPancakes> Ansela just link it
23:57 <EpicPancakes> WERE ALL ADULTS HER
23:57 <The Mol Man> Link it
23:57 <The Mol Man> btw ansela
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> her
23:57 <EpicPancakes> her
23:57 <EpicPancakes> Yep
23:57 <The Mol Man> did you see the question about the olympic rings?
23:57 <EpicPancakes> Her is adult
23:57 <Lord Yura> I need someone on the Iceberg to take a picture of me in the [[Rock costume]] and [[Pop costume]]
23:57 <Lord Yura> Lol
23:57 <AnselaJonla> The link is NSFW
23:58 <The Mol Man> pm me
23:58 <AnselaJonla> And I would have to revdel it :(
23:58 <EpicPancakes> If it's just a question...
23:58 <Ryan Baker> EpicPancakes
23:58 <Ryan Baker> hey
23:58 <Ryan Baker>
23:58 <The Mol Man> but did you see the olympic rings question?
23:58 <AnselaJonla> Okay, whoever wants it pm me saying you do
23:58 <AnselaJonla> I did
23:58 <Ryan Baker> check it out, it's rlly not what you think
23:58 <The Mol Man> if you know the answer, i'd love to know as well
23:58 <Lord Yura> :o Wats the question?
23:59 <Lord Yura> Oh
23:59 <EpicPancakes> HAHAHAHAH
23:59 <Lord Yura> Err
23:59 <EpicPancakes> I'm so immature
23:59 <The Mol Man> -.-
23:59 <Ryan Baker> The Mol Man
23:59 -!- Xalexownzx has left Special:Chat.
23:59 <The Mol Man> Do VSTF have revdel? we can get ty to kill it
23:59 <Coelacanth0794> may i has it ansela?
23:59 <Ryan Baker> what's gonna happen with Haidro?
23:59 <The Mol Man> what do you mean?
23:59 <The Mol Man> nothing
23:59 <The Mol Man> he's blocked from answers for 1 week but he doesn't care
00:00 <Lord Yura> SoF resets in a minute
00:00 <EpicPancakes> Hey, at least this one has grammar and spelling
00:00 <The Mol Man> he's not blocked on any other wiki
00:00 <Ryan Baker> oh
00:00 <The Mol Man> it reset already
00:00 <Lord Yura> o_o
00:00 <Ryan Baker> I thought you got him blocked here
00:00 <Lord Yura> *Logs on nao*
00:00 <The Mol Man> no -.-
00:00 <EpicPancakes> No
00:00 <The Mol Man> We don't have any stupid admins
00:00 <EpicPancakes> If haidro was blocked here
00:00 <Ryan Baker> well
00:00 <The Mol Man> only answers, as far as I know
00:00 <Ryan Baker> The Mol Man
00:00 <EpicPancakes> He might actually lose chatmod thinger
00:00 <Ryan Baker> that's debatable
00:00 -!- Zenile has left Special:Chat.
00:00 <The Mol Man> we don't have any admins that stupid
00:01 <Ryan Baker> well
00:01 <The Mol Man> TBH i should be blocked from answers
00:01 <The Mol Man> but I'm not, so imma keep answering questions, in good faith
00:01 <Ryan Baker> who's stupid depends on your opinion of the people
00:01 <AnselaJonla>
00:01 <Ryan Baker> not that I think anyone here is stupid
00:01 <Ryan Baker> but, some may
00:01 <AnselaJonla> Pokemon Indigo?
00:01  * Cook Me Plox hums the Mad Men theme song
00:01 <The Mol Man> i think indigo might be a ROM hack
00:02 <Ryan Baker> Pokemon Baige and Off White are next
00:02 <EpicPancakes> Indigo is a pokemon hack
00:02 <Lord Yura> Wasnt Indigo.. A rumor about Super pokemon? ;o Back with Green?
00:02 <EpicPancakes> my first good faith answer
00:02 <EpicPancakes> IM SO PROUD
00:02 <Ryan Baker> EpicPancakes
00:02 <Ryan Baker> in some states they use firing squads
00:02 <AnselaJonla> I made a question!
00:02 <EpicPancakes> States?
00:02 <Lord Yura> :o
00:02 <Meter55> Time for more hunter training
00:02 <Ryan Baker> such as Utah I believe
00:02 <EpicPancakes> That's horrible.
00:03 <Ryan Baker> tbh
00:03 <Meter55> Why a firing squad when you can have one dude w/ a pistol pointed at his head?
00:03 <The Mol Man> correction ansela:
00:03 <Ryan Baker> as long as the first bullets hit the head
00:03 <EpicPancakes> Utah, everything is in Utah
00:03 <The Mol Man> you made an actual, non satirical question
00:03 <Ryan Baker> it's about the same amount of pain
00:03 <Ryan Baker> *no pain*
00:03 <EpicPancakes> But it's just...
00:03 <EpicPancakes> So inhumane...
00:04 <The Mol Man> i found the dumbest type of questions
00:04 <EpicPancakes> Even without pain, there is no need to mutilate the body with a bunch of bullets
00:04 <The Mol Man> ill post after I answer
00:04 <Lord Yura> Thats not how it works, Pancakes ;o
00:04 <EpicPancakes> brb getting fried rie
00:04 <Ryan Baker> EpicPancakes
00:04 <EpicPancakes> rice
00:04 <Lord Yura> Theres 4 shooters
00:04 <Lord Yura> 1 Bullet and 3 Blanks.
00:04 <Ryan Baker> you know what else is inhumane?
00:04 <Ryan Baker> rape and murder
00:04 <EpicPancakes> Dog Shelters?
00:04 <Ryan Baker> so, I really can't feel much for those who deserve death
00:04 <Meter55> ^
00:04 <AnselaJonla> The Japanese still hang criminals
00:04 <Meter55> Eyh
00:05 <The Mol Man> o wow
00:05 <Ryan Baker> hmm
00:05 <The Mol Man> you cant answer the question cause of spam filter
00:05 <The Mol Man> gj answers
00:05 <AnselaJonla> There are five guards with buttons to work the gallows. Only one works. None of them know which one it is.
00:05 <The Mol Man> anyways, here it is
00:05 <The Mol Man>
00:05 <The Mol Man> idiot posted that
00:05 <AnselaJonla>
00:05 <AnselaJonla> (facepalm)
00:05 <The Mol Man> i was going to answer like so:
00:05 <The Mol Man> What is "these" if you're going to use this place to cheat (which you shouldn't) at least be smart enough to post to possible choices
00:06 <EpicPancakes> Mol...
00:06 <EpicPancakes> That question...
00:06 <The Mol Man>
00:06 <The Mol Man> wtf
00:07 <EpicPancakes> There is no way anyone on earth is that mind numbingly stupid
00:07 <Meter55> sweet, triple traps. :
00:07 <The Mol Man> there are
00:07 <Meter55> :3
00:07 <The Mol Man> i've seen about 12 of those types of questions
00:08 <The Mol Man> answered your Q ryan baker
00:08 <The Mol Man> pancakes
00:09 <EpicPancakes> wat
00:09 <The Mol Man> i love your addition to that questions LOLOLOL
00:09 <Ryan Baker> which one?
00:09 <The Mol Man>
00:09 <Ryan Baker> not mine
00:09 <Ryan Baker> *shrugs*
00:10 <Ryan Baker> (Different person here) The kind of computer you use has nothing to do with what you support. Just because you like Chick Fil A doesn't mean you're homophobic.
00:10 <Ryan Baker> Finally someone points that out! also, just because you work there doesn't mean it either...
00:10 <Coelacanth0794>
00:11 <Ryan Baker> I wonder
00:11 <EpicPancakes> Ryan
00:11 <EpicPancakes> Don't start...
00:11 <EpicPancakes> Say whatever you want as long as you don't mention Oreos
00:11 <AnselaJonla> One of chu answer my new question here?
00:12 <AnselaJonla> there*
00:12 <The Mol Man> my longest answer yet
00:12 <Lord Yura> Whats the question? D:
00:12 <AnselaJonla>
00:12 <Lord Yura> ;o
00:12 <Lord Yura> If you have a safe neighborhood.. then maybe :D
00:12 <The Mol Man> post it there (fp)
00:13 <AnselaJonla>
00:13 <EpicPancakes> Niece hw question
00:13 <EpicPancakes> *nice
00:13 <Ryan Baker>
00:13 <Casting Fishes^^> [[lrc[[
00:13 <Casting Fishes^^> l;jlkj
00:13 <Casting Fishes^^> [[lrc]]
00:14 <EpicPancakes> Ryan...
00:14 <The Mol Man> dat answer lol
00:14 <EpicPancakes> What...
00:14 <Lord Yura> Conditions on a slave ship? Er.. Cramped, stressed, foreign... HELP?
00:14 <Ryan Baker> forgot "an"
00:14 <The Mol Man> (fp)
00:14 <Habblet> Check recent changes :D
00:14 <Habblet> in 3 seconds
00:15 <EpicPancakes> You've gotta be kitten me
00:15 -!- Lord Yura has left Special:Chat.
00:15 <Ryan Baker>
00:15 <Ryan Baker> oops
00:15 <Ryan Baker>
00:15 <Ryan Baker> there
00:15 <Ryan Baker> if you can answer that
00:15 <Habblet> Now!
00:15 <Ryan Baker> I'll be impressed
00:15 <The Mol Man> inb4 block
00:15 <EpicPancakes> You can't
00:15 <EpicPancakes> Because it can be any size
00:15 <Habblet> 21K characters
00:15 <EpicPancakes> Or shape
00:15 <Ryan Baker> EpicPancakes
00:16 <Ryan Baker> terminal velocity depends on mass
00:16 <EpicPancakes> Or even state of matter
00:16 <Ryan Baker> and
00:16 <Ryan Baker> although mass can differ, the terminal velocities should be similar
00:16 <The Mol Man> WTF (fp)
00:16 <Ryan Baker> for example
00:17 <Ryan Baker> a person half the size of another will achieve a similar terminal velocity to that person
00:17 <The Mol Man> here's my fav question:
00:17 <EpicPancakes> but Ryan
00:17 <EpicPancakes> IT'S POOP
00:17 <The Mol Man>
00:18 <Hallowland>
00:18 <EpicPancakes> My answer
00:18 <Hallowland> Do you think it's better now?
00:18 <EpicPancakes> Mol, how do you find the stupid questions?
00:18 <The Mol Man> Random
00:18 <Ryan Baker> Why don't Skyrim guards get better knee guards?
00:18 <The Mol Man>
00:18 <Ryan Baker>
00:19 <EpicPancakes>
00:19 <EpicPancakes> WHAT
00:19 <EpicPancakes> Hai TyA
00:20 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
00:20 <AnselaJonla>
00:20 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <Hallowland> Hey TyA
00:20 <Ryan Baker>
00:20 <TyA> HaiyA
00:20 <EpicPancakes> Ansela lol
00:20 <Ryan Baker> watch me get a ban
00:20 <Meter55> 12 more invs of swamp lizards
00:20  * TyA bans Ryan
00:20 <Ryan Baker> eh
00:20 <Ryan Baker> from answers wiki
00:20 <Ryan Baker> not here
00:20 <The Mol Man> TyA
00:21 <The Mol Man> Do VSTF have revdel?
00:21 <TyA> Yes
00:21 <Ryan Baker> well
00:21 <The Mol Man> tya
00:21 <Ryan Baker> (qc) My Runecrafting level is 97 (xp: 10,698,478, rank: 37,330).
00:21 <Ryan Baker> just got!
00:21 <TyA> Grats
00:21 <Meter55> nice.
00:21 <The Mol Man> you should go on wiki answers and delete about half of the questions there
00:21 <EpicPancakes> "When was un established?"
00:21 <The Mol Man> since most are people trying to cheat
00:21 <Ryan Baker>
00:21 <EpicPancakes> I take it that's the United Nations?
00:21 <TyA> No, get the Wikia Answers admins to do it
00:21 <EpicPancakes> But...
00:21 <The Mol Man> They don't TyA
00:21 <The Mol Man> trust me
00:21 <EpicPancakes> They're stupid
00:22 <Ryan Baker> inb4TyAisawikianswersadmin
00:22 <The Mol Man> he's global admin
00:22 <EpicPancakes> Sixth Grade science are you kidding me
00:22 <Ryan Baker> hmm
00:22 <TyA> Looks like someone needs a tissue
00:22 <Ryan Baker> tissue I believe
00:22 <The Mol Man> TyA what if we found an extremely obscene question?
00:23 <EpicPancakes> Yeah, like...
00:23 <EpicPancakes> The one Ansela foind
00:23 <EpicPancakes> found
00:23 <AnselaJonla> Like the one I linked in pm?
00:23 <TyA> VSTF is only to take care of vandalism and spam
00:23 <The Mol Man> it is vandalism
00:23 <EpicPancakes> "What did scientists learn about Tetris?"
00:23 <EpicPancakes> WHA
00:23 <AnselaJonla> I asked a non-silly question!!!
00:24 <Ryan Baker> EpicPancakes
00:24 <Ryan Baker> perhaps he meant Tetnis
00:24 <The Mol Man> congratz, that's 2 legit questions
00:24 <The Mol Man> either way TyA, i don't care
00:24 <The Mol Man> the wiki answers is a terribly organized wiki
00:24 <AnselaJonla>
00:24 <Ryan Baker>
00:24 <The Mol Man> getting you to delete one inappropriate article will help nothing
00:24 <The Mol Man> Btw ty
00:25 <The Mol Man> did you see your talk on answers? i said something to you
00:25 <EpicPancakes>
00:25 <EpicPancakes> OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHA
00:25 <EpicPancakes> That's like a five year old question
00:25 <The Mol Man> TyA
00:25 <The Mol Man>
00:25 <AnselaJonla> Boys can most definitely pee sitting down. I just wish girls could pee standing up :(
00:26 <The Mol Man> O.o
00:26 <The Mol Man> no you don't
00:26 <EpicPancakes> They can, let me google that for you
00:26 <AnselaJonla> Yeah I do
00:26 <The Mol Man> all it gets you is nagging from those who sit down
00:26 <Meter55> These swamp lizard are good money
00:26 <The Mol Man> with good enough control I'm sure you can
00:26 <The Mol Man> but imma drop this subject
00:26 <EpicPancakes> There was actually an article on useful things to embarrassing to actually use\
00:27 <EpicPancakes> One of them solved that age old problem
00:27 <The Mol Man> Ooooo ty is on answers as well
00:27 <Hallowland> Coffee are you here?
00:28 <EpicPancakes> lol didn't even spell the name of the game right
00:28 <The Mol Man>
00:28 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh, European red foxes can be found in several parts of Europe.
00:28 <CoffeeMugRS> Just my guess. <.<
00:28 <Habblet> MUUUUUUUUG
00:28 <CoffeeMugRS> OH GOD NO
00:28 <EpicPancakes> wut
00:29 <AnselaJonla> Back to silly questions
00:29 <The Mol Man> asking silly or answering?
00:29 <AnselaJonla> Asking :P
00:29 <Habblet> too late mug
00:29 <Habblet> you revealed your position
00:29 <The Mol Man> i answered
00:29 <Habblet> now die
00:29 <Habblet> in the beta
00:29 <CoffeeMugRS> Do I have to? :(
00:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Wai
00:30 <CoffeeMugRS> You want to fight me in Beta?
00:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Deal
00:30 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
00:30 <Ozank> coel
00:30 <Habblet> fight me with an ooo
00:30 <Coelacanth0794> ?
00:30 <EpicPancakes> GJ BRO
00:30 <The Mol Man> if ansela or pancakes do not get blocked from Answers
00:30 <Ozank> look at mah mlp page it looks sooo colorful and ponyful
00:30 <Ozank> @Coel
00:30 <Hallowland> Coffee, mind if I ask you something ;)?
00:30 <The Mol Man> then I have no respect for them
00:31 <The Mol Man> lik seriously, look what them, and I have done
00:31 <EpicPancakes> Hey
00:31 <The Mol Man> and look what Haidro did
00:31 <The Mol Man> Sorry pancakes
00:31 <EpicPancakes> I always answer correctly
00:31 <EpicPancakes> Just not politely
00:31 <The Mol Man> i admit that I should be blocked as well
00:31 <CoffeeMugRS> sure, Hallowland.
00:31 <Habblet> *answers*
00:31 <Coelacanth0794> oh mlpwikia uses trophies
00:31 <Coelacanth0794> joyous
00:31 <Meter55> 10 more trips of swamp lizards. Then moving to Gaarhk or whatever they're called
00:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Habblet, Firefox has been crashing loads on me today.
00:31 <Hallowland> Great, I will leave a private message.
00:32 <Habblet> no excuse
00:32 <Habblet> :D
00:32 <CoffeeMugRS> <.<
00:32 <CoffeeMugRS> Why can't Mol do it
00:32 <Habblet> mol
00:32 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm an awful photographer.
00:32 <Habblet> i have a whip
00:32 <The Mol Man> i'm worse
00:32 <EpicPancakes> lol
00:33 <EpicPancakes> Total HW question
00:33 <Ozank> ya coel
00:33 <Ozank> today i got da edit at least one a day for 30 days badge i r happy bunneh
00:33 <Coelacanth0794> rswiki tried trophies once after we held forum
00:33 <Coelacanth0794> too many spam edits by nubs trophy hunting
00:34 <Coelacanth0794> yno ozank you never did show me some of your drawings
00:34 <Coelacanth0794> inb4 leaves
00:35 <Ozank> wow i tried to type and it wouldnt come up
00:36 <Ozank> ya coel i dont actually draw really i just use photoshop and mess around with stuff
00:36 <Coelacanth0794> <_<
00:36 <Ozank> well i do use brush tool
00:36 <The Mol Man>
00:36 <Ozank> but is that really drawing?
00:36 <EpicPancakes> lol
00:36 <AnselaJonla>
00:36 <Coelacanth0794> try drawing with hand and pencil
00:36 <Ozank> i can't
00:36 <Ozank> i suck at hand drawing
00:36 <Coelacanth0794> tryyyy
00:36 <Ozank> it's too complicated
00:36 <Coelacanth0794> i do too but i did a few
00:36 <Coelacanth0794> i take 3+ hours for each though
00:37 <Coelacanth0794> doctor slowpoke
00:37 <Casting Fishes^^> [[Sacred clay pickaxe]]
00:37 <EpicPancakes> inappropriate question
00:37 <EpicPancakes> pm me for link
00:37 <Ozank> coel good thing about photoshop is you can use a tool to grab a color
00:37 <Ozank> already present in your picture/image
00:38 <Ozank> makes it easy to fill in missing bits
00:38 <Coelacanth0794> but i dont have a tablet to draw with
00:38 <The Mol Man> pancakes pm me
00:38 <Ozank> i dont, i use mouse and desktop
00:38 <Coelacanth0794> i'm not that good at drawing, but i'm better than with mouse
00:38 <The Mol Man> dat answer (fp)
00:39 <AnselaJonla>
00:39 <EpicPancakes> lol
00:39 <EpicPancakes> ANSELA
00:39 <EpicPancakes> YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS
00:39 <AnselaJonla> He asked
00:40 <The Mol Man> Malcolm in the Middle: abcd again
00:40 <The Mol Man> and again
00:40 <EpicPancakes> There is no way, that is a troll question
00:40 <Coelacanth0794> sigh
00:40 <Coelacanth0794> it all comes down to 1.4m fishing xp
00:40 <Coelacanth0794> :S
00:40 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
00:40 <Coelacanth0794> hi fergs
00:40 <AnselaJonla> Hi Fergs
00:40 <Hallowland> Hey Fergie :)
00:41 <Habblet>
00:41 <AnselaJonla>
00:41 <Coelacanth0794> who makes this stuff
00:41 <Urbancowgurl777> hi peoples
00:41 <Coelacanth0794> [[user:walrus068]]
00:42 -!- Eran768 has joined Special:Chat
00:42 <The Mol Man> dat title?
00:42 <EpicPancakes> habblet go to that page again
00:42 <EpicPancakes> I got a great answer
00:42 <Eran768> cxdfvsd
00:42 <Eran768> ffsdfds
00:42 <Eran768> fsf
00:42 <EpicPancakes> Cool troll
00:42 <Eran768> Watashi ni XX Shinasai!Watashi ni XX Shinasai!Watashi ni XX Shinasai!Watashi ni XX Shinasai!Watashi ni XX Shinasai!Watashi ni XX Shinasai!Watashi ni XX Shinasai!Watashi ni XX Shinasai!Watashi ni XX Shinasai!
00:42 -!- Eran768 was kicked from Special:Chat by Urbancowgurl777
00:42 <Coelacanth0794> wha
00:42 <Habblet> lol pancake
00:42 <The Mol Man> nice answer
00:43 <TyA> Why do you feel the need to troll that wiki?
00:43 <Eran768> Sorry :(
00:43 <EpicPancakes> Because the admins are evil
00:43 <Eran768> I've been a bad person ;(
00:43 <Urbancowgurl777> read the rules please, link is at the top of the page
00:43 <Coelacanth0794> fergs how do you feel with larry being a penguin daddy
00:43 <Urbancowgurl777> i haven't done the quest
00:43 <TyA> EpicPancakes: Why are they evil?
00:43 <Coelacanth0794> so?
00:43 <Coelacanth0794> neither i
00:43 <The Mol Man> TyA
00:43 <Urbancowgurl777> um, that's cool then
00:43 <EpicPancakes> They blocked Haidro for nothing
00:43 <The Mol Man> look at this category:
00:44 <The Mol Man> haidro made several good faith edits
00:44 <Coelacanth0794> fergs
00:44 <The Mol Man> they were roll backed and he was blocked
00:44 <EpicPancakes> And they still haven't blocked us
00:44 <Urbancowgurl777> omg that's so cute lol
00:44 <The Mol Man> dw Ty, after haidro got blocked, I've turned a new leaf
00:44 <TyA> EpicPancakes: They had a great reason
00:44 <TyA> (show/hide) 07:14, August 6, 2012 (diff | deletion log | view) . . If a quiz is quizzical, what is a test (new question)
00:44 <TyA> (show/hide) 07:13, August 6, 2012 (diff | deletion log | view) . . No, he is wrong^ (new question)
00:44 <TyA> (show/hide) 07:11, August 6, 2012 (diff | deletion log | view) . . How long potato grow (new question)
00:44 <TyA> (show/hide) 07:00, August 6, 2012 (diff | deletion log | view) . . User talk:Haidro (Created page with "salve")
00:44 <EpicPancakes> What did he do?
00:44 <Urbancowgurl777> are you people organizing a spam attack on another wiki in here?
00:44 <EpicPancakes> No.
00:44 <Eran768> NOooooooooo
00:44 <Habblet> how to catch a emo fish
00:44 <AnselaJonla> No Fergs
00:45 <Eran768> :3
00:45 <TyA> Fergie: Mol and Epic are trolling Wikia Answers
00:45 <EpicPancakes> We're having fun answering stupid questions with good faith
00:45 <Habblet> what is an emo fish
00:45 <Eran768> <3 MOOo
00:45 <The Mol Man> I'm not
00:45 <AnselaJonla> I am answering questions correctly
00:45 <Coelacanth0794> wtf is going on
00:45 <Eran768> Helppppp
00:45 <The Mol Man> I'm legitimately answering questions
00:45 <Eran768> Help!!
00:45 <EpicPancakes> My answers are correct
00:45 <EpicPancakes> just mean
00:45 <The Mol Man> such as this
00:45 <Urbancowgurl777> if you need help ask your question, don't just yell "help"
00:45 <Eran768> Whats the chance of getting a starved eggify out of 1000
00:45 <TyA>
00:45 <TyA> Yup, that's legitimate
00:45 <AnselaJonla> .01
00:45 <Eran768> from a black demon
00:45 <Coelacanth0794> based off the monster's cb lvl
00:46 <Coelacanth0794> no given statistics from jagex
00:46 <Hallowland> High I suppose, depends on the oponent.
00:46 <Coelacanth0794> since the effigy nerf, i honestly don't know anymore
00:46 <Hallowland> High.
00:46 <The Mol Man> what an odd question
00:46 <Eran768> I mean pick a number 1-1000
00:46 <Eran768> Thats the chance
00:46 <Coelacanth0794> we do not know
00:46 <Coelacanth0794> we have not gained that info from jagex
00:47 <Eran768> Whats your opinion -_-
00:47 <Habblet>
00:47  * AnselaJonla doesn't kill black demons
00:47 <Coelacanth0794> thefu
00:47 <The Mol Man> Ty, another legit answer from me:
00:47 <Eran768> Habblet wtf?
00:47 <Coelacanth0794> their*
00:47 <Habblet> What colours does a light saber come in... lol.....
00:47 <Urbancowgurl777> it's annoying in here
00:47 <Urbancowgurl777> bbl
00:47 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
00:47 <AnselaJonla> Red, green, blue, purple
00:48 <Eran768> srdfd
00:48 <Eran768> sfd
00:48 <Eran768> ds
00:48 <Eran768> fsd
00:48 <Eran768> f
00:48 <Eran768> f
00:48 -!- Eran768 was banned from Special:Chat by TyA for 3600 seconds.
00:48 <Ozank> Going to go bed. Bye.
00:48 <The Mol Man> night'
00:48 <AnselaJonla> Good night nubs
00:48 <Ozank> g'night
00:48 <Ozank> may Luna watch over me in the night sky
00:48 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
00:48 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
00:49 <The Mol Man> i just found a weird question:
00:49 <The Mol Man>
00:49 <The Mol Man> my answer is even weirder
00:50 <TyA> Take this discussion elsewhere.
00:50 <Coelacanth0794> I don't know what music to listen [email protected]
00:50 <The Mol Man> aight, i'll stop :x
00:50 <CoffeeMugRS> Moley, what is your avatar?
00:51 <EpicPancakes> Just... Just one more, I must mention this
00:51 <EpicPancakes> "What is the prime factorization of 66?"
00:51 <The Mol Man> Satan from C & H
00:51 <EpicPancakes> That's 5th grade math
00:51 <The Mol Man> look up 66 on wikipedia
00:53 <CoffeeMugRS>  11, 3, 2.
00:54 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
00:54 <EpicPancakes> wat
00:54 <CoffeeMugRS> Welcome back, Hallowland.
00:54 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
00:54 <Habblet> muggy
00:54 <Habblet> come on
00:54 <EpicPancakes> 11x3x2?
00:54 <EpicPancakes> Oh, for that question
00:54 <Hallowland> Thanks :)
00:54 <CoffeeMugRS> Habblet, I actually have to go soon.
00:54 <Habblet> :(
00:54 <Habblet> Can you send me the links of the files at least
00:54 <Habblet> so I have something to be entertained with ;-;
00:55 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol, alright.
00:55 <CoffeeMugRS>
00:55 <CoffeeMugRS> There ya go.
00:55 <EpicPancakes> AW SO CUTE
00:55 <Habblet> rs images, not ur birth
00:56 <The Mol Man> BURN
00:56 <CoffeeMugRS> Ouch.
00:56 <Habblet> are they on gayzag again?
00:56 <Habblet> does that have albums;-;
00:57 <The Mol Man> Pancakes
00:57 <EpicPancakes> wut
00:57 <The Mol Man> be like me and completely turn a new leaf, no trolling at all on answers <3
00:57 <EpicPancakes> I am.
00:57 <The Mol Man> not that your last answer was trolling
00:57 <EpicPancakes> That's what I'm doing right now.
00:57 <CoffeeMugRS> IT'S GYAZO
00:57 <The Mol Man> i wonder if they have a {{D}} template
00:57 <CoffeeMugRS> And no.
00:57 <Habblet>  >.<
00:57 <EpicPancakes> It wasn't trolling. I was telling them that they shouldn't just copypaste it right form their test
00:57 <Habblet> do you have the links at least
00:57 <EpicPancakes> *from
00:57 <EpicPancakes> And then I answered
00:58 <The Mol Man> i know
00:58 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm uploading them all to imgur
00:58 <The Mol Man> pancakes imma start marking all test questions for deletion
00:58 <Habblet> this guy on imgur asks
00:58 <Habblet> do you always wear a bikini to google people
00:58 <Habblet> just... what... ;-;
00:59 <Coelacanth0794> graardor does.
00:59 <Habblet> lol
00:59 <TyA> It helps google feel less self conscious about you looking at it
00:59 <EpicPancakes> Mol check my last answer, I'm not sure how right it is
01:00 <EpicPancakes> I'm not good at history
01:00 <The Mol Man> good enough, pm me for stuff like that so we don't annoy TyA <3
01:00 <EpicPancakes> lol this is a crossword question
01:01 <The Mol Man> I see alot of those
01:01 <Coelacanth0794>
01:02 <Habblet> how are you doing mr mug
01:02 <Casting Fishes^^> whats a good way to train mining? :/
01:02 <CoffeeMugRS> still uploading files.
01:03 <Casting Fishes^^> perferably not lrc
01:03 <Habblet> are they private?
01:03 <CoffeeMugRS> By hitting a rock with a pickaxe?
01:03 <Casting Fishes^^> /clear
01:03 <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
01:03 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
01:03 <CoffeeMugRS>
01:03 <CoffeeMugRS> This ad only slightly creeps me out.
01:04 <EpicPancakes> wt
01:04 <EpicPancakes> wtf
01:04 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has joined Special:Chat
01:04 <Casting Fishes^^> good way to train mining that's not lrc at 94 mining. 
01:04 <Casting Fishes^^> >_>
01:04 <CoffeeMugRS> I just said.
01:05 <Habblet> [[Lfm]]
01:05 <Habblet> theres no other thing
01:05 <Habblet> if you dont want lrc
01:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Or you can do lrc
01:05 <Habblet> you can try citadel but idk the xp rate
01:06 <Habblet> muggy look what I did :D
01:06 <Habblet> [[Some Like It Cold/Transcript|Surprise!]]
01:07 <Casting Fishes^^> I did his citadel already
01:07 <EpicPancakes> Holy crap, i just noticed, there'a a "Rephrase Question" button
01:08 <Casting Fishes^^> how much xp per hour at lrc?
01:08 <The Mol Man> that's the move button
01:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Nice work, padawan.
01:08 <CoffeeMugRS> @Habblet^
01:08 <Habblet> padawhat
01:08 <Habblet> But ty :D
01:08  * CoffeeMugRS will be right back, while waiting for images to upload.
01:08 <Habblet> wait
01:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Hold on
01:09 <Habblet> how many images left
01:09 <CoffeeMugRS> IDk
01:09 <CoffeeMugRS> Idk
01:09 <Habblet> we did like 934 ;-;
01:09 <Hallowland> There is a person here on the forums with no foundation at all
01:09 <CoffeeMugRS>
01:09 <CoffeeMugRS> So then there's 933 images left.
01:09 <The Mol Man> Pancakes
01:09 <Habblet> intensive training. thats me
01:09 <Hallowland> She thinks Sliske will be killed by the wights -.-
01:09 <The Mol Man> are you using wikipedia for answers you don't know?
01:10 <EpicPancakes> No?
01:10 <The Mol Man> Hallow, that's not completely improbablt
01:10 <The Mol Man> you think I knew that myself pancakes? lol
01:10 <Hallowland> Mol the wights are nothing compared to him lol
01:11 <The Mol Man> i know, but it would be interesting
01:11 <The Mol Man> albeit cliche
01:12 <EpicPancakes>
01:13 <CoffeeMugRS> HABBLET
01:13 <Hallowland> If they ever managed to break Sliske's immensely strong spell for some miracle they would be slaughtered by him, or he would easily hide, they are spirits so they would just fade and if the player ever aided the wights, Wahisietel and Azzanadra would obviously prefer Sliske than the player
01:13 <CoffeeMugRS> THEY'RE DONE
01:13 <EpicPancakes> I gave a real answer, but I was so close to "It's called a calculator, genius"
01:13 <CoffeeMugRS>
01:13 <CoffeeMugRS> 72 images
01:13 <Habblet> yeah saw them
01:13 <CoffeeMugRS> ...
01:13 <Habblet> :P good job older padawan
01:13 <EpicPancakes> No habblet
01:14 <The Mol Man> sexy
01:14 <EpicPancakes> He's a jedi
01:14 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
01:14 <Habblet> i know
01:14 <Habblet> but im not lower rank than him >:o
01:14 <Habblet> just bought gravedigger for 50 coins :D
01:14 <CoffeeMugRS> I am a higher rank.
01:15 <CoffeeMugRS> Do you know why?
01:15 <Habblet> no
01:16 <CoffeeMugRS> That's why.
01:16 <Habblet> noob
01:16  * CoffeeMugRS pulls a spork out and threatens Habblet with it
01:16 <Hallowland> Wow Mol I really love the signature you made for me :)
01:17 <Hallowland> It's so cute
01:17 -!- Coolnesse has left Special:Chat.
01:17 <The Mol Man> mmmk
01:17 <The Mol Man> you were the designer
01:18 <The Mol Man> i just made it happen
01:18 <Ryan Baker> [[Template:Signatures/Hallowland]]
01:18 <Hallowland> ;)
01:19 <Ryan Baker> It reminds me of an old fashioned teddy bear or something
01:19 <Ryan Baker> something a child from the 50s would ejoy
01:19 <Ryan Baker> enjoy*
01:19 <EpicPancakes> The 50's
01:19 <EpicPancakes> A good time
01:19 <Hallowland> -./
01:19 <EpicPancakes> Eh...
01:19 <Hallowland> -.-*
01:20 <Ryan Baker> I remember back in '52....
01:20 <EpicPancakes> More or less, that's when heavy drug use really kicked in
01:20 <Ryan Baker> I had just gotten my first dragon item
01:20 <Ryan Baker> XD
01:20 <Ryan Baker> EpicPancakes
01:20 <Ryan Baker> '69 is when
01:20 <EpicPancakes> No.
01:20 <Ryan Baker> '69 and the Summer of Love
01:20 <EpicPancakes> The 50's is when it REALLY started
01:20 <EpicPancakes> It was the summer of 69 yeah yeah yeah whatever
01:20 <Ryan Baker> where a bunch of hippies did drugs and had snoosnoo in public
01:21 <EpicPancakes> SNOOSNOO
01:21 <EpicPancakes> Futurama wtf
01:21 <Ryan Baker> snoosnoo
01:21 <Ryan Baker> Euphamism for...
01:21 <Ryan Baker> well
01:21 <Ryan Baker> you know
01:21 <EpicPancakes> Obvious
01:21 <Ryan Baker> I watched a lot of documentaries as a kid
01:21 <Ryan Baker> back when I cared if I was smart or not
01:22 <Ryan Baker> back when I was too nooby in rs to use it as much as I do now
01:25 <EpicPancakes> "What does the word percipitation mean?"
01:25 <EpicPancakes> Jesus...
01:25 <Ryan Baker> next up: "Who's Jesus? Was he a Pop Artist or something?"
01:26 <Habblet> Mug
01:26 <Hallowland> "What is the objective of a question?"
01:28 <Ryan Baker> What is a question?
01:28 <Ryan Baker> What is "A"?
01:28 <Ryan Baker> What is?
01:28 <Ryan Baker> What?
01:28 <EpicPancakes> What?
01:28 <Ryan Baker> w?
01:28 <EpicPancakes> ?
01:28 <Ryan Baker> ^
01:28 <Hallowland> What ? mean?
01:29 <Ryan Baker> On Yahoo answers, it's 100x worse
01:29 <Hallowland> lol
01:29 <Ryan Baker> someone legitimately asked how to get a backwards b
01:29 <EpicPancakes> (fp)
01:29 <EpicPancakes> I DON'T KNOW, d
01:31 <The Mol Man> what's the userpage edit warn
01:31 <Ryan Baker> Well, first, you go to this building called a school. If you don't know what that is, ask the nearest sober adult to you. Once at school, you learn. In the process of learning you will learn how to make a backwards b, also known as a d (dEE).
01:34 <EpicPancakes> How offensive
01:34 <EpicPancakes> Parents should keep their 5 year olds away from their computer
01:36 <EpicPancakes> "What is compairing?"
01:36 <EpicPancakes> Ugh
01:36 <Ryan Baker> Comparing*
01:36 <The Mol Man> ryan
01:36 <EpicPancakes> Ryan
01:36 <Ryan Baker> ?
01:36 <EpicPancakes> I quoted the question as it was
01:36 <The Mol Man> he's copying, verbatim, questions from answerswikia
01:36 <Ryan Baker> I know
01:37 <The Mol Man> -.-
01:37 <Ryan Baker> the * is for the person asking
01:37 <The Mol Man> theyre not here
01:37 <Ryan Baker> Honestly guys, I'm pretty dim sometimes, but I'm not as dim as you seem to think.
01:38 <Ryan Baker> The Mol Man, I didn't think the person was here....
01:38 <Ryan Baker> calm down
01:38 <Ryan Baker> now it's time for the new quest
01:38 <The Mol Man> of course habblet uploads all images featuring him first
01:39 <Habblet> i thought you wanted to upload yours
01:39 <The Mol Man> Oh, no
01:39 <The Mol Man> i just offered to pose lol
01:39 <Habblet> ok ill upload yours then 
01:40 <Callofduty4> -bunny hops into chat-
01:40  * TyA places CoD4 into a bag
01:40 <Callofduty4> :O
01:40 <Callofduty4> :D
01:41 <TyA> :[[]]D
01:41 <Callofduty4> I can't breathe :c
01:41 <TyA> D:
01:41  * The Mol Man sets cod free
01:41  * TyA cuts an air hole into the bag
01:41  * The Mol Man locks cod in his basement
01:41  * The Mol Man huggles cod
01:41 -!- Lord Yura has joined Special:Chat
01:41 <EpicPancakes> Hi You're A
01:42 <The Mol Man> (fp)
01:42  * Hallowland has no reputation to do anything
01:42 <Hallowland> :(
01:42 <Casting Fishes^^> [[Fire giants]] >_>
01:42 <The Mol Man> you have the reputation of being nice
01:42 <EpicPancakes> I have a reputation of being an idiot.
01:42 <Hallowland> <.<
01:42 <Callofduty4> I have no reputation -feels bad man-
01:42 <EpicPancakes> Yes you do.
01:43 <EpicPancakes> You have a rep of sitting afk
01:43 <Callofduty4> Except "that guy who lurks the chat"
01:43 <Callofduty4> Yep
01:43 <Callofduty4> See.
01:43 <Callofduty4> SEE
01:43  * TyA gives CoD a rep
01:43 <Hallowland> lol
01:43 <EpicPancakes> You have a rep of being a person
01:43 <EpicPancakes> That talks sometimes
01:43 <Hallowland> lolol
01:43 <Habblet> question
01:43 <Lord Yura> ;o
01:44 <Habblet> [[Banner (Construction)]]
01:44 <Habblet> ^ =-=
01:44 <Hallowland> Hey Yura
01:44 <Habblet> do we make beta page so we can add beta images?
01:44 <Lord Yura> Howdy :P
01:45 <Habblet> hello? ;-;
01:45 <Hallowland> @Habblet Pardon?
01:45 <Habblet> We have beta images of the banners
01:45 <Habblet> but there is no beta:banner (construction)
01:45 <Habblet> do we make it
01:45 <The Mol Man> Yes because the banners have stats
01:46 <Habblet> individual page or just the general one
01:46 <Hallowland> Yes
01:46 <The Mol Man> just general
01:46 <Hallowland> ^
01:46 <The Mol Man> we don't have every banner page
01:46 <The Mol Man> also add {{beta}} to the normal page
01:46 <EpicPancakes> Dis guy is asking what the organ in the inner ear that helps you hear is
01:46 <EpicPancakes> Someone tell me what it is. (I already know)
01:46 <Habblet> did
01:46 <Hallowland> I'll create
01:46 <Hallowland> If you want
01:46 <Habblet> dw
01:47 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Banner]]
01:47 <The Mol Man> Add a blank infobox bonuses beta to the page as well?
01:47 <The Mol Man> banner construction*
01:47 <The Mol Man> let habblet do it :)
01:47 <Hallowland> Oh
01:48 <Hallowland> …
01:48 <The Mol Man> pancakes
01:48 <The Mol Man>
01:48 <The Mol Man> lololol
01:48 <The Mol Man> add some there
01:48 <EpicPancakes> wow
01:49 <The Mol Man> you gonna add stuff?
01:49 <EpicPancakes> yeah
01:49 <EpicPancakes> I'm thinking
01:50 <Hallowland> Habblet
01:50 <Hallowland> What is the main page?
01:50 <Habblet> [[Banner (Construction)]]
01:50 <Hallowland> For beta
01:50 <EpicPancakes> I added a really bad one
01:51 <Habblet> the same, with beta
01:51 <Hallowland> Ok so
01:51 <EpicPancakes> I was trying to think of one for global warming
01:51 <Hallowland> I'll make the page [[Beta:Banner]] as a redirection
01:51 <Hallowland> Then
01:51 -!- Rero37 has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <EpicPancakes> Hi Rero
01:51 <Rero37> Guys what is the unofficial world for the Crucible?
01:52 <Rero37> Hi Pancake..
01:53 <Hallowland> Rero
01:53 <Hallowland> Any world
01:53 <Rero37> What.
01:53 <Rero37> I don't see anyone here.
01:53 <Hallowland> The crucible is one place for all the worlds
01:54 <Hallowland> Let me confirm [[The Crucible|x]]
01:54 <Hallowland> Yep
01:55 <Hallowland> If it's empty it's because literally no one is playing
01:57 <EpicPancakes> "If i was born in 1997 how old would i be in 2061?"
01:57 <EpicPancakes> Why, just why?
01:57 <Hallowland> lol
01:57 <Rero37> 64
01:58 <Hallowland> Epic, I bet you are loving that wiki lol
01:58 -!- Rero37 has left Special:Chat.
01:59 <The Mol Man> we are
01:59 <The Mol Man> it's kinda fun answering questions
01:59 <Habblet> finally with the banners
01:59 <EpicPancakes> It is.
01:59 <The Mol Man> lol
01:59 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi.
01:59 <EpicPancakes> sometimes you just get so mad at how stupid the questions are
01:59 <Habblet> Muggy heya
01:59 <Hallowland> Welcome back Coffee ;p
01:59 <EpicPancakes> "How to get MewThree in pokemon ruby"
01:59 <CoffeeMugRS> I have returned from the great spelunking of my basement.
01:59 <EpicPancakes> MEWTHREE DOESN'T EXIST
01:59 <CoffeeMugRS> Thanks Hallowland. :)
01:59 <Hallowland> Lolol
02:00 <CoffeeMugRS> Great. Does anyone know where I can rent a dumpster?
02:00 <EpicPancakes> No, buy one.
02:00 <CoffeeMugRS> I suppose I should also buy the special truck they use to get rid of it, too?
02:00 <EpicPancakes> Unless you plan on picking it up
02:01 <EpicPancakes> You could hire the Hulk to go and dump it for you.
02:01 <CoffeeMugRS> I'll get right on that.
02:01 <Hallowland> …
02:01 <CoffeeMugRS> ,,,
02:02 <CoffeeMugRS> I wonder where Haidro has been. He hasn't been on. :l
02:02 <Habblet> I heard he was banned
02:02 <Hallowland> ^
02:02 <Hallowland> WHAT
02:02 <CoffeeMugRS> ?!
02:02 <Habblet> Dunno o_O I just heard it
02:02 <EpicPancakes> nO.
02:02 <EpicPancakes> No.
02:02 <CoffeeMugRS> You're trolling, correct?
02:02 <EpicPancakes> He was just blocked from answers
02:02 <EpicPancakes> Jeez
02:02 <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) The current location of the [[Circus]] is [[Taverley]].
02:02 <Casting Fishes^^> :3
02:02 <EpicPancakes> [[User:Haidro]]
02:03  * CoffeeMugRS wants to continue his Latin lesson from Haidro.
02:03 <EpicPancakes> He's not banned GAWD
02:03 <Habblet> OMG OK
02:03 <Hallowland> Scared me lol
02:03 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
02:03 <Hallowland> What did he do?
02:03 <CoffeeMugRS> He didn't do anything.
02:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Mol got him banned. :p
02:04 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm banned from WikiAnswers as well.
02:04 <CoffeeMugRS> <.<
02:04 <Hallowland> Bad boy Mol
02:04 <The Mol Man>
02:04 <The Mol Man> he's blocked for one week
02:04 <The Mol Man> and he doesn't care
02:04 <Hallowland> ;p
02:05 <CoffeeMugRS>
02:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Perm banned.
02:05 <EpicPancakes> Holy pop
02:05 <CoffeeMugRS> FOR ONE EDIT
02:05 <EpicPancakes> A question that I know the answer to written in good English.
02:05 <EpicPancakes> ITS THE FIRST TIME
02:06 <Habblet> lol coffee, your banning is exaggerated
02:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Did you see what page got me banned?
02:06 <Habblet> yes
02:06 <Hallowland> I didn't ;p
02:06 <CoffeeMugRS>  Except I replaced torva with Iron.
02:07 <EpicPancakes> This if funny, because the person who answered sounds like the most paranoid idiot wife ever.
02:07 <EpicPancakes> *i
02:07 <EpicPancakes> *is
02:07 <Habblet> ok you were trolling, but you have to get a warning at least
02:07 <CoffeeMugRS> Perhaps they have a defence level of 1-4.
02:07 <CoffeeMugRS> I don't know that.
02:07 <CoffeeMugRS> Nobody does.
02:07 <CoffeeMugRS> Highly unlikely, but even so.
02:07 <Habblet> combat level 122 with 1 def is possible?
02:07 <EpicPancakes> ASSUME GOOD FATH
02:07 <EpicPancakes> FAITH
02:07 <Hallowland> lol
02:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Yup.
02:08 <Hallowland> The people from that wiki are weird
02:08 <Habblet> btw mug
02:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Habblet, I don't know.
02:08 <Habblet> christmas outfit is cropped :c
02:08 <CoffeeMugRS> All 99s but defence.
02:08 <Habblet> do you have original image?
02:08 <CoffeeMugRS> What do you mean? :o
02:08 <Habblet> it cuts arm and hood
02:08 <CoffeeMugRS> OH NO
02:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Here's how I got my images.
02:08 <Habblet> im not sure that green spirit shield making in a poh
02:09 <Habblet> was a good idea
02:09 <CoffeeMugRS> I screenshot, paste in Paint, crop with Gyazo (crop and auto-upload program), and saved the image
02:09 <Habblet> i dont even know how its called anyway ;-;
02:09 <EpicPancakes> [[MMG]]
02:09 <Casting Fishes^^> [[Legend's guild]] >_>
02:09 <The Mol Man> pancakes
02:09 <The Mol Man> 02:08 . . I am not me (Talk | contribs) deleted page Oviduct is another name which of these ‎(Blatantly copied from an exam or homework assignment: content was: "{{Delete|Cheating}} Category:Answered questions")
02:09 <CoffeeMugRS> I would use Gyazo right away, but because of the animations, sometimes the image will produce glitches.
02:09 <The Mol Man> he deleted an article I marked <3
02:10 <EpicPancakes> wat
02:10 <EpicPancakes> YAY
02:10 <Habblet> I think gadderhammer screenie should have been
02:10 <Habblet> in the other diagonal angle
02:10 <Hallowland> Aw won't let me ask "Who is me?"
02:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Random question [email protected]
02:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Favourite beverage?
02:10 <The Mol Man> hallow, don't do troll questions :(
02:10 <Habblet> What if me is a chinese singer of los angeles
02:11 <Hallowland> I didn't ;p
02:11 <Habblet> "Me Kagasawa"
02:11 <Hallowland> I was just reading an article about questions
02:11 <Ryan Baker> habble
02:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Ask what 23^2384*-3723.3249
02:11 <CoffeeMugRS> is
02:11 <Ryan Baker> do you watch much south park?
02:11 <Habblet> no
02:11 <Habblet> never watched it
02:11 <Habblet> only random images in google
02:11 <Ryan Baker> damnit... I'll still say it
02:11 <Ryan Baker> Herro Mrs. Wing
02:12 <CoffeeMugRS> I've never watched Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, etc.
02:12 <Habblet> youv never watched family guy?!
02:12 <CoffeeMugRS> No.
02:12 <EpicPancakes>
02:12 <CoffeeMugRS> I don't plan to either.
02:12 <EpicPancakes> It was good for about half of it
02:12 <EpicPancakes> It's not too funny anymroe
02:12 <EpicPancakes> mroe
02:12 <EpicPancakes> more
02:13 <The Mol Man>
02:13 <The Mol Man> some sexy guy 16 times
02:13 <Ryan Baker> wow
02:13 <CoffeeMugRS> Lolyouwish
02:13 <Ryan Baker> chax is making links not show
02:13 <Habblet> Habblet is the ultimate model
02:13 <Ryan Baker> brb
02:13 -!- Ryan Baker has left Special:Chat.
02:14 -!- Ryan Baker has joined Special:Chat
02:14 <Habblet> that was fast
02:14 <CoffeeMugRS> An awesome photographer took those images.
02:14 <Habblet> Only because I attract him
02:14 <Habblet> and >convinced< him to take mol's images too
02:14 <Hallowland> Oh my God
02:14 <Hallowland> Look at this
02:14 <CoffeeMugRS> No, I post pictures on the Freak Circus fanpage.
02:14 <Hallowland>
02:14 <Habblet> btw
02:15 <Habblet> we may have to retake golden mining too
02:15 <Habblet> a bit more side angle
02:15 <Habblet> to see the feather on hat
02:15 <CoffeeMugRS> BOO
02:15 <Habblet> and also because
02:15 <CoffeeMugRS> (fp)
02:15 <Habblet> there is a green thing on the gold thing
02:15 <CoffeeMugRS> Wat
02:15 <Habblet> look it yourself
02:15 <Habblet> on the top
02:15 <Habblet>
02:15 <Habblet> i mean, on the shirt, not top of image
02:15 <Habblet> belly :3
02:16 <The Mol Man> sexy 
02:16 <CoffeeMugRS> LOL Mol is too skinny.
02:16 <The Mol Man> >:O
02:16 <Habblet> mol has no apparatus
02:16 <The Mol Man> wow...
02:16 <The Mol Man> the admin deletes legitimate questions because of vandal answers
02:17 <The Mol Man> why not just blank it, seriously
02:17 <CoffeeMugRS>  That's not a glitch.
02:17 <CoffeeMugRS> The part that the banner is under is an overhang on the castle.
02:18 <Habblet> ikr ^
02:18 <The Mol Man> that's why i has d
02:18 <Habblet> too lazy to delete
02:18 <The Mol Man> you can't delete -.-
02:18 <Habblet> well
02:18 <Habblet> from the page
02:18 <CoffeeMugRS> However, I do not believe that overhang is there anymore.
02:18 <The Mol Man> i took it off
02:19 <CoffeeMugRS> MOL
02:19 <CoffeeMugRS> I NEED MORE EDITS
02:19 <Hallowland> Haidro cant visit us for a week then?
02:19 <CoffeeMugRS> He can come here
02:19 <CoffeeMugRS> But not Wikianswers
02:19 <The Mol Man> he is only blocked from answers
02:19 <The Mol Man> he can go on wiki answers
02:19 <The Mol Man> but cannot edit
02:19 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
02:19 <EpicPancakes> Why can nobody understand
02:19 <Hallowland> Ah
02:20 <CoffeeMugRS> Why can nobody understand what, Epic?
02:20 <EpicPancakes> Haidro's situation
02:20 <Habblet> lolllllllll
02:20 <Habblet> the penguin is actually invisible like i said
02:20 <Hallowland> Ask that on that wiki
02:20 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
02:20 <EpicPancakes>
02:20 <The Mol Man> Hi Ryan M
02:20 <CoffeeMugRS> And please, stop filling my chat with your pointless links.
02:20 <CoffeeMugRS> Like that.
02:20 <Ryan PM>
02:21 <Ryan PM> :)
02:21 <EpicPancakes> Nope.
02:21 <CoffeeMugRS> As TyA said earlier, take that somewhere else.
02:21 <The Mol Man> pancakes, stop being sarcastic
02:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Just because TyA is away, doesn't mean you should continue.
02:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Stop acting like a kid.
02:21 <EpicPancakes> Stop treating me like one.
02:21 <Hallowland> No fighting please.
02:22 <CoffeeMugRS> If you acted more mature, I would treat you like a mature person. Enough.
02:22 <The Mol Man> both of you shut up or PM
02:22 <EpicPancakes> PM arguing? PFFFFTTT
02:22 <EpicPancakes> Leave that to YouTbe
02:23 <Habblet> I love many of the new cape updates
02:23 <Habblet> in the beta
02:23 <Habblet> milestone capes look hawt now
02:23 <Hallowland> ^
02:23 -!- Smartman294 has joined Special:Chat
02:23 <EpicPancakes> Oh, in beta.
02:23 <EpicPancakes> I was gonna say.
02:23 <Smartman294> hey
02:23 <Habblet> fffuu
02:24 <Hallowland> Hey Smartman :)
02:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Smartman294.
02:24 <Habblet> where is tier 10 cape muggy
02:24 <EpicPancakes> Now I have to go into beta and look
02:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Wat
02:24 <Smartman294> speaking about milestones cape ;D
02:24 <Smartman294> i finally hit my goal :D
02:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Congratulations!
02:24 <Hallowland> Nice!
02:24 <Smartman294> i have in my inventory
02:24 <Smartman294> the tomb
02:24 <Smartman294> to get 70 All skills!!!
02:24 <Habblet> congrats
02:24 <Habblet> muggy
02:24 <Habblet> you forgot to upload milestone cape 10
02:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Searching my files.
02:24 <Habblet> ok
02:25 <Hallowland> Hab
02:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Okay, I got it.
02:25 <Habblet> now gotta move 2 files ;-;
02:25 <Hallowland> That doesn't exist?
02:25 <Habblet> what doesn't?
02:25 <Hallowland> Nvm
02:25 <Hallowland> Confused
02:25 <EpicPancakes> What quest to do next...
02:25 <Hallowland> My bad sorry
02:26 <CoffeeMugRS> Updating my album.
02:26 <CoffeeMugRS> Updated.
02:26 <EpicPancakes> Oh yeah, I was doing a slayer task
02:27 <Smartman294> :o
02:27 -!- Hunter103 has joined Special:Chat
02:27 <CoffeeMugRS> 73 images exist in this album.
02:27 <Hunter103> Eyyy papa seca!
02:27 <EpicPancakes> HHUUNNTEERER
02:27 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Hunter103.
02:27 <EpicPancakes> Remember me?
02:27 <Hunter103> Of course, of course
02:27 <EpicPancakes> I remember you from long long ago
02:27 <Hunter103> I see you're still a brony :P
02:27 <EpicPancakes> I wasn't when I knew you...
02:27 <Hunter103> I came on every once in a while
02:27 <Hunter103> checked who was in the chat
02:28 <Hunter103> Didnt always come in though
02:28 <Hunter103> anyway
02:28 <Hunter103> hello other people too :P
02:28 <Hallowland> Hey :)
02:28 <Hallowland> Welcome back then ;)
02:28 <CoffeeMugRS> Does anyone here play Call of Duty..?  Because I want to get an opinion on one of my vids that I'm debating on publishing to YT.
02:28 <Hunter103> :P
02:28 <EpicPancakes> Now there's only one person I used to know that I haven't spoken to
02:28 <EpicPancakes> And I can't remember their namr
02:28 <Hunter103> I play. ill gladly give you an opinion
02:29 <Hunter103> Zamorak?
02:29 <Hunter103> he changed his name though
02:29 <EpicPancakes> No, that's TyA
02:29 <Hunter103> yeah, yeah
02:29 <Hunter103> Thats why i was wondering
02:29 <CoffeeMugRS> Wow, fail.
02:29 <CoffeeMugRS> I lost the vid.
02:29 <EpicPancakes> D:
02:29 <CoffeeMugRS> Nevermind. <.<
02:29 <Hunter103> o.o
02:29 <EpicPancakes> What was it of?
02:29 <Hunter103> Im assuming CoD
02:29 <CoffeeMugRS> Several MOABs.
02:29 <EpicPancakes> S&D on Terminal pro
02:29 <Hunter103> Terminal Pro?
02:29 <Hunter103> Whats pro?
02:29 <EpicPancakes> Eh...
02:29 <EpicPancakes> *Being a pro on S&D on terminal
02:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh, I didn't mention that they're knife-only MOABs.
02:30 <Hunter103> Oh
02:30 <Hunter103> MOABS are awful
02:30 <Hunter103> Nukes are where its at
02:30 <CoffeeMugRS> USP .45 with TKnife <3
02:30 <EpicPancakes> Moabs
02:30 <EpicPancakes> Why not tactical nukes
02:30 <CoffeeMugRS> I can get nukes in MW2 with knifing.
02:30 <Hunter103> Try that in rust
02:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Done
02:31 <Hunter103> without commando
02:31 <CoffeeMugRS> And done.
02:31 <CoffeeMugRS> I don't use commando.
02:31 <Hunter103> .... or sprint
02:31 <Hunter103> whatever its called
02:31 <EpicPancakes> I hate cod so much.
02:31 <Hunter103> marathron
02:31 <Hunter103> thon*
02:31 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Heraldic shield (Construction)]]
02:31 <Hunter103> Why's that?
02:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Knifing only without Marathon?
02:31 <EpicPancakes> MW3 is just an aboination
02:31 <CoffeeMugRS> You're crazy, sir.
02:31 -!- Smartman294 has left Special:Chat.
02:31 <EpicPancakes> Abomination
02:31 <Hunter103> MW3 sucks
02:31 <CoffeeMugRS> I like BlOps knifing
02:32 <The Mol Man> pancakes
02:32 <CoffeeMugRS> The lunging distance is so much more realistic.
02:32 <EpicPancakes> MW2 was good, but on PS3 there were just too many noobtubes
02:32 <Hunter103> I spent 50 extra on that -CENSOR- free stuff 
02:32 <EpicPancakes> MW1 was good, WaW was good, Black Ops was good
02:32 <The Mol Man> ill probably have marked over 100 questions for deletion by the end of today lol
02:32 <Meter55> What the...
02:32 <Hunter103> I might get back into RS
02:32 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm going to renew my GOLD membership soon.
02:32 <Hunter103> but i dont know what to do...
02:32 <Meter55> Why is there two pages on "Some Like It Cold"?
02:32 <Hunter103> [[Some Like it Cold]]
02:33 <Hunter103> lets find out, shall we?
02:33 <Hunter103> ew
02:33 <Meter55> Ah, redirect.
02:33 <Hunter103> new stuff
02:33 <EpicPancakes> [[Some Like it Cold|Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold]]
02:33 <Meter55> Dunno why the had the i lowercase.
02:33 <EpicPancakes> That should totally be a quest
02:33 <Meter55> they*
02:34 <CoffeeMugRS> I'ma go play some BlOps zombies now.
02:34 <CoffeeMugRS> Bye everyone!
02:34 <Hunter103> Cya
02:34 <Habblet> seeya
02:34 <Hunter103> Der Riese <3
02:34 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <CoffeeMugRS> Nevermind
02:34 <Hunter103> Okay then
02:34 <Hunter103> Undo my cya
02:34 <The Mol Man> hi dtm
02:34 <Dtm142> So there's an 11th penguin now that gives 3 points, can teleport, and requires the ring of visibility
02:34 <Dtm142> Hi
02:34 <Dtm142> ?
02:34 <Hunter103> Hola dtm
02:34 <Dtm142> Will world60pengs be any help?
02:34 <Hunter103> Never seen you :P
02:34 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Dtm
02:34 <Ryan PM> yes Dtm
02:34 <Hunter103> Navi?
02:34 <Dtm142> Hi
02:35 <Dtm142> Yes.
02:35 <Dtm142> (H)
02:35 <Hallowland> Need a favour
02:35 <Ryan PM> at least two of the locations it teles to are Karid and Cammy
02:35 <CoffeeMugRS> Whatcha need?
02:35 <Dtm142> K
02:35 <Dtm142> Going to try it.
02:35 <Hunter103> Yessss hallow
02:35 <Ryan PM> but it seems like it teleports every 5-10 minutes
02:35 <Ryan PM> maybe 20 at most
02:35 <Dtm142> Meh
02:35 <Hallowland> A gallery for the [[Beta:Heraldic 
02:35 <Hallowland>*
02:36 <Dtm142> Hmm
02:36 <The Mol Man> hallow 
02:36 <Hunter103> [[Heraldic Shield]]
02:36 <The Mol Man> we don't have that yet
02:36 <CoffeeMugRS> Well, Mol and I were going to do that later
02:36 <Hallowland>
02:36 <Hallowland> God
02:36 <The Mol Man> i'm not ready to pose ;)
02:36 <Hunter103> Whats that o.o
02:36 <Dtm142> So 3 weeks of penguin hunting now gives 51 points
02:36 <The Mol Man> ill pose tommorrow
02:36 <CoffeeMugRS> But I'm being extremely lazy.
02:36 <The Mol Man> as well as the helms
02:36 <Hunter103> Im assuming thats new
02:36 <Dtm142> So that means I have to cash in my points every TWO weeks now instead of every THREE...
02:36 <CoffeeMugRS> So Mol and I are going to update that page tomorrow, Hallow. :)
02:37 <Hallowland> Ok :)
02:37 <Hunter103>  Im guessing i was kicked from the clan
02:37 <CoffeeMugRS> I haven't done a farm run in a while.
02:37 <Hallowland> [[Heraldic helm]]
02:37 <Habblet> mol
02:37 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Evolution of Combat]] <-- Hunter103, that's what we're referring to as [[Beta]].
02:38 <Hunter103> ohadf
02:38 <The Mol Man> ?
02:38 <Hunter103> thats still not out?
02:38 <Hunter103> hurry up jagex
02:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol, no.
02:38 <Habblet> what is that pointed rapier 
02:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Rapier
02:38 <Hunter103> youre as bad as mojang...
02:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Simply, Rapier
02:38 <The Mol Man> Literally "Rapier" as coffee said
02:38 <CoffeeMugRS> From Clockwork Syringe I believe
02:38 <Dtm142> Hunter, they still have yet to fix the boogie bow
02:38 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Heraldic helms (construction)]]
02:38 <Hunter103> 1.2.5: February. 1.3: August
02:38 <The Mol Man> no
02:38 <The Mol Man> from Cabin fever
02:38 <CoffeeMugRS> No?
02:38 <Hunter103> [[Heraldic_helmet_(Construction)]]
02:38 <Habblet> Oic
02:38 <The Mol Man> but not directly
02:38 -!- Omg piano has joined Special:Chat
02:38 <The Mol Man> you can buy it from smith after the quest
02:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Ah.
02:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Alright.
02:39 <CoffeeMugRS> I used to have a chaotic rapier.
02:39 <Omg piano> I can't edit, but I sure can put on a sexy stub feature
02:39 <Casting Fishes^^> naight guys ily all
02:39 <Omg piano> :D
02:39 <Casting Fishes^^> <3
02:39 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
02:39 <CoffeeMugRS> Then I took a dumb clanmate to the knee.
02:39 <Omg piano> Just sayin'
02:39 -!- Omg piano has left Special:Chat.
02:40 <EpicPancakes> Why...
02:40 <Dtm142> Got 56K from spintowin.
02:40 <Dtm142> Not bad.
02:40 <The Mol Man> habblet
02:40 <The Mol Man> the images can stay
02:40 <The Mol Man> just update them when we get there
02:40 <Meter55> I gotta get my penguin egg. I left it in the incubator for 7 hours.
02:40 <Habblet> you mean upload all then add to artcile?
02:41 <The Mol Man> ya, jsut undo your edit :x
02:41 <Habblet> what edit
02:41 <Meter55> I'm a s**ty parental figure. XD
02:41 <The Mol Man> the one that removed the pics
02:41 <Habblet> which pics
02:41 <The Mol Man> o that was hallow i misread
02:41 <Habblet> =.="
02:42 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Painted Helm]]
02:42 <CoffeeMugRS> Habblet
02:42 <The Mol Man> hallow
02:42 <CoffeeMugRS> I transed an image of you
02:42 <The Mol Man> don't remove images plz
02:42 <Hallowland> [[Painted helm]]
02:42 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Ancient staff]]
02:42 <The Mol Man> we'll update when we get there
02:42 <Meter55> waddle faster!
02:42 <Meter55> >:x
02:42 <Hallowland> Ok :)
02:42 <CoffeeMugRS> WAT
02:42 <Hunter103>
02:42 <CoffeeMugRS> WHO UNDID THAT
02:42 <Habblet> I did
02:42 <Hunter103> So... 7th season of doctor who..
02:42 <Hunter103> awesome?
02:42 <Hunter103> yes?
02:42 <Habblet> mug, that wasn't a good trans ;_;
02:42 <Hallowland> [[Painted Helm]]
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> You're right, it wasn't.
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Teach me hoe
02:43 <Habblet> were you using fuzzy selection tool
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> how*
02:43 <Hunter103> Ill redirect Painted helm
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> <.<
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> ..Yes
02:43 <Habblet> never use that
02:43 <Habblet> its a cursed wand
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Then what do I used
02:43 <Habblet> you have to do it manually
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> use*
02:43 <Habblet> Zoom the image 400% or 800$
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> So, use an Eraser?
02:43 <Habblet> 800% o_O
02:43 <Habblet> rofl no
02:43 <Habblet> Do this, first of all
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Sec
02:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Let me load Gimp
02:44 <Habblet> Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel
02:44 <Hunter103> There
02:44 <Hunter103> Now try the [[Painted Helm]]
02:44 <CoffeeMugRS> Here's the thing
02:44 <Habblet> then Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha to selection
02:44 <Hallowland> Mol
02:44 <Habblet> now zoom the image 400% or 800%
02:44 <Habblet> I'd say 800% since you're new on this
02:44 <Habblet> wait actually
02:44 <Habblet> its a bird hard to explain here
02:44 <Habblet> these are the basics
02:44 <Hallowland> The images are leaking
02:44 <Meter55> :x all the PC worlds have high ping...
02:44 <Habblet> gonna send you a link for the practic part
02:44 <Hallowland> From the page
02:45 <Habblet> have you done what I said
02:45 <CoffeeMugRS> Hold on...
02:45 <CoffeeMugRS> The option to add Alpha channel is grayed out
02:45 <CoffeeMugRS> I haven't even added a channel
02:46 <Habblet> is the image copied
02:46 <The Mol Man>
02:46 <Habblet> does it put
02:46 <The Mol Man> confirm if that is members or nonmems price?
02:46 <Habblet> "floating image" or something
02:46 <CoffeeMugRS> ???
02:46 <Habblet> in the layers window
02:46 <Habblet> ok nvm, click the cross on gimp
02:46 <Habblet> dw it wont close it
02:46 <Meter55> lol
02:46 <Hunter103> Use the one select tool
02:47 <Habblet> not yet
02:47 <CoffeeMugRS> Closed the image
02:47 <Hallowland> Mol
02:47 <Habblet> ok,
02:47 <Habblet> Go to file > Open as layers
02:47 <Hunter103> using 8x zoom, (800%), carefully drag around the main focus until its back at the start point you selected.
02:47 <Habblet> choose the image
02:47 <CoffeeMugRS> Okay
02:47 <Hunter103> Then invert with Ctrl:I, and hit delete.
02:47 <CoffeeMugRS> HUNTER
02:47 <Hunter103> Sorry :(
02:48 <Habblet> now
02:48 <CoffeeMugRS> I keep thinking you're Habblet
02:48 <CoffeeMugRS> And it's confusing me
02:48 <Habblet> Go to Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha channel
02:48 <Habblet> shouldnt be grayed out now
02:48 <Hallowland> Can you fix the gallery of [[Beta:Heraldic shield (construction)]]?
02:48 <CoffeeMugRS> Still no
02:48 <Hunter103> The only things we have in common is the one H....
02:48 <CoffeeMugRS> and the t
02:48 <Habblet> still no or still yes
02:48 <CoffeeMugRS> Still no option
02:48 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Painted shield]]
02:48 <Habblet> did you open as layer
02:49 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes
02:49 <Habblet> try this:
02:49 <Habblet> [[User:Spineweilder/Transparency_guide|Ultimate weapon to master transparency in GIMP]]
02:49 <Hunter103> THERE YOU GO
02:49 <Hunter103> I tried finding that guide
02:49 <Hunter103> Couldnt get it for him
02:50 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
02:50 <Hunter103> Lasso select
02:50 <Hunter103> That was the word
02:50 -!- Rero37 has joined Special:Chat
02:50 <Rero37> How much does guthans cost?
02:51 <Hunter103> 642mil.
02:51 <Hunter103> I have no idea.
02:51 <Rero37> oh.
02:51 <Rero37> I was about to fangasm.
02:51 <Rero37> how do you ge check on here again?
02:51 <Rero37>
02:52 <Hallowland>  
02:52 <The Mol Man> hallow
02:52 <Rero37> Mol Man
02:52 <The Mol Man> make sure your redirects lead to actual pages
02:52 <Rero37> how do u ge check again>
02:52 <Hunter103> !ge black boots
02:52 <Hunter103> idk
02:52 <Hunter103> THis isnt irc
02:52 <Hunter103> /a
02:52 <Hallowland> Corrected it :)
02:52 <Hunter103> @s
02:52 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[guthan's warspear]] is 333,690 coins.
02:52 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Heraldic shield (construction)]]
02:52 <Rero37> holy moly.
02:52 <The Mol Man> thank you
02:52 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[guthan's helm]] is 317,589 coins.
02:52 <Hunter103> Howd you do that?
02:52 <Rero37> Thank you.
02:52 <Hunter103> [[GE:Guthan's helm]]
02:53 <Hunter103> D:
02:53 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[guthan's platebody]] is 387,985 coins.
02:53 <CoffeeMugRS>  /gep item name
02:53 <Rero37> So basically it's 1.6m?
02:53 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[guthan's chainskirt]] is 372,623 coins.
02:53 <CoffeeMugRS> roughly, yes
02:53 <Rero37> I can buy that.
02:53 <Rero37> Is it worth it?
02:53 <Rero37> I heard it heals u and what not.
02:53 -!- Darklordnd has joined Special:Chat
02:53 <Hallowland> Mol
02:54 <CoffeeMugRS> It heals, but not 100% of the time
02:54 <CoffeeMugRS> I always heal when I hit low
02:54 <Hallowland> Creating a redirect of [[Beta:Heraldic shield (construction)]] to [[Beta:Heraldic shield (Construction)]]
02:54 <Hallowland> Ok?
02:54 <Darklordnd> anyone know how to contact runescape wiki admins? I want to tell them to bring the auto redirect back
02:54 <The Mol Man> as long as you redirect to an actual page, it's fine :)
02:54 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
02:54 <The Mol Man> they can't do that
02:54 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
02:54 <Hallowland> Ok :)
02:54 <The Mol Man> that's a wikia problem
02:54 <Darklordnd> i hate it when I search for something and it brings up a result page
02:55 <Rero37> What are the odds of getting a Vecna Skull?
02:55 <Rero37> Or whatever its called.
02:55 <TyA> That's from Wikia
02:55 <Darklordnd> instead of the page I want
02:55 <EpicPancakes> There is nothing the admins can do about that.
02:55 <The Mol Man> dark
02:55 <CoffeeMugRS> [[RDT]]
02:55 <CoffeeMugRS> See that, Rero
02:55 <The Mol Man> you can change that in your preferences
02:55 <Hallowland> Very rare
02:55 <TyA> There is an option in [[Special:Preferences]] that changes it back to the old behaviour though
02:55 <Darklordnd> oh
02:55 <TyA> But that is per person, and not for the whole wiki
02:55 <Darklordnd> really, I'll try it now
02:55 <Darklordnd> thank you very much
02:55 <The Mol Man> NP
02:55 <Darklordnd> i thought it was the site's settings
02:56 <TyA> 'fraid not
02:56 <CoffeeMugRS> TyA
02:56 <TyA> Otherwise we wouldn't've set it
02:56 <Habblet> [[Sock mask]] creeps me out...
02:56 <TyA> Yes CoffeeMug?
02:56 <CoffeeMugRS> Do I just change it to default?
02:56 <Habblet> It's creepier than revolutionary mask
02:56 <CoffeeMugRS> That's been irritating me as well
02:56 <Rero37> Lol I saw 500m on the spin ticket thing when I was spinning..
02:56 <Rero37> I was like...
02:56 <CoffeeMugRS> OH
02:56 <CoffeeMugRS> Nevermind
02:56 <Habblet> you mean 200m?
02:57 <CoffeeMugRS> I see TyA
02:57 <Rero37> The world would end if I won 500m..
02:57 <TyA>
02:57 <TyA> I believe it's the enable go-search option
02:57 <Rero37> Nope it was 500m
02:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Thanks :)
02:57 <Habblet> there is no 500m o_O
02:57 <Rero37> I was like the world would end if I ever got 500m...
02:57 <The Mol Man> yes ty
02:57 <Rero37> I swear to glob it was 500m
02:58 <Rero37> - Bring back memories of Smallville, and the CW on TV>
02:58 <Habblet> mol
02:58 <Habblet> the boots you did were steads right
02:58 <The Mol Man> yes
02:59 <Darklordnd> does anyone think the fish mask will be discontinued?
02:59 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <Hallowland> Hey Fergie :)
02:59 <Habblet> it's been confirmed
02:59 <The Mol Man> HI FERGLICIOUS 
02:59 <Darklordnd> fish mask?
02:59 <Rero37> :D
02:59 <Habblet> yes
03:00 <EpicPancakes> Hi person
03:00 <Habblet> in fact, they added it 
03:00 <Habblet> because they wanted it to discontinue it
03:00 <EpicPancakes> Mol, isn't that a song
03:00 <Rero37> Are Black Dragons easier to kill now?
03:00 <Urbancowgurl777> hi Hallow & Mol
03:00 <The Mol Man> idk
03:00 <Darklordnd> oh yeah, so I guess stockpiling it should be a good idea
03:00 <Habblet> yes but whenever you sell it
03:00 <Hallowland> @Rero: Very.
03:00 <Habblet> don't sell many at a time
03:00 <Darklordnd> i got one by luck :) spin the wheel and that's the best thing i've ever get
03:00 <Habblet> or it will crash
03:01 <Darklordnd> I know, thanks for the advice
03:01 -!- Darklordnd has left Special:Chat.
03:01 <Habblet> muggy
03:01 <Rero37> Hallow how so 
03:01 <Habblet> tomorrow we have to do another ton of images
03:02 <CoffeeMugRS> I alched my fish masks I got from SoF
03:02 <Hunter103> [[Fish mask]]
03:02 <Ryan PM> or ?
03:02 <CoffeeMugRS> Fine, Habblet
03:02 <Lord Yura> Yaay! 'Some like it cold' Quest complete x3
03:03 <Lord Yura> Now for 2 spins that wont help u-u
03:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Whatever x3 means, congratulations!
03:03 <Habblet> mug idk if the images you did are large enough
03:03 <CoffeeMugRS> All of them..?
03:03 <Habblet> each time you go into orb mode,
03:03 <Habblet> do you zoom the maximum possible
03:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes
03:03 <Habblet> so my head and my feet are touching the edges of game
03:03 <Urbancowgurl777> side view would probably be best, Ryan
03:04 <CoffeeMugRS> I tried as much as possible, Habblet.
03:04 <Ryan PM> okay
03:04 <Hunter103> Dragon Defender Count: 2
03:04 <Ryan PM> because that peng is a pain in the ass to orb
03:04 <Habblet> I've seen larger images
03:04 <Ryan PM> and hard to find too
03:04 <Urbancowgurl777> :P
03:04 <Urbancowgurl777> Habblet, not everyone has the same screen size
03:04 <CoffeeMugRS> Maybe they have larger screens than me, and play in fullscreen
03:04 <Hallowland> @Rero With the new items released (Polypore, Stab weapons, etc) they are very vulnerable.
03:04 <Urbancowgurl777> since my laptop is widescreen i can't get images as big as like Ryan can
03:04 <Habblet> just saying because
03:05 <Habblet> i once did an image of that size
03:05 <Habblet> perhaps a lil smaller
03:05 <Hunter103> [[General store]]
03:05 <Habblet> and I got the greater detail tag -.-
03:05 <Urbancowgurl777> what file are yall talking about
03:05 <Habblet> 70+ files we did
03:05 <Rero37> Vulnerable as in easier to kill, or that they can drop [email protected]
03:05 <CoffeeMugRS> I have a 27 inch widescreen. Some of those images could've been taken in like
03:05 <Urbancowgurl777> [[Special:log/upload]]
03:05 <CoffeeMugRS> A movie theatre
03:05 <Lord Yura> And not to mention that Dragons die super quickly with
03:05 <Lord Yura> :3
03:05 <Hallowland> Easier to kill
03:06 <Urbancowgurl777> i don't see any uploads from coffee <.<
03:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Habblet uploading
03:06 <Habblet> ye doing the hard work here ;-;
03:06 <CoffeeMugRS> I was just the photographer.
03:06 <Urbancowgurl777> why is he uploading your images <.<
03:06 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Painted shields]]
03:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Because my computer has been super slow.
03:06 <Urbancowgurl777> mk
03:07 <CoffeeMugRS> Took me ~15 minutes to upload 73 images to imgur
03:07 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Painted shield]]
03:07 <The Mol Man> fergie
03:07 <Hunter103> So wait, for the soloman store weapons and outfits
03:07 <The Mol Man> look at the beta:banner page
03:07 <Hunter103> Do they go OVER my current stuff?
03:07 <Urbancowgurl777> well the size could be bigger for them but they're not so small that they need to be replaced..
03:07 <Urbancowgurl777> they look phine
03:07 <The Mol Man> it has some sexy guy 16 times
03:07 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes Hunter
03:07 <Hunter103> If i die with them...?
03:07 <CoffeeMugRS> You keep them
03:07 <Urbancowgurl777> buy more runecoins ofc
03:07 <Hallowland> [[Beta:Painted helm]]
03:07 <Rero37> Does barrows armour degrade :/?
03:07 <CoffeeMugRS> It's essentially the base item
03:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Just a different look
03:08 <Urbancowgurl777> yes Rero
03:08 <Hunter103> kk
03:08 <Rero37> Ok now thats bull shit.
03:08 <Urbancowgurl777> [[Barrows armour]] read ;3=
03:08 <Hallowland> Yes Rero
03:08 <Rero37> I'm not buying that.
03:08 <Lord Yura> All barrows armor was always degradable
03:08 <CoffeeMugRS> It takes 10 hours for it to degrade fully
03:08 <Lord Yura> But you can repair it for less at your PoH
03:08 <Hallowland> Rero it's very cheap to repair
03:08 <CoffeeMugRS> 10 hours in sontant combat
03:08 <Hunter103> AFK'ed into a cyclossus D:<
03:08 <CoffeeMugRS> constant*
03:08 <EpicPancakes> Poop gotta wait 20 mins for this to grow
03:08 <Rero37> How much hallo?
03:09 <Lord Yura> Every 2 smithing levels is 1% less if you do it yourself
03:09 <Urbancowgurl777> [[Barrows armour]] read
03:09 <Hallowland> ~50k for everything 
03:09 <Rero37> Alright So for my Summer of FOrtune spin...
03:09 <Rero37> I have Queen's guard hat.
03:09 <Rero37> 100 k
03:09 <Rero37> medium lamp
03:09 <Rero37> 1000k
03:09 <Rero37> medium lamp
03:09 <Rero37> small lamp
03:09 <Rero37> 200m
03:09 <Rero37> medium lamp
03:09 <Rero37> 20 gold ore
03:09 <Rero37> spin ticket
03:09 <Hunter103> Wait, you cant sell that stuff, can you?
03:09 <Rero37> small lamp
03:09 <Urbancowgurl777> why are you spamming
03:09 <The Mol Man> stop the spam
03:10 <Rero37> prized pendant of contstruct
03:10 <Hunter103> [[Medium lamp]]
03:10 <Hallowland> Hm
03:10 <Rero37> and 100 water balloons..
03:10 <Rero37> are water balloons sellable?
03:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Where are Joey's SoF logs?
03:10 <CoffeeMugRS> I lost them
03:10 <Lord Yura> Saying all the rewards before the spin?
03:10 <Rero37> yes.
03:10 <The Mol Man> he closed it for now
03:10 <Rero37> I still havent done it.
03:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh
03:10 <Rero37> It's still spinning
03:10 <Urbancowgurl777> [[User:Joeytje50/SoF]]
03:10 <Rero37> I hope I get the 200m
03:10 <Rero37> 10
03:10 <Hunter103> [[Cyclopian Helmet]] Just got that <<
03:10 <Rero37> 9, 8 , 7 , 6 , 5 , 4 , 3 , 2
03:10 <Rero37> 1
03:11 <Hallowland> Good luck.
03:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Rero
03:11 <Hunter103> [[Cyclopean Helmet]]
03:11 <Rero37> 1k...
03:11 <Rero37> bull shit.
03:11 <CoffeeMugRS> No need to post what your potential rewards are. Especially one lining them
03:11 <CoffeeMugRS> And Habblet
03:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Tomorrow, what time will you be on? what time zone are you?
03:12 <Habblet> GMT+1
03:12 <CoffeeMugRS> GMT +/-?
03:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Okay
03:12 <CoffeeMugRS> So you're 6 hours ahead of me
03:12 <Habblet> >.<
03:12 <CoffeeMugRS> It's 5:12am for you?
03:12 <Rero37> 11:12PM here
03:12 <Hunter103> ^^
03:12 <Habblet> yes
03:12 <CoffeeMugRS> y u no sleep?
03:12 <Hallowland> Sorry Mol
03:12 <CoffeeMugRS> xp waste
03:13 -!- Shiny Pichu has joined Special:Chat
03:13 <Habblet> im doing the frigging 934 images ;-;
03:13 -!- Shiny Pichu has left Special:Chat.
03:13 <Hallowland> My preferences didn't work apparently
03:13 <CoffeeMugRS> HABBLET
03:13 <CoffeeMugRS> Go to sleep
03:13 <CoffeeMugRS> I'll do them
03:13 <The Mol Man> ? hallow
03:13 <Habblet> there
03:13 <CoffeeMugRS> I feel bad now
03:13 <CoffeeMugRS> Wow
03:13 <Habblet> all images done
03:13 <CoffeeMugRS> You're done?
03:13 <Habblet> except spirit shields
03:13 <Hallowland> #REDIRECT [[Beta:Heraldic helm (construction)]]
03:13 <CoffeeMugRS> Pfft
03:13 <Habblet> cos I dont know name
03:13 <Habblet> :D
03:13 <Habblet> but I was pro at identifying ava chickens
03:13 <CoffeeMugRS> Elysian, Lucky arcane, Arcane, Divine
03:14 <Hallowland> Hm?
03:14 <Habblet> i only know
03:14 <Habblet> arcane is orange
03:14 <Habblet> elysian is blue
03:14 <Hallowland> #REDIRECT [[Beta:Heraldic Helm (Construction)]]
03:14 <Habblet> ok
03:14 <CoffeeMugRS> It helps to look at the sigils to identify between the Lucky arcane and the Divine
03:14 <Habblet> imma upload arcane and ely
03:14 <The Mol Man> can you find what the beta page is called?
03:14 <Hallowland> What's wrong..
03:14 <The Mol Man> arcane is yellow noob
03:14 <Hunter103> what are you trying to do?
03:14 <Habblet> arcane is orange in my country
03:14 -!- N7 Elite has joined Special:Chat
03:14 <The Mol Man> don't forget to upload the pale lucky arcane
03:14 <The Mol Man> hi n7
03:15 <Urbancowgurl777> arcane is purple on my continent
03:15 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi N7 Elite
03:15 <CoffeeMugRS> Arcane is expensive in my country.
03:15 <N7 Elite> Hai folks.
03:15 <Habblet> um
03:15 <Habblet> there is no lucky shield
03:15 <Habblet> only 3 images
03:15 <CoffeeMugRS> ....
03:15 <CoffeeMugRS> Fmlfmlfmlfmlfml
03:16 <CoffeeMugRS>
03:16 <Hunter103> Why'd you have to go and turn to ice?
03:16 <The Mol Man> habblet
03:16 <N7 Elite> I just booted up my Chat hax, multi-PM button, and Kick User button manually using the console.
03:16 <The Mol Man> there should be a picture of me with a lucky arcane
03:16 <The Mol Man> what happened to it coffee?
03:16 <N7 Elite> I'm all set to hang out in the Chat now.
03:16 <Hunter103> coolstorybro
03:17 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm browsing my files Mol
03:17 <Hunter103> #thisisnttwitter
03:17 <CoffeeMugRS> Guys
03:17 <CoffeeMugRS> I just took a drink
03:17 <CoffeeMugRS> :D
03:17 <N7 Elite> By the way, I had a problem earlier with weapon mods not being able to be picked up on Mass Effect 3, so I solved it in my own clever way.
03:17 <The Mol Man> from yourself?
03:17 <Urbancowgurl777> congrats..
03:17 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes Mol
03:17 <Hunter103> D Defender Count: 3
03:18 <CoffeeMugRS> I just heated my contents up
03:18 <CoffeeMugRS> :D
03:18 <N7 Elite> I ended up modding my save game to have all the weapon mods collected already so I no longer have to deal with the glitch.
03:18 <Habblet> guys if you have runecoins left
03:18 <Habblet> purchase grave digger
03:18 <Habblet> on sale, 50 coins
03:18 <CoffeeMugRS> NO
03:18 <N7 Elite> A bit heavy-handed, perhaps, but it works perfectly.
03:18 <Urbancowgurl777> i have 200 runecoins
03:18 <The Mol Man> i have 32 coins
03:18 <Hunter103> I have 200
03:18 <Habblet> i bought mahjarrat transform & gravedigger
03:18 <CoffeeMugRS> I have 1200
03:18 <Hunter103> Idk what items i can even buy
03:18 <Hunter103> [[Runecoins]]
03:19 <Urbancowgurl777> i can't buy anything that i want
03:19 <The Mol Man> 265 edits :x
03:19 <N7 Elite> What the heck is a Painted Helm?
03:19 <CoffeeMugRS> Welcome back Hallowland
03:19 <Urbancowgurl777> heraldic?
03:19 <Habblet> coffee
03:19 <N7 Elite> [[Beta:Painted helm]].
03:19 <Habblet> did you find it
03:19 <CoffeeMugRS> Find what?
03:19 <Habblet> gotta go
03:19 <Habblet> luck yarcane -.-
03:19 <CoffeeMugRS> OH
03:19 <CoffeeMugRS> I forgot about that
03:19 <CoffeeMugRS> Hold on
03:20 <Habblet> (facepalm)
03:20 <Rero37> Yawnnnnnnnnnn you guys need a yawn emote.
03:20 <Urbancowgurl777> guys try not to make beta redirects
03:20 <Rero37> Or  *ZZZZzzzz emote.
03:20 <Ryan PM> Larger image, more fun for someone to make translucent.
03:20 <Urbancowgurl777> when we transfer our information over the beta redirect pages will just all break
03:20 <Habblet> i dont think that can be transluced
03:20 <Hunter103> Can i buy anything that actually improves gameplay with the runecoins?
03:20 <Habblet> i once spent an hour making transparent for the monster
03:20 <Hunter103> Like weapons?
03:20 <Habblet> from cabin fever
03:20 <Urbancowgurl777> why are your legs behind it Ryan *kills*
03:20 <Habblet> then guy reverted cause he said
03:20 <Habblet> too pale blue to be translucent
03:20 <Ryan PM> it's not mine
03:20 <Rero37> Ryan Baker.
03:20 <Rero37> *Ping!
03:20 <Urbancowgurl777> oh, *chops random guys legs off then*
03:21 <Habblet> Question
03:21 <Habblet> who do you like more
03:21 <Habblet> ping or pong
03:21 <Rero37> @Urbancowgurl777 why?
03:21 <Habblet> [[Ping]] <3
03:21 <Urbancowgurl777> makes for a harder trans
03:21 <CoffeeMugRS> HABBLET
03:21 <Habblet> muggy
03:21 <Hallowland> Why my preferences aren't being applied?
03:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Just look at [[Bucket|Pong]], he's so much better
03:21 <Habblet> nowai
03:21 <Urbancowgurl777> which preferences?
03:22 <Urbancowgurl777> wth? there was a go button yesterday and now there's not one
03:22 <Urbancowgurl777> gawd
03:22 <CoffeeMugRS> I ated it.
03:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Sowwy.
03:22 <Habblet> coffee
03:22 <Habblet> image
03:22 <Habblet> ;-;
03:22 <Ryan PM> Because I don't need Wikia Desysoping me for adding it on there.
03:22 <CoffeeMugRS> I forgot again
03:22 <Habblet> dude -.-
03:22 <Urbancowgurl777> but.. ):
03:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Jk ,it's uploading now
03:22 <Urbancowgurl777> i thought it was a wikia thing actually, sorry
03:22 <Rero37> Who thinks they should put santa hats in the squeal of fortune lol?
03:23 <CoffeeMugRS> ...
03:23 <Ryan PM> I wish Wikia did it. Was some nice JS too
03:23 <Hunter103> NO.
03:23 <Hunter103> NO.
03:23 <Hunter103> NOL
03:23 <Habblet> no
03:23 <CoffeeMugRS> Rero
03:23 <CoffeeMugRS> This is summer
03:23 <Urbancowgurl777> well.. you know.. no one's been desysop'd for that one thing yet
03:23 -!- Squidyyy has joined Special:Chat
03:23 <CoffeeMugRS> Not Christmas season
03:23 <Urbancowgurl777> just a thought ;3=
03:23 <Habblet> they shouldnt put more rares
03:23 <Rero37> I could care less if it was summer.
03:23 <CoffeeMugRS> Learn your difference
03:23 <Rero37> I'm just saying in general.
03:23 <Ryan PM> [[MediaWiki:Common.js/searchOpt.js]]
03:23 <Habblet> fish mask is fine as a one time thing
03:23 <Squidyyy> hello everyone
03:23 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Squidward
03:23 <Squidyyy> :D
03:23 <Urbancowgurl777> zat was some nice code
03:23 <Ryan PM> that's it if you want to importScript into your personal js
03:23 <CoffeeMugRS> Ooh
03:24 <CoffeeMugRS> where can I find my runescape.js?
03:24 <CoffeeMugRS> I got lost
03:24 <Urbancowgurl777> i do but i'd rather do it the annoying way so my hatred can build up some more
03:24 <N7 Elite> Okay... Why is the [[Spirit cape]] called a cape when it clearly has a hood on the back?
03:24 <Urbancowgurl777> because I WANTED IT TO BE A CAPE.
03:24 <Squidyyy> so you can ask....
03:24 <Ryan PM> Because Cloak and Dagger
03:24 <N7 Elite> I thought cloaks had hoods, not capes.
03:24 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Wikipedia:User:CoffeeMugRS/global.js]] I think that's the link
03:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Right
03:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Can't [[]] external links
03:24 <CoffeeMugRS> [[ ]]
03:25 <CoffeeMugRS> [[ ]]
03:25 <CoffeeMugRS> [[ ]]
03:25 <CoffeeMugRS> ???
03:25 <CoffeeMugRS>  [[]]
03:25 <CoffeeMugRS> [[]] 
03:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Fail
03:25 <Ryan PM> wth
03:25 <Urbancowgurl777> *confused*
03:25 <CoffeeMugRS> ???
03:25 <Urbancowgurl777> yey my download is at 1kb/s now
03:25 <Urbancowgurl777> that's more than it's been all day!
03:25 <Squidyyy> lol
03:25 <Ryan PM> [[Special:MyPage/wikia.js]]
03:25 <Urbancowgurl777> *dances*
03:25  * The Mol Man dances with Fergie
03:25 <CoffeeMugRS> My upload is at .001 bytes per hour
03:26 <Urbancowgurl777> whoever my peer person is needs to get a better connection
03:26 <CoffeeMugRS> Lawl
03:26 <Urbancowgurl777> i've been downloading this stupid thing for like a month
03:26 <CoffeeMugRS> Now I know why my internet is so slow
03:26 <CoffeeMugRS> I didn't turn off uTorrent from seeding/downloading
03:27 <Habblet> well goodbye
03:27 <Habblet> coffee, tomorrow another 934 images
03:27 <The Mol Man> pancakes
03:27 <Squidyyy> byebye
03:27 <CoffeeMugRS> Habblet
03:27 <Hunter103> If im in a place where i CAN fight mobs but not people, will the items from the runecoin shop show up?
03:27 <CoffeeMugRS> did you get the lucky arcane image?
03:27 <EpicPancakes> wat
03:27 <Habblet> no
03:27 <The Mol Man> im so used to our speedy delete template
03:27 <The Mol Man> i keep using {{D}} on answers
03:28 <Rero37> I cant stop bumpin' to this song its sooo catchy.
03:28 <Rero37>
03:28 <The Mol Man> there its a template to link to another wiki
03:28 <Hunter103> i refuse
03:28 <Squidyyy> lol eww
03:28 <CoffeeMugRS> Items from Solomon show up everywhere except for PvP areas
03:28 <Squidyyy> fergie >.>
03:28 <Habblet> can I leave muggy ;-;
03:28 <Hunter103> [[Blazing Flamberge]] is beautiful. Too bad i use Dharoks, whips, and scimitars.
03:28 <CoffeeMugRS> Habblet
03:28 <Urbancowgurl777> 22:26:41 CoffeeMugRS Now I know why my internet is so slow
03:28 <Urbancowgurl777> You have been disconnected. Check your internet connection and refresh your browser window. 
03:29 -!- Kenny Chesney was kicked from Special:Chat by N7 Elite
03:29 <Urbancowgurl777> ._.
03:29 <N7 Elite> Because I hate country.
03:29 <Squidyyy> loool
03:29 <Ryan Baker> done new quest
03:29 <Ryan Baker> also, I hate country music also
03:29 <Squidyyy> the penguin one?
03:29 <Hallowland> Yea... My preferences are broken ;p
03:29 <The Mol Man> hallow
03:29 <Ryan Baker> yes Squidyyy
03:29 <Squidyyy> was it hard
03:29 <N7 Elite> Squidward.
03:29 <The Mol Man> how do you say nice photo in italian?
03:29 <Habblet> they're both images cofefee..
03:29 <Habblet> same images...
03:29 <Habblet> lol
03:30 <Habblet> do this tomorrow seeya
03:30 <Hallowland> "Who do you think you are to have preferences!?"
03:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Bye Habblet
03:30 <N7 Elite> Bella foto.
03:30 -!- Habblet has left Special:Chat.
03:30 <Hallowland> Did my message send?
03:30 <N7 Elite> Courtesy of Google Translate.
03:31 <Ryan Baker> The Mol Man, in spanish you could say La fotografia es fantastico.
03:31 <The Mol Man> i asked for italian 
03:31 <Ryan Baker> fantastica
03:31 <Ryan Baker> *
03:31 <Ryan Baker> or bonita for beautiful
03:31 <Ryan Baker> The Mol Man
03:32 <Ryan Baker> Spanish and Italin are actually pretty similar
03:32 <Ryan Baker> same for French
03:32 <Squidyyy> ^
03:32 <Hallowland> Urgh
03:32 <The Mol Man> i wanted italian, and only italian
03:33 <N7 Elite> Coques me Lorem est optimum Fusce semper!
03:33 <Hallowland> Wiki: "Who do you think you are to have preferences here!?" "get out!"
03:33 <Hunter103> Do PvE areas count as PvP areas?
03:33 <Hallowland> *Hallow then dcs
03:33 <N7 Elite> Cook Me Plox is the best admin ever!
03:33 <Squidyyy> no they dont
03:33 <N7 Elite> That's what I said earlier in Latin.
03:33 <Hallowland> Mol
03:33 <The Mol Man> ?
03:33 <Hallowland> I didn't see what you said
03:33 <Hunter103> So... my awesome 2h weapon reskin will work? [[Blazing Flamberge]]
03:33 <The Mol Man> i got my question answered, don't worry
03:33 <Ryan Baker> all I know in latin is that Semper Fidelis is Always Faithful
03:33 <Hallowland> Ok :)
03:34 <N7 Elite> Semper Fi?
03:34 <Ryan Baker> Semper Fi is Semper Fidelis shortened
03:34 <Ryan Baker> Marines w00t w00t
03:34 <Rero37> Time to sleep.
03:34 <Rero37> Bye.
03:34 -!- Rero37 has left Special:Chat.
03:34 <Hallowland> Any professional admin knows why my preferences aren't being applied ;o?
03:34 <CoffeeMugRS> N7 Elite:
03:34 <TyA> Have you clicked save?
03:35 <Ryan PM> What do you mean, which ones?
03:35 <Ryan Baker> [[Special:Preferences]]
03:35 <Hallowland> Yep
03:35 <Squidyyy> would the blazing flamberge work on chaotic maul?
03:35 <Hallowland> It saved but the things I activated aren't working..
03:35 <CoffeeMugRS> Is it a 2h sword?
03:35 <Squidyyy> it said any 2h weapon :O
03:35 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh
03:35 <CoffeeMugRS> Then yes
03:36 <CoffeeMugRS> If not, throw a brick through the windows at Jagex HQ
03:36 <CoffeeMugRS> Yeah.
03:36 <CoffeeMugRS> That'll show 'em.
03:36 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Thok It To 'Em]]
03:36 <N7 Elite> Squiddy, the [[Pactbreaker Longsword]] said any one-handed slashing weapon, yet it only works with longswords and scimitars.
03:37 <EpicPancakes> Thi lag is getting really annoying
03:37 <Squidyyy> >.>
03:37 <CoffeeMugRS> N7: That's because your chaotic rapier is primarily used for stabbing.
03:37 <N7 Elite> When in doubt, don't trust the misleading item descriptions.
03:38 <N7 Elite> Coffee, it didn't work with [[Abyssal whip]]s either.
03:38 <CoffeeMugRS> The whip isn't a sword.
03:38 <CoffeeMugRS> It says one-handed swords.
03:38 <Squidyyy> L
03:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Not weapons
03:38 <CoffeeMugRS> swords
03:38 <N7 Elite> No, it says one-handed slashing weapons.
03:38 <N7 Elite> Read the blasted description.
03:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Hold on while I fetch the information for you
03:38 <CoffeeMugRS> I'll even screenie it for you
03:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Alright?
03:39 <N7 Elite> "It can only be equipped and used on behalf of a one-handed slash weapon"
03:39 <N7 Elite> Even the article states it.
03:39 -!- AstrasGirl has joined Special:Chat
03:39 <Hallowland> TyA
03:39 <CoffeeMugRS> While I agree with there being misleading information, sometimes you have to read a bit more.
03:39 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi AstrasGirl
03:39 <Hallowland> Discovered something? ;o
03:40 <N7 Elite> And Coffee, if you're going to be condescending to me over this, then I will act accordingly.
03:40 -!- AstrasGirl has left Special:Chat.
03:40 -!- AstrasGirl has joined Special:Chat
03:40 <Hunter103> what do you guys generally use more? 2h swords, or whips?
03:40 <Hallowland> Fast weapons
03:40 <Hallowland> Example: Chaotic rapier, whip..
03:41 <Urbancowgurl777> slifjdsifj internet
03:41 <Squidyyy> whips i guess
03:41 <Squidyyy> but i dont use whip
03:41 <Hallowland> Wb Fergie :)
03:41 <Hunter103> ohai der fergers
03:41 <CoffeeMugRS> There you go, N7
03:41 <N7 Elite> Hai Fergs.
03:41 <CoffeeMugRS> Wait
03:41 <CoffeeMugRS> It didn't update
03:41 <Urbancowgurl777> just here until itnernet dies again
03:41 <Urbancowgurl777> .-.
03:42 <Hunter103> I cant decide if i want the Flaming Whip thingy or my blue recolored whip more...
03:42 <Hunter103> I already have the blue
03:42 <N7 Elite> All right, if that's a sign of you trying to act like you're smarter than me, then prepare to become my enemy.
03:42 -!- Touhou FTW has joined Special:Chat
03:42 <Urbancowgurl777> whut
03:42 <Hunter103> havent seen you in a while :P
03:42 <Hallowland> o-o?
03:42 <Hallowland> Hey Touhou :)
03:42 <TyA> Hai Toehoe <3
03:42 <EpicPancakes> How ironic.
03:43 <Touhou FTW> hi
03:43 <CoffeeMugRS> N7 Elite: The program I use to screenie images automatically copies the link for you, so all I have to do is just paste the link
03:43 <N7 Elite> All right, that does it.
03:43 <CoffeeMugRS> However, it didn't go through with that. My apologies.
03:43 <CoffeeMugRS>
03:43 <CoffeeMugRS> There you go though.
03:43 <N7 Elite> You've made me angry. Now it's time to become the Hulk.
03:43  * N7 Elite rips off his shirt and turns green.
03:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Is this because I was right?
03:43 <Urbancowgurl777> shirt on pls
03:44 <Hunter103> "One hand slashing sword"
03:44 <N7 Elite> No, it's because you felt the need to be a d-bag to me over it.
03:44 <Hunter103> It kinda does say sword...
03:44 <CoffeeMugRS> I was simply correcting you.
03:44  * TyA forces the shirt back on N7
03:44 <Hallowland> lol
03:44 <Urbancowgurl777> *peeks* yey s'all good
03:44 <N7 Elite> Yeah, by forcing me to look at your screenie.
03:44 <TyA> lol
03:44 <CoffeeMugRS> -.-
03:44 <N7 Elite> A simple explanation would have sufficed.
03:44 <CoffeeMugRS> I tried explaining it....
03:45 <N7 Elite> You didn't explain it enough then.
03:45 <Hallowland> Calm down people :/
03:46 <N7 Elite> No worries, Hallow. I'm deliberately messing with him.
03:46 <CoffeeMugRS> So you've been trolling me all this time?
03:46 <Hunter103> trolloloolololol
03:46 <N7 Elite> It depends on whether you think I was being serious earlier.
03:46 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
03:47 <Hallowland> Atheist!
03:47 <Atheist723> Hi.
03:47 <Hallowland> Hey :)
03:47 <N7 Elite> Hai Void.
03:47 <Urbancowgurl777> slkdfmsldf
03:47 <Atheist723> Hi Fergie.
03:47 <Atheist723> What's wrong?
03:48 <N7 Elite> She's having Internet problems.
03:48 <Atheist723> I see.
03:48 <The Mol Man> I love you ferg
03:48 <EpicPancakes> We noticed, Mol.
03:48 <EpicPancakes> Every did.
03:48 <EpicPancakes> Everyone did
03:48 <Hallowland> lol
03:49 <N7 Elite> My new favorite toy on Mass Effect 3 is the [[w:c:masseffect:Cerberus Harrier|Cerberus Harrier]].
03:50 <N7 Elite> Using that with the stability and magazine mods plus the armor piercing ammo power makes it a powerful weapon.
03:51 <Hallowland> Where is Cook when you need him...?
03:51 <Hallowland> *screams lumbridge*
03:51 <N7 Elite> Want me to wake him up? *evil grin*
03:51 <Lord Yura> :o
03:51 <Atheist723> Lumbridge?
03:52 <Hallowland> [[Cook]]
03:52  * N7 Elite grabs a cooking pot and a hammer, then proceeds to wake Cook up by placing the pot over his head and beating the pot with the hammer.
03:52 <Hallowland> [[Cook (Lumbridge)]]
03:52 <Hallowland> *
03:53 <The Mol Man> pancakes
03:53 <The Mol Man> Y i no see you on answers
03:54 <EpicPancakes> because
03:54 <EpicPancakes> I'm doing quests
03:54 <The Mol Man> ;(
03:55 <EpicPancakes> Fine, after this quest
03:55 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Bucket|Quest]]?
03:55 <Hallowland> EpicPancakes would be Cook's creation wouldn't it ;o?
03:55 <EpicPancakes> (fp)
03:55 <EpicPancakes> No.
03:56 <EpicPancakes> Cook could never create such a vile and disgusting mess
03:56 <CoffeeMugRS> Epic
03:56 <CoffeeMugRS> What quest are you doing?
03:56 <Hallowland> I know
03:57 <Hallowland> You are an awesome person, totally different ;p
03:57 <Lord Yura> Enough about me, Hallow :D What about pancakes?
03:57 <Hallowland> lol
03:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Hallow
03:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Are you on scape? :o
03:57 <Lord Yura> Her compy is non-existant atm
03:57 <Lord Yura> D:
03:58 <CoffeeMugRS> ..So how is she on chat?
03:58 <Hallowland> Yea >.<
03:58 <CoffeeMugRS> inb4somefancygadget
03:58 <Atheist723> Phone?
03:58 <Hallowland> Mobile
03:58 <CoffeeMugRS> Told you
03:58 <Lord Yura> Yeah, that.
03:58 <Lord Yura> My mobile chat doesnt like me. I can never scroll down
03:58 <Hallowland> That's why I have trouble to edit lol
03:58 <CoffeeMugRS> It helps if you press the button
03:59 <CoffeeMugRS> <.<
03:59 <Lord Yura> Doesnt work :/
03:59 <CoffeeMugRS> Press harder
03:59 <The Mol Man> you should try avoid editing on a mobile phone, it's really difficult
03:59 <Ryan PM> ".. have any questions pre-prepared!" - Anyone have questions they'd like me to ask Mod Mark on Thurs?
03:59 <Lord Yura> It resets to the top
03:59 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes, Ryan
03:59 <CoffeeMugRS> Ask him if he's single
03:59 <CoffeeMugRS> :D
03:59 <The Mol Man> ryan:
03:59 <Atheist723> How are you going to ask him?
03:59 <Hallowland> I know but I have nothing else to edit with lol
03:59 <The Mol Man> Do you plan to quit jagex before it's reputation is ruined?
03:59 <Ryan PM> Another fansite conference call.
04:00 <The Mol Man> i seriously wanna know that
04:00 <The Mol Man> except use the proper its, unlike me
04:00 <N7 Elite> Mol, don't be a Debbie downer.
04:00 <The Mol Man> I'm not
04:00 <Ryan PM> I'll save face and not ask that.
04:00 <The Mol Man> ask him what his current project is?
04:00 <TyA> Ask them to close their wiki and start calling us the RuneScape Wiki again! :[[]]D
04:00 <The Mol Man> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
04:00 <CoffeeMugRS> If he quits after the reputation goes down, that shows he was just in it for the money.
04:00 <The Mol Man> No coffee
04:01 <CoffeeMugRS> If he stays, then he's truly passionate about it.
04:01 <The Mol Man> it shows he doesn't want to be part of a company in which he has lost faith and has shown to be ruined and dislikedc
04:01 <N7 Elite>
04:01 <The Mol Man> I respect Mark tbh
04:01 <Hallowland> Agreed TyA ;p
04:01 <The Mol Man> assume it's this one: [[Mod Oglive]]
04:01  * TyA wanders off to anime land again
04:01 <The Mol Man> Ryan
04:01 <The Mol Man> is it Mark Og?
04:01 <Hallowland> 99,9% of their articles are stubs and only Mods edit lol
04:02 <Ryan PM> Ofc
04:02 <CoffeeMugRS> And 99.9% of the images are ours
04:02 <N7 Elite> Mol, you're being a Debbie Downer.
04:02 <The Mol Man> Ask if [[Og]] the ogre was named after him lololol
04:02 <The Mol Man> not being mean but hey
04:02 <The Mol Man> that's his nickname
04:02 <The Mol Man> is that question acceptable?
04:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Has the chat died because of Mol?
04:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes.
04:03 <Ryan PM>
04:03 <N7 Elite> Ikr, Coffee?
04:03 <Ryan PM> ignore that.
04:03 <Ryan PM> I guess.
04:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Governmental stuff, awesome
04:03 <The Mol Man> Ryan you'll ask that question?
04:03 <The Mol Man> cool, maybe we can add a trivia section to og
04:03 <Ryan PM> But I was thinking more like "Has a developer been assigned the Kalphite King yet?"
04:04 <Lord Yura> o-o
04:04 <N7 Elite> Is [[Sheldon]] named after the guy off of Big Bang Theory?
04:04 <The Mol Man> Do you only get 1 question?
04:04 <The Mol Man> there is no sheldon
04:04 <Ryan PM> He's only there for the first part of it.
04:04 <Hallowland> Hey Fergie
04:04 <N7 Elite> Yes there is, Mol.
04:04 <Ryan PM> so, probably 3-5 questions
04:04 <N7 Elite> He's the penguin in the new quest that Larry carries around in the egg.
04:04 <The Mol Man> N7
04:05 <The Mol Man> my question actually makes sense
04:05 <The Mol Man> Og is not a name and it also happens to be mark's nickname
04:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Dude
04:05 <The Mol Man> he even called his EoC writings Og Blog
04:05 <CoffeeMugRS> They're Ogres
04:05 <The Mol Man> where as sheldon is a common name
04:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Og-res
04:05 <CoffeeMugRS> ???
04:05 <N7 Elite> Mol, you're being a Debbie Downer.
04:05 <The Mol Man> How is that being a downer?
04:05 <N7 Elite> You're depressing me with your logic.
04:06 <The Mol Man> no
04:06 <The Mol Man> i'm trumping you
04:06  * Lord Yura does the Debbie downer music
04:06 <Lord Yura> :D
04:06 <Urbancowgurl777> gawd
04:06 <Urbancowgurl777> who marked the some like it cold puzzle solution for deletion?
04:06 <Hallowland>
04:06 <Hallowland> ;p
04:07 <The Mol Man> history?
04:07 <N7 Elite> Fergs, how does someone make a redirect?
04:07 <N7 Elite> I forgot.
04:07 <The Mol Man> #REDIRECT [[[[]]asuidfgasidfasd]]
04:07 <Hallowland> #REDIRECT
04:09 <Urbancowgurl777> so microsoft told me i needed to change my password today for my email account
04:09 -!- Lord Yura has left Special:Chat.
04:09 <Urbancowgurl777> and it wouldn't let me check my school email
04:09 <Urbancowgurl777> i couldn't remember my supposedly easy-to-guess password ._.
04:09 <Hallowland> Happened to me once too Ferg ;s
04:09 <Hallowland> With my third computer
04:09 <Urbancowgurl777> and i can't answer enough security questions to reset the password
04:10 <N7 Elite> There, now [[Sheldon]] redirects to [[Egg (Some Like It Cold)]].
04:10 <CoffeeMugRS> That's why my school gives us emails, and passwords.
04:10 <The Mol Man> i saw dat
04:10 <Urbancowgurl777> they gave us ours, but it's powered through microsoft or something
04:10 <Urbancowgurl777> i don't really know. sent in a ticket.
04:10 <TyA> I can't remember my school's net id
04:11 <TyA> It's some random gibberish of my first name, last name, and random numbers
04:11 <N7 Elite> Inb4Tygetshacked
04:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Mine's like, TheoS-54986y4598765rghbl3i4uyg5r987354yt5igr83i4fb354
04:11 <TyA> But I can remember the email address :[[]]D
04:11 <TyA> And the password, and the PIN
04:11 <TyA> But not my school ID
04:11 <Hallowland> My internet pass is Iloveyoutheo lol
04:12 <Urbancowgurl777> except my ticket has suddenly disappeared
04:12 <Urbancowgurl777> sigh
04:12 <Hunter103> Totally forgot i was here.
04:12 <Hunter103> Ima go to bed
04:12 <Hunter103> Im starting to get tired
04:12 <Hunter103> Cya guys
04:12 -!- Hunter103 has left Special:Chat.
04:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Say what, Hallowland?
04:12 <CoffeeMugRS> o.o
04:12 <N7 Elite> My school id was ResidentBadass1337 before they forced me to change it.
04:12 <Hallowland> Means I love you Theodore ;p
04:12 <CoffeeMugRS> LOL
04:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Well, yeah, I got that.
04:12 <CoffeeMugRS> But my name is Theo
04:12 <CoffeeMugRS> <.<
04:13 <N7 Elite> I had to spend a day in detention for doing that too, but it was worth it.
04:13 <Hallowland> You have the same name as my Dog then ;p
04:13 <N7 Elite> What exactly is Battlefield 3 about?
04:13 <CoffeeMugRS> It's funny because I had a cat named Gabrielle :P
04:13 <CoffeeMugRS> It's about war.
04:13 <CoffeeMugRS> I guess
04:13 <CoffeeMugRS> Idk
04:13 <Hallowland> lol ;p
04:14 -!- Squidyyy has left Special:Chat.
04:14 <CoffeeMugRS> You mean what war the game revolves around?
04:14 <Atheist723> I played Battlefield 2. It is fun.
04:14 <Atheist723> But I've never heard of a 3 version; I've heard of one called "1942" though.
04:14 <CoffeeMugRS> I get paid tomorrow, so I might buy the BF series.
04:15 <N7 Elite> Mmm... I brewed a pitcher of Earl Grey tea using my automatic tea brewer and added some sugar and it tastes awesome.
04:15 <CoffeeMugRS> And renew GOLD
04:15 <Atheist723> Battlefield 2 is basically WWIII between Middle East Alliance, China, and USA.
04:15 <Urbancowgurl777> wow pathetic
04:15  * Atheist723 always sides with American because the orders sounds weird in Mandarin
04:15 <Urbancowgurl777> school email works fine on IE but not on firefox
04:16 <CoffeeMugRS> Is it the tea brewer from Father Ted, N7 Elite?
04:16 <CoffeeMugRS> I love that show
04:16 <CoffeeMugRS> :D
04:16 <Hallowland> My cousin showed me a game named "mortal combat" it was fun because it was no sense lol
04:16 <N7 Elite> So were you the team's commander, Void?
04:16 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol, I played that once and hated it
04:16 <N7 Elite>
04:16 <Hallowland> The person could extract the heart of the oponents with the hand...So true
04:17 <CoffeeMugRS> I can attract the hearts of people.  
04:17 <CoffeeMugRS> Jk, I'm forever alone.
04:17 <Meter55> lmao
04:17 <Meter55> back to PC
04:17 <N7 Elite> Die, Reaper, die!
04:17 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh no..
04:17  * N7 Elite blows up a Reaper with the Sync Laser.
04:17 <CoffeeMugRS> AGM Repears?
04:18 <CoffeeMugRS> Reapers*
04:18 <CoffeeMugRS> Yeah..
04:18 <Atheist723> Usually, N7 Elite.
04:18 <Hallowland> Not true Coffee ;)
04:18 <CoffeeMugRS> Reapers are so fun to troll
04:18 <Meter55> I want to get the deflector, but I don't really know how to play conquest...
04:18 <Atheist723> It is fun to blow up everything around me with the bombardment order.
04:19 <CoffeeMugRS> Just keep running in an out of buildings when the Reaper user targets you
04:19 <CoffeeMugRS> :D
04:19 <Meter55> hmm...I can make money by making void spinner pouches, but I dun want to reset my progress towards void armour.
04:19 <CoffeeMugRS> What's not true, Hallowland?
04:19 <Hallowland> My cousin showed me a game where the objectove is playing basketball, the bat is a tree and the ball is a cow...
04:19 <CoffeeMugRS> A bat in basketball? :O
04:19 <Hallowland> Your statement "forever alone" ;p
04:20 <N7 Elite> I've heard it both ways, Hallow.
04:20 <Hallowland> Bat = that wooden thing
04:20 <CoffeeMugRS> I think you mean baseball. :P
04:20 <N7 Elite> (facepalm)
04:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Ohhh.
04:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Nevermind
04:21 <Hallowland> Oh
04:21 <Hallowland> L
04:21 <Urbancowgurl777> would take one heck of a bat to hit a basketball
04:21 <Hallowland> Baseball* sorry =.=
04:21 <Hallowland> Haha
04:21 <CoffeeMugRS> I tried hitting a basketball with a standard bat.
04:21 <N7 Elite> I've played soccer with a basketball once.
04:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Was it bouncy?
04:22 <The Mol Man> pancaakes
04:22 <N7 Elite> Somewhat, but mainly it hurt my foot kicking it repeatedly.
04:22 <Atheist723> Way too heavy and hard, I'd think.
04:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Lololol
04:22 <The Mol Man> look what they tried to fucking cheat on:
04:22 <The Mol Man> a person question wtf
04:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Imagine playing soccer with a football
04:22 <N7 Elite> Void, that's nasty.
04:22 <Atheist723> We used to play football with volleyballs.
04:22 <Hallowland> Ping pong balls?
04:23 <Urbancowgurl777> don't say that word please Mol
04:23 <Atheist723> At least, until we kicked half of them out to the street or into the next school, that is.
04:23 <The Mol Man> i'm sorry fergie
04:23 -!- AstrasGirl has left Special:Chat.
04:23 <The Mol Man> it's just so pathetic and despicable 
04:23 <N7 Elite> (qc) Fergie Angel is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "The Jovial Rovers", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
04:23 <N7 Elite> (qc) Fergie Angel's combat level is 129; Attack: 93, Defence: 97, Strength: 93, Constitution: 95, Ranged: 81, Prayer: 84, Magic: 88, Summoning: 87.
04:23 <Atheist723> I've rarely seen her in there.
04:24 <Urbancowgurl777> why am i being stalked o.o
04:24 <The Mol Man> wow what a noob
04:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Firefox crashed
04:24 <Atheist723> Because you are popular?
04:24 <N7 Elite> Sorry, I was curious about you on RuneScape.
04:24 <Urbancowgurl777> i haven't played in 2 weeks thanks VK
04:24 <Atheist723> I haven't went into it for a long time.
04:24  * TyA stalks Fergie
04:24 <Urbancowgurl777> grats
04:24 <The Mol Man> you're the same level as ansela
04:24 <CoffeeMugRS> My friend's nephew saved someone's life
04:24 <Urbancowgurl777> you can stalk me Tyler <3
04:24 <N7 Elite> (qc) "Overlord" Sam Vellio is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "Angels and Sages", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
04:24 <Atheist723> I don't think it is available in beta.
04:24 <CoffeeMugRS> I wish my nephew was awesome.
04:24 <TyA> Wee ^_^
04:24 <N7 Elite> (qc) Sam Vellio's combat level is 106; Attack: 79, Defence: 76, Strength: 78, Constitution: 78, Ranged: 71, Prayer: 73, Magic: 75, Summoning: 61.
04:25 <CoffeeMugRS> All he does is shit in his diaper..
04:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Excuse me. :x
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> ..
04:25 <Atheist723> How do you do that again, N7 Elite?
04:25 <N7 Elite> "/details"
04:25 <Atheist723> The clan thing?
04:25 <CoffeeMugRS>  /details name
04:25 <The Mol Man> My favorite f word is:
04:25 <The Mol Man> Fergie
04:25 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) Coffee Mug is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "Bane of Bandos", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
04:25 <Hallowland> lol Coffee you must be very old
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> aww <3
04:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Why?
04:25 <Atheist723> Lol.
04:25 <Hallowland> To be an uncle...
04:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Uhh
04:26 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm 16.
04:26 <CoffeeMugRS> :p
04:26 <Atheist723> I have a nephew when I was 7.
04:26 <CoffeeMugRS> My sister is 23.
04:26 <N7 Elite> I was 18 when I first had a nephew.
04:26 <N7 Elite> Now I'm 23 and I have several nephews and nieces.
04:26 <Atheist723> Actually, not exactly a nephew, since his father is my cousin.
04:26 <Hallowland> My friend's nephew is 73 years old
04:26 <Urbancowgurl777> ooh they think they found that girl's body, VK
04:27 <Urbancowgurl777> 2 months later ..
04:27 <Hallowland> And shes 15
04:27 <CoffeeMugRS> Mindblown.
04:27 <Atheist723> ):
04:27 <N7 Elite> Hallow, how is that possible?
04:27 <Hallowland> Idk
04:27 <Hallowland> She was born later?
04:27 <CoffeeMugRS> There was a body of a 11 year old boy found in a river near me a few weeks ago.
04:28 <Hallowland> Creepy 
04:28 <Hallowland> I'd move
04:28 <CoffeeMugRS> And the news site is just now posting it
04:28 <CoffeeMugRS> No, he drowned, apparently.
04:28 <N7 Elite> Coffee, you didn't go spectate at the crime scene, did you?
04:28 <CoffeeMugRS> Uhh, no.
04:29 <Urbancowgurl777> this girl went missing 2 months ago
04:29 <Atheist723> What's with the psychos randomly murdering people?
04:29 <Urbancowgurl777> i used to see her in the hall at school
04:29 <Urbancowgurl777> now they think they've found her but they haven't ID'd it yet
04:29 <N7 Elite> And by the way, there was a violent car crash outside my house a while back where a little girl died.
04:29 <N7 Elite> Some idiot was speeding and crashed into another car, killing the girl instantly.
04:29 <CoffeeMugRS> There was a 2-motorcycle accident (the odds of that) where two people were killed.
04:29 <Atheist723> I'm sorry to hear that, Fergie.
04:29 <CoffeeMugRS> The survivor was drunk
04:29 <Hallowland> You are scaring me tbh
04:30 <Urbancowgurl777> the world is scary
04:30 <CoffeeMugRS> It's reality. :\
04:30  * Atheist723 have never seen anything of the sort
04:30 <Hallowland> By the way what "tbh" means?
04:30 <Atheist723> Not that I wanted to.
04:30 <CoffeeMugRS> To be honest
04:30 <Atheist723> "To be honest".
04:30 <Urbancowgurl777> to beiiiiiiiiiigjosdj
04:30 <Atheist723> Too slow.
04:30 <CoffeeMugRS> ninja'd
04:30 <Urbancowgurl777> er i dunno why it posted a lot of i's
04:30 <Urbancowgurl777> didn't mean to do that.
04:30 <N7 Elite> io34wrj3w49w398rj3we93erj
04:30 <N7 Elite> Is that what you meant to say, Fergs? =P
04:30 <Urbancowgurl777> something of the sort
04:31 <Hallowland> I have to go, have an excellent day or night :)
04:31 <Urbancowgurl777> nn
04:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Let's all type ONE line of the following sentence with our heads: Sheldon sells sea shells by the sea shore.
04:31 <Atheist723> Goodnight.
04:31 <N7 Elite> Bai.
04:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Goodbye, Hallow, take care. :)
04:31 <Hallowland> See you ;)
04:31 <N7 Elite> ujhyu7yu7
04:32 <N7 Elite> That's the best I could do, Coffe.
04:32 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol
04:32 <Urbancowgurl777> *goes to repaint her toenails*
04:32 <CoffeeMugRS> dyr wderfsnbuyhj7uyhj 8kuijtrgtrfgtrfgrugtyh gbvkuhijgtrfrfgtrfcgbfvgtyh6gh cgbfvderfgtrfderftrf
04:32 <CoffeeMugRS> Huh..
04:32 <CoffeeMugRS> That kind of hurt.
04:32  * The Mol Man huggles fergies toenails
04:32 <CoffeeMugRS> ^Creepy.
04:32 <Urbancowgurl777> um
04:32 <Urbancowgurl777> please let go of my feet o.o
04:33 <CoffeeMugRS> Let's chop her toenails off.
04:33 <The Mol Man> okay :(
04:33 <Urbancowgurl777> i already trimmed them
04:33 <CoffeeMugRS> And put them in a jar with pickling solution.
04:33 <Urbancowgurl777> o.o
04:33 <N7 Elite> [[Sheldon]] sells sea shells by Coffee's house while helping plot world domination.
04:33 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm talking about the whole nail.
04:33 <Urbancowgurl777> don't make me faint D:
04:33  * Atheist723 smashes CoffeeMugRS with the banhammer
04:33 <CoffeeMugRS> Okay, I won't walk by you then.
04:33 <Atheist723> Be nice.
04:33 <CoffeeMugRS> Why me, Atheist723?
04:33 <CoffeeMugRS> D:
04:34 <Atheist723> Oh, and The Mol Man too, of course.
04:34 <CoffeeMugRS> You've never seen that episode of As Told By Ginger?
04:34 <The Mol Man> you can't smash a Mol Man
04:34 <The Mol Man> and I was being nice
04:34 <CoffeeMugRS> You can't smash a Coffee Mug
04:34 <The Mol Man> i huggled fergie's feet
04:34 <N7 Elite> We don't watch girls' tv shows.
04:34 <Atheist723> I call that being creepy.
04:34 <CoffeeMugRS> N7
04:34 <N7 Elite> It's not manly.
04:34 <CoffeeMugRS> It's a cartoon. And I was forced to watch it
04:35 <Urbancowgurl777> lmao
04:35 <Urbancowgurl777> used to watch that
04:35 <The Mol Man> but it was meant to be nice, athe
04:35 <The Mol Man> [[RS:AGF]]
04:35 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
04:35 <CoffeeMugRS> Yeah, dude.
04:35 <CoffeeMugRS> AGF.
04:35 <Atheist723> ......
04:35 <N7 Elite> Speaking of creepy stuff, my best friend watches Winx, and he's a dude.
04:35 <CoffeeMugRS> I was trying to help her preserve her toenails.
04:35 <The Mol Man> Speaking of creepy
04:35  * The Mol Man 
04:35 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
04:35 <Atheist723> One Google search later...
04:36 <Atheist723> That is almost as bad as ponies.
04:36 <TyA> But ponies are awesome brah
04:36 <CoffeeMugRS> N7
04:36 <Urbancowgurl777> how is as told by ginger like ponies?
04:36 <CoffeeMugRS> There's problem an underlying reason WHY he watches that show..
04:36 <CoffeeMugRS> probably*
04:36 <CoffeeMugRS> Wow, fail typing today.
04:37 <TyA> I remember that show
04:37 <N7 Elite> Umm... Probably because he has Autism?
04:37 <Urbancowgurl777> ................
04:37 <N7 Elite> It's mild Autism, but still.
04:37 <CoffeeMugRS> Then why would it be creepy?
04:37 <Urbancowgurl777> what are you even talking about
04:37 <The Mol Man> Fergie
04:37 <TyA> wat
04:37 <The Mol Man> are you done?
04:37 <The Mol Man> May I huggle your toes again?
04:37 <N7 Elite> Because he was playing Gears of War 2 and helping me cut open a riftworm from the inside right before he started watching it.
04:38 <Urbancowgurl777> i've only done two so no
04:38 <Atheist723> Stop being creepy, The Mol Man.
04:38 <TyA> I've lost touch with this conversation, so I'll go back to being away
04:38 <Urbancowgurl777> Ty
04:38 <Urbancowgurl777> TAKE ME
04:38 <The Mol Man> i'm not beeing creepy athe, stop being so serious
04:38  * TyA kidnaps Fergie
04:38 <Urbancowgurl777> yey
04:38 <TyA> You can watch anime with me :D
04:38 <The Mol Man> ^that's creepy
04:38 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
04:38 <Atheist723> That is creepy too.
04:38 <The Mol Man> TyA
04:38 <TyA> What was creepy?
04:39 <Atheist723> Never liked anime.
04:39 <CoffeeMugRS> And N7
04:39 <N7 Elite> One minute he's like "Hell yeah, this riftworm's gonna bleed out from the inside!", then he turns on Winx and is like "Aww, that's cute."
04:39 <The Mol Man> did you see what I posted on your talk on answers?
04:39 <TyA> Of course
04:39 <TyA> I also read the email
04:39 <The Mol Man> <3
04:39 <CoffeeMugRS> You enjoy trolling, don't you?
04:39 <The Mol Man> i sent no email :o
04:39 <N7 Elite> I'm not trolling.
04:39 <Urbancowgurl777> is Mol one of your fanboys now?
04:39 <N7 Elite> That's what he was doing.
04:39 <TyA> I get emails whenever someone leaves me a message
04:39 <The Mol Man>
04:39 <TyA> cuz I'ma boss
04:39 <The Mol Man> that fergie
04:39 <CoffeeMugRS> You like leading others into traps though.
04:39 <CoffeeMugRS> Like me
04:39 <Urbancowgurl777> can't read
04:39 <Urbancowgurl777> must depaint toenails
04:39 <TyA> Depaint?
04:39 -!- Lord Yura has joined Special:Chat
04:40 <Atheist723> "Repaint"?
04:40 <Urbancowgurl777> i'm taking this color off first
04:40 <TyA> Isn't that just putting nailpolish remover on it?
04:40  * TyA huggles Yura
04:40  * CoffeeMugRS hands Urbancowgurl777 a bottle of alcohol.
04:40 <Lord Yura> Omgosh :D <3
04:40 <Urbancowgurl777> i didn't feel like typing that much
04:40 <The Mol Man> i like how they have, in your welcome, a redlink by default
04:40 <N7 Elite> I have nothing on the Answers Wiki.
04:40 <N7 Elite> Stop trolling, Coffee.
04:40 <Lord Yura> 10 Points to Gryffindor for dat Hug
04:40 <TyA> I have all the things
04:40 <CoffeeMugRS> HOW AM I TROLLING
04:40 <The Mol Man> 309 edits :p
04:41 <TyA> You're spilling your coffee back and forth
04:41 <TyA> You're spilling your coffee back and forth
04:41 <TyA> You're spilling your coffee back and forth
04:41 <CoffeeMugRS> Spamspamspam
04:41 <The Mol Man> ofcourse
04:41 <Urbancowgurl777> gah paint won't come off easily
04:41 <Urbancowgurl777> asdfjse;oigj
04:41 <The Mol Man> he has to it's his job
04:41 <Urbancowgurl777> being a girl is hard ):
04:41 <TyA> Poor Fergie ;-;
04:41 <The Mol Man> Volunteer Spam Task Force
04:41 <TyA> It's not a job
04:41 <Urbancowgurl777> except that i'm not one
04:41 <TyA> Hence 'Volunteer'
04:41 <Atheist723> You could always opt to be natural?
04:41 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
04:41 <CoffeeMugRS> Best beauty imo.
04:41 <The Mol Man> i didn't mean job in the carreer sense
04:42 <The Mol Man> rather the responsibility sens
04:42 <Lord Yura> Well I just got out of the shower.. Since I have super short hair.. Only takes me seconds to dry it.. I bet it takes Fergie ages D:
04:42 <TyA> I could do nothing with the rights if I just absolutely wanted to
04:42 <Urbancowgurl777> -.-
04:42 <Atheist723> I was about to quote from a poem and I realised it is in Chinese.
04:42 <Atheist723> True, Yura.
04:42 <Lord Yura> :P
04:42 <Urbancowgurl777> loll
04:42 <Atheist723> When my class went to camp...
04:42 <CoffeeMugRS> I don't take showers.
04:42 <TyA> How short is super short? o:
04:42 <The Mol Man> ya but that'd be pointless and they'd likely strip you of the rights after some time
04:42 <Lord Yura> Uhm..
04:42 <Lord Yura> It makes me look Hawt :D
04:42 <Urbancowgurl777> you're not super short TY
04:42 <Lord Yura> Lol. jk .-.
04:42 <Atheist723> The girls next door are fighting for the hair dryer all night long.
04:42 <Lord Yura> Like.. an inch? D:
04:42 <TyA> I know Fergie
04:43 <CoffeeMugRS> My hair is like
04:43 <CoffeeMugRS> 1.25 inches
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> takes like 10-15 minutes to dry my hair
04:43 <Lord Yura> So long D:
04:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol
04:43 <Lord Yura> Lol :o
04:43 <TyA> Mine is almost down to my shoulders again
04:43 <CoffeeMugRS> I used to have my hair in a ponytail
04:43 <Atheist723> I used to have literal 1 cm hair.
04:43 <Lord Yura> ;o Ooh
04:43 <Atheist723> Because I'm too lazy.
04:43 <Lord Yura> Lol
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> my hair is like.. it goes to my elbows. lol
04:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Took me about that long to dry my hair too, Urban
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> well almots
04:43 <Atheist723> Wow.
04:43 <Lord Yura> Ooh :o..
04:43 <N7 Elite> I like my beard.
04:43 <The Mol Man> you sound cute fergle
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> not quite that long yet
04:43  * Lord Yura has a thing for long hair >:3
04:43  * Atheist723 thinks girls always look better with long hair.
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> o.o cause of my hair length?
04:43 <Atheist723> Same here.
04:43 <The Mol Man> yes
04:44 <The Mol Man> i like long hair :x
04:44 <Atheist723> Well, and the photo with dolphins helps.
04:44 <TyA> That's creepy
04:44 <CoffeeMugRS> My sister's hair goes down to the bottom of ehr back
04:44 <The Mol Man> not that im attracted to what hairr calls a toilet
04:44 <Urbancowgurl777> that is so blurry and you can't even see anything o.o
04:44 <Urbancowgurl777> loll
04:44 <N7 Elite> For some reason, my beard is naturally curly while my hair is straight.
04:44 <The Mol Man> I like curly hairr too
04:44 <The Mol Man> that was oddly timed
04:44 <Urbancowgurl777> my hair used to go to my belt
04:44 <The Mol Man> I am not attracte to N7 Elite
04:44 <CoffeeMugRS> Same here, N7
04:44 <TyA> "beard" N7 must be a hipster
04:44 <Urbancowgurl777> straightened or curled it every day
04:44 <Urbancowgurl777> took forever
04:44 <Atheist723> I always cut my hair to 1 cm, then let it grow wild for a long time, and cut it short again.
04:44 <N7 Elite> No, I'm a nerd, Ty.
04:45 <Urbancowgurl777> wild as in like 2cms?
04:45 <The Mol Man> 2 and a half
04:45 <N7 Elite> Who likes having an Abe Lincoln beard.
04:45 <Atheist723> 5 cm or something.
04:45 <TyA> If that's whild, I'm uber wild
04:45 <Urbancowgurl777> wow you rebel
04:45 <Atheist723> Saves on the hairdresser's costs.
04:45 <The Mol Man> my hairr is a mess right now
04:45 <TyA> If you're going to cut it to 1 cm, just cut it yourself
04:45 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
04:45 <Urbancowgurl777> can't really mess up
04:45 <TyA> Saves even moar
04:45 <Atheist723> Well, it is not like there are teachers to tell me off now I've left school.
04:45 <The Mol Man> and I actually totally resemble the cartoon on my user page
04:46 <Atheist723> No, Ty, I'm rather clumsy with scissors...
04:46 <TyA> Use an electric shaver with the heads
04:46 <Lord Yura> well then dont run with them D:
04:46 <Atheist723> Tried once when I was younger. Not eager to try again.
04:46 <TyA> It does all the measuring for you
04:46 <The Mol Man> younger
04:46 <The Mol Man> go for it again
04:46 <Urbancowgurl777> i want to grow my hair back to belt-length again
04:46 <The Mol Man> why?
04:46 <Atheist723> Actually, 5 cm is not long.
04:46 <TyA> Go for it Fergie!
04:46 <The Mol Man> is it because i like long hairr
04:46 <Atheist723> 2 cm is still super short.
04:47 <The Mol Man> why are you trying to seduce me?
04:47 <TyA> Go for a foot long hair Atheist! :[[]]D
04:47  * Atheist723 glares at The Mol Man.
04:47 <The Mol Man> wtf
04:47 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
04:47 <Atheist723> Nope...would take too long to clean.
04:47 <The Mol Man> now atheist is trying to seduce me
04:47 <Atheist723> I'm too lazy for that.
04:47 <TyA> As a lazy guy, pff
04:47 <Urbancowgurl777> lmao
04:47 <The Mol Man> i'd marry you atheist, we both have the same religious beliefs so raising a child won't have that argument
04:47 <Lord Yura> Duuude..
04:48 <Lord Yura> Athe shouldnt just have 1ft hair..
04:48 <TyA> Start the argument anyway
04:48 <Lord Yura> He should like.. have it 1ft Straight up :o
04:48 <Atheist723> One more creepy comment, The Mol Man...
04:48 <The Mol Man> D:
04:48 <N7 Elite> Should I recruit [[w:c:masseffect:Dr. Karin Chakwas|Dr. Karin Chakwas]] or [[w:c:masseffect:Dr. Chloe Michel|Dr. Chloe Michel]] for the Normandy's med bey on Mass Effect 3?
04:48 <The Mol Man> y i no can be myself?
04:48 <N7 Elite> bay*
04:48 <The Mol Man> sure
04:48 <Urbancowgurl777>
04:48 <TyA> "Honey, I think we should introduce the child to Christianity" 
04:48 <TyA> "What? Why? We're both atheist" 
04:48 <TyA> "What's your point?"
04:48 <Urbancowgurl777> that was a haircut. lol. it's shorter now though o.o
04:48 <Atheist723> I used to have [[Blink]]'s hairstyle.
04:49 <The Mol Man> Okay, now i have no attraction to you
04:49 <Urbancowgurl777> yey
04:49 <Atheist723> ...Is that you?
04:49 <Urbancowgurl777> no
04:49 <TyA> Fergie: And you jelled it all the way up right? :D
04:49 <Lord Yura> :o..
04:49 <Atheist723> (I didn't use gel or whatever too. My hair just naturally stands up)
04:50 <TyA> Mine is naturally awesome
04:50 <The Mol Man> why parenthetical \
04:50 <The Mol Man> correctionL
04:50 <The Mol Man> You are naturally awesome
04:50 <N7 Elite> Why the heck was the PlaneScape: Torment trivia removed from [[Blink]], yet the following garbage was left? Blink may be a reference to Portal, wherein you're a test subject using portals 
04:50 <Urbancowgurl777> don't tell him things like that ._.
04:50 <Atheist723> Why?
04:51 <Atheist723> He's fairly awesome, albeit eccentric at times.
04:51 <TyA> That gets the userpage
04:51 <The Mol Man> if blink is a portal reference is bilrach glados?
04:51 <Urbancowgurl777> i want to be awesome ):
04:51 <TyA> You are Fergie <3
04:51 <Urbancowgurl777> yey
04:51 <Atheist723> "Fergie is awesome" and "Ty is awesome" is not mutually exclusive.
04:51 <The Mol Man> she's above awesome
04:51 <The Mol Man> if she was awesome that'd be a down grade
04:52 <Lord Yura> Fergie could get 3 Awesome Points for hugging the Yura
04:52 <Lord Yura> :o Challenge accepted?
04:52 <Urbancowgurl777> -.-
04:52  * The Mol Man huggles Lord Yura
04:52  * The Mol Man fails
04:52 -!- Omg piano has joined Special:Chat
04:52 <The Mol Man> how dat possible?
04:52 <Omg piano> Super Happy Fun Question Time :D
04:52 <Atheist723> Hi.
04:52 <Urbancowgurl777> goody.
04:52 <Omg piano> So I'm on My Arm's Big Adventure, and it's a little messy
04:52 <Lord Yura> .> w>
04:52 <Omg piano> I considered adding a cleanup template, but I can't give a good reason
04:53 <N7 Elite> It was Suppa who did it.
04:53 -!- Forever2222 has joined Special:Chat
04:53 <N7 Elite> I'm adding it back.
04:53 <Urbancowgurl777> just say it's messy ;3=
04:53 <Omg piano> Kay :D
04:53 <TyA> Yup
04:53 <Atheist723> Hi Forever2222.
04:53 <Urbancowgurl777> messy, hard to follow, etc
04:53 <Forever2222> Hello
04:53 <Urbancowgurl777> hi
04:53 <The Mol Man> disorganized is a good universal answer
04:54 <Urbancowgurl777> dis or un?
04:54 <Atheist723> Both are words.
04:54 <Urbancowgurl777> yeah..
04:55 <Urbancowgurl777> 2 toes left <3
04:55 -!- Dat Plot has joined Special:Chat
04:55 <Atheist723> How are you typing while doing that?
04:55 <Urbancowgurl777> with my nose?
04:55 -!- Dat Plot has left Special:Chat.
04:55 <The Mol Man> ummm duh:
04:55 <The Mol Man> she's awwesome
04:55 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
04:56 <Lord Yura> Fergie also has 2 hands ;o
04:56 <Lord Yura> Lol :D
04:56 <Urbancowgurl777> i love this anime song :3=
04:56 <Urbancowgurl777> tis epic
04:56 <Lord Yura> Yura Yura? :D
04:56 <Urbancowgurl777> no no
04:56 <Lord Yura> darn darn :/
04:56 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
04:56  * TyA disappears for real dis time
04:56 <Urbancowgurl777> bai
04:56 <Lord Yura> No you dont
04:56 <The Mol Man> nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
04:56 <Atheist723> Bye Ty.
04:56 <The Mol Man> life is pointless now
04:56  * TyA sends flowers
04:57 <N7 Elite>
04:57 <Atheist723> Batman: I trust him (Martian Manhunter) with my life.
04:57 <Atheist723> Demon: I'll send flowers.
04:57 <N7 Elite> What Blink's quote "The Spire... doors... everywhere..." references.
04:57 <Lord Yura> o-o Omg so many quotes.
04:57  * Lord Yura wants to fit in
04:58 <Atheist723> Have a look on Wikiquotes.
04:58 <Atheist723> It is quite cool.
04:58 <The Mol Man>
04:58 <Lord Yura> I cant think of a cool quote to say :<
04:58 <Atheist723> With dozens if not hundreds of quotes on wider topics like love, life and death.
04:59 <N7 Elite> Mol, I forgot how to do that.
04:59 <N7 Elite> Can I get you a ladder so you can get off my back?
04:59 <The Mol Man> i can jump down
04:59 <The Mol Man> you're not that tall
04:59 <Omg piano> [[cake|caek]] bye guysss
04:59 -!- Omg piano has left Special:Chat.
04:59 <N7 Elite>
05:00 <N7 Elite> Most epic quote ever.
05:00 <The Mol Man> meh
05:00 <The Mol Man> it's phrased awkwardly tbh
05:00 <Atheist723> My favourite is still the Superman/Dumbledore quote (well, it is two similar quotes).
05:01 <N7 Elite> Can I get you a ladder, so you can get off my back?
05:01 <The Mol Man> the comma does not change the phrasing
05:02 <Urbancowgurl777> yey dont
05:02 <N7 Elite> Like I said twice already, can I get you a ladder so you can get off my back?
05:02 <N7 Elite> =P
05:02 <Urbancowgurl777> done*
05:02 <The Mol Man> Like i said before:
05:02 <The Mol Man> i can jump off when I'm ready
05:02 <The Mol Man> you're not that tall
05:02 <N7 Elite> Six foot four.
05:03 <N7 Elite> Like that Maroon 5 song.
05:03 <The Mol Man> not tall enough for me to sustain damage from the fall
05:03 <N7 Elite> Meh. *chucks Mol off his back."
05:03 <N7 Elite> *
05:03  * The Mol Man clings on
05:03  * The Mol Man huggles as if it were fergies foot
05:04 <Urbancowgurl777> .
05:04 <The Mol Man> that's a compliment 
05:04 <Atheist723> One...last...creepy...comment.
05:05 <The Mol Man> atheist is being too serious
05:05 <N7 Elite> Void, would you like the honors of kicking Mol for being creepy?
05:05 <The Mol Man> NO :(
05:05 <Atheist723> What do you mean?
05:06 <EpicPancakes> Wubwub I'm back
05:06 <N7 Elite> He's being borderline creepy.
05:06 <The Mol Man> If fergie was that uncomfortable she would warn me then kick me herself
05:06 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
05:06 <The Mol Man> pancakes
05:06 <The Mol Man> back to answers 
05:06 <EpicPancakes> Wutchu want
05:06 <EpicPancakes> NO
05:06 <Atheist723> She is just being nice.
05:06 <Atheist723> And I am not nice to creeps.
05:06 <Urbancowgurl777> when have i ever done that?
05:07 <N7 Elite> He's being creepier than Uncle Sweetshare.
05:07 <N7 Elite>
05:07 <The Mol Man> N7 you haven't seen how creepy i can be
05:07 <Atheist723> I don't think I want to know.
05:07 <EpicPancakes> Yeah, really.
05:08 <Urbancowgurl777> maybe you should stop alltogether then
05:08 <The Mol Man> see^
05:08 <The Mol Man> ill stop fergie <3\
05:09 <Urbancowgurl777> the worst of it is that you're praising yourself for being creepy
05:09 <The Mol Man> I never said I was proud
05:09 <Urbancowgurl777> i could live with the foot thing
05:09 <The Mol Man> just that I can acknowledge thefact
05:09 <Urbancowgurl777> but not the "you haven't seen nothin' yet" thing
05:09 <The Mol Man> i could too
05:09 <EpicPancakes> "I'm ugly and I'm proud"
05:09 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
05:09 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol
05:09 <The Mol Man> why the fudge would I hug someone's foot ._.
05:09 <Atheist723> Er...
05:09 <Lord Yura> Uaybe we should all pick on that Yura dork :D
05:10 <Lord Yura> Maybe*
05:10 <EpicPancakes> Yeah, we should.
05:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Been there, done that, got the cape.
05:10 <EpicPancakes> Let's go beat him up.
05:10 -!- Forever2222 has left Special:Chat.
05:10 <EpicPancakes> Take his lunch money
05:11 <Lord Yura> :P
05:11 <N7 Elite> [[w:c:bioshock:Dr._Grossman|The Mol Man]].
05:11  * The Mol Man will never beable to return to S:C and be seens as somewhat normal
05:11 <EpicPancakes> Mol
05:11 <Atheist723> That's your fault.
05:11 <EpicPancakes> You were never seen as normal
05:11 <EpicPancakes> Ever
05:11 <The Mol Man> Oh
05:11  * Atheist723 goes and makes lunch
05:11 <The Mol Man> what a relief
05:11 <Urbancowgurl777> fixing to make pizza
05:11 <Urbancowgurl777> yey midnight pizza
05:11 <EpicPancakes> I had midnight Mexican Rice
05:11 <Lord Yura> *Just ate leftover pizza from dinner
05:11 <Lord Yura> :D
05:12 <The Mol Man> i wish I could sleep
05:12 <EpicPancakes> Now my chest hurts
05:12  * Atheist723 is back
05:12 <The Mol Man> i feel boring, midnight sunflower seeds
05:12 <The Mol Man> boooo
05:12 <The Mol Man> atheist no like mol :(
05:12 <Atheist723> Getting lunch doesn't take long when all you have to eat is biscuits.
05:12 <N7 Elite> [[w:c:bioshock:Jack|N7 Elite]].
05:12 <EpicPancakes> Farm thing level yay
05:12 <Lord Yura> Grats :3
05:13 <Lord Yura> Mine did too. I love dis Resource race
05:13 <EpicPancakes> I have to wait another 10-20 minutes for this part of the quest
05:13 <EpicPancakes> I JUST WAITED 20 MINUTES
05:13 <N7 Elite> Oh, guess who Fergs reminds me of in BioShock?
05:13 <CoffeeMugRS> N7
05:13 <EpicPancakes> Big Daddy :p
05:14 <Lord Yura> I knew someone was gonna say that
05:14 <Lord Yura> :P
05:14 <The Mol Man> Some character that will make no sense because I do not play?
05:14 <CoffeeMugRS> You're an illegitimate child of a husband cheating on his wife?
05:14 <Urbancowgurl777> o.o
05:14 <Atheist723> ...What.
05:14 <N7 Elite> [[w:c:bioshock:Big_Sister|Fergie]].
05:14 <EpicPancakes> Figures
05:14 <N7 Elite> Coffee, don't be a Debbie Downer.
05:14 <EpicPancakes> I don't even play Bioshock, how did I know that
05:15 <The Mol Man> N7 has no idea what debbie downer means -.-
05:15 <Lord Yura> My favorite debbie downer was the one with Lindsay lohan, and they went rl disney world :>
05:15 <Lord Yura> to disney*
05:15 <Urbancowgurl777> bbiab, noms
05:15 <N7 Elite>
05:15 <CoffeeMugRS> N7: Jack is the child of a married man and his mistress.
05:15 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
05:15 <The Mol Man> (fp)
05:15 <EpicPancakes> Wow...
05:15 <The Mol Man> you over use it N7
05:15 <CoffeeMugRS> You linked yourself to Jack
05:15 <N7 Elite> He's also the savior of the Little Sisters in BioShock.
05:16 <CoffeeMugRS> So how am I being a Debbie Downer?
05:16 <EpicPancakes> Use another thingy
05:16 <The Mol Man> you're not
05:16 <N7 Elite> Because you're being negative.
05:16 <The Mol Man> N7 just abuses the word
05:16 <EpicPancakes> You're being a negative nancy
05:16 <The Mol Man> he's not being depressing
05:16 <N7 Elite> Mol's being a Negative Nancy.
05:16 <CoffeeMugRS> I can be a Negative Nancy
05:16 <CoffeeMugRS> My cat just died. :(
05:16 <The Mol Man> That's what you said last time I trumped you with logic
05:17 <EpicPancakes> Fool Mol once...
05:17 <N7 Elite> All right, do you want to be kicked?
05:17 <CoffeeMugRS> I smell power abuse.
05:17 <CoffeeMugRS> Anyone else?
05:17 <EpicPancakes> I smell coffee
05:17 <The Mol Man> That would be an abuse of power, just because you don't like how I use logic
05:17 <N7 Elite> I was joking.
05:17 <EpicPancakes> Because it's almost the strongest scent in here
05:17 <N7 Elite> Sheesh. >.>
05:17 <Atheist723> A kick is more or less just a warning.
05:17 <The Mol Man> Logic =/= rule breaking
05:17 <CoffeeMugRS> It's much easier to give a warning with text.
05:18 <N7 Elite> Besides, you're beginning to irritate me with the constant bickering.
05:18 <EpicPancakes> This is so ironic
05:18 <EpicPancakes> Or whatever the word I'm looking for is
05:18 <CoffeeMugRS> Contradictory?
05:18 <The Mol Man> Imma pay less attention and just spam answers wiki
05:18 <EpicPancakes> I'm pretty sure it's a little of both
05:19 <EpicPancakes> Anyways off to wikianswers land while my beer brews
05:19 <N7 Elite> I'm gonna drink more Earl Grey and stay out of the bickering now.
05:19 <CoffeeMugRS> You do that.
05:19 <N7 Elite> Don't tell me what to do please.
05:19 <CoffeeMugRS> ...
05:19 <CoffeeMugRS> (fp)
05:19 <EpicPancakes> Oh man
05:19 <EpicPancakes> CATFIGHT
05:19 <EpicPancakes> ...
05:19 <EpicPancakes> DOGFIGHT
05:20 <The Mol Man> (fp)
05:20 <N7 Elite> Was I supposed to put it in a question?
05:20 <N7 Elite> The answer, I mean.
05:21 <The Mol Man> idk
05:21 <The Mol Man> i just thought it was a stupid question
05:21 <Meter55> Who...why...CANNOT COMPREHEND.
05:21 <N7 Elite> I put "Flea bites?" since the bumps on my lower legs are from fleas biting me.
05:21 <Meter55> SYSTEM ERROR ;~;
05:21 <The Mol Man> you see some of the dumbest stuff on answerswikia]
05:22 <The Mol Man> i woulda said "knees"
05:22 <EpicPancakes> Mosquitoes, most likely
05:22 <The Mol Man> pancakes
05:22 <EpicPancakes> wat
05:22 <The Mol Man>
05:22 <Meter55> ;~; Who made wikianswers?
05:22 <The Mol Man> read my answer
05:23 <Meter55> dat coffee.
05:23 <EpicPancakes> How...
05:23 <The Mol Man> idk
05:23 <EpicPancakes> I was just on that page
05:23 <EpicPancakes> SMALL WORLD HUH
05:23 <The Mol Man> "cup of joe" is  phrase
05:23 <The Mol Man> it's called recent changes
05:23 <EpicPancakes> You should have said "A coffee in a wheelchair"
05:23 <Meter55> ;~; my IQ goes down 50 everytime I go onto wikianswers.
05:24 <The Mol Man> meter
05:24 <N7 Elite> Lol, I just asked "Why is the rum always gone?" on the Answers Wiki.
05:24 <The Mol Man> you'd be mentally disabled severly
05:24 <EpicPancakes> Becuse I drink it.
05:24 <EpicPancakes> I cant help it
05:24 <The Mol Man> like to the point where you can't move
05:24 <The Mol Man> N7 is going to be the second RSW chat mod blocked from answers :x
05:25 <Meter55> lmao
05:25 <EpicPancakes> why am i not banned ter
05:25 <EpicPancakes> yet
05:25 <N7 Elite> Meh, who was the first?
05:25 <The Mol Man> cause you've turned around
05:25 <The Mol Man> Haidro
05:25 <EpicPancakes> HAIRDO
05:25 <EpicPancakes> He didn't even deserve it
05:25 <The Mol Man>
05:25 <N7 Elite> I was being serious when I asked that question, by the way.
05:26 <Meter55> CAUSE CAPTAIN MORGAN. ;~;
05:26 <CoffeeMugRS> What's the hex code for the tan RSW background
05:26 <CoffeeMugRS> ?
05:26 <CoffeeMugRS> #FF8CD?
05:26 <EpicPancakes>
05:26 <EpicPancakes> I'm so proud
05:27 <The Mol Man> lol say "Why was haidro blocked" on the wiki
05:27 <N7 Elite> Okay, I guess my question was removed.
05:27 <The Mol Man> 05:25 . . I am not me (Talk | contribs) deleted page Why is the rum always gone ‎(Unanswerable junk question: content was: "Category:Un-answered questions" (and the only contributor was "N7 Elite"))
05:28 <EpicPancakes> LOL
05:28 <N7 Elite> Oops.
05:28 <CoffeeMugRS> OH
05:28 <The Mol Man> every page they delete gets blacklisted
05:28 <The Mol Man> like wtf -.-
05:28 <CoffeeMugRS> I think I'm unblocked from CP chat now
05:28 <CoffeeMugRS> :D
05:28 <The Mol Man> paranoid much?
05:28 <EpicPancakes>
05:29 <N7 Elite> Is this a legitimate question?
05:29 <N7 Elite> "What purpose do tassels on shoes serve?"
05:29 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes.
05:29 <N7 Elite> M'kay.
05:29 <The Mol Man> oh god
05:30 <The Mol Man> pancakes is probably going to get blocked on the assumption that he's a sockpuppet 
05:30 <EpicPancakes> Nope
05:30 <EpicPancakes> I've been contributing
05:30 <EpicPancakes> I'm forgiven
05:30 <CoffeeMugRS> sock puppet?
05:30 <CoffeeMugRS> wat
05:30 <The Mol Man> they still might think you're a sockpuppet
05:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Well, shit.
05:31 <EpicPancakes> This is why we don't think you're normal
05:32 <Meter55> daww, baby penguin. It waddles funny.
05:32 <The Mol Man> pancakes
05:32 <CoffeeMugRS> That's why I fed my pet baby penguin to my pet baby troll.
05:32 <CoffeeMugRS> ;)
05:32 <The Mol Man> do you know what a sockpuppet is?
05:32 <EpicPancakes> Yes.
05:33 <The Mol Man> <3
05:33 <EpicPancakes> A fake account used when your is blocked or something
05:33 <The Mol Man> surprised its not deleted yet lol
05:34 <N7 Elite> I answered a question for someone.
05:34 <N7 Elite> "Benefits of good character?"
05:34 <N7 Elite> "You get along better with people if your character and behavior are good. It also helps you in the job environment since your employer is less likely to fire you if your character is agreeable."
05:35 <The Mol Man> inb4 that incompetent admin rollbacks your goodfaith edit
05:36 <N7 Elite> What the heck for?
05:36 <N7 Elite> I was being serious.
05:36 <The Mol Man> haidro had some of his edits rollbacked
05:36 <The Mol Man> lemme find one
05:37 <CoffeeMugRS>
05:37 <CoffeeMugRS> Go there N7
05:37 <The Mol Man>
05:37 <N7 Elite> And what do you mean by goodfaith edit? I was being honest.
05:37 <The Mol Man> i know
05:37 <N7 Elite> And helpful.
05:37 <The Mol Man> look what haidro got rollbacked
05:37 <The Mol Man> and his was goodfaithed and helpful
05:38 <The Mol Man> i  was not insulting you N7, i was insulting the admin who is currently active
05:38 <N7 Elite>
05:38 <N7 Elite> No wonder you got blocked.
05:38 <N7 Elite> Bronze+Iron mix? (facepalm)
05:38 <The Mol Man>
05:38 <The Mol Man> haidro answered correctly there too
05:38 <CoffeeMugRS>
05:39 <CoffeeMugRS> N7: He could be 1-4 defence
05:39 <CoffeeMugRS> You never know
05:39 <EpicPancakes> It's like Viernes or something
05:39 <CoffeeMugRS> Remember
05:39 <CoffeeMugRS> AGF
05:39 <The Mol Man>
05:39 <The Mol Man> that was bad faith coffee
05:39 <EpicPancakes> "Don't tell me what to do" -N7
05:39 <The Mol Man>
05:40 <EpicPancakes> And he changed it to horrendous grammar
05:40 <N7 Elite> Epic, I was thinking of framing that quote on my userpage, but it sounds a bit narcissistic.
05:40 <The Mol Man> 05:39 . . I am not me (Talk | contribs) deleted page Why is Haidro blocked ‎(Unanswerable junk question: content was: "Category:Un-answered questions" (and the only contributor was "EpicPancakes"))
05:40 <EpicPancakes> lol
05:41 <EpicPancakes> What does n/a mean again?
05:42 <N7 Elite> Say hello to my little friend! *whips out a mutant cabbage in a cage*
05:43 -!- Lord Yura has left Special:Chat.
05:43 <The Mol Man> I like how you answered that ridiculously stupid question N7
05:43 <EpicPancakes> I find it funny how this movie was made in 2007
05:43 <EpicPancakes> But right now in the movie it's 2012
05:43 <EpicPancakes> Kind of a coincidence, I guess.
05:44 <N7 Elite> O_o
05:45 <EpicPancakes> lol and they're making jokes about how gas prices will go up
05:45 <Meter55> lol the penguin moves so slow
05:45 <EpicPancakes> Which they did
05:49 <The Mol Man> i like how I keep getting people to contribute to answers lol
05:50 <EpicPancakes> HEY
05:50 <EpicPancakes> I DO TOO
05:51 <The Mol Man> what makes no sense
05:51 <The Mol Man> the abuse filter prevents answering certain questions
05:52 <The Mol Man> but doesn't prevent creating the question?
05:52 <EpicPancakes> wow
05:52 <TyA> Those are stopped by different variables
05:52 <TyA> Though luckily they're planning a redo of answers wikis
05:52 <The Mol Man> cool
05:52 <TyA> Night Toehoe <3
05:53 <TyA> And Atheist :D
05:53 <The Mol Man> ByA TyA
05:53 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
05:53 <The Mol Man> and me? :(
05:53 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
05:53 <The Mol Man> mattchew
05:53 <Matthew2602> Did I just miss  Ty? D:
05:54 <EpicPancakes> Yes
05:54 <EpicPancakes> MATT, MATT, MATTCHEW
05:54 <Matthew2602> :c
05:54 <EpicPancakes> Well maybe u have better timing next time
05:54 <The Mol Man> less than 10 seconds matt
05:55 <The Mol Man>
05:55 <The Mol Man> why are people so damn rude
05:55 <EpicPancakes> (fp)
05:55 <EpicPancakes> As stupid as that is, you don't answer like that.
05:55 <Atheist723> 0.00001?
05:55 <The Mol Man> i did .0001
05:55 <EpicPancakes> Wrong
05:56 <The Mol Man> change it
05:56 <EpicPancakes> 3.3452
05:56 <EpicPancakes> It's not wrong, I was kidding
05:56 <The Mol Man> ....
05:56 <N7 Elite>
05:56 <EpicPancakes> Except it is
05:56 -!- Dark at Heart has left Special:Chat.
05:56 <N7 Elite> Shepard: "Gimmie a name or I'll cut your balls off and sell them to a krogan!"
05:56 <N7 Elite> Best part of that interrogation as a renegade.
05:57 <EpicPancakes> He really says that
05:57 <EpicPancakes> I have to play ME2 again now
05:57 <N7 Elite> Yes, as a renegade.
05:57 <The Mol Man> matt
05:57 <CoffeeMugRS> MATT
05:57 <The Mol Man> i found a wikia answers question for you <3
05:57 <The Mol Man>
05:57 <CoffeeMugRS> <font>text</font>
05:58 <The Mol Man> don't answer tbh
05:58 <Matthew2602> Who is "we"? o.o
05:58 <The Mol Man> it's cheating i just know it
05:58 <The Mol Man> whomever is in that cheaters computer class
05:58 <EpicPancakes> "I'll be back for you after I collect my milk and cookies from starving orphans." -Santa
05:58  * Matthew2602 answers "It's called a web browser"
05:59 <The Mol Man> lol
05:59 <The Mol Man> ummmm
05:59 <N7 Elite> Mattchew!
05:59 <EpicPancakes>
06:00 <EpicPancakes> OH HOMEWORK
06:00 <Matthew2602> welcome to central, ladies and gentlemen
06:00 <EpicPancakes> lol
06:00 <N7 Elite> Matt, are you ever going to lose the Pikachu avatar?
06:00 <The Mol Man> so...the point of them making that was?
06:00 <The Mol Man> [email protected]
06:01 <Matthew2602> Why kitty? I like it :c
06:01 <The Mol Man>
06:01 <The Mol Man> someone answer i do not know ._.
06:01 <CoffeeMugRS>  Susan G. Komen Foundation for one
06:01 <CoffeeMugRS> Put that it. I would do it myself, but.. you know.
06:01 <N7 Elite> Because, Matt. It's creepy.
06:01 <Matthew2602> :c
06:02 <The Mol Man> ya ik
06:02 <N7 Elite> Lol, I'm joking.
06:02  * Matthew2602 steals all of kitty's paralysis heals
06:02 -!- Touhou FTW has left Special:Chat.
06:02  * Matthew2602 paralyses kitty
06:02 -!- Touhou FTW has joined Special:Chat
06:02  * CoffeeMugRS shows Matthew2602 what he learned today
06:02 <The Mol Man> Did you do it with static or thunder wave?
06:03 <Matthew2602> Was it how to use the span tag? T_T
06:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes
06:03 <Matthew2602> Thunder wave ftw
06:03 <CoffeeMugRS> <font>Yes</font>
06:03 <EpicPancakes> PIKACHU, USE A BOLT...
06:03 <EpicPancakes> OF...
06:03 <EpicPancakes> LIGHTNING
06:03 <EpicPancakes> Pikachu, use your thunder... smash
06:03 <Matthew2602> thunder smash?
06:03 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Water bolt|Lightning bolt]] you mean?
06:03 <EpicPancakes> reference
06:04 <EpicPancakes> It's a reference to a video
06:04 <Matthew2602> so, volt tackle?
06:04 <The Mol Man> (fp)
06:04  * Matthew2602 knows volt tackle
06:04 <N7 Elite> I was lurking in the Citadel's Firing Range as usual, and I managed to give one of the targets a smiley face.
06:04 <CoffeeMugRS> A job.
06:04 <The Mol Man> matthew
06:04 <The Mol Man> lose Thunder Wave
06:04 <The Mol Man> it sucks tbh
06:04 <Matthew2602> :/
06:04 <CoffeeMugRS> SCREW GRAVITY! *floats*
06:04 <The Mol Man> my max special attack flying pikachu just 1 hits everything
06:04 <EpicPancakes> asdf reference
06:04 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
06:04 <EpicPancakes> like your third this week
06:04 <CoffeeMugRS> Finally someone who gets it.
06:05  * Matthew2602 likes trains
06:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Third?!
06:05 <EpicPancakes> NONONO WAIT
06:05 <Matthew2602> :3
06:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Die, potato!
06:05 <Matthew2602> Not the potato :c
06:05 <The Mol Man> TRAINS :D
06:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Yum, cake.
06:06 <CoffeeMugRS> *puts knife in cake*
06:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Dude, that one is my favourite by far.
06:06  * N7 Elite feeds Mattchew a [[Rotten potato]].
06:06  * Matthew2602 noms
06:06  * The Mol Man feeds Mattchew Pokeblocks
06:06  * Matthew2602 gets super god powers
06:06 <Matthew2602> ty
06:06 <The Mol Man> no
06:06  * Matthew2602 NOMNOMNOM POKEBLOCKS
06:06 <The Mol Man> mattchews beauty raises
06:07 <The Mol Man> so des his smartness
06:07 <EpicPancakes> So does his
06:07 <Matthew2602> (>^_^)>
06:07 <EpicPancakes> thing stuff
06:07 <Matthew2602> So does my thing stuff?
06:07 <The Mol Man> the four stats are cute, cool, smart, beauty, tough
06:07 <The Mol Man> five*
06:07 <Matthew2602> English, how does it work? :3
06:07 <EpicPancakes> idk
06:08 <CoffeeMugRS> There are three types of people in the world: Those who can count, and those who can't.
06:08 <Atheist723> Matt?
06:08 <Atheist723>
06:08 <EpicPancakes> *Mattachu's cuteness has raised by -7
06:08 <The Mol Man> My whishcash was max cuteness
06:08 <The Mol Man> kinda weird
06:08 <EpicPancakes> Well that sucks
06:08 <The Mol Man> MATT GET ON YOUR BOT
06:08  * N7 Elite pulls out his trusty 9mm Beretta handgun and protects the Chat from Spectral Operatives.
06:08 <Atheist723> What does the (transclusion) mean?
06:08  * CoffeeMugRS is a Spectral Operative.
06:08 <The Mol Man> it means it's a template on there
06:08 <The Mol Man> and pasted like {{asdasda}}
06:08 <Matthew2602> it means the page doesn't link to it, but is referencing it is a template
06:08 <Matthew2602> eg
06:08 <Atheist723> I see.
06:08 <Atheist723> Thank you.
06:09 <Matthew2602> if I post {{stub}} on a page i am transcluding [[Template:Stub]]
06:09 <CoffeeMugRS> {{beta}} = [[Template:Stub]]
06:09 <CoffeeMugRS> F
06:09 <CoffeeMugRS> I was reading that and it made me type Stub
06:10  * CoffeeMugRS is tired.
06:10 <The Mol Man> id love to be able to delete all these stupid questions on answers
06:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Mol
06:10 <The Mol Man> there's be about 70k articles with all those gone
06:10  * N7 Elite shoots Coffee's possessed host pointblank in the face with his 9mm Beretta, then grabs his Anti-Spirit gear to exterminate Coffee.
06:10 <EpicPancakes> "Don't try anything on me, you ice crapping snow honkies"
06:10 <EpicPancakes> This show
06:10  * Matthew2602 moves you all to Australia where we actually have a thing called gun control
06:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Ask the question, "Can I delete stupid people?" for me please, Mol
06:11 <EpicPancakes> America has that
06:11 <EpicPancakes> It's not good
06:11 <The Mol Man> ^
06:11 <EpicPancakes> But we have it
06:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Screw gun control!
06:11 <The Mol Man> we have people like Ryan Baker who want guns everywhere
06:11 <EpicPancakes> PINGPINGPING RUAN
06:11 <EpicPancakes> RYAN
06:11 <Matthew2602> Protip: It isn't illegal to own a firearm here, you just need a permit ._.
06:11 <EpicPancakes> Oh he has no chax on
06:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Let's not get into political discussions here, people.
06:11 <CoffeeMugRS> PLEASE!
06:11 <The Mol Man> matthew
06:12 <EpicPancakes> That's not political
06:12 <EpicPancakes> It's...
06:12 <EpicPancakes> Gun...ical
06:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Political.
06:12 <N7 Elite> The Second Amendment should be protected at all cost.
06:12 <The Mol Man> our stupid government allows for concealed weapons in public areas
06:12 <The Mol Man> N7
06:12 <CoffeeMugRS> OMFG
06:12 <The Mol Man> we already have one repealed amendment
06:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Take this elsewhere
06:12 <The Mol Man> it's time to make that 2
06:12 <CoffeeMugRS> I don't want to see this shit
06:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Please
06:13 <N7 Elite> Like Benjamin Franklin said, anyone who gives up some of their freedom for temporary protection is unworthy to be free
06:13 <N7 Elite> Or something like that.
06:13 <The Mol Man> then again that was 200 years ago
06:13 <The Mol Man> things change
06:13 <EpicPancakes> Yep
06:13  * Matthew2602 doesn't dare question American's precious patriotism
06:13 <EpicPancakes> Question it
06:13 <The Mol Man> Mattchew you should
06:13 <EpicPancakes> Because smart Americans hate their own coutnry
06:13 <EpicPancakes> country
06:13 <The Mol Man> ^
06:13 <The Mol Man> God dammit pancakes, you really are my twin
06:14 <N7 Elite> Mol, it's obvious that neither of us will change our viewpoints.
06:14 <CoffeeMugRS> Loyal citizens respect their country.
06:14 <CoffeeMugRS> Shut the fuck up now, please.
06:14 <EpicPancakes> Hard to be loyal to something evil
06:14 <CoffeeMugRS> To be honest, you're pissing me off.
06:14 <N7 Elite> Coffee, the language is a bit harsh.
06:14 <CoffeeMugRS> Meet up in a Friends Chat in runescape to discuss this shit tbh.
06:14 <CoffeeMugRS> Perhaps what I say then won't go unnoticed then.
06:14 <EpicPancakes> Okay, let's talk about something more appropriate
06:15 <EpicPancakes> Like murder or rape or abortion
06:15 <N7 Elite> There's no excuse for that kind of language.
06:15 <EpicPancakes> That better
06:15 <CoffeeMugRS> You're an idiot.
06:15 <The Mol Man> Just one last thing: we have the amendments to allow for change; let's make use of that priveledge
06:15 <N7 Elite> Coffee, last warning to calm down.
06:15 <Touhou FTW> Coffee, if you don't like it, feel free to leave the chat.
06:15 <CoffeeMugRS> Shouldn't have to because they don't know how to use PM.
06:15 <Touhou FTW> You don't have to
06:15 <Touhou FTW> don't complain though
06:15 <Matthew2602> GENIOUS
06:16 <EpicPancakes> GENIUS
06:16 <EpicPancakes> GENIUS
06:16 <EpicPancakes> LAG
06:16 <Matthew2602> I  never was good at that english thing
06:16 <The Mol Man> i hate that kinda stuff
06:16 <EpicPancakes> *Touches screen
06:16 <EpicPancakes> *Screen breaks
06:16 <EpicPancakes> Feck.
06:16 <EpicPancakes> There goes the left half of my screen
06:17 <CoffeeMugRS> "Feck off!" - Father Jack.
06:17 <EpicPancakes> "Feck off, crows!" That guy from Conker
06:18 <EpicPancakes> That was such a good game, even though I neve rplayed it
06:18 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
06:18 <The Mol Man> 06:17 . . I am not me (Talk | contribs) deleted page 2) Which of the following are you NOT obligated to do as a Health Care Personnel ‎(Blatantly copied from an exam or homework assignment)
06:18 <The Mol Man> idiots put the question number in there
06:18 <Meter55> Well, meeting history was kinda fun
06:18 <EpicPancakes> This sums up the whole game
06:18 <EpicPancakes> language
06:18 <EpicPancakes> And singing feces
06:18 <N7 Elite> Wow... The Geth Plasma SMG is a beast!
06:18 <EpicPancakes> brb bathroom
06:19 <The Mol Man>
06:19 <N7 Elite> I added a heat sink and a mag upgrade to it and it took forever to run out of ammo.
06:19 <The Mol Man> my answer
06:19 <The Mol Man> im not lying btw it's weird
06:19 <CoffeeMugRS>
06:20 <The Mol Man> idk
06:20 <The Mol Man> but his last name is mario
06:20 <The Mol Man> when I found that out I was like WTF
06:20 <CoffeeMugRS> That was one of the Recent Changes when I clicked on your previous link, mol.
06:20 <CoffeeMugRS> I fount it kind of funny
06:20 <CoffeeMugRS> found*
06:21 <The Mol Man>
06:21 <CoffeeMugRS> (fo)
06:21 <CoffeeMugRS> (fo)
06:21 <CoffeeMugRS> (fp)
06:21 <The Mol Man> read my answer
06:22  * CoffeeMugRS goes on RuneScape and spams abracadabra while maging steel dragons.
06:22 <The Mol Man> lol
06:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Mol
06:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Do you have Spell check on?
06:22 <The Mol Man> it does not work in the answer box for some reason
06:22 <CoffeeMugRS> No
06:23 <CoffeeMugRS> I mean for the chat
06:23 <The Mol Man> oh it does work in the answer box
06:23 <The Mol Man> google chrome's spell check works in S:C
06:23 <CoffeeMugRS> k'
06:23 <CoffeeMugRS> type in your message box, in this chat
06:23 <CoffeeMugRS> abracadabra
06:23 <CoffeeMugRS> no red line
06:24 <The Mol Man> BAH
06:24 <CoffeeMugRS> you have to press space after the word though
06:24 <The Mol Man> it's a word
06:24 <N7 Elite> Okay, Mol. Not to continue the debate you tried to start earlier, but Germany had gun control back in the 30s, and that was around the time that Hitler came to power, so that's one of the reasons why I dislike gun control.
06:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol :D
06:24 <The Mol Man> w/e it's not a real word
06:24 <N7 Elite> Other than that, I don't mind either way.
06:24 <The Mol Man> Hitler was involved so it's bad?
06:24 <The Mol Man> Hitler was jewish
06:24 <The Mol Man> I am jewish
06:24 <The Mol Man> ergo I am bad
06:24 <N7 Elite> O_o
06:24 <CoffeeMugRS> We're all Jewish
06:24 <N7 Elite> Hitler wasn't Jewish.
06:24 <N7 Elite> He was Austrian.
06:25 <The Mol Man> he was, his other was a jew
06:25 <N7 Elite> I'm so confused now.
06:25 <EpicPancakes> Stupid Mexican food
06:25 <The Mol Man> so jews observe him as jewish
06:25 <CoffeeMugRS> I was gonna say something after that, but I realised it definitely would result in me getting banned from this chat
06:25 <N7 Elite> Hitler did some very bad things, Mol.
06:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Hitler does not hate Jews.
06:25 <CoffeeMugRS> He ahtes juice.
06:26 <CoffeeMugRS> hates*
06:26 <The Mol Man> He was a great political mind however
06:26 <CoffeeMugRS> It's all a misunderstanding.
06:26 <EpicPancakes> This has been fermenting for about an hour now, and it says it takes 20 minutes
06:26 <The Mol Man> how else could he have garnered a huge following
06:26 <N7 Elite> Okay, now that was a bit off-color, Coffee.
06:26 <N7 Elite> He was a mastermind at propaganda, Mol?
06:26 <The Mol Man>
06:26 <The Mol Man> (fp)
06:26 <EpicPancakes> Wat
06:26 <The Mol Man> we're off topic
06:26 <The Mol Man> how does that relate to gun control?
06:27 <EpicPancakes> Ask "Why does Mexican food make everyone but Mexicans fart"
06:27 <N7 Elite> Because he started it when he took power.
06:27 <The Mol Man> Because he was paranoid about others rising up against him
06:27 <N7 Elite> And when the Nazis started rounding people up, they had no means to defend themselves.
06:27 <The Mol Man> hw does that compare to gun control in a non dictatorship?
06:28 <N7 Elite> You never know when something like that might happen here.
06:28 <N7 Elite> Better to be safe than sorry.
06:28 <The Mol Man> In our society? in this age?
06:28 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes, Mol.
06:28 <N7 Elite> It's happened a million times over throughout history.
06:28 <The Mol Man> How often has it happened in a democracy as large as ours?
06:28 <CoffeeMugRS> More than 0 times
06:28 <CoffeeMugRS> It's happened once
06:28 <CoffeeMugRS> It's bound to happen again
06:29 <CoffeeMugRS> Some time or another
06:29 <The Mol Man> Our politicians cannot even work together?
06:29 <CoffeeMugRS> Could be tomorrow, could be in 50 years
06:29 <The Mol Man> how can they all be forced to cooperate under a single dictator?
06:29 <CoffeeMugRS> That's because politics is a load of bullshit.
06:29 <EpicPancakes> Wow, this all makes sense now
06:29 <N7 Elite> What does, Epic?
06:29 <The Mol Man> the system is too large to simply allow a person into autocratic power
06:29 <EpicPancakes> Lars was actually Fry the whole time
06:29 <EpicPancakes> But he came from the past when he was older
06:29 <N7 Elite> That doesn't mean someone won't try it, Mol.
06:30 <EpicPancakes> This movie sucks, why am I watching it
06:30 <The Mol Man> it's great 
06:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Pancakes
06:30 <N7 Elite> Even though I don't carry a gun, I feel safer knowing that people are allowed to carry guns in the States.
06:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Have you ever watched Saving Private Ryan?
06:30 <The Mol Man> So we should allow concealed weapons to psychos in the .00001% change event that someone will turn the US into an autocracy? 
06:30 <EpicPancakes> Yes.
06:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Good.
06:31 <N7 Elite> Sure, there's psychos with firearms, but there's also sane people that can protect the public from the psychos.
06:31 <CoffeeMugRS> I always get pissed off at the guy towards the end that carries all that ammo, sits on the steps while one of his friends gets stabbed by a German
06:31 <EpicPancakes> But..
06:32 <The Mol Man> So a psycho can kill someone so long as there was a change that someone could have possible prevented it with further use of fire arms?
06:32 <The Mol Man> what about collateral damage>
06:32 <N7 Elite> Mol, you're twisting my words.
06:32 <The Mol Man> Welcome to debate team
06:32 <N7 Elite> Not everyone is a psycho just because they're allowed to carry a firearm.
06:32 <CoffeeMugRS> Here's the thing, Mol.
06:32 <N7 Elite> There's far more sane people with firearms than insane people.
06:32 <CoffeeMugRS> Just because there would be a ban on firearms
06:32 <Atheist723> The problem is, everyone includes psychos.
06:33 <CoffeeMugRS> Doesn't mean the "psychos" wouldn't try to get their hands on them
06:33 <The Mol Man> But it would be illegal for them t have it and that can be taken care of
06:33 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh
06:33 <The Mol Man> you can't accuse someone preemptively 
06:33 <N7 Elite> Coffee's right. The psychos would simply buy them off the black market or steal them from people allowed to carry them.
06:33 <CoffeeMugRS> But by the time they kill 20 people, it's too late
06:34 <The Mol Man> Does the black market for firearms not already exist?
06:34 <EpicPancakes> I just hate guns in general
06:34 <Atheist723> Not really, N7 Elite, as long as there are good regulations.
06:34 <The Mol Man> how would it really grow?
06:34 <EpicPancakes> The world would be a better place if they didn't exist
06:34 <The Mol Man> regulations would make it even more difficult to get your hands on firearms
06:34 <Atheist723> There isn't a civilian shooting in Hong Kong since I was born, I think.
06:34 <CoffeeMugRS> As soon as the bill for banning firearms would seem to be passed, people would start collecting firearms, ammo, etc
06:35 <CoffeeMugRS> and save it to sell on a black market
06:35 <The Mol Man> Wen my mom visited england
06:35 <Atheist723> It is banned here for a very long time.
06:35 <The Mol Man> not a single police man was armed
06:35 <The Mol Man> because no one else had acces to fire arms
06:35 <The Mol Man> and guess what
06:35 <CoffeeMugRS> So they had what, sticks?
06:35 <The Mol Man> crime was low
06:35 <Atheist723> And it is a safer place because of it.
06:35 <The Mol Man> yes
06:35 <The Mol Man> that's all they needed
06:35 <CoffeeMugRS> South London
06:35 <N7 Elite> *sigh* The main problem with these kinds of debates is that everyone's convinced their opinion's correct and is not likely to accept the other side's viewpoint.
06:35 <CoffeeMugRS> Go there
06:35 <The Mol Man> N7
06:35 <The Mol Man> the point of debate is to fight for your side
06:36 <Atheist723> Well, Hong Kong is definitely loads safer than New York, that is a fact.
06:36 <The Mol Man> Atheist
06:36 <N7 Elite> Meh, I'm more of a compromiser since I hate fights.
06:36 <CoffeeMugRS> The point of the RUNESCAPE Wiki Chat is to discuss RUNESCAPE stuff
06:36 <The Mol Man> how strict is gun control is Atheist?
06:36 <CoffeeMugRS> Not political stuff.
06:36 <Atheist723> Not necessary.
06:36 <Touhou FTW> Coffee
06:36 <Touhou FTW> They can talk about whatever they want
06:36 <Touhou FTW> if you don't like it leave
06:36 <The Mol Man> in hong kong*
06:37 <EpicPancakes> I'll probably go afk soon, falling asleep
06:37 <Atheist723> The Mol Man, absolutely no firearms fir civilians except air rifles or whatever they are called with energy output less than 2 joules.
06:37 <The Mol Man> show off
06:37 <N7 Elite> I just don't think banning the right to carry firearms will magically solve the problem of criminals and psychos running wild with them.
06:37 <Atheist723> *for cixilians
06:37 <The Mol Man> okay and how would you describe crime?
06:37 <Atheist723> *civilians
06:37 <Atheist723> The problem is, we don't *have* psychos shooting.
06:37 <N7 Elite> But enough of this. I'm tired, and this debate's going circular.
06:37 <CoffeeMugRS> I just think that stuff like this shouldn't be allowed to be discussed. It makes for a bad discussion, and will usually result in chaos.
06:37 <The Mol Man> I win by defauly
06:38  * Atheist723 goes back to watch Superman
06:38 <N7 Elite> Mol, can I get you a ladder so you can get off my back?
06:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Or so he can get off his high horse maybe
06:38 <N7 Elite> Where's that Youtube video again?
06:38 <The Mol Man> I'd rephrase that to: Would you a like a ladder to help you get off my back?
06:38 <The Mol Man> that's less choppy
06:38 <Touhou FTW> If it becomes chaos, we'll stop it. We're not disallowing it just because you don't like it.
06:38 <EpicPancakes> Oh snap
06:38 <N7 Elite>
06:39 <EpicPancakes> I wish I had a high horse
06:39 <EpicPancakes> My horses are short
06:39 <N7 Elite> For some reason, that video makes me laugh.
06:40 <N7 Elite> Mol, it's a quote from Dragon Age, so I'm not rephrasing it just to suit your whims.
06:40 <The Mol Man> well whoever wrote the quote is a poor writer
06:41 <EpicPancakes> How dare you
06:41 <EpicPancakes> Wait who made dragon age
06:41 <N7 Elite> Bioware.
06:41 <EpicPancakes> Oh
06:41 <The Mol Man> I mean the specific person who cape up with the quote
06:41 <EpicPancakes> HOW DARE YOU MOL
06:41 <The Mol Man> they suck at writing
06:41 <EpicPancakes> Bioware poop'd on ME3
06:41 <EpicPancakes> Or... EA at least
06:42 <N7 Elite> Mol, the quote's basically for an evil character.
06:42 <N7 Elite> That's why it sounds so rude.
06:42 <The Mol Man> what is it indeed
06:42 <The Mol Man> i never commented on its tone
06:42 <The Mol Man> just the fact that it is a poorly delivered phrase
06:42 <N7 Elite> Susuhong?
06:42 <The Mol Man> idk
06:43 <N7 Elite> I think you're just jelly of the genius of that quote.
06:43 <EpicPancakes> I think you're jelly that Bioware's rep lets it get away with screwing up
06:43 <N7 Elite> I'm gonna go tell Zezima that quote the next time I see him in his Chat.
06:44 <N7 Elite> Epic, how dare you! *slaps*
06:44 <The Mol Man> It's not an ingenious quote
06:44 <EpicPancakes> Bioware sucks now
06:44 <EpicPancakes> ADMIT IT
06:44 <EpicPancakes> UBISOFT HAS TAKEN OVER
06:44 <The Mol Man> it only makes sense if you allow it to
06:44 <The Mol Man> at a first glance it's clever
06:44 <N7 Elite> Epic, can I get you a ladder so you can get off my back?
06:44 <The Mol Man> but broken down, it's a lame line
06:45 <N7 Elite> I never knew you were a qualified linguist, Mol.
06:45 <EpicPancakes> I never knew you were an N7 Elite
06:45 <N7 Elite> What university of linguistics did you study at?
06:45 <EpicPancakes> I thought you were a bicycle cat
06:45 <The Mol Man> i'm still in highschool, pretty damn impressive how I already know my stuff, huh?
06:45 <N7 Elite> I changed for that very reason, Epic.
06:45 <N7 Elite> Nah, it's rather lame, actually.
06:45 <EpicPancakes> What very reason
06:46 <N7 Elite> Kids your age should be out chasing girls and having a good time.
06:46 <N7 Elite> After all, you're only a teen once, you know.
06:46 <EpicPancakes> PPFFTT
06:46 <EpicPancakes> BEEN THERE DONE THAT
06:46 <EpicPancakes> Didn't go well.
06:46 <Touhou FTW> nub Bicycle
06:46 <The Mol Man> So I should conform to the common ideal of a teenager?
06:46 <EpicPancakes> Yeah.
06:46 <N7 Elite> Yes, otherwise you'll end up like me, Mol.
06:46 <EpicPancakes> Listen to pop
06:46 <The Mol Man> Rather than enjoy my life as I please?
06:47 <EpicPancakes> And crash your car all the time
06:47 <The Mol Man> Ever think I won't?
06:47 <N7 Elite> I'm a nerd who lives at home still.
06:47 <The Mol Man> Afterall, I'm an amazing linguist
06:47 <EpicPancakes> HOW HUMBLE
06:47 <N7 Elite> Linguistics is not a fun field to work in.
06:47 <The Mol Man> I find it fun
06:47 <N7 Elite> Now computers is fun.
06:47 <The Mol Man> i love manipulating words
06:48 <N7 Elite> I love programming computers to do my bidding.
06:48 <The Mol Man> Comp Sci is one of my possible majors
06:48 <EpicPancakes> Computers is the best
06:48 <The Mol Man> It goes Comp Sci > Something English > Music
06:48 <N7 Elite> Be a musician then.
06:48 <The Mol Man> mostly because music is a crappy field in which to look for a job
06:48 -!- Lord Yura has joined Special:Chat
06:48 <EpicPancakes> OH MAN
06:48 <The Mol Man> ^^that reason
06:48 <EpicPancakes> I WANNA BE A MUSICIAN
06:49 <The Mol Man> Do you have talent?
06:49 <EpicPancakes> No, but America's got talent
06:49 <N7 Elite> Epic, go audition on American Idol.
06:49 <The Mol Man> how much experience do you have in music?
06:49 <EpicPancakes> I no sing
06:49 <EpicPancakes> I play guitar and violin thing
06:49 <EpicPancakes> "I just wanna get on the aeroplane"
06:49 <The Mol Man> for how long?
06:50 <EpicPancakes> I wanna get on the aeroplane for a few hours
06:50 <N7 Elite> I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on my drum all day.
06:50 <EpicPancakes> teehee
06:50 <EpicPancakes> And I've played Violin for three years
06:50 <EpicPancakes> And guitar for two
06:50 <The Mol Man> so not much experience?
06:50 <EpicPancakes> I have experience
06:50 <N7 Elite>
06:50 <EpicPancakes> Wait
06:50 <N7 Elite> Best song ever to listen to on Fridays.
06:50 <EpicPancakes> WHY ISNT MUSIC A SKILL IN RS
06:51 <The Mol Man> some experience, but not alot?
06:51 <EpicPancakes> Damn it my mouse died
06:51 <N7 Elite> Epic, I don't know.
06:51 <N7 Elite> I want to be a bard on RuneScape.
06:51 <EpicPancakes> ik
06:51 <EpicPancakes> Play in banks and stuff
06:51 -!- Touhou FTW has left Special:Chat.
06:51 -!- Touhou FTW has joined Special:Chat
06:51 <EpicPancakes> I was gonna make a reference to the entertainers in this one book, but I can't spell it
06:51 <The Mol Man> that wouldn't work as a skill
06:51 <N7 Elite> By the way, Mass Effect 3 was epic. It was only the ending that was lackluster.
06:51 <EpicPancakes> They fixed it with the flc
06:52 <EpicPancakes> But it was way shorter than ME3
06:52 <The Mol Man> and why is wouldn't not considered a word half the time I type it?
06:52 <EpicPancakes> Me3
06:52 <EpicPancakes> Me2
06:52 <EpicPancakes> Because an apostrophe is considered as a space
06:52 <N7 Elite> Meh, I never noticed that it was shorter.
06:52 <N7 Elite> Epic, is that counting the DLC?
06:52 <The Mol Man> half the time
06:52 <EpicPancakes> So it thinks you're saying wouldn
06:52 <EpicPancakes> ?
06:52 <The Mol Man> occasionally it counts it as a word
06:52 <EpicPancakes> Oh, [email protected]?
06:52 <EpicPancakes> ME2?
06:53 <N7 Elite> Oh, are you one of the people who prefer ME1?
06:53 <EpicPancakes> ME2 on PS3 comes with all the dlc that microsoft makes you pay for
06:53 <N7 Elite> Meh, the PS3 is a crappy console.
06:54 <EpicPancakes> Not relly.
06:54 <EpicPancakes> Really
06:54 <N7 Elite> Yarly.
06:54 <EpicPancakes> The only thing it lacks is the party system
06:54 <N7 Elite> Sony removed the ability to play PS1 and PS2 games on it.
06:54 <EpicPancakes> They're nearly identical
06:54 <Ryan PM> PS3 Would be better had they still allowed Linux to run on it :s
06:54 <EpicPancakes> Yeah, they banned that too.
06:54 <N7 Elite> Because they wanted to make people pay to play the PS1 and PS2 games.
06:54 <Ryan PM> lolwut
06:54 <EpicPancakes> Good thing I still have both
06:55 <EpicPancakes> So who cars
06:55 <EpicPancakes> cares
06:55 <N7 Elite> My brother had to shell out at least $10 on Final Fantasy 8 alone.
06:55 <EpicPancakes> $10
06:55 <EpicPancakes> That's so much money
06:55 <EpicPancakes> How did he manage it
06:56 <Ryan PM> ps2 games run better on a ps2 anyway (unless you have the early PS3 that had the hardware emulator and not the later software emulation)
06:56 <N7 Elite> I picked up Final Fantasy 8 for the PS1 for $5 from GameStop.
06:56 <N7 Elite> Beat that, Epic.
06:56 <EpicPancakes> A lot of PS2 games are like $1 now
06:56 <EpicPancakes> I got Destroy All Humans for $2
06:56 <N7 Elite> You can't find FF8 anymore though.
06:56 <EpicPancakes> That was such a good game
06:56 <N7 Elite> Most people sell them for insane prices on Ebay.
06:57 <The Mol Man> that wording
06:57 <EpicPancakes> I love how 90% of the people I know with an Xbox 360 had a PS2, not an Xbox
06:57 <N7 Elite> Anyway, I'm going to bed before I get caught in yet another debate.
06:58 <EpicPancakes> Please go to sleep
06:58 <N7 Elite> It's late enough here.
06:58 <EpicPancakes> Because I need to go to sleep
06:58 <N7 Elite> Epic, don't make me say the ladder quote again.
06:58 <EpicPancakes> It's 3 AM MOL HEPL ME
06:58 <EpicPancakes> MELP ME
06:58 <The Mol Man> oh i was going to leave first
06:58 <The Mol Man> it's 2:58
06:58 <EpicPancakes> MOL GET OUT I WANNA SLEEP
06:58 <The Mol Man> and wtf 
06:58 <The Mol Man> i was awake all last night
06:58 <The Mol Man> why did i not crash to sleep tonight
06:58 <N7 Elite> Good night. Smell y'all later.
06:58 <The Mol Man> pissed off at that a little
06:58  * The Mol Man farts
06:58 <EpicPancakes> gnightegsrgserh
06:58 <Ryan PM> /quit
06:58 <The Mol Man> smell me now
06:58  * EpicPancakes smells Mol
06:59 <The Mol Man> * EpicPancakes dies
06:59  * N7 Elite kicks Mol for killing Epic.
06:59 <EpicPancakes> nununu wait
06:59 <N7 Elite> As per [[RS:UTP]].
06:59 <EpicPancakes> I got something good 
06:59 <EpicPancakes> Just let me find it
06:59 <The Mol Man> * N7 Elite cannot kick mol
07:00 <The Mol Man> he died before getting close
07:00 <N7 Elite> Don't tempt me.
07:00 <N7 Elite> Anyway, I'm going to bed now, so I'm kicking myself.
07:00 <N7 Elite> Bai.
07:00 -!- N7 Elite was kicked from Special:Chat by N7 Elite
07:00 <EpicPancakes> wow
07:00 <The Mol Man> POWER ABUSE
07:01 <The Mol Man> pan
07:01 <The Mol Man> how do you answer this?
07:01 <The Mol Man>
07:01 <EpicPancakes> 躺º (o_o)
07:01 <EpicPancakes> DAMN IT
07:01 <EpicPancakes> I guess that work
07:01 <EpicPancakes> works
07:02 <The Mol Man> so 1?
07:02 <EpicPancakes> Wat
07:02 <The Mol Man> you said è to the power of 0 three times
07:02 <The Mol Man> anything to the 0 is 1
07:02 <The Mol Man>
07:03 <EpicPancakes> ...
07:03 <EpicPancakes> You know that's a revolver, right?
07:03 <The Mol Man> does not look like one O.o
07:03 <EpicPancakes> 躺º
07:03 <EpicPancakes> The e is the part where you hold it
07:03 <EpicPancakes> The ' is that...
07:04 <The Mol Man> pancakes
07:04 <EpicPancakes> Thing
07:04 <The Mol Man> i found the dumbest yet
07:04 <The Mol Man>
07:04 <EpicPancakes> (fp)
07:04 <The Mol Man> (fp) x 1000000000000000000000
07:04 -!- Donnaly has joined Special:Chat
07:04 <EpicPancakes> You would have lost your face by then
07:04 <The Mol Man> maybe i can't see stupid stuff like that then anymore
07:04 <The Mol Man> answer that
07:05 <EpicPancakes> It doesn't even exist
07:05 <The Mol Man> puffin
07:05 <The Mol Man> they misspelled
07:05 <EpicPancakes> ik
07:05 <The Mol Man> RS question?
07:06 <EpicPancakes> I think so
07:06 <EpicPancakes> But what kind of...
07:06 <EpicPancakes> Right, everyone there is an idiot
07:06 <The Mol Man> i answered
07:07 <EpicPancakes> Mol go to sleep
07:07 <EpicPancakes> I need to go to sleep
07:09 <EpicPancakes> Good, he must be asleep
07:09 <The Mol Man> no
07:09 <The Mol Man> editing
07:10  * EpicPancakes casts hypnotise
07:10 <The Mol Man> i wish
07:11 <The Mol Man>
07:11 <EpicPancakes> like 95000
07:11 <The Mol Man> (fp)
07:11 <The Mol Man> you sure about 95k?
07:11 <EpicPancakes> Yeah like 900,000000
07:12 <The Mol Man> you add it
07:12 <The Mol Man> weight of average adult male: none
07:13 <The Mol Man>
07:13 <EpicPancakes> ...
07:13 <EpicPancakes> 16x6000?
07:13 <The Mol Man> 3x2kx16 is what i did but yh
07:14 <EpicPancakes> Do these people know what a calculator is?
07:14 <The Mol Man> no
07:15 <The Mol Man>
07:15 <EpicPancakes> Oh crap this song
07:15 <The Mol Man> i had no idea we "made" states
07:15 <EpicPancakes> What song is this dang it
07:16 <The Mol Man>,the_Missouri_compromise,_the_transatlantic_slave_trade_or_the_annexation_of_Mexican_territory_is_an_example_of_the_concept_of_Manifest_Destiny_in_action?cb=8997
07:16 <The Mol Man> look at my delete reason lol
07:16 <EpicPancakes> wow
07:16 <EpicPancakes> This guy was just talking about that
07:17 <EpicPancakes> And he was rapping about it to this track in the background that I want the name of
07:17 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
07:17 <The Mol Man> I like how 90% of actual questions can be answered via wikipedia or some other wikia
07:18 <EpicPancakes> ik
07:18 <EpicPancakes> that's what pisses me of
07:18 <EpicPancakes> off
07:18 -!- PvM-IC3 has joined Special:Chat
07:18 <PvM-IC3> guys does gano degrade you it drops on the floor?
07:18 <The Mol Man> It's really a pointless wiki
07:18 <The Mol Man> idk tbh
07:19 <The Mol Man> i understand yahoo answers, they may not know about the wikia community
07:19 <The Mol Man> but if you're already on wikia, you may as well go to an actual helpful wiki
07:19 <EpicPancakes> At least Yahoo has a system that works right and helpful members
07:19 <The Mol Man> {{delete|cheater cheater pumpkin eater}}
07:20 <The Mol Man> i like my delete reason
07:20 <PvM-IC3> does gano degrade if dropped?!
07:20 <The Mol Man> idk i already said
07:20 <PvM-IC3> oh soz
07:20 <PvM-IC3> cya
07:20 <The Mol Man> why would you want to drop it anyways?
07:20 <PvM-IC3> i wanna know before i buy
07:20 -!- PvM-IC3 has left Special:Chat.
07:21 <The Mol Man> what an odd thing to want to know...
07:24 <The Mol Man>
07:24 <The Mol Man> hmmm
07:24 <The Mol Man> [[Special:Editcount/The Mol Man]]
07:27 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol, food laced with steroids to promote growth.  that's some crap right there.
07:28 <The Mol Man> [[Special:Editcount/Wikia]]
07:28 <The Mol Man> i no can load page
07:30 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
07:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Mol, Wikia has 10.4M edits globally.
07:30 <Touhou FTW> Mol left
07:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh
07:31 -!- Hofmic has joined Special:Chat
07:32 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Hofmic.
07:32 <Touhou FTW> [[Monk's Friend]]
07:32 <Touhou FTW> long time no see, Hof
07:32 <Hofmic> Hola. I feel so guilty. Logging in for the first time in forever and this is what I see
07:33 <Touhou FTW> things happen
07:33 <Hofmic> So, how is everyone?
07:33 <Touhou FTW> decent
07:34 <CoffeeMugRS> Good, thanks. And yourself?
07:34 <Hofmic> I'm always good ;)
07:41 <CoffeeMugRS> At Touhou FTW: We edited the same page, same part, and I just now realised this after looking at the diff. However, I fixed a couple of your edits. They can be seen here:  You typed the name as Morgan le Fay, however, that's how it's spelled in the legend, not RuneScape.  Also, RuneScape usually should be spelled with a capital S.  Not trying to be nitpicky. :)
07:42 <Touhou FTW> I didn't touch Morgan's name at all, nor RuneScape >.>
07:43 <CoffeeMugRS> ...Oh.  Derp.  I'm misreading histories again.
07:43 <CoffeeMugRS> My bad. :P
07:44 <CoffeeMugRS> Could you imagine running RS off of 512 MB RAM? <.<
07:45 <CoffeeMugRS> It's bad enough with 1 GB.
07:49 <Hofmic> Buy RAM while it's still $20 for 4GB. Nerdiness saves the day!
07:50 <CoffeeMugRS> (fp)(fp)(fp)(fp)(fp)(fp)
07:50 <CoffeeMugRS> 4GB for $20?!
07:50 <CoffeeMugRS> Now that's a steal!
07:50 <CoffeeMugRS> Where can I get it? :O
07:50 <Hofmic> Anywhere. comes to mind.
07:51 <Hofmic> Okay, what the heck, Captcha?
07:51 <CoffeeMugRS> Ahh, I love Newegg. :)
07:51 <CoffeeMugRS> I've had lots of those.
07:51 <Hofmic> Me too. Built my entire computer with parts purchased from there.
07:51 <CoffeeMugRS> Have you ever listened to the audio version?
07:51 <CoffeeMugRS> :O I
07:51 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm doing the same currently. I'm making my case from scratch. :)
07:52 <Hofmic> I never do those audio versions. I have a hearing loss, and reloading is less stressing :P
07:52 <CoffeeMugRS> Well.. with a plain simple black case.
07:52 <CoffeeMugRS> Ahh. Sorry.
07:52 <Hofmic> Nice. I recently ordered a new case.
07:52 <Hofmic>
07:52 <Hofmic> Full tower power!
07:53 <Hofmic> (seriously, though, those things are MASSIVE)
07:53 <CoffeeMugRS> That is awesome!
07:53 <Hofmic> Hai(dro)!
07:54 <Haidro> Salvete
07:54 <CoffeeMugRS> It was awkward when one of the employees came up to me at Home Depot while I was browsing the Plumbing section. Asked me what I was looking for, and I responded, "Parts for my computer." He looked confused.
07:54 <Atheist723> Hi Haidro.
07:54 <CoffeeMugRS> Hai Dro!
07:54 <Atheist723> Oh, hi Hofmic.
07:54 <Hofmic> Heya Atheist723
07:54 <Atheist723> Thought I won't see you around.
07:54 <Hofmic> I'm a ninja.
07:55 <Atheist723> I admit I might have missed your eccentric wit.
07:55 <Hofmic> I love you too.
07:55 <Haidro> Test
07:55 <Hofmic> Wait, you mean you didn't admit that the moment I left?
07:55 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
07:55 <Hofmic> Hi AnselaJonla
07:55 <Haidro> Amg
07:55 <Haidro> Hofmic :o
07:55 <Atheist723> Morning Ansela.
07:55 <Hofmic> Amg
07:55 <Hofmic> Haidro
07:55 <AnselaJonla> Hey
07:55 <Haidro> Yey you came back :3
07:55 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Ansela.
07:56 <Hofmic> Uh... kinda....
07:56 <CoffeeMugRS> This guy is a genius.  It's simple, yet genius.
07:56 <Haidro> Hai ansela + athe _+ foee
07:56 <Haidro> coffee*
07:56 <CoffeeMugRS> Hai :D
07:56 <CoffeeMugRS> Did you get your Latin book?
07:57 <Haidro> Sadly, nope
07:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Aww. :c
07:57 <Haidro> But I could figure something out to teach you
07:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Yay :D
07:57 -!- Lord Yura has left Special:Chat.
07:57 <Atheist723> What is the underscore for?
07:57 <CoffeeMugRS> For scoring under.
07:57 <CoffeeMugRS> I dunno.
07:57 <Hofmic> Symbolizing his keyboard
07:57 <Haidro> Was a mistype
07:57 <Haidro> Lol
07:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh
07:57 <CoffeeMugRS> that underscore.
07:58 <CoffeeMugRS> Thought you were asking about it in general, Atheist.
07:58 <CoffeeMugRS> Let's get to work then, Dro!
07:58 <Haidro> Hmm
07:58 <Haidro> Coffee
07:58 <CoffeeMugRS> Yeah?
07:58 <Haidro> Tell me what you have learned so far
08:01 <Haidro> Actually sounds like a harsh question
08:01 <Hofmic> !test
08:01 <RSChatBot> Hofmic: Hai!
08:01 <Hofmic> Okay, just quiet ;)
08:01 <Haidro> yup
08:01 <CoffeeMugRS> First conjugation, infinitives, prepositions in verbs, first declension...
08:01 <Hofmic> Grammar hifive!
08:01 <Haidro> I think we learned second declension
08:01 <CoffeeMugRS> Paraphrase the second one and I'll tell you.
08:01 <Haidro> Hi-five in Latin = Alte quinque!
08:02 <Hofmic> Wait, we're talking about Latin now?
08:02 <Haidro> cibus is second declension, remember?
08:02 <Haidro> puella is first
08:02 <Haidro> basically nouns that end in -us are in 2nd declension
08:02 <CoffeeMugRS> Alte would be pronounced like the first three letters in alternate, and quinque would be pronounced like kwin-kee?
08:03 <CoffeeMugRS> kwin-kway, kwin-kwee?
08:03 <Haidro> alt-ey. kwin-kwey
08:03 <CoffeeMugRS> And yeah, we did 2nd delension
08:03 <CoffeeMugRS> declension*
08:03 <AnselaJonla> Hoi, chu two take it to pm plox
08:04 <Haidro> We also learned the Nominative and Accusative case, remember that
08:04 <Haidro> mkay
08:04 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes.
08:04 <Hofmic> But Ansela, now my only way to learn Latin is more ACB.
08:04 <Haidro> acb?
08:04 <Hofmic> Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
08:04 <Haidro> lawl
08:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh, c'mon Ansela. The chat is mainly dead anyways. :/
08:05 <Hofmic> So strange to learn how to swear in Latin before any other words...
08:05 <CoffeeMugRS> But if you insist..
08:05 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol
08:05 <Haidro> Nah come PM coffee
08:05 <Haidro> Hofmic
08:05 <Haidro> Before you learn "Hi, how are you" in Latin, you can say: " I hid the girl's dead corpse in the garden" or something
08:05 <CoffeeMugRS> wow..
08:06 <CoffeeMugRS> That's uhh.
08:06 <Atheist723> What?
08:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Comforting.
08:06 <Hofmic> That should lead to interesting conversations with strangers on the bus.
08:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Yeah.
08:06 <Haidro> :p
08:06 <CoffeeMugRS> I lol'd at that, Hofmic.
08:06 <Atheist723> And aren't corpses by default dead?
08:06 <CoffeeMugRS> ^This guy.
08:06 <Hofmic> Say, did anyone know that Under Armour is the official outfitter of the Gotham City Rogues?
08:06 <Hofmic> Atheist723, they can be undead.
08:07 <Haidro> ^^^
08:07 <Haidro> This is why I want you back
08:07 <Hofmic> You really know how to make a guy feel guilty, huh? ^.^
08:08 <Hofmic> That, and fish's talk page post.
08:08 <CoffeeMugRS> That's weird you said that, Hofmic. I just got my friend a Gotham City jersey from there for his birthday. :o
08:08 <CoffeeMugRS> In the past week I think.
08:09 <Hofmic> Nice, CoffeeMugRS. That, my friend, is the greatest gift anyone can give someone who is a fan of a man dressed like a bat.
08:09 <CoffeeMugRS> Lol
08:09 <Hofmic> Relevant:
08:11 <Atheist723> I am afraid I do not understand.
08:11 <Hofmic> Have you seen the movies
08:12 <Atheist723> However, if it is making fun of Batman, I would advise you to keep it out of Ansela's earshot.
08:12 <Atheist723> And no.
08:12 <CoffeeMugRS> It is making fun of Batman. :p
08:12 <Hofmic> "What do you propose we do?"   "I propose we kill the Batman."
08:12 <Hofmic> ---- becomes -----
08:12 <Hofmic> "What do you propose we do?"   "I propose we kill a man dressed like a bat." <-- rinse and repeat; makes the movies even more interesting
08:12 <Hofmic> And it's all in good faith. I'm as die hard of a Bruce Wayne fan as can be!
08:12 <Hofmic> Now, Superman, that's a different question.
08:13 <Atheist723> Hmm?
08:13 <Hofmic> Didn't someone win a Pulitzer for their story of "Why the world doesn't need Superman"?
08:13 <Atheist723> Lois Lane, in-universe.
08:13 <Atheist723> In Superman Returns, in fact.
08:13 <Hofmic> ;)
08:14 <Atheist723> "Reliance on your powers would destroy them; belief in your values would give them strength."
08:14 <Atheist723> --Jor-El
08:14 <Hofmic> Also, x-ray vision is awesome.
08:14 <CoffeeMugRS> And that relates to (caek) how, Atheist?
08:15 <Atheist723> I heard a story retconned it into clairvoyance, which makes more sense. 
08:15 <Atheist723> No, it doesn't, CoffeeMugRS.
08:15 <Hofmic> If you hadn't credited it, I'd have assumed it a Yoda quote.
08:15 <CoffeeMugRS> I lol'd.
08:16 <Atheist723> Jor-El is Superman's father...just in case.
08:16 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh.
08:16 <CoffeeMugRS> Well.
08:16 <CoffeeMugRS> I knew that.. <.<..
08:16 <Atheist723> Yoda doesn't speak like that anyway.
08:16 <Hofmic> Did he give Mr. Clark his hypocritic alergy?
08:16 <Hofmic> allergy*
08:16 <Atheist723> Allergy?
08:17 <Hofmic> Born on Krypton. Allergic to Kryptonite.
08:17 <CoffeeMugRS> I like you already Hofmic. :D
08:17 <Atheist723> Well, the star going supernova does change things somewhat...
08:17 <Hofmic> Thanks Coffee. I like you already too (if partially because coffee mug are so multipurposefully useful)
08:18 <Atheist723> Exposure to the supernova changes the harmless building material, Kryptonian crystal, into kryptonite, I think.
08:18 <Atheist723> Kryptonian crystal is white/colourless while kryptonite is (usually) green.
08:19 <Hofmic> [[User:Hofmic/Major edits|Half the reason why I'm so likeable]] (the other half is due to the strange effects of WiFi radiation exposure in my youth)
08:19 <Haidro> Seems legit
08:19 <Hofmic> Glowing green crystals are creepy enough, allergic or not.
08:19 <Atheist723> Some users would say that is narcissism... 
08:19 <Hofmic> Narcissism is good for the soul
08:20 <Hofmic> Also, the soul, in the case of that desert quest
08:20 <Atheist723> Yeah, the sole, I know.
08:20 <Hofmic> sole*
08:20 <Atheist723> Made some trouble for in most wordplay.
08:20 <Hofmic> Darn, I'm slipping to not be able to recall that quest's name...
08:20 <CoffeeMugRS> Desert Treasure?
08:21 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Desert Treasure]]
08:21 <Atheist723> [[Spirits of the Elid]].
08:21 <Hofmic> Thank you AnselaJonla
08:21 <Hofmic> Atheist723
08:21 <Hofmic> *
08:22 <Hofmic> S:C is essentially multiplayer notepad.
08:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Which reminds me, CMP gave me some work to do.
08:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Wait..
08:22 <Haidro> What work?
08:22 <Hofmic> "CMP"?
08:23 <CoffeeMugRS> @Hofmic: Cook Me Plox
08:23 <Hofmic> Oh, yes, God of the Wiki.
08:23 <CoffeeMugRS> @Haidro: Add inventory and detailed images from Live pages to Beta pages.
08:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Or, as The Mol Man put it, Hofmic, "a sentient mind derived from random fluctuations in space."
08:24 <Hofmic> Like the Reapers?
08:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Essentially, yes.
08:24 <CoffeeMugRS> A Boltzmann brain, if you would.
08:24 <Hofmic> So he's gonna destroy humanity in a little over a hundred years? o.o
08:24 <Haidro> Why does he want that Coffe
08:25 <Hofmic> (darn, I liked humanity)
08:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Well, I think in a little over a hundred years, he could potentially have the knowledge to do so, Haidro.
08:25 <Hofmic> Like he doesn't already.
08:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Ha, true.
08:25 <Haidro> Why does Cook want images from mainspace to beta
08:25 <CoffeeMugRS> Ohh....
08:26 -!- Touhou FTW has left Special:Chat.
08:26 <CoffeeMugRS> Uhh.
08:26 <CoffeeMugRS> To make them more complete, I guess.
08:26 <Haidro> teset
08:27 <Haidro> Where is everyone
08:27 <CoffeeMugRS> At the store.
08:27 <Hofmic> Everywhere.
08:28 <Haidro> "Extension to Penguin Hide and Seek, which consists in a 3-point Penguin Spy that requires the seeker to be wearing a Ring of Visibility to be able to spot. The penguin periodically teleports every several minutes." – Reward from SLiC
08:28 <Haidro> That sounds hard
08:28 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
08:28 <Hofmic> MATCHEW!!!\
08:28 <Haidro> hallo mattchew
08:28 <CoffeeMugRS> <font>Hi Matthew</font>
08:29 <Atheist723> Hi Matt.
08:29 <Hofmic> Depreciated HTML? Heavens forbid!
08:29  * Matthew2602 runs up to Hofmic and huggles
08:29  * Matthew2602 doesn't care about anyone else <3
08:29 <CoffeeMugRS> Ouch.
08:29 <Atheist723> ......
08:29 <Haidro> I feel SO bored
08:29 <Atheist723> Gah.
08:30 <Atheist723> This template is determined to be broken.
08:30  * Hofmic awkwardly huggle Matthew2602 back (knowing full well he hates when I tab complete his name)*
08:30 <Haidro> Which Athe?
08:30 <Hofmic> Which template?
08:30  * Matthew2602 doesn't care :3
08:30 <Atheist723> A new beta template.
08:30 <CoffeeMugRS> That template being?
08:30 <Hofmic> Care to explain?
08:30 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Template:gihfj]]?
08:31 <Hofmic> (it's all a plot twist to ensure that we're roused enough to fix it)
08:31 <Atheist723> Not finished yet but it just doesn't give the shape of a template...
08:31 <CoffeeMugRS> OH
08:31 <CoffeeMugRS> You're making it?
08:31 <Atheist723> [[Template:Ancient Magicks (beta)]]
08:31 <Atheist723> The wordings are not finished, but that is not the problem.
08:32 <Hofmic> Allow me.
08:32 <Atheist723> Feel free.
08:32 <Haidro> nuz
08:32 <Haidro> mee
08:32 <Hofmic> Darn, and my 'net wants to "loading editor" ad infinitum.
08:32 <Haidro> My internet is going slow too
08:33 <Hofmic> I don't think it's my connection, though... the page loaded fine, just the article source that's stubborn
08:33 <Matthew2602> Hofmic: ?useskin=monobook
08:33 <Matthew2602> or more
08:33 <Matthew2602> &useskin=monobook
08:33 -!- CoffeeMugRS has left Special:Chat.
08:33 -!- CoffeeMugRS has joined Special:Chat
08:34 -!- CoffeeMugRS has left Special:Chat.
08:34 -!- CoffeeMugRS has joined Special:Chat
08:34 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
08:34 <Hofmic> Grah, trying to preview changes back to Wikia...
08:35 <CoffeeMugRS> I tried fixing it.
08:35 <Hofmic> Anyway, missing a right square bracket, Atheist723
08:35 <CoffeeMugRS> But when I previewed the page, it just looked worse.
08:35 <Haidro> Aha found it
08:35 <Atheist723> Thanks. Must have missed it.
08:36 <Haidro> inb4editconflict
08:36 <Atheist723> Fixed already.
08:36 <Hofmic> *glad to have not been a part of that*
08:37 <CoffeeMugRS> WHAT
08:38 <Haidro> wat
08:38 <CoffeeMugRS> My work phone just got prank called. Only a few people know my number, and they're the guys at the fire department. But it wasn't any of them.
08:38 <CoffeeMugRS> <.<..
08:39 <Hofmic> [[User_talk:Cook_Me_Plox/2011/November#lol|This]].
08:39 <Atheist723> Since it before.
08:39 <Atheist723> *Seen
08:40 <AnselaJonla> Hm... a Gotham thug thinking that he won't take on Batman, he'll take on that smaller, unarmed female cop that's standing near Batman instead
08:41 <Hofmic> He'll still end up with a broken jaw, anyway.
08:41 <AnselaJonla> Dislocated shoulder
08:41 <CoffeeMugRS> HEY
08:42 <Hofmic> Wait, why is the smaller, female cop unarmed?
08:42 <CoffeeMugRS> I see Haidro posted on that.
08:42 <CoffeeMugRS> And that's the siggy I made for him :D Well..
08:42 <CoffeeMugRS> Helped.. make.
08:42 <CoffeeMugRS> I just transed it and resized.
08:42 <AnselaJonla> Because she was told to turn in her badge and gun after a bust went wrong
08:43 <Hofmic> What are we talking about here, besides something obviously related to Batman?
08:43 <Haidro> - makes me cry D:
08:43 <AnselaJonla> Nice bank
08:43 <AnselaJonla> Yours?
08:43 <CoffeeMugRS> That's your bank?
08:43 <Haidro> Shows how I have progressed the 7 years of playing RuneScape
08:43 <Haidro> on various accnts, ofc
08:43 <Haidro> Yes, before I quit
08:44 <Hofmic> I must commend your sorting, at least, Haidro
08:44 <CoffeeMugRS> Want to see my bank?
08:44 <Haidro> Tab 7 is Cook's fave tab :)
08:44 <AnselaJonla>
08:45 <Hofmic> AnselaJonla is secretly rooting for finding Prothean ruins.
08:45 <CoffeeMugRS> Still laughing at that Ansela.
08:46 <CoffeeMugRS> I like the third comment on that picture.
08:46 <AnselaJonla>
08:47 <AnselaJonla>
08:47 <Hofmic> Note to self: try that next fall.
08:47 <Haidro> Don't be such a Coel
08:47 <CoffeeMugRS> Was just gonna say that, Hofmic.
08:47 <Atheist723> Watching a Superman episode involving the death of Clark Kent.
08:47 <Atheist723> Very interesting.
08:48 <Haidro> spoler @@@
08:48 <Haidro> spoiler*
08:48 <Hofmic> Well, that escalated quickly.
08:48 <CoffeeMugRS> Is this a bad thing to show to my little sister who likes that show?
08:48 <AnselaJonla> I like that Olympics pic
08:49 <AnselaJonla> lol
08:49 <Hofmic> I've only seen one Michael Bay film that had no explosions. Ansela remembers that, I'm sure.
08:50 <AnselaJonla>
08:50 <CoffeeMugRS> NSFM: Language.
08:50 <CoffeeMugRS> Ansela. I need to make some of those signs.
08:51 <CoffeeMugRS> Only change the "dog" to "cow"
08:51 <Haidro> I have no idea what nsfm means
08:51 <CoffeeMugRS> Not Safe For Minors
08:51 <Hofmic>
08:51 <CoffeeMugRS> What a brilliant token.
08:51 <Haidro> So if you are going to warn someone that the picture has profanity, say it so people would understand it
08:51 <AnselaJonla>
08:52 <Hofmic> I love this person:
08:52 <AnselaJonla>
08:53 <CoffeeMugRS> Yay
08:53 <CoffeeMugRS> Wikichat now has me opening 9001 tabs
08:53 <CoffeeMugRS> For the 9001st time
08:53 <Hofmic> 9001th*
08:53 <Atheist723> I like the last image...
08:53 <Hofmic> wait, do we say "nine thousand and oneth" or "nine thousand and first"... ugh...
08:54 <Haidro> π <3
08:54 <CoffeeMugRS> first
08:54 <Hofmic> "one hundred and oneth" <--- dat
08:54 <CoffeeMugRS> Like, the 501st from  Star Wars
08:54 <AnselaJonla> - I WANT ONE!
08:54 <Hofmic> So... confusing...
08:55 <Hofmic> AnselaJonla wants to rip her neighbour's legs off?
08:55 <AnselaJonla> - hm, just looks like a standard power station cooling tower to me
08:56 <CoffeeMugRS> Are they sure that's not a bear itself?
08:56 <Hofmic> --- can't...stop...laughing...
08:56 <Hofmic> I saw that one earlier Ansela. Cloud machines FTW
08:56 <CoffeeMugRS> What did I just watch
08:56 <CoffeeMugRS> A man throwing paper at people, then pelvis thrusting.
08:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Brilliant.
08:57 <Hofmic> I don't know, CoffeeMugRS, I don't know.
08:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Life is complete.
08:57 <AnselaJonla>
08:58 <CoffeeMugRS> Poor guy.
08:58 <Hofmic> When there's r/funny, who needs the outdoors?
08:58 <CoffeeMugRS> Brb, I need to feed the my robin.
08:58 -!- Oghma infinium has left Special:Chat.
08:58 <CoffeeMugRS> ^That was quick.^
08:58 <AnselaJonla>
08:58 <Atheist723> Cooling towers for nuclear reactors is still heat pollution.
08:59 -!- Oghma infinium has joined Special:Chat
08:59 <AnselaJonla> Athe - they are not nuclear
08:59 <Oghma infinium> hey every1
08:59 <Hofmic> Hola, Oghma infinium
08:59 <Oghma infinium> just oghma pls :)
08:59 <AnselaJonla> (facepalm)
08:59 <Atheist723> It sure looks like one.
08:59 <Hofmic> I just type "O" and hit tab. Too many complex letters.
08:59 <Oghma infinium> pmsl (fp)
09:00 <Atheist723> The idiocy of some members of the human race never fail to astonish me.
09:00 <Oghma infinium> have you ever been to america?
09:00 <AnselaJonla> Isn't Missouri one of those "abstinence only" states?
09:01 <AnselaJonla>
09:01 <Hofmic> Wait, "abstinence only"?
09:01 -!- Goldboy987 has joined Special:Chat
09:01 <Goldboy987> hey guy
09:01 <Goldboy987> guys
09:01 <Hofmic> Hola
09:02 <AnselaJonla> Yeah. They teach that not having sex until marriage, and then only for the purpose of procreation, is the only acceptable form of sex
09:03 <AnselaJonla> And the sex-ed starts and ends there
09:03 <Hofmic> Cool. I'll make a mental note to never live there.
09:03 <Goldboy987> wtf...
09:03 <CoffeeMugRS> United States is slowly becoming a "have-sex-with-people-you-just-met" country.
09:03 -!- Goldboy987 has left Special:Chat.
09:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Maybe not slowly.
09:04 <AnselaJonla>
09:04 <Atheist723> That sounds rather stupid.
09:04 <CoffeeMugRS> I feel bad for Goldboy if that was his first time here.
09:04 <CoffeeMugRS> What an awkward conversation to enter into.
09:04 <Hofmic> Have you ever been to the IRC? <3
09:04 <CoffeeMugRS> Apparently we're on the same gallery, Ansela.
09:04 <CoffeeMugRS> Once.
09:04 <CoffeeMugRS> Just once.
09:04 <CoffeeMugRS> I got lost.
09:04 <Hofmic> Elune <3
09:05 <Atheist723> Went into it a few times for business. Never liked IRC.
09:05 <AnselaJonla>
09:05 <Hofmic> It's all Liquid's fault.
09:05 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
09:05 <Atheist723> Partially, but he is not the only one talking about inappropriate stuff.
09:05 <AnselaJonla>
09:06 <Matthew2602> Hi
09:06 <Atheist723> Hi.
09:06 <Hofmic> Welcome back Mattchew!
09:06 <Hofmic> So...much...cuteness...Ansela
09:07 <Atheist723> Meh.
09:07 <Hofmic> Meh?
09:07 <CoffeeMugRS> I want that bow.
09:07 <CoffeeMugRS> I WANT. THAT BOW.
09:08 <Hofmic> I feel for the camera man.
09:08 <AnselaJonla>
09:09 <Hofmic> But does your Range Rover fly?
09:09 <Hofmic> (well, technically, the Curiosity doesn't either)
09:09 <AnselaJonla>
09:09 <AnselaJonla> I don't own a Range Rover
09:12 <Atheist723> What he meant is the Curiosity is expensive for a reason, i think.
09:12 <Hofmic> Namely, getting a Range Rover to mars wouldn't be exactly practical (but imagine the fun we'd have!)
09:12 <Atheist723> *I
09:12 <Hofmic> Well, until we ran out of gas, anyway.
09:18 <AnselaJonla> "And the new model for the 2050 range, the Land Rover Discovery 20. With in-built air tanks that provide almost 5 days of breathable air, air-tight, pressure-sealed doors and windows and suspension that can handle any terrain you choose to take it on, this is perfect for any situation, whether that's taking your children to school on Earth, or exploring the rugged terrain of Mars."
09:19 <Hofmic> o_O
09:19 <AnselaJonla> Oh come on, you know it will happen
09:20 <CoffeeMugRS> Back
09:20 <Hofmic> Anyway, it's late (in Canada, anyway). I think I'll leave you folks to your subreddits. Take care, great seeing some of you guys again.
09:21 <CoffeeMugRS> After trying to calm my little brother down because a broken lightbulb didn't break, I managed to fall down the steps, trip over a pile of 2x4s, and stub my toe on a pile of bricks.
09:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Goodnight, Hofmic, take care! :)
09:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Wow.
09:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Typing fail.
09:21 <CoffeeMugRS> because a lightbulb broke*
09:21 <CoffeeMugRS> ..
09:21 <Hofmic> Also, Ansela, I'm sure when they have that realty TV show on Mars (seriously, do people still watch reality TV?), they'll need SOME kind of transportation
09:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Another fail.
09:22 <CoffeeMugRS> because a broken lightbulb isn't a big deal*
09:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Forget I said anything. -.-
09:22 <Hofmic> I'll do that, CoffeeMugRS. Bye.
09:22 -!- Hofmic has left Special:Chat.
09:26 -!- BrenRS has joined Special:Chat
09:26 <BrenRS> Hai :o
09:27 <BrenRS> 5:26am here
09:27 <AnselaJonla> Hi Bren
09:27 <BrenRS> about to go to bed lol
09:27 <BrenRS> Hai Ansela! :)
09:27 <BrenRS> Is matt here? :o
09:27 <BrenRS> oh no he didn't
09:27 <BrenRS> yeah that's right matt, you come back >:0
09:27 <BrenRS> >:)*
09:28 <Matthew2602> :o
09:28 <BrenRS> matt doesn't like me 3:
09:29 <BrenRS> ;o
09:29 <BrenRS> anyways, going to bed
09:29 <BrenRS> night Ansela, Atheist, Callofduty4, Matthew, and the lonely RSChatBot who has no friends
09:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh, fine.
09:30 <BrenRS> okay fine, no good night back </3
09:30 <BrenRS> love you all >.>
09:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Yeah, I get no good night to return to you.
09:30 <CoffeeMugRS> Jerk. :c
09:30 <BrenRS> :[]
09:31 <BrenRS> well matt over here just randomly made my <3 go from <3 to </3
09:31 <CoffeeMugRS> I'll say it for you.
09:31 -!- BrenRS has left Special:Chat.
09:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Goodnight, Coffee!
09:31 <CoffeeMugRS> Wow, okay.
09:31 -!- BrenRS has joined Special:Chat
09:31 <CoffeeMugRS> ..
09:31  * Matthew2602 never said anything
09:32 <CoffeeMugRS> ???
09:32 <Matthew2602> Night <3
09:32 <BrenRS> Night <33
09:32 <BrenRS> Catchy song:
09:32 <CoffeeMugRS> See ya.
09:32 <BrenRS> Oh, good night, Coffee <3
09:32 <BrenRS> you get a heart too :D
09:33 -!- BrenRS has left Special:Chat.
09:33 -!- BrenRS has joined Special:Chat
09:34 <BrenRS> Before I go... I just want to say... they call me Mr. Solomon... yes I was suckered into it :[]
09:34 <BrenRS>
09:34 <BrenRS> me ^^
09:34 <BrenRS> looks pretty sexy, huh?
09:35 <CoffeeMugRS> That song brings back so many memories.
09:36 <BrenRS> really? :o
09:37 <BrenRS> [[Razor_Whip]]
09:37 <CoffeeMugRS> Well, not exactly because of separation.
09:37 <BrenRS> Maybe if [[Razor Whip]] was longer and skinnier, then I would buy it
09:37 <CoffeeMugRS> When my father died a year ago, it left a huge hole in the family.  since then, I felt we've drifted apart. He was the glue that held us together, perhaps.
09:37 <BrenRS> but it doesn't even match the concept art
09:38 <BrenRS> awwe, I'm sorry to hear that :\
09:39 <CoffeeMugRS> "I'll go to bed after this image" is what I told myself 3 hours ago.
09:39 <CoffeeMugRS> -.-
09:39 -!- INightwish has joined Special:Chat
09:40 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
09:40 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Nightwish.
09:40 <INightwish> Heyy Coffee
09:43 -!- BrenRS has left Special:Chat.
09:45 <Hallowland> Hey
09:45 <INightwish> Hey
09:48 <AnselaJonla> Leader of a gang fighting Batman: Kill the lights!!!
09:52 -!- Guardian Collin has joined Special:Chat
09:52 -!- Guardian Collin has left Special:Chat.
09:53 <Atheist723> Most unwise.
09:53 <Hallowland> Ansela, I don't know if I asked you this before but do you know what is the problem of my preferences :/?
09:54 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Hallowland :)
09:54 <AnselaJonla> I don't know
10:00 -!- Guardian Collin has joined Special:Chat
10:01 <Guardian Collin> Im Collin
10:02 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Collin.  As you have probably guessed, it has taken my owner a minute to be able to pound out this message with me.
10:03 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm a coffee mug. Pleased to meet you.
10:03 <Guardian Collin> I look like an Espeon
10:04 <Guardian Collin> ya know the only time I ever edited the Wikia was 1time alone
10:04 <Guardian Collin> Back when I was CEAS
10:07 -!- INightwish has left Special:Chat.
10:08 <Hallowland> Sorry for the late spam :/
10:08 <Hallowland> Was I kicked for that?
10:09 <Atheist723> You weren't.
10:09 <Hallowland> Phew :)
10:10 <Atheist723> What exactly is wrong with your preferences...?
10:10 <Hallowland> They aren't being applied
10:11 <Hallowland> They save but there are no changes
10:11 <Atheist723> I don't know, then.
10:11 <Atheist723> Oh, what were you trying to change?
10:13 <Hallowland> I wanted smilet toolbar, quick preview, Auto CVU, Auto Welcome, toolbox purge buttons, local time comments
10:14 <Atheist723> ...As I haven't heard of any of them, I'll leave it to the experts.
10:14 <Hallowland> And edit pages on double click
10:14 <Hallowland> ;o
10:15 <Hallowland> Who are experts?
10:15 <Atheist723> I guess you'll just have to wait and see who pops in.
10:16 <Hallowland> Ok, thanks for the help Athe :)
10:16 <Atheist723> I didn't really helped.
10:19 -!- Servant Girl has joined Special:Chat
10:20 <Hallowland> Doesn't matter, it's always great to talk with a friend ;)
10:20 <Atheist723> Hi Servant Girl.
10:20 <Atheist723> You're welcome, then.
10:20 <Servant Girl> is it just me... or do the monsters in Lumbrige catacombs have /really/ good drops for their level? 
10:21 <Atheist723> They are supposed to be.
10:21 <Hallowland> Hey servant :)
10:21 <Guardian Collin> yay Hobos
10:22 <Servant Girl> 250 coins from a level 15? 40 mind runes? Lesser DEMONS drop 250 gp!
10:22 <Hallowland> Afk, be back in 30 minutes :)
10:23 <Atheist723> Lesser demons are infamous for their noobish drops.
10:23 <Atheist723> Hi Haidro.
10:23 <Haidro> Hi
10:24 <Servant Girl> Indeed, my point is I don't think a level 15 nn-agro monster should drop the same stuff as a level 82 agro monster
10:25 <Atheist723> Aggressiveness is of minimal relevance.
10:27 <CoffeeMugRS> Who picks up coins, anyways?
10:27 <Haidro> Since the money pouch update, me
10:27 <CoffeeMugRS> At least from non-PvM opponents.
10:28 <Atheist723> Non-PvM = player killing, and I don't do that.
10:28 <CoffeeMugRS> By PvM, I mean mass population monsters.
10:28 <Servant Girl> non-pvm may = skilling??
10:28 <CoffeeMugRS> Like, hellhounds, demons, etc.
10:29 <Haidro> [[RS:IMG]]
10:30 <Oghma infinium> i dont pk >:( its mean
10:30 <Oghma infinium> altho i do anti pk thatll teach em
10:31 <Servant Girl> I wish I coud be effected by a Pk glitch
10:31 <Servant Girl> I would kill the hell out of some bots
10:32 <Haidro> Is there somewhere which states that NPC pics should be 200px big on a page?
10:35 <Haidro> test
10:38 <AnselaJonla> No, I think people just decided that was the best size to use
10:40 <Haidro> I think 100px is fine
10:42 <Servant Girl> I named my baby troll Dragon Dagger (p++)
10:43 <CoffeeMugRS> I named my trolled Zamorak godsword.
10:43 <CoffeeMugRS> troll*
10:43 <Servant Girl> Really?
10:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Yup.
10:43 <Atheist723> In beta?
10:43 <CoffeeMugRS> No.
10:44 <Atheist723> But then, they aren't worth that much now.
10:44 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
10:44 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[zamorak godsword]] is 5,321,394 coins.
10:44 <CoffeeMugRS> True.
10:44 <CoffeeMugRS> It was sitting in my bank though
10:44 <Servant Girl> I bet thats lolzt in a crowded area
10:44 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
10:44 <Guardian Collin> remeber when Godswords were awesome?
10:44 <Atheist723> I might feed a p++ weapon to my troll...
10:44 <Atheist723> Reminder of the good old days.
10:45 <Servant Girl> is there no poison in E o C?
10:45 <CoffeeMugRS> I'm feeding my troll my bank.
10:45 <Haidro> Nope
10:45 <CoffeeMugRS> Which is only
10:45 <Haidro> There is some new system of it which is really crap
10:45 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) The Exchange price of 72x [[prayer renewal (1)]] is 126,360 coins (1755 coins each).
10:45 <Haidro> So it kinda got nerfed
10:46 <CoffeeMugRS> Haidro, if you poisoned someone who had 990 LP, but did no initial damage, you could still kill them with poison, and not attacking them further.
10:46 <Atheist723> Poison is epicly nerfed, among dozens of other things I prefer not to repeat.
10:46 <Atheist723> No longer true.
10:47 <CoffeeMugRS> Well, yes.
10:47 <CoffeeMugRS> But in live it is.
10:47 <Atheist723> You only hit 5 times for the same damage.
10:47 <Atheist723> Welcome to FlatScape indeed.
10:47 <CoffeeMugRS> WoWScape.
10:47 <CoffeeMugRS> no longer wowing us, but WoWing us.
10:47 <Atheist723> I prefer a neutral term.
10:47 <Atheist723> Anyway, dinner, back later.
10:47 <CoffeeMugRS> See ya.
10:48 <Servant Girl> Welcome to 'the combat is being changed and is slightly more like WoW than before-Scape' ??
10:49 <Servant Girl>  think AQ worlds has combat more like wow than the beta does
10:49 <Haidro> CoffeeMugRS
10:49 <CoffeeMugRS> Haidro
10:50 <Haidro> Wanna know what I'm learning in Latin atm?
10:50 <CoffeeMugRS> Sure.
10:50 <Haidro> Quintus ad ludum festinans forum transibat
10:50 <CoffeeMugRS> Quintus is all I know.
10:50 <CoffeeMugRS> WAIT
10:50 <CoffeeMugRS> I know ad
10:50 <CoffeeMugRS> I KNOW IT
10:50 <Haidro> :)
10:50 <Haidro> Should know ludum too
10:51 <CoffeeMugRS> Ludum = ?
10:51 <Haidro> ludus
10:51 <CoffeeMugRS> .... Ludus = ?
10:51 <CoffeeMugRS> Sorry. <.<
10:51 <CoffeeMugRS> WAIT
10:51 <CoffeeMugRS> NO
10:51 <CoffeeMugRS> ...
10:51 <CoffeeMugRS> I had it, but forgot.
10:51 <CoffeeMugRS> Enlighten me.
10:51 <Haidro> School
10:51 <Haidro> What about fesinans? Surely I told you what festinat was? :o
10:52 <Guardian Collin> remember to Flush the Toilet after use
10:52 <CoffeeMugRS> ...
10:52 <CoffeeMugRS> I think not, Haidro.
10:52 <Haidro> Means hurry :)
10:52 <Haidro> forum means forum
10:52 <CoffeeMugRS> Yeah, you didn't. :P
10:52 <CoffeeMugRS> I guessed that.
10:52 <Haidro> and transit means he crossed
10:53 <Haidro> Let's go PM
10:53 <Haidro> Before Ansela gets mad >.<
10:53 <AnselaJonla> [[Grand Exchange#Trade Restrictions]]
10:53 <CoffeeMugRS> Quintus hurried across the school forum, is all I can get.
10:53 <CoffeeMugRS> I know I'm missing something, somewhere.
10:53 <CoffeeMugRS> OH
10:53 <CoffeeMugRS> PM
10:54 <Servant Girl> Have food prices goon wonky yet?
10:54 <Servant Girl> I suspect they will
10:55 <Servant Girl> In EoC healing will be linked to both food type and constitusion level
10:55 <Servant Girl> I suspect this means higher foods will drop in price whiel lower foods all riase a little in price
10:56 <Haidro> Constitution got nerfed tbh
10:56 <Haidro> Only good for 80+ for torva
10:56 <Haidro> and pernix and virtus
10:58 <Servant Girl> there are constitusion based abilitys if I remember correctly
10:59 <CoffeeMugRS> Uhhhhhh
10:59 <CoffeeMugRS> Haidro
10:59 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Torva equipment]]
10:59 <CoffeeMugRS> Read that.
10:59 <CoffeeMugRS> It already requires 80 cons
11:01 <Haidro> I know
11:02 <Servant Girl> someone should name their troll Torva platebody.png
11:02 <Servant Girl> 	Torva platebody
11:03 <CoffeeMugRS> What's the hex code for the brown on RSW, Haidro?
11:03 <CoffeeMugRS> #FF8CD or #FF0CD?
11:03 <Hallowland> :o hey Haidro
11:03 <Haidro> Brown or cream colour
11:03 <Haidro> Hi
11:03 <CoffeeMugRS> the lighter
11:03 <CoffeeMugRS> tan
11:03 <CoffeeMugRS> cream
11:03 <Haidro> FFF8CD
11:03 <CoffeeMugRS> Cheers.
11:03 <Haidro> no wait
11:03 <Haidro> 0cd
11:03 <Haidro> wait
11:03 <CoffeeMugRS> ..
11:03 <Haidro> raeg
11:03 <Haidro> !logs
11:03 <RSChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[RuneScape:Chat/Logs|here]].
11:04 <CoffeeMugRS> inb4daysofdiggingforahexcode
11:04 <Haidro> When searching for FFF on logs
11:04 <Haidro> I see Cook Me Plox saying: 04:05 <Cook Me Plox> fffuuu
11:04 <CoffeeMugRS> Yea
11:05 <Haidro> FFF0CD
11:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Thanks
11:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Haidro, do you trans images?
11:07 <Haidro> Would if I could
11:07 <Haidro> GIMP no load
11:07 <Haidro> I used to do a bit
11:07 <CoffeeMugRS> Okay
11:07 <CoffeeMugRS> So I used the lasso tool
11:07 <CoffeeMugRS> And I outlined a what I needed
11:07 <CoffeeMugRS> I press Delete
11:07 <CoffeeMugRS> And it deletes what's inside of the lasso
11:07 <Haidro> you outline the figure
11:07 <CoffeeMugRS> Not outside
11:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes
11:08 <Haidro> then press command m
11:08 <Haidro> oh command something
11:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Ctrl M?
11:08 <Haidro> [[User:LordDarkPhantom/Transparency guide]]
11:08 <Haidro> cntrl + I
11:09 <CoffeeMugRS> Ah
11:09 <CoffeeMugRS> Cheers
11:09 <Servant Girl> Is cci against the rules of Runescape?
11:10 <Haidro> No idea what CCI is
11:10 <Haidro> But: [[Rules]]
11:10 <Servant Girl> Cross chrachter interaction
11:10 <Haidro> I forgot how to spell peeple
11:10 <Haidro> peple
11:10 <Haidro> peperle
11:10 <Haidro> uh oh
11:10 <Haidro> Like multi logging?
11:11 <Servant Girl> Like giving your alt 10K runes from your main
11:11 <Haidro> Well you can multi log but both accounts can't be on the same world
11:11 <Haidro> Then again, Jagex really don't care
11:12 <Haidro> "Multiple logging-in" – Honor Rule
11:12 -!- Sentra246 has joined Special:Chat
11:12 <Haidro> honour*
11:12 <Haidro>
11:15 <Servant Girl> OK, Gold_Kitsune will have to collect his own runes
11:15 <Servant Girl> No help from xSlave Girlx
11:15 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh
11:15 <CoffeeMugRS> Haidro
11:15 <CoffeeMugRS> people
11:15 <CoffeeMugRS> ;)
11:16 <Haidro> ppls
11:16 <CoffeeMugRS> ^
11:16 <CoffeeMugRS> Persons
11:16 <CoffeeMugRS> Peoples
11:16 <CoffeeMugRS> What difference does it make?
11:16 <Haidro> Parson
11:16 <CoffeeMugRS>
11:16 <CoffeeMugRS> I guarantee someone in here will laugh.
11:17 <Haidro> Saw it already
11:18 -!- Viktor krum has joined Special:Chat
11:19 <CoffeeMugRS> Before, that image was just a guy, the flag, and the shotgun. And a farm background
11:19 <CoffeeMugRS> Now look what it is.
11:19 <CoffeeMugRS> WELL
11:19 <CoffeeMugRS> That escalated quickly.
11:19 <Servant Girl> epc XD
11:21 <CoffeeMugRS> Relevant to the Planet image
11:21 <Haidro> tired
11:21 <Haidro> fessus
11:21 -!- Malfioz has joined Special:Chat
11:21 <Malfioz> Hi
11:21 <Haidro> Hi Malfioz
11:21 <Malfioz> How are you?
11:21 <Haidro> Bit tired, you?
11:22 <Malfioz> Same
11:22 <AnselaJonla> Hi Malfioz
11:22 <AnselaJonla> Quick question - do you have custodian rightd?
11:22 <Malfioz> What?
11:23 <Malfioz> Guess not y?
11:24 <CoffeeMugRS> Relevant to previous posted video.  Extremely NSFW, extreme language. I am not liable for your viewing.
11:24 <AnselaJonla> Been noticing you working on replacing the treasure trails images
11:24 <AnselaJonla> And I'm sure you've noticed that some of them aren't named the same way as others?
11:25 <Haidro> I'm off
11:25 <Haidro> feel a bit sick
11:25 <Haidro> c ya
11:25 <CoffeeMugRS> See ya Haidro, hope you get better
11:25 <Haidro> ty
11:25 <Haidro> bai
11:25 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
11:27 <Guardian Collin> remember Bullys are Wera
11:27 <Guardian Collin> Weak
11:27 -!- Guardian Collin has left Special:Chat.
11:27 <CoffeeMugRS> Interesting.
11:28 <Malfioz> Yes Ansela
11:31 <AnselaJonla> Well... that's because moving them got tedious
11:31 <AnselaJonla> [[User:AnselaJonla/Test2]]
11:31 <Malfioz> It's gonna take a looong time if I have to retake pictures for scan clues :o
11:32 <Malfioz> That's how they should start?
11:32 <Malfioz> But I've seen some clues that use same location
11:32 <Malfioz> Should I just then make two different images?
11:35 <AnselaJonla> If they're the same, may as well only use one
11:38 <Malfioz> Okay
11:44 <Servant Girl> hey I've been doing slayer, but i'm not getting rich
11:44 <Servant Girl> what i'm do-in wrong?
11:44 <Malfioz> You need luck
11:45 <Servant Girl> Does killing slayer monsters give a higher chance for the rare drop table?
11:46 <Malfioz> Most slayer monsters, yes
11:46 <Malfioz>
11:47 <Malfioz> "Clap on the causeway to the Wizard's Tower. Equip an Iron helm, emerald ring and leather gloves." The bridge to Wizard Tower?
11:48 <CoffeeMugRS> Relevant to SOPA, NSFW, language:
11:48 <CoffeeMugRS> It's 11 seconds long
11:48 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes Malfioz
11:48 <CoffeeMugRS> On the bridge
11:48 <Malfioz> Thanks
11:49 <Servant Girl> That was the most unifide I've ever seen the internet
11:50 <CoffeeMugRS> unified, you mean?
11:52 <Servant Girl> yeah. I'm tierd
11:52 <Servant Girl> 59 def!!! woooooot
11:52 <Servant Girl> I'll got 6o after my nap
11:52 <CoffeeMugRS> Grats!
11:52 <Malfioz> Gratz
11:53 <Servant Girl> Then I'll equip my shiney new Dragon boots!
11:53 -!- Shiny Pichu has joined Special:Chat
11:53 <Servant Girl> I got dragon boots and a dragon helm from a Bluedragon bt that got stuck in the corner
11:54 <Servant Girl> The lesser killed it >:D
11:54 <Malfioz> Haha nice
11:54 <Servant Girl> also got a spare Obsidian cake
11:54 <Servant Girl> in total about...600K? of stuff
11:56 -!- Shiny Pichu has left Special:Chat.
12:07 -!- M4CL30D has joined Special:Chat
12:10 -!- Malfioz has left Special:Chat.
12:10 <Servant Girl> I hit 95 woodcutting this morning
12:13 <Atheist723> Nice.
12:13 <EpicPancakes> Why is it you spend all this time talking to this drunk dwarf, and after getting him an extremely strong drink, he can now speak like he's completely sober?
12:15 <Servant Girl> 12,705 more ivy to chop if I just do ivy
12:16 -!- M4CL30D has left Special:Chat.
12:19 <Oghma infinium> anyone know a faster way to get to 70 fishing than using shilo?
12:20 <Servant Girl> Fish goldfish
12:20 <Oghma infinium> :O good idea
12:21 <Servant Girl> lol how long would it take to go from 1 to 99 on gold fish?
12:22 <Servant Girl> I'm gonna get 99 woodcutting on a normal tree at a crowdede G.E world
12:23 <Servant Girl> I'm be like 'Hey everyone! listen up!'
12:23 <Servant Girl> 'chop'
12:23 <Servant Girl> Huge fireworks
12:25 <Atheist723> I am not aware of goldfish in Gielinor...
12:25 <Atheist723> Unless you count [[pet fish]].
12:25 -!- Sentra246 has left Special:Chat.
12:26 <Oghma infinium> its not rlly gold is it?
12:26 <Oghma infinium> ...altho i could alchemise it
12:26 <Atheist723> '''Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data.''' Please try again.
12:26 <Atheist723> Keep getting this lately.
12:30 <Oghma infinium> u no wat would be a really good idea.... a bot to annoy bots :) thatd stop jagex having to nuke them occasioanlly and ruin the fps
12:31 <Atheist723> No comment.
12:32 <Oghma infinium> okay then :( 
12:33 <Oghma infinium> yay craft level
12:33 <Oghma infinium> :D
12:34 <Oghma infinium> am i being ignored now? :O
12:35 <Servant Girl> Did you guys know that the katana is on the SoF now?
12:35 <Oghma infinium> .......
12:36 <Servant Girl> I want anti-bot bots!
12:36 <Oghma infinium> yay!!! (peace)
12:36 <Servant Girl> Like bots that detect other hunter bots and light fires
12:36 <Servant Girl> so the hunter bots can lay trap
12:37 <Servant Girl> or super high lev ago monsters that only attack bots
12:37 <Oghma infinium> or a pk bot that kills orb bots
12:37 <Servant Girl> Yeah! hack it with god mode
12:37 <Oghma infinium> lol 2 far 
12:37 <Servant Girl> give it a +50,000 everything sword
12:38 <Servant Girl> make all its stats 300
12:38 <Oghma infinium> only after uve made sure it never mistakes a bot 4 a real person or visaversa
12:39 <Servant Girl> If I were ecer effected by a pvp glitch I'd kill the hell out of some bots
12:39 <Servant Girl> Will rildy bots retailiate?
12:39 <Servant Girl> And do the know to use specials?
12:39 <Oghma infinium> yes ive killed a few
12:40 <Oghma infinium> i think the wierdest 1 was a bot in the agility place in wildy took ages 2 kill cause it didnt stop
12:40 <Oghma infinium> going round and round 
12:40 <Servant Girl> lol XD
12:40 <Servant Girl> epic
12:40 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
12:41 <Oghma infinium> but theres on 2 types of pking im ok with
12:41 <Oghma infinium> bot killing and anti pking both dreat fun
12:42 -!- Oghma infinium has left Special:Chat.
12:44 <Servant Girl> You havent heard my awesome story yet
12:45 <Servant Girl> I looted a blue dragon bot, it got stuck in the corner, itdidn't have auto retailiate on so the lesser demon killed it
12:45 <Servant Girl> I got dragon boots, dragon helm, and an odsidain cape. 
12:45 <Servant Girl> crap he left
12:49 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
13:07 <EpicPancakes> Dead chat is dead
13:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Ow...
13:10 <CoffeeMugRS> I pulled a muscle in my back Sunday.  And it hurts.
13:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Alot.
13:10 <CoffeeMugRS> Like hell.
13:12 <CoffeeMugRS> I could watch this all day.
13:12 <Coelacanth0794> hi
13:13 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Ancient Fish that Shouldn't Be Alive
13:13 <CoffeeMugRS> No offense.
13:13 <Coelacanth0794> i'm offended
13:13 <Coelacanth0794> they damn well should be alive
13:13 <CoffeeMugRS> Take it as you will.
13:13 <CoffeeMugRS>
13:14 <CoffeeMugRS> Hm
13:14 <CoffeeMugRS> /
13:14 <CoffeeMugRS> Oppps
13:14 <CoffeeMugRS>
13:14 <CoffeeMugRS>
13:14 <Coelacanth0794> wtf
13:14 <CoffeeMugRS> I quit
13:15 <CoffeeMugRS> [[Some Like It Cold]] <- This quest did that.
13:21 <Atheist723> Hi Coel.
13:21 <Coelacanth0794> hi
13:30 <Coelacanth0794>
13:33 <CoffeeMugRS> Was that picture taken with a toaster, Coel?
13:33 <Coelacanth0794> it's better quality than half the pics
13:37 <CoffeeMugRS> True, true.
13:40 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
13:41 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
13:41 <Coelacanth0794>
13:42 <EpicPancakes> lol
13:44 -!- RSChatBot has joined Special:Chat
13:57 <Coelacanth0794> wow 500k gp in sof
14:04 <Coelacanth0794> jeez it's deceased dead in here
14:06 <Servant Girl> woot 30 slayer. I can kill the soul wars thingy's now
14:06 <Coelacanth0794> grz!
14:09 <Coelacanth0794> (qc) The Exchange price of 325000x [[Vial of water]] is 6,500,000 coins (20 coins each).
14:14 -!- Nitin890 has joined Special:Chat
14:15 <Nitin890> /cb
14:15 <Nitin890> fail^
14:17 <Coelacanth0794> i forgot my row for bork gf
14:26 <Coelacanth0794>
14:27 <Coelacanth0794>
14:30 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
14:30 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
14:31 <Hallowland>  Hey people
14:31 <Hallowland> Hey TyA
14:31 <EpicPancakes> Hya Tya
14:31 <EpicPancakes> Hi Hallow
14:31 <EpicPancakes> Use a full revive, the chat is dead
14:31 <TyA> HaiyA
14:33 <TyA> Ohyea, if you were having issues with your preferences not saving, they're releasing a bug fix for that today
14:33 <Hallowland> *Hallow casts heal group and chat is good again
14:33 <Hallowland> Ohh
14:33 <Hallowland> Nice :o
14:34 -!- Habblet has joined Special:Chat
14:34 <Habblet> Muuuggy muggy muggy muug :)
14:36 <Hallowland>  
14:37 <Hallowland> Oh no
14:39 <Hallowland> …
14:39 <Atheist723> Hi Ty, hi Habblet.
14:42 <Coelacanth0794>
14:42 -!- Koopatrev has joined Special:Chat
14:42 <Koopatrev> hi
14:45 <Coelacanth0794>
14:45 <Coelacanth0794> ello
14:50 -!- Nitin890 has left Special:Chat.
14:52 -!- Rero37 has joined Special:Chat
14:52 <Rero37> Hey guys, I'm at work :D.
14:52 <Rero37> 2 people online o.O?
14:52 <Rero37> wo.
14:52 <Rero37> wow.
14:53 <Rero37> Anyone there...?
14:53 <Rero37> Hello?
14:53 <Rero37> Hola?
14:53 <EpicPancakes> No.
14:54 <Rero37> Pancake
14:54 <Rero37> hy did u change ur profile pictre
14:54 <EpicPancakes> Not since you were last here
14:56  * Coelacanth0794 shrugs
14:56 <Coelacanth0794> methinks we need a pdda based warning template
14:56 <Rero37> *Why
14:56 <Rero37> *why did u change it
14:56 <Coelacanth0794> cuz he could
14:56 <Rero37> Great, another smart ass answer from Coel...
14:57 <Rero37> I give up.
14:57 <Coelacanth0794> lol
14:57 <EpicPancakes> Because I like ponies
14:57 <EpicPancakes> jeez
14:57 <Hallowland> Good to see that chat is not dead now ;p
14:57 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
14:58 <Hallowland> Hey Joey
14:58 <EpicPancakes> Joey
14:58 <Joeytje50> ya?
14:58 <Koopatrev> im sick of getting pked in wildy agility trainng area
14:58 <Koopatrev> now i bring a dragon dagger p++
14:58 <EpicPancakes> Hai
14:58 <EpicPancakes> Hai\
14:58 <Coelacanth0794> i think rero is still mad cuz i cockblocked him from my sister
14:58 <Joeytje50> hai hai
14:58 <Joeytje50> wut coel
14:59 <Hallowland> Afk
14:59 <Coelacanth0794> joey what do you think about making a new template for the reskins?
14:59 <Coelacanth0794> we're using item template for say [[firebrand bow]]
15:00 <Joeytje50> what should the new box have?
15:01 <Coelacanth0794> release/update, purchase price (f2p and members), item it reskins
15:01 <Coelacanth0794> uhh..
15:01 -!- Koopatrev has left Special:Chat.
15:01 <Coelacanth0794> it'd end up something like the aura template
15:02 <Coelacanth0794>
15:02 -!- Mad Rubicante has joined Special:Chat
15:02 <Joeytje50> lol
15:02 <Mad Rubicante> hey
15:03 <Joeytje50> that actually means something like "a look in the kitchen", coel
15:03 <Joeytje50> I assume
15:03 <Coelacanth0794> ok
15:03 -!- Zenile has joined Special:Chat
15:03 <Zenile> good morning guys
15:04 <Joeytje50> "Kiek in de Kök" is quite similar to "Kijk in de keuken" (the german ö sound == dutch eu sound)
15:04 -!- Mad Rubicante has left Special:Chat.
15:05 <Joeytje50>
15:05 <Joeytje50> (low German Peep into the Kitchen)
15:05 <Joeytje50> wooo I understand low German
15:07 -!- Neitiznot has joined Special:Chat
15:07 <Neitiznot> Hai
15:09 <Joeytje50> hi neit
15:09 <Zenile> hi
15:09 <Neitiznot> Joey
15:09 <Neitiznot> The commands are dead again
15:09 <Joeytje50> yus
15:09 <Neitiznot> They only work in pm for some reason
15:09 <Joeytje50> gimme pixur of teh error console pls
15:09 <Neitiznot> Kjoey
15:10 <Coelacanth0794> asdfg
15:10 <Coelacanth0794>
15:10 <Coelacanth0794> it's supposed to be cologne
15:11 <Joeytje50> rofl
15:11 <Joeytje50> they dun even know what Cologne meanz
15:12 <Joeytje50> itz the French name for the German city Köln
15:12 <Neitiznot> Wtf
15:12 <Joeytje50> :3
15:12 <Neitiznot> Truedat Joey
15:12 <Joeytje50> and the English also copied over the french name for that city
15:12 <Neitiznot> Lol
15:12 <Joeytje50> so now the English call Köln by the French name
15:12 <Neitiznot> But I don't like Geography >_>
15:12 <Coelacanth0794>
15:12 -!- Zenile has left Special:Chat.
15:13 <Neitiznot> O_o
15:13 -!- Oghma infinium has joined Special:Chat
15:14 <Coelacanth0794> the book!
15:14 <Oghma infinium> btw does anyone know if theres any real info on the choose ur fate items?
15:14 <Neitiznot> Ello Oghma infinium
15:14 <Neitiznot> Oghma
15:14 <Neitiznot>
15:15 <Oghma infinium> i knew that i was just wandering as to the limitations on the instakill darts
15:15 <Coelacanth0794> not sure if i should post this one in here
15:15 <Coelacanth0794> pm me if you want it
15:16 <Neitiznot> Lol Coel
15:17 <Coelacanth0794> heres a safer one
15:18 <Oghma infinium> ...wierd
15:19 <Neitiznot> Whaa
15:19 <Neitiznot> imgur is cat infested
15:19 <Neitiznot> It's scary
15:20 <Atheist723> Hi Joey.
15:20 <Joeytje50> hi
15:21 -!- Neitiznot has left Special:Chat.
15:21 -!- Neitiznot has joined Special:Chat
15:21 <Neitiznot> Can someone ping me
15:21 <Joeytje50> Neitiznot
15:21 <Coelacanth0794>
15:22 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <Neitiznot> Nope not working
15:22 <Habblet> Muuuuudyyyy
15:22 <Neitiznot> Hi Mime
15:22 <Joeytje50> Neitiznot: clear cache
15:22 <Jr Mime>
15:22 <Jr Mime> Interesting
15:23 <Neitiznot> Fine then...
15:24 <Coelacanth0794>
15:24 -!- Neitiznot has left Special:Chat.
15:24 -!- Neitiznot has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <Neitiznot> Ping me please
15:24 <Jr Mime> NEIT
15:24 <Neitiznot> Works
15:24 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <Neitiznot> Hello Flaysian
15:24 <Atheist723> Hi Flaysian.
15:24 <Jr Mime> Neit neit neit neit ping ping ping
15:25 <Neitiznot> Grrrrr
15:25 <Neitiznot> Don't ping me while I'm tanking things
15:25 <Neitiznot> Kthx
15:25 <Jr Mime> Neit
15:25 <Neitiznot> -.-
15:25 <Neitiznot> Can you make an unping script Joey
15:25 <Jr Mime> Habblet
15:25 <Coelacanth0794> lol
15:25 <Habblet> Muudy!
15:25 <Jr Mime> U has AA?
15:25 <Habblet> I has AA
15:25 <Neitiznot> So it won't ping when certain people try to ping you
15:25 <Coelacanth0794> dont use chathax if you dont want ping
15:25 <Joeytje50> no neit
15:26 <Jr Mime> Come W56 my poh tav
15:26 <Joeytje50> just ignore the pings or leave chat
15:26 <Coelacanth0794> ^
15:26 <Habblet> How many items
15:26 <Coelacanth0794> like when i say joey
15:26 <Habblet> Or emote
15:26 <Jr Mime> 1 for now
15:26 <Jr Mime> Topical Top
15:26 <Neitiznot> But it might have been important...
15:26 <Joeytje50> caek
15:26 <Coelacanth0794> it pingifies him
15:26 <Habblet> Only one? -.-
15:26 <Coelacanth0794> right JOEY?
15:26 <Habblet> I'm doing cit
15:26 <Neitiznot> Not random spam
15:26 <Jr Mime> I can get more if you want :P
15:26 <Joeytje50> Neitiznot: yes it might be important
15:26 <Coelacanth0794> neit go friggin slay things
15:26 <Habblet> You has AA?
15:26 <Jr Mime> No
15:26 <Neitiznot> Coel
15:26 <Jr Mime> Not until 3pm
15:26 <Joeytje50> but if you'd have your unping script on you wouldn't see it either
15:26 <Neitiznot> Guess what I'm doing
15:26 <Coelacanth0794> slaying
15:26 <Neitiznot> As in
15:26 <Neitiznot> Yeah Coel
15:26 <Joeytje50> so you can either get a script to ignore it for you or you ignore it yourself
15:26 <Habblet> 3h 30m muudy? ;-;
15:26 <Neitiznot> Certain people won't ping
15:27 <Joeytje50> since the script doesn't exist
15:27 <Neitiznot> Awww
15:27 <Joeytje50> just ignore it yourself
15:27 <Jr Mime> Yes
15:27 <Jr Mime> lol
15:27 <Habblet> ok
15:27 <Joeytje50> if it is important you owuld miss it with the unping script too
15:27 <Habblet> get 28 items and I come
15:27 <Jr Mime> >.>
15:27 <Habblet> 1,9k resources left
15:27 <Coelacanth0794> joey a cake
15:27 <Jr Mime> I don't have 28 items to do%*&@*%&@!
15:27 <Neitiznot> I meant something like "set ignore user = Jr Mime" sort of thing
15:27 <Habblet> Search them
15:28 <Jr Mime> Me no want
15:28 <Habblet> Images lacking AA, images needing greater detail
15:28 <Habblet> etc
15:28 <Jr Mime> Only want the tropical top done lol
15:28 <Joeytje50> rofl coel
15:28 <Habblet> then get another oculiser <.<
15:28 <Jr Mime> Ubad
15:28 <Habblet> umad
15:28 <Jr Mime> Ubad
15:28 <Habblet> you cant repeat or you explode -.-
15:28 <Jr Mime> I did
15:28 <Jr Mime> :O
15:29 <Habblet> wait till 3pm then. >.>
15:29 <Coelacanth0794> jr mime asploded
15:29 <Coelacanth0794>
15:29 <Jr Mime>
15:29 <Jr Mime> OL?
15:30 <Flaysian> Lmao Coel
15:31 <Flaysian> Have anyone else's Chax stopped working recently? D-:
15:31 <Jr Mime> Me no use chax
15:31 <Flaysian> Silly Jr Mime
15:31 <Jr Mime> It's real
15:31 <Jr Mime> Me use Joey's pings
15:32 <Coelacanth0794> no i'm pingable
15:32 <Jr Mime> Habblet, I am searching in them and I only found... 1 outside of sc
15:33 <Habblet> I bet I can find 28 items <.<
15:33 <Neitiznot> Flay:Mine stopped working
15:33 <Jr Mime> Found 2 more
15:33 <Jr Mime> In Dung
15:34 <Neitiznot> But that was due to my nubbishness
15:34 <Jr Mime> Full Druidic
15:34 <Coelacanth0794>
15:34 <Habblet> should we do beta gifs
15:34 <Habblet> as the faces & body are updated
15:35 <Jr Mime> Me no beta
15:35 <Habblet> im asking if we should do them ;_;
15:35 <Atheist723> Ask Spineweilder for that kind of stuff.
15:36 <Habblet> whats your opinion
15:36 <Jr Mime> Yes
15:37 <Coelacanth0794> for what?
15:37 <Habblet> beta gifs such as emotes
15:37 <Habblet> due to facial update
15:37 <Jr Mime> )Ooo
15:38 <Jr Mime> Wana update Magpie? :D
15:38 <Atheist723> Not that urgent.
15:38 <Flaysian> It should be a very low priority
15:38 <Habblet> But it's going to be done eventually, right
15:38 <Flaysian> eventually, yes
15:38 <Atheist723> We still have loads and loads of practical stuff we haven't even touched.
15:39 <Coelacanth0794>
15:39 <Habblet> lol
15:40 <Atheist723> Such videos never load properly for me.
15:41 <Coelacanth0794>
15:42 <Flaysian> #donotget
15:42 <Coelacanth0794> what's not to get?
15:42 <Coelacanth0794> maybe the comments will help you out
15:42 -!- Coolnesse has joined Special:Chat
15:43 <Neitiznot> Hi Coolnesse
15:43 <Flaysian> Hello Coolnesse
15:43 <Coelacanth0794> now you get it flay
15:44 <Coolnesse> Hi Nez, Flay
15:44 <Coelacanth0794>
15:46 <Neitiznot> It's sad that there's level 120+ bots on this game
15:46 <Atheist723> Hi Coolnesse.
15:46 <Neitiznot> *hops to even laggier Skill Total world*
15:46 <Neitiznot> 153 ping
15:46 <Neitiznot> Still, could be worse
15:49 <CoffeeMugRS> HAI
15:49 <Neitiznot> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[Zamorakian spear]] is 4,015,318 coins.
15:49 <Coolnesse> Hi Atheist.
15:49 <Neitiznot> Wow, they're cheap now.
15:50  * CoffeeMugRS has returned from yet another spelunking, facing the horrors of his basement.
15:50 <Coelacanth0794>
15:50 <Neitiznot> Wb Coffee.
15:50 <CoffeeMugRS> Thanks Neit.
15:50 <Neitiznot> :)
15:50 <Neitiznot> O_o Coel
15:51 -!- Grof142007 has joined Special:Chat
15:51 <Grof142007> shark fist 4 are that better than cul glove 10?
15:52 <Coelacanth0794> shark gloves=wep
15:52 <Coelacanth0794> cul gloves+hand armour
15:52 <Neitiznot> What
15:52 <Coelacanth0794> =*
15:52 <Coelacanth0794> today you learned!
15:52 <Neitiznot> Shark fists are weapons, as Coel said
15:52 <Neitiznot> They're weak weapons, too
15:52 <CoffeeMugRS> TIL: That weapons do not equal armour.
15:53 <CoffeeMugRS> But Neit :( They look badass.
15:53 <CoffeeMugRS> HABBLET
15:53 <Neitiznot> So many bots
15:53 <CoffeeMugRS> Did you sleep well?
15:53 <Coelacanth0794> til you think swords count as armour
15:54 <Habblet> yes 
15:54 <Habblet> going on beta now
15:54 <Jr Mime>
15:54 <Jr Mime> This is a good image tbh :D
15:54 <Habblet> ty for asking :P
15:54 <Habblet> cus your on it? :p
15:54 <Jr Mime> I'm not on it lol
15:54 <Habblet> cus you made it?
15:54 -!- Lolskillz has joined Special:Chat
15:54 <CoffeeMugRS> My friend asked me why we keep sending rovers to Mars, even though we still don't find any life after each time. I responded with this:
15:54 <Lolskillz> hey guys
15:55 <Jr Mime> I did make it, but it's because of all the details + lighting :D
15:55 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Lolskillz.
15:55 <CoffeeMugRS> And Habblet. While you slept, I stayed up.
15:55 <Lolskillz> i hve a quick question
15:55 <CoffeeMugRS> Transing images.
15:55 <Habblet> :[]
15:55 <Habblet> please no
15:55 <Jr Mime> Add Alpha Trans
15:55 <Habblet> what... add alpha channel?
15:55 <CoffeeMugRS> I forgot to check that stupid damn box for AA
15:55 <Flaysian> What's your question, Lolskillz?
15:55 <Jr Mime> ROFL
15:55 <Jr Mime> PWNED
15:55 <Habblet> im just..
15:55 <Coelacanth0794> so none of them are aa?
15:56 <Habblet> i need a breath
15:56 <Lolskillz> when fighting zenevivia in love story it says destroyt the pillar and go onto it how do i do tht
15:56 <Habblet> (facepalm)
15:56 <CoffeeMugRS> They're AA'd in game, Coel, but not AA'd in GIMP
15:56 <Coelacanth0794> :\
15:56 <CoffeeMugRS> It's okay, I still have the originals, Habblet
15:56 -!- Armanbai has joined Special:Chat
15:56 <Coelacanth0794> lolskill: she should replace the statues as her hp dwindles
15:56 <Armanbai> hi
15:56 <Armanbai> got a question
15:57 <Lolskillz> yes wat is it
15:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Armanbai, what's your question?
15:57 <Armanbai> what is a good name for baby troll in your opinion?
15:57 <CoffeeMugRS> Whatever your little heart desires.
15:57 <Armanbai> like for example mine is  Vodaka
15:57 <Habblet> Short green guy
15:57 <Armanbai> pardon Vodka*
15:57 <Habblet> [[Short green guy]]
15:57 <Lolskillz> nothing too expensive maybye jus the bones of his father or somthing
15:57 <Armanbai> cocktail
15:57 <Coelacanth0794> asdfg
15:57 <Neitiznot> That pinged
15:57 <CoffeeMugRS> I fed mine a Zamorak godsword.
15:57 <Lolskillz> i fed mine bandos boots
15:58 <Neitiznot> I fed mine a bandos chestplate once
15:58 <Lolskillz> lol nice
15:58 <CoffeeMugRS> ^in beta
15:58 <Neitiznot> And three whips
15:58 <Armanbai> and another 1, did anyone try to use lucky items (sof)
15:58 <Neitiznot> Accidentally
15:58 <Armanbai> ?
15:58 <Joeytje50>
15:58 <Joeytje50> awesome vid
15:58 <CoffeeMugRS> Those don't work, as they are not tradeable.
15:58 <Lolskillz> nope hvent got any yet
15:58 <Armanbai> so only tradeable work?
15:58 <Lolskillz> yep
15:58 <Armanbai> thanks
15:58 <Lolskillz> anytime
15:59 <Jr Mime> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[santa hat]] is 114,329,265 coins.
15:59 <Neitiznot> Noooo
15:59 <Neitiznot> They rose
15:59 <Lolskillz> wow tht went down
15:59 <Neitiznot> Ik
15:59 <Neitiznot> But last yeeeeeeeeeeaaaar
15:59 <Lolskillz> last time i saw it was 200mil
15:59 <Neitiznot> year*
15:59 <Neitiznot> It was 90m
15:59 <CoffeeMugRS>  That is an awesomer vid, Joey.
15:59 <Lolskillz> oh then i hvent been on for a while
16:00 <Lolskillz> so ill brb gonna try the zeneviva fight again lol
16:01 <Lolskillz> afk
16:01 <Neitiznot> Use a zamorakian spear
16:01 <Neitiznot> Never forget that
16:02 <CoffeeMugRS> What an interesting video for an extremely dramatic Olympic ad to follow.
16:02 <Neitiznot> So laggy
16:02 <CoffeeMugRS> 10 hours? Challenge accepted.
16:02 <Neitiznot> So I'm gunna go
16:02 <Neitiznot> Bai
16:02 -!- Neitiznot has left Special:Chat.
16:03 <Armanbai> when someone sais Bai, it makes me pay attention on that
16:03 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
16:04 <CoffeeMugRS> The Rainbow Bunchie should take part in the Olympics.
16:04 <CoffeeMugRS> It runs forever, dude.
16:05 <Armanbai> my firemaking level on current acc is 1, but i met door requiring lvl96 in solo mode
16:05 <Armanbai> daemonheim needs balancing
16:06 -!- Grof142007 has left Special:Chat.
16:06 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
16:06 <CoffeeMugRS> Use the [[Bucket|Extreme firemaking potion (Dungeoneering]]. It boosts you to 99.
16:06 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
16:06 <Habblet> arman
16:06 <Armanbai> herby 1
16:06 <Armanbai> :D
16:06 <Habblet> were you on a 5:5 team
16:07 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
16:07 <Armanbai> no i always solo
16:07 <CoffeeMugRS> You can still make it
16:07 <Joeytje50> Armanbai: dungeoneering is a lot faster with teams
16:07 <CoffeeMugRS> Hi Fogerdog.
16:07 <CoffeeMugRS> JOEY
16:07 <Joeytje50> MUG
16:07 <Dogfoger> Hai
16:07 <CoffeeMugRS> When are you hosting the next dungeoneering event thingamajigger?
16:07 <Dogfoger> CAEK!
16:07 <CoffeeMugRS> (caek)
16:07 <Armanbai> i end dungeon in 10 mins and recieve about 3k from frozen and 7k from abandoned smalls
16:07 <Joeytje50> idk
16:08 <Armanbai> abandoned2*
16:08 <Joeytje50> so you get 6*7=42k xp/h
16:08 <CoffeeMugRS> End medium dungeons in 10 mins with a team, received 20k+ xp from abd2.
16:08 <Armanbai> about so but i dont dg all the time :P
16:08 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
16:08  * Dogfoger is nomming a Beeeeeeeg Mac
16:08 <Armanbai> about 10 dungeons day
16:08 <Ozank> did you guys know about this
16:08 <Ozank>
16:09 <Joeytje50> Armanbai: I can tell you, I get 42k every 30 mins in a team of 5, if I don't die
16:09 <Ozank> look at the people who got banned
16:09 <Joeytje50> so that's double the xp
16:09 <Armanbai> i know that sort of things, but i just enjoy plaing alone
16:09 <Joeytje50> it's worth considering to use teams in dungeoneering, Armanbai
16:09 <EpicPancakes> I knew Ozank
16:09 <Dogfoger> Wut
16:09 <Dogfoger> Wut happened
16:09 <Ozank> a guy who had 200m xp in 2 stats
16:09 <Dogfoger> ERMAHGERD
16:09 <Ozank> got banned from it
16:09 <Dogfoger> YOU TRAITOR!
16:09 <Ozank> thats why you don't bug abuse
16:09 <Dogfoger> HOW DARE YOU!
16:10  * Dogfoger slaps EpicPancakes to Mars
16:10 <EpicPancakes> ...
16:10 <Joeytje50> onoez
16:10 <EpicPancakes> What?
16:10 <Joeytje50> curiosity killed the pancake
16:10 <Dogfoger> YUHAZPONEH!
16:10 <EpicPancakes> YEAH SO
16:10 <Ozank> oazkn is acually dolan
16:10 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
16:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Joey
16:11  * Dogfoger refuses to converse with EpicPancakes
16:11 <CoffeeMugRS> What was a pancake doing on Mars?
16:11 <CoffeeMugRS> Who here plays Minecraft?
16:11 <Dogfoger> Being eaten by Martians
16:11 <Dogfoger> I don't, but my friends don't sht up about it
16:12 <CoffeeMugRS>
16:12 <Joeytje50> [18:11:26] <CoffeeMugRS> What was a pancake doing on Mars?
16:12 <Joeytje50> [18:10:17] <Dogfoger> * Dogfoger slaps EpicPancakes to Mars
16:12 <Joeytje50> that
16:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Ohh..
16:12 <CoffeeMugRS> I didn't look up.
16:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Sorry.
16:12 <EpicPancakes> ...
16:12 <Armanbai> recieved msg: Ara, what are you doing?
16:12  * Dogfoger has to listen to it for 6.5 hrs every day
16:12 <CoffeeMugRS> Listen to it for 16.5 hours a day then
16:12 <CoffeeMugRS> NOOB
16:12 <Armanbai> Im killing curious men
16:13 <Dogfoger> dafuq
16:13 <Dogfoger> ERMAHGERD
16:13 <Dogfoger> ANSELA
16:13 <Dogfoger> hai
16:13 <Coelacanth0794> no pics of ping and pong ingame in costume?
16:13 <Coelacanth0794> fine ill do it
16:13 <Joeytje50> wooooooooo
16:13 <Joeytje50> first 15 birdsnests I open from misc
16:13 <Dogfoger> Has there been an update recently?
16:13 <Joeytje50> 2 magic seeds
16:14 <Joeytje50> and a spirit seed
16:14 <Joeytje50> @@@@@
16:14 <Dogfoger> (qc) The Exchange price of 2x [[magic seed]] is 469,600 coins (234800 coins each).
16:14 <Joeytje50> woah and a yew seed
16:14 <Dogfoger> Like a boss
16:14 <Joeytje50> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[yew seed]] is 67,857 coins.
16:14 <Dogfoger> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[yew seed]] is 67,857 coins.
16:14 <Dogfoger> Bah
16:14 <Joeytje50> ninjad
16:14 <Dogfoger> Ninja'd
16:14 <Dogfoger> ERMAHGERD
16:14 <Dogfoger> [email protected]@@
16:14 <Joeytje50> @@@@
16:14 <Joeytje50> :D
16:15 <Joeytje50> ooh 2 calqat (gonna keep em cus they're the best xp/gp evar) and another yew seed from the last 14 nests
16:15  * Dogfoger needs a yew seed :/ what drops them?
16:15 <Joeytje50> Dogfoger: miscellania
16:15 <Habblet> Jungle strykewyrms? I don't know
16:15 <Joeytje50> no
16:15  * Dogfoger haz no monneh
16:15 <Dogfoger> :)
16:15 <Joeytje50> nothing drops them
16:15 <Dogfoger> Awwh
16:16 <Joeytje50> o
16:16 <Joeytje50>
16:16 <Joeytje50> those drop em
16:16 <EpicPancakes> Hey Dogfrogger
16:16  * Dogfoger slaps Jagex for not allowing something to drop yew seeds
16:16 <EpicPancakes> Neit told me you owe him 8m
16:16 <Habblet> =.="
16:16  * Dogfoger undoes his slap
16:16 <Joeytje50> they did allow something to drop seeds
16:16 <Dogfoger> THATS ********
16:16 <Habblet> Ganodermic beast... uncommon, really? lol
16:16 <Joeytje50> but it's either jungle stykes
16:16 <Joeytje50> which needs a task
16:16 <EpicPancakes> You owe me a cool 500k
16:16 <Dogfoger> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[Barrows - ahrim's set]] is 3,677,981 coins.
16:16 <Joeytje50> or kree'arra, which is TOO DAMN HIGH
16:16 <Dogfoger> I owe him that much >.>
16:17 <Joeytje50> or glacor, which is high + high quest req + very rare drop rate
16:17 <EpicPancakes> THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH
16:17 <Joeytje50> or ganodermics, which is the best option then
16:17 <Joeytje50> or just invest in miscellania and make profit there
16:18 <CoffeeMugRS> Or you can make [[Cake|caek]].
16:18 <EpicPancakes> Mn I wish I had a gameboy camera
16:18 <Joeytje50> wooooo
16:18 <Joeytje50> total value of these 29 nests:
16:18 <Joeytje50> 694180 coins + a spirit seed
16:18 <Atheist723> Superman: Where did they take her?
16:18 <Atheist723> Secret agent sort of guy: It's a G40 blue laser, alien, one shot can penetrate five feet of tempered steel in 0.3 seconds, I don't think even-
16:18 <Atheist723> Superman: *Crushes gun in his hand* I repeat...
16:21 -!- Demonstaker has joined Special:Chat
16:21 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
16:21 <Demonstaker> Ello everyon.
16:21 <Demonstaker> everyone*
16:22 <Jr Mime> Where is the place in GIMP to check for trans AA?
16:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Oh
16:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Uhhhhhhhh
16:22 <CoffeeMugRS>
16:22 <CoffeeMugRS> Oops
16:23 <CoffeeMugRS>
16:23 <CoffeeMugRS> There
16:23 <CoffeeMugRS> Too lazy to explain, sorry :V
16:23 <Demonstaker> Lol.
16:23 <Jr Mime> Oh, on the laso tool
16:23 <Jr Mime> I had it on all the time
16:23 <Jr Mime> lol
16:24 <Joeytje50> nub
16:24 <CoffeeMugRS> <.<
16:25 <Jr Mime>
16:25 <Jr Mime> This was with AA
16:25 <Jr Mime> lol
16:25 <Jr Mime> AA on my tool*
16:25 <Joeytje50> nope it wasnt
16:26 <Demonstaker> Shazbot.
16:26  * Dogfoger poeks Atheist723
16:26 <Demonstaker> And then grammar happened.
16:27 <Dogfoger> Don't you come here and correct my grammar may bru
16:27 <Dogfoger> Just don't.
16:27 <Dogfoger> Got it?
16:27 <Dogfoger> I spell incorrectly on purpose
16:27 <Demonstaker> "purpose."
16:27 <Demonstaker> Define "purpose" in your context please.
16:28 <Dogfoger> Bah, voetsek
16:28 <Atheist723> Meaning they randomly distort and corrupt words, in their own language, "for the lulz".
16:29 <Demonstaker> Thanks for the internet lesson.
16:29 <Demonstaker> I appreciate it -.-
16:29 <Atheist723> The sarcasm is duly noted.
16:29 <Demonstaker> ^
16:29 <Dogfoger> That's the first time I ever heard you misspell before :o
16:30 <Atheist723> I misspell occasionally like everyone.
16:30 <Atheist723> Especially when spellcheck is not available and chat lag is serious.
16:30 <Jr Mime>
16:30 <Jr Mime> Is it good? :s
16:31 <Demonstaker> :>
16:31 <Atheist723> ...Please don't spam.
16:31 <Demonstaker> ^ Didn't intend to.
16:31 <Atheist723> Good.
16:32 <Demonstaker> I have a serious question on my mind.
16:32 <Demonstaker> How the heck did the Abyssal Whip go down SO FAR in price?
16:32 <Armanbai> like it was same cost as partyhats once
16:32 <Demonstaker> Not really.
16:33 <Armanbai> but it was traded on partyhats sometimes
16:33 <Demonstaker> I think in June I checked.
16:33 <Dogfoger> [[Dealing with Scabaras]]
16:33 <Demonstaker> It was about 7+ mil.
16:33 <Armanbai> at release it hade higher cost
16:33 <Armanbai> sec let me check
16:34 <Demonstaker> No but how did it go down from so high to 468k?
16:35 <Armanbai> comparing to that 468k, upon release it would sound extremely cheap
16:35 <Demonstaker> yUP.
16:35 <Demonstaker> Yup*
16:36 <Armanbai> so it changed its price from partyhat to dragon 2h
16:36 <Demonstaker> ^
16:36 <Armanbai> literaly
16:36 <Demonstaker> Lol.
16:36 <CoffeeMugRS> It's depressing. On my old account, now f2p, I have a quest cape that I can't wear, full bandos, several whips, all godswords, fury, and dfs.
16:36 <Armanbai> cant find that info, ill let you know if i find it later
16:36 <CoffeeMugRS> I wonder how much I lost on that stuff
16:36 <Demonstaker> Dayum.
16:37 <Armanbai> on my f2p i have chaotics i cant wear 2
16:37 <Armanbai> >_<
16:37 <Demonstaker> I had the same account for 4 years (about)
16:37 <CoffeeMugRS> On my current account, I had a chaotic, but lost it
16:37 <Demonstaker> Just got my member card for 3 months, expiring end of september.
16:37 <Demonstaker> Actually got card in June.
16:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Anyways,
16:38 <CoffeeMugRS> I might try to get a bit of sleep.
16:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Good bye people :D
16:38 <CoffeeMugRS> Happy scaping and editing!
16:38 -!- CoffeeMugRS has left Special:Chat.
16:38 <Demonstaker> Is it just me or did the SqF deliberatly make the uncommon slots a lot more common?
16:39 <Coelacanth0794> wow of all things to lag
16:39 <Coelacanth0794> gimp
16:39 <Demonstaker> Mind if I ask what kind of program is that?
16:39 <Armanbai> did you heard about lifetime membership?
16:39 <Demonstaker> No?
16:40 <Demonstaker> Link pls?
16:40 <Hallowland> Hey my loved friends :)
16:40 <Armanbai> id better tell if you dont mind?
16:40 <Demonstaker> Sure.
16:40 <Armanbai> hi
16:40 <Demonstaker> Hi hallow.
16:40 <Armanbai> so the 1st lifetime membership was given to man who solven partyhat duplication glitch
16:40 <Demonstaker> Welcome to the Alcoholic Re-hab Circle!
16:41 <Armanbai> it was Jagex's gift
16:41 <Demonstaker> Oh wow.
16:41 <Armanbai> nowdays
16:41 <Armanbai> anyone can get lifetime membership if they will parcipiate in some kind of contest (art,vid making)
16:41 <Demonstaker> Man I haven't been a member for over a year and a half.
16:41 <Demonstaker> The new graphical update sucks
16:41 <Armanbai> and win one of 3 1st places
16:42 <Armanbai> i have been member about 14 days mate xD
16:42 <Demonstaker> I wan my original armour skin
16:42 <Demonstaker> xD
16:42 <Demonstaker> want*
16:42 <Demonstaker> Oi.
16:42 <Demonstaker> Who's your favorite NPC?
16:43 <Armanbai> thok
16:43 <Demonstaker> Ah.
16:43 <Demonstaker> Evil Dave
16:43 <Demonstaker> xP
16:43 <Armanbai> scaldrun 
16:43 <Demonstaker> Thok see what you did there!
16:43 <Armanbai> recipe for disaster took ages for me
16:43 <Demonstaker> Oh god.
16:43 <Demonstaker> I actually just started it.
16:43 <Armanbai> thok em all!!
16:44 <Demonstaker> I completed 3 subquests so far.
16:44 <Armanbai> completed completely
16:44 <Demonstaker> And I'm so close to getting to Evil Dave.
16:44 <Armanbai> :D
16:44 <Demonstaker> Just need to kill Agrith Naar.
16:44 <Armanbai> its like series
16:44 <Demonstaker> When I was about to kill him, I was at least 7 levels lower.
16:45 <Dogfoger> [[The Prisoner of Glouphrie]]
16:45 <Armanbai> if you start watching, you cant stop untill watch every episode
16:45 <Demonstaker> Now my combat and attack have improved.
16:45 <Demonstaker> ?
16:45 <Demonstaker> Not really.
16:45 <Demonstaker> I managed to take a little break from RPFD, so I can do the Myreque quest.
16:45 <Demonstaker> And no not Branches of Darkmeyer
16:45 <Demonstaker> xDD
16:46 <Demonstaker> The first one :P
16:46 <Armanbai> sometimes i think construction should be part of crafting
16:46 <Demonstaker> Which reminds me.
16:46 <Armanbai> then few minutes later i think: naaa it would ruin game
16:46 <Demonstaker> How hard is the Jungle Demon in Mokey Madness?
16:46 <Demonstaker> Monkey*
16:46 <Armanbai> medium id say
16:46 <Demonstaker> Hm.
16:47 <Demonstaker> I know there is a good safe spot or two there.
16:47 <Armanbai> arch or mage btw?
16:47 <Demonstaker> Problem is I only managed to start it and not even get to the isle.
16:47 <Demonstaker> Mage.
16:47 <Armanbai> easter egg can help on tht quest
16:47 <Demonstaker> Second highest combat skill is Mage lol.
16:47 <Armanbai> when ur egg monkeys cant touch you
16:48 <Armanbai> mines balanced
16:48 <Demonstaker> Hmm.
16:48 <Armanbai> guthix fan eh :D
16:48 <Demonstaker> Zaros.
16:48 <Demonstaker> And I can't imagine how hard the bosses in Desert Treasure are.
16:49 <Coelacanth0794> transing
16:49 <Armanbai> some dungeoneering bosses are harder than most of bosses in surface
16:49 <Demonstaker> True...
16:50 <Armanbai> i hate Riftsplitter mostly
16:50 <Demonstaker> But thats because while I was at the height of my Dung. career.
16:50 <Demonstaker> My prayer was mad low.
16:50 <Demonstaker> At 31.
16:50 <Demonstaker> xD
16:50 <Demonstaker> Its leveled to 42 now.
16:50 <Demonstaker> 41*
16:50 <Demonstaker> Riftsplitter is the worst boss so far.
16:50 <Demonstaker> That I dealt with.
16:51 <Armanbai> whats ur dg?
16:51 <Demonstaker> If only Slayer was a combat skill.
16:51 <Demonstaker> And not Summoning.
16:51 <Demonstaker> My Dg i think is 46.
16:51 <Armanbai> summoning could be subpart of magic
16:51 <Armanbai> 46? WHOLE FUN STILL AWAITS YOU
16:52 <Armanbai> no its not offence*
16:52 <Atheist723> They thought of making it a part of magic, but it turns out to be too big.
16:53 <Armanbai> summoning with runes eh?
16:53 <Atheist723> As a matter of fact, there were [[life rune]]s.
16:53 <Armanbai> ik
16:54 <Armanbai> nature runes werent that time
16:54 <Armanbai> in game
16:54 <Demonstaker> hm.
16:54 <Jr Mime>
16:54 <Jr Mime> O_O?
16:55 <Armanbai> some kind of potion?
16:55 <Demonstaker> What do you mean the whole fun awaits me?
16:55 <Demonstaker> ?.?
16:55 <Armanbai> ill explain
16:55 <EpicPancakes> RYAN HOW DAER YOU
16:55 <Armanbai> its top of iceberg what your currently on
16:55 <Demonstaker> Middle.
16:56 -!- Servant Girl has left Special:Chat.
16:56 <Armanbai> middle is abandoned 2
16:56 <Demonstaker> Im at the end of Furnished already.
16:56 <Armanbai> but nv,
16:56 <Armanbai> nvm
16:56 <Demonstaker> GAH
16:56 <Armanbai> allright no offence here* Mid starts after abandoned2
16:57 <Demonstaker> I got the wrong iced tea for lunch.
16:57 <Demonstaker> :<
16:57 <Armanbai> because most of hard bosses (except riftsplitter) are after abbandoner2
16:57 <Demonstaker> Abandoned 2?
16:57 <Demonstaker> Thats after which floors?
16:57 <Armanbai> abandoned 2
16:57 <Armanbai> +35
16:57 <Atheist723> That is after Furnished...
16:57 <Demonstaker> ah
16:57 <Atheist723> He asks what is after Abandoned 2 and you answer Abandoned 2...
16:58 <Demonstaker> xD
16:58 <Atheist723> I mean, Abandoned 2 is after what.
16:58 <Armanbai> i reached lvl110 dung with abandoned 2 before heading to member floors :D
16:58 <Armanbai> i said +35 and +35 is every floor above 35
16:59 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
17:00 <Jr Mime>
17:00 <Jr Mime> It's coel!
17:00 <Coelacanth0794> wat
17:00 -!- Demonstaker has left Special:Chat.
17:00 <Armanbai> M:Hi lass, can i dance with you?
17:00 -!- Demonstaker has joined Special:Chat
17:00 <Demonstaker> Eh.
17:00 <Armanbai> F:i dont dance with kids
17:00 <Armanbai> M:sorry i didnt know you're a pregnant
17:01 <Armanbai> xD
17:01 <Demonstaker> Lol
17:01 <Atheist723> Hmm.
17:01 <Atheist723> Joey?
17:02 <Armanbai> killed 5 bosses in a row with ease, met shade and died 3 times in a row
17:02 <Armanbai> :O
17:03 <Demonstaker> We should dung sometime.
17:03 <Jr Mime> Erm
17:03 <Demonstaker> I need to get mine up.
17:03 <Jr Mime> That Battleben should stop undouing your stuff
17:03 <Armanbai> im noob in dung from member and good dg on man but f2p xD
17:03 <Armanbai> main*
17:03 <Atheist723> Joeytje50?
17:03 <Joeytje50> wat?
17:03 <Atheist723> There is a glitch in which the whole text of [[dragon equipment]] is somehow on some beta dragon armour pages, but when you edit the page it doesn't show up.
17:04 <Atheist723> [[Beta:Corrupt dragon chainbody}}.
17:04 <Atheist723> Gah.
17:04 <Atheist723> [[Beta:Corrupt dragon chainbody]].
17:04 <Joeytje50> will look at it in a sec
17:04  * Joeytje50 busy
17:04 <Atheist723> Thanks.
17:04 <Armanbai> id rather add beta pages after combat update :P
17:05 <Demonstaker> I had no idea what that update was all about :P
17:05 <EpicPancakes> Which one?
17:05 <Demonstaker> The Combat Update.
17:05 <Armanbai> xD
17:05 <Lolskillz> finally jus beat love story
17:05 <Armanbai> explain?
17:05 <Demonstaker> As I said I was absent for over a year and a half.
17:05 <EpicPancakes> You have no idea what it's about
17:05 <Demonstaker> No I have SOME idea.
17:05 <Armanbai> he has no idea what combat update gonna dp
17:05 <Demonstaker> But I need someone to ellaborate.
17:05 <Armanbai> do*
17:05 <EpicPancakes> It's like the beiggest rs update ever
17:06 <EpicPancakes> *biggest
17:06 <Demonstaker> I'm sorry but I was ABSENT/
17:06 <Demonstaker> .*
17:06 <EpicPancakes> So was I.
17:06 <Armanbai> bot nuke day, now they gotta make beggar nuke day
17:06 -!- Lolskillz has left Special:Chat.
17:06 <Joeytje50> back for a sec
17:07 <Joeytje50> Atheist723: what's the problem?
17:07 <Joeytje50> I don't see the problem
17:07 <Demonstaker> My Subway sandwhich was getting stale.
17:07 <Demonstaker> THAT was the problem.
17:07 <Armanbai> beta corrupt chainbody
17:07 <Armanbai> was problem
17:08 <Jr Mime>
17:08 <Jr Mime> Hehehe
17:08 <Joeytje50> Atheist723: battleben already fixed it
17:08 <Demonstaker> Lol I found out about High Level Alchemy only yesterday.
17:08 <Armanbai> Its a bird? Its a plain? -No noobs, its kree arra
17:08 <Demonstaker> Dcided to clear my bank.
17:09 <Joeytje50> it was because you transcluded {{[[Beta:Dragon equipment]]}} instead of {{[[Template:Dragon equipment|Dragon equipment]]}}
17:10 <Demonstaker> Arman
17:10 <Joeytje50> Atheist723: why did you do that?
17:10 <Demonstaker> What's your name on RS?
17:10 <Demonstaker> If you don't mind me adding you that is
17:10 <Atheist723> Ah, yes.
17:10 <Atheist723> Silly me.
17:11 <Demonstaker> KAPS LAWCK
17:12 <Demonstaker> Lol ponies.
17:13 <Demonstaker> I used to be a brony.
17:13 <Stinkowing> Lol, you
17:13 <Demonstaker> But then I took a mainstream to the face.
17:13 <Armanbai> im not quite brony, just most of my friends are bronies so i hear stuff like that all time
17:13 <Armanbai> imagine this picture
17:13 <Demonstaker> Me and my friends all used to be bronies.
17:13 <Armanbai> Nomad bronies
17:13 <Armanbai> xD
17:13 <Demonstaker> Then we fell apart.
17:14 <Demonstaker> I was the last one to be changed to normal xD
17:14 <Atheist723> Good, I guess.
17:14 <Demonstaker> And that happened a few weeks ago
17:14 <Demonstaker> No wait last week.
17:14 <Demonstaker> My bad.
17:14 <Armanbai> i hear word "flank" mostly
17:14 <Armanbai> no ideas whats tht
17:14 <Atheist723> Side.
17:14 <Demonstaker> A substitue for "bottom".
17:14 <Atheist723> Or something like that.
17:14 <Demonstaker> Hint hint.
17:14 <Demonstaker> substitute*
17:15 <Atheist723> Fail.
17:15 <Demonstaker> ^
17:15 <Demonstaker> Reason I quit the fandom was because of too much "BROHOOFS"
17:15 <Demonstaker> And Love and Tolerance crap.
17:15 <Demonstaker> Etc.
17:15 <Armanbai> main reason i went to english lessons is RUNESCAPE
17:15 <Demonstaker> ^
17:15 <Demonstaker> RuneScape is an anagram for...
17:15 <Demonstaker> Uhh.
17:16 <Demonstaker> *Demonstaker needs help sorting this out.
17:16 <Armanbai> is it me, or most of runescapers are bronies?
17:16 <Demonstaker> Not at all.
17:16 <Armanbai> or most of bronies are runescapers?
17:16 <Armanbai> xD
17:17 <Demonstaker> My name was Epic Brony for the whole of July.
17:17 <Demonstaker> And no one responded.
17:17 <Demonstaker> At all.
17:17 <Jr Mime> Habboulet
17:17 <Stinkowing> I WILL EAT YOU
17:17 <Habblet> habbouwhat
17:17 <Demonstaker> Except one guy who I met near Troll Invasion.
17:17 <Demonstaker> Rainbow Dash fan of sorts.
17:17 <Demonstaker> Bleh.
17:18 <EpicPancakes> I just went up to a guy farming and said "Roses are red, violets are blue, That is a pak yak. Baroo baroo"
17:18 <Demonstaker> And ofcourse the signature response.
17:18 <Demonstaker> LOL^^
17:18 <Armanbai> roses are red, violets are violet :D
17:19 <Joeytje50> LOLOLOL
17:19 <Joeytje50> caek
17:19 <Jr Mime> Red are red
17:19 <Jr Mime> :O
17:19 <Demonstaker> Roses are white/blue/red, violets are indigo, Rainbows are heterosexual, and cakeh is caek.
17:19 <Joeytje50> wut
17:20 <Joeytje50> what does sexuality have to do with colour
17:20 <Demonstaker> Its a pun :P
17:20 <Armanbai> much for me
17:20 <EpicPancakes> That's not a pun
17:20 <Demonstaker> Don't take offense to it or anything.
17:20 <Armanbai> imagine officer wearing pink uniform
17:20 <Armanbai> xD
17:20 <Demonstaker> ^
17:20 <EpicPancakes> That is not even close to a pun
17:20 <Demonstaker> Queen Guards.
17:20 <Stinkowing> Roses are RED, Violets are BLU, I'm Painis Cupcake. I will eat you.
17:20 <Joeytje50> a pun is mixing up words as a joke, Demonstaker
17:20 <Joeytje50> and you were not mixing up words as a grammatical joke
17:21 <Joeytje50> so it's not a pun
17:21 <Demonstaker> Well then i stand corrected.
17:21 <Joeytje50> "A joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings" --Google Dictionary
17:21 <Armanbai> no ideas about words u said
17:21 <Demonstaker> I get that part kthanks
17:21 <Armanbai> :D
17:21 <Joeytje50> [19:21:00] <Demonstaker> Well then i stand corrected.
17:21 <Joeytje50> a pun would be
17:22 <Joeytje50> y u stand collected?
17:22 <Dogfoger> (qc) The current location of the [[Circus]] is [[Taverley]].
17:22 <Demonstaker> Thanks Doug.
17:22 <Joeytje50> which is assuming you're speaking Engrish
17:22 <Armanbai> hope you dont mind that i cant keep silence, and joke on every topic :P
17:22 <Demonstaker> I should have copied and pasted that facebook Navy spam in this situation :P
17:23 <Stinkowing> A WINRAR IS YOU!
17:23 <Demonstaker> WE ARE WINRAR!
17:23 <Dogfoger> [[Some like it cold]]
17:24 <Demonstaker> Roses are RED, Violets are BLU, Glass is unbreakable in Team Fortress Two.
17:24 <Stinkowing> [[Some Like It Moldy]]
17:24 <Demonstaker> CoD logic right there.
17:24 <Armanbai> CoD, PikE, TunA
17:25 <Stinkowing> har har
17:25 <Armanbai> poon poon
17:26 <Demonstaker> Pewn Pewn.
17:26 <Demonstaker> PEWPEWPEW!
17:26 <Armanbai> newbs newbs
17:26 <Demonstaker> I dunno.
17:26 <Demonstaker> nubnububnubnub
17:26 <Demonstaker> nubbub
17:26 <Armanbai> pewn newbs
17:26 <Demonstaker> YOLO
17:26 <Demonstaker> =
17:26 <Demonstaker> OLOY
17:26 <EpicPancakes>
17:26 <Demonstaker> Only Losers Obey Yolo
17:27 <EpicPancakes> Check out the first thing it shows
17:27 <Demonstaker> LOOL
17:27 <Demonstaker> Great comparison.
17:28 <Armanbai> do you want one fact?
17:28 <Demonstaker> Sure :L
17:28 <Armanbai> word D**k sounds, wrights same as member on russian
17:28 <Armanbai> so membership may sound bit pervert
17:29 <Armanbai> for russians
17:29 <Demonstaker> Lol I am russian.
17:29 <Demonstaker> And I have no idea what you said.
17:29 <Armanbai> orly?
17:29 <Demonstaker> Yupyup.
17:29 <Armanbai> togda ti doljen ponimat menya
17:29 <Jr Mime> Lagtest
17:29 <Jr Mime> Wut
17:29 <Demonstaker> Well technically Ukranian desent.
17:29 <Jr Mime> Looks like RS crashed
17:29 <Jr Mime> (qc) There are currently 153,191 people playing runescape.
17:29 <Armanbai> tak ya tebe i poveril
17:29 <Demonstaker> I tyebya nye ponimayu.
17:29 <Armanbai> A ya tebya ponimayu blyat xD
17:30 <Armanbai> vot ya o chem
17:30 <Armanbai> Chlen bratstva
17:30 <Armanbai> Member of brotherhood
17:30 <Armanbai> ponyal?
17:30 <Demonstaker> ponyal.
17:30 <Armanbai> nu i huy s etoy temoy
17:31 <Demonstaker> >insert Russian text here.
17:31 <Demonstaker> Lol.
17:31 <Demonstaker> Atkuda ti?
17:31 <Armanbai> kazakhstan
17:31 <Demonstaker> Ahh.
17:31 <Armanbai> voobsheto kazahi govorat na 5 yazikah
17:31 <Demonstaker> Zato eto nye Uzbekistan.
17:32 <Armanbai> che ne znal?
17:32 <Armanbai> xD
17:32 <Demonstaker> Da ya znal.
17:32 <Armanbai> i materimsa mi kak russkiye toje xD
17:32 <Habblet> [[User:Tilburys]]
17:33 <Armanbai> so far i know only one man plaing runescape from kazakhstan
17:33 <Armanbai> and its me
17:33 <Demonstaker> Ktota iz etih lyudey mogut govorit po Ruskiy?
17:33 <Armanbai> nihuya ne ponimayut oni
17:33 <Demonstaker> HAH.
17:34 <Armanbai> BCE CYKU
17:34 <Armanbai> xD
17:34 <Demonstaker> Mi mozhim bit teroristi, ah oni nye znayut.
17:34 <Demonstaker> XD
17:34 <Armanbai> nu konechno blin
17:34 <Demonstaker> Oi perestan matam rugatsa.
17:34 <Armanbai> For those who dont understand, we're talking about sorts of coffee
17:34 <Demonstaker> ^
17:35 <Armanbai> ladno
17:35 <Demonstaker> Durniye oni vse xD
17:35 <Armanbai> che predki nabludayut?
17:35 <Demonstaker> VI VSE TUPIYE NA GOLOVU!
17:35 <Armanbai> ne spalis
17:35 <Armanbai> oni mogut i perevodchik vkluchit
17:35 <Armanbai> xD
17:35 <Demonstaker> And suddenl everyone is away.
17:36 <Armanbai> ne lohanis
17:36 <Demonstaker> Da perevodchikk sdes nye rabotoyit.
17:36 <Armanbai> eshe kak rabotaet
17:36 <Demonstaker> Kak?
17:36 <Demonstaker> Ono tolko mojet rabotat esle mi petchatoyem na Cyrillic.
17:36 <Armanbai> dobav menya ya tebye privat napishu
17:36 <Demonstaker> Bukvame.
17:36 <Demonstaker> Okay.
17:37 <Armanbai> moy nickname Devas Nero
17:37 <Demonstaker> Yo no soy pendejo.
17:37 <Demonstaker> >insert Spanish translation/
17:37 <Demonstaker> .*
17:37 <Hallowland> Hey :)
17:37 <Demonstaker> Tvoye imya toist na RuneScape?
17:37 <Armanbai> howdy
17:37 <Demonstaker> Hiya!
17:37 <Armanbai> da
17:37 <Demonstaker> Cool.
17:38 <Jr Mime> Closing chats, questing
17:38 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
17:38 <Demonstaker> Menya zavu Demonstaker.
17:38 <Demonstaker> zavut*
17:38 <Demonstaker> :p
17:38 <Armanbai> ti offline
17:38 <Demonstaker> Ya tebya budu escat kogda ya predu domoy.
17:38 <Demonstaker> Da ya na robotiy seju.
17:38 <Armanbai> eshe dobav vtorogo
17:39 <Armanbai> Armanbai zavut
17:39 <Demonstaker> Predu domoy posle pol chesa.
17:39 <Armanbai> pridu*
17:39 <Demonstaker> Pridu*
17:39 <Demonstaker> :p
17:39 <Demonstaker> U tyebya yest dva accounti?
17:39 <Demonstaker> dve* dva?
17:39 <Armanbai> voobsheto 4
17:39 <Demonstaker> Ya ne horosho govoryu po Ruskiy blin xD
17:39 <Demonstaker> Ah
17:39 <Armanbai> no ya polzuyus toka 2
17:40 <Demonstaker> A kokoy tvoy main account?
17:40 <Armanbai> mojesh na angliyskom
17:40 <Armanbai> armanbai
17:40 <Demonstaker> Ah okay.
17:40 <Demonstaker> Not exactly fluent in Russian as I said.
17:40 <Demonstaker> But I'm slowly working on it.
17:41 <Demonstaker> Since my whole family speaks it anyway xD
17:41 <Armanbai> I dont care much about language you speak
17:41 <Demonstaker> Language sucks.
17:41 <Demonstaker> Lets go throw rocks to communicate!
17:41 <Armanbai> but if you want to speak with me you gotta know atleast russian,english,kazakh,french or japan
17:41 <Demonstaker> Znayu tolko Ruskiy I Angliskiy.
17:42 <Demonstaker> i*
17:42 <Armanbai> xD
17:42 <Demonstaker> xP
17:42 <Armanbai> nu niche
17:42 <Hallowland> Ansela
17:42 <Demonstaker> I ochen malo Nemetskiy.
17:42 <Hallowland> Are you there ;o?
17:42 <Demonstaker> Samovo trudniy yezik eto Yeponskiy i Nemetskiy.
17:42 <Armanbai> gutten tag
17:42 <Demonstaker> yezkikiy*
17:43 <Demonstaker> YEZIKIY*
17:43 <Demonstaker> D:<
17:43 <Armanbai> Yaziki*
17:43 <Demonstaker> fukkit.
17:43 <Demonstaker> xP
17:43 <Hallowland> Atheist are you there >.<?
17:43 <Armanbai> if he dnt contacts it might mean hes afk just wait bit
17:44 <Demonstaker> Lol my friend gave me his clan.
17:44 <Demonstaker> Sadly he changed it to a terrible name before he quit and I can't change it back
17:44 <Demonstaker> Even though I am owner.
17:45 <Hallowland> Hm I'll have to wait Ansela get back
17:45 <Demonstaker> Ya shas predu, poshol v tuolyet.
17:46 <Armanbai> oridu*
17:46 <Armanbai> xD
17:46 <Demonstaker> ?
17:46 <Armanbai> tualet*
17:46 <Demonstaker> Close enuf.
17:46 <Demonstaker> :.
17:46 <Demonstaker> :>*
17:46 <Armanbai> xD
17:46 <Habblet> Is wikia down?
17:46 <Armanbai> nope
17:46 <Armanbai> y u askin
17:46 <Demonstaker> This keyboard in the office sucks baulz.
17:46 <Demonstaker> K brb.
17:48 -!- MickeyMix has joined Special:Chat
17:48 -!- MickeyMix has left Special:Chat.
17:48 -!- MickeyMix has joined Special:Chat
17:48 <Hallowland> Atheist is back
17:48 <Hallowland> I think...
17:49 <Atheist723> Hi.
17:49 <MickeyMix> Hi
17:49 <Armanbai> hi
17:49 <Hallowland> Hey Athe :)
17:49 <Atheist723> What do you need?
17:49 <Hallowland> The staff of armadyl article
17:49 <Hallowland> It appears Staff of armadyl
17:50 <Hallowland> Not Staff of Armadyl
17:50 <Hallowland> With capital
17:50 <MickeyMix> Must be a capital mistake
17:50 <Hallowland> Can I try to correct it?
17:50 <Armanbai> i could correct it in 10 secs ---
17:50 <MickeyMix> I guess
17:51 <Hallowland> You can't edit the title
17:51 <Armanbai> if you will be asking permission every time you wont fix anything
17:51 <Hallowland> Well normal users can't.
17:51 <Armanbai> there is captial mistake in text too ---
17:51 <Armanbai> xD
17:52 <Demonstaker> K bak.
17:52 -!- AnnoyingDerp has joined Special:Chat
17:52 <AnnoyingDerp> Hai
17:52 <Demonstaker> Arman, u tyebya yest Steam?
17:52 <Hallowland> Hey AnnoyingDerp :)
17:52 <Demonstaker> Hai!
17:52 <Armanbai> fixed staff of armadyl captial mistakes in text
17:53 <Armanbai> so title is yours
17:53 <Atheist723> Wait.
17:53 <Atheist723> Most items have their names not capitalised.
17:53 <Atheist723> Even if it makes more sense the other way.
17:54 <Atheist723> The reason is yet unknown.
17:54 <Hallowland> Well but this isn't a common name, it's the name of a God lol
17:54 <Armanbai> like i added to trivia on cristmas wand has same attack as dragon scimitar special, and other guys fixed it 5 times
17:55 <EpicPancakes> DEERERPPP
17:55 <Demonstaker> What exacty is better to use?
17:55 <EpicPancakes> Hai
17:55 <Armanbai> what do you mean?
17:55 <Demonstaker> Dragon Dagger (p++), Dragon Longsword, or Dragon Scimitar?
17:56 <Armanbai> Dragon scimitar
17:56 <Armanbai> xD
17:56 <Demonstaker> Hm/
17:56 <Demonstaker> .*
17:56 <Atheist723> Not remotely similar...
17:56 <Demonstaker> I use the dagger (p++)
17:56 <Demonstaker> It sorta became my signature weapon :L
17:56 <Armanbai> it depends how much you dont want to spend on weapons
17:56 <Demonstaker> Well only 18k at the time.
17:56 <Demonstaker> Totally worth it.
17:56 <Demonstaker> Plus very useful for bosses.
17:57 <Hallowland> Dced >.<
17:57 <Demonstaker> Like the Skeleton Hellhound in the first Myreque quest.
17:57 <Armanbai> And take antipoison no use then
17:57 <Demonstaker> Heard it was good with Jungle Demon too.
17:58 <Armanbai> he has poison resist
17:58 <Demonstaker> Who?
17:58 <Demonstaker> Jungle Demon?
17:58 <Atheist723> Check the page.
17:58 <Armanbai> wait quest boss?
17:58 <Demonstaker> yeah
17:58 <Atheist723> Immunity to poison - yes or no?
17:58 <Armanbai> lemme see
17:58 <Armanbai> hes not immune
17:58 <Demonstaker> Even if he is immune to poison, still a good special attack.
17:59 <Demonstaker> Extra damage and double the attack.
17:59 <Armanbai> try dragon claws
17:59 <Demonstaker> And obviously poison.
17:59 <Armanbai> ull like them more
17:59 <Demonstaker> Hell those are the only dragon weapon that stayed in one price.
17:59 <Demonstaker> Almost.
18:00 <Armanbai> my signature weapon was mauls and gravite 2h
18:00 <Armanbai> so blades isnt my
18:00 <Demonstaker> Ah.
18:00 <Demonstaker> Well I gotta go.
18:00 <Demonstaker> Be back in about 5-7 minutes
18:00 <Demonstaker> Walkin home
18:00 <Armanbai> spoki noki
18:01 -!- Demonstaker has left Special:Chat.
18:01 <Armanbai> didnt managed to find anyone could talk russian here
18:01 <Armanbai> who*
18:01 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
18:02 <Hallowland> I think I fixed it Athe
18:02 <MickeyMix> back
18:02 <Hallowland> I hope this won't cause me any trouble lol
18:02 <MickeyMix> lol
18:03 <Armanbai> no one kicked me for fixing mistakes on wiki
18:03 <Armanbai> xD
18:04 <Atheist723> It won't.
18:04 <Hallowland> Same but I have to value my life lol
18:04 <Armanbai> ---
18:04 <Armanbai> mods arent gods
18:04 <MickeyMix> Yes they are
18:04 <MickeyMix> lol
18:04 <Hallowland> Admins are gods
18:04 <Armanbai> -_-
18:04 <Hallowland> ;p
18:05 <Armanbai> nevermind
18:05 -!- Omg piano has joined Special:Chat
18:05 <Hallowland> Hey piano :)
18:05 <Omg piano> Hai
18:05 <Omg piano> (qc) ikickyourdog's combat level is 88; Attack: 66, Defence: 66, Strength: 66, Constitution: 66, Ranged: 62, Prayer: 58, Magic: 75, Summoning: 43.
18:05 <Omg piano> change Summoning to 46
18:05 <Hallowland> Very nice
18:05 <Omg piano> And you have my stats
18:06 <Omg piano> Now, I want to go from 88 to 100 Combat
18:06 <Omg piano> for the Shilo Village master
18:06 <Omg piano> How would I go about that? Like, which stats I raise, for instance.
18:06 <Hallowland> Attack, defence, strength and magic are the most helpful
18:06 <MickeyMix> If you get tons of agility arena tickets and get xp from the 1000 ticket experience. it gives you like 320000 xp
18:06 <Hallowland> For leveling
18:07 <MickeyMix> Im level 40 in magic
18:07 <MickeyMix> I need like 35 attack or strengh levels for a combat level O.o
18:07 <Omg piano> I'm teleporting to a guide now, byee
18:07 <Omg piano> [[Combat Training|Cya!]]
18:07 <AnselaJonla> Hallowland - in game, how is Staff of armadyl capitalied?
18:07 -!- Omg piano has left Special:Chat.
18:08 <Atheist723> Likely not capitalized...but I cannot be completely sure...and you aren't asking me anyway.
18:09 <MickeyMix> On the wiki it was Staff of armadyl not Staff of Armadyl
18:09 <AnselaJonla> And I am asking how it is capitalised in game
18:09 <MickeyMix> No idea
18:09 <AnselaJonla> As we follow the ingame capitalisation for article titles
18:09 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has joined Special:Chat
18:09 <Atheist723> Hi Fishes.
18:09 <Hallowland> I told you that would cause me trouble..
18:10 <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) "Yt’Haar" Dat Feeshee is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "RSW", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
18:10 <AnselaJonla> I am restoring the old way round until I can get someone to confirm it
18:10 <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) "the Thrifty" Dat Nommy is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "AoA Skilling", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
18:10 <Hallowland> Wait Ansela
18:10 <Hallowland> There is a video, I will check
18:10 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
18:11 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
18:11 <AnselaJonla> When was the video made?
18:11 <MickeyMix> :/
18:11 <AnselaJonla> Because the Staff itself was released at a time when technical limitations prevented items from having more than one capital letter
18:12 <Atheist723> But now there are items like [[Book of Char]].
18:12 <AnselaJonla> Yeah
18:12 <Atheist723> *[[The Book of Char]]
18:12 -!- AnnoyingDerp has left Special:Chat.
18:12 <AnselaJonla> But until the old items' names are changed in game, we keep the old names on the wiki
18:12 <Armanbai> got a question
18:12 <Armanbai> how do you qc in this chat ?
18:13 <AnselaJonla> [[RS:QC]]
18:13 <Armanbai> danke
18:14 <Hallowland> Ansela
18:14 <Hallowland> The video I saw is very recent
18:14 <Hallowland> Here
18:14 <Hallowland> I'll give a link sec
18:14 <Coelacanth0794> hi
18:14 <Coelacanth0794> i am back
18:15 <Coelacanth0794> huzzah
18:15 <Oghma infinium> hai ppls
18:15 <MickeyMix> Im wondering. Why are normal logs worth 115 gold and willow logs are worth 26 coins.
18:15 <Oghma infinium> cause ppl train wcing on willows so much
18:15 <EpicPancakes> "Be back in a mo."
18:15 <Armanbai> because they can be used in construction
18:15 <EpicPancakes> Why, Jagex, why?
18:15 <Oghma infinium> and u can get more willow logs per tree
18:15 <Hallowland>
18:15 <MickeyMix> True
18:15 <Hallowland> ~2 minutes left
18:16 <Oghma infinium> ive finally decided on a goal!!! :D (rock)
18:16 <AnselaJonla> wtf is that link?
18:16 <AnselaJonla> It's all broken
18:16 <MickeyMix> How is it broken?
18:17 <AnselaJonla> Find me a proper youtube vid, not one that gives me popup warnings
18:17 <MickeyMix> It didnt give me pop up warnings
18:17 <MickeyMix> It took me to the video
18:18 <Oghma infinium> :'O no1s asking me what it is? 
18:18 <Armanbai> did anyone saw sosolid2kk maxes vids?
18:18 <EpicPancakes> Nope.
18:18 -!- Demonstaker has joined Special:Chat
18:18 <Atheist723> Kind of boring.
18:18 <Demonstaker> I'm back.
18:18 <Oghma infinium> ur mean
18:18 <Demonstaker> At home that is :>
18:18 <Armanbai> gime sec
18:19 <MickeyMix> cool
18:19 <Oghma infinium> nice pic of cat
18:19 <MickeyMix> thanks
18:19 <Hallowland> Ansela: 2:16 left
18:19 <Hallowland> Guardian refer to it as Staff of Armadyl
18:19 <Armanbai>
18:20 <Armanbai> thats my fav maxer
18:20 <Casting Fishes^^> i liek to sleep in rs
18:20 <Casting Fishes^^> :o
18:20 <AnselaJonla> Fucking hell Hallow, you not reading what I'm saying? I. Can't. Load. The. Video.
18:20 <Casting Fishes^^> but i just gotta get damaged first :c
18:20 <AnselaJonla> You gave some sort of messed up link
18:21 <Hallowland> Calm down Ansela ;s
18:22 <AnselaJonla>
18:22 <Armanbai> Kak mne tebya zvat?
18:22 <MickeyMix> .
18:22 <Armanbai> Demon
18:23 <Armanbai> Demon
18:23 <Armanbai> hello?
18:23 <Demonstaker> Oh hey
18:23 <Oghma infinium> ot pu syug uoy era tahw os?
18:23 <Demonstaker> Sorry I was editing my profile.
18:24 <MickeyMix> Please stop speaking russian
18:24 <Demonstaker> Zovi menya Mark.
18:24 <Armanbai> ok Mark
18:24 <Demonstaker> Nazivay toist.
18:24 <Oghma infinium> lol not russian
18:24 <Demonstaker> :P
18:24 <Armanbai> nu poh
18:24 <Armanbai> ya ponyal
18:25 <Hallowland> Ansela is this better :)?
18:25 <Hallowland>
18:25  * Joeytje50 hugglz da feesheecaek
18:25 <Armanbai> so did anyone watch sosolid 2kk?
18:25 <Joeytje50> hao is chur foot?
18:25 <Demonstaker> Nope
18:25 <Hallowland> Exactly at 10 minutes
18:25 <AnselaJonla> omfg Hallow, I just read your edit from yesterday
18:25 -!- Demonstaker has left Special:Chat.
18:25 -!- Demonstaker has joined Special:Chat
18:25 <AnselaJonla> I'm reverting it... the grammar is not up to standards
18:25 <Demonstaker> Thar we go.
18:25 <Coelacanth0794> dc'd during the final battle in quest
18:25 <Coelacanth0794> nice
18:26 <Demonstaker> I'm gonna micspam on TF2 before I clean the house.
18:26 <Demonstaker> So bai for now I guess.
18:26 <Armanbai> bai is my nickname xD
18:26 <Demonstaker> SHUSH.
18:26 <MickeyMix> Nice picture lol
18:26 <AnselaJonla> Still that same weird ass screen
18:26 <Demonstaker> Who?
18:26 <AnselaJonla> Hallowland - you're not giving very good links tofay
18:26 <Armanbai> Bai means Very rich man on kazakh language
18:26 <Hallowland> Idk :(
18:26 <AnselaJonla> today*
18:26 <Dogfoger> o
18:26 <Dogfoger> its ansela
18:26 <Demonstaker> Ah lol
18:26 <Dogfoger> Hai ansela!
18:27  * Dogfoger waves
18:27 <Hallowland> Ansela
18:27 <Hallowland> Search at youtube "temple of ikov" then
18:27 <Demonstaker> <link removed>
18:27 <Demonstaker> xD
18:28 <Oghma infinium> nuf si sdrawkcab gniklat :D
18:28 <Armanbai> xD
18:28 <AnselaJonla> Here's a hint, Hallowland - don't give youtube links if you're on your mobile device
18:28 <Demonstaker> Also this
18:28 <Demonstaker> <link removed>
18:28 <Armanbai> itsitskitskits bukafagaga
18:28 <Demonstaker> LOOL
18:28 <Armanbai> thats what i hear
18:28 <Armanbai> drunk lady gaga
18:28 <Oghma infinium> try reading it backwards
18:28 <Hallowland> Ok :)
18:29 <MickeyMix> lol~
18:29 <Atheist723> Bye everyone.
18:29 <Dogfoger> Bai Atheist723
18:29  * Dogfoger waves
18:29 <MickeyMix> bye
18:29  * Dogfoger ends up hitting Joeytje50 by mistake
18:29 <Joeytje50> D:
18:29  * Dogfoger runs away
18:29  * AnselaJonla remembers why she never uses video guides
18:30 <Demonstaker> Funtime: <link removed>
18:30 <Oghma infinium> hey look its the guy who owes every1 money :D
18:30 <Dogfoger> I still haven't got the hang of waving :/
18:30 <AnselaJonla> Blah blah blah ten minutes of useless talking before doing anything
18:30 <Dogfoger> Who me?
18:30 <Oghma infinium> er...nooo...
18:30 <Dogfoger> I owe alot of people alot of money...
18:30 <AnselaJonla> !updatelogs
18:30 <Dogfoger> Not cool ansela!
18:30 <RSChatBot> AnselaJonla: [[RS:CHAT/L|Logs]] updated (Added 679 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
18:30 <AnselaJonla> I'm updating to remove Demonstaker's links
18:30 <AnselaJonla> They are not appropriate
18:31 <Dogfoger> I owe one guy like... 100M
18:31 <Demonstaker> <.<
18:31 <MickeyMix> really?
18:31 <Dogfoger> All in all my debt is probs about 200M lol
18:31 <Dogfoger> Yep
18:31 <MickeyMix> 100M?
18:31 <Hallowland> And will you pay him ;p?
18:31 <Dogfoger> Yeah but he gave the money over time
18:31 <Dogfoger> If I win 200M on squeel ye lol
18:31 <Hallowland> lol
18:32 <Hallowland> Good luck ;)
18:32 -!- Demonstaker was kicked from Special:Chat by Atheist723
18:32 <Oghma infinium> reggeb lufseccus a eb ot em hcaet uoy nac regofgod?
18:32 -!- Mr Enchant1 has joined Special:Chat
18:32 <Mr Enchant1> Hi.
18:32 <Hallowland> Hey Mr Enchant1
18:32 <Oghma infinium> rotbed*
18:32 <Demonstaker> I was kicked why?
18:32 <Mr Enchant1> I bought some RS membership, but I have trouble went to use it? 
18:32 <Mr Enchant1> When should I use it? XD
18:33 <Atheist723> The videos are not exactly appropriate.
18:33 <AnselaJonla> Over a minute into this vid and he still hasn't even started the damned quest!!!!
18:33 <Demonstaker> Ah well I apologize.
18:33 <AnselaJonla> How does anyone use these piece of crap "video guides", seriously?
18:33 <Demonstaker> ^
18:33 <MickeyMix> Ansela Chill
18:33 <EpicPancakes> You don't.
18:33 <AnselaJonla> Demonstaker - I do not appreciate having to edit the logs and delete the version with your bad links in
18:33 <EpicPancakes> You use the wiki because it's awesome
18:34 <EpicPancakes> You only use guides for short segments of insane puzzles
18:34 <Mr Enchant1> When is the best time to use membership? 
18:34 <Hallowland> lol
18:34 <EpicPancakes> Anyimte
18:34 <EpicPancakes> Anytime
18:34 <Oghma infinium> speaking of which could i get some helpful nomad help the page didnt help
18:34 <Demonstaker> The best time to use membership was a week and a day ago.
18:34 <Mr Enchant1> Lol.
18:34 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
18:34 <Demonstaker> Seriously.
18:34 <MickeyMix> lol
18:34 <Demonstaker> TIME TO MICSPAM IN TF2!!!
18:34 <Demonstaker> :>
18:35 -!- Mr Enchant1 has left Special:Chat.
18:39 <AnselaJonla> Seeing as the invent name of the pendant is still lowercase, then the staff is probably the same
18:39 <AnselaJonla> The guide I found was siding with the guardians, so the staff itself isn't seen
18:40 <MickeyMix> Lol
18:41  * Dogfoger likes MickeyMix's avatar
18:41 <Armanbai> ики
18:41 -!- Armanbai has left Special:Chat.
18:42 <MickeyMix> lol thanks. I was editing something
18:42 <Hallowland> Ansela
18:43 <Hallowland> In the chat with the guardians
18:43 <Hallowland> The guardians refer to it at Staff of Armadyl
18:43 <AnselaJonla> Hallowland - how can I explain it to you?
18:43 <AnselaJonla> We don't go on NPC chat - it's always been called Staff of Armadyl in the chat
18:44 <AnselaJonla> We go on what the actual item inside your inventory is called
18:44 <AnselaJonla> That's why the page is called [[Helm of Neitiznot]]
18:44 <AnselaJonla> And gah, I capped that automatically
18:44 <Hallowland> Ok I was just saying the guardian capitalises Armadyl 
18:44 <AnselaJonla> (facepalm)
18:45 <MickeyMix> Okay enough
18:45 <AnselaJonla> I know he does
18:45 <AnselaJonla> And it's annoying to have the lower case, I agree
18:45 <MickeyMix> Who Cares? Your arguing for no reason
18:45 <AnselaJonla> But we have always named items using the capitalisation displayed in the inventory
18:45 <Hallowland> We are not arguing...
18:45 <AnselaJonla> MickeyMix - stop backseat modding
18:46 <Dogfoger> 15+18=23 right?
18:46 <Hallowland> No
18:46 <AnselaJonla> lol no
18:46 <Dogfoger> no
18:46 <Hallowland> 33
18:46 <Joeytje50> rofl
18:46 <MickeyMix> no
18:46 <Dogfoger> right
18:46 <Dogfoger> my maths sux
18:46 <Joeytje50> Dogfoger: l2 /calc
18:46 <Dogfoger> meh
18:47 <Joeytje50> 15+18 = 33
18:47 <Joeytje50> yey for /calc
18:47 <AnselaJonla>
18:48 <Hallowland> Tbh who would know that lol
18:48 <Dogfoger> [[granite lobster]]
18:48 <Joeytje50> wikipedia says it was banned from MTV in the USA
18:49 <Joeytje50> and that's it
18:49 <Joeytje50> no other countries
18:49 <AnselaJonla> (facepalm) at that answer
18:50 <Joeytje50> lol
18:51 <Coelacanth0794> plenty of lag
18:51 <Joeytje50> wikia crashed
18:51 <Dogfoger> [[Calculators]]
18:51 <Coelacanth0794> i mean on rs
18:52 <Joeytje50> still, wikia crashed
18:52 <Hallowland> Ansela
18:53 <Hallowland> Found a video where the player aids Lucien
18:53 <Hallowland> It is spanish though
18:53 <Hallowland> The commentary
18:53 <Hallowland> Lemme check
18:54 <MickeyMix> wikia didnt crash for me
18:57 <MickeyMix> ?
18:57 -!- Malfioz has joined Special:Chat
18:58 <Malfioz> Hey :)
18:58 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
18:58 <MickeyMix> Made my first edit :D
18:59 <Malfioz> Ansela
18:59 <AnselaJonla> Malfioz
18:59 <Malfioz> How do I remove the "file usage" from
18:59 <Malfioz> I don't wanna get another warning :b
18:59 <AnselaJonla> That's okay
19:00 <AnselaJonla> There's no way to remove that
19:00 <AnselaJonla> The ttfg page is templated - it'll update sooner or later
19:00 <Malfioz> So it's save to put a deletion tag on there?
19:00 <Malfioz> Okay
19:00 <AnselaJonla> Want me to delete that jpeg for you?
19:00 <Malfioz> Yeah
19:00 <Malfioz> pl0x :D
19:00 <AnselaJonla> Replaced?
19:01 <Malfioz>
19:01 <Coelacanth0794>
19:01 <AnselaJonla> Coulda just said yes :P
19:01 <Malfioz> Haha
19:01 <AnselaJonla> Was just checking if that was the reason you wanted me to select
19:02 <Coelacanth0794>
19:02 <AnselaJonla> No matter where you sit... kitty claws
19:02 <Malfioz> Funny how it still says /Full guide uses the empty image
19:02 <Coelacanth0794>
19:02 <Dogfoger> [[Fish Flingers]]
19:02 <AnselaJonla> Because the full guide uses the other pages
19:02 <AnselaJonla> They're templated onto the page using {{}}
19:03 <Malfioz> Oh
19:03 <MickeyMix> lol
19:03 <Malfioz> So it will update after some time?
19:03 <AnselaJonla> Yeah
19:03 <Hallowland> Ansela
19:03 <AnselaJonla> [[ttfg]]
19:03 <MickeyMix> probably
19:03 <Malfioz> Sweet
19:03 <Hallowland> Incredibly the gut doesn't right click on the staff
19:03 <Hallowland> Guy*
19:03 <MickeyMix> gut XD
19:03 <AnselaJonla> Omg seriously?
19:04 <Hallowland> lol
19:04 <Hallowland> He just hower over it
19:04 <Hallowland> But he does it so quickly
19:04 <Hallowland> That i can't see the options
19:04 <AnselaJonla> Malfioz - check now
19:05 <MickeyMix> fail
19:05 <Malfioz> Mhm
19:05 <Malfioz> Ah
19:05 <Malfioz> Nice
19:07 -!- Meter55 has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <Meter55> Hello
19:07 <Malfioz> Hi
19:07 <Malfioz> Is it only admins who can rename files?
19:08 <Meter55> Why is there someone's legs in the invisible penguin shot?
19:08 <The Mol Man> it's transparent
19:08 <The Mol Man> we need to wait for transulency on the penguin
19:08 <Coelacanth0794> frustratingly slow today
19:09 <Malfioz> Just got bandos tassets for 12m in ge.Is it going to crash anymore or something?
19:10 <MickeyMix> nice.
19:10 <MickeyMix> tassets are usually way more
19:10 <Coelacanth0794> with beta coming up? i doubt it
19:10 <Malfioz> yeah
19:11 -!- Smartman294 has joined Special:Chat
19:11 <Smartman294> hey
19:11 <Malfioz> Hello
19:12 <Meter55> Bandos is unlikely to crash.
19:12 <The Mol Man> ansela
19:12 <Hallowland> Ansela, Armadyl is not capitalised in the spanish guy video
19:12 <Meter55> I expect it to rise, as the entire bandos set comes out w/ EoC
19:12 <Hallowland> But the video isn't recent
19:12 <Malfioz> Not sure if I've wasted so much time with TT images when the new models etc is coming :c
19:12 <Hallowland> Wait
19:12 <Hallowland> It is recent
19:13 <Hallowland> Uploaded 28th february this year
19:13 <AnselaJonla> The Mol Man
19:14 <The Mol Man> move that? capital I and add closing parenthesis?
19:14 <MickeyMix> Its kinda recent
19:14 <The Mol Man> i have the page fixed
19:14 <AnselaJonla> Rename on page please
19:14 <The Mol Man> i did
19:14 <AnselaJonla> MickeyMix - please don't use American floor numbers on articles
19:15 <Coelacanth0794> ghost loan!
19:15 <AnselaJonla> Renamed
19:15 -!- Forever2222 has joined Special:Chat
19:15 <The Mol Man> ty
19:15 <EpicPancakes> Hi Forecer 
19:15 <EpicPancakes> Forever
19:15 <Malfioz> Why isn't there any rename template? ;o
19:15 <The Mol Man> {{M}}
19:15 <MickeyMix> Whatever
19:15 <AnselaJonla>
19:15 <The Mol Man> {{M|reason for renaming}}
19:16 <Malfioz> Ah. thanks :)
19:16 <Forever2222> Hi
19:16 <MickeyMix> all i put was the word 
19:16 <MickeyMix> second
19:17 <MickeyMix> well
19:17 <MickeyMix> on the second floor
19:17 <Meter55> magick ain't gonna work for matriarch.
19:17 <MickeyMix> and you just change it back
19:18 <MickeyMix> there ansela happy?
19:20 <AnselaJonla> Is there are reason for the attitude?
19:20 <AnselaJonla> I informed you why I reverted it
19:21 -!- Forever2222 has left Special:Chat.
19:22 <MickeyMix> True.
19:22 <Hallowland> How can I inform Jagex that Armadyl is not capitalised?
19:22 <The Mol Man> where?
19:22 <MickeyMix> Not sure Hallow
19:22 <Malfioz> Report bug?
19:22 <Hallowland> Staff of armadyl
19:23 <The Mol Man> it's an item
19:23 <Hallowland> Yes
19:23 <Malfioz> Jagex logic
19:23 <The Mol Man> they don't caps nouns in items usually
19:23 <Malfioz> just like 2h weps
19:23 <Malfioz> no logic
19:23 <Meter55> :L
19:23 <Hallowland> Stone of Jas
19:23 <The Mol Man> not an actual item
19:23 -!- Techdolphin has joined Special:Chat
19:23 <Hallowland> [[Stone of Jas][
19:24 <Hallowland> ...
19:24 <Meter55> matriarch take 3. lmao
19:24 <The Mol Man> it exists
19:24 <Hallowland> [[Stone of Jas]]
19:24 <The Mol Man> but not as an item
19:24 <Malfioz> Dust of armadyl
19:24 <Techdolphin> need help
19:24 <Techdolphin> in barb assulet what i call for def roll?
19:24 <Hallowland> I was just checking if Jas was capitalised ;p
19:25 <Techdolphin> what is call*
19:25 <Meter55> Barbarian Assault?
19:25 <Malfioz>'s_set not capitalised :b
19:25 <Meter55> Defenders have to use food to lure runners into traps
19:25 <Techdolphin> ik
19:25 <Techdolphin> people keep yelling call though -.-
19:25 <Hallowland> lolol I will place that on their wiki
19:26 <Hallowland> Nvm I'm tired
19:27 -!- Techdolphin has left Special:Chat.
19:27 <Malfioz> Am I the only one getting this glitch?
19:27 <Malfioz> or seeing*
19:27 <Hallowland> lol
19:27 <Malfioz> Looks really weird
19:28 <Hallowland> Lunar bears
19:28 <Malfioz> moving statues
19:28 <MickeyMix> Nice walking glitch lol. It looks like they are gonna kisss XD
19:29 <Meter55> Heh. Matriarch dead.
19:29 <Meter55> lunch time.
19:29 <Malfioz> AMG
19:29 <Hallowland> See you Meter :)
19:29 <MickeyMix> Cya
19:30 <Malfioz> Mahogany planks is selling for 1860gp. Yesterday it sold for 1953 wtf Jagex?
19:30 <Malfioz> Bye :)
19:30 <MickeyMix> lol thats better
19:30 -!- Wishful Thinking has joined Special:Chat
19:30 <Malfioz> Huge profit :b
19:31 <Hallowland> Hello Wishful Thinking
19:31 <MickeyMix> Hi Wish
19:31 <Malfioz> Hey
19:31 <MickeyMix> The Common Trade Index Is now 111.55
19:32 <Wishful Thinking> Hello. Sorry, internet's on the fritz.
19:32 <Malfioz> Hi
19:32 <Wishful Thinking> Hmm... Doing "Some Like it Cold" at the moment. I don't get an option to make the rock and pop suits at my crafting table :/
19:32 <Wishful Thinking> To the iceberg I go then <_<
19:32 -!- Armanbai has joined Special:Chat
19:33 <Hallowland> Is the quest "Carnillean Rising" good?
19:33 <Wishful Thinking> Has anyone else who's done Some Like it Cold made the costumes at their POH?
19:34 <The Mol Man> Joey
19:34 <Joeytje50> mol
19:34 <Armanbai> could anyone add that attack stones in games room POH also cannot be attacked by famillars
19:34 <The Mol Man> move this file to spell crystal correctly (fp)
19:34 <Armanbai> soz cuz i got slow inet om ipad
19:34 <The Mol Man> also don't edit the QBD page to fix it
19:34 <Joeytje50> mol
19:34 <The Mol Man> i got that down+otherstuff
19:34 <The Mol Man> ???
19:34 <Joeytje50> pls be custodian k?
19:34 <The Mol Man> i no have file edits
19:34 <Joeytje50> I'll giev you if you say ok
19:34 <The Mol Man> just move it plzzzzzzzz
19:35 <Joeytje50> ya k
19:35 <The Mol Man> im fixing the names
19:35 <Wishful Thinking> The article states you can make penguin costumes during the quest in your POH.
19:35 <Wishful Thinking> How?
19:35 <Joeytje50> but you don't need file edits if you're really trusted and you're going to actually use the tools
19:35 <Malfioz> Maybe you need to upgrade?
19:35 <Joeytje50> the file req is so people won't ask it to show it off
19:36 <The Mol Man> i rarely need
19:36 <Wishful Thinking> Crafting Table 3 at the moment. Possibly needs to be upgraded to 4?
19:36 <Joeytje50> fien
19:36 <Wishful Thinking> I guess I'll go check it out.
19:36 <AnselaJonla> MickeyMix - I am starting to think you are nothing but an ignorant little troll
19:36 <Joeytje50> I still think you could use it very well
19:37 <MickeyMix> How am I trolling?
19:37 <AnselaJonla> I got custodian because custards and adnoobs got fed up of me asking them to move things
19:38 <AnselaJonla> I tell you not to use American flooring numbers yet you change a British number to an American one anyway
19:38 <The Mol Man> joey if you feel so compelled you can makes me custard
19:38 <Joeytje50> <3
19:38 <Joeytje50> yey
19:38 <Hallowland> [[Some like it cold]]
19:39 <Hallowland> Wish
19:39 <Wishful Thinking> I've seen it.
19:39 <Joeytje50> 19:39, August 8, 2012 Joeytje50 (Talk | contribs | block) changed group membership for User:The Mol Man from Rollback to Rollback and custodian (cus he so pro. Also because otherwise he has to ask others, and he can be trusted enough to have this himself)
19:39 <Hallowland> You need a crafting table 4
19:39 <Hallowland> Ok :)
19:39 <Joeytje50> :D
19:39 <Wishful Thinking> I've had the quest guide open since before I've been working at getting my skills up for it.
19:39  * Joeytje50 gievz da mol man some caek
19:40 <Wishful Thinking> It only makes sense it'd be updated.
19:40 <The Mol Man> :o
19:40 <Wishful Thinking> Thank you, though, Hallow.
19:40 <Meter55> I'm going to go ice bursting at forinthry dungeon, to mess w/ dem bots.
19:40 -!- Demonstaker has left Special:Chat.
19:40 <Hallowland> More than welcome :)
19:40 -!- Wishful Thinking has left Special:Chat.
19:40 <Oghma infinium> u guys know any sets of armour with good mage absorbtion?
19:40 <The Mol Man> gano
19:40 <Hallowland> Someone add in that article
19:40 <Oghma infinium> thought of that but cant wear :(
19:40 <Joeytje50> [[Ganodermic]]
19:40 <Hallowland> "crafting table 4 required"
19:41 <The Mol Man> grifo
19:41 <Oghma infinium> might try that...
19:42 <AnselaJonla>
19:42 -!- Smartman294 has left Special:Chat.
19:42 <AnselaJonla>
19:44 <AnselaJonla> [[Special:Log/block]]
19:46 -!- MickeyMix has left Special:Chat.
19:46 <Hallowland> Not many people online ;s
19:47 <Meter55> lmao what's wrong w/ the bears
19:48 <Malfioz> They don't have animations :L
19:48 <Malfioz> Try hit it, no reaction
19:48 <Hallowland> [[Petrification spell]]
19:49 <Hallowland> I'm leaving, I will be back later :), see you guys have an excellent day or night
19:50 <Malfioz> Thanks and cya
19:55 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
19:56 <Spineweilder> hey guise
19:56 <Malfioz> Hi spine
19:57 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
19:57 <The Mol Man> HyA TyA
19:57 <Joeytje50> hi
19:57 <Joeytje50> caek
19:57 <Spineweilder> hey joey
19:57 <TyA> HaiyA
19:57 <Joeytje50> hi zpeinweild0r caek
19:57 <Joeytje50> :D
19:57 <Casting Fishes^^> caek
19:57  * Casting Fishes^^ noms caek
19:57 <Spineweilder> [[Rock costume]] [[Pop costume]]
19:58 <Spineweilder> you haz?
19:58 <Meter55> Who wants to go bot bursting w/ me? :3
19:58  * Joeytje50 hugglz da feesh
19:58 <Joeytje50> no spein
19:58 <Spineweilder> can you make :3
19:58 <Joeytje50> I no did last quest yet brw
19:58 <Joeytje50> btw
19:58 <Spineweilder> wut :c
19:59 <The Mol Man> I doubt that s the sestroy text
19:59 <Meter55> lol
19:59 <The Mol Man> destroy*
19:59 <Meter55> No one wants to go bot killing w/ me? :x
20:02 <Oghma infinium> does anyone here trust me enough 2 loan me a grifolic set?
20:02 <Meter55> teehee, kill no1
20:02 -!- Niajhay Watkis has joined Special:Chat
20:02 <Oghma infinium> :O
20:03 <Niajhay Watkis> im here
20:03 <Niajhay Watkis> o.O
20:03 <Niajhay Watkis> wheres electron
20:04 <Oghma infinium> why why couldnt there be some1 here with grifolic :'(
20:04 <Oghma infinium> (who trusts me with it)
20:04 <Niajhay Watkis> ...
20:04 <TyA> This isn't teh place to beg
20:04 <Oghma infinium> not begging
20:04 <Oghma infinium> asking for loan
20:04 <TyA> You're begging for one of us to loan you something
20:04 <TyA> So please stop.
20:04 <Oghma infinium> just wanted it for like 1 hour
20:04 <The Mol Man> perhaps we should rephrase that rule
20:05 <Oghma infinium> okay then :(
20:05 <TyA> Mol: No matter how it is written, someone will insist they're not breaking it
20:05 -!- Niajhay Watkis has left Special:Chat.
20:06 <Oghma infinium> if im breaking it ill stop i just didnt think asking for loan=begging
20:06 <Oghma infinium> im sorry :(
20:07 <Habblet> mol
20:07 <Habblet> do you have aa
20:07 <The Mol Man> ?
20:07 <The Mol Man> i no take picturees
20:07 <Habblet> y no
20:07 <The Mol Man> i no do images
20:07 <Spineweilder> habblet stop uploading images until they're all transed
20:08 <Habblet> someone told me we have to upload raw file 
20:08 <Habblet> then trans version
20:08 <Spineweilder> ...whos someone.
20:08 <Habblet> and why should i stop anyway
20:09 <Spineweilder> cuz it's spamming [[Category:Images needing transparency]]
20:09 <Habblet> thats why the category exists
20:09 <EpicPancakes> This is so cool
20:09 <Habblet> it only has 768, i've seen categories with +2,000
20:09 <Habblet> or 1,000
20:11 <Spineweilder> its cuz we don't need another person whos uploading exccessively untransed images
20:11 <Spineweilder> you and Mime, already uploaded over 100 images with no transparency AT ALL
20:11 <Habblet> they will be trans'ed some day, so there is no reason to delay their upload
20:12 <The Mol Man> nice read pancakes
20:12 <Spineweilder> please, theres images in the category from 2010
20:12 <EpicPancakes> Ik, everything on that site is so interesting
20:12 <The Mol Man> i only skimmed though
20:12 <Habblet> Better an untransed image than nothing
20:12 <Habblet> at least the ones we upload can be transed, not the 
20:12 <Oghma infinium> i like pancakes.... *fanticises bout eating pancakes*
20:12 <Habblet> low detail+ground detail+no aa ton of images
20:12 <Habblet> there are
20:12 <Spineweilder> im just saying L2 trans if you're gonna upload over 100
20:12 <Malfioz> Wouldn't it be better to use the animation from beta in the untransed images?
20:13 <Malfioz> Or else we have to trans all over again
20:13 <Spineweilder> what do you mean Malfioz?
20:13 <Malfioz>
20:13 <Malfioz> Oh
20:13 <Malfioz> Nvm
20:13 <Malfioz> Just some images was kinda old
20:14 <Spineweilder> we don't need another [[User:Battleben|Ben]] here
20:14 <Spineweilder> so learn transparency if you're planning to upload in bulk
20:14 <Joeytje50> woah Joel Amos spamz
20:15 <Meter55> lmao
20:15 <Meter55> Someone tried to pk me
20:16 <Habblet> I've read [[RS:IMG]] (fast, so may have skipped something)
20:16 <Habblet> so there are no apparent rules against that
20:16 <Meter55> He failed...harp
20:16 <Meter55> hard*
20:16 <Oghma infinium> well im going 2 some kinda world i come up with on the spot
20:16 <Oghma infinium> cya tomorow maybe
20:16 -!- Oghma infinium has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <Malfioz> lmao
20:18 <Joeytje50> Habblet
20:18 <Joeytje50>
20:18 <Joeytje50> All images showing items, objects, scenery or NPCs should have transparency. This means that the image's background should be deleted and replaced with transparent pixels. If the image editor cannot do this, editors are free to upload images without transparency to which other editors can apply transparency, or they can paint over the background with another colour (preferably white) to make adding transparency much easier and faster for other editors.
20:18 <Habblet> Yes?
20:18 <Habblet> I've read that
20:19 <Habblet> But I see no
20:19 <Habblet> Please refrain from adding images in a bulk in order to prevent filling the [[Category:Images needing transparency]]. Thank you
20:19 <Habblet> images in a bulk without transparency*
20:20 <AnselaJonla> Here's a compromise... if you want the "raw" image to be available as well, put {{working on trans}} (or whatever it is) instead of {{trans}} until you have the transed version ready
20:20 <Joeytje50> and can't you use a little bit of common sense that the us not made to be filled?
20:21 <Habblet> I can upload untransed images or not upload them
20:21 <Habblet> or am I going to get banned for it
20:21 -!- Smartman294 has joined Special:Chat
20:22 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <Habblet> hai muudy
20:23 <Jr Mime> Hi
20:23 <Malfioz> hello
20:23 <AnselaJonla> Dafu----
20:23 <Joeytje50> Habblet: preferably don't upload untransed versions over existing images
20:23 <Smartman294> hey
20:23 <Joeytje50> and we would VERY much prefer if you trans your own images
20:24 <Smartman294> whats up guys :O
20:24 <Joeytje50> it's a pain in the ass for other editors to clean up after you
20:24 <Habblet> im not saying im going to upload all untransed images and leave them there
20:24 <Habblet> but i mostly dont feel like transing
20:24 <Habblet> and its not a sin
20:24 <Habblet> im contributing the wikai
20:24 <Habblet> wikia* better than some people
20:24 <Habblet> and worse than some people
20:25 <The Mol Man> Noob proxy loser (fp)
20:25 <Smartman294> yep
20:25 <Smartman294> idiot proxy users
20:26 <Smartman294> we have ways to track what the ip is even if is a proxy we will ban it
20:26 <Smartman294> and every other one
20:26 <The Mol Man> 
20:26 <Smartman294> already saw
20:26 <Meter55> darn, ran out of death runes.
20:26 <Meter55> But bursting dem bots was good magic exp :3
20:28 <Dogfoger> [[Burthorpe Troll Invasion]]
20:28 <Dogfoger> [[XP tome]]
20:28 <Dogfoger> [[Troll Invasion]]...?
20:30 <Dogfoger> [[Fishing]]
20:31 <Dogfoger> [[Fishing/training]]
20:31 <The Mol Man> ansela/joey
20:32 <The Mol Man> range block pl0x
20:32 <Joeytje50> andorin is doing that already
20:32 <The Mol Man> okay :)
20:32 <Joeytje50> zammy was, apparently
20:33 <The Mol Man> <3
20:33 <AnselaJonla> I don't know how to range block, so... I leave it to the people who do
20:33 <Dogfoger> [[Penguin hide n seek]]
20:33 <Joeytje50> [[RS:UBP]] has instructions
20:34 <Meter55> A dragon hatchet, is it really worth it? :x
20:34 <The Mol Man> VSTF pro <3
20:34 <The Mol Man> only without 92 firemaking
20:34 <Meter55> I got one, but it doesn't seem to do better than rune >_>
20:34 <The Mol Man> it is slightly better but barely noticeable on small scales
20:36 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
20:37 <EpicPancakes> Wow dats cool
20:42 -!- Malfioz has left Special:Chat.
20:43 <Meter55> how much grimy irit can I buy w/ 3.76m? :x
20:43 <Meter55> Might as well check for myself
20:44 <The Mol Man> pancakes
20:44 <EpicPancakes> wat
20:44 <The Mol Man>
20:44 <The Mol Man> i will singelhandedly make it 30% >:O
20:44 <EpicPancakes> wat
20:44 <EpicPancakes> NO
20:44 <The Mol Man> YES
20:44 <EpicPancakes> I SHALL HELP
20:46 <The Mol Man> that's actually near impossible
20:46 <The Mol Man> that'd be 9k answers
20:46 <The Mol Man> it'd be OVER [email protected]@
20:46 <EpicPancakes> Nolife it
20:47 <The Mol Man> i do
20:47 <The Mol Man> alot of questions are like "what is ____"
20:47 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
20:47 <EpicPancakes> MATT, MATT, MATTCHEW
20:47 <EpicPancakes> God damn my allergies
20:47 <The Mol Man> and then the person answer it them self with "what is the answer to this"
20:47 <The Mol Man> MATTCHEW <3
20:47 <Matthew2602> hola
20:48 <Spineweilder> hai mattt
20:48 <EpicPancakes> Everyone in this chat is allergic to you
20:48 <EpicPancakes> They sneeze hald way through your name
20:48 <EpicPancakes> *hal
20:48 <EpicPancakes> *half
20:49 <EpicPancakes> Hmm... Non-Newtonian liquid... That just might work...
20:49 <The Mol Man> ??
20:49 <The Mol Man> Pancakes are you a physics nerd?
20:49 <EpicPancakes> You don't know what non-newtonian liquid it?
20:50 <EpicPancakes> What's a physics?
20:50 <The Mol Man> i do but idk what it might work for
20:50 <The Mol Man> (fp)
20:50 <The Mol Man> Does you luv physics?!?
20:50 <EpicPancakes> I don't know, I'm just watching a video of it. It's cool for about 30 seconds.
20:50 <EpicPancakes> Then it's sad
20:50 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
20:50 <The Mol Man> hi flay
20:50 <EpicPancakes> Because of how unnecessarily excited the crowd gets
20:51 <Flaysian> Hi Mol
20:51 <TyA> Hello Mistah Fley
20:51 <The Mol Man> i hate when I see a who is this question on answers
20:51 <The Mol Man> and there are no results on wikipedia
20:51 <Flaysian> Evening Mr Ty sir!
20:52 <Coelacanth0794> what
20:52 <EpicPancakes> Why is everything on this website so interesting and amazing
20:53 <Spineweilder> hi coel
20:53 <The Mol Man> it's the crude, yet informed way in which they present it
20:53 <Coelacanth0794> ello
20:53 <Flaysian> Hey Coel
20:53 <Flaysian> how are you today
20:53 <Coelacanth0794> k
20:54 <The Mol Man> pancakes
20:54 <The Mol Man> look at the "answer" to
20:54 <EpicPancakes> Wat
20:54 <EpicPancakes> Are u sirius
20:54 <EpicPancakes> SIRIUSLY
20:54 <The Mol Man> ikr
20:55 <The Mol Man> i answered it though
20:55 -!- Jr rocks80 has joined Special:Chat
20:55 <Jr rocks80> hello everybody
20:56 -!- Jr rocks80 has left Special:Chat.
20:56 <Coelacanth0794> ok
20:56 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
20:57 <Spineweilder> coel
20:57 <Coelacanth0794> ?
20:57 <Spineweilder> you haz the rock and pop costumes
20:57 <Spineweilder> if not you wanna make them :3
20:57 <Coelacanth0794> not online atm
20:57 <Spineweilder> oh
20:58 <Coelacanth0794> i did get pics of the seal and peng playing battlefish
20:59 <EpicPancakes> Wow so that's how potato chips were invented
20:59 <Habblet> I learned that this year ^
20:59 <The Mol Man> from angela's user page: MY OCCUPATION IS Founder of Chalk Drop (and previously Wikia!)
20:59 <The Mol Man> so she didn't found it (fp)
20:59 <EpicPancakes> Chalk Drop what
20:59 <The Mol Man> she needs to L2 past tense
20:59 <The Mol Man> some new site
20:59 <The Mol Man> she's still a co founder of wikia whether she works there or not
20:59 <Flaysian> Who is Angela
21:00 <The Mol Man> [[User:Angela]]
21:00 <Matthew2602> Chalk drop's her education startup
21:00 <The Mol Man> was looking at her page here:
21:00 <The Mol Man> she's an admin
21:00 <Matthew2602> what didn't she found?
21:01 <The Mol Man> she did found wikia
21:01 <The Mol Man> but she left wikia
21:01 <The Mol Man> and she wrote she was a former founder
21:01 <Matthew2602> Tup
21:01 <The Mol Man> which makes no sense
21:01 <Matthew2602> Yup*
21:01 <The Mol Man> I used to be the person who opened up the wikia company (fp)
21:02 <Matthew2602> Well, being a founder of something involves more than just creating it
21:02 <The Mol Man> but still, she founded the company
21:03 <The Mol Man> there are three guitar questions in a row
21:03 <Meter55> my favourite morytania track for some reason is Frenkenstrain's refrain for some reason. Probably cause of the organ music
21:03 <The Mol Man> imma say cheating -.-
21:03 -!- Jr rocks80 has joined Special:Chat
21:03 <Matthew2602> Her current occupation is being responsible for Chalk drop, her previous was being responsible for Wikia
21:03 <The Mol Man> That's how she shoulda phrased it
21:03 <The Mol Man> but you seem to know what chalkdrop is'
21:04 <The Mol Man> so... what is it?
21:04  * Matthew2602 knows no more than "It's her education startup"
21:04 <The Mol Man> lol
21:04 <The Mol Man> pancakes I pm'd you a page
21:04 <EpicPancakes> ...
21:05 <EpicPancakes> Why do these people exist
21:05 <The Mol Man> which one the asnwer or the question?
21:06 <Meter55> Almost 45 hunter :x
21:06 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
21:06 <EpicPancakes> How could any organism in the universe possibly lack the brainpower to just...
21:06 <EpicPancakes> Do anything
21:07 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
21:07 <EpicPancakes> You could remove a toad's brain, then throw the toad at the keyboard, and it would create a more intelligent answer.
21:07 <The Mol Man> lol
21:07 <Coelacanth0794>
21:07 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
21:07 <The Mol Man> JOEYS BACK
21:07  * Coelacanth0794 draws joey as a pony
21:07 <Joeytje50> CAEJ
21:07 <Joeytje50> nou coel
21:08 <Coelacanth0794> y u no
21:08 <The Mol Man> a Joeny?
21:08 <Coelacanth0794> mm it doesnt really roll off the tongue
21:08 <Coelacanth0794> good attempt though
21:08 <The Mol Man> how?
21:08 <The Mol Man> Joe-knee
21:09 <The Mol Man> in the same manner as the word Brony
21:09 <The Mol Man> a portmanteau of a word that rhymes with po
21:09 <Coelacanth0794>
21:09 <The Mol Man> He deserved that
21:09 -!- Touhou FTW has joined Special:Chat
21:09 <The Mol Man> hi touhou
21:09 <Touhou FTW> hi
21:10 <EpicPancakes> Hi Touhou
21:10 <Touhou FTW> hi
21:11 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
21:14 -!- Jr rocks80 has left Special:Chat.
21:16 -!- Demonstaker has joined Special:Chat
21:17 <Demonstaker> Hello all!
21:17 -!- Kangaroopower has joined Special:Chat
21:17 -!- Kangaroopower has left Special:Chat.
21:18 -!- Smartman294 has left Special:Chat.
21:18 <Touhou FTW> hey
21:18 <Jr Mime> Lagtest
21:18 <Meter55> lol, a level 138 w/ pak yak and divine is catching swamp lizards.
21:18 <Demonstaker> xD
21:19 <Coelacanth0794> so?
21:19 <The Mol Man> noooooooooooooooooooooob
21:19 <Meter55> This is only 100k~ per hour. He could be making much more.
21:19 <Coelacanth0794> he probably wants the lizards for swamp titans
21:19 <Demonstaker> ^
21:20 <Meter55> when he already make pak yaks?
21:20 <Meter55> are swamp titans good exp or waht?
21:20 <Coelacanth0794> idk
21:20 <Coelacanth0794> ask him
21:20 <Demonstaker> Lol
21:20 <The Mol Man> Pancakes
21:20 <EpicPancakes> wat
21:21 <The Mol Man> I am not me is pretty much the only active admin for the past 2 months o.O
21:21 <Meter55> Pak yak is 96 summoning. Why would need more swamp lizards?
21:21 <Coelacanth0794> ask [email protected]
21:21 <Meter55> He most likely won't respond.
21:21 <Meter55> He hasn't so far.
21:21 <Demonstaker> That is most likely true.
21:22 <Coelacanth0794> then it might be a bot
21:22 <Demonstaker> Maybe he's questing?
21:22 <Demonstaker> I dunno.
21:22 <Demonstaker> Lol we reported a level 46 who was mining gems the speed of light.
21:22 <Demonstaker> For botting.
21:22 <Meter55> He has max cape, so it's extremely unlikely he's a bot.
21:23 <Meter55> so the swamp titan theory is also dead.
21:23 -!- Coolnesse has left Special:Chat.
21:23 <Touhou FTW> there is an option to turn your public chat to friends or off, you know
21:23 <Demonstaker> I never trained my summoning.
21:23 <Coelacanth0794> asdfghjkl;.lkjhgfd
21:23 <Demonstaker> All my small xp lamps and medium xp lamps go to either summoning or prayer
21:23 <Demonstaker> Mostly Summoning.
21:24 <Coelacanth0794> something for diff account?
21:24 <Demonstaker> The lizards?
21:24 -!- Westseen has joined Special:Chat
21:25 <Demonstaker>
21:25 <Demonstaker> Have some fairly decent music while you guys are at it.
21:25 <Demonstaker> Courtesy of me :>
21:25 <Coelacanth0794> what kind of music is it
21:25 <Meter55> 5 more trips of swamp lizards till I start training construction ;~;
21:25 <Touhou FTW> does it have English lyrics?
21:25 <Demonstaker> No lyrics :P
21:26 <Demonstaker> Just instrumental.
21:26 <Touhou FTW> good
21:26 <The Mol Man> win
21:26 <Demonstaker> Repetetive but instrumental
21:26 <Demonstaker> Silva Hound is WINRAR
21:26 <Meter55> :L
21:26 <Coelacanth0794> pony music
21:26 <Coelacanth0794> asdfg
21:26 <Demonstaker> Not pony music.
21:26 <Demonstaker> Themed, yes.
21:26 <Meter55> lmao
21:27 <Demonstaker> Or listen to Spitfire.
21:27 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
21:27 <Demonstaker> Just ignore the image.
21:27 <Dogfoger> [[Do No Evil]]
21:27 <Demonstaker> Or scratch that, if I link it I might get kicked.
21:27 <Meter55> I didn't know that there was a lyrical version of Bad apple. Well, that's me being a total dumbass.
21:27 <Touhou FTW> Meter
21:27 <Demonstaker> There is a pony version of bad Apple lol
21:27 <Touhou FTW> the original is the lyrical version
21:27 <Joeytje50> D:
21:27 <Meter55> Ik
21:27 <Demonstaker> Bad Harmony
21:27 <Meter55> That's me being a dumbass for not knowing.
21:27 <Touhou FTW> lol
21:28 <Demonstaker> xD
21:28 <Touhou FTW> CNN did a report on Bad Apple once
21:28 <Demonstaker> Really?
21:28 <Touhou FTW> yup
21:28 <Demonstaker> Wow lol
21:28 <Touhou FTW> they messed it up
21:28 <Demonstaker> xD
21:28 <Demonstaker> Well that's CNN for you.
21:28 <Meter55> CNN sucks.
21:28 <Demonstaker> Eh.
21:28 <Demonstaker> I trust CNN as my primary news source on my iPhone.
21:28 <Meter55> tis all I'll say about them.
21:28 <AnselaJonla> When will Bren realise that minor glitch images will be deleted?
21:29 <Meter55> I use them cause I trust fox news less than cnn.
21:29 <Demonstaker> ^
21:29 <Touhou FTW> how long has he been posting them??
21:29 <Touhou FTW> I don't trust news teams
21:29 <Demonstaker> Lol.
21:29 <Demonstaker> Live under a rock.
21:29 <Touhou FTW> damn right
21:29 <Demonstaker> Solve all your problems with soil.
21:29 <AnselaJonla> Touhou FTW - every time he experiences a new graphical glitch
21:29 <Demonstaker> And eat maggots for a living.
21:29 <Touhou FTW> (facepalm)
21:29 <Touhou FTW> oh Bren
21:29 -!- Godlysoltthereal has joined Special:Chat
21:30 <Dogfoger> [[Monkey Amulet Mould]]
21:30 <Meter55> I should go to the bookstore and buy the tyranny of cliches. Or just go to the library. idk
21:30 <Demonstaker> Lol
21:30 <Dogfoger> [[Monkeyspeak amulet]]
21:30 -!- Godlysoltthereal has left Special:Chat.
21:31 <Demonstaker> Little Pwny Unicorns
21:31 <Demonstaker> Lol
21:31 <The Mol Man> Pancakes
21:32 <Demonstaker> OMG was first said in 1917 to Winston Churchill guise.
21:32 <EpicPancakes> Call me Epic pls
21:32 <The Mol Man> look at my post
21:33 <The Mol Man> hopefully he appreciates it
21:33 <Demonstaker> Does /me work in this chat?
21:33 <The Mol Man> yes
21:33 <The Mol Man> only first word though
21:33 <Demonstaker> Cool
21:33 <The Mol Man> and you need to type a space
21:34 <The Mol Man>  /me is awesome
21:34  * Demonstaker loves coolsauce.
21:34  * The Mol Man is awesome
21:34 <Demonstaker> Yeah I know that.
21:34 <Coelacanth0794>  ๏̯͡๏
21:34 <Demonstaker> Iknowthatfeelbro.jpg
21:34 <EpicPancakes> Wait
21:34 <EpicPancakes> Why would you ask that
21:34 <EpicPancakes> When you can just try
21:34 <Demonstaker> Because I'm special.
21:34 <Demonstaker> :>
21:35 <Demonstaker> No wait.
21:35 <Demonstaker> BECAUSE I AM EVIL!
21:35  * Demonstaker is actually Evil Dave!
21:36 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
21:36 <Demonstaker> G00b3rz
21:36 -!- PTFJ has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <Demonstaker> Hello
21:36 <PTFJ> Hey.
21:36 <EpicPancakes> Is my message gonna show up or not
21:36 <EpicPancakes> HELLO?
21:36 <Demonstaker> Lol
21:37 <EpicPancakes> You live in your mother's basement?
21:37 <Demonstaker> Yes I do.
21:37 <EpicPancakes> Figures.
21:37  * Demonstaker ponders about how he knows...
21:38 <Demonstaker> I wonder why I never found Evil Dave's basement.
21:38 <Demonstaker> Or maybe I did but years ago.
21:38 <Demonstaker> ._>
21:38 <PTFJ> Has anyone done  the new quest?
21:38 <Demonstaker> Not yet :L
21:38 <PTFJ> Some Like it Cold
21:38 <PTFJ> Aw
21:38 <Touhou FTW> yes
21:38 <PTFJ> I think my game is glitched or I'm just stupid
21:38 <Demonstaker> My hunter is too low to even do Hunt for Red Raktuber
21:39 <PTFJ> Touhou
21:39 <Touhou FTW> what
21:39 <PTFJ> You know the part where you have to make a lot of noise
21:39 <Touhou FTW> mhm
21:39 <PTFJ> How did you do it
21:39 <EpicPancakes> Npise what
21:39 <EpicPancakes> Noise what
21:39 <Demonstaker> Some like it COld
21:39 <Demonstaker> Cold*
21:39 <Touhou FTW> repeatedly click them until their bars are blue fully, don't let the bars drop. 
21:39 <PTFJ> oh
21:39 <Touhou FTW> Keep them as high as you can
21:39 <PTFJ> i thought you were supposed to make it orange
21:39 <PTFJ> lol
21:39 <Touhou FTW> nope
21:40 <PTFJ> ok
21:40 <PTFJ> thanks
21:40 <Touhou FTW> mhm
21:40 <Rero37> How do you get Third Age again?
21:40 <PTFJ> clue scrolls
21:40 <PTFJ> level 3
21:40 <PTFJ> hard
21:40 <Touhou FTW> Level 3 or 4 clues
21:40 <Rero37> Those people must b extremely lucky...
21:40 <Demonstaker>
21:40 <Demonstaker> Something entertaining for you guys
21:40 <EpicPancakes> Man, there are immortal jellyfish
21:41 <EpicPancakes> Like... They've been alive since dinosaurs
21:41 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
21:41 <Rero37> No they haven't.
21:41 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
21:41 <EpicPancakes> Yeah they have
21:41 <Rero37> If you mean their species, then yes.
21:41 <Demonstaker> Who?
21:41 <Rero37> But not individual jellyfish
21:41 <EpicPancakes> Nope, the jellyfish are immortal
21:41 <Rero37> Who told you that.
21:42 <Casting Fishes^^> joeycaek
21:42 <Casting Fishes^^> ily
21:42 <EpicPancakes> Who do you tihnk
21:42 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
21:42 <EpicPancakes> think
21:42 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
21:42 <Rero37> I don't know.
21:42 <The Mol Man> i don't doubt pancakes
21:42 <Joeytje50> <3 feesheecaek
21:42 <The Mol Man> jellyfish are freaky creatures
21:42 <Rero37> But you doubt me.
21:42 <Coelacanth0794> hm
21:42 <Rero37> (fp)
21:42 <The Mol Man> you are disagreeing for no reason
21:42 <Coelacanth0794> chathax are messing up for me
21:42 <Joeytje50> The Mol Man: then you haven't seen a platypus yet
21:43 -!- Rero37 has left Special:Chat.
21:43 -!- Demonstaker has left Special:Chat.
21:43 <EpicPancakes> Platypi are the best
21:43 <EpicPancakes> Platypuses or whatever
21:43 <EpicPancakes> Platypodes
21:43 <Coelacanth0794> platypodes
21:43 <Coelacanth0794> asdf
21:43 -!- PTFJ has left Special:Chat.
21:43 <EpicPancakes> Google doesn't know that
21:44 <EpicPancakes> Octopi ISN'T A WORD ACCORDING TO GOOGLE
21:44 <Joeytje50> wikipedia does
21:44 <EpicPancakes> Unless I'm spelling it wrong, which I probably am
21:44 <The Mol Man> it's platipicks
21:44 <Joeytje50> oh
21:44 <Joeytje50> EpicPancakes, Coelacanth0794,
21:44 <Joeytje50> platypuses, plural
21:45 <Coelacanth0794> bah1
21:45 <EpicPancakes> What
21:45 <EpicPancakes> What about it
21:45 <Joeytje50> platypuses is the correct plural apparently
21:45 <EpicPancakes> It's not.
21:45 <EpicPancakes> Octopodes is correct, but nobody uses it.
21:45 <Joeytje50>
21:45 <Joeytje50> octopuses, plural
21:45 <Touhou FTW> what
21:45 <EpicPancakes> It's no octopuses
21:45 <EpicPancakes> It is definitely not
21:45 <Touhou FTW> i've never heard anyone use platypuses when they're serious
21:46 <Touhou FTW> it's platypodes
21:46 <EpicPancakes> SEE
21:46 <EpicPancakes> TOUHOU GETS IT
21:46 <Joeytje50> Coelacanth0794
21:46 <Joeytje50> The octopus ( /ˈɒktəpʊs/; traditionally, plural: octopuses, see below)
21:46 <The Mol Man> i never hear people talk about platypicks
21:46 <Joeytje50>
21:46 <Coelacanth0794> cool story didnt click
21:50 <Joeytje50> caek
21:50 <AnselaJonla>
21:50 <AnselaJonla> [[Some Like It Cold]]
21:51 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
21:51 <The Mol Man> TyA <3
21:51 <The Mol Man> wb
21:52 <TyA> HaiyA
21:52 <EpicPancakes> Stupid dogs making me feed them all the time
21:52 <EpicPancakes> I'm sick of letting them out'
21:52 <Dogfoger> OI
21:52 <EpicPancakes> Hai Tya
21:52 <EpicPancakes> DOGFOGER
21:52 <EpicPancakes> You don't get to go outside
21:53 <EpicPancakes> You can just sit in your own pee
21:53 <EpicPancakes> Let me elaborate
21:53 <EpicPancakes> I am 3 floors above my dogs
21:53 <The Mol Man> pancakes look at this q and how i answered
21:53 <Jr Mime> Pendant of Fishing&%"*!&%*!"
21:53 <Dogfoger> Get that pony out of my face
21:53 <The Mol Man> i turned from nonsense into sense
21:53 <EpicPancakes> I'm sick of running up and down 3 floors
21:53 <Dogfoger> Jr Mim
21:53 <The Mol Man>,year_and_day?cb=573
21:53 <Dogfoger> Mime*
21:53 <Dogfoger> They last for like
21:53 <Dogfoger> 3 fish
21:53 <Dogfoger> just used mine
21:53 <Jr Mime> Still
21:53 <Coelacanth0794> i thought dogfoger was brony
21:53 <Jr Mime> It's a pendant
21:53 <Jr Mime> My first one
21:53 <Coelacanth0794> confused
21:53 <EpicPancakes> Coel u herd wrong
21:54 <Coelacanth0794> k
21:54 <The Mol Man> epic
21:54 <The Mol Man> did you see my link?
21:54 <AnselaJonla> EpicPancakes - I just leave the back door open
21:54 <EpicPancakes> Yes.
21:54 <EpicPancakes> Nonono
21:54 <Dogfoger> ME? BRONY?
21:54 <The Mol Man> Yes to what? no to what? look at my super pro answer
21:54 <EpicPancakes> I have to feed them and they're puppies and they'll destroy everything and get into the food
21:54 <Dogfoger> I despise all kinds of pony/horse/smiling things
21:54 <EpicPancakes> And poop inside just to spite me
21:54 <EpicPancakes> Dog
21:54 <EpicPancakes> Your avatar is more or less a smiling dog
21:55 <Dogfoger> No
21:55 <AnselaJonla> Time to start this quest
21:55 <Touhou FTW> have fun
21:55 <Coelacanth0794> smiling things
21:55 <Dogfoger> It's a dog saying HARBLARGBLARGBLARG
21:55 <Coelacanth0794> therefore happiness in a whole
21:55 <Coelacanth0794> therefore dogfoger gains pleasure in maniacal torture and irritable sadness
21:55 <Coelacanth0794> what a sad, sad life.
21:55 <EpicPancakes> "Where stones roses?"
21:55 <EpicPancakes> Answer that, Mol.
21:56 <EpicPancakes>
21:56 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
21:56 -!- Omg piano has joined Special:Chat
21:56 <The Mol Man> Hi stinko
21:56 <Stinkowing> quick
21:56 <Omg piano> Okay, guys, I think we need a better picture
21:56 <Stinkowing>
21:56 <Omg piano> For the Mutant form
21:57 <Stinkowing> look good for Jad?
21:57 <Coelacanth0794> nice errrr
21:57 <The Mol Man> no
21:57 <Coelacanth0794> gano cap ;)
21:57 <The Mol Man> get a blessed hatchet
21:57 <Omg piano> of Tarn Razolor
21:57 <Joeytje50> EpicPancakes: is my answer to that question good?
21:57 <Stinkowing> ...
21:57 <EpicPancakes> idk I left the page
21:57 <Coelacanth0794> stinko: what will you really be using
21:57 <Coelacanth0794> polypore?
21:57 <The Mol Man> joey did you see my awesome answer?
21:57 <Omg piano> just an onipion
21:57 <Touhou FTW> go get one then, Piano
21:57 <The Mol Man>,year_and_day?cb=573
21:57 <Omg piano> opinion*
21:57 <Stinkowing> yeah
21:57 <Coelacanth0794> yes to polypore?
21:57 <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) lm Barbie is a RuneScape member. He/she is not member of any clan. He/she is currently playing on world RuneScape 39.
21:58 <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) "Grumpy" DoctorLight is a RuneScape member. He/she is not member of any clan. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
21:58 <Omg piano> Bu- you know wut, its gud
21:58 <Coelacanth0794> then everything looks fine
21:58 <Casting Fishes^^> >_> 
21:58 <EpicPancakes> This
21:58 -!- Omg piano has left Special:Chat.
21:58 <Coelacanth0794> i'd go with a bit more ranged def but those work
21:58 <Stinkowing> fixed
21:58 <Stinkowing> full pps
21:59 <The Mol Man> i answered ansela's Q
21:59 <The Mol Man> it's worded oddly idk what happened to me there
22:00 <Joeytje50> gtg
22:00 <Joeytje50> bai
22:00 <Touhou FTW> bye
22:00 <The Mol Man> :(
22:00 <EpicPancakes> ohnoes
22:00 <EpicPancakes> Bye
22:01 <The Mol Man> Answers is being invaded by the RS wiki :D
22:01 <EpicPancakes> We will take over all of wiki
22:01 <EpicPancakes> One wiki at a time
22:01 <EpicPancakes> *Wikia
22:01 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
22:01 <Coelacanth0794> fucking editconflicts
22:01 <The Mol Man> lyrics was too big to take on for now
22:01 <EpicPancakes> Yea
22:01 <Jr Mime> Gf Coelfish
22:02 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
22:02 <Coelacanth0794> it was mol man
22:02 <The Mol Man> did I pwn you in rollback?
22:02 <Coelacanth0794> asdfgh
22:02 <Dogfoger> Mwahahaah
22:02 <Dogfoger> Eww
22:02 <EpicPancakes> Gross
22:02 <Dogfoger> It looks like an ape
22:02 <EpicPancakes> Gtfo
22:02 <Dogfoger> Trololol
22:02 <EpicPancakes> Get your old avatar, it's the only thing I can identify you with
22:02 <Coelacanth0794> it must be a self portrait
22:02 <EpicPancakes> Dog isn't that handsome, come on.
22:02 <Dogfoger> asdfghjkl;'
22:02 <Coelacanth0794> lmao
22:02 <Dogfoger> Well
22:02 <Coelacanth0794> upvotes
22:03 <Dogfoger> Dis is an ossum image
22:03 <Coelacanth0794> ossum?
22:03 <Coelacanth0794> ossum possum?
22:03 <EpicPancakes> You want to see an awesome image?
22:03 <EpicPancakes> Oh wait
22:03 <EpicPancakes> Nvm It's gone forever now
22:03 <Coelacanth0794> ossum possum image?
22:03 <Coelacanth0794> aw.
22:03 <Dogfoger> Did it come up?
22:03 <Dogfoger> It might be a long link
22:03 <Dogfoger>,r:27,s:0,i:18
22:03 <Dogfoger> Yep
22:03 <Dogfoger> Its a long link
22:04 <Dogfoger> Fuuuuu google
22:04 <Coelacanth0794> too long a link did not click
22:04 <EpicPancakes> IT'S CALLED TINYURL
22:04 <Coelacanth0794> nty
22:04 <Coelacanth0794> use imgur
22:04 <Dogfoger> lol
22:04 <EpicPancakes> dude
22:04 <Coelacanth0794> tinyurl is not to be trusted
22:04 <EpicPancakes> Right click and click "Open image in new tab"
22:04 <EpicPancakes> Then link it
22:04 <AnselaJonla> Dog, I am going to kill your ass one day
22:05 <EpicPancakes> Only his ass?
22:05 <Coelacanth0794> what
22:05 <Dogfoger> Why?
22:05 <EpicPancakes> Why not the rest of him?
22:05 <Dogfoger> Cause the rest is too perfect
22:05 <Dogfoger> (Halo)
22:05 <EpicPancakes> gj bro
22:05 <Coelacanth0794> there's a pic i saw something like that
22:06 <Dogfoger> ERMAHGERD
22:06 <Dogfoger> Cutest pictar ever
22:06 <Coelacanth0794> involving only their ass
22:06 <EpicPancakes> Wut
22:06 <EpicPancakes> FIND IT
22:06 <Coelacanth0794> inb4 fluttershy
22:06 <EpicPancakes> inb4somethingtraumatizing
22:06 <AnselaJonla>
22:07 <EpicPancakes> Is that your dog
22:07 <EpicPancakes> inb4no
22:07 <Coelacanth0794> you're a noob.
22:07 <EpicPancakes> YOU'RE A DEAD FISH
22:07 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
22:07 <EpicPancakes> So it's a draw.
22:07 <AnselaJonla> omg the seals do We Will Rock You (two flipper claps, then smack their flippers on the floor)
22:07 <Coelacanth0794> no i'm not
22:07 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
22:07 <EpicPancakes> (fp)
22:08 <EpicPancakes> Dog get out
22:08 <Dogfoger> Yes!
22:08 <EpicPancakes> Unacceptable
22:08 <Coelacanth0794> thefu?
22:08 <Dogfoger> Cute penguin flubbleh lubbleh
22:08 <Coelacanth0794> the hell is it
22:08 <Dogfoger> Waddle waddle
22:08 <Meter55> That thing...what is that thing?
22:08 <Dogfoger> Ima penguin
22:08 <EpicPancakes> Go to his talk page
22:08 <Meter55> ...I'd rather not.
22:08 <EpicPancakes> 1.Welcome!
22:08 <Meter55> I like sleeping, and not having insomnia.
22:08 <Coelacanth0794> [[ping|is penguin]]
22:08 <Dogfoger> Oi
22:09 <EpicPancakes> 2. Banned from Chat 3. Banned from Chat 4 Banned from Chat
22:09 <Dogfoger> DIS R EVIL PENGUIN
22:09 <Dogfoger> lololol
22:09 <EpicPancakes> I remember all three of those times
22:09 <The Mol Man> ansela
22:09 <EpicPancakes> Dog, do you remember when you had absolutely horrible grammar and spelling?
22:09 <Meter55> ;~; time for my bank to be training construction.
22:09 <Dogfoger> It was all deliberate...
22:09 <EpicPancakes> No...
22:09 <Coelacanth0794>
22:09 <Dogfoger> Yes lol
22:10 <EpicPancakes> It was the kind that was obviously real
22:10 <Dogfoger> I friggin study the oxford dictionary dude
22:10 <EpicPancakes> I study the google dictionary
22:10 <Meter55> Coel, that's a repost :x
22:10 <EpicPancakes> NO WONDER IM SO STUPID
22:10 <Dogfoger> I don't mess up spelling often unless its purposefully
22:10 <Dogfoger> kthxbai
22:10 <Meter55> Wait a minute...INCEPTION. o_o
22:10 <EpicPancakes> Meter.
22:10 <EpicPancakes> Don't, just dont
22:11 -!- Coolnesse has joined Special:Chat
22:11 <Meter55> My mind is already a gibbering wreck.
22:11 <Meter55> From trying to think about it
22:11 <Dogfoger>
22:11 <Dogfoger> thats just scary
22:11  * Coelacanth0794 gibbers meter's wrecked mind
22:11 <Dogfoger> You type in ONE word in google...
22:11 <Coelacanth0794> slender?
22:11 <Dogfoger> Evil
22:12 <EpicPancakes> Slender what
22:12 <EpicPancakes> I love Slender
22:12 <Dogfoger> lulz
22:12 <Dogfoger>
22:12 <Coelacanth0794> epicpancakes
22:12 <Dogfoger> teh evil hamstars!
22:14 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
22:16 <EpicPancakes> YAY
22:18 <Meter55> 4k iron nails, 600 oak planks, and 15 proto-tools.
22:18 <Meter55> LETS DO THIS. >:X
22:19  * Dogfoger accidentally drops a match inside Meter55's backpack
22:19 <Dogfoger> Oopsies o.o
22:20 <Meter55> Yeah, my planks are in my bank.
22:20 <Coelacanth0794> why do you need nails?
22:20 <Meter55> Idk.
22:20 <Meter55> Just cause.
22:20 <Meter55> In case.
22:20 <Meter55> >_>
22:20 <Coelacanth0794> playing Jack with metal nails instead of plastic thingies
22:20  * Dogfoger accidentally drops nitroglycerine inside Meter55's bank
22:20 <Dogfoger> oopsies o.o
22:21 <Coelacanth0794> good thing nitro is bankable!
22:21 <Coelacanth0794> now he has nitro for use at any time :3
22:21 <Meter55> ^
22:21 <Meter55> Dharok time lol
22:21 <Coelacanth0794> meter55: your avatar is spongebob in minecraft ok
22:21  * Dogfoger accidentally.... drops a nuclear bomb on Geilnor
22:21 <Coelacanth0794> seems legle
22:21 <Dogfoger> legle
22:22 <EpicPancakes> Good thing I'm not in Geilnor right now
22:22 <Dogfoger> lol
22:22 <EpicPancakes> brb gettin headphoens
22:22 <The Mol Man> hey ty
22:22 <EpicPancakes> headphones
22:23 <The Mol Man> TyA
22:25 <Meter55> Since I haven't gotten a servant yet, I set my PoH in Taverley. Due to proximity to bank :x
22:25 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
22:25 <The Mol Man> MATTCHEW
22:25 <EpicPancakes> MATT, MATT, MATTCHEW
22:25 <The Mol Man> i has a wikia question
22:25 <Matthew2602> hai
22:25 <Matthew2602> k
22:26 <The Mol Man> protect site is a special page right?
22:26 <Matthew2602> [[Special:protectsite]] iirc
22:26 <The Mol Man> do all wikis have that special page?
22:26 <AnselaJonla> [[Board]]
22:26 <The Mol Man> ansela, i sent you a question in PM
22:26 <AnselaJonla> [[Board (Some Like It Cold]]
22:26 <Matthew2602> I'm pretty sure protectsite is a separate extension
22:27 <AnselaJonla> [[Board (Some Like It Cold)]]
22:27 <AnselaJonla> Ask Matt, I'm not sure
22:27 <Matthew2602> [[w:c:matthew2602:Special:version]] lemme see
22:27 <The Mol Man> so you can contact wkia to get it installed?
22:27 <Jr Mime> Make it Ansela! :D
22:27 <Jr Mime> I just did the quest :(
22:27 <Jr Mime> :)*
22:27 <The Mol Man> ansela, it's not that question it's a different question more specific to you
22:28 <Matthew2602> It seems protectsite is installed on wikia by default
22:28 <The Mol Man> k ill show you why i asked that
22:29 <The Mol Man> :P
22:29 <The Mol Man> i wanted that to be 400th edit but I couldn't find the answer fast enough
22:30 <Matthew2602> Yeah, protect site is enabled on wikia by default
22:30 <Casting Fishes^^> [[Buyers and cellars]]
22:30 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
22:30 <Meter55> ach
22:30 <The Mol Man> hi spine
22:30 <Dogfoger> U spelt sellers wrong
22:30 <Meter55> I have to build two bedrooms/beds before I can hire a danged servant? >:x
22:30 <The Mol Man> no she didn't
22:31 <The Mol Man> it's a pun
22:31 <The Mol Man> that's the name
22:31 <The Mol Man> noob
22:31 <EpicPancakes> Gawd dog
22:31 <EpicPancakes> That's like a tutorial quest you noob
22:33 <Meter55> lmao,
22:33 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
22:33 <Meter55> after I finish training construction, I probably actually need to fill up all my empty rooms. :P
22:34 <Meter55> Cause it's all empty ;~;
22:35 <Spineweilder> there should be new rooms
22:35 <Spineweilder> that we can dive in :3
22:35 <Spineweilder> liek aquarium
22:36 <Meter55> lmao
22:36 <Meter55> what are you going to fill them w/? Sharks?
22:37 <Meter55> But seriously, I need someone to help w/ the decoration. I'm too n00b to understand everything.
22:37 <Spineweilder> i have a decent house
22:37 <Spineweilder> con lv?
22:37 <Meter55> Spine, I'm still training atm.
22:37 <Meter55> When I'm done, I'll have 50 con
22:37 <Spineweilder> ah
22:38 <Spineweilder> im thats a bit off.
22:38 <Spineweilder> >.<
22:38 <Meter55> lmao
22:39 <AnselaJonla> [[Sugar cube]]
22:39 <Meter55> I'm trying to get the level to finish red raktuber
22:39 <Meter55> then Some Like it Cold
22:40 <Meter55> Using SC proto-tools while making larders, cause I have nothing else to use the tools for
22:42 <The Mol Man> TyA/Ansela
22:42 <Meter55> still not used to a few of the member skills
22:44 <Meter55> Planning the entire house after getting 50 construction...;~;
22:44 <Meter55> Not fun
22:46 <Dogfoger> Lol at sugarcube page
22:46 <Dogfoger> A Sugar cube is found in the Seal Camp during Some Like it Cold. It seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. 
22:46 <Dogfoger> ^-^
22:48 <Spineweilder> [[Pop costume]]
22:48 <Spineweilder> [[Rock costume]]
22:48 <EpicPancakes> Mol
22:48 <EpicPancakes> Here's another of "those"
22:48 <EpicPancakes>
22:49 <Meter55> I stopped caring about the costs that I incur while training... :x
22:49 <The Mol Man> (fp)
22:50 <The Mol Man> he replied to me
22:52 <Meter55> How do you finish the task "Arise, Hero"?
22:52 <The Mol Man> Epic, did you read?
22:52 <EpicPancakes> I want to say "Thanks for wasting your life being active on one of the stupidest and most useless websites ever."
22:52 <The Mol Man> i wanna be polite from now on
22:54 <The Mol Man> that site only has 1 check user
22:55 <EpicPancakes> Heavy Rain is so good
22:56 <The Mol Man> that a song or what?\
22:56 <EpicPancakes> No.
22:56 <EpicPancakes> It's a game GAWD
22:56 <Spineweilder> Meter, do everything thats required
22:58 -!- Ryan Baker has joined Special:Chat
22:58 <Ryan Baker> hi
22:58 <EpicPancakes> hi
22:59 -!- Malfioz has joined Special:Chat
22:59 <Malfioz> Hai
22:59 <Touhou FTW> hi
22:59 <EpicPancakes> hi
22:59 <Malfioz>
23:00 <Malfioz> erm
23:01 -!- N7 Elite has joined Special:Chat
23:01 <EpicPancakes> Hi N7
23:01 <Malfioz> Hello
23:01 <The Mol Man> N7 ily
23:03 <Dogfoger> BIKE [email protected]
23:03 <N7 Elite> Hai Dog and Mal.
23:04 <Ryan Baker> Kitteh bike! 
23:04 <Ryan Baker>
23:04 <The Mol Man> Mal? dafudge
23:04 <The Mol Man> im a girl?
23:04 <N7 Elite> I was referring to Malfioz.
23:04 <AnselaJonla> yay quest finished
23:04 <Ryan Baker> The Mol Man... ur a Mol Woman?
23:04 <The Mol Man> ;(
23:04 <The Mol Man> but ily
23:05 <N7 Elite> I'm not talking to you since you said my favorite quote from Dragon Age was an epic failure.
23:05  * N7 Elite does the Talk to the Hand emote.
23:05 <The Mol Man> :(
23:05 <The Mol Man> Oh well, life goes on
23:05 <N7 Elite> Lol, I'm kidding.
23:05 <N7 Elite> Did you really think I was upset about that? =P
23:05 <Ryan Baker> Never played Dragon Age... it looks neat, but I don't jump in the middle of game series
23:06 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
23:06 <Ryan Baker> If I could afford to buy the new games AND old games, I would
23:06 <EpicPancakes> but
23:06 <Ryan Baker> but I R NOT rich =/
23:06 <N7 Elite> Ryan, check this out:
23:06 <EpicPancakes> Old games are so cheap and old and cheap
23:07 <Malfioz> Old games are almost free
23:08 <Meter55> That means Okami is easy to obtain.
23:08 <Ryan Baker> N7 Elite
23:08 <Dogfoger> NOEZ
23:08 <Ryan Baker> so annoying >.>
23:08 <Dogfoger> ANSELA
23:08 <Dogfoger> YUDODIS
23:08 <Ryan Baker> he says it only liek 100 times
23:08 <EpicPancakes> I want to ask something, but it's so stupid, I think I'll figure it out myself
23:09 <Ryan Baker> you can ask me
23:10 <EpicPancakes> can't find the bell in the mage guild
23:10 <The Mol Man> (fp)
23:10 <The Mol Man> outside
23:10 <The Mol Man> by the entrance
23:10 <N7 Elite> Mol, don't be mean to Epic.
23:10 <The Mol Man> I'm not being mean
23:10 <EpicPancakes> I was looking for a tiny wall bell
23:11 <EpicPancakes> Not a big ass going in front of it
23:11 <EpicPancakes> *gong
23:11 <Meter55> lmao
23:12 <The Mol Man> pancakes
23:12 <The Mol Man> those users who ask for a summary of a book on answers
23:12 <EpicPancakes> Totally not homework
23:13 <Meter55> ...We don't have picture of the royal guard servant? o_o
23:13 <N7 Elite> It's to stop RWT, Meter.
23:14 <Meter55> Wait what?
23:14 <Dogfoger> ?
23:14 <Dogfoger> lolwut
23:15 <N7 Elite> >.<
23:15 <Meter55> Elaborate. >_>
23:15 <TyA> It's to stop RWT
23:15 <EpicPancakes> Evaporate
23:15 <The Mol Man> N7 just needs a new meme to use
23:16 <TyA> Mol Man needs to get in touch with RS [email protected][email protected]
23:16 <The Mol Man> I am
23:16 <The Mol Man> to meme, it's to stop RWT is pretty much an rs meme
23:16 <N7 Elite> (O_O)
23:16 <The Mol Man> (fp) pun unintended
23:16 <The Mol Man> to me*
23:17 <TyA> Though I guess nowadays a more appropriate thing is "It's to help RWT!"
23:18 <Dogfoger> Who lieks mai pengwin
23:18 <The Mol Man> not me
23:18 <Dogfoger> itz cute n fluffy n st00f
23:19  * Dogfoger gets mai cute n fluffy pengwin to eat The Mol Man's braaaaaaaains
23:19  * The Mol Man prevents that with sneaks
23:20 <Spineweilder> hey Malfioz
23:21 <Malfioz> Hello
23:21 <The Mol Man> [[Sneaks]]
23:21 <The Mol Man> :x
23:22 <EpicPancakes> What's with all the short quests that say medium
23:22 <EpicPancakes> The Golem was really short, Hand in the Sand was really short
23:22 <EpicPancakes> My attention span is very short
23:22 <Meter55> Depending on transport methods I guess.
23:23 <Meter55> When do servants ask for pay?
23:23 <The Mol Man> after 8 tasks
23:23 <Meter55> oh, kay.
23:24 <Meter55> How much does butler cost after 8 tasks?
23:24 <EpicPancakes> 10k
23:24 <The Mol Man> where's ansela :( i found a wikia answers question for her:
23:24 <EpicPancakes> CHEERIO
23:24 <EpicPancakes> DAWG
23:24 <Meter55> So I pay every 7 tasks
23:24 <Jr Mime> (qc) The Exchange price of 1000x [[frost dragon bones]] is 12,541,000 coins (12541 coins each).
23:24 <The Mol Man> feel free to answer that Q
23:25 <Coelacanth0794> hi
23:25 <Spineweilder> hai coek
23:25 <Spineweilder> coel
23:25 <Coelacanth0794> coek
23:25 <The Mol Man> I love you coek
23:26 <Meter55> They tell you when they want pay right?
23:26 <Coelacanth0794> wath
23:26 <The Mol Man> yes
23:26 <The Mol Man> they demant it
23:26 <Meter55> Thanks Mol
23:27 <Meter55> I see
23:27 <N7 Elite> Why are you thanking Mol for? He's the Devil!
23:27 <N7 Elite> Just check out his avatar pic.
23:28  * N7 Elite hears crickets chirping.
23:28 <Casting Fishes^^> [[Casket]] 
23:28 <N7 Elite> Fishes, who did you side with in Fallout: New Vegas?
23:29 <The Mol Man> N7, why u not put past behind you
23:29 <N7 Elite> I don't get it, sorry.
23:29 <The Mol Man> Can we huggle and make up?
23:29 <N7 Elite> I don't huggle random dudes, sorry.
23:30 <EpicPancakes> He's not just ANY random dude
23:30 <EpicPancakes> He's THE random dude
23:30 <The Mol Man> I'm not a randomdude
23:30 <The Mol Man> I AM THE MOL MAN
23:30 <N7 Elite> Let me put it this way. I don't huggle other dudes, sorry.
23:30  * Dogfoger huggles N7 Elite
23:30 <Dogfoger> I r a penguin
23:30 <Dogfoger> HUGGLE ME
23:30 <The Mol Man> I'm not a dude, I'm satan
23:31 <EpicPancakes> Wow
23:31 <EpicPancakes> How rude N7
23:31 <N7 Elite> I'm gonna go eat dinner. Goodbye.
23:31 <EpicPancakes> No wait
23:31 <The Mol Man> noob