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23:58 <Dtm142> [[RS2]]
23:58 <Dtm142> ^ How's it look so far, btw?
23:59 <Dtm142> Y'all can edit it if you see anything missing ofc <3
23:59 <Hairr> It's actually looking very good (y)
23:59 <Hairr> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
23:59 <TonyBest100> Yes, futurama will be done, no more episodes, it'll officially be cancelled (for good?) ""Until FOX or Comedy Central decide they made a mistake in cancelling and want it back""
00:00 <Dtm142> Thanks Hairr <3
00:00 <Dtm142> Imma nominate you for Wikia Star
00:00 <Dtm142> Oh, cancelled.
00:00 <Dtm142> So it might restart.
00:00 <Hairr> :D :D That will make me better than everyone <33
00:00 <TonyBest100> No, it may never restart
00:00 <Dtm142> Cancelled is different from finished.
00:01 <TonyBest100> the last time we may ever see from Futurama is a crossover episode planned with the simpsons next year
00:01 <Dtm142> Finished means it's done for reals.  Cancelled means it's probably done for reals, but it might get another go.
00:01 <Dtm142> that's weird.
00:01 <TonyBest100> Dtm, they had a 2nd chance after a cancellation
00:02 <Coelacanth0794> hi
00:02 <Dtm142> Hello.
00:02 <Kq head> Some things need to be buried under a lavish tombstone after a while, Dtm
00:03 <TonyBest100> Besides, If futurama was going to end (and it is), its going out with a 2-part season finale :P
00:03 <Kq head> Then after the funeral and legacy, you dig it up and let the smell waft under everybody's noses (when something is remade, it might be a real stinker)
00:04 <Kq head> they should justify it by canonically destroying the universe
00:04 <Kq head> and then saying they can't bring it back. Ever.
00:05 <Hairr> Kq: You should watch Orange is the new Black now <3333
00:05 <Kq head> NO
00:05 <Hairr> why not :[[]](
00:05 <Kq head> American comedy-drama
00:05 -!- Selby x has joined Special:Chat
00:06 <Kq head> There's two things wrong with that.
00:06 <Kq head> 1. drama
00:06 <Kq head> 2. Orange
00:06 <Hairr> no no no it's very different than the typical comedy-drama you see.  plus, there's a little nudity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
00:07 <Hairr> it's trying to show the life in a prison
00:07 <Hairr> how it sucks
00:07 <Hairr> and it makes me feel very bad for the characters :[[]](
00:07 <Kq head> Nudity? No thanks.
00:07 <Hairr> that's not how you roll, either way it's only a little, such as you'd see on television
00:08 <Selby x> game of thrones is on television
00:10 <Dtm142> [[Digsite quest]]
00:11 <TonyBest100> Some things are better left being cancelled now before they end up being run to the ground, like the Simpsons, its not even funny anymore
00:13 <Coelacanth0794> is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hairr's manspike face
00:13 <Hairr> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is my (H)
00:13 <Hairr> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
00:13 <Coelacanth0794> to be equated to sexual innuendo?
00:15 <Kq head> If a guy survives vertical bisection...
00:15 <Kq head> then a little disemboweling shouldn't cause any long-term harm, right?
00:16 <Dtm142> I still don't get why they have the caged bear in Varrock by the manhole
00:16 <Coelacanth0794> it's cartoony.
00:16 <Coelacanth0794> he didnt survive
00:16 <Coelacanth0794> they rebuilt him
00:16 <Coelacanth0794> They had the technology.
00:16 <Coelacanth0794> dtm: king's pet
00:16 <Kq head> So just build a new small intestine?
00:16 <Kq head> I mean it looks like that's what fell out
00:17 <Coelacanth0794> robotestines
00:17 <Kq head> Oh well she can fade-out-teleport and fly anyway, I think dying is the least of her concerns
00:17 <Kq head> She was probably dead all along or something
00:18 <Coelacanth0794> we were talking about the half brothers righrt
00:18 <Kq head> yes
00:18 <Kq head> and scythe sniper goth
00:18 <Spineweilder> [[guthix full helm]]
00:18 <Kq head> her death was pretty tame by comparison
00:18 <Coelacanth0794> meh.
00:19 <Coelacanth0794> wasnt there also Mean Girl or something?
00:19 <Kq head> she could've survived irl with quick medical attention provided there's not too much blood loss (which there WAS)
00:19 <Coelacanth0794> some shit about dolls and baseball bats
00:19 <Kq head> she got stabbed and then bled out
00:19 <Kq head> heh i can remember all their deaths ;D
00:20 <Coelacanth0794> welp i lost :/ better grenade my head
00:20 <Kq head> million gunman is probably dead for good since his head got cut to pieces (also he was boring)
00:20 <Coelacanth0794> which one is that?
00:20 <Coelacanth0794> the banker with gold bullets?
00:20 <Kq head> yea
00:21 <Coelacanth0794> mk
00:23 <Coelacanth0794> 5 internet points if kq knows what bug this is without looking it up
00:23 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
00:23 <Kq head> How am I supposed to know?
00:23 <Kq head> Pink moth
00:24 <Coelacanth0794> lol
00:24 <Kq head> it's cute
00:24 <Coelacanth0794> it's a rosy maple
00:24 <Coelacanth0794> i guess it's breeding season for them since they're all over r/whatisthisbug
00:24 <Coelacanth0794>
00:25 <Kq head> tell them to stop breeding
00:25 <Kq head> or go somewhere else
00:26 <Coelacanth0794> MURICA
00:27 <AnselaJonla> Sucks
00:27 -!- XDerpedDirtx has joined Special:Chat
00:28 <Kq head>
00:28 <XDerpedDirtx> Hi guys, I'm back with another question.
00:28 <XDerpedDirtx> Do any of you know of a good item to flip/merch is?
00:28 <XDerpedDirtx> i have a little over 3m
00:28 <Coelacanth0794> i do not merch so i wouldnt know
00:29 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
00:29 <Kq head> same
00:29 <Coelacanth0794> you could try the basics? a simple resource like logs or ore
00:29 <XDerpedDirtx> hmm, ok.
00:29 <XDerpedDirtx> thanks!
00:30 -!- XDerpedDirtx has left Special:Chat.
00:30 <Kq head>
00:30 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
00:31 <Coelacanth0794>
00:31 <Coelacanth0794> friggin.. guh
00:31 <Coelacanth0794> mario stairs for lazy
00:32 <Kq head> I don't really hear it as constantly ascending, it's just a looped ascending tune to me
00:33 <Kq head> I ran up those stairs too much
00:33 <Coelacanth0794> try the top comment for the basic shepard tone
00:33 <Coelacanth0794> WWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwww......
00:38 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
00:40 <Coelacanth0794> dtm do you mind if i ask where you read that about Dig Site
00:42 <Spineweilder> There kq
00:42 <Spineweilder> the dhides updated
00:42 <Spineweilder> you happen to own them?
00:43 -!- Sum1 0 o has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <TonyBest100> "You know what a bad loser is? Hammond is what's known as a 'bad winner'."
00:44 <Dtm142> Coel
00:44 <Dtm142> [[Update:Digsite quest fixed]]
00:44 <Dtm142> ::)
00:44 <Dtm142> :)
00:44 <Dtm142> *
00:44 <Coelacanth0794> ok thanks
00:45 <Kq head> yes spine
00:45 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
00:45 <Kq head> i'll do equip images tomorrow
00:45 <Kq head> My ship sails in the morning. I wonder what's for dinner?
00:45 <Kq head> Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat a DII
00:47 <Spineweilder> Kq, can you do it now
00:47 <Spineweilder> i can orb you
00:47 <TonyBest100>
00:47 <Kq head>
00:47 <Kq head> no i can't do it nao
00:47 <Kq head> i g2g soonish
00:47 <Kq head> and i'm too lazy to log in
00:48 <Spineweilder> >.>
00:48 <Spineweilder> just need equipped and chaps trimmed DII
00:48 <Coelacanth0794> wat
00:48 <Spineweilder> don't forget or i keel you Kq
00:48 <Spineweilder> Hai Coel
00:48 <Coelacanth0794> what are you two oculusing
00:48 <Kq head> ok i won't forg...OOO SHINY
00:48 <Spineweilder> Here's a formal gratz on 99 slater
00:48 <Spineweilder> (caek)
00:48 <Spineweilder> slayer*
00:48 <Coelacanth0794> uh thanks
00:49 <Spineweilder> Hate how Jagex updated rune armour items after EoC
00:49 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
00:49 <Spineweilder> Every rune item got a darker bluish now
00:49 <Kq head>
00:49 <TonyBest100> No matter how mad you are, you'll never be mad at this:
00:50 <TonyBest100>
00:50 <Kq head> It made me giggle with anger
00:51 <Kq head> so if you get horribly impaled, it's better to leave the object in? Good to know...
00:52 <TonyBest100> I miss this zombie map
00:53 <Kq head> I don't...
00:53 <TonyBest100> Someone has too much time on their hand
00:54 <TonyBest100> hands*
00:54 <Kq head> cool...
00:54 <Kq head> must build it...
00:54 <Kq head> minecraft... nao...
00:55 <TonyBest100> you're seriously gunna try and build that in minecraft... right now?
00:55 <Kq head> no
00:55 <Kq head> i still retain my sanity
00:59 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
01:01 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
01:03 -!- Ajente02 has joined Special:Chat
01:03 <Ajente02> [[Battle_of_Lumbridge#Progress_of_the_battle]]
01:03 <Ajente02> Updated. :)
01:04 -!- Ajente02 has left Special:Chat.
01:04 -!- Ajente02 has joined Special:Chat
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01:05 -!- Ajente02 has joined Special:Chat
01:05 <Hairr> Thanks :[[]])
01:06 -!- Scorched000 has left Special:Chat.
01:06 -!- Scorched000 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Ajente02> NP.
01:08 <Ajente02> I'm afraid I could updated the log in the last days, but I was in a resort.
01:08 <Ajente02> :P
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01:14 -!- Ajente02 has joined Special:Chat
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01:18 <Spineweilder> Hey Athe.
01:18 -!- Caelebs has joined Special:Chat
01:20 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
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01:29 <Spineweilder> Hmm
01:31 <Demise36> Hmmm
01:32 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
01:32 <Suppa chuppa> DID YOU CRASH?
01:32 <The Mol Man> yes
01:32 <Suppa chuppa> seriously/
01:32 <The Mol Man> ya, I died
01:33 <The Mol Man> no you idiot, this is classroom hours
01:33 <Suppa chuppa> oh
01:33 <Suppa chuppa> i never did drivers ed
01:33 <Suppa chuppa> so idk
01:33 <AnselaJonla> /me can't drive
01:33 <The Mol Man> 30 hours required here
01:33 <The Mol Man> my dad's kinda forcing me, ansela
01:33 <Suppa chuppa> my dad just taught me
01:33 <Suppa chuppa> and then i took the test
01:33 <AnselaJonla> - I got about 20 of these by knowing them, the rest by guessing
01:34 <The Mol Man> well, it's the law
01:34 <Suppa chuppa> you aren't allowed to do self taught?
01:35 <The Mol Man> we have to have 30 hours of classroom learning
01:35 <The Mol Man> also cool, come back still at automatons with rampage challenge :x
01:35 <Suppa chuppa> lol
01:35 <Spineweilder> Hmm
01:40 <AnselaJonla> Suppa - that IP was removing the Zaros symbol from the Grey Order statue
01:40 <Suppa chuppa> Gery Order statue?
01:40 <Spineweilder> Wizard Tower stuff
01:44 <Spineweilder> Hmm
01:49 -!- MasterNorsemen has joined Special:Chat
01:49 <Suppa chuppa> hey MasterNorsemen
01:49 <MasterNorsemen> Can someone tell me why my picture is blocking my table
01:49 <MasterNorsemen>
01:50 <MasterNorsemen> Hey!
01:50 <Suppa chuppa> Let me see
01:50 <The Mol Man> add {{clear}} after it
01:50 <Spineweilder> MOL
01:50 <AnselaJonla> Well, for a start... is it meant to be there?
01:50 <MasterNorsemen> yes
01:50 <AnselaJonla> It looks like an Agility image, and that's a Smithing page...
01:50 <Suppa chuppa> how's that, MasterNorsemen?
01:50 <MasterNorsemen> its not finished
01:51 <MasterNorsemen> lemme check suppa
01:51 <AnselaJonla> Also, you made a spelling mistake in your image
01:51 <MasterNorsemen> omg
01:51 <MasterNorsemen> please dont say that
01:51 <MasterNorsemen> lol
01:51 <MasterNorsemen> and ty suppa. what did you type
01:51 <Suppa chuppa> lol
01:51 <Suppa chuppa> i added {{clear}}
01:51 <AnselaJonla> Destionation
01:51 <Suppa chuppa> after the image
01:52 <MasterNorsemen> fml
01:52 <MasterNorsemen> well
01:52 <MasterNorsemen> its staying
01:52 <Suppa chuppa> lol
01:52 <MasterNorsemen> Its taken me like 4 hours just to make that stupid table
01:52 <MasterNorsemen> and finding out all the formulas/times
01:52 <AnselaJonla> You gonna add the appropriate furnace images later?
01:53 <MasterNorsemen> yes
01:53 <AnselaJonla> Cool
01:53 <MasterNorsemen> Well
01:53 <MasterNorsemen> just the closest one
01:53 <MasterNorsemen> whatever is the best method sort of thing
01:53 <The Mol Man>
01:53 <AnselaJonla> Well, when you're using an external image, even in the extimage template, it's always a good idea to put {{clear}} on the next line
01:54 <MasterNorsemen> I thought of acool way to train smithing
01:54 <MasterNorsemen> bring 20 rune ores to lrc
01:54 <MasterNorsemen> 19*
01:54 <MasterNorsemen> and superheat the coal
01:54 <AnselaJonla> Or else it overlaps, or the text of the next line moves up a line...
01:54 <MasterNorsemen> ty guys!
01:55 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
01:55 <Spineweilder> even thought i didn't help at all, you're welcome
01:56 -!- Ryan PM has left Special:Chat.
01:57 <Hairr> ty hairr*
01:58 <The Mol Man> Hairr i hope you die
01:58 <The Mol Man> after living a long happy lif
01:58 <The Mol Man> life*
01:58 <Hairr> <333333
02:00 -!- MasterNorsemen has left Special:Chat.
02:05 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
02:06 <The Mol Man> OMFG
02:06 <The Mol Man> SPIN TICKET
02:07 <SovietHero>
02:07 <SovietHero> My most favorite opening of my favorite anime
02:11 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
02:12 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <SovietHero> suppa suppa suppy chup chup chuppy chup chup chuppa chuppa u there?
02:18 <Suppa chuppa> hi
02:21 <SovietHero> I slap u
02:22 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
02:24 -!- Sum1 0 o has left Special:Chat.
02:24 -!- Sum1 0 o has joined Special:Chat
02:28 <Coelacanth0794> hello!
02:29 <Suppa chuppa> hi
02:33 -!- BennieBoy has joined Special:Chat
02:38 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
02:39 -!- Caelebs has joined Special:Chat
02:40 <Caelebs> Hey guys
02:40 <Hairr> hello
02:40 <Caelebs> How do you use house options?
02:40 -!- BennieBoy has left Special:Chat.
02:41 <Suppa chuppa> What do you mean?
02:41 <Caelebs> House options
02:41 <Caelebs> Can't find them
02:41 <Suppa chuppa> oh
02:43 <Suppa chuppa> hm
02:43 <Suppa chuppa> well i have no idea where they'd be
02:43 <Suppa chuppa> lol
02:44 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
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02:45 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
02:45 <Hairr> this extension is awesome
02:45 <Hairr> got that
02:46 <Suppa chuppa> poem extension is better
02:48 <Jr Mime> The <poem>Blabla</poem>?
02:48 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
02:48 <Hairr> it basically does nothing other than create a new class
02:48 <Hairr> it's a piece of poo
02:48 <Suppa chuppa> NO
02:48 <Suppa chuppa> it's awesome
02:48 <Hairr> you're a piece of poo too
02:49 <Suppa chuppa> you're not allowed to say that
02:49 <Suppa chuppa> you're 14
02:49 <Jr Mime> Suppa, you are a piece of crap
02:49 <Jr Mime> >:O
02:49 <Suppa chuppa> nou
02:49 <Jr Mime> you
02:49 <Suppa chuppa> pas moi
02:50 <Jr Mime> Oui toi
02:50 <Suppa chuppa> non
02:50 <Jr Mime> Oui
02:50 <Suppa chuppa> :(
02:50 <Jr Mime> Lol, I win
02:50 <Jr Mime> Hairr, high five!
02:51 <Hairr> jr mime you kinda suck
02:51 <Hairr> (n) (n)
02:51 <Suppa chuppa>
02:51 <Suppa chuppa> this is creepy
02:51 <SovietHero> Hairr you smell like shit.
02:51 <Jr Mime> And you definitely suck >:O
02:51 <SovietHero> HYA HA HA HA HA
02:51 <Hairr> BLIPBLOBZ
02:51 <SovietHero> Hairy Razor.
02:52 -!- Caelebs has left Special:Chat.
02:52 <SovietHero> You have a GARDEN of hair on you; Get waxed.
02:53 <Jr Mime> Hairr, you are a girl then
02:53 <Hairr> i shave my legs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
02:53 <Suppa chuppa> you're 14
02:53 <Suppa chuppa> what hair could you have
02:53 <Jr Mime> Grass Suppa
02:53 <Hairr> I'm a swimmer tho suppa
02:54 <Suppa chuppa> You shave your grass?
02:54 <SovietHero> You look like a seal whenever you're in the pool
02:54 <Suppa chuppa> you should just take the next step and wax them, hairr
02:54 <Hairr> i'm only 14
02:54 <Hairr> god
02:54 <SovietHero> kid.
02:54 <Jr Mime> Yes Hairr: WAX THEM
02:54 <Suppa chuppa> they should change coppa to 15
02:54 <Suppa chuppa> then we can ban hair for 1 year
02:54 <Jr Mime> Ikr
02:55 <Hairr> (secret: I started out as a coppa)
02:55 <Suppa chuppa> lol
02:55 <Hairr> but they can't do anything now!!!!
02:55 <Hairr> yippe
02:55 <SovietHero> Kid.
02:55 <Jr Mime> Hairr: High five
02:56 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
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03:21 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
03:21 <Dtm142> Mmkay, so Jadinko lair fruits are pretty much useless.
03:21 <Dtm142> It's the seeds you want.
03:22 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
03:23 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
03:30 <Spineweilder> Hmm
03:31 <Hairr> what spine what
03:31 <Spineweilder> Buying treasure trail items takes a while
03:40 -!- Walrus068 has left Special:Chat.
03:44 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
03:59 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
04:00 <Hairr> cook you suck
04:00 <Hairr> sorry
04:00 <Cook Me Plox> Hair, you are a sad, pathetic little man.
04:04 <Hairr> (qc) WolframAlpha: "(60 + 46.03) 4^-1" = undefined.
04:17 <Hairr> ~test
04:17 <TyBot> Hairr: I love you more than everyone here. <3
04:26 <Cook Me Plox> shut the hell up with your math
04:36 -!- Slyp has joined Special:Chat
04:39 -!- Slyp has left Special:Chat.
05:02 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
05:08 -!- BrenRS has joined Special:Chat
05:08 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
05:08 <BrenRS> Ryan PM:
05:08 <BrenRS> :D
05:08 <Ryan PM> nice :o
05:08 <BrenRS> and i have 2 untrim hoods lol
05:08 <Ryan PM> :o
05:10 <Hairr>
05:13 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
05:15 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
05:15 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
05:16 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
05:16 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
05:17 <Dtm142> I think all of the songs from [[7th Realm]] through [[Arabian3]] were NOT updated with RS3.
05:17 <Dtm142> #funfacts
05:19 <Dtm142> Make that [[Arabique]]
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05:22 -!- Ilikewiki has joined Special:Chat
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05:23 -!- Ilikewiki has joined Special:Chat
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05:28 <BrenRS> going to bed now
05:28 <BrenRS> night
05:28 <Ryan PM> gn
05:28 -!- BrenRS has left Special:Chat.
05:31 <Ryan PM> [[Nature rune]]
05:31 -!- Ryan PM has left Special:Chat.
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06:36 <Demise36> noob me plox.
06:52 <Demise36> hmm
07:00 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
07:02 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
07:05 <Demise36> ...
07:05 <Demise36> cuk
07:08 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
07:08 <MahjarratInfo101> craaap
07:08 <MahjarratInfo101> i accidently messed it up
07:08 <Cook Me Plox> Not your fault
07:08 <MahjarratInfo101> i clicked undo to the vandilizer, and apparently it was already undone, so it came back
07:08 <Cook Me Plox> I'm giving you rollback rights
07:09 <MahjarratInfo101> what happened with it
07:09 <MahjarratInfo101> ah ok
07:09 <Cook Me Plox> He made multiple edits, you only undid one
07:09 <Cook Me Plox> With rollback you can undo all edits by a single user with one click
07:09 <Cook Me Plox> Okay?
07:09 <MahjarratInfo101> ah, ok
07:09 <MahjarratInfo101> nice
07:09 <Cook Me Plox> read
07:11 <MahjarratInfo101> k
07:12 <Cook Me Plox> Done?
07:13 <MahjarratInfo101> yeah ive read it
07:13 <Cook Me Plox> done
07:13 <MahjarratInfo101> ty
07:14 <MahjarratInfo101> is there anywhere i can see my status of rollback rights
07:15 <MahjarratInfo101> ah k so theres a rollback thing to click on an edit
07:15 <MahjarratInfo101> gotcha
07:23 -!- Chiggles has joined Special:Chat
07:26 <Chiggles> Hello
07:26 <MahjarratInfo101> hi
07:26 <Chiggles> How're you?
07:27 <MahjarratInfo101> I'm fine thanks, how are you?
07:28 <Chiggles> I'm great. :)
07:28 <Chiggles> What are you doing?
07:28 <MahjarratInfo101> Going through the RS wiki to see if I can edit anything
07:28 <Chiggles> Ah.
07:29 <MahjarratInfo101> I really hope [[Armadyl]] returns soon
07:29 <Chiggles> Who do you think will win the battle of Lumbridge?
07:30 <MahjarratInfo101> [[Saradomin]], unfortunately.
07:30 <Chiggles> What's so bad about Saradomin? ;P
07:31 <MahjarratInfo101> Well, he ravaged the Naragi world, when they were obviously peaceful, and pascifistic
07:33 <Chiggles> #Religion
07:36 -!- Chiggles has left Special:Chat.
07:41 -!- CrypticBosnian has joined Special:Chat
07:41 <CrypticBosnian> Hello
07:42 <MahjarratInfo101> Hi
07:42 <MahjarratInfo101> What was the very first page created on the RS Wiki?
07:43 <CrypticBosnian> Can someone help me install this
07:43 <CrypticBosnian> Here
07:43 <CrypticBosnian>
07:44 <CrypticBosnian> So I can use it in my wiki pleasee
07:44 <MahjarratInfo101> I'm not sure how sorry.
07:46 <CrypticBosnian> Thanks tho
07:46 -!- CrypticBosnian has left Special:Chat.
07:48 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
08:34 <Demise36> hmm
09:03 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
09:03 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
09:03 <Battleben> Chop chop dig dig chop chop dig dig
09:22 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
09:22 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
09:22 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
09:22 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
09:28 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
09:29 <Demise36> dugdro
09:29 <Demise36> :D
09:30 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
09:31 <Haidro> :D
09:31 <Haidro> I got my quest cape demise
09:31 <Demise36> nice
09:32 <Demise36> chat is kinda dead
09:33 <Haidro> [[Meg]]
09:33 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
09:33 <Demise36> dafaq
09:33 <Demise36> think lightning hit the ground near my house
09:34 <Demise36> @[email protected]
09:34 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
09:34 <Haidro> I got a huge lamp from meg
09:34 <Demise36> nice
09:55 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
09:56 <Battleben> Does anyone here use the reddit
09:56 <Dogfoger> nop
10:05 <Demise36> i say we eat wahi
10:05 <Haidro> agreed
10:15 <Dogfoger>  
10:26 <Battleben> Damn it, they deleted Sea gods because they "obviously don't exist"
10:26 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
10:28 <Battleben> Someone needs to go delete Camel God, Freneskae-Creator God, Karamjan God, Fremennik Gods and the Kendal.
10:28 <Dogfoger> haidro
10:29 <Dogfoger> /me poeks haidro
10:30 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
10:33 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
10:34 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
10:34 <AnselaJonla> Dro :(
10:36 <Battleben> Hai
10:37 <Haidro> wat ansela
10:37 <Haidro> owat
10:37 <Haidro> [[Camel God]]
10:40 <AnselaJonla> Be more careful in spam page making :(
10:40 <Haidro> WHy
10:41 <Haidro> Why
10:41 <AnselaJonla> Coz fixing mistakes afterwards is a pain
10:41 <Haidro> Like...
10:42 <AnselaJonla>
10:43 <AnselaJonla>
10:43 <Haidro> Oops
10:43 <Haidro> Was it only those two though
10:43 <AnselaJonla>
10:43 <Haidro> Because they were the first ones I started with
10:43 <Haidro> fuu
10:43 <TonyBest100> Woop 76 construction!
10:43 <AnselaJonla>
10:43 <Haidro> grats
10:44 <AnselaJonla> Gratz
10:44 <AnselaJonla> Think it was only those four edits
10:45 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
10:45 <MahjarratInfo101> gz
10:46 <MahjarratInfo101> Ben, didn't [[Zamorak]] nearly bypass the Edicts of Guthix in the 5th age?
10:57 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
10:58 <Battleben> ummm
10:58 <Battleben> No?
10:59 <Battleben> Well, he was at the bottom of daemonheim, but, evidently, something kept him down there.
10:59 <Battleben> And probably killed Bilrach.
10:59 <Battleben> Maybe.
10:59 <Battleben> That's my theory, anyway.
10:59 <Battleben> (..there better be)
11:00 <MahjarratInfo101> what?
11:00 <MahjarratInfo101> Zamorak was in Gielinor in the 5th age? at the bottom of Daemonheim?
11:00 <Haidro> Yes
11:01 <MahjarratInfo101> But Daemonheim is in Gielinor, so how did he get in with the edicts in place?
11:01 <Battleben> He wasn't at the bottom
11:01 <Battleben> there was a portal to him there
11:02 <Haidro> Fight Cauldron why u nucaek
11:02 <MahjarratInfo101> and when Guthix died, he entered the bottom of daemonheim? through the portal?
11:02 <Haidro> Well, he /did/ appear in Lumbridge...
11:03 <MahjarratInfo101> Haidro, I think when Guthix died, he was at the bottom of Daemonheim between the time of his arrival to Lumbridge and Guthix';s death
11:05 <Battleben> WEll, he did get Behemoths
11:05 <MahjarratInfo101> I think the Kinshra will finally get graphically updated next week
11:06 <MahjarratInfo101> Zamorak is cute
11:06 <TonyBest100> Assuming the entire fortress gets a rework next week yeah
11:07 <MahjarratInfo101> How is Saradomin in the quest if he is still fighting Zamorak?
11:08 <TonyBest100> Dunno, all will be revealed next week lol
11:08 <Battleben> The same way that I am in Nardah and and adventuring at the same time
11:08 <Battleben> The same way that Sir Tiffy is in falador at the same time as being at the ritual site
11:08 <MahjarratInfo101> Yeah I guess so
11:08 <Battleben> We're actually just extremely fas
11:08 <Battleben> fast
11:08 <MahjarratInfo101> Wahisietel, change to your Mahjarrat form in Nardah plz, I'm sick of seeing you as a human
11:09 <Battleben> But that would scare everyone
11:09 <Battleben> And then I would have to find a new house
11:09 <TonyBest100> lol
11:09 <MahjarratInfo101> you can live with me
11:09 <MahjarratInfo101> I like Mahjarrat
11:10 <MahjarratInfo101> Also Wahisietel, what was Freneskae like?
11:11 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
11:11 <Haidro> wonderful
11:12 <Haidro> quoting azza iirc
11:13 <MahjarratInfo101> Did the Freneskae Creator God create the Mahjarrat?
11:15 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
11:16 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
11:17 <TonyBest100> 250k xp til 89 cooking :P
11:25 <Battleben> Maybe
11:27 <TonyBest100> capping is so slow >.<
11:29 <TonyBest100> Slow... but great xp :P
11:30 <Dogfoger> holy fuck
11:30 <Dogfoger> dexter season 6 is a fucked up season
11:31 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
11:31 <Ozank> 99 str legit
11:31 <Dogfoger> lol
11:31 <Dogfoger> surprised it wasn't a pony
11:32 <Ozank> is the pic real
11:32 <Ozank> i think it is
11:32 <Dogfoger> definitely
11:33 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
11:33 <Ozank> it is though
11:33 <Dogfoger> hey alchez
11:33 <Alchez> Hey Dog.
11:33 <Dogfoger> ofcit isn
11:33 <Dogfoger> isn't real
11:34 <Dogfoger> look at his neck
11:34 <Ozank> so? :/
11:34 <Dogfoger> Diferent colour to the rest of his body lol
11:35 <Ozank> might be sun burnt or something lol
11:35 <Alchez> Why is season 6 bad?
11:35 <Dogfoger> dd you see it alc?
11:36 <Alchez> I'm on season 8.
11:36 <Dogfoger> the one with the snakes inside the guys
11:36 <Dogfoger> the dead bobdies on horses
11:36 <Alchez> Oh, right.
11:36 <Alchez> That's vital for the story.
11:36 <Dogfoger> the chick who was an angel (that's as far as i got)
11:36 <Alchez> That is a mind-blowing season.
11:37 <Dogfoger> All I know is that Deb finds out what Dex is in this season
11:37 <Dogfoger> Don't tell me  how
11:37 <Alchez> I won't. But that isn't even the mind-blowing part.
11:38 <Dogfoger> So she finds out before the end of the season?
11:38 <Ozank> is this legit too
11:38 <Dogfoger> Yeah, that's legit
11:38 <Alchez> Watch, I ain't saying anything.
11:38 <TonyBest100> thats one fked up face-swap
11:38 <Dogfoger> TELL ME
11:39 <Dogfoger> I don't have season 7 yet so I can't be left in the blue
11:39 <Alchez> NUUUUUUU!
11:39 <Dogfoger> I cried when Rita died
11:40 <Alchez> Then you'll have to be sitting for what happens.
11:40 <Dogfoger> But I love watching how fast Harrison grows up
11:40 <Alchez> Yeah, he speaks coherently in season 8.
11:40 <TonyBest100> nearly done capping at citadel at last >.<
11:40 <Dogfoger> NOOOO damn you
11:41 <Dogfoger> I thooughthe was gonna die lol
11:41 <Dogfoger> I thought he was gonna die*
11:41 <Dogfoger> Did you finish season 8?
11:41 <Alchez> Season 8 is going on.
11:42 <Dogfoger> ohhh
11:42 <Alchez> Why do you want Harrison to die?
11:42 <Alchez> You sick bastard!
11:42 <Dogfoger> I don't WANT him to die
11:43 <Dogfoger> But I figured the way people work
11:43 <Dogfoger> they would kill him
11:43 <Alchez> Dexter'll go on a killing spree if that happens.
11:43 <Dogfoger> But Harrison is a liability
11:44 <Alchez> He is. He has a small part in season 6.
11:44 <Dogfoger> When his appendix burst, I know
11:45 <Alchez> WATCH!
11:45 <Dogfoger> i am
11:45 <Dogfoger> I'm multitasking lol
11:46 <Ozank> found an old milk bottle with a bit of milk in behind my desk
11:46 <Ozank> opened the lid, had a smell... eww
11:49 <Ozank> 10 days till my AS level results :/
11:50 <Ozank> I predict U U D D
11:53 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
12:02 <Dogfoger> /away
12:02 <Dogfoger> ..
12:08 -!- Pupicucek has joined Special:Chat
12:09 <Dogfoger> alchez
12:09 <Alchez> Yeah?
12:09 <Dogfoger> i think i figured out the mind blowing bit
12:09 <Alchez> You noob.
12:09 -!- Pupicucek has left Special:Chat.
12:09 <Dogfoger> the doomsday killers are gonna commit a genocide
12:10 <Dogfoger> right at the very end
12:10 <Alchez> Oh, that.
12:10 <Alchez> Dude, don't go looking for spoilers.
12:10 <Dogfoger> I'm not
12:10 <Alchez> When it happens, it'll feel so much better.
12:10 <Dogfoger> I always figure out this shit before it happens lol
12:11 <Alchez> You won't even expect this.
12:11 <Alchez> The mind-blowing part.
12:11 <Dogfoger> Usually like many many many episodes before it even becomes remotely apparent
12:12 <Dogfoger> Like I figured out that Rita was pregnant in the season before we were told lol
12:12 <Dogfoger> But the only one that really blew my mind
12:12 <Dogfoger> Was when Trinity killed Rita
12:13 <Alchez> That seems puny against this reveal.
12:13 <Dogfoger> I only figured out she was dead when Dex said "I have my own family to attend to." and Trinity laughed
12:13 <Alchez> Although you'll only feel it if you closely follow the story.
12:13 <Dogfoger> although I thought Trinity had killed all of them
12:14 <Dogfoger> I keep expecting Dex to fuck up a kill
12:14 <Dogfoger> Like stab someone but they don't die
12:15 <Battleben> Is it sad that I can't sleep without a fan on
12:15 <Dogfoger> Ben\
12:15 <Dogfoger> BEN BEN BEN
12:15 <Dogfoger> Is it summer where you are?
12:17 <Dogfoger> what am I saying, of course it is
12:17 <Dogfoger> nevermind ben
12:18 <Alchez> Well, I've heard it's scorching there.
12:18 <Alchez> 120 too, someday.
12:18 <Dogfoger> I can't sleep without a fan o, be it summer or winter
12:19 <Dogfoger> Because I have tinnitus
12:22 <TonyBest100> Hmm, I found a duplicate image, that could be better off merged than deleted 
12:22 <Dogfoger> awwwwwwwwh
12:22 <TonyBest100>
12:22 <TonyBest100>
12:22 <TonyBest100> The bottom one being the preferred name 
12:22 <Dogfoger> Sam is dead :'(
12:23 <Battleben>
12:23 <Dogfoger> damnit alchez
12:23 <Dogfoger> it's yourfault he's dead
12:23 <Alchez> Ahh, Brother Sam.
12:24 <Dogfoger> dexter gonna raeg now lol
12:25 <Battleben> Am I the only one that noticed that they got the dragonkin wrong
12:25 <Battleben> Sakirth is the blue one, Sithaph is ther ed, Strisath is the purple
12:27 <Battleben> Sixth age
12:31 <TonyBest100> Seen already :P
12:39 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
12:40 <Dogfoger> Alchez?
12:40 <Dogfoger> You see how annoying this is
12:40 <Alchez> What is??
12:40 <Dogfoger> I know that the person who killed Sam is someone he knows
12:40 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
12:40 <Dogfoger> You know how I know?
12:40 <Dogfoger> Because the dog didn't bark
12:40 <Dogfoger> I know the killer is a man
12:40 <Dogfoger> Because of his size
12:41 <Dogfoger> So I pretty much know whodunnit
12:41 <Alchez> Okay, who is it?
12:41 <Dogfoger> The guy who was caught up in the drugs
12:41 <Alchez> Right.
12:41 <Alchez> But it doesn't matter.
12:41 <Alchez> This isn't about a whodunnit.
12:41 <Dogfoger> I'm right?
12:41 <Dogfoger> Yeah
12:41 <Dogfoger> It's about whydunnit
12:42 <Alchez> It's what leaves an impact on Dexter.
12:42 <Dogfoger> You see how annoying this is -.-
12:42 <Dogfoger> I can never be surprised
12:42 <Dogfoger> or if I am
12:43 <Dogfoger> then I am REALLY REALLY surprised
12:43 <Dogfoger> holy shit
12:43 <Dogfoger> Sam isn't dead yet lol
12:44 <Dogfoger> So you're saying that whatever is going to happen in season 6, Alchez
12:45 <Dogfoger> Could never ever be expected
12:45 <Alchez> Never, ever, ever.
12:45 <Dogfoger> awesome
12:45 <Alchez> Unless you're really, incredibly smart.
12:45 <Dogfoger> Makes it more of a challenge to figure out :)
12:45 -!- Hiraho has joined Special:Chat
12:45 <Hiraho> hey guys
12:46 <Hiraho> i need help
12:46 <Dogfoger> dun dun duuun
12:46 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
12:46 <Dogfoger> oh hai coel
12:46 <Coelacanth0794> hello
12:46 <Alchez> What help do you need, Hiraho.
12:46 <Hiraho> stuck on a quest
12:46 <Hiraho> lost city
12:46 <Dogfoger> Youtube guide it
12:46 <Alchez> [[Lost City]]. What part?
12:46 <Hiraho> cos of the battle of lumbridge , the tree i need to cut has moved
12:47 <Dogfoger> what the fuck
12:47 <Coelacanth0794> orly
12:47 <Hiraho> the tree with the leprechaun
12:47 <Dogfoger> I shot my BB gunand the bullet fired at a 90 degree angle
12:47 <Coelacanth0794> huh.
12:47 <Alchez> "The tree that contains Shamus the leprechaun is currently the closest tree to the west of the camp due to the Battle of Lumbridge update."
12:47 <Coelacanth0794> what trees remain?
12:48 <Hiraho> yeah i read that i've been searching for like 20 minutes xD
12:48 <Dogfoger> iirc the leprechaun isn't necesarry to the quest
12:48 <Hiraho> i'll re check..ugh
12:48 <Hiraho> it isn't?
12:48 <Dogfoger> umm
12:49 <Dogfoger> I did lost city many years ago
12:49 <Hiraho> lol
12:49 <Dogfoger> So don't take my word for it
12:49 <Hiraho> same
12:49 <Hiraho> ..
12:49 <Hiraho> but new account :/
12:49 <Battleben> I'll see if I can find it.
12:50 <Coelacanth0794>
12:54 <Battleben> Sigh.
12:54 <Hiraho> i'm gunna cry in a minute if i can't find this tre..
12:54 <Hiraho> xD
12:55 <Battleben> Oh right the tree!
12:55 <Dogfoger> search on youtube
12:55 <Battleben> Sorry, I forgot!
12:55 <Battleben> I doubt there are any up to date lost city videos
12:55 <Dogfoger> can still try
12:55 <Hiraho> i will search now
12:56 <Dogfoger> search "lost city runescape 2013 august"
12:56 <Dogfoger> or bol or something like that
12:58 <Coelacanth0794> it's entirely possible they forgot to re-add it. they've made updates to make quests unplayable before.
12:59 -!- Anjokid has joined Special:Chat
12:59 <Anjokid> hi everyone
12:59 <Hiraho> no.. NO NOOOOOOO *ragequits*
12:59 <Battleben> Don't think it's one of the trees by MAggie and Wendy
12:59 <Hiraho> yeah i've search all over draynor aswell
13:00 <Battleben> Found it!
13:00 -!- Anjokid has left Special:Chat.
13:00 <Battleben> It's a swamp tree now
13:00 <Hiraho> found it!!!!
13:00 <Battleben> Right next to the cart
13:00 <Hiraho> ohh yesss!!!
13:00 <Dogfoger> lol
13:00 <Hiraho> bye
13:00 <Hiraho> xD
13:00 <Hiraho> kinda wasted you're time there guys ;P
13:00 <Dogfoger> ciao
13:00 -!- Hiraho has left Special:Chat.
13:00 <Dogfoger> your*
13:00 <Coelacanth0794> dangit
13:00 <Coelacanth0794> your*
13:01 <Dogfoger> MWAHA
13:01 <Coelacanth0794> damn
13:01 <Dogfoger> /me beats coel up
13:01 <Coelacanth0794> /me bans dog
13:01 <Battleben> It's the only Swamp Tree 
13:01 <Dogfoger> wut wai
13:01 <Battleben> Instead of "Swamp tree"
13:01 <Dogfoger> wtfd
13:02 <Dogfoger> my BB bullets keep travelling at 90 dgree angles
13:02 <Dogfoger> I shoot them and they go to the left
13:02 <Dogfoger> instead of straight lopl
13:04 <Dogfoger> ow fuck
13:04 <Coelacanth0794>
13:05 <Dogfoger> got my finger sutck in the thing that you pull back to cock it
13:05 <Dogfoger> ow wow
13:05 <Dogfoger> that sounded so wrong
13:05 <Dogfoger> /me resigns from English
13:07 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
13:07 <Dogfoger> go away cook
13:07 <Dogfoger> nobody wants yo
13:07 <Dogfoger> you
13:10 -!- Fswe1 has joined Special:Chat
13:10 <Fswe1> RSOF are down. ;_;
13:11 <Fswe1> And back up.
13:11 <Coelacanth0794> mkay
13:11 <Battleben> How are the adventurers unable to find the tree with shamus in again.
13:11 <Fswe1> Hi, Alchie, Ansela, Wahi, Fossil, Cook, Marcus, Dog, Ilike, Tony and pony.
13:11 <Battleben>
13:11 <Battleben> It couldn't be more obvious
13:11 <Fswe1> Why is it a swamp tree?
13:11 <Fswe1> A
13:12 <Fswe1> nd why is Shamus standing next to it.
13:12 <AnselaJonla> Hi Fusswell
13:12 <Fswe1> And what's the entrance to the thingy caves doing there...
13:12 <Coelacanth0794> how does he live in it now?
13:12 <Fswe1> *bows to Ansela*
13:12 <Alchez> Hi Veliaf.
13:12 <Alchez> What are the redirect templates?
13:12 <Fswe1> Myreque Prevail!
13:13 <Fswe1> Don't ask me, I always forget.
13:13 <Battleben> Redirect templates?
13:13 <Alchez> Redirect3, otheruses, etc.
13:14 <Alchez> I need the one which says "<> is about the item. For the <>, go <here>. For the..."
13:14 <Battleben> Ah
13:14 <Fswe1> Well
13:14 <Fswe1> [[Template:Redirect3]]
13:14 <Fswe1> [[Template:Otheruses]]
13:14 <Fswe1> [[Template:Confuse]]
13:15 <Alchez> Oh, it's in otheruses only.
13:15 <Fswe1> Aye.
13:17 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
13:18 <Battleben> Alchez, mind if I add the bits of trivia about Lost City regarding how you had to kill zombies for hatchets, and how you the door at the end of the dungeon went to the wilderness?
13:18 <Battleben> add back*
13:18 <Alchez> It doesn't seem necessary, honestly.
13:19 <AnselaJonla> The door doesn't lead to the wildy now?
13:19 <Fswe1> You still have to kill zombies for axes...
13:19 <Fswe1> And what Ansela said.
13:19 <Battleben> It leads to draynor now.
13:19 <Alchez> Toolbelt works now, I think.
13:19 <Battleben> And due to the toolbelt, alas, you don't Fswe.
13:20 <Fswe1> That's stupid. Very stupid.
13:20 <Battleben> Anyway, killing zombies for their hatchets was a big part of the original quest.
13:20 <Fswe1> "You try to use the axe from your toolbelt to chop a Dramen branch off, but a mysterious power repels it."
13:20 -!- Fswe1 has left Special:Chat.
13:21 <Coelacanth0794> cool
13:21 <Dogfoger> can probably only be done with a bronze hatchet
13:22 <Coelacanth0794> from a zo,mbie
13:22 <Dogfoger> mmm
13:22 <TonyBest100> wait so now we can no longer use the toolbelt hatchet on dramen tree?
13:22 <Coelacanth0794> just have them drop a special item: Zombie's hatchet
13:22 <Battleben> That doesn't actually happen
13:22 <Battleben> Yes Tony
13:22 <TonyBest100> Well bout time they did that I guess
13:22 <Battleben> You can use it
13:22 <Battleben> I mean
13:22 <TonyBest100> Oh
13:23 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
13:23 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
13:24 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
13:25 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
13:26 <Battleben> Sigh.
13:26 <Battleben> Why do I bother
13:26 <Battleben> Seriously.
13:30 <Dogfoger> lol
13:30 <Dogfoger> dexter is now hallucinanting his dead brother
13:31 <The Mol Man> trolololol
13:31 <Dogfoger> what's so funny mol?
13:31 <The Mol Man> dexter hallucinating
13:32 <Dogfoger> he's been hallucinating since the 3rd season
13:32 <Dogfoger> his dead father
13:32 <The Mol Man> I was just lol'ing with you
13:35 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
13:36 <Atheist723> You could delete Facebook comments written by anyone on your own page, right?
13:36 <Atheist723> (I don't use it much so I'm not sure)
13:37 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
13:37 <Kq head> I had a weird dream again and remembered it partially
13:37 <Coelacanth0794> wouldnt know. dont use it.
13:37 <Dogfoger> Athe
13:37 <Dogfoger> You can't delete them, but you can hide them
13:38 <Coelacanth0794> kq: i recall last night's dream vividly
13:38 <Kq head> Bring out your inner dictator and use censorship
13:38 <Coelacanth0794> gonna have to pass.
13:38 <Dogfoger> Yeah I remember my dream last night too
13:38 <Kq head> I remember the very last bit
13:38 <Atheist723> Nah, I'm just commenting on extreme left wing Facebook pages.
13:39 <Dogfoger> although if I shared, I'd probably get phalanxed (again)
13:39 <Kq head> holy shit i think that might have been real actually
13:39 <Coelacanth0794> fuck last night's dream.
13:39 <Atheist723> I guess they don't take criticism very well.
13:39 <Coelacanth0794> lol void
13:39 <Kq head> the end of the dream was where i was in bed and somebody opened the door... but i didn't see them...
13:39 <Kq head> then i woke up, in bed, and the door was open
13:39 <Kq head> maybe i was just awake but dreaming
13:39 <Dogfoger> Kq
13:39 <Coelacanth0794> kq: slenderman
13:40 <Dogfoger> That's called sleepwalking
13:40 <Dogfoger> lol
13:40 <Kq head> it wasn't
13:40 <Dogfoger> Or lucid dreaming
13:40 <Kq head> my brother opened the door i think
13:40 <Dogfoger> but that's unlikely
13:40 <Coelacanth0794> lucien dreaming
13:40 <Kq head> because we share the room and he wasn't there when i woke up :/
13:40 <Coelacanth0794> visions of sugarplums and god artefacts danced in his head
13:40 <Dogfoger> Is your brother older or younger?
13:40 <Kq head> unless he closed it and then slenderman opened it
13:40 <Kq head> older
13:40 <Dogfoger> Doesn't matter
13:40 <Dogfoger> shame
13:40 <Dogfoger> lol
13:41 <Dogfoger> I would've said shame if you said either tbh
13:41 <Atheist723> How does left and right wing work anyway?
13:41 <Coelacanth0794> slenderman came to give you a good nigth kissy <3
13:41 <Coelacanth0794> void: you use both for flying
13:41 <Dogfoger> /me doesn't know what left and right wings work
13:41 <Dogfoger> are*
13:41 <Dogfoger> what they are*
13:41 <Atheist723> Because in USA Democrats are "left wing" and in China Democrats are "right wing".
13:41 <Kq head> I like to think left wing is full of wimps and right wing is full of douchebags
13:42 <Atheist723> Anyway in China: left=bad, right=good, it's that simple.
13:42 <Kq head> Because China is ruled with an iron fist
13:42 <Coelacanth0794> rrrrrrrrrrrreligion
13:42 <Atheist723> I am very aware of that fact, Kq head.
13:42 <Kq head> sex
13:42 <Kq head> politics
13:44 <Atheist723> Said extreme left wing group has left a post on Facebook attacking a protester who used "what the f**k" (yes, in English) in the presence of police.
13:44 <Battleben> sigh
13:45 <Atheist723> And I kindly remind them the time the group's leader verbally does something unspeakable with the accused mother's certain body parts.
13:45 <Kq head> He should've said "what the fucking hell in bastard shittington"
13:45 <The Mol Man> coel, you at bol?
13:45 <Kq head> then they would've let him off for being insane
13:46 <Atheist723> Actually, they are both women.
13:46 <Atheist723> Which makes the latter statement almost amusing.
13:47 <Kq head> Oh... :|
13:47 <Kq head> Left and right wing are both lame
13:47 <Kq head> Middle wing ftw
13:48 <Atheist723> It might be different overseas, of course.
13:48 <The Mol Man> house is on the colbert report
13:49 <Kq head> what's the point of treasure trail armour [[Item set]]s if you can't even put them on the GE anymore
13:50 <Kq head> "The guide prices of the sets will be updated to more closely resemble the components of the set with the next game update."
13:50 <Kq head> 'Next game update' = over 1 year later
13:50 <The Mol Man> too lazy to remove from game's code
13:50 <The Mol Man> people would bitch
13:55 <Atheist723> Woot.
13:55 <Atheist723> Looks like the extremists have blocked me from their Facebook page.
13:55 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
13:55 <The Mol Man> lol
13:56 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
13:56 <Atheist723> Hmm...I wonder how many people they might have blocked...
13:56 <Atheist723> As a reference, their page has 1253 Likes.
13:57 <Atheist723> A group created to oppose them had 31035.
13:59 <Kq head> Censorship
13:59 <Atheist723> Still not extreme as a video one of their kin has uploaded on YouTube.
13:59 <Atheist723> 9,397 Dislikes, 315 Likes.
14:01 <Coelacanth0794> what is this for?
14:01 <The Mol Man> COEL
14:01 <The Mol Man> u at bol?
14:01 <Coelacanth0794> why?
14:01 <Atheist723> Meh, something no one cares.
14:01 <The Mol Man> because if you are, I need to make sure you have your OOO handy
14:01 <The Mol Man> if not, idc
14:01 <Coelacanth0794> are you?
14:01 <The Mol Man> no
14:01 <The Mol Man> not on atm
14:02 <The Mol Man> didn't see me log out?
14:02 <Atheist723> It doesn't help that they made a post celebrating the June Fourth slaughter.
14:02 <Coelacanth0794> no i didnt mol
14:02 <The Mol Man> So Stephen Colbert and Hugh Laurie (Doctor House) are reading random inappropriate phrases
14:02 <Atheist723> That is pretty much a collective Hong Kong people berserk button.
14:02 <The Mol Man> so are you at BoL?
14:02 -!- Fswe1 has joined Special:Chat
14:03 <Fswe1> Pew pew pew.
14:03 <Kq head> Celebrating a slaughter? Because, you know, killing people is totally okay to the mentally stable.
14:03 <Fswe1> 7 more edits until I have 30k.
14:03 <Atheist723> They don't look mentally stable to me.
14:04 <Atheist723> How could a sane person celebrate dictators ordering the army to massacre innocent students!? 
14:05 <Kq head> Because all hail our glorious leader who whips the bad out of us so we get a better afterlife
14:06 <Atheist723> Also, they have their Facebook page deleted at least six times for racism and hate speech.
14:06 <Kq head> Fuck's sake. I really want to beat free will into those poor brainwashed... brains.
14:07 <Atheist723> The corrupt HK government may allow them to parade with banners insulting "English dogs", but not everyone else.
14:07 <Fswe1> What...?
14:07 <Kq head> Too much free will is a bad thing, because one person may use it with the aim of removing others' free will
14:08 <Atheist723> Everything I said was absolutely true...reality is stranger than fiction sometimes.
14:08 <Kq head> Reality is scarier than any fiction
14:08 <Atheist723> Because at least, an author usually try to make sense.
14:08 <Kq head> Horror movie vs real life atrocities
14:09 <Kq head> Scary monster kills people in their sleep...
14:09 <Kq head> Deranged human guns down many in a shopping mall
14:09 <Dogfoger> oh wow
14:10 <Dogfoger> dexter has turned against his code
14:10 <Kq head> Would it be a good or bad thing if Dexter was a real person
14:10 <Atheist723> The worst monsters are people who somehow think they are doing the right thing.
14:10 <Kq head> he kills serial killers, sure... but what if he runs out?
14:11 <Dogfoger> he will never run out
14:11 <Atheist723> Sounds like Punisher to me.
14:11 <Dogfoger> There will always be murderers
14:11 <Dogfoger> He doesn't just kill serial killers
14:11 <Atheist723> Yeah, because eventually he'll give himself a well-deserved bullet to the head.
14:11 <Kq head> in The Last of Us, some characters actually point out that fighting other humans is far worse than fighting the infected - humans are the real monsters
14:11 <Dogfoger> Any kind of murderer is worthy of his table
14:12 <Battleben> Sigh. Why do I bother.
14:12 <Kq head> Talk page woes, ben?
14:12 <Atheist723> "They have no regard for human life...and there is nothing more sacred then that."
14:12 <Atheist723> --Superman, Kingdom Come
14:12 <Fswe1> Doing what, Wahi?
14:12 <Atheist723> (Written from memory)
14:12 <Battleben> Not as such.
14:12 <Battleben> Well, uploading images.
14:12 <Battleben> Spine will just replace them
14:12 <Fswe1> Anything specific?
14:12 <Fswe1> ...
14:12 <Fswe1> He's done it twice, get over it.
14:12 <Battleben> Far more than twice
14:12 <Kq head> Sounds like Mike, if he were to use foresight
14:12 <Fswe1> Twice recently.
14:13 <Battleben> Thrice
14:13 <Fswe1> Leave him a takl page message, I dunno.
14:13 <Kq head> Why/what/how replaced?
14:14 <Kq head> upload images that he won't replace, problem solved
14:16 <Fswe1> He uploaded an image that was superior to the version it was replaced with.
14:16 <Fswe1> Well, except that it didn't have translucency.
14:17 <Battleben> If I did that he would block me for UTP again
14:17 <Coelacanth0794>
14:18 <Fswe1> Ask him to transl your versions?
14:18 <Fswe1> (say please)
14:21 <Battleben> I don't want to ;-;
14:21 <Fswe1> I have run out of ideas.
14:21 <Fswe1> Anyone?
14:22 <Fswe1> [[King of Varrock]]
14:23 <Atheist723> For the record, Battleben, I think your treatment for the image problems are unnecessary and overly harsh.
14:23 <Dogfoger> wow lol
14:23 <Dogfoger> Dexter is really fucked up
14:23 <Battleben> Hrm, Ath?
14:23 <Dogfoger> Not least of all his psycopathy
14:23 <Atheist723> Translucency, Battleben.
14:23 <Battleben> What treatment?
14:23 <Atheist723> Do you really expect a killer to be mentally balanced, Dogfoger?
14:23 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has joined Special:Chat
14:23 <Atheist723> Never mind.
14:23 <Atheist723> Hi Fishes.
14:23 <Dogfoger> Yeah
14:23 <Coelacanth0794>
14:23 <Battleben> I just get annoyed that I do things for no reason.
14:24 <Dogfoger> A lot f killers only become killers by accident
14:24 <Dogfoger> Murderers are planned
14:24 <Dogfoger> I don't expect a murderer to be "mentally balanced"
14:24 <Casting Fishes^^> coel pls
14:24 <Dogfoger> but killers, yes?
14:26 <Coelacanth0794> casting plox
14:28 <Atheist723> !tset
14:28 <Atheist723> !test
14:28 <RSChatBot> Atheist723: Hai!
14:28 <Dogfoger> tset lol
14:31 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
14:32 <Coelacanth0794>
14:32 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
14:32 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
14:32 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
14:33 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
14:35 <TyA> Hii
14:35 <Fswe1> hiya tya
14:36 <TonyBest100>
14:38 <Battleben> Sigh.
14:38 <Fswe1>
14:39 <Fswe1>
14:39 <TyA> repost
14:39 <Fswe1> Those two images are brilliant.
14:40 <TyA> Indeed.
14:40 <TonyBest100> don't say you weren't warned if you get d/ced  on that day
14:40 <Battleben> omg i dced time to spam the forums
14:41 <Fswe1> G2g.
14:41 <Fswe1> Bye!
14:41 -!- Fswe1 has left Special:Chat.
14:41 <TonyBest100> lol
14:41 <Kq head> lol @ fswe's images
14:42 <Kq head> Zanik is such a non-believer that she can't see the gods, and the player is just making a joke of the situation unknowingly
14:43 <Dogfoger> fswe
14:43 <Dogfoger> force
14:43 <Dogfoger> distance
14:43 <Dogfoger> work
14:43 <Dogfoger> energy
14:43 <Dogfoger> fswe
14:43 <The Mol Man> what?
14:43 <The Mol Man> s = distance?...
14:43 <Dogfoger> isndeed
14:44 <The Mol Man> no
14:44 <Kq head> speed
14:44 <Dogfoger> s = distance here lol
14:44 <The Mol Man> that's dumb
14:44 <Kq head> E equals MC Hammer
14:44 <Dogfoger> so
14:44 <Dogfoger> w00t
14:44 <Kq head> Can't touch this
14:44 <Dogfoger> /me huggles Kq
14:44 <The Mol Man>
14:44 <The Mol Man> kq
14:44 <Battleben> Anyone want to watch me fail at Dominion Tower
14:45 <Kq head> Yes, please!
14:45 <Kq head> err... at what exactly
14:46 <Battleben> Dominion Tower endurance mode
14:46 <Battleben> I'll try and reach the top
14:46 <Battleben> Naturally, I'll die at say, floor 30
14:47 <Kq head> everything is taking too long to load
14:51 <Kq head> it's like google chrome has borked
14:51 <Kq head> and just refuses to load any new tabs
14:51 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
14:52 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
14:52 <Kq head> Porblem sloved!
14:53 -!- EpicGuy5487 has joined Special:Chat
14:53 <EpicGuy5487> 579036 wat is tht number with commas
14:54 <Dogfoger> 5,79,036
14:54 <Dogfoger> wait
14:54 <Dogfoger> yeah
14:54 <Dogfoger> fivemillion, seventy nine thousand and thirty six
14:55 <EpicGuy5487> its hard with the calc to tell... I need commas
14:55 <Dogfoger> /me poekscoel
14:55 <Dogfoger> amirite?
14:55 <Coelacanth0794> ?
14:55 <Dogfoger> /me poeks coel*
14:55 <Coelacanth0794> 579k
14:55 <Dogfoger> look up
14:56 <EpicGuy5487> so I need 500k yews to get 120m 4 300m
14:56 <EpicGuy5487> 120 srry not 120m
14:57 <The Mol Man> lol
14:57 <The Mol Man> not a good method
14:57 <EpicGuy5487> what is
14:57 <Coelacanth0794> 579k is closer rounded to 580k and to 600k than to 500k
14:58 <EpicGuy5487> true lol
14:58 <EpicGuy5487> so I could make a ton of cash if I did yews
14:58 <The Mol Man> not really
14:58 <The Mol Man> look at [[RS:S]]
15:00 <Kq head> "(D^2+C^2)^0.5"
15:00 <Kq head> Can somebody explain to me what the ***k this means?
15:00 <Kq head> some sort of armour formula
15:01 <The Mol Man> where aer you seeing it?
15:01 <Kq head> [[Armour/Melee armour]]
15:01 <Kq head> the page has errors and i'm trying to fix em
15:01 <Kq head> but i don't know what that means
15:02 <EpicGuy5487> can u guys fix the calc to let commas be in it?
15:02 <AnselaJonla> Which calc?
15:02 <Dogfoger> we'll need Joey
15:02 <Coelacanth0794>
15:02 <Dogfoger> When Joey comes back, we'll ask him :)
15:02 <The Mol Man> kq
15:03 <EpicGuy5487> wcing
15:03 <The Mol Man> give me an actual link
15:03 <EpicGuy5487> hm
15:04 <The Mol Man> welll...?
15:04 <EpicGuy5487> try  puuting commas
15:04 <TonyBest100> Its official guys
15:05 <TonyBest100> the winning vote for the divination skillcape design is :
15:05 <TonyBest100> option 6
15:06 <Coelacanth0794> f
15:06 <Dogfoger> Tony
15:06 <EpicGuy5487> for the fm calc I could put commas
15:06 <Dogfoger> Was there an update today?
15:06 <TonyBest100> Nope
15:06 <TonyBest100> there will be no update this week >.<
15:06 <Dogfoger> Do you know when we gonna get Diviniation?
15:07 <TonyBest100> 2 - 3 weeks
15:07 <Dogfoger> so not this month
15:07 <TonyBest100> No, still this month
15:08 <TonyBest100> theres 3 weeks left in this month still
15:08 <Dogfoger> 3weeks from now is sept
15:08 <TonyBest100> actually it would be 27th August 2013, not september
15:08 <AnselaJonla> Mol - still no commas in the number of logs needed
15:08 <Dogfoger> Tony, how do you get your info on the updates?
15:09 <EpicGuy5487> it is hard to tell imo
15:09 <TonyBest100> Simple, I follow the BTS videos to try and see what is released for that following week :P
15:09 <The Mol Man> i thought he also wanted commas in the inputs
15:09 <EpicGuy5487> I do 4 both
15:09 <TonyBest100> last weeks BTS was part 1 of the divination BTS vids, part 2 will likely follow after next weeks quest BTS vid :P
15:09 <Battleben> Anyone want to watch me in dominion tower?
15:10 <Dogfoger> shitballs
15:10 <AnselaJonla> Still none, Mol
15:10 <Dogfoger> i neverlogged in today
15:10 <Dogfoger> Ben
15:10 <AnselaJonla> I logged in last night to check something
15:10 <Dogfoger> if it'll mske you feel good about yourself, I'll come
15:10 <The Mol Man> I'm getting the inputs done first...
15:11 <AnselaJonla> Someone had the Grey Order statue in the Rune Memories guide tagged as Zaros
15:11 <Dogfoger> My next 99 is gonna be Divination
15:12 <Dogfoger> My Divination level is 0.
15:13 <TonyBest100> I dont think i'd even be bothered enough to try for 99 Divination lol
15:13 <TonyBest100> I'd probs get it at least to 70
15:14 <Kq head> in fact what does the "Defence" and Constitution" mean in [[Armour/Melee armour]]? They don't match armour ratings or life point boosts at all
15:14 <Kq head> new OR old, not that i can find
15:14 <The Mol Man> okay, commas galore
15:15 <EpicGuy5487> thank you mol 4 doin tht
15:15 <EpicGuy5487> :)
15:15 <EpicGuy5487> life saverl
15:15 <Kq head> this is so confusing
15:16 <The Mol Man> 26,665,466 experience is needed to level from level 1,200 to level 26,666,666.
15:17 <EpicGuy5487> mol thanks
15:18 <The Mol Man> no
15:20 -!- EpicGuy5487 has left Special:Chat.
15:20 <Kq head> I still don't know what (D^2+C^2)^0.5 means
15:21 <Kq head> too many things going on and i'm bad at math
15:21 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
15:21 <Dogfoger> Kq
15:21 <Dogfoger> I'mworse
15:21 <Kq head> i forgot what the pointy means
15:21 <Dogfoger> I'm worse*
15:21 <Suppa chuppa> Kq head: Defence bonus squared + lp bonus squared
15:21 <Suppa chuppa> and then the square root of that
15:21 <Dogfoger> so basicly pythagoras
15:21 <Dogfoger> without the triangles
15:21 <Dogfoger> lol
15:21 <Suppa chuppa> it's a way of normalizing armor
15:22 <Kq head> ok thanks for clearing that up
15:24 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
15:25 <Kq head> damn, those values are outdated as fuck
15:25 <Kq head> i better get to work on those
15:25 <Kq head> inb4 somebody edits some tiny grammar mistake and i have to redo the entire thing
15:26 <Suppa chuppa> lol
15:26 <TonyBest100> That usually happens :P
15:27 <The Mol Man> or just go back and then click save again
15:28 <Kq head> [[Corrupt Vesta's equipment]] "It requires 20 defence or attack to wield." OR?!
15:28 <Suppa chuppa> well
15:28 <Kq head> just when i'm trying to figure this shit out too
15:28 <Suppa chuppa> as in the weapon needs 20 attack
15:28 <Kq head> oh
15:28 <Suppa chuppa> and armor needs 20 def
15:28 <Kq head> ffffffhshshssh damn it
15:28 <Kq head> ok
15:29 <Dogfoger>
15:29 <Kq head> I hate when info is wrong and I have to log in to check
15:29 <The Mol Man> it'd be better to say "buttfor"
15:30 <The Mol Man> or "abuttfor"
15:32 <Kq head> what's a butt for
15:32 <Kq head> sitting
15:32 <Coelacanth0794>
15:32 <Kq head> uh oh i have le google chrome loading-refusal glitch again
15:34 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
15:36 <Coelacanth0794>
15:42 <Coelacanth0794>
15:45 <Kq head> maybe some fooding will help me brain the porblem solve.
15:46 -!- EpicGuy5487 has joined Special:Chat
15:46 <EpicGuy5487> sup guys
15:47 <Coelacanth0794> ello
15:47 <EpicGuy5487> im bored
15:48 <Coelacanth0794>
15:48 <Coelacanth0794> "i have aids praise me"
15:48 <EpicGuy5487> im wcing yet im boreed
15:49 <Kq head> is there a theory or law pertaining to an article becoming shittier with time
15:49 <Coelacanth0794> rs:shit?
15:49 <Coelacanth0794> idk
15:49 <Kq head> like godwin's law sort of thing
15:50 <Kq head> the more anons edit this article, the worse it gets
15:52 -!- EpicGuy5487 has left Special:Chat.
15:54 <Suppa chuppa> lol
15:55 <Battleben> Why did Cyrisus stay in the arena after I beat the bosses
15:55 <Suppa chuppa> at first i thought you were trying to tell a joke
15:56 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
15:56 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
15:56 <Battleben> He kept teleporting around and venging me even after I left
15:58 <Dogfoger> ew
15:58 <Dogfoger> ewewewewewewewewewewew
15:59 <Dogfoger> eeewwww
15:59 <Battleben> ..k
16:00 <Kq head> does corrupt ancient warrior equipment only last for 15 minutes of worn or combat
16:00 <Dogfoger> the Doomsday Killer set a trap where if you moved a body part, a whole shit ton of blood poured down
16:00 <Suppa chuppa> combat, i think
16:00 <Suppa chuppa> kq
16:01 <Kq head> some articles say wielded and some say combat
16:02 <Kq head> gaaah there's just too much to change
16:02 <Kq head> i gotta focus on one article at a time
16:02 <Suppa chuppa> lol
16:02 <Coelacanth0794>
16:02 <Kq head> so many badly worded/false paragraphs and just incorrect everything in general in some cases
16:03 <Suppa chuppa> Are you a female Canadian, Coelacanth0794?
16:03 <Coelacanth0794> no i am male
16:04 <Dogfoger> so you say
16:04 <Coelacanth0794> you are one to talk dog
16:04 <Kq head> lol maple-syrupy
16:04 <Dogfoger> I am?
16:04 <Dogfoger> What's that supposed to me?
16:04 <Dogfoger> mean*
16:04 <Dogfoger> lol
16:04 <AnselaJonla> - pretty good RS3/EoC guide
16:05 <Kq head> go ahead and mistake me for the wrong gender dog
16:05 <Kq head> do it
16:05 <Dogfoger> You're a female
16:05 <Dogfoger> It's quite obvious
16:06 <TonyBest100> Ansela, that's not a guide >.<
16:06 <TonyBest100> Thats gangnam style
16:06 <Kq head> not as good as rickrolling
16:06 <Battleben> Zenevivia needs to stop hitting my pig with her fire
16:06 <Kq head> ok dog says i'm female so i must be
16:07 <Kq head> -girl things-
16:07 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
16:07 <Dogfoger> ermahgerd hairr
16:07 <Dogfoger> hai
16:08 <Hairr> hi
16:08 <Kq head> i wish i could sound more ambiguous for max'd trolling
16:09 -!- Cblair91 has joined Special:Chat
16:10 <Dogfoger> cblair
16:10 <Dogfoger> How goes the !tell
16:11 <Kq head> i'm going to do the unthinkable
16:11 <Kq head> I'm going to... to...
16:11 <Kq head> Go... outside!!
16:11 <Cblair91> coding pm system nows :D
16:11 <Dogfoger> yay
16:11 <AnselaJonla>
16:11 <Kq head> I'm still editing le article while i am le gone
16:11 <Kq head> i will finish when i get le back
16:12 <Kq head> ansela that's quite scary
16:14 <Dogfoger> ansela
16:15 <Dogfoger> fucking nsfw...
16:16 <AnselaJonla> Then you didn't watch to the end...
16:16 <Dogfoger> I did
16:16 <Dogfoger> If it's not a butt, what is it?
16:17 <Coelacanth0794> "i did but what is it"
16:17 <AnselaJonla> It's her knee
16:17 <Coelacanth0794> sure you did..
16:18 <Dogfoger> there's only one doomsday killer
16:20 <TonyBest100>
16:20 <Coelacanth0794>
16:20 <TonyBest100> That was on Rude Tube last week!
16:20 <Dogfoger> +1 forspykids
16:20 <Battleben> OH FFFS
16:20 <TonyBest100> under WTF
16:21 <Dogfoger> Or is that not a thumbthumb
16:21 <Battleben> Dc as the pest queen is doing her special
16:21 <Battleben> Typical
16:21 <Battleben> TYPICALLLL
16:21 <Battleben> and I was on like f37 ;-;
16:23 <AnselaJonla>
16:24 <TonyBest100> Lol that was a gd top gear episode
16:25 <AnselaJonla> - do NOT click if you are eating something or have a weak stomach
16:25 <AnselaJonla> (Or don't, I'm a wikian, not a cop)
16:26 <TonyBest100> What the fk is that!!
16:27 <Suppa chuppa> a fatberg
16:27 <TonyBest100> dear god, I wouldn't wanna be the group responsible for cleaning that up
16:28 <Coelacanth0794>
16:28 <AnselaJonla> Tony, you know why a lot of takeaways are just automatically fined every month?
16:28 <TonyBest100> Yeah
16:29 <TonyBest100> Aha theres a billboard ad for GTA V that doesn't mention the 360 version at all
16:29 <Dtm142> Oooooooooooh
16:29 <Dtm142> We might be getting a new province :o
16:29 <Dtm142>
16:30 <Coelacanth0794> lol
16:30 <Dtm142> Oh shit.  Not one of those sites :@
16:30 <Dtm142> @tony
16:30 <Dtm142> They're so addictive...
16:32 <TonyBest100> I know
16:32 <Dtm142>
16:32 <Dtm142> #funfacts
16:36 <Dogfoger> †††††
16:37 <AnselaJonla> /me thinks Americans are weird
16:38 <Battleben> They are
16:38 <Hairr> agreed
16:38 <The Mol Man> racist
16:38 <Battleben> Anyway, *goes back to being mad*
16:38 <Dtm142> 'murica and Thatcherland couldn't be more similar.  The only major difference is the language.
16:39 <Dtm142> (and denying that would only prove my point)
16:39 <Dtm142> (H)
16:39 <AnselaJonla> I'm just amused by the mostly-American insistence that certain bodily functions not be performed in the areas provided for them to be done in
16:39 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
16:39 <Kq head> Thatcherland doesn't exist anymore
16:39 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
16:40 <Suppa chuppa> AnselaJonla: Like what?
16:40 <AnselaJonla> Defaecation
16:40 <Kq head> Shitting in a toilet?
16:40 <AnselaJonla> Yeah, Kq head
16:40 <Kq head> ...I don't get it.
16:40 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
16:40 <Suppa chuppa> wait what
16:41 <The Mol Man> ozzy osbourne was arrested for pissing at the alamo
16:41 <AnselaJonla> I spot it on imgur and passive-aggressive notes and the like every now and then
16:41 <The Mol Man> defecation should only occur in one place
16:41 <AnselaJonla> Some American going "omg I had to use a public toilet to do my business in. How shameful that everyone who was there at the time knows I poop"
16:41 <The Mol Man> the bedroom, between 2 consenting adults
16:44 <The Mol Man> dafuq
16:44 <The Mol Man> just got the message "Running" in my chatbox
16:45 <Kq head> people don't like taking a dump in public toilets, generally
16:45 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
16:45 <The Mol Man> it's less about people knowing you poop
16:45 <The Mol Man> more abut them being able to smell what you ate
16:45 <Kq head> maybe they never learned to flush
16:46 <The Mol Man> or they're a clogger
16:46 <Dtm142> sanitaryness
16:46 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
16:46 <Dogfoger> 6
16:46 <The Mol Man> /2
16:46 <The Mol Man> =
16:46 <The Mol Man> 3
16:46 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
16:47 <Hairr>
16:47 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <AnselaJonla> Oooh, can I answer, Hairr?
16:48 <Hairr> No <_<
16:48 <Dtm142> (H)
16:48 <AnselaJonla> (I assume it is the same process as here, i.e. History > Good revision > Edit > Save w/ no changes)
16:48 <Hairr> nop
16:48 <AnselaJonla> Aw :(
16:48 <Hairr> i'm using stiki and twinkle
16:48 <AnselaJonla> How do you do it on wp then?
16:49 <Suppa chuppa> lol hair
16:49 <Suppa chuppa> edits through tw have (TW) at the end though
16:49 <Suppa chuppa> so that wasn't through tw, was it?
16:50 <Hairr> correct
16:50 <Hairr> I can modify the edit summary in stiki
16:50 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <Ciphrius Kane> [[RuneScape:Requests_for_deletion/File:Squeal_of_Fortune_riot.png]] Been a week since anybody commented on that
16:52 <Hairr> i say get rid of it
16:52 <Hairr> ofc
16:52 <Battleben> The thingy on the main page should be changed to say we're in year 0 of the Sixth Age
16:52 <Battleben> Maybe, I dunno.
16:52 <Battleben> Or maybe it's the first now..
16:53 <The Mol Man> no such thing as year 0
16:54 <Hairr> fswe added year 1, quick change it to 0
16:54 <Battleben> "Year 0 of the 5th Age:
16:54 <Battleben> I've heard that some are calling this the beginning of the Fifth Age; it would seem suitable if they weren't calling it The Age of Man. Bah! I rename it The Age of Reckoning! I will allow the humans three hours to celebrate, and then we work again. I will not allow them any longer than that: revelry leads to rebellion, and I cannot afford to massacre them as we get so close."
16:54 <Dogfoger> be back in a mo
16:55 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
16:55 <The Mol Man> meh
16:55 <The Mol Man> I don't believe in year 0
16:55 <Ciphrius Kane> Think it could be closed or should it be left open?
16:56 <The Mol Man> you're the sysop
16:56 <Battleben> Bilrach says otherwise :P
16:56 <Ciphrius Kane> I also commented on it
16:56 <Kq head> three hours to celebrate, eh?
16:56 <Kq head> PARTY
16:56 <Ciphrius Kane> And I don't want to risk certain people coming up my ass claiming that I closed it because of Ansela
16:56 <The Mol Man> stop being parnoid
16:56 <Coelacanth0794> f
16:57 <Hairr> here's the div skillcape
16:57 <Hairr> jpg and all
16:57 <Suppa chuppa> meh
16:57 <Coelacanth0794> random sharpshooters attack me
16:57 <Suppa chuppa> i'll close it
16:57 -!- Cblair91 has left Special:Chat.
16:57 -!- Cblair91 has joined Special:Chat
16:59 -!- Fswe1 has joined Special:Chat
16:59 <Fswe1>
16:59 <Fswe1> Dat edit summar
16:59 <Fswe1> y
16:59 <The Mol Man> Cool
16:59 <The Mol Man> i've done that twice
16:59 <Fswe1> The ugliest design won, cool.
16:59 <Fswe1> Noob mol
16:59 <Hairr> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (H)
17:00 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
17:01 <Fswe1> Is Haidro ill?
17:01 <The Mol Man> I hope
17:01 <The Mol Man> I've always wanted a reason to bring him soup
17:01 <Coelacanth0794>
17:01 <Suppa chuppa> lol
17:01 <Fswe1> ...Need I ask?
17:02 <Suppa chuppa> he's not ill, he's just hiding from coppa
17:02 <The Mol Man> suppa chuppa coppa 
17:02 <Fswe1> I'm going to sit in a corner now...
17:02 <Fswe1> And cry.
17:02 <The Mol Man> may I join?
17:02 <AnselaJonla> - legit?
17:02 <Fswe1> Sure.
17:02 <Fswe1> I enjoy squirrels on my lap.
17:02 <Fswe1> No, Ansela.
17:02 <Fswe1> Revert.
17:02 <Hairr> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
17:03 <Fswe1> Well, the cape part is rubbish, the other is true.
17:03 <The Mol Man> fusswell
17:03 <The Mol Man> come kill automatons
17:03 <Fswe1> Bizarre Boron Fusswell
17:03 <Coelacanth0794>
17:03 <Fswe1> Nty. If I get cresbot I want to be able to orb him
17:04 <The Mol Man> why can't you? >:I
17:04 <Fswe1> Also, I'd been killing them for over a week two weeks ago.
17:04 <Fswe1> Because this laptop has a tiny screen and lots of lag.
17:04 <The Mol Man> i've*
17:04 <Fswe1> I'd*
17:04 <Fswe1> It was two weeks ago
17:05 <Fswe1>
17:05 <Fswe1> Hairr/Ciph/Coel/Coppa, close some stuff
17:05 <Coelacanth0794> wat
17:05 <Fswe1> The RfM at least.
17:05 <Hairr> it is closed
17:06 <Fswe1> oh hey
17:06 <Fswe1> RS:AD not updating
17:06 <Hairr> or cam sucks
17:06 <Hairr> i like that option
17:06 <Cblair91> Refreshing for me Fswe1
17:06 <Fswe1> ^
17:07 <Fswe1> Anyway, tim to watch TBBT in German,.
17:07 <The Mol Man> purge
17:07 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
17:07 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
17:07 -!- Fswe1 has left Special:Chat.
17:07 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
17:08 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
17:08 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
17:10 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
17:10 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <Hairr>
17:11 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
17:11 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
17:12 <Hairr>
17:12 <The Mol Man> fucking wikia
17:14 <Hairr> that type of search thing looks neat tbh
17:14 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
17:15 <Dogfoger> Hey
17:15 <Ciphrius Kane> Hey
17:15 <Dogfoger> On a new laptop (again)
17:15 <Dogfoger> adjusting to the keyboard (again)
17:15 <The Mol Man> we'l still dominate search results
17:15 <Dogfoger> installing all my old files (again)
17:16 <Dogfoger> Can't wait till I get my fucking laptop back...
17:16 <The Mol Man> you south africans are rich
17:16 <Dogfoger> We are
17:16 <Dogfoger> just not in money
17:16 <Dogfoger> But before I was using my dad's laptop
17:16 <Dogfoger> now I'm using a loan
17:17 <Hairr> true, and that probably won't change because theres is nothing more than a one page app (assuming) but it looks very simple and fast (because it doesn't have to load so many ads)
17:17 <Cblair91> stealing != loan
17:17 <Dogfoger> Cblair
17:17 <Cblair91> hio
17:17 <Dogfoger> You said you were done with PM
17:17 <Cblair91> I said i failed :D
17:17 <Dogfoger> Oh
17:17 <The Mol Man> he seems to only be able to get stats and stuff too
17:17 <Dogfoger> So you're scratching that idea
17:17 <Cblair91> It /works/
17:17 <The Mol Man> but that's what most people only care about
17:17 <Cblair91> But it keeps reconnecting
17:17 <Cblair91> about a 1000 times
17:18 <Cblair91> So I accept I suck at programming and let somebody else do it :D
17:18 <Hairr> yup
17:18 <Cblair91> I got the base of it coded in at least
17:18 <Hairr> (y) (y)
17:18 <Cblair91> What's yup hairr?
17:18 <Hairr> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm agreeing
17:18 <Dogfoger> somebody else meaning Ty?
17:18 <Cblair91> *cough* hairr's code anybody?
17:18 <Cblair91>     def __private_message_id(self, user):
17:18 <Cblair91>         data = + "/index.php?action=ajax&rs=ChatAjax&method=getPrivateRoomId&users=[\"" +
17:18 <Cblair91>                                     user + "\",\"" + self.username + "\"]")
17:18 <Cblair91> I see a flaw :O
17:19 <Cblair91> the method is getPrivateRoomID not getPrivateRoomId
17:19 <Hairr> eh, I only update my java one now
17:19 <Dogfoger> wow
17:19 <Dogfoger> is a capital that important lol
17:19 <Cblair91> Yes
17:19 <Hairr> different methods in the wikia.php api
17:19 <The Mol Man> it's really hard to fix though
17:19 <Dogfoger> shame on you Hairr
17:19 <Cblair91> Well Hairr's don't work even if he did :D
17:19 <Hairr> my java one does
17:20 <Cblair91> Hence why he trashed it with teh next revision I believe
17:20 <Cblair91>
17:20 -!- Fswe1 has joined Special:Chat
17:20 <Cblair91> And no dog
17:20 <Cblair91> Ty has no idea either :D
17:20 <Dogfoger> Hairr
17:20 <Hairr> hi dog
17:20 <Dogfoger> You don
17:20 <Fswe1> Wow, no message since I left.
17:21 <Dogfoger> 't have pings, right?
17:21 <Hairr> cblair: I just update chatbot when tybot needs it
17:21 <Cblair91> I forwarded it to Sactage since he failed to do it 3 months ago
17:21 <Fswe1> You did 13 minutes without saying anything just to wait for me?
17:21 -!- TyBot has joined Special:Chat
17:21 <Hairr> because he's fabulous~
17:21 <Dogfoger> excuse my horrible typing, will take a while to get used to this keyboard
17:21 <Cblair91> Did you summon it Hairr?
17:21 <Dogfoger> Do you
17:21 <AnselaJonla> ~test
17:21 <TyBot> My apologies, but Ciphrius Kane beats me up when I talk to you.
17:21 <Cblair91> ~test
17:21 <TyBot> Cblair91: I love you. <3
17:21 <Cblair91> ;D
17:21 <Hairr> ~test
17:21 <TyBot> Hairr: I love you more than everyone here. <3
17:21 <Hairr> <33333
17:21 <Fswe1> ~test
17:21 <TyBot> Fswe1: I love you. <3
17:21 <Cblair91> Hairr, you removed my message
17:21 <Fswe1> Bah/
17:21 <Cblair91> You dick D:
17:22 <AnselaJonla> UTP
17:22 <Hairr> :D~
17:22 <Cblair91> No not nice ;(
17:22 <Cblair91> You removed my ohai
17:22 <Fswe1> Add a message about dem cabbages for megh.
17:22 <Cblair91> !ignore Hairr
17:22 <RSChatBot> User is a moderator, cannot ignore them.
17:22 <Cblair91> Gahfuk
17:22 <AnselaJonla> lol
17:22 <Cblair91> !ignore Cblair91
17:22 <RSChatBot> User is a developer, cannot ignore them.
17:23 <Cblair91> I should do a check if the user they are ignoring is same as the sender for a troll comment
17:23 <Fswe1> !ignore Fswe1
17:23 <Fswe1> awe
17:23 <Fswe1> why do I have no rights
17:23 <Cblair91> !ignore Fswe1
17:23 <RSChatBot> Added Fswe1 to the ignore list
17:23 <Fswe1> ...
17:23 <Cblair91> try !logs
17:23 <Fswe1> !logs
17:23 <Dogfoger> /me ragequits
17:23 <AnselaJonla> !seen Spineweilder
17:23 <RSChatBot> I last saw Spineweilder 13 hours, 39 minutes and 17 seconds ago.
17:23 <Fswe1> odd
17:23 <Cblair91> !unignore Fswe1
17:23 <RSChatBot> Removed Fswe1 from the ignore list.
17:23 <Fswe1> ~test
17:23 <TyBot> Fswe1: I love you. <3
17:23 <Ciphrius Kane> !unignore Fswe1
17:23 <RSChatBot> That user is not ignored.
17:23 <Fswe1> !logs
17:23 <RSChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
17:23 <Fswe1> Ah, there we go
17:23 <Fswe1> !seen Haidro
17:23 <RSChatBot> I last saw Haidro 6 hours, 8 minutes and 31 seconds ago.
17:23 <Cblair91> You got ignoreded D:
17:24 <Fswe1> Haidro I miss you. ._.
17:24 <Cblair91> !seen somebody making fun of me
17:24 <RSChatBot> I have not seen somebody making fun of me since I have been here!
17:24 <AnselaJonla> !seen Cook Me Plox
17:24 <RSChatBot> I last saw Cook Me Plox 4 hours, 6 minutes and 24 seconds ago.
17:24 <Hairr> ugh stop
17:24 <Cblair91> I should decrease the spam filter >.>
17:24 <Dogfoger> guys seriously
17:24 <Cblair91> 3 messages per 5 minutes to bot
17:24 <Dogfoger> why must you play with it
17:24 <Cblair91> or auto ignore :D
17:24 <Fswe1> !seen RSChatBot
17:24 <RSChatBot> I last saw RSChatBot just now.
17:24 <Fswe1> Cool.
17:25 <AnselaJonla> I was curious about when Speen and Cook were last on
17:25 <Fswe1> Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.
17:25 <Fswe1> The image empress.
17:25 <Fswe1> Not impressed.
17:25 <Cblair91> !reload
17:25 <RSChatBot> reloaded, no syntax errors detected.
17:25 <Cblair91> !ignore Cblair91
17:25 <RSChatBot> User is a developer, cannot ignore them.
17:25 <Cblair91> Okay, don't reload
17:26 <Fswe1> What if you ignore the chatbot?
17:26 <Cblair91> Well he doesn't query himself with commands does he
17:26 <Cblair91> :?
17:26 <Cblair91> !ignore RSChatBot
17:26 <RSChatBot> Added RSChatBot to the ignore list
17:26 <Hairr> !test
17:26 <RSChatBot> Hairr: Hai!
17:26 <Fswe1> Oh, I had a question about template redirects.
17:26 <Fswe1> lol
17:26 <Cblair91> Sure, ping ahead
17:26 <Fswe1> Imagine a template:X
17:26 <Fswe1> And you want to create the redirect Y
17:27 <Cblair91> Chemical X?
17:27 <Fswe1> What is the different between #REDIRECT [Template:X] and {{X}}
17:27 <Fswe1> on Template:Y, I mean
17:27 <Fswe1> difference*
17:27 <Cblair91> Well {{X}} will just include it like  atemplate
17:27 <Cblair91> but a redirect will redirect normally
17:27 <Cblair91> AKA if you got a param 1
17:27 <AnselaJonla> - legit, and also can I have a better name suggestion?
17:27 <Fswe1> But if you use {{Y}} on a page somewhere, would it matter how you redirected?
17:28 <Cblair91> And you use {{Y|Param}}
17:28 <Cblair91> It won't parse the param onto template 
17:28 <Hairr> yes ansela, it was #6
17:28 <Cblair91> x
17:28 <Cblair91> Just redirect them Fswe1 >..
17:28 <Dogfoger> Guys
17:28 <Battleben> !seen RSChatBot
17:28 <RSChatBot> I last saw RSChatBot 1 minute and 56 seconds ago.
17:28 <Battleben> K
17:28 <Hairr> ben stop <_<
17:28 <Dogfoger> is The Middle a good series?
17:28 <AnselaJonla> Divination cape design winner.png?
17:28 <Fswe1> Already done Ansela
17:28 <Cblair91> Next to abuse le bot shall perish in flames of zamorak
17:29 <AnselaJonla> Fswe, remember to use {{imgname}} on the uploader's talk
17:29 <AnselaJonla> So they don't use shite names again (I wish)
17:29 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
17:29 <Cblair91> Dogfoger: try The Wire
17:29 <Fswe1>
17:29 <Fswe1> uh
17:29 <Cblair91> The Wire is the greatest life story you shall ever learn
17:29 <Fswe1> Might want to check his talk first
17:29 <Dogfoger> don't have it
17:29 <Cblair91>
17:29 <Cblair91>
17:29 <Cblair91>
17:30 <Cblair91>
17:30 <AnselaJonla> think that predates my creation of [[Template:Imgname]]
17:30 <Fswe1>
17:30 <Fswe1> that'll do
17:30 <Dogfoger> "only available in america"
17:30 <Dogfoger> "only available in america"
17:30 <Dogfoger> "only available in america"
17:30 <Dogfoger> "only available in america"
17:30 <AnselaJonla> And yes, I know that most people who upload images are too thick to get the point of the template
17:30 <Fswe1> Nou, I no longer have exactly 30k edits. ;_;
17:30 <Cblair91> try movie25
17:30 <Cblair91> D:
17:31 <TonyBest100> All those sites listed above are fine :P
17:31 <Dogfoger> I'm looking fpr comedies
17:31 <Cblair91> movie25 has comedies
17:31 <Dogfoger> Or murder investiations
17:31 <Cblair91> or you can just look at hairr's life
17:31 <AnselaJonla>
17:31 <Cblair91> Best tip from The Wire: don't watch The Wire
17:32 <Dogfoger> Do you have to download them?
17:32 <AnselaJonla>
17:32 <AnselaJonla> No, Dog
17:32 <Dogfoger> kewl
17:32 <Dogfoger> I'll have a look some time
17:32 <Battleben> I dced during the pest queen's special earlier
17:32 <Battleben> ;-;
17:32 <Cblair91>
17:32 <Dogfoger> Have to finish Dexter though
17:32 <The Mol Man> ben, how do you stop her special now?
17:32 <Dogfoger> nearly done with season 6
17:32 <Cblair91> OMFG DOG
17:33 <AnselaJonla> Also, and
17:33 <Cblair91>
17:33 <Cblair91> you must watch that :O
17:33 <Cblair91> or die trying
17:33 <Fswe1> Wahi, what was that PM thing?
17:33 <Fswe1> It doesn't work.
17:33 <Dogfoger> I have that
17:33 <Dogfoger> Is it good?
17:33 <Cblair91> is wht good
17:34 <Battleben> what PM thing?
17:34 <Dogfoger> the IT crowd
17:34 <Cblair91> Definatly
17:34 <TonyBest100> it's good
17:34 <Cblair91> If you fail to watch it, I shall kill you
17:34 <Ciphrius Kane> In order to stop the pest queen's special, you have to use Korasi's sword and either kick or backhand her
17:34 <Cblair91> If you don't laugh, go to a doctor
17:34 <Dogfoger> four seasons
17:34 <Battleben> @Mol, by using a stun ability with korasi's word equipped
17:34 <Dogfoger> lol
17:34 <TonyBest100> Blair, they're doing 1 last special later this year for the IT crowd :P
17:34 <Cblair91> Yeh, they are making a 5th soon ;(
17:34 <Battleben> (although prior to rs3 the sword wasn't actually required)
17:34 <Cblair91> AnselaJonla: Seen the new Doctor?
17:34 <Fswe1> You sent me a PM
17:34 <Dogfoger> Cblair
17:34 <Cblair91> OMFG YES TonyBest100
17:34 <Dogfoger> I shall watch it after Friends
17:34 <AnselaJonla> Cblair91, there were a few of us in here watching the live show
17:35 <Cblair91> Season 5 has been due for like 3 years?
17:35 <Cblair91> AnselaJonla: didn't you hear the slip up on radio 1 like a week ago?
17:35 <AnselaJonla> Nope
17:35 <Cblair91> As they say
17:35 <Cblair91> The worst kept secret
17:35 <Cblair91> Doctor Who fans knew who it was from like 2 months ago ;
17:35 <AnselaJonla> /me doesn't listen to radio 1 what kind of person do you think she is?
17:35 <Battleben> Did I?
17:35 <Fswe1> Something like [[Char]].
17:35 <Cblair91> AnselaJonla: Radio Bristol
17:35 <Fswe1> Well, I got a PM prompt from your name, but there wasn't an actual message.
17:36 <Fswe1> I did "reply" though, didn't you get a PM from me?
17:36 <AnselaJonla> ...
17:36 <AnselaJonla> I am nowhere near Bristol
17:36 <Fswe1> AND THE BEST QUEST IS...
17:36 <Fswe1> While Guthix Sleeps: 11
17:36 <Fswe1> The World Wakes: 5
17:36 <Cblair91> Radio 2?
17:36 <Fswe1> One Piercing Note: 4
17:36 <Fswe1> Ritual of the Mahjarrat: 3
17:36 <Fswe1> Underground Pass: 3
17:36 <Fswe1> The Fremennik Isles: 2
17:36 <Fswe1> Dragon Slayer: 2
17:36 <Fswe1> Meeting History: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> Do No Evil: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> A Mourning's Ends Part II - The Temple of Light: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> Cold War: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> The Void Stares Back: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> The Temple at Senntisten: 1
17:36 <AnselaJonla> I don't listen to the radio unless my mum is driving, and she listens to Smooth
17:36 <Cblair91> I vote cooks asistant best quest ever?
17:36 <Dogfoger> I think Fswe broke
17:36 <Fswe1> The Branches of Darkmeyer: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> Hazeel Cult: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> Love Story: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> My Arm's Big Adventure: 1
17:36 <Fswe1> That's the current votes.
17:36 <Dogfoger> fswe is broken
17:36 <AnselaJonla> Someone kick him for spamming please
17:36 <Cblair91> !quit
17:37 <Fswe1> I've been broken for a looong while now.
17:37 <Cblair91> ohsit
17:37 <Fswe1> Lol.
17:37 <TyBot> RSChatBot has left. Backup logger has been turned on.
17:37 <Cblair91> forgot rsbot did that
17:37 <AnselaJonla> (facepalm)
17:37 <Fswe1> We always have TyBot.
17:37 -!- RSChatBot has left the Special:Chat. 
17:37 <Cblair91> fukkk
17:37 <Dogfoger> lmfao blair
17:37 <Hairr> tybot is much better anyways
17:37 <Hairr>  (y)  (y)
17:37 <Dogfoger> I'm loling so hard
17:37 <AnselaJonla> Now you have to fetch Sactage and explain yourself?
17:37 <Fswe1> Haidrobot best bot
17:37 <Cblair91> no AnselaJonla
17:37 <Cblair91> I hash reboot
17:37 <Hairr> no fswe
17:37 <Suppa chuppa> Hairr: No it's not
17:37 <Cblair91> he starts up in a sec
17:37 <Hairr> go away suppa
17:37 <Dogfoger> run blair run
17:37 <Suppa chuppa> Tybot is the worst chat logger bot
17:38 <Dogfoger> /me spams as much as possible
17:38 <Cblair91> I'm rebooting RSchatBot D:
17:38 <Suppa chuppa> It collects logs, then discards them.
17:38 <Suppa chuppa> >_>
17:38 <Fswe1>
17:38 <Cblair91> ok gaise
17:38 <Hairr> because ty wants to change the mediawiki key right when he is saving it
17:38 <Cblair91> nobody needs to know i accidently did that
17:38 <Hairr> or something
17:38 <Cblair91> talk and die
17:38 <Hairr> ~updatelogs
17:38 <TyBot> Logs have successfully been updated (located here: Project:Chat/Logs/6 August 2013)!
17:39 <Battleben> Why are Zamorak's eyes stalkers
17:39 <Fswe1>
17:39 <Fswe1> Best chat logs ever.
17:39 <Suppa chuppa> Hairr: Nice logs that tybot "update"
17:39 <Suppa chuppa> right?
17:39 <AnselaJonla> Fusswell, did you add the appropriate "this is a bad image and it should be ashamed of itself and be retaken" tags to the div cape?
17:40 -!- RSChatBot has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <TyBot> RSChatbot detected back in chat. Updating logs and shutting off logger.
17:40 <Fswe1> That's fairly impossible, Ansela.
17:40 <Dogfoger> lol
17:40 <Suppa chuppa> "updating logs"
17:40 <Fswe1> Since the cape does not quite exist yet.
17:40 <Dogfoger> Such good bots <3
17:40 <Hairr> I know what it says <_< <_<
17:40 <Fswe1> <HaidroBot> All hail Brassica Prime!
17:40 <Fswe1> [20:47:47] <HaidroBot> All hail Brassica Prime!
17:40 <Fswe1> [20:47:47] <HaidroBot> All hail Brassica Prime!
17:40 <Fswe1> [20:47:47] <HaidroBot> All hail Brassica Prime!
17:40 <Fswe1> [20:47:48] <HaidroBot> All hail Brassica Prime!
17:40 <Fswe1> Lol.
17:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Cblair91 forced RSChatBot to leave!
17:40 <Ciphrius Kane> !updatelogs
17:40 <RSChatBot> Ciphrius Kane: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 16 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
17:40 <Cblair91> no i didnt ciph
17:40 <Cblair91> he's back :O
17:41 <Cblair91> he never left ;)
17:41 <AnselaJonla> Anyone mind if I move it to Divination cape design winner, since it is not a detailed image at all
17:41 <Fswe1> I think it is tbh.
17:41 <AnselaJonla> It isn't
17:41 <AnselaJonla> For one it's fricking tiny
17:41 <Hairr> it's fine until it gets updated
17:41 <Fswe1> Anyway, when someone gets 99, the DII should replace that image
17:41 <Hairr> that's all we have until someone gets 99 <_<
17:42 <Fswe1> GEDB images are named "detail" too, Ansela.
17:42 <Cblair91> oh yeh
17:42 <Cblair91> divination is out?
17:42 <Fswe1> ...sure.
17:42 <Cblair91> kewl
17:42 <AnselaJonla> coz no one can be bothered to DII half that shit
17:42 <Fswe1> 2 people got 99 already.
17:42 <Fswe1> Due to SoF lamp glitch.
17:42 <Fswe1> Banned, of course.
17:42 <AnselaJonla> I think Spine is going to, but he's having trouble getting the bits
17:42 <Cblair91> glitch?!?!?!?
17:42 <Cblair91> gimmieee
17:42 <Fswe1> Oh, all of these things are a lie.
17:42 <AnselaJonla> For black trimmed
17:42 <AnselaJonla>
17:42 <Cblair91> so max and comp capes are fucked for a while?
17:42 <AnselaJonla> Where was the poll, anyway?
17:43 <Fswe1> On the main page.
17:43 <AnselaJonla> I never saw it
17:43 <Fswe1> Let me link you
17:43 <AnselaJonla> All I've seen is the "do you like rs3" poll
17:43 <Fswe1>
17:43 <Dogfoger> /me throws a bukkit at Casting Fishes^^
17:43 <AnselaJonla> Also, I prefer if we're going to have an image
17:44 <Ciphrius Kane> I saw the poll, voted for 3
17:44 <Cblair91> (bukkit)
17:44 <AnselaJonla> Not that teensy transed one
17:44 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
17:44 <Fswe1> I voted 4
17:44 <SovietHero> eh
17:45 <Fswe1>
17:45 <Fswe1> Someone make an svg of that crest
17:45 <SovietHero> lol Demise36 you made her leave xD
17:45 <Dogfoger> omg
17:45 <Dogfoger> no
17:45 <SovietHero> *Dogfoger
17:45 <Dogfoger> it esd mr
17:45 <Dogfoger> it was me
17:45 <Fswe1> Who wants me to speak exclusively Pig Latin again?
17:45 <Dogfoger> I threw a bukkit at her and now she left
17:45 <Dogfoger> /me can converse in Pig Latin
17:46 <Ciphrius Kane> I'll give you a treat if you do so Fswe
17:46 <Fswe1> Ayyay!
17:46 <Dogfoger> a nice boot up the rear
17:46 <AnselaJonla> - why is the whole post bolded?
17:46 <Fswe1> Immegay ethay reattay, iphcay!
17:46 <Fswe1> (it isn't, Ansela?)
17:46 <Ciphrius Kane> Fswe, that treat is what Dogfoger said
17:46 <AnselaJonla> It is for me
17:46 <Fswe1> Zoom out.
17:47 <Fswe1> I ikelay a icenay ootbay upay ethay earray.
17:47 <AnselaJonla> Then I can't read it
17:47 <Fswe1> /me utspay ottombay inay ositionpay
17:47 <Dogfoger> Fswe
17:47 <Fswe1> esyay?
17:47 <AnselaJonla> [[Update:Divination Skillcape Poll - Results]]
17:47 <Dogfoger> 3 letter rules apply the same as 2 letter rules
17:47 <Dogfoger> they stay the same
17:47 <Dogfoger> remember
17:47 <Fswe1> idc
17:48 <Fswe1> esyay > yes
17:48 <Fswe1> ethay > the
17:48 <Dogfoger> esyay I nowkay
17:48 <Dogfoger> but you have to follow the rules
17:48 <Fswe1> I leave 1-letter-words the same, the rest I convert.
17:48 <Fswe1> If a word starts with a vowel, I just add ay at the end.
17:48 <Dogfoger> convert so, then
17:48 <Fswe1> yay!
17:48 <Dogfoger> osay?
17:48 <Ciphrius Kane> How do you translate "Stop or be kicked" into pig latin?
17:49 <Fswe1> esyay.
17:49 <Fswe1> topsay oray ebay ickedkay, iphcay.
17:49 <Fswe1> oh wait.
17:49 <Fswe1> :D
17:49 <Dogfoger> topsay roay ebay ickedvay
17:49 <Dogfoger> oops
17:49 <Battleben> Time to try dominion tower again
17:49 <Dogfoger> typo lol
17:49 <Fswe1> Dom Onion Cave*
17:49 <Battleben> Anyone care to watch?
17:49 <Dogfoger> I haven't spoken pig latin sin ce I was 11
17:50 <Hairr> ben: are you doing a stream on twitch?
17:51 <Fswe1> No.
17:51 <Fswe1> He wants you to go there.
17:51 <Fswe1> Ciphrius, would you agree to marrying me?
17:51 <Hairr> pssh nty
17:51 <Battleben> Balance ele uses its full death animation in dominion tower now <3
17:51 <Dogfoger> grrrrr
17:51 <Dogfoger> /me can't watch Dexter
17:51 <Ciphrius Kane> Darling, what do you think of Fswe's proposal?
17:51 <AnselaJonla> Update page made
17:51 <Dogfoger> Windows Media Player is being a whore
17:51 <Dogfoger> cus it's fucking around
17:52 <AnselaJonla> /me unleases Exterminatus on whatever country Fusswell is currently residing in
17:52 <Fswe1> Is it powerful now, Wahi?
17:52 <Fswe1> I am in Switzerland. We survive all attacks and remain neutral in all wars.
17:52 <Fswe1> There is no chance to assassinate me here, HAHAHAHAHAHa!
17:53 <AnselaJonla> Neutrality is Heresy. Heresy is Treason. Treason is answered with Death.
17:53 <Ciphrius Kane> Wouldn't an Exterminatus destroy the entire planet?
17:53 <Battleben> Better than it was
17:53 <Dogfoger> fswe
17:53 <Dogfoger> I laughed really hard at that one
17:54 <Fswe1> Good.
17:54 <Ciphrius Kane> Plus I'm not that big a fan of bigamy
17:55 <Dogfoger> et'slay ttackaay anekay, swefay?
17:55 <Fswe1> Inefay.
17:55 <Fswe1> argechay!!
17:55 <Cblair91> guy in 07 gets double robin hoot hat in the same clue scroll o.O
17:56 <Fswe1>
17:56 <Dogfoger> /me akestay otay ane'skay ootfay
17:56 <Ciphrius Kane> topsay roay ebay ickedvay
17:56 <Dogfoger> now he can't kick us
17:56 <Dogfoger> oh shit
17:56 <Cblair91>
17:56 <Dogfoger> HE CRACKED THE CODE
17:56 <Dogfoger> RUN RUN RUN
17:57 <Dogfoger> oh wait
17:57 <Dogfoger> he copied n pasted lol
17:57 <Ciphrius Kane> What did you do with my foot?
17:57 <Fswe1> WE ARE GOING TO BE "VICKED".
17:57 <Dogfoger> ikr fswe
17:57 <Fswe1> DON'T SET VICKY UPON US.
17:57 <Fswe1> WE SURRENDER!
17:57 <Fswe1> I AM A TWERP!
17:58 <Dogfoger> I took to it, Kane
17:58 <Dogfoger> /me calls his Fairy God Parents
17:58 <Dogfoger> oh wait
17:58 <Dogfoger> joey isn't here and Hallow is banned
17:58 <Dogfoger> and hallow is actually male
17:58 <Dogfoger> so I have no fairy god parents
17:58 <Dogfoger> /me runs
17:59 <Fswe1> I-a am a fairy god-a-father. Ze queen bee iz gone, but-a per'aps I-a could 'elp you-a?
17:59 <Dogfoger> lol
18:00 <Fswe1> I-a 'ave long-a anttenae.
18:00 <Fswe1> Arewellfay ownay, uysgay!
18:01 <Fswe1> I'm off.
18:01 <Dogfoger> Bye
18:01 <Fswe1> eeriochay.
18:01 -!- Fswe1 has left Special:Chat.
18:01 <Dogfoger> Kane, how did you know I did something with your foot?
18:01 -!- Fswe1 was kicked from Special:Chat by Ciphrius Kane
18:01 <Ciphrius Kane> I'm not completely thick
18:01 <Dogfoger> could've fooled me
18:02 <Dogfoger> /me joke
18:02 <Dogfoger> /me runs like all hell
18:02 <Dogfoger> Umm
18:02 <Dogfoger> I have a quick question
18:02 <Dogfoger> You know where it says when a message was sent (this is to everyone0
18:03 <Dogfoger> Why does it only record the time when the first message was sent?
18:03 <Dogfoger> For instance
18:03 <Ciphrius Kane> !updatelogs
18:03 <RSChatBot> Ciphrius Kane: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 163 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
18:03 <Hairr> the continued messages are recorded, just not displayed
18:03 <Ciphrius Kane> Check the logs, all the times are there
18:03 <Dogfoger> oh ok
18:03 <Dogfoger> they should be
18:03 <Dogfoger> displayed
18:04 <Hairr> ciph: the times are saved there because the bot creates a new time instance in ITS code.  the chat has the times too, just not displayed
18:04 <Hairr> that way the chat isn't cluttered
18:04 <Dogfoger> bah
18:04 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
18:04 <Hairr> it can always be displayed in your own chat.css dog, but it looks very messy ofc
18:04 <Dogfoger> Hairr took out two birds with one stone
18:05 <Dogfoger> Have you not seen my .css?
18:05 <Dogfoger> lol
18:05 <Dogfoger> [[User:Dogfoger/chat.css]]
18:05 <Dogfoger> have a look
18:05 <Hairr> oh yeah, couldn't even copy/paste..
18:05 <Hairr> :3
18:05 <Dogfoger> what's that supposed to mean?
18:06 <Hairr> "<username>" --> "<Hairr>"
18:06 <Hairr> :3
18:06 <Dogfoger> eh wut
18:06 <Hairr>
18:07 <Dogfoger> oh right
18:07 <Dogfoger> That was Mol's fault
18:07 <Dogfoger> omg omg ommg omg
18:07 <Dogfoger> Mol!
18:07 <The Mol Man> no
18:07 <Hairr> mol said "<username>"
18:08 <Hairr> .Chat .continued .time { display: inline; }
18:08 <Dogfoger> I saw a boat in The Waterfront, and its name was 'mol'
18:08 <Hairr> if you want to display the extra times, just do that
18:08 <Hairr> ^^
18:08 <The Mol Man>
18:09 <The Mol Man> find my .contnued.time
18:09 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
18:09 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
18:12 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
18:12 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
18:12 <Dogfoger> mol
18:13 <Dogfoger> i can't imagine what your chat must look like
18:13 <The Mol Man> beautiful
18:13 <Dogfoger> pics or it didn't happen
18:14 <The Mol Man> just copy my chat css
18:15 <Dogfoger> you want me to copy your entire your chat.css
18:15 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
18:15 <TyA> ~die
18:15 -!- TyBot has left Special:Chat.
18:15 <Dogfoger> well gee
18:15 <The Mol Man> or import it
18:15 <Dogfoger> hello to you too, Ty
18:15 <Dogfoger> nice to see you again
18:17 -!- TyBot has joined Special:Chat
18:17 <Hairr> ~test
18:17 <TyBot> Hairr: I love you more than everyone here. <3
18:17 <TyA> ~upsrc
18:17 <TyBot> Updated at [[w:c:ty:TyBot/GEMWbot/]]!
18:17 <Dogfoger> I can't resist
18:17 <Dogfoger> !seen a way out
18:17 <RSChatBot> I have not seen a way out since I have been here!
18:18 <The Mol Man> !seen a funny !seen joke
18:18 <RSChatBot> I have not seen a funny !seen joke since I have been here!
18:18 <The Mol Man> !seen """""""
18:18 <The Mol Man> i think I broke it
18:18 <Dogfoger> lol
18:18 <Hairr> oh I thought I removed it from start_updates() as well
18:18 <TyA> Don't remove the api stuff from start_updates
18:18 <The Mol Man> !seen g
18:18 <RSChatBot> I have not seen g since I have been here!
18:18 <The Mol Man> !seen f + "
18:19 <Hairr> if it was global, would it matter?
18:19 <TyA> That is make makes it log in and refresh its edit token
18:19 <TyA> So it would actually go
18:19 <TyA> Yes
18:19 <TyA> The token would expire and be no good if we didn't relog and refresh it
18:20 <TyA> Which is why it stopped updating pages when it was reporting to run fine
18:21 <Kq head> ok
18:22 <Dogfoger> /me noms on a cheese scone
18:22 <Battleben> beh
18:23 <The Mol Man> guys
18:23 <The Mol Man> spineweilder is dumb:
18:23 <The Mol Man>
18:23 <Kq head> photoshopped
18:24 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
18:24 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
18:24 <TonyBest100> :P
18:26 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
18:26 <Battleben> k mol
18:26 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
18:27 <The Mol Man> photo is legit
18:27 <Dogfoger> /me i craving doughnuts
18:27 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
18:28 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
18:29 <AnselaJonla> /me returns from dinner
18:29 <AnselaJonla> /me loves faggots
18:30 <Dogfoger> Did you know that at least one person from your school year is a murderer?
18:30 <Dogfoger> lol Ansela, inside jokes are the best
18:30 <Kq head> Thanks a lot.
18:30 <Dogfoger> I'm talking to those people who are out of school
18:31 <Kq head> there was somebody a year above me at a school who got murdered...
18:31 <The Mol Man> doubt it for me
18:31 <AnselaJonla> Joke? 'Tis not a joke that I consumed faggots for my evening meal this night.
18:31 <Dogfoger> Yes I know
18:31 <Kq head> i don't think i knew him that well
18:31 <Dogfoger> But for people who are ignorant, they would assume the other type of faggot
18:31 <Kq head> seeing as i don't remember ever talking to him
18:32 <Dogfoger> /me poeks Kq
18:32 <Hairr> Dog: I wouldn't say ignorance, I would say common use of the word in other countries
18:32 <Dogfoger> Tell me what a faggot is, apart from the derogatory name for a homosexual person
18:32 <The Mol Man> why is ansela eating sticks? >.>
18:33 <Dogfoger> damnit mol
18:33 <Dogfoger> I think she meant the meatballs
18:33 <The Mol Man> also, faggot is evolving into a general insult
18:33 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
18:33 <Dogfoger> /me presses B
18:33 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
18:33 <Dogfoger> Evolution cancelled!
18:33 <Dogfoger> Faggot did not evolve!
18:34 <The Mol Man> you want it to remain a slur?
18:34 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
18:34 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
18:34 <Dogfoger> better than an insult
18:34 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
18:34 <The Mol Man> so an insult that only pertains to one people is better than a general insult?
18:34 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
18:35 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
18:35 <Dogfoger> /me presses B on Mol
18:35 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
18:35 <Dogfoger> Mol cancelled!
18:35 <The Mol Man> Speaking of word evolution
18:35 <Dogfoger> Mol does not exist!
18:35 <The Mol Man>
18:36 <The Mol Man>
18:37 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
18:39 <SovietHero> *Fights Hairr like this*
18:39 <SovietHero>
18:39 <Hairr> god I hope I just that girl sitting down that looks like too much effort
18:40 <SovietHero> The one with the tray?
18:40 <Hairr> yes
18:40 <SovietHero> Eh she's a waitress
18:40 <The Mol Man> hairr, you're cute
18:40 <Suppa chuppa> !updatelogs
18:40 <RSChatBot> Suppa chuppa: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 143 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
18:41 <SovietHero> Oh and that waitress-
18:41 <AnselaJonla> Suppa?
18:42 <Battleben> k, beat queen without any food
18:42 <Battleben> revenge
18:42 <Dogfoger> lol
18:46 <Suppa chuppa> hi
18:46 <AnselaJonla> Sarpa, could you please protect [[Divination]]?
18:46 <AnselaJonla> Again
18:46 <AnselaJonla> For longer than Fergs did
18:47 <Battleben> What's a sarpa
18:47 <Suppa chuppa> sure
18:48 <AnselaJonla> Tank chu
18:48 <Dogfoger> they need to fucking fire Quinn
18:49 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh he'll be gone soon enough
18:49 <Kq head> did you just call him Sarpa...?
18:49 <Dogfoger> oh I know he's gonna die
18:50 <Dogfoger> but they should've fired him long ago
18:50 <AnselaJonla> Problem, Kq head?
18:51 <Kq head> Yes, that does pose some problems!
18:51 <AnselaJonla> It's Suppa as said by a posh person
18:51 <AnselaJonla> Which I fuckin' ain't, but.... meh
18:52 <Ciphrius Kane> So you're not a posh lady?
18:52 <Dogfoger> Beyonce's song popped into my head lol
18:52 <Kq head> Oh, I doubt there's any chance of That.
18:52 <Dogfoger> all the single ladies, all the single ladies..
18:52 <AnselaJonla> lol sixteen uses of "fuck" in the logs for today
18:53 <Kq head> What is poshness, anyway?
18:53 <The Mol Man> fuck, we need more fucking fucks
18:53 <Kq head> How much do I swear in this fiddlesticks chat?
18:53 <Dogfoger> how many of them are mine
18:53 <AnselaJonla> 10
18:53 <Dogfoger> @ansela
18:53 <Dogfoger> seriously
18:53 <AnselaJonla> Seriosuly
18:53 <Dogfoger> /me considers that an achievment
18:53 <Kq head> Sometimes I get really pissed off and swear like a fucking madman
18:53 <Kq head> or madwoman according to dogfoger
18:54 <AnselaJonla> Also, in the part of chat logged so far, I ain't said fuck once
18:54 <AnselaJonla> So I ain't swore in today's logs
18:54 <Ciphrius Kane> !updatelogs
18:54 <Dogfoger> somone update the log
18:54 <RSChatBot> Ciphrius Kane: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 41 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
18:54 <AnselaJonla> fuck...
18:54 <Dogfoger> w00t
18:54 <Ciphrius Kane> Problem?
18:54 <Dogfoger> /me gives Ciphrius Kane his boot back
18:55 <Ciphrius Kane> /me proceeds to beat Dogfoger with it
18:55 <AnselaJonla> Up to 24 uses
18:55 <Kq head> dogfoger has used the word "pony" today
18:55 <Cblair91> Oi oi
18:55 <Dogfoger> I HAVE NOT
18:55 <SovietHero> Shit.
18:55 <Cblair91> These boots were made for walking Ciphrius Kane
18:55 <Ciphrius Kane> *boot
18:55 <Cblair91> You can only afford one boot ciphie?
18:55 <Ciphrius Kane> No
18:56 <SovietHero> Cblair91 you are an idiot.
18:56 <Ciphrius Kane> But how am I meant to use 2?
18:56 <Dogfoger> he only needs on
18:56 <Dogfoger> one
18:56 <Cblair91> Put them on your feet duhh
18:56 <SovietHero> He lost a leg, bro.
18:56 <Ciphrius Kane> *foot
18:56 <Kq head> I have only said the F-word 4 times today in chat
18:56 <Kq head> Not enough...
18:56 <Ciphrius Kane> Food?
18:56 <AnselaJonla>
18:56 <Cblair91> Fortune, Squeel
18:57 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
18:58 <Kq head> I have said the S-word 5 times today
18:58 <SovietHero> We can say the F word, but what about the N word?
18:58 <Kq head> satisfactory
18:58 <Cblair91> Napolean ?
18:59 <Kq head> Nuance?
18:59 <Dogfoger> Napoleon*
18:59 <Cblair91> Nigeria? 
18:59 <SovietHero> N**ga
18:59 <Cblair91> Naaga
18:59 <Kq head> Naragi
18:59 <Cblair91> [[w:c:wow:Naaga]]
18:59 <Cblair91> I named something right :D
18:59 <SovietHero> Ni*ga
18:59 <Kq head> "Get away from the door, *****!"
19:00 <The Mol Man> matches nga, and niiga and niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiga
19:00 <Cblair91> Nima
19:00 <Dogfoger> stop
19:00 <Coelacanth0794> hi
19:00 <Cblair91> [[w:c:wow:Niaga]]
19:00 <Cblair91> Do I win SovietHero?
19:00 <Cblair91> Wait I spelt it wrong
19:00 <Dogfoger> Mol
19:00 <Dogfoger> Mol mol mol
19:01 <Dogfoger> MOL
19:01 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
19:01 <Dogfoger> molmolmolmolmolmolmol
19:01 <Dogfoger> MOL
19:02 <Dogfoger> mkay fien
19:02 <Dogfoger> /me cheats on Mol
19:02 <Dogfoger> SuPPA
19:02 <Dogfoger> suppa suppa suppa
19:02 <SovietHero> QUiet, nigga
19:02 <Ciphrius Kane> Maybe there's a reason why they're not responding to you?
19:02 <Dogfoger> excuse  me?
19:03 <Dogfoger> Did you seriously just call me a "nigga"?
19:03 <SovietHero> You heard me.
19:03 <Dogfoger> you just made a very big enemy
19:03 <SovietHero> What you're offended?
19:03 <Ciphrius Kane> Can the hormonal cats please go elsewhere to fight?  The female's already long gone
19:03 <Dogfoger> Of course I'm offended
19:04 <The Mol Man> coel
19:04 <SovietHero> You know, you're the first black person I've ever met to be offended .
19:04 <Suppa chuppa> Dogfoger: ?
19:04 <Dogfoger> I'm not black
19:04 <SovietHero> Then how are you offended?
19:04 <Ciphrius Kane> How about this: we don't use that word?
19:04 <Dogfoger> Suppa, is it possible to change the colour of the backround in the chat?
19:04 <Dtm142> ^
19:04 <Dtm142> @ciph
19:04 <Dogfoger> Because it's a fucking offensive word?
19:05 <Suppa chuppa> what..?
19:05 <Kq head> Sticks and stones may break my bones (Holy shit!) but words will never hurt me!
19:05 <The Mol Man> .Chat {background: color;}
19:05 <SovietHero> You may find it offensive, but some other don't.
19:05 <SovietHero> Besides that word has more than just one meaning.
19:05 <Suppa chuppa> the chat's background color can be changed with css
19:05 <Dogfoger> ok cool
19:05 <Dogfoger> Thanks suppa and mol <4
19:05 <Ciphrius Kane> Look, don't use the word, and let's end this discussion ok?
19:05 -!- SovietHero was kicked from Special:Chat by Coelacanth0794
19:05 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
19:05 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
19:06 <Dogfoger> thank you, coel
19:06 <SovietHero> K
19:06 <The Mol Man> Do it again, and I'll force him to ban you
19:06 <AnselaJonla> - a wonderfully sweet and romantic song
19:06 <Dogfoger> [[Dogfoger/chat.css]]
19:06 <Dogfoger> oops
19:06 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
19:06 <Dogfoger> [[User:Dogfoger/chat.css]]
19:06 <Ozank> chickens go in
19:06 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah yes the song you had played at the wedding
19:06 <Ozank> pies come out
19:06 <Dogfoger> I wouldn't mind an apology, Soviet
19:06 <AnselaJonla> Hi Zank
19:06 <Kq head> Ozank!!1
19:06 <SovietHero> That can come later.
19:07 <Ozank> Hi Ansela :)
19:07 <Ozank> Hello Kq :)
19:07 <SovietHero> Right now I'm busy.
19:07 <Kq head> rock barrage
19:07 <Kq head> lmfao
19:07 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
19:07 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
19:08 <AnselaJonla>
19:08 <Dogfoger> doesn't take long to type " s-o-r-r-y" but whatever
19:08 <Battleben> Why does Cyrisus stay in the dominion tower arena
19:08 <Battleben> after the bosss is beaten
19:08 <The Mol Man> because he's not the boss
19:08 <The Mol Man> he's your friend
19:09 <Kq head> I don't get offended... like, at all. Someone offend me.
19:09 <Ozank> imaginary friend
19:09 <The Mol Man> you love ponies
19:09 <Ozank> since he lost his bank in wgs
19:09 <Kq head> NO I DON'T!! ;(
19:10 <AnselaJonla>
19:11 <Ozank> did you hear about that kenyan guy suing 
19:11 <Ozank> let me find it
19:11 <AnselaJonla> Yeah lol
19:11 <Ozank>
19:11 <Coelacanth0794>
19:11 <Kq head> Ansela, imagine these people ruling the wor... wait...
19:11 <Kq head> <- Mol is in this picture somewhere
19:11 <The Mol Man> no
19:12 <Coelacanth0794> hes the guy cur off on the right
19:12 <Kq head> Wrong
19:12 <Kq head> he is in the background, that tiny thing on the wall
19:12 <The Mol Man> no gtfo
19:12 <Ciphrius Kane> What's this about a Kenyan suing?
19:12 <Kq head> A Kenyan song? Let me hear it
19:12 <The Mol Man> no it's about this chinese guy
19:12 <Coelacanth0794> this is how we deconvert mol
19:12 <Ciphrius Kane> Su-ing
19:12 <The Mol Man> Ken Yan
19:12 -!- Cblair91 has left Special:Chat.
19:12 <The Mol Man> coel
19:13 <Coelacanth0794> wat
19:13 <The Mol Man> i've already started on my own
19:13 <Coelacanth0794> ??
19:13 <The Mol Man> maybe if you watched that vid i posted 
19:13 <Ciphrius Kane> Ozankdid you hear about that kenyan guy suing
19:13 <Ciphrius Kane> let me find it
19:13 <Kq head> I bet I can de-convert before you do!
19:13 <Ozank> ciph i linked it
19:13 <The Mol Man> not a full deconversion 
19:13 <Ozank> in the image link i posted not long back
19:13 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh, didn't see it
19:14 <The Mol Man> just detach from that part of the community, stronger than before
19:14 <Ozank> for convenience 
19:14 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
19:14 <Ozank> pontius pilate is being sued too :|
19:14 <Ozank> along with king herod
19:14 <Coelacanth0794> define 'that part'
19:14 <Coelacanth0794> im unsure what you mean
19:14 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
19:14 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <The Mol Man> anyone who does more than just watch the show and draw
19:14 <The Mol Man> SPine
19:14 <The Mol Man> where's that fucking DII
19:14 <Coelacanth0794> soooo like you
19:15 <Spineweilder> I was getting chatheads for those stuff 
19:15 <Spineweilder> i showed you
19:15 <Kq head> Coel likes to draw too!
19:15 <The Mol Man> i guess
19:15 <The Mol Man> coel doesn't dress u[
19:15 <The Mol Man> up*
19:15 <The Mol Man> i hope
19:15 <Spineweilder> Uploaded Mol
19:15 <Dogfoger> Dexter: Hey, Trinity, wuu2?
19:15 <Dogfoger> Trinity: Oh, nothing, just killing your wife.
19:15 <Dogfoger> Dexter: lol
19:15 <Coelacanth0794> i have a dark green thsirt
19:15 <Kq head> Dressed-up mascots are terrifying
19:15 <Coelacanth0794> does that count
19:15 <The Mol Man> good boy
19:15 <The Mol Man> no
19:15 <Spineweilder> how deer youl,
19:15 <Spineweilder> you mol
19:15 <AnselaJonla> How to break a drop table in one easy step:
19:15 <Spineweilder> no one calls me boy
19:15 <Coelacanth0794> what about an orange logo-less t shirt
19:15 <The Mol Man> spine, did you add trans?
19:16 <The Mol Man> transl*
19:16 <Spineweilder> Nope
19:16 <Spineweilder> It was LD-glitched
19:16 <Kq head> @ansela
19:16 <Kq head> That's called the "I don't catch on to things very quickly" edit
19:16 <Spineweilder> So you do whatever pleases you
19:16 <The Mol Man> put erase on like 15% and give the whole thing transl
19:16 <Spineweilder> KQ
19:16 <Kq head> waht
19:16 <Kq head> ffffsfsfsfs
19:17 <Kq head> ok :o
19:17 <Spineweilder> HOW DEER YOU FORGET
19:17 <Coelacanth0794> ?
19:17 <Coelacanth0794> what
19:17 <Kq head> What indeed. I have no idea what he's talking about.
19:17 <Kq head> Forget what?
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:45 <Kq head> i'll do equip images tomorrow
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:45 <Kq head> My ship sails in the morning. I wonder what's for dinner?
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:45 <Kq head> Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat a DII
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:47 <Spineweilder> Kq, can you do it now
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:47 <Spineweilder> i can orb you
19:18 <Coelacanth0794> i think i have blue trimmed hide
19:18 <Ozank> you could eat a DAI?
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:47 <Kq head> no i can't do it nao
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:47 <Kq head> i g2g soonish
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:47 <Kq head> and i'm too lazy to log in
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:48 <Spineweilder> >.>
19:18 <Spineweilder> 00:48 <Spineweilder> just need equipped and chaps trimmed DII
19:18 <Coelacanth0794> not green
19:18 <Coelacanth0794> diis hm
19:18 <Coelacanth0794> well i want to find a flatter area for more 3dish items
19:19 <Spineweilder> apparently kq saw something shiny and forgot everything
19:19 <Coelacanth0794> kinda sucks on just the floor
19:19 <Kq head> Well you're clearly making this up, but I suppose I can do it.
19:19 <Spineweilder> whatever
19:19 <Spineweilder> I can do them if you're lazy
19:19 <Kq head> ...How do you know about Shiny...?
19:19 <Kq head> WHAT DO YOU KNOW
19:19 <The Mol Man> just up of the poison waste swamp ramp is pretty flat, coel
19:19 <Spineweilder> IT DOES NOT CONCERN YOU
19:19 <Coelacanth0794> i discovered that mol
19:20 <Coelacanth0794> and you'd be surprised it isnt as flat as you think
19:20 <The Mol Man> then why are you asking for [email protected]?
19:20 <Kq head> Stay away from my shiny... precioussssss thing.
19:20 <Kq head> *sparkles shiny thing*
19:20 <The Mol Man> then do poh
19:20 <Ciphrius Kane> /me steals the One Ring and gives it to Ansela as a gift
19:20 <Ozank>
19:20 <Dogfoger> erm
19:20 <Kq head> That wasn't the One Ring, it was the Only Ring D:
19:20 <Spineweilder> Kq
19:20 <Ozank> le kissing ponies
19:20 <Dogfoger> Kane
19:20 <Spineweilder> You don't need to do it
19:21 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
19:21 <Dogfoger> You gave your girlfriend a ring
19:21 <Spineweilder> Have fun with your shiny thing
19:21 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
19:21 <Ciphrius Kane> What of it dog?
19:21 <Kq head> "I love my brother and he loves me! We can be together even if..."
19:21 <Kq head> Wait just one darn second here!
19:21 <Kq head> BROTHER?!
19:22 <Kq head> Why Ozank? Why?
19:22 <The Mol Man> avoiding that stuff too
19:22 <Kq head> Is this the de-conversion process
19:22 <The Mol Man> don't think you're special
19:22 <The Mol Man> it's my choice
19:22 <AnselaJonla>
19:23 <Ozank> lol kq
19:23 <Coelacanth0794> ozank why did you post an incest image
19:23 <Kq head> You know how you said people who do more than watch and DRAW...?
19:23 <Ciphrius Kane> My excuse is that I've got a baby on the way and I'm on the way to the hospital.  Works every time
19:24 <Ozank> coel i thought it was sfw and amusing to me
19:24 <Coelacanth0794> i ask you not to please
19:24 <Kq head> My excuse is that I am a superhero and above the law
19:24 <Ozank> ok
19:24 <Dogfoger> OH HELL NO
19:24 <Dogfoger> NON ONONONonO
19:24 <Dogfoger> N
19:25 <Dogfoger> oh
19:25 <Kq head> So I can just type any character that I like in a search, add "pony" to it and scar myself for life?
19:25 <Dogfoger> holy shit that was scary
19:25 <SovietHero> *Injects Dogfoger with a sleeping drug*
19:25 <Kq head> ok cool
19:25 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
19:25 <Dogfoger> wtf
19:26 <Battleben> k
19:26 <Battleben> killed pest queen without food or sound
19:26 <Coelacanth0794> welp
19:26 <Dogfoger> "You have been connected from another browser"
19:26 <Coelacanth0794> does she hit like 20 or somehting?
19:26 <Coelacanth0794> howd you do that
19:26 <Dtm142> "I could go on and on, filling page after page with dense examples of disasters and crises where Mother Teresa had had no involvement whatsoever. For me, a Calcuttan, born and bred, it does not come as surprise, as I know her order has no infrastructure - indeed it had never been her intention to create an infrastructure for such work, as she had frequently said, 'I'm not a social worker.' But what I find somewhat disturbing is that she remained inactive when children were hurt or killed, or were at the risk of being orphaned ... this did not sit comfortably with her 'Child First' philosophy. But then, for her the unborn child was far more important than the actual child. Having gone through hundreds of her speeches I have wondered, when compared to the unborn child if the actual child mattered to her at all. "
19:26 <Dogfoger> guys someone is trying to hack me I think
19:27 <Dtm142> Yet she devoted her life to the poorest orphans.
19:27 <Dogfoger> How does one change their  password?
19:27 <Dtm142> Fuck you.
19:27 <Dtm142> [[Special:Preferences]]
19:27 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
19:27 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
19:28 <Ozank> and the winner of the best drawing ever goes to
19:28 <Ozank>
19:28 <Dtm142> 09h
19:28 <Dtm142> (H)
19:28 <Coelacanth0794> k
19:28 <Dtm142> :3
19:28 <Kq head> Damn!!
19:28 <The Mol Man> kqs is better
19:28 <Coelacanth0794> using wikia as an imagehost, alright...
19:28 <The Mol Man> kqs oc*
19:28 <Kq head> It looks almost like my oc, ratrirttyrry
19:28 <The Mol Man>
19:28 <Coelacanth0794> rtaurYETTYtdgdd
19:28 <Coelacanth0794> the second.
19:29 <Kq head> yetty?
19:29 <Kq head> HL3 confirmed
19:29 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
19:30 <Coelacanth0794> i put my finger on R and then mashed the keyboard
19:31 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
19:31 <Dogfoger> ummm
19:31 <Dogfoger> Dtm
19:31 <Dogfoger> I can't see where to change my password
19:32 <Coelacanth0794>
19:32 <AnselaJonla> Dog
19:32 <Dogfoger> oh and lol, Deb had a sex dream about Dex
19:32 <Coelacanth0794> kidding me dog
19:32 <AnselaJonla> In the first tab (My Info)
19:32 <Ciphrius Kane> I swear half this chat is obsessed with incest
19:32 <Dogfoger> oh there
19:32 <AnselaJonla> There's a line that says My Password: Change Password
19:32 <Kq head> sex dreams are bad, but not as bad as religion or politics dreams
19:32 <Dogfoger> thanks ansela
19:32 <Dogfoger> Kane
19:33 <Dogfoger> Deb and Dex having sex isn't incest
19:33 <AnselaJonla> Put your glasses on Mol - you might be able to read then
19:33 <The Mol Man> wait what
19:33 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
19:33 <Dogfoger> cause they're not biologically related
19:33 <AnselaJonla> Cersei/Jaime 4eva
19:33 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
19:33 <Ciphrius Kane> I believe in America, legally it is cause Dexter is her adopted brother
19:34 <SovietHero> *Kicks Coel in the shins*
19:34 -!- SovietHero was kicked from Special:Chat by Coelacanth0794
19:34 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
19:34 <Coelacanth0794> back atcha
19:34 <Dogfoger> lol
19:35 <Dogfoger> abuse
19:35 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
19:35 <SovietHero> lol
19:35 <Dogfoger> is incest illegal in America?
19:35 <SovietHero> Coel, which country do you live in?
19:35 <SovietHero> Believe so
19:35 <Coelacanth0794> irrelevance
19:35 <Ozank> @Dog I think some states allow it, iirc
19:36 <SovietHero> Well here in California it's HELLA illegal.
19:36 <Kq head> adopted siblings aren't really related though (unless they somehow are related)
19:36 <Dogfoger> why the fuck is it illegal
19:36 <SovietHero> You could even end up in prison for the rest of your life.
19:36 <Kq head> because bible says so
19:36 <Ozank> because deformed babies
19:36 <Ozank> from the same gene pool
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> but the bible condoned it 
19:37 <Ciphrius Kane> Also Dog, SPOILER ALERT but Deb and Dex are biologically related
19:37 <Ozank> causes mutations and whatnot
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> adam and eve
19:37 <Dogfoger> fuck you Kane
19:37 <Dtm142> Usually isn't that bad iirc
19:37 <Kq head> but they... but... but... ?!!?!?!!*splodes*
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> i will make another you from you and then you can **** it
19:37 <SovietHero> ^
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> also 400 babies
19:37 <Dogfoger> and I can't crap on you cause you said spoiler alert
19:37 <Kq head> but a rib is not related to you
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> and they boned too
19:37 <Ciphrius Kane> It was established a while ago that Harry is Dexter's biological father
19:37 <SovietHero> But the DNA is, Kq.
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> it was your rib kq
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> it's like a clone
19:37 <Dogfoger> Oh right
19:37 <Dtm142> Sad story of the day:
19:37 <Dtm142>
19:37 <Dtm142> :(
19:37 <Dogfoger> I knew that
19:37 <Kq head> but god decided to make them not-related by some magic thing
19:38 <Kq head> otherwise the plot would suck
19:38 <Dogfoger> lol I ust never realized it lol
19:38 <Coelacanth0794> he lied
19:38 <SovietHero> He sent eve a snake, yeah.
19:38 <Coelacanth0794> he made a female clone for him to bang
19:38 <Coelacanth0794> and then babies
19:38 <Coelacanth0794> so many babies
19:38 <Kq head> the bible is the world's first fanfiction
19:38 <Coelacanth0794> and they banged each other
19:38 <SovietHero> pop pop pop.
19:38 <Kq head> by god himself
19:38 <Kq head> and his author avatar oc is... God
19:39 <Dogfoger> but by the logic of the bible
19:39 <Coelacanth0794> god obviously watched with a crooked smile
19:39 <Dogfoger> if Adam and Eve did exist
19:39 <Dogfoger> then it was incest that started the human race
19:39 <SovietHero> ._.
19:39 <Kq head> yeah well the bible says people should be stoned for sinning, and i don't wanna do any drugs
19:39 <SovietHero> Then the Westboro Baptist Church would flip out.
19:40 <SovietHero> @ Dog
19:40 <Coelacanth0794> what god calls themself God anyways
19:40 <Coelacanth0794> I AM FISH ALL KNEEL
19:40 <SovietHero> Zamorak?
19:40 <Kq head> you should write a fanfic about yourself
19:40 <Ozank>
19:40 <Ozank> (y)
19:41 <SovietHero> Womwn.
19:41 <SovietHero> *Women.
19:41 <Kq head> WOMN.
19:41 <Dogfoger> I AM WOMN
19:41 <Ozank> weapons of mass numpties? 
19:41 <Ozank> @Kq
19:41 <Kq head> no i am teh wmoan
19:41 <Dogfoger> weapons of mass distraction
19:41 <Dogfoger> @ woman
19:41 <SovietHero> LOL
19:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Why would Adam say "Jesus Christ"?
19:42 <Coelacanth0794> womyn
19:42 <SovietHero> Ansela you gonna take that?
19:42 <Dogfoger> Ansela is not the only woman in the chat
19:42 <The Mol Man> she is right now
19:42 <Dogfoger> Kq is a woman
19:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Aren't the bots considered to be female?
19:42 <Coelacanth0794> you are male unless made to be noted otherwise on the internet
19:43 <Dogfoger> or at least... femakle
19:43 <Kq head> femakle
19:43 <Dogfoger> AWHHHH YEAH
19:43 <Coelacanth0794> and ciphrius is a lesbian remember
19:43 <Dogfoger> FEMAKLE BICHES
19:43 <Ciphrius Kane> I am?
19:43 <Dtm142> Getting lunch... It's annoying in here.  Bbl
19:43 <Dogfoger> I hereby decree that from this day forth, the word female shall be spelt "femakle"
19:43 <TyA> I repeal
19:44 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
19:44 <Ciphrius Kane> And I hereby decree that Dogfoger's suggestion is stupid and should be undone
19:44 <Coelacanth0794> vetoed
19:44 <Coelacanth0794> s0n
19:45 <Dogfoger> But my decree that mayonnaise shall be called mayanaisse did pass 
19:45 <Dogfoger> SO SHALL FEMAKLE
19:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Vetoed
19:46 <Dogfoger> /me opens a jar of mayanaisse while calling Kq a femakle
19:47 <Ciphrius Kane> I decree that Dogfoger's suggestions are stupid and henceforth both his past and future suggestions are to be ignored
19:47 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
19:47 <Dogfoger> /me decrees Kane irrelevant
19:47 <Ciphrius Kane> Which hence makes me relevant
19:47 <Dogfoger> fahk
19:47 <Dogfoger> /me decrees Kane relevant
19:48 <Kq head> It's no use!
19:48 <Kq head> -Silver the hedgehog
19:48 <Dogfoger> who the who?
19:48 <Coelacanth0794> :\
19:48 <Kq head> It's no use! It's no use! It's no use!
19:48 <Kq head> It's no fuckin' use!
19:49 <Ciphrius Kane> Well as I was already relevant I am still relevant
19:49 <Ozank> woah
19:49 <Ozank> no one is afk in chat right now
19:50 <Coelacanth0794> they dc'd
19:50 <Coelacanth0794> you glitched
19:50 <Coelacanth0794> it's impossible.
19:52 <Kq head> tony is afk
19:52 <Dogfoger> what the fuck\
19:52 <Dogfoger> MOL GET OVER HERE
19:52 <The Mol Man> ?
19:53 <Dogfoger> my backround is uber fucking red
19:53 <The Mol Man> you put in red
19:53 <Dogfoger> and my messages are not red
19:53 <Dogfoger> how do I get it to be like transparent red lol
19:54 <The Mol Man>
19:54 <Kq head> Suddenly ozank is afk too
19:54 <The Mol Man> also
19:54 <The Mol Man> .Chat .you,
19:54 <The Mol Man> .Chat .continued .you {
19:54 <The Mol Man> 	background:color;
19:54 <The Mol Man> }
19:55 <The Mol Man> to change your messages
19:55 <Dogfoger> I don't like the red lol
19:55 <Dogfoger> omg
19:55 <Dogfoger> go away
19:55 <Dogfoger> stupid fucking red I deleted you
19:55 <The Mol Man> look here
19:56 <Dogfoger> mol halp
19:56 <The Mol Man> hao
19:56 <Dogfoger> say something
19:57 <Dogfoger> please
19:57 <The Mol Man> tgassfasdsasdd
19:57 <Dogfoger> wtf
19:57 <Dogfoger> I deleted the red and nao it is staying
19:57 <Dogfoger> cleared my cache twice
19:57 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
19:57 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
19:58 <Kq head> Bastard Twat Jr
19:58 <Dogfoger> mol
19:58 <The Mol Man> ???????
19:58 <Dogfoger> How do I resolve this problem
19:58 <The Mol Man> keep purging
19:58 <The Mol Man> make like an anorexic
19:58 <Dogfoger> meaning...?
19:58 <The Mol Man> keep purging
19:59 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
19:59 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
19:59 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
19:59 <Dogfoger> fucking helllllll
19:59 <The Mol Man> Coel
19:59 <Coelacanth0794> eeh
19:59 <Dogfoger> coel help me
19:59 <The Mol Man> do you still have the pendant of fletching equipped image?
19:59 <Coelacanth0794> no
20:00 <The Mol Man> fuck
20:00 <Dogfoger> why won't this red go away :((((((((999
20:00 <Coelacanth0794> well probably not
20:00 <Coelacanth0794> lemme see
20:00 <The Mol Man> if you do, reupload
20:00 <The Mol Man>
20:00 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
20:00 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
20:01 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
20:01 <Coelacanth0794> yep i do
20:01 <The Mol Man> plz upload
20:02 <The Mol Man> thanks
20:02 <Dogfoger> well super
20:02 <Dogfoger> I made it green lol
20:03 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
20:03 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
20:04 <Dogfoger> NOOOOOO
20:04 <Dogfoger> FUCKING HELL
20:04 <Dogfoger> /me r idea
20:05 <Dogfoger> Mol
20:05 <Dogfoger> mol I need your help
20:05 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
20:05 <The Mol Man> ffs
20:05 <The Mol Man> ask hairr
20:05 <Hairr> what do you want
20:05 <Dogfoger> How do I make it so my messages are the same colour again?
20:05 <Hairr> .Chat .you or .Chat .you .message
20:05 <Hairr> one of the two
20:06 <Hairr> .Chat .you { color: red;}
20:06 <Hairr> .Chat .you .message { color:red; }
20:06 <Hairr> for c/p
20:06 <Hairr> one at a time tho
20:06 <Battleben> Bye guys!
20:07 <Battleben> *sulks* I have to go hospital tommorow ;-;
20:08 <Dogfoger> ummm
20:08 <Dogfoger> god fucking damnit
20:08 <Dogfoger> no what I type is white and my background is white
20:08 <Hairr> good luck in the hospital :c
20:08 <Dogfoger> so I can't see what I'm typing
20:08 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
20:09 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
20:09 <Hairr> "background: white" "color: white" what did you expect
20:09 <Ozank> ^ lol
20:09 <Dogfoger> Hairr
20:09 <Ozank> <span title="Noobs" style="color:white;Font-Size:1800%">
20:09 <Dogfoger> I didn't want my messages white
20:10 <Hairr> then why did you set them as white
20:10 <Hairr> <_<
20:10 <Dogfoger> I wanted my text black (original) and my message colour white and everyone else's message colour white
20:10 <Dogfoger> Hairr, i don't suppose you could fix this and make it all go back to the original lol
20:10 <Hairr> your requests don't make any sense to me
20:11 <Hairr> "my message color white" it is white <_<
20:11 <Dogfoger> MY TEXT IS WHITE
20:11 <Dogfoger> the colour of you message background
20:11 <Hairr> then why are you complaining about it if that's what you wanted
20:11 <Hairr> oh
20:11 <Dogfoger> is a darker colour than the rest of the chat, correct?
20:12 <Hairr> why are you saying message when you mean the background
20:12 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
20:14 <Kq head> Ozank
20:14 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
20:14 <Kq head> Do you love money like I do?
20:14 <Kq head> *bang*
20:14 <Dogfoger> umm
20:14 <Dogfoger> FUCKING YESS
20:14 <Dogfoger> it r fixed
20:14 <Hairr> ok
20:15 <Kq head> "The plural form is meese. Any true Canadian knows that."
20:15 <Kq head> ???
20:15 <Coelacanth0794> wut
20:15 <Kq head> Moose
20:15 <Coelacanth0794> t'is a lie
20:16 <Dogfoger> does coel get pinged by Canada?
20:16 <Kq head> "fuck, we need more fucking fucks"
20:16 <Kq head> -The Mol Man
20:16 <Coelacanth0794> no but i get pinged by coel
20:16 <Kq head> Do we need more fucking fucks?
20:17 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
20:17 <Dogfoger> Yes, we do need more fucking fucks.
20:17 <Kq head> Ozank y u leaf
20:18 <Dogfoger> cus tree
20:18 <Kq head> Ozank is a tree?
20:18 <Dogfoger> yah
20:18 <Dogfoger> duh
20:18 <Dogfoger> Coel, you get pinged by swearwords, right?
20:18 <Kq head> omg... then how does he use compooter
20:18 <Coelacanth0794> some yes
20:19 <Kq head> How to tree:
20:19 <Kq head> 1) Plant
20:19 <Kq head> 2) Roll stuff
20:19 <Kq head> 3) You are now treeing
20:20 <Dogfoger> OH FUCKING COME ON
20:20 <Kq head> And no, that has nothing to do with drugs. I meant roll anything.
20:20 <Dogfoger> they end the series like THIS
20:20 <Hairr> dog calm down
20:20 <Coelacanth0794> lotta swearpings off dog
20:20 <Kq head> The best way to end an entire series is on a cliffhanger
20:20 <Dogfoger> yeah well atm I'm pissed off
20:20 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
20:20 <Kq head> ferg what do you think of cliffhangers
20:21 <Dogfoger> They end the series  like this, when I don't have the next series -.-
20:21 <Kq head> ...You silly philistine.
20:21 <Dogfoger> not till thursday at least
20:21 <Kq head> Siliphilistine
20:22 <Dogfoger> *Dexter kills DDK*
20:22 <Dogfoger> *Debra witnessed it*
20:22 <Dogfoger> Debra: *gasp*
20:22 <Dogfoger> Dexter: Oh god...
20:22 <Dogfoger> why
20:22 <Urbancowgurl777> what
20:22 <Coelacanth0794>
20:22 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
20:22 <Ciphrius Kane> Ohhhh....that non white cop dies
20:23 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <Dogfoger> lol
20:23 <Dogfoger> Kane, why must you spoil everything?
20:24 <Urbancowgurl777> why?
20:24 <Dogfoger> ugh
20:24 <Dogfoger> ima leaving
20:24 <Dogfoger> ciao
20:24 <Dogfoger> omg my "o" key just broke lol
20:25 <Dogfoger> the plastic thingy
20:25 <Dogfoger> kewl
20:25 <Kq head> because ben does those things
20:25 <Dogfoger> anyways
20:25 <Dogfoger> tata
20:25 <The Mol Man> kq got it
20:25 <Hairr> fergie: ben is convinced
20:25 <Kq head> Why does everyone so mean to ben :'(
20:26 <Urbancowgurl777> i left him a nastygram :3=
20:28 <The Mol Man> ummm he did that because of what he said in his original creation
20:28 <The Mol Man> (diff) 14:22, August 5, 2013 . . Battleben (Talk | contribs) (470 bytes) (Can redirect it to the mariner if you want, but eh, I think they should have a page, nI wouldn't say they're "obviously" a joke like the goddess of woodcutters.)
20:28 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
20:28 <Urbancowgurl777> *doesn't see point*
20:29 <Kq head> Because it's Ben! Do you need any more information? :P
20:29 <Coelacanth0794> ben madfe the page for woodcut goddess too
20:29 <Coelacanth0794> jagex devs need to put a "/s" next to a fake god mention.
20:29 <Urbancowgurl777> i dunno anything about the woodcutter goddess
20:30 <Urbancowgurl777> never heard of it <.<
20:30 <Ciphrius Kane> [[woodcutter goddess]]
20:31 <Dogfoger> /me
20:31 <Dogfoger> hmm
20:31 <Dogfoger> oh right
20:31 <Dogfoger> /me 
20:31 <Dogfoger> lol
20:33 <Coelacanth0794>
20:34 <Urbancowgurl777> lmao
20:34 <Urbancowgurl777> wow
20:35 <AnselaJonla>
20:35 <Coelacanth0794> NOW I HAVE TO TAKE TINY STEPS
20:36 <Kq head> is it just me or is everything resembling something else a reference
20:36 <AnselaJonla> - do we have this one already?
20:36 <AnselaJonla> Yes...
20:37 <Urbancowgurl777> [[File:Battle of Lumbridge Week 3 banner.jpg]]
20:37 <AnselaJonla> Deletion request: Reason: Duplicate of
20:37 <AnselaJonla> I just had to look through Tony's contribs lol
20:37 <AnselaJonla>
20:37 <Ciphrius Kane> Wouldn't the png be preferable?
20:38 <Urbancowgurl777> the original version should be
20:38 <The Mol Man> it's broken
20:38 <Urbancowgurl777> yeah
20:38 <Urbancowgurl777> ._.
20:38 <AnselaJonla> Darling, the original image would be jpeg, since it's a jagex file
20:38 <Urbancowgurl777> feexed
20:39 <AnselaJonla> ty Fergs
20:39 <Ciphrius Kane> Fergie, you don't have to recreate the page
20:39 <AnselaJonla> ?action=delete
20:39 <Urbancowgurl777> why not?
20:39 <Urbancowgurl777> it wasn't created in the first place
20:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Just add what Ansela put onto the end of the url
20:40 <Urbancowgurl777> that never works when i try it
20:40 <Ciphrius Kane> That'll take you to the deletion page where you can remove it
20:40 <Urbancowgurl777> so i went ahead and recreated it to make sure
20:40 <Ciphrius Kane> What I do though is go to create it but replace "create" with "delete" in the URL
20:40 <Ciphrius Kane> And it always works for me
20:41 <The Mol Man> who cares, it worked
20:41 <Urbancowgurl777> in any case it didn't take away any of my time ._>
20:41 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
20:43 <Urbancowgurl777> 4 more days for next manga chapter ^-^
20:45 <Urbancowgurl777> what is this gif resize
20:45 <AnselaJonla>
20:45 <The Mol Man> huh?
20:45 <The Mol Man> what u mean ferg
20:45 <Urbancowgurl777> wth i want to do that
20:45 <Urbancowgurl777> i've never seen it
20:45 <The Mol Man> it's newish
20:45 <Urbancowgurl777> well
20:45 <Urbancowgurl777> yey :3=
20:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Taking no contact sports to the extreme!
20:45 <The Mol Man> ikr ♥
20:46 <Urbancowgurl777> runescape wiki, fixing wikia's problems since 05
20:46 <The Mol Man> too bad we can't fix all the most important stuff
20:46 <Hairr> fergie: we were even mentioned in a recent r/runescape post
20:46 <Urbancowgurl777> rly?
20:46 <Urbancowgurl777> whut they say
20:46 <The Mol Man> negatively
20:47 <Hairr> ^
20:47 <Urbancowgurl777> seriously?
20:47 <Urbancowgurl777> i want to see
20:47 <Dogfoger> /me shot a BB gun directly ahead of me, the bullet richochet
20:47 <Hairr>
20:47 <Dogfoger> came back at me and got stuck in my hairr
20:47 <Dogfoger> hair*
20:47 <Hairr>
20:47 <Urbancowgurl777> oh reddit, is that official for rs?
20:47 <Urbancowgurl777> oh i see
20:48 <Coelacanth0794>
20:48 <Urbancowgurl777> send to wikia pls
20:49 <TonyBest100> watching RED atm :P
20:49 <The Mol Man> oh ya, I had suppa contact wikia about math tag backgrounds too
20:49 <The Mol Man> so that's another problem fixed, fergs
20:49 <Hairr> okey I'll send in those things~
20:49 <Urbancowgurl777> the white?
20:49 <The Mol Man> yes
20:49 <Urbancowgurl777> yey
20:49 <The Mol Man> but
20:49 <The Mol Man> we'll have to remove all the current tags then add them back in
20:49 <Urbancowgurl777> Tony what's red?
20:49 <Urbancowgurl777> wow ._.
20:50 <The Mol Man> Retired Extremely Dangerous
20:50 <TonyBest100> ^
20:50 <Urbancowgurl777> oh
20:50 <The Mol Man>
20:50 <Dogfoger> HOLY SHIT 
20:50 <Urbancowgurl777> stop
20:50 <The Mol Man> pretty good movie
20:50 <Urbancowgurl777> i think i heard of it
20:50 <Urbancowgurl777> not sure, i don't watch tv D:
20:50 <Dogfoger> richochet hit my guitar :D
20:50 <Dogfoger> hit the string
20:51 <Dogfoger> think it hit G..
20:51 <Dogfoger> sounded like G
20:51 <The Mol Man> bruce willis and morgan freeman
20:51 <Urbancowgurl777> at least they're searching for a better way to fix it
20:51 <The Mol Man> that's really old, fergs lol
20:51 <Urbancowgurl777> whatever happened to the wiki-wide purge button ):
20:51 <Urbancowgurl777> nu ):
20:51 <The Mol Man> $wgTexvcBackgroundColor is actually deprecated lol
20:52 <The Mol Man> o, removed entirely
20:52 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has joined Special:Chat
20:52 <Casting Fishes^^> omg
20:52 <The Mol Man> but we can still change it
20:52 <The Mol Man> and it's less about wikia purging
20:52 <Casting Fishes^^> I just drew a dragonite n it turned out rly gud
20:52 <The Mol Man> it's generating new images
20:52 <The Mol Man> SHOW ME
20:52 <Casting Fishes^^> sec
20:52 -!- EpicGuy5487 has joined Special:Chat
20:53 <EpicGuy5487> hi
20:53 <EpicGuy5487> should I go 4 99 wc on yews
20:53 <The Mol Man> "That was so terrible, I think you gave me cancer."
20:53 <The Mol Man> no
20:53 <Urbancowgurl777> bbl :3=
20:54 <The Mol Man> bye
20:54 <Casting Fishes^^> grr
20:54 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
20:54 <Casting Fishes^^> baby applejack shows through it
20:54 <The Mol Man> lol
20:54 <The Mol Man> further proof she's a background pony
20:54 <Coelacanth0794> it's ok
20:54 <Coelacanth0794> :\ mol
20:54 <EpicGuy5487> guys?
20:54 <The Mol Man> what?
20:54 <Coelacanth0794> wat
20:54 <The Mol Man> why :\
20:54 <Dogfoger> applejack sounds like a meany
20:55 <Casting Fishes^^> DONT HATE
20:55 <Dogfoger> did you draw that?
20:55 <Casting Fishes^^> mhm
20:55 <The Mol Man> can i hug it plz
20:55 <Dogfoger> /me slow clap
20:55 <The Mol Man> go post on jueys talk plz
20:55 <Coelacanth0794> one note, casting
20:55 <Coelacanth0794> it needs wings
20:55 <Casting Fishes^^> o
20:56 <Dogfoger> yeah
20:56 <Casting Fishes^^> I forgot that
20:56 <Casting Fishes^^> L
20:56 <The Mol Man> and you forgot to color it
20:56 <Dogfoger> I agree
20:56 <Dogfoger> lol
20:56 <Casting Fishes^^> I shall add wings nao
20:56 <Coelacanth0794> i too have forgotten entire limbs
20:56 <Kq head> oh my god i can see applejuck in teh dargonite
20:56 <Dogfoger> /me hands Feesh some crayons
20:56 <The Mol Man> my firts drawing of Γ lacked wings :x
20:56 <Coelacanth0794> mine didnt.
20:56 <Dogfoger> lol
20:56 <SovietHero> eh
20:56 <Kq head> i wanna draw sumthink kewl
20:56 <EpicGuy5487> should I go 4 99 wc on yews?
20:56 <Dogfoger> I can't even draw stick men properly
20:57 <Dogfoger> I have no artistic talent whatsoever
20:57 <SovietHero> Your choice, EpicGuy5487.
20:57 <The Mol Man> My ponified Maeby is still my favorite drawing of any sorts
20:57 <The Mol Man>
20:57 <SovietHero> WOW Dogfoger FAIL for unable to draw stickmen
20:57 <Coelacanth0794> maybe i should do a drawings
20:57 <Coelacanth0794> havent since early july
20:57 <The Mol Man> please ponify albert wesker
20:57 <Kq head> Mol can you draw a ponified pony
20:57 <Coelacanth0794> i am not ponifying characters
20:57 <The Mol Man> can you do a pony that already exists?
20:58 <The Mol Man>
20:58 <Dogfoger> are you TRYING to provoke me, Soviet?
20:58 <SovietHero> noo.....
20:58 <EpicGuy5487> ponify smosh
20:58 <The Mol Man> Stop talking to him
20:58 <Dogfoger> Because if so, you are treading a very dangerous path...
20:58 <SovietHero> It's just that stcikmen are REALLy asy to draw ._.
20:58 <SovietHero> *easy
20:58 <The Mol Man> Sean, you're not tough, stop trying t sound it
20:58 <Coelacanth0794> soviet is provocative today
20:58 <The Mol Man> Soviet, you're a troll, just stop making sounds
20:59 <SovietHero> ...
20:59 -!- EpicGuy5487 has left Special:Chat.
20:59 <Dogfoger> Mol, I'm not trying to sound tough
20:59 <The Mol Man> Coel, please commission kq's OC
20:59 <The Mol Man> "you are treading a very dangerous path."
20:59 <The Mol Man> now everyone shut up
20:59 <SovietHero> Let;s just move on and forget everything.
21:00 <Kq head> don't commission that OC yet
21:00 <The Mol Man> Bender is rgeat
21:00 <Kq head> i have idea
21:00 <Dogfoger> /me wants to see Feesh's pic
21:00 <The Mol Man> Bender is great
21:00 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
21:00 <The Mol Man> Sausage sausage sausage
21:00 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
21:00 <Kq head> but it needs idea-ing
21:00 <AnselaJonla> ...
21:00 <SovietHero> Um here's the link, Dog. 
21:00 <AnselaJonla> Chaos Space Ponies exist...
21:00 <Coelacanth0794> soviet why are you so in-your-face today
21:01 <AnselaJonla> I can't decide if that is horrifying or terrifying
21:01 <Dogfoger> No, I meant her finished product
21:01 <SovietHero> Cause school's back in less than a week.
21:01 <Coelacanth0794> what is chaos space
21:01 <SovietHero> Oh
21:01 <AnselaJonla> A pony version of Chaos Space Marines
21:01 <Coelacanth0794> no idea what that is
21:01 <SovietHero> CSM?
21:01 <Coelacanth0794> sounds anime-ish
21:01 <SovietHero> Never heard of it
21:01 <Dogfoger> /me huggles Coel
21:01 <Dogfoger> Stay strong
21:01 <Ciphrius Kane> It's W40k
21:01 <AnselaJonla>
21:01 <Ciphrius Kane> And no it's not Anime
21:01 <Dogfoger> fight the ponyfcation
21:01 <The Mol Man> lol
21:02 <The Mol Man> ansela looking at ponies
21:02 <Coelacanth0794>
21:02 <AnselaJonla>
21:02 <Ciphrius Kane> And by chaos we don't mean somebody running around destroying some vases for fun
21:02 <Casting Fishes^^> oki
21:02 <Coelacanth0794> giant guns and chainsaws
21:02 <Casting Fishes^^> wings added
21:02 <The Mol Man> you mean the things for bolt spells?
21:02 <Coelacanth0794> huh. seems alright
21:02 <The Mol Man> SHARE
21:02 <Casting Fishes^^> wings dun luk gud
21:02 <Casting Fishes^^> nao I shall color
21:02 <Ciphrius Kane> No
21:02 <SovietHero> Draw angel wings?
21:02 <Coelacanth0794> make wings good then
21:02 <The Mol Man> no, show winged first
21:02 <Dogfoger> Feesh, I don't think mol was serious
21:02 <Ciphrius Kane> We mean quite literally tearing their friends apart on a whim
21:03 <Dogfoger> Colour never really works with pictures
21:03 <AnselaJonla> Also, Mol, shaddap
21:03 <SovietHero> Color does work
21:03 <The Mol Man> you can't hide from the truth, teehee
21:03 <Coelacanth0794> so why are you in devart looking at ponies
21:03 <Dogfoger> /me has always had trouble staying within the lines
21:03 <AnselaJonla> I googled chaos pony to see if anything came up
21:03 <Coelacanth0794> so you willingly searched for it
21:03 <SovietHero> She's just trying to help Feesh, Coel.
21:04 <Casting Fishes^^>
21:04 <Casting Fishes^^> wingz
21:04 <AnselaJonla> I was trying to think of the most nonsensical "those don't mesh at all" crossovers
21:04 <SovietHero> .
21:04 <Coelacanth0794> anything runescape
21:04 <SovietHero> Not....bad.
21:04 <Coelacanth0794> there's so little runescape fanstuff
21:04 <The Mol Man>
21:04 <Dogfoger> /me even slower clap
21:04 <Ciphrius Kane> There is nothing that doesn't mesh
21:04 <SovietHero> But really, Dakota, why not angel wings?
21:04 <Coelacanth0794> i've only seen 2 things of poiny rs
21:04 <Coelacanth0794> there cant be much more
21:05 <Dogfoger> Because it's a pokemon
21:05 <AnselaJonla> I thought no one would mix the grimdark of Warhammer 40K (IN THE 41ST MILLENNIUM THERE EXISTS ONLY WAR) and the pastelness of mlp
21:05 <Dogfoger> Those are its real wings
21:05 <Coelacanth0794> grimdark
21:05 <SovietHero> oh
21:05 <Coelacanth0794> well there you go
21:05 <The Mol Man> feesh
21:05 <Coelacanth0794> subreddits for grimdark exist
21:05 <The Mol Man> give it some blingbling?
21:05 <Casting Fishes^^> wat
21:05 <Casting Fishes^^> ima color it
21:05 <Coelacanth0794> no, no gangsta blingage
21:05 <SovietHero> You want her to draw necklaces and chains and all that shit?
21:06 <SovietHero> I'd go with earrings, tho.
21:06 <Coelacanth0794> "tree fiddy"
21:06 <SovietHero> But like small earrings.
21:06 <The Mol Man>
21:07 <SovietHero> Jeez Derpy's eyes makes her look paranoid.
21:07 <Coelacanth0794> eh
21:07 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
21:07 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
21:07 <AnselaJonla> Fuck... internet y u so thing-smushy
21:07 <The Mol Man>
21:07 <Dogfoger> shot the BB gun and the magazine fell out lol
21:07 <SovietHero> She's like a chamaleon, whatever you spell it
21:07 <Coelacanth0794> because crossovers, ansela.
21:08 <Coelacanth0794> would w40k and doctor who be a decent crossover?
21:08 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
21:08 <Coelacanth0794> good fight mol
21:08 <AnselaJonla> I went looking for "nurgle pony", coz icky slimy disease ridden berserker cultists who don't feel pain... actually sounds a lot like bronies, tbh
21:08 <The Mol Man>
21:08 <AnselaJonla> Nah - the Doctor would be shot as soon as he stepped out the TARDIS
21:08 <Coelacanth0794> same can be said for whoovians
21:09 <Ciphrius Kane> Nah, we're not disease ridden
21:09 <The Mol Man> ooo
21:09 <The Mol Man>
21:09 <Coelacanth0794>
21:09 <Hairr> mol who's my favorite pony again?
21:09 <Hairr> rarity?
21:09 <The Mol Man> no
21:09 <The Mol Man> your favorite is gamma
21:09 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
21:09 <AnselaJonla> I don't think I'll search for slaanesh pony... that would get nsfw fast
21:10 <The Mol Man> I WILL
21:10 <Hairr> rarity looks like she runs the place tho
21:10 <Coelacanth0794> why are you searching it?
21:10 <Coelacanth0794> i do not understand.
21:10 <Kq head> Nomad wants to have some fun...
21:10 <Kq head> by killing.
21:10 <The Mol Man> just a couple boobs here and there
21:10 <SovietHero> Nightmare rarity?
21:10 <The Mol Man> nothing that nsfw
21:10 <AnselaJonla> A wallpaper for Mol - v
21:10 <AnselaJonla>
21:11 <Dogfoger> Ansela
21:11 <Dogfoger> Didn't get nsfw THAT fast
21:11 -!- Sum1 0 o has joined Special:Chat
21:11 <Ciphrius Kane> I looked it up, and trust me it did
21:11 <Dogfoger> it did?
21:11 <The Mol Man> idk what that is
21:11 <Coelacanth0794> am i the only one around here who doesnt randomly go googling pony crossovers
21:11 <Dogfoger> /me doesn't even know what slaneesh is
21:11 <Ciphrius Kane> Only picture on the first page that wasn't NSFW was one of a pony complaining about the MLP porn
21:12 <SovietHero> ._.
21:12 <Ciphrius Kane> God of pleasure and pain
21:12 <The Mol Man>
21:12 <AnselaJonla>  Chaos God of lust, greed, excess, pain, pleasure, perfection and hedonism.
21:12 <Dogfoger> lmfao!!!
21:13 <Dogfoger> /me accidental "slaneesh onies"
21:13 <AnselaJonla> Like all the Chaos Gods (s)he encompasses both the good and the bad
21:13 -!- Illuminance has joined Special:Chat
21:13 <Dogfoger> showed slaneesh  onsies
21:13 <Dogfoger> lol
21:13 <SovietHero> What is slaneesh ._.
21:13 <Illuminance> anyone have [[Black platelegs (g)]] that i could buy
21:13 <Illuminance> D:
21:13 <AnselaJonla> I just flipping explained, you blooming noob
21:13 <The Mol Man> Well, I found Leon Kennedy stripping for a bunch of majini
21:14 <SovietHero> eh
21:14 <Kq head> I'm gonna have to do the unthinkable...
21:14 <The Mol Man>
21:14 <Kq head> Actually earn some gp.
21:14 <The Mol Man> at least I think it's leon
21:14 <Ciphrius Kane> Difference between Slaanesh and Khorne: while a Khornite will just kill you, a Slaaneshi will torture you for days on end, causing untold pain and misery long past anything of use.  He'll also nick everything you own
21:14 <SovietHero> That's low.
21:14 <Dogfoger> sounds like my best friend
21:14 <Coelacanth0794> i have no idea what you are talking aboot.
21:15 <Dogfoger> my best friend is a Slaaneshi
21:15 <Kq head> I have a few mil of worthless shite in my costume room and if i'm not gonna get rid of it, i'll have to... earn gp.
21:15 <AnselaJonla> Emperor help you if you fall into the hands of a Dark Eldar raiding party
21:15 <Ciphrius Kane> I'm a Slaaneshi
21:15 <AnselaJonla> And I'm a Khornite
21:15 <The Mol Man>
21:16 <Dogfoger> /me poeks Feesh
21:16 <SovietHero> You gotta keep poking.
21:17 <Dogfoger> /me repeatedly poeks Feesh
21:18 <Dogfoger> poek poeks
21:18 <SovietHero> >.>
21:18 <Ciphrius Kane> /me pokes Dogfoger with a spear
21:18 <Dogfoger> what is this "poek" you speak of?
21:18 <Dogfoger> oops
21:18 <The Mol Man>
21:18 <Dogfoger> what is this "poke" you speak of?
21:19 <Ciphrius Kane> It's where I stab something sharp and pointy into you
21:19 <Dogfoger> oh so you mean poek
21:19 <Kq head> ponies everywhere
21:19 <Ciphrius Kane> No, I mean poke
21:19 <SovietHero> poak?
21:20 <Dogfoger> /me slices off Soviet's head
21:20 <Dogfoger> it's poek
21:20 <The Mol Man>
21:21 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
21:21 <SovietHero> *Rips Dogfoger apart*
21:21 <SovietHero> No poke
21:21 <SovietHero> (ccake)
21:21 <Dogfoger> you can't rip me apart, I sliced your head off
21:21 <Ciphrius Kane> No, that's some stupid idiotic misspelling that people on the internet came up with to justify being shit at spelling
21:22 <Ciphrius Kane> /me rips Dogfoger apart
21:22 <SovietHero> My ehad grew back.
21:22 <Kq head> Find me a ponified Travis Touchdown and I will commit Hara-Kiri
21:22 <SovietHero> *head
21:22 <Dogfoger> /me is not sure if Kane called me bad at spelling
21:22 <SovietHero> Kq you don't even have the guts to do that.
21:22 <AnselaJonla> Coel. Protection request: [[Rune Mysteries]]. Level: autoconfirmed. Reason: repeated change of flooring numbers.
21:22 <Casting Fishes^^> mew
21:22 <Kq head> /me puts sword close to stomach
21:22 <Dogfoger> Kw
21:22 <Dogfoger> Kq
21:22 <Coelacanth0794> how long
21:22 <AnselaJonla> 1 day
21:23 <Dogfoger> I know that's a joke, but don't joke about that stuff
21:23 <SovietHero> And besides, who'll be the person to slice off your head? Feesh?
21:23 <SovietHero> @ Kq
21:23 <AnselaJonla> Thanks
21:23 <Kq head> I don't do political correctness, sorry
21:24 <Casting Fishes^^> my dragonite is doen
21:24 <Dogfoger> pics or it didn't happen
21:24 <Casting Fishes^^>
21:24 <Kq head> lol it has a funny horn
21:24 <Casting Fishes^^> :c
21:25 <Kq head> i like it
21:25 <Dogfoger> maybe the body could be like yellow or something
21:25 <AnselaJonla> Cute
21:25 <Kq head> Cute?!
21:26 <Dogfoger> .
21:26 <Coelacanth0794> yay casting
21:26 <Ciphrius Kane> Dragonite are fierce dragons!  You call fierce dragons cute?
21:27 <Coelacanth0794> yeah the horn iirc is the same colour as the body
21:27 <Coelacanth0794> was that off memory or using a guide?
21:27 <Casting Fishes^^> guide
21:27 <Casting Fishes^^> and the color didn't turn out right
21:27 <Ciphrius Kane> Name a country without an A in it
21:27 <Casting Fishes^^> I used the wrong color at first for the horn then went over it with another wrong color
21:27 <Casting Fishes^^> -.- 
21:28 <Casting Fishes^^> Greece :D
21:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Anybody else?
21:28 <Dogfoger> Melbourne
21:28 <Dogfoger> wait no that's a city
21:28 <Ciphrius Kane> I'm going with Turkey myself
21:28 <Kq head> America
21:28 <Casting Fishes^^> Can I pick Sweden
21:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Sure, just remember Sweden has about 4 brothers who can defend him though
21:29 <Ciphrius Kane>
21:29 <Hairr> chile
21:29 <Casting Fishes^^> okay now I have to draw.. Larvitar, Blastoise, Glameow, Sneasel, Celebi, Salamance, Piplup, and Flareon
21:29 <Hairr> mexico
21:29 <Dogfoger> Belgium, Kane
21:29 <Dogfoger> FEESH
21:30 <Dogfoger> Draw Flareon first <3
21:30 <Casting Fishes^^> oki <3
21:30 <Ciphrius Kane> As Dogfoger didn't do as instructed, his food is shared out among the rest of you
21:30 <Dogfoger> wut
21:31 <Dogfoger> Belgium is a country
21:31 <Ciphrius Kane> 22:28:18
21:31 <Ciphrius Kane> DogfogerMelbourne
21:31 <Ciphrius Kane> wait no that's a city
21:32 <Dogfoger> and then I said Belgium
21:32 <Hairr> ohio
21:32 <Ciphrius Kane> /me takes Hairr's food away and shares it out with everybody else bar Dog
21:32 <Dogfoger> wai :(
21:32 <Hairr> u so dumb ciph.. englend duh
21:32 <Coelacanth0794> any folklore monsters near where any of you live?
21:33 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
21:33 <Dogfoger> Ciphrius Kane 
21:33 <Dogfoger> Name a country without an A in it
21:33 <Hairr> just take out the a's duh
21:33 <Hairr> US
21:33 <Dogfoger> Dogfoger Belgium, Kane
21:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh ya, forgot about Kq as well
21:34 <Dogfoger> lol hair
21:34 <Ciphrius Kane> /me proceeds to strip Kq head of his food and give it out to everybody else bar Dog and Hairr
21:34 <Dogfoger> WHY ARE YOU BARRING US
21:35 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause you fucked up the game
21:35 <Ciphrius Kane> Which you just lost by the way
21:35 <Dogfoger> DAMNIT
21:35 <Dogfoger> Kane
21:35 <Dogfoger> Fiji?
21:36 <Ciphrius Kane> You lost, you no win
21:36 <Dogfoger> Morocco? Niger?
21:36 <Ciphrius Kane> what an excellent security system
21:36 <Ciphrius Kane> Works every time as you can see
21:36 <Dogfoger> Hong Kong? Lesotho?
21:37 <Dogfoger> Yemen?
21:37 <Dogfoger> /me really wants teh food
21:38 <Dogfoger> Togo? Seychelles?
21:38 <Coelacanth0794> none? aww.
21:39 <Dogfoger> Feesh? tchu drawing Flareon?
21:41 <Kq head> flareon is a n00b's Ent3i goml
21:41 <Dogfoger> what does goml mean?
21:42 <Kq head> get on my level
21:43 <Dogfoger> kq
21:43 <Dogfoger> goml
21:43 <Dogfoger> [[RS:QC]]
21:43 <Coelacanth0794> eveelutions only
21:44 <Dogfoger> (qc) My combat level is 188; Attack: 90, Defence: 87, Strength: 92, Constitution: 97, Ranged: 90, Prayer: 85, Magic: 99, Summoning: 86.
21:44 <Dogfoger> goml kq
21:44 <Coelacanth0794> (qc) My combat level is 200; Attack: 99, Defence: 99, Strength: 99, Constitution: 99, Ranged: 99, Prayer: 98, Magic: 99, Summoning: 99.
21:44 <Ciphrius Kane> /cb lvl
21:44 <Ciphrius Kane> Fuck
21:44 <Ciphrius Kane> (qc) My combat level is 200; Attack: 99, Defence: 99, Strength: 99, Constitution: 99, Ranged: 94, Prayer: 99, Magic: 99, Summoning: 99.
21:44 <Coelacanth0794> :p
21:45 <Ciphrius Kane> I blame Dogfoger
21:45 <Coelacanth0794> dem ranged slayer tasks are a godsend eh
21:45 -!- Thisismyrofl has joined Special:Chat
21:45 <Kq head> i forgot how to do that quick chat
21:45 <Kq head> thingy
21:45 <Kq head> but i am totally on your levels
21:45 <Coelacanth0794> mhmm
21:46 <Ciphrius Kane> What's your ingame name?
21:47 <Kq head> kamkanohi
21:47 <AnselaJonla> Djibouti is a country without an A
21:47 <Kq head> i need to change my name to something cool
21:47 <Dogfoger> (qc) kamkanohi's combat level is 200; Attack: 99, Defence: 99, Strength: 97, Constitution: 99, Ranged: 93, Prayer: 92, Magic: 92, Summoning: 99.
21:47 <Dogfoger> fahk
21:48 <Kq head> i need 99 str for srs
21:48 <Ciphrius Kane> Think we can say we all beat Dogfoger
21:48 <Kq head> he has 99 mage
21:48 <Illuminance> anyone have Black platelegs (g)
21:48 <Illuminance> D:
21:48 <Dogfoger> glad you didn't add the word "can" before beat lol
21:48 <Kq head> no, and even if i did, i'd probably hoard it in my costume room
21:49 <Illuminance> ok :(
21:49 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
21:49 <Coelacanth0794> for ShitRedditSays?
21:49 <Kq head> le reddit le memez lawl!
21:49 <Dogfoger> kq is a [email protected]@@
21:49 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
21:49 <Kq head> i have addy (t) - bet you can't find that anywhere eh
21:50 <Dogfoger> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[adamant platelegs (t)]] is 14,039 coins.
21:50 <Kq head> oh and all the addy (h) sets
21:50 <Coelacanth0794> nnnnnot quite kq
21:50 <Kq head> yea good luck buying it though
21:51 <Kq head> maybe i will clue grind while working on slayer masks
21:53 -!- Thisismyrofl has left Special:Chat.
21:53 <Casting Fishes^^> my flareon didn't come out right
21:53 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
21:53 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has joined Special:Chat
21:54 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
21:55 <Dogfoger> pics or it didn't happen
21:56 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah a classic joke
21:56 -!- Illuminance has left Special:Chat.
21:57 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
21:57 <Suppa chuppa> !updatelogs
21:58 <RSChatBot> Suppa chuppa: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 5 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
22:00 <Dogfoger> this Dr Who shit is getting out of hand
22:00 <Coelacanth0794>
22:03 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:03 <Kq head> talking is for losers
22:04 <Lothorian Foryx> Pardon, I've a question for the admins, if that's alright?
22:04 <Ciphrius Kane> Go ahead
22:04 <Lothorian Foryx> Have any of you created the info-boxes that swap between different variations of NPC's?
22:04 -!- Thisismyrofl has joined Special:Chat
22:05 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah those, I haven't sorry
22:05 <Coelacanth0794> like on [[nomad]]?
22:05 <Ciphrius Kane> They're called swap infoboxes
22:05 <Suppa chuppa> switch
22:05 <Kq head> didn't matthew make those?
22:05 <Coelacanth0794> what do you need help with?
22:05 <Lothorian Foryx> Exactly like Nomad :)
22:06 <Lothorian Foryx> Well, I come from a different Wiki, and if possible, I'd like to arrange an info-box to be set up like that. I simply don't know the coding, and when I tried to learn it through example of this wiki...well 
22:06 <Lothorian Foryx> It told me I broke things >.<
22:06 <Suppa chuppa> reaaaaally fake translucency ?+?
22:06 <Suppa chuppa> >_>*
22:07 <Suppa chuppa> Lothorian Foryx: There's some javascript you'll have to add to common.js
22:07 <Coelacanth0794> well i think you need to build the template for switch
22:07 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:07 <Suppa chuppa> and you can copy the template coding over
22:07 <Coelacanth0794> oh ok
22:07 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:08 <Ciphrius Kane> We'll lend you Suppa to deal with it.  By lend I mean give
22:08 <Ciphrius Kane> Have fun with your new masters suppa
22:08 -!- Thisismyrofl has left Special:Chat.
22:08 <Dogfoger>
22:08 <Suppa chuppa> lol
22:08 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
22:08 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:08 <Kq head> dog, what the hell is that
22:08 <Suppa chuppa> You'll need to import/copy over [[User:Matthew2602/SwitchInfobox.js]]
22:09 <Coelacanth0794> a tongue you nub
22:09 <Dogfoger> lol
22:09 <Suppa chuppa> or you can leave
22:09 <Kq head> i hope my tongue isn't like that
22:09 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
22:09 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:10 <Kq head> like it's not as though i've never seen my tongue before, but... gross
22:10 <Lothorian Foryx> Sorry.
22:10 <Lothorian Foryx> Internet connection issues.
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> It's fine
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> @import url("/load.php?debug=false&lang=en&mode=articles&articles=MediaWiki:Wikia.css/hilite|MediaWiki:Common.css/nonjstabberdropdown|User:Joeytje50/rsfont.css|User:Stewbasic/calc.css|User:Matthew2602/SwitchInfobox.css&only=styles");
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> is the css you'll have to add
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> except well
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> that references pages here
22:11 <Suppa chuppa> so you can just copy the contents of them over/modify the switch infobox css to not use rsfont
22:11 -!- Poolaalaa has joined Special:Chat
22:11 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
22:11 <Poolaalaa> Hellp
22:11 <Poolaalaa> *Hello
22:11 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <Poolaalaa> Is there an admin here?
22:12 <Suppa chuppa> probably
22:12 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
22:12 <Kq head> ^this guy is one
22:12 <Poolaalaa> whoo
22:12 <Poolaalaa> oh
22:12 <Poolaalaa> ok
22:12 <Poolaalaa> :D
22:12 <Poolaalaa> Do you know how to change the chatmod/admin symbols
22:12 <Suppa chuppa> css
22:12 <Poolaalaa> can you teach me in PM?
22:12 <Suppa chuppa> sure
22:14 <Lothorian Foryx> Suppa. I uhm. I didn't follow that at all >.<
22:15 <Suppa chuppa> lol, alright
22:15 <Lothorian Foryx> I'm sorry ,-,
22:15 <Suppa chuppa> basically, if you import the javascript on your wiki
22:15 <Suppa chuppa> and copy over the template
22:15 <Suppa chuppa> you'll get the functionality, but it'll look/be styled differently
22:15 <Lothorian Foryx> How would I import the javascript?
22:16 <Suppa chuppa> on MediaWiki:Common.js you add an import line
22:16 <Suppa chuppa> let me get the exact thing
22:16 <Jr Mime> Suppa you nub
22:16 <Suppa chuppa> wat
22:16 <Suppa chuppa> I forget what the shortcut is to import from another wiki, but you can use this
22:17 <Jr Mime> importScriptPage("Page.js", "wiki (like rs)");
22:17 <Suppa chuppa> oh yeah
22:17 <Suppa chuppa> that
22:17 <Jr Mime> See, you nub
22:17 <Suppa chuppa> lol
22:18 <Jr Mime> Need to go, was just checking on wikia :P
22:18 <Jr Mime> Cya
22:18 <Jr Mime> Nub Suppa
22:18 <Lothorian Foryx> I believe you're overestimating my knowledge of technology @[email protected]
22:18 <Suppa chuppa> so importScriptPage("User:Matthew2602/SwitchInfobox.js", "runescape");
22:18 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
22:19 <Suppa chuppa> just add that to your MediaWiki:Common.js
22:24 <Suppa chuppa> Demise36: you there?
22:24 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:24 <Demise36> ye
22:24 <Suppa chuppa> why do you have rollback AND sysop
22:24 <Suppa chuppa>
22:25 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:25 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:25 <Suppa chuppa> anyway
22:25 <Suppa chuppa> Lothorian Foryx wants to make an edit to MediaWiki:Common.js
22:25 <Suppa chuppa> on that wiki
22:26 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:27 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has joined Special:Chat
22:27 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:27 <Casting Fishes^^> doggie
22:27 <Casting Fishes^^> Dogfoger pls
22:27 <Dogfoger> hm?
22:27 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:27 <Dogfoger> Watchu need?
22:28 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:28 <Casting Fishes^^> or anyone, can sumbodeh link me a good pixur of flareon
22:28 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:28 <Casting Fishes^^> I dun has a gudp ixur
22:28 <Coelacanth0794>
22:29 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:29 <Dogfoger>
22:29 <Casting Fishes^^> the oen I drew didn't come out right
22:29 <Dogfoger> o fuck
22:29 <Dogfoger> that is a big link
22:30 <Poolaalaa> lol you guys are allowed to swear here?
22:30 <Coelacanth0794> not excessively but you may
22:30 <Dogfoger> you like it, Feesh
22:31 <Casting Fishes^^> nus
22:32 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:32 <Coelacanth0794> :x
22:32 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:33 <Dogfoger> feesh
22:33 <Dogfoger> pm
22:34 <Dogfoger>
22:37 <SovietHero> (ccake)
22:37 <Casting Fishes^^> /me noms (ccaek)
22:37 <TonyBest100> Top comment :P
22:38 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
22:38 <Dogfoger> I just posted that
22:39 <Suppa chuppa> TonyBest100: heh
22:41 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:41 <SovietHero> Meh I need to eat some sushi.
22:41 <SovietHero> Feesh, can i turn you into sushi?
22:42 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
22:42 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
22:43 <Dogfoger> fahk
22:43 <Dogfoger> i need kane
22:44 <Dogfoger> It says that Harry never broke the Elder Wand, but he used it to fix his original wand, and then gave it back to Dumbledore
22:44 <SovietHero> What for?
22:44 <SovietHero> wut
22:44 <Dogfoger> but we saw him throw it into the Hogwarts Lake?
22:44 <Dogfoger>
22:45 <Dogfoger> what the fuck?
22:45 <Dogfoger> After Harry "dies" in the forest and Voldemort returns to finish off Hogwarts, his spells do not work. When Harry reveals he is alive, he informs Voldemort he cannot harm Hogwarts because Harry died to protect them.
22:46 <Dogfoger> what the hell is this guy smoking?
22:46 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
22:46 <Dogfoger> Wormtail dies because for a split second, he considers helping Harry. When he does, the hand given to him by Voldemort turns on him and strangles him.
22:46 <Dogfoger> wtf...
22:46 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
22:47 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
22:47 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
22:48 <Dogfoger>
22:48 <Dogfoger> omg that top comment killed me
22:48 <Dogfoger> And with that, I leave you guys
22:48 <SovietHero> lolzz
22:48 <Dogfoger> Toodle-oo!
22:49 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
22:49 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
22:50 <Casting Fishes^^> nus
22:50 <Casting Fishes^^> NUS
22:51 <Casting Fishes^^> he left i has nobodeh to judge mai horribur pokemon
22:51 <Casting Fishes^^> :c
22:51 <Casting Fishes^^> oki ppls. or
22:52 <TonyBest100> first one
22:52 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
22:52 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
22:52 <Casting Fishes^^> I think first one looks stupid :v
22:52 <Casting Fishes^^> i think both look stupid lol
22:52 <Kq head> terrible? wtf is wrong with choo
22:53 <Kq head> they are adowablue
22:54 <Casting Fishes^^> ill bbl
22:55 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
22:57 <Suppa chuppa> !updatelogs
22:57 <RSChatBot> Suppa chuppa: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 178 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
22:59 <TonyBest100>
22:59 -!- SsVivid has joined Special:Chat
22:59 -!- EpicGuy5487 has joined Special:Chat
22:59 <EpicGuy5487> hi
22:59 <EpicGuy5487> question
22:59 <TonyBest100> Hey
23:00 <EpicGuy5487> is thhe clan cup thing happenin this year
23:00 <TonyBest100> Don't know
23:00 <EpicGuy5487> ok
23:01 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
23:01 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
23:02 -!- EpicGuy5487 has left Special:Chat.
23:02 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
23:04 -!- Knightmere98 has joined Special:Chat
23:04 <Knightmere98> 
23:05 <Knightmere98> we need to change the lvl 85 glove drops
23:05 <Knightmere98> runescape clearly say rare not very rare
23:05 -!- Knightmere98 has left Special:Chat.
23:07 -!- Ryan PM has left Special:Chat.
23:08 <Suppa chuppa> no
23:08 <Suppa chuppa> it's very rare
23:08 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:09 -!- Knightmere98 has joined Special:Chat
23:09 <Knightmere98> Changing gloves too
23:10 -!- Knightmere98 has left Special:Chat.
23:10 <Suppa chuppa> stay in chat so i can get you to stop >_>
23:11 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
23:11 -!- Lothorian Foryx has joined Special:Chat
23:12 -!- Lothorian Foryx has left Special:Chat.
23:16 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
23:22 -!- Knightmere98 has joined Special:Chat
23:23 <Knightmere98> Hey
23:23 <Knightmere98> hey
23:23 <Suppa chuppa> hi
23:23 <Knightmere98>  suppa u think you know better then jagex?
23:23 <Knightmere98> it says rare
23:23 <Suppa chuppa> The drop rate for gloves is a little worst than 1/1,000
23:23 <Suppa chuppa> that's edited by players, not jmods
23:23 <Knightmere98> so it says rare
23:23 <Suppa chuppa> I don't know what their definition of rare is
23:24 <Suppa chuppa> also
23:24 <Suppa chuppa> drop rate for cresbot = drop rate for gloves
23:24 <Knightmere98> Their definition is obviously the right one.....
23:24 <Suppa chuppa> you can't have a "right" definition of rare, lol
23:24 <Knightmere98> jagex confirmed they was rare
23:24 <Knightmere98> not very rare
23:25 <Suppa chuppa> they confirmed? What was the drop rate they confirmed
23:25 <Knightmere98> they didnt confirm a drop rate as in a number but they confirm rare
23:25 <Knightmere98> not veryrare do u not understand that ffs
23:26 <Suppa chuppa> I can't tell if you're trolling or not.
23:26 <Knightmere98> your basicly saying you know better then jagex
23:26 <Suppa chuppa> no
23:26 <Knightmere98> about their own game
23:26 <Knightmere98> ye
23:26 <Suppa chuppa> That's not what i'm saying
23:26 <Knightmere98> so why are you not agreeing with what they said!
23:27 <Knightmere98> i cbf im tired and going off
23:27 <Suppa chuppa> Because we have a different definition of rare/very rare?
23:27 <Suppa chuppa> k
23:27 -!- Knightmere98 has left Special:Chat.
23:28 -!- Kangaroopower has joined Special:Chat
23:29 -!- Kangaroopower has left Special:Chat.
23:29 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
23:29 <Urbancowgurl777> why are you so mean to our users ):
23:30 <Suppa chuppa> I didn't mean to be >_>
23:30 <Urbancowgurl777> don't we have a list somewhere that says what we classify as rare/very rare/etc?
23:30 <Suppa chuppa> I was looking for it
23:31 <Suppa chuppa> but i couldn't find it
23:31 <Urbancowgurl777> me neither <.<
23:31 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:37 <Urbancowgurl777>
23:37 <Urbancowgurl777> found it <.< i guess
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> well
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> I looked at that
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> but it doesn't have any hard values listed
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> Renowned for being rare among players. Hardly ever dropped. Items like the divine sigil, some dragon items, etc.
23:38 <Urbancowgurl777> not sure if there is such a thing
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> that doesn't help anyone
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> maybe in a forum? idk
23:38 <Urbancowgurl777> well i looked but <.<
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> huh
23:40 <Suppa chuppa> there was this
23:40 <Suppa chuppa>
23:40 <Suppa chuppa> But it was never implemented, lol
23:41 <Urbancowgurl777> yeah saw that one
23:41 <Urbancowgurl777> all of the drops YGs were either not implemented or are irrelevant
23:41 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:42 <Urbancowgurl777> lmao, semi-common, semi-rare
23:42 <Urbancowgurl777> very rare, extremely rare
23:42 <Urbancowgurl777> gawd
23:42 <Suppa chuppa> LOL
23:43 <Suppa chuppa> wow, we had a thread on whether or not to use 1 line or 3 lines for Template:DropsLine
23:43 <Suppa chuppa> fail
23:43 <Suppa chuppa> LOL
23:43 <Suppa chuppa> Is there seriously a Yew Grove thread for this? - Suppa chuppa Talk 18:40, November 4, 2010 (UTC)
23:43 <Urbancowgurl777> x_x
23:43 <Urbancowgurl777> nice
23:43 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
23:43 <Urbancowgurl777> which one is that
23:43 <Suppa chuppa> My sentiments didn't change >_>
23:43 <Suppa chuppa>,_how_should_it_be%3F
23:43 <Urbancowgurl777> hm i didn't comment
23:43 <Suppa chuppa> nice, jeffwang did
23:44 <Suppa chuppa> and it's mostly in chinese
23:44 <Urbancowgurl777> wth
23:44 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
23:44 <Suppa chuppa> Maybe this?
23:44 <Suppa chuppa>,Very_Rare,_Ultra_Rare..Etc
23:44 <Urbancowgurl777> no, already checked
23:44 <Urbancowgurl777> those are way too old
23:44 <Suppa chuppa> oh
23:45 <Suppa chuppa> oh jeeze, forgot about this
23:45 <Suppa chuppa>!
23:45 <Suppa chuppa> parsons was the best
23:45 <Suppa chuppa> lmao
23:45 <Suppa chuppa> I like how it was actually implemented later though
23:46 <Urbancowgurl777> i like how it really was implemented <.<
23:46 <Urbancowgurl777> lol yeah
23:46 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:46 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
23:47 <Suppa chuppa>
23:47 <Suppa chuppa> what...
23:47 <Suppa chuppa> anyway, bbl
23:47 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
23:48 <Urbancowgurl777> why don't i have a light blue scarf to match with this shirt ):
23:53 <Coelacanth0794> recolour gnome scarf then
23:53 -!- SsVivid has left Special:Chat.
23:54 <Kq head> i noticed in nmh2 on the way to fight kimmy howell, there's a part where a bullet gets fired from nowhere O_o
23:55 <Kq head> like there's no gun guy or anything, just random bullet
23:56 <Coelacanth0794> shrug
23:57 <Kq head> Margaret can't wait her turn?