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23:45 <Jr Mime> If I'm right, it's the same
23:45 -!- Henneyj has joined Special:Chat
23:45 <Jr Mime> And there are more jpg than jpeg
23:46 <Cåm> wikipedia suggests jpeg is the 'more' correct extension
23:46 <Cåm> there are loads more jpg, less than a dozen jpegs here
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23:50 <Hairr>
23:50 <Hairr> very interesting
23:51 <Jr Mime> Wait
23:51 <Jr Mime> It did fix :File:Blabla?
23:51 <Jr Mime> Or you added it?
23:51 <Hairr> I did what
23:51 <Jr Mime> Check link #2
23:51 <Hairr> okay and
23:51 <Jr Mime> Last time I tested it, it did not work
23:52 <Hairr> well it did for me
23:52 <Jr Mime> Oh, then he added it
23:52 <Jr Mime> Good :D
23:53 <Jr Mime> Try the queue option
23:53 <Hairr> I have no use for it there
23:53 <Jr Mime> Queue is in the dropdown option in any file
23:53 <Hairr> I dont' use dropdown
23:53 <Hairr> for monobook
23:53 <Jr Mime> Oh
23:53 <Jr Mime> Then it should be with the edit/history on the left sidfe
23:53 <Jr Mime> side*
23:54 <Hairr> Why isn't Fergie coming into chat
23:54 <Jr Mime> I have no idea
23:57 <TonyBest100> nice old mario fact :P
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00:00 <Dtm142> incorrect
00:00 <Dtm142> it really is bowser
00:00 <Dtm142> Just a different death animation.
00:01 <Dtm142> Think something you can buy from Solomon's General store.
00:01 <Dtm142> Where your opponent turns into a Goomba when they hit 0hp
00:01 <Dtm142> (H)
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00:01 <Dtm142> God forbid.  Another wikidrama thread
00:01 <Dtm142> 9_9
00:02 <Hairr> No it is about Ansela again (the utp thing)
00:02 <Dtm142>
00:02 <Dtm142> 9_9
00:02 <Hairr> The initial proposal was ignored
00:03 <Dtm142> Infernal ashes challenge tonight
00:03 <Dtm142> (Y)
00:04 <Dtm142> [[Challenge System/Challenges]]
00:05 <TonyBest100> Great now i got Exquisite spear lol
00:05 <TonyBest100> thats the battleaxe, halberd, 2h and spear i have now lol
00:09 <Jr Mime> .
00:12 <Dtm142> Lagggggggggggggg
00:12 <Dtm142> Not sure which ones I have
00:12 <Dtm142> Dropped them all because Diango will retrieve them
00:12 <Dtm142> For phr33
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00:15 <Dtm142> Laggy connection tonight :@
00:15 <Demise36> wtf
00:15 <Demise36> the lobby has thrown me out 3 times
00:16 <Dtm142> ^
00:17 <Dtm142> (pretty sure I'm about to get it for the 3rd time anyway)
00:17 <Dtm142> Nvm, got loading please wait
00:17 <Dtm142> It fought back (H)
00:23 <TonyBest100> bad billboard design
00:25 <Demise36> jagex unlimited
00:26 <Henneyj> cool they made it so that people could see what it looks like if they have my eyesight
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00:41 <Jr Mime> .
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01:05 <Hallowland> what in the world is this
01:05 <Hallowland> woops 
01:05 <Hallowland> wrong link
01:05 <Hallowland>
01:05 <Hallowland> duplicate of
01:05 <Hallowland> delete wishingwellbush9
01:05 <Hallowland> going to fix links
01:07 <Hallowland> fixed
01:07 <Hallowland> coel
01:07 <Hallowland> suppa
01:08 <Hallowland> dtm
01:09 <Jr Mime> Lol
01:09 <Jr Mime> Just tag it
01:09 <Hallowland> >..
01:09 <Hallowland> >.>*
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01:14 <Coelacanth0794> hi
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01:27 <Suppa chuppa> Hallowland: deleted the image you tagged, btw
01:27 <Hallowland> thank you :>
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01:28 <Xalexownzx> who's idea was this? [[God banner]]
01:29 <Jr Mime> Oh look
01:29 <Suppa chuppa> what do you mean. who's idea was it to make that a disambig?
01:29 <Xalexownzx> Let's make 9 separate pages for identical items.
01:29 <Jr Mime> Ansela forum #3
01:29 <Xalexownzx> yeah
01:29 <Suppa chuppa> Xalexownzx: are they all the exact same?
01:29 <Xalexownzx> other than name/graphics, yeah.
01:29 <Xalexownzx> it should be one page that shows off all the different styles, but have the same common text imo
01:29 <Suppa chuppa> oh wow
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01:37 <Coelacanth0794> i dunno. what about the same thing for other objects with such similarities?
01:37 <Coelacanth0794> such as rune trimmed armours
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01:43 <Xalexownzx> yes but at least run armours have a non-useless page that links them all together that is actually of some factual use to users [[Rune_equipment]]
01:43 <Xalexownzx> brb
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01:50 <Jr Mime> Cya
01:50 <Jr Mime> Wait a sec
01:50 <Jr Mime> Hi I am not me lol
01:50 <I am not me> Hi
01:51 <I am not me> I'm just catching up on all the crap I missed in RuneScape
01:51 <Jr Mime> Haha
01:51 <Jr Mime> Cya
01:51 <Jr Mime> Don't forget, [[Solomon]]
01:51 <Coelacanth0794> hoooo boy am i glad i live in canada
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02:00 <Spineweilder> Maybe one day ill move to canada
02:01 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
02:02 <Spineweilder> Ello mr crat
02:02 <Dtm142> lolol national memo
02:02 <Dtm142> Hello spine
02:03 <Spineweilder> So if anyone's aware, there's an Ansela Problems part 2. I predicted it would happen.
02:05 <Spineweilder> Meh it's too quiet here
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02:07 <Dtm142> More wikidrama.  Oh boy...
02:08  * Dtm142 does a quick search to see if he's been mentioned in any of the respective threads.
02:08 <Dtm142> Nope, nothing.
02:08 <Dtm142> :)
02:13 <Suppa chuppa> whoa no way
02:13 <Suppa chuppa> we have the poem extension enabled here
02:13 <Coelacanth0794> ermagerd
02:13 <Suppa chuppa> <poem> </poem>
02:13 <Suppa chuppa> lol
02:13 <Coelacanth0794> is your life now complete
02:13 <Suppa chuppa> yes
02:13 <Dtm142> (H)
02:13 <Coelacanth0794> (y)
02:20 <Henneyj> write us a poem suppa
02:20 <Suppa chuppa> okay
02:20 <Suppa chuppa> not really though, bbl
02:21 <Henneyj> :(
02:21 <Henneyj> that didnt even rhyme
02:22 <Dtm142> [[jogre bones]]
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02:24 <Dtm142> Why do jungle ogres have flammable bones anyway?
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02:32 <Coelacanth0794> we burn them for tai bwo wannai trio
02:32 <Coelacanth0794> ask those ancient developers
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02:46 <Coelacanth0794> nub
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02:54 <Foodbandlt> Hey, anyone contribute to the '07 wiki here?
02:55 <Foodbandlt> Or... is everyone dead?
02:57 <Coelacanth0794> i am straight up live-game only sorry
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02:57 <Coelacanth0794> why, what do you need?
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03:00 <Coelacanth0794> :s?
03:00 <Coelacanth0794> welp, gnight then
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03:55 <Temujin96> Hai
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04:09 <Meter55> I feel the immersion of RS break away when on a slayer task, a brutal dragon bot keeps trying to kill my bunyip. 
04:10 <Meter55> It trying to do the tango with my familiar, sometimes attacking waterfiends that get too close to the bunyip
04:11 <Suppa chuppa> er, what?
04:12 <Suppa chuppa> there are way too many bots in the ancient caverns
04:14 <Meter55> It keep mistaking my bunyip for a dragon, but every time it tried to go back to the dragons, it went right back to the bunyip.
04:14 <AnselaJonla> I'm still not sure that Capsarii, scutarii etc are the monster names for this ranged Slayer dungeon
04:14 <AnselaJonla> They sound like plurals
04:16 <Suppa chuppa> could be
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04:22 <Temujin96> !!!
04:22 <Temujin96> What does rename and replace do? :D
04:23 <AnselaJonla> Replace is the same as the "upload a new version of this file" link
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04:34 <Temujin96> :(
04:35 <Temujin96> And what of "Queue"?
04:37 <Temujin96> Why are they displayed in detail when moving a file?
04:37 <Temujin96> [[Template:Infobox Item]]
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05:03 <Zerule> what should i get a bandos godsword or a zamorakian spear?
05:03 <Suppa chuppa> what're you going to use it for?
05:03 <Zerule> killing monsters in general 
05:04 <Suppa chuppa> hm, let's see
05:04 <Suppa chuppa> [[Bandos godsword]] [[Zamorak spear]]
05:04 <Suppa chuppa> looks like they're the same
05:04 <Suppa chuppa> only difference is the prayer bonus difference
05:05 <Suppa chuppa> honestly stab vs slash isn't a big deal
05:05 <Zerule> is the attack speed different  
05:05 <Suppa chuppa> no
05:05 <Temujin96> help please :3
05:05 <Temujin96>
05:05 <Temujin96> (>_<)
05:05 <Suppa chuppa> what's wrong?
05:05 <Temujin96> Click the link and see
05:06 <Temujin96> It's messy because of my edits >_<
05:06 <Temujin96> It's meant to have weight and examine at the bottom
05:09 <Suppa chuppa> oh wow
05:09 <Suppa chuppa> the code's scary
05:13 <Temujin96> Yeah :S
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05:20 <Temujin96> Any luck, Suppa chuppa?
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05:23 <Suppa chuppa> oh sorry
05:23 <Suppa chuppa> i wasn't looking at it
05:23 <Suppa chuppa> let me see
05:23 <Temujin96> ty
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05:31 <Suppa chuppa> ah
05:31 <Suppa chuppa> i see
05:31 <Suppa chuppa> it was only showing examine and weight if it was tradable
05:34 <Suppa chuppa> anyway, i edited the page, Temujin96
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05:37 <Temujin96> ty Suppa :)
05:37 <Suppa chuppa> np
05:46 <Temujin96> The "Rename and replace" button updates file links across pages for a single image, while the "Rename and add to queue" button adds the file links of the image to a queue to be renamed at one time as a group. When updating file links using the queue, file links located on like pages are grouped together into one edit, rather than one edit per file link. The queue can be accessed and processed through any file page in the "Edit" drop-down. Please note that a saved queue is local to the computer being used, and does not carry over to other computers.
05:46 <Temujin96> This appears below the buttons on Special:MovePage
05:46 <Temujin96> ???
05:48 <Suppa chuppa> hm?
05:51 <Temujin96> Suppa
05:51 <Temujin96> Why is exchange now a field??
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> uh
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> idk
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> good point
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> lol
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> can you link it again?
05:55 <Temujin96> =P
05:55 <Temujin96>
05:56 <Temujin96> [[Template:2007 page]]
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06:06 <Temujin96> ty
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06:30 <MahjarratInfo101> Hai
06:30 <MahjarratInfo101> how are we all
06:30 <Haidro> tired
06:30 <MahjarratInfo101> go to sleep
06:30 <Haidro> k bai
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06:30 <MahjarratInfo101> Lol
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06:33 <MahjarratInfo101> Haidro
06:33 <Haidro> MahjarratInfo101
06:34 <MahjarratInfo101> I added this info to the [[sixth age]] - Is that ok?
06:35 <Haidro> Sure
06:36 <MahjarratInfo101> K
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06:59 <Haidro> [[RFA]]
07:14 <Temujin96> Hai
07:14 <Temujin96> dro
07:14 <Temujin96> Y U link to RfA?
07:15 <Temujin96> Going for 'crat so soon? =P
07:18 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
07:19 <Temujin96> What would be a better name for [[Template:Warn3|this template]]?
07:22 <Cook Me Plox> why does it need a name change?
07:24 -!- Shockstorm has joined Special:Chat
07:24 <Temujin96> It doesn't
07:25 <Temujin96> But can you think of a better name?
07:27 <Cook Me Plox> not exactly.
07:28 -!- Raw Emotion has joined Special:Chat
07:28 <Raw Emotion> someone wanna help me?
07:28 <Shockstorm> sure
07:28 <Cook Me Plox> Possibly
07:29 <Raw Emotion> where can I find a scythe on 2007scape
07:29 <Temujin96> Any idea how I can remove "License" from [[2007:Special:Upload]] and replace it with "Category", like [[Special:Upload]]?
07:29 <Temujin96> *Licensing
07:29 <Temujin96> I'm useless when it comes to media wiki pages :(
07:29 <Shockstorm> dunno about scythe
07:29 <Cook Me Plox> Just have to look through all of them and find the one that matches Licensing
07:30 <Cook Me Plox> uselang=qqx is your savior
07:30 <Temujin96> ?_?
07:30 <Cook Me Plox> is the name of the one you want
07:30 <Temujin96> right
07:30 <Temujin96> so I should delete it?
07:31 <Temujin96> and replace it with a "Category" page?
07:31 <Cook Me Plox> No, you want to replace the text with "Category"
07:31 <Cook Me Plox> That MediaWiki page will exist regardless
07:31 <Temujin96> nvm
07:31 <Temujin96> I see
07:31 <Temujin96>
07:32 <Temujin96> How do I protect it?
07:32 <Cook Me Plox> It's already protected
07:32 <Cook Me Plox> Only admins can edit MediaWiki pages
07:32 <Temujin96> Not on 2007scape
07:32 <Raw Emotion> so nobody knows about the random scythes?
07:32 <Temujin96> ik
07:32 <Temujin96>
07:32 <Temujin96> There's no "Protect" option
07:32 <Cook Me Plox> I don't know, have they been dropped yet?
07:32 <Raw Emotion> they have been
07:33 <Cook Me Plox> You don't need to protect it. It's automatically protected
07:33 <Temujin96> Hmm
07:33 <Raw Emotion> for quite some time now
07:33 <Temujin96> I see
07:33 <Temujin96> [[2007:Special:Upload]]
07:33 <Temujin96>
07:33 <Temujin96> And do you happen to know how I can alter the options?
07:33 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
07:34 <MahjarratInfo101> Hi Temujin
07:34 <Cook Me Plox> Yeah, I can't remember how but I know we've done it. I'll see
07:34 <Temujin96> Hello MahjarratInfo101 :)
07:34 <Temujin96> tyvm Cook,
07:35 <Temujin96> You're nearly as helpful as Joey
07:35 <Cook Me Plox> That's insulting
07:35 <Temujin96> He controlled my computer remotely to help me fix a problem relating to images one
07:35 <Temujin96> *once
07:35 <Cook Me Plox> I can remotely control your computer too! But for other reasons...
07:35 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
07:36 <Temujin96> On the contrary, it's a compliment
07:36 <Temujin96> Right...
07:36 <Cook Me Plox> Oh, that's too easy.
07:36 <Cook Me Plox>
07:36 <Temujin96> We used an application that I had to download
07:36 <Cook Me Plox> You'll also need
07:36 <Temujin96> I could have cancelled it at any time
07:36 <Temujin96> I learnt his first name during the process =P
07:36 <Temujin96> tyvm
07:37 <Cook Me Plox> Everyone knows his first name
07:37 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
07:39 <Temujin96> tyvm Cook
07:39 <Temujin96> Meh
07:40 <Temujin96> 2-3 other people in chat at the time didn't =P
07:43 <Temujin96> anyway,
07:43 <Temujin96> bbl
07:43 <Temujin96> tyvm Cook :)
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08:05 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
08:05 <AnselaJonla> Testing something
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08:09 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
08:10 <Ozank> best discount
08:13 <MahjarratInfo101> Guys how do I make my own custom signature instead of going ~~~~?
08:13 <Ozank> [[H:CYS]]
08:13 -!- Temujin96 has joined Special:Chat
08:14 <MahjarratInfo101> Ty
08:15 <MahjarratInfo101> But where's the page where my signature is so I can edit it?
08:17 <MahjarratInfo101> ?
08:17 <Shockstorm> you have to make one
08:17 <Shockstorm> a template page
08:17 <MahjarratInfo101> How
08:20 <Temujin96> [[Template:RSC page]]
08:21 <Shockstorm> make a new page (type into url bar) with Template:Signatures/Yournamehere. examples are located here: [[Category:Signatures]]
08:21 <Temujin96> [[2007:Template:RSC page]]
08:21 <MahjarratInfo101> K ty
08:22 <Temujin96> [[File:Classic Runestone.png]]
08:27 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
08:34 -!- Oli4burggraa has joined Special:Chat
08:34 <Oli4burggraa> Is it normal for Special:WantedFiles to give false positives?
08:34 <Oli4burggraa> I moved some files around yesterday and some of those were in templates
08:35 <Cook Me Plox> yes
08:35 <Oli4burggraa> Okay good
08:35 <Oli4burggraa> Because right now it says there's an image redlinked on 112 pages
08:35 <Oli4burggraa> But I went to approx half of them and they're fine
08:37 -!- Oli4burggraa has left Special:Chat.
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08:38 <Temujin96>
08:38 <Temujin96> Is that an appropriate username?
08:44 -!- Temujin96 has left Special:Chat.
08:44 -!- Temujin96 has joined Special:Chat
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08:45 <Temujin96> ?
08:48 -!- Musedragon has joined Special:Chat
08:48 <Temujin96> :/
08:49 <Temujin96> [[RS:T]]
08:50 -!- Musedragon has left Special:Chat.
08:51 <Temujin96>
08:52 <Temujin96> "MY OCCUPATION IS banging you mum"
08:53 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
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08:59 <Cook Me Plox> Temujin, want to do the adamant mining thing?
09:02 <Temujin96> Sorry, I'm busy with 07
09:02 <Temujin96> :(
09:02 <Temujin96> [[Summoning]]
09:03 <Temujin96> Ah shit
09:03 <Temujin96> She knows I haven't seen them yet because she hasn't uploaded them >.>
09:04 <Temujin96> [[Hunter]]
09:07 <Temujin96> Is there an interface image license?
09:08 <Battleben> 07? People still do that?
09:10 <Temujin96> Shut up, Ben.
09:10 <Temujin96> You've always been against the 2007scape Wiki
09:10 <Battleben> No.
09:10 <Battleben> I'm not against the 2007scape Wiki.
09:10 <Battleben> I'm against 2007.
09:10 <Battleben> There's a difference.
09:10 <Temujin96> I can go into the chatlogs and quote what you said in regards to oldschool players
09:11 <Temujin96> There's hardly a difference
09:11 <Battleben> They delayed the most important quest ever for Nostalgiascape.
09:11 <Battleben> Despite promising there wouldn't be any delays.
09:11 <Temujin96> That's Jagex's fault
09:11 <Temujin96> No one elses
09:12 <Temujin96> It was foolish of them to makes promises that they knew they probably wouldn't be able to keep
09:12 <Cook Me Plox> At least it'll die down eventually
09:13 <Temujin96> You still think that, Cook?
09:13 <Cook Me Plox> Oh, certainly
09:13 <Battleben> It already has died down.
09:13 <Temujin96>
09:13 <Cook Me Plox> If you look at the stats, it's still declining
09:13 <Temujin96> Gradually
09:14 <Cook Me Plox> that's what dying down means
09:14 <Battleben> Quite signifcAlready less people play it than 2013.
09:14 <Cook Me Plox> although I suspect that if they add an extra subscription fee at any point, then that gradual decline will become very quick
09:14 <Battleben> Quite significantly*
09:14 <Temujin96> Your point being?
09:14 <Temujin96> Free players have access to post-EoC
09:15 <Temujin96> The gradual decline has slowed dramatically
09:15 <Temujin96> Nobody knows what Jagex will do come September
09:15 <Cook Me Plox> still declining though
09:15 <Battleben> 07scape has no future, new players aren't going to join it.
09:16 <Temujin96> In a similar manner, RSC has no future
09:17 <Cook Me Plox> consequently the RSC community is mostly dead. and there have been no maintenance changes to RSC in 4 years that I know of
09:17 <Temujin96> [[Graphical Updates/Interface]]
09:18 <Temujin96> [[Graphical Updates/Interfaces]]
09:18 <Temujin96> Link plz
09:18 <Temujin96> :/
09:19 <Temujin96> [[Graphical Updates]]
09:19 <Temujin96> :/
09:19 <Temujin96> [[Graphical updates/Interfaces]]
09:20 <Temujin96>
09:20 <Temujin96> Can I replace that with a marginally older file,
09:20 <Temujin96> or should I upload it separately?
09:20 <Temujin96> Cook Me Plox
09:21 <Cook Me Plox> go ahead
09:22 <Temujin96> ok
09:24 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
09:46 <Battleben> I HAVE PROOF
09:49 -!- Raw Emotion has left Special:Chat.
09:51 <Battleben>
10:01 <Cook Me Plox> Battleben did you hear about my Sof theory
10:02 <Temujin96>
10:02 <Temujin96> What is your theory?
10:03 <Cook Me Plox> Ful has her own stone
10:05 <Battleben> Sof is a different god.
10:05 <Battleben> Another elder god.
10:05 <Battleben> The Wheel is their artefact.
10:05 <Battleben> Jas, Ful and Sof
10:05 <Cook Me Plox> No, Stone of Ful
10:08 <Battleben> But we already have a Kiln of Ful
10:13 <Battleben> Theory: The Tears of Guthix were created by Guthix crying about Seren exploding, and not due to the god wars
10:23 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
10:28 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
10:29 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
10:29 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
10:30 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
10:36 <Demise36>  
10:40 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
10:40 <Haidro> Test
10:42 <Demise36> baidro.
10:42 <Haidro> haidro
10:43 <Temujin96> Hai
10:47 <Battleben> GUYS
10:47 <Battleben> You know thoes pointy things? They're not horns. They're EARS.
10:48 <Haidro> MIND BLOWN
10:50 <Battleben> Hangon
10:50 <Battleben> I'll show you.
10:50 <Battleben>
10:50 <Battleben>
10:50 <Battleben> PROOF
10:51 <Demise36> thts clearly fake
10:51 <Demise36> if it was real he would have had a hood
11:00 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
11:00 <Kq head> lol 3 exquisite orbs on my wheel and i didnt win 1 of em
11:00 <Kq head> small cash bag.
11:00 <Kq head> 3 on the same spin at that
11:03 -!- Blastburnnn has joined Special:Chat
11:05 <Blastburnnn> I've done some more to my cape designer if anyone's interested
11:05 <Blastburnnn>
11:06 <Cook Me Plox> cool.
11:06 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
11:08 <Kq head> I keep seeing people dresses as elves with Seren titles
11:08 <Kq head> Silly elves!!
11:11 -!- Temujin96 has left Special:Chat.
11:11 -!- Temujin96 has joined Special:Chat
11:12 -!- Temujin96 has left Special:Chat.
11:17 -!- Thejman12 has joined Special:Chat
11:20 <Battleben> I'm tellign you, he's Azzanadra.
11:22 <Thejman12> [[sgs]]
11:28 <Battleben> You can see rotten potato options in the corner of this video
11:32 -!- Blastburnnn has left Special:Chat.
11:40 -!- I am not me has joined Special:Chat
11:41 <Cook Me Plox> You're not you, then?
11:42 <Kq head> lol first sinkhole game i tied first place with this guy...
11:42 <Kq head> second sinkhole game i tied with him AGAIN - but it was three-way tie and i was third :[
11:43 <Kq head> So two people won the same sinkhole twice in a row
11:46 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
11:46 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
11:46 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
11:47 <MahjarratInfo101> BatttttleBen
11:47 <Battleben> Yeah?
11:47 <MahjarratInfo101> Hiiiiiiii
11:47 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
11:48 <MahjarratInfo101> Can I call you Wahisietel instead of ben
11:48 <Kq head> Do [[Sagaie]] count as [[Javelin]]s?
11:48 <Atheist723>
11:49 <Atheist723> I think so, but you could check it in-game.
11:49 <Kq head> There's no exclusive "Javelin" type or anything
11:49 <Kq head> it just looks like a javelin :P
11:49 <Kq head> it's slow, so it's not a dart or a knife...
11:50 <Atheist723> Oh...right.
11:50 <Atheist723> "Thrown".
11:51 <Atheist723> I'm sure it makes sense in context somehow...
11:51 <MahjarratInfo101> Lol -
11:51 <Dogfoger> haay
11:52 <Atheist723> ...Okaaay...
11:52 <MahjarratInfo101> Isn't he cute
11:53 <Kq head> [[Blisterwood stake]] this thing is basically a dart, right?
11:53 <MahjarratInfo101> Not sure :'(
11:53 <Kq head> The only way to tell if it's a dart or knife is to see if it has an attack range of 4 or 5
11:53 <MahjarratInfo101> Lol this is even cuter -
11:53 <Kq head> that's the only difference between them :(
11:53 <Kq head> Poor darts.
11:54 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
11:54 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
11:54 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
11:57 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
11:57 <Battleben> The easter bunny is still Azzanadra.
11:57 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
11:57 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
11:59 -!- Temujin96 has joined Special:Chat
11:59 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
11:59 <Kq head> stakes appear to have an attack range of 5
12:00 -!- Temujin96 has left Special:Chat.
12:00 <Kq head> I did binding shot on a guard (BROKE HIS LEGS WITH SHARP WOOD) and i was 4 spaces from him
12:03 -!- Igottheinfo has joined Special:Chat
12:03 <Igottheinfo> anywhere I can compare shield stats?
12:04 <Cook Me Plox> the compare item feature should work on the wiki.
12:04 <Igottheinfo> can you link me?
12:04 <Cook Me Plox> "compare items"
12:04 <Igottheinfo> ty
12:06 <Igottheinfo> guess I don't need dragonfire shield, because I have the Bandos warshield and they have identical stats
12:07 -!- Igottheinfo has left Special:Chat.
12:17 <TyBot> RSChatbot detected back in chat. Updating logs and shutting off logger.
12:17 <Atheist723> There is a delay between the time it actually left and the time when the message is shown.
12:18 <Thejman12> (qc) relomia's Slayer level is 94 (xp: 8,697,894, rank: 42,408). XP until level 95: 73,664.
12:18 <Thejman12> wooooo!
12:18 <Thejman12> im ready for the update
12:18 <Thejman12> oh.. i got 95
12:23 <Kq head> I think [[Blisterwood stake]] may actually be a knife...
12:24 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
12:26 <Kq head> because the only real characteristic of a knife is it has 1 extra range distance compared to a dart
12:26 <Kq head> Unless it's a long-ranged dart?
12:29 <Thejman12> blisterwood polearm is a crush weapon...
12:29 <Thejman12> looks like a slash weapon, animation is similar to a slash wep
12:31 <Kq head> So... it's a knife that looks like a dart, similar to how a polearm crushes when it has a goddamn blade on the end? :P
12:31 <Kq head> Appearances are deceptive, next we'll find out blisterwood staff is actually a wand...
12:34 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
12:35 <Kq head> javelins definitely don't have 5 [[attack range]]... they go really far
12:35 <Thejman12> blisterwood staff used to be a wand
12:36 <Thejman12> it has been extended in size before eoc
12:36 <Thejman12> so its 2h now
12:36 <Kq head> true...
12:36 <Thejman12> logic.. it's gone with those weps
12:36 <Kq head> I think I might use morrigan's javelin as a main weapon
12:36 <Kq head> even though it's 22k a pop, it's just awesome to use
12:37 <Kq head> Morrigan's javelin + off-hand chaotic crossbow, badass
12:38 <Thejman12> lol
12:38 <Kq head> yep javelins have an attack range of 7, must have been an update with the eoc...
12:39 <Kq head> makes sense, they're designed to be thrown really far
12:39 <Kq head> dart board vs olympic javelin throwing
12:40 <Thejman12> lol haha
12:41 <Kq head> to finalise my test, i'm going to use a bronze javelin and a sagaie to see if they're all the same
12:42 <Kq head> and an off-hand javelin wouldn't really work, would it?
12:43 <Kq head> Oh my god... sagaie go insanely far O_o
12:43 <Kq head> maximum attack range
12:44 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
12:44 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
12:44 <Thejman12> 10 squares?
12:44 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
12:45 <Thejman12> [[sagaie]]
12:45 <Thejman12> sagaie, have quite good stats too
12:46 <Kq head> 9 squares
12:46 <Kq head> damn it, morrigan's javelin has 7 but other javelins only have 5
12:46 <Thejman12> what about [[bolas]]?
12:46 <Kq head> that's miscellaneous
12:51 -!- Thejman12 has left Special:Chat.
12:57 <Dogfoger> "There was a man attached to this needle. Have you seen him?"
12:57 <Dogfoger> - Patrick Jane
13:03 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
13:03 <Dogfoger> Joey
13:03 <Dogfoger> hai <3
13:03 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
13:03 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
13:03 <Joeytje50> blargh
13:04 <Dogfoger> orlly?
13:06 <Kq head> im gonna use morrigan's axe just so i can be a badass throwing a tomahawk
13:06 <Kq head> it looks like i'd pull it out and hit people with it, but... nope, throw the damn thing
13:07 <Cook Me Plox> jose.
13:07 <Kq head> Idea: thrown axes and knives usable as melee weapons?
13:12 <Kq head> So you can have your tomahawk and throw it too
13:13 -!- SacreDoom has joined Special:Chat
13:15 <SacreDoom> Calculator on Snowy Knight page is broken
13:16 <Thejman12> link?
13:17 <Thejman12> [[Snowy knight]]
13:18 <Thejman12> fixed
13:28 -!- Thejman12 has left Special:Chat.
13:33 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
13:34 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
13:38 <Kq head> I like how I can keep throwing the same axe/dart/javelin over and over...
13:41 <SacreDoom> Magic.
13:46 <Joeytje50> testtest
13:46 <Joeytje50> caeks
13:48 <Kq head> You get no caek from testing tests!!
13:48 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
13:48 <Kq head> You have to test the test of tests to get caeks
13:48 <Kq head> testtesttest
13:48 <Kq head> 1m cakes
13:48 <Kq head> and a caek.
13:48 <Cook Me Plox> Jose
13:49 <Kq head> Who is Jose?
13:49 <Cook Me Plox> that guy
13:49 <Kq head> [[Joe|This Guy?]]
13:51 <Kq head> [[Bob's Brilliant Axes]] They have an interior and exterior screenshot? That's actually pretty cool...
13:56 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
13:58 <Alchez> Many shop pages have those.
13:58 <Alchez> It's an ongoing project.
13:59 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
14:01 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
14:01 <Coelacanth0794> ladies
14:02 <The Mol Man> Fossils
14:02 -!- SacreDoom has left Special:Chat.
14:03 <Coelacanth0794> moles.
14:03 <Alchez> Fishes and animals
14:03 <Coelacanth0794> baubles.
14:03 <Coelacanth0794> quitters
14:04 <The Mol Man> Fishes?
14:04 <The Mol Man> There
14:04 <The Mol Man> is only fish here
14:04 <Alchez> Well, there is only animal here too.
14:04 <The Mol Man> no, there's only one fish species here
14:05 <Alchez> yes, there's only one animal species here
14:05 <Kq head> It's a pony
14:05 <Alchez> It's a Mol.
14:05 <Kq head> Unless you count Coel as a "Nex"
14:05 <The Mol Man> but the plural of multiple fish of the same species is fish
14:05 <Kq head> then there's an animal and a weird hybrid thing with a mustache
14:05 <Coelacanth0794> nexxicuassionian
14:06 <Kq head> If only it were canon
14:06 <Alchez> Plural of multiple?
14:06 <The Mol Man> multiples
14:06 <Alchez> Wut?
14:06 <Coelacanth0794> nah i was thinking species name
14:09 <Kq head> Now I know what I must do... I must sell a pot, jug, shears, tinderbox and loaf of bread to this store!!!
14:10 <Kq head> also i find it unlikely that halberds sell back for the exact same price >_>
14:11 <Alchez> What do you think will be added to the toolbelt?
14:11 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
14:11 <Kq head> Something stupid
14:12 <Alchez> Like?
14:12 <Coelacanth0794> steel hatchets
14:12 <Cook Me Plox> Hi Ciph
14:12 <Kq head> Something that makes yet more items redundant
14:12 <Alchez> Hm, makes sense.
14:12 <Kq head> cast nets? lol
14:13 <Alchez> Maybe you'll be able to put the adze on it.
14:13 <Kq head> barb harpoons? lmao
14:13 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
14:16 -!- Neitiznot has joined Special:Chat
14:18 <Neitiznot> Wtf
14:18 <Neitiznot> There's an other Ansela thread
14:18 <Neitiznot> What has she done now
14:18 <Kq head> Been too awesome
14:19 <Neitiznot> #yoloswag
14:19 <Neitiznot> I'm so sorry if I just burnt everyone's eyes with that
14:20  * Coelacanth0794 kicks
14:20 <Kq head> You burnt more than my eyes
14:20 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
14:20 <Kq head> Dragon Pulse burnt my entire being
14:20 <Kq head> because you're a Latios
14:21 <Coelacanth0794> you're a bugggggg
14:21 <Neitiznot> Dragon pulse is amazing
14:21 <Neitiznot> C0el u cant kik me
14:21 <Neitiznot> #yolo
14:22 <Ciphrius Kane> Somebody mind posting on that thread that that so called selective rule calling thing about Jlun was cause I asked her to?
14:22 <The Mol Man> Or you could
14:22 <The Mol Man> because ya know
14:22 <The Mol Man> it's you
14:22 <Neitiznot> I can
14:22 <Ciphrius Kane> Or that could be construed as me making shit up to get her off?
14:22 <Coelacanth0794> i ain't touchin' that nthing
14:22 <Cook Me Plox> But it's still your word. So just say it.
14:22 <Neitiznot> I hate threads like that
14:23 <Cook Me Plox> I can do it if you really want but I don't quite understand what you mean
14:23 <Ciphrius Kane> 14:55 - "Jlun2 - tone down the off-colour jokes please" (aware of the rules, but only willing to enforce them against certain users)
14:23 <Ciphrius Kane> She only said that cause I asked her to
14:24 <Coelacanth0794> not sure if 103 has lots of bots or people are followin g me
14:24 <Neitiznot> I figured what you were stating Ciphrius
14:24 <Neitiznot> There's no other mentioning of JLun2
14:24 <Neitiznot> Jlun2*
14:26 <Kq head> do [[Needle strike]] with thrown axes - it's hilarious, trust me
14:26 <Kq head> you just waggle the axes
14:26 <Kq head> [[Needle Strike]]
14:26 <Neitiznot> So you asked Ansela to warn him over it? I don't want to look like an idiot on YG again
14:27 <Ciphrius Kane> Well I asked her to ask him to stop
14:27 <Neitiznot> Okay.
14:27 <Ciphrius Kane> And no doubt somebody will ask why: it's because I got the feeling somebody would find my call to be biased given my position and the target of the joke
14:28 <Ciphrius Kane> In fact I'll make it easier for you to word
14:28 <Ciphrius Kane> !updatelogs
14:28 <RSChatBot> Ciphrius Kane: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 97 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
14:28 <Neitiznot> Lol
14:29 <Cook Me Plox> I wouldn't consider that a very good piece of evidence anyway
14:30 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh I'm not trying to get her off
14:30 <Ciphrius Kane> I'm just trying to stop people from spreading bullshit about her
14:30 <Cook Me Plox> probably a better way to say that
14:30 <Cook Me Plox> first part
14:31 <Ciphrius Kane> I asked her to talk to Jlun cause I felt that if I'd done so Jlun would take it as me harassing him, and other users might view it as me attempting to enforce Jagex's rules.  That better?
14:32 <Cook Me Plox> I'm saying that Shockstorm posting that doesn't really support his point
14:32 <Cook Me Plox> Why would Jlun see it that way?
14:32 <Neitiznot> He could
14:32 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh apparently I have some sort of issue with him
14:33 <Neitiznot> Like you and Dogfoger issues?
14:33 <Ciphrius Kane> No, he thinks I'm out to get him
14:33 <Neitiznot> Personally I just think he hates you
14:33 <Neitiznot> But I don't go on chat often anymore
14:34 <Coelacanth0794> i see a marker plant at ct entrance
14:34 <Coelacanth0794> nopenope
14:34 <Coelacanth0794> whopping
14:36 <Battleben> Wahisietel is Farmer Fred and the Easter Bunny is Azzanadra.
14:36 <Coelacanth0794> wut
14:36 <Ciphrius Kane> Funny, there's no record of Jlun accusing me of harassment
14:38 <Cook Me Plox> Neit, your reply kind of unnecessarily complicates things...
14:38 <Neitiznot> Ffs, wikia is logging me out
14:39 <Neitiznot> If I save any edits, it will show my ip
14:39 <Cook Me Plox> copy the text and log in?
14:39 <Cook Me Plox> besides, we already know your IP and everything about you
14:39 <Battleben> Easter Bunny Azzanadra
14:39 <Neitiznot> #checkuser
14:39 <Battleben> Farmer Fred Wahisietel
14:40 <Neitiznot> tbh I really don't care because you can't get information from my ip because it thinks I'm about 40 miles away from where I live for some reason
14:40 <Neitiznot> well you could get information
14:40 <Neitiznot> but it wouldn't be useful
14:40 <Neitiznot> For fuck's sake.
14:40 <Coelacanth0794> i think i'm with bonbon
14:41 <Neitiznot> It won't let me save an edit anymore.
14:41 <Neitiznot> NOW it lets me save an edit.,
14:41 <Coelacanth0794> wat ben
14:41 <Neitiznot> log chat please?
14:42 <Neitiznot> It's letting me save edits now
14:42 <Ciphrius Kane> !updatelogs
14:42 <RSChatBot> Ciphrius Kane: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 41 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
14:43 <Cook Me Plox> Neit, how does Ciph telling her to do it make the statement incorrect?
14:44 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
14:44 <Neitiznot> truth.
14:44 <Ciphrius Kane> She was not, as Shockstorm claims, being selective in the rules she calls but was doing it on my behalf
14:44 <Kq head> Err... what is this about?
14:45 <Neitiznot> Feel free to complete my statement Cook
14:45 <Neitiznot> I rarely go on YG for a reason :P
14:45 <Cook Me Plox> okay, but doing it on your behalf doesn't change the truthiness of "aware of the rules, but only willing to enforce them against certain users"
14:45 <Cook Me Plox> Which, by the way, is a pretty bad statement itself
14:45 <The Mol Man> truthiness 
14:46 <Ciphrius Kane> So I should just let Shockstorm fling bullshit around?
14:46 <Cook Me Plox> Well, first of all, no
14:47 <Cook Me Plox> I don't think the statement is correct, but I don't think you having told her to do it is what makes it incorrect.
14:47 <The Mol Man>
14:47 <The Mol Man> that highest comment
14:51 <Neitiznot> "Convert your mac to coins and buy a pc"
14:51 <Neitiznot> +1
14:52 <The Mol Man>
14:52 <Neitiznot> Bbl, time to infest my inferior brain with the media (BBC News)
14:52 -!- Neitiznot has left Special:Chat.
14:53 <Coelacanth0794> if anyone wants to oculus me with exq battleaxes i can
15:01 <Kq head> Why did the chat died?
15:05 -!- Knightmere98 has joined Special:Chat
15:05 <Knightmere98> hwy guys
15:05 <Knightmere98> what would be better cash?
15:05 <Knightmere98> qbd with drygore mace and dfs
15:05 <Knightmere98> or frost dragons with both maces?
15:05 <The Mol Man> depends on luck kinda
15:06 <Knightmere98> well on average per hour
15:06 <The Mol Man> frosts are kinda definite in their profits
15:06 <Ciphrius Kane> If you want to die go for the frost dragons
15:06 <Cook Me Plox> I think qbd would be superior
15:06 <The Mol Man> i can't say I know the avg gp/kill of frosts
15:06 <Cook Me Plox> but get 85 herblore or whatever soon
15:06 <Knightmere98> crip i kill frosts all the time
15:06 <The Mol Man> lol... crip
15:06 <Knightmere98> i kill em b4 the blue orb and they never do there fire
15:06 <Knightmere98> cook asif i can afford herblore
15:06 <The Mol Man> really?
15:06 <Knightmere98> i got 1.2m
15:07 <Knightmere98> yea
15:07 <Knightmere98> use destroy u always kill em so fast
15:07 <The Mol Man> that's... interesting
15:07 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
15:11 <Kq head> I already knew this
15:11 <Kq head> from frost dragon bone daily
15:11 <Kq head> they die pretty fast
15:12 <The Mol Man>
15:14 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
15:20 <Kq head> Why is there no blue moon in varrock D:
15:20 <Kq head> how did they name the bar otherwise
15:20 <Kq head> like is there a dancing donkey next to that inn?
15:20 -!- Mike111b has joined Special:Chat
15:20 <The Mol Man> Well
15:20 <Mike111b> ~status
15:20 <TyBot> The GE Updater is not running!
15:20 <The Mol Man> Humans came from Earth presumably 
15:20 <The Mol Man> so we must have adopted a phrase or two
15:20 -!- Mike111b has left Special:Chat.
15:21 <Ciphrius Kane> There's a pub in Aberdeen called the Prince of Wales, yet Prince Philip is nowhere to be seen.  Also one called Mither Tap yet it's nowhere near the mountain.  Could it be they just took a popular phrase to name the bar???  Unthinkable!
15:22 <Coelacanth0794> "flying horse inn"
15:22 <Kq head>
15:22 <Kq head> Why was there no toad or chicken to be found here?!
15:23 <Kq head> lol maybe rusty anchor was named because nobody could be bothered to move the anchor that was rusting outside, and they thought "Hey! This is nautical themed! 'Tis a good name!"
15:24 <Kq head> "In Runescape Classic, spears are ranged weapons" Wut?
15:24 <Battleben> Remove that.
15:24 <Battleben> They aren't.
15:24 <Battleben> Well, they are.
15:24 <Battleben> [[Throwing spear]]s
15:25 <Battleben> [[Throwing spears]]
15:25 <Battleben> I could swear there were throwing spears..
15:25 <The Mol Man> did throwing spears become javelins upon transition
15:25 <The Mol Man> or were they changed into melee spears
15:25 <Battleben> Meh, [[Javelin]]
15:25 <Battleben> No, spears were never ranged weapons.
15:25 <Kq head> Javelin has same attack range as knife... wtf logic
15:25 <Kq head> they should all have max attack range :/
15:25 <Battleben> I was thinking of throwing axes and javelins, probably.
15:25 <The Mol Man> throwing javelins 
15:26 <Kq head> Dart board vs olympic javelin?
15:26 <The Mol Man> they should have olympic javelines
15:26 <The Mol Man> sacrifice ranged strength for throwing ranged
15:26 <Kq head> they should reduce throwing knife speed but increase its power, to make them different from darts
15:26 <The Mol Man> I can hit you from very far! But not for much damage
15:27 <Kq head> lol attack range of like 20
15:27 <Battleben> this is confusing as hell
15:27 <Kq head> [[Throwing axe]] [[Dart]] [[Throwing knife]]
15:27 <Battleben> and ruins the timeline and stuff
15:28 <Kq head> throwing axe speed is incorrect, morrigan's axe is fast
15:28 -!- Knightmere98 has left Special:Chat.
15:28 <Kq head> not sure about other axes
15:28 <Kq head> but most likely they're fast, to be different (hipsters)
15:29 -!- Knightmere98 has joined Special:Chat
15:29 -!- MrGW1337 has joined Special:Chat
15:29 <MrGW1337> derpina
15:29 <Kq head> oh, only morrigan's is fast :[
15:31 <Battleben>[oma.png
15:32 <MrGW1337> scrolled up
15:32 <MrGW1337> dat dialogue with TWW and Rotm
15:33 <MrGW1337> *mind screw*
15:33 <Kq head> [[Throwing axes]] [[Javelin]]
15:33 <Kq head> Should there be a stat table on these like there is for [[Dart]]?
15:34 <MrGW1337> found over 9000 errors on task items :3 finally corrected them all
15:35 <MrGW1337> even jagex has errors about those rofl
15:37 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
15:37 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
15:37 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
15:42 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
15:42 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
15:42 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
15:42 <Battleben> PCgamer is using our images.
15:42 <Battleben> yay.
15:44 <Battleben> Mod Mark on Pkers: Generally speaking a player-killer is more likely to follow Zamorak, because Zamorak overthrew his master and stabbed him in the face with a holy relic. They love to stab things in the face.
15:44 <Battleben> Mark, do you even play this game? They'll follow Zaros because oooh dark and mysterious. Also, ancients and curses.
15:45 <Kq head> They'll follo- lol sit down kid stop running omfg claw rush
15:47 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
15:49 <MrGW1337> zaros is too mainstream
15:49 -!- Pickme42 has joined Special:Chat
15:49 -!- Pickme42 has left Special:Chat.
15:50 <Kq head> wtf is zaros? ice barrage!!1
15:51 <Kq head> *soul split rapier stabbing*
15:52 <MrGW1337> i wonder why a lot of pkers sound dumb
15:52 <Kq head> it's a stereotype
15:52 <Kq head> that they're very aggressive about their profession
15:52 <MrGW1337> i think the correct term: they follow bandos because theyre as dumb as rocks x]
15:52 <MrGW1337> thing is
15:52 <MrGW1337> they dont even sound agressive, just plain stupid
15:53 <The Mol Man> fite me
15:53 <Kq head> stfu kid i could drop u
15:53 <The Mol Man> i down u in 3 shots
15:53 <The Mol Man> stfu kq kid i culd drop u 
15:53 <Kq head> scared nub
15:53 <The Mol Man> liek how i drop sharks
15:53 <Kq head> fite me wildy bank
15:53 <The Mol Man> cause i dont need food
15:53 <The Mol Man> fite me in mud
15:53 <The Mol Man> lets mud wrassle
15:53 <Kq head> fite me in bank kid
15:54 <The Mol Man> fite me in irl bank
15:54 <Kq head> Ozank isn't like that, is he?
15:54 <Battleben> Pkers don't care about anything other than Pking.
15:54 <Battleben> That's the only part of the game they care about.
15:54 <Kq head> Modern "pkers" need bribes (warbands) to pk
15:55 <Battleben> Why would they pk people without gaining anything?
15:55 <Kq head> All that batwing and d'hide adds up...
15:55 <Battleben> Go home Kharshai, you're drunk.
15:56 <Kq head> Why does the fighter look so much like kharsahi?
15:56 <Battleben> Because they're called Kharshai.
15:57 <Demise36> koschei vs mega koschei
15:57 <Kq head> Sheathed throwing axe = tomahawk
15:57 <Kq head> Why can't I melee with it :(
15:58 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
15:59 <Demise36> because you throw it
15:59 <Kq head> Yeah but... it looks so cool
15:59 <MrGW1337> dat pic 
16:00 <Kq head> but should [[Throwing axe]] have a damage/accuracy table like [[Dart]] does?
16:01 <MrGW1337> tchiki monkey nuts
16:02 <MrGW1337> wish we still had multiple styles per weapon
16:03 <Kq head> You can still stab with a longsword :/
16:03 <Kq head> logically
16:03 <Kq head> i mean its still got a sharp point, right? why cant it stab
16:03 <Kq head> jagex logic
16:04 <Kq head> stabbing with a scimitar wouldnt be that logical, though
16:05 <Kq head> It's possible but the curved design makes it more slashy
16:06 <MrGW1337> they should have made
16:06 <MrGW1337> secondary styles but it would come at cost of 10% of accuracy
16:06 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <MrGW1337> since when using specific weakness gives +20% accuracy
16:06 <Kq head> yea and secondary weaknesses
16:06 <Dtm142> Any idea if it's hard to snag a scythe in OSRS?
16:06 <MrGW1337> it means 90% x 120% = 108% accuracy
16:06 <Kq head> I forgot about OSRS rares
16:06 <MrGW1337> so u would still have a dvantage
16:07 <Dtm142> The first one is out this week
16:07 <Dtm142> (as in, dropping now)
16:07 <Dtm142> [[2007Scape]]
16:08 <Kq head> but clicking that little link goes back to OSRS page
16:08 <Kq head> the link thing
16:09 <Kq head> does it not have more info or anything?
16:10 <Dtm142>,318,306,65006161
16:10 <MrGW1337>
16:13 -!- I am not me has left Special:Chat.
16:14 -!- I am not me has left Special:Chat.
16:16 <Kq head> He was not him.
16:16 <Joeytje50> obv
16:18 <Dtm142> Why doesn't everyone just hunt for them on the f2p restricted worlds?
16:18 -!- MrGW1337 has left Special:Chat.
16:18 <Kq head> ...You're a genius, dtm!!
16:18 <Kq head> smaller worlds = quicker find
16:18 <Demise36> rare spawn?
16:20 <Dtm142> 9_9
16:20 <Dtm142> I can't believe nobody else thought of that.
16:20 <Dtm142> Official world is W345
16:20 <Dtm142> :|
16:20 <Dtm142> Also
16:20 <Kq head> because dtm you have a brain
16:20 <Dtm142> Where is "Falador square"
16:20 <Kq head> obviously you're Navi... "Hey! Listen!" "Shut up Navi"
16:20 <Dtm142> Right.  Forgot we were talking about RuneScape players.
16:20 <Kq head> But you have good advice
16:20 <Dtm142> (H)
16:21 <Dtm142> OSRS players to boot.
16:21 <Dtm142> 9_9
16:21 <Kq head> Falador square is like umm... TOWN SQUARE?!
16:21 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
16:21 <Kq head> But where do you find a square in a town?
16:21 <Dtm142> "Zammy mage"
16:21 <Dtm142> Is this person on crack?
16:22 <Kq head> Maybe he's on a treasure trail
16:22 <Dtm142> [[zammy mage]]
16:22 <Dtm142> Mmkay, ZMI altar isn't online
16:23 -!- IsobelJ has joined Special:Chat
16:23 <IsobelJ> Hey
16:24 <Cook Me Plox> allo.
16:24 <IsobelJ> If you're not busy, could you give me advice on how to do something please?
16:24 -!- Regis Dramen has joined Special:Chat
16:25 <Regis Dramen> Hi
16:25 <Battleben> Mol
16:25 <Battleben> Why'd you split lesser emon?
16:25 <Battleben> Were you unaware of the discussion?
16:25 <The Mol Man> [[RS:G]]
16:26 <The Mol Man> And it was already split, halfway
16:26 <Battleben> Granularity says it should be merged.
16:26 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
16:26 <Battleben> They have the same drops and stuff, only difference is stats and examine text.
16:26 <The Mol Man> And location
16:26 <Battleben> And we have switch infobox for that.
16:26 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
16:26 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
16:26 <The Mol Man> and the fact that they're not the other lesser demons
16:26 <Battleben> Yeah, but why not wait for the discussion to end first?
16:27 <Dtm142> Fuck it.  I'm just going to comb the entire town. #Falador
16:27 <The Mol Man> Because it was already done to begin with
16:27 <The Mol Man> he wants to split the page further
16:27 <Kq head> Dtm, the square is the bit with the statue
16:27 <Kq head> like a market square with shops
16:27 <Battleben> But they weren't split originally.
16:28 <The Mol Man> the lesser demon page for flash mobs existed
16:28 <Battleben> The thing is, they don't need splitting, splitting serves no purpose.
16:28 <Battleben> Yeah, but that was just him a case of him creating an article without realizing one already existed
16:28 <The Mol Man> Oh no, he realized it
16:28 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
16:28 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
16:29 <Battleben> Either way, the result of the RFS is going to be keeping them merged.
16:29 <Battleben> Plus, it's a request for split, not request for merging.
16:29 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
16:29 <The Mol Man> we're annoyingly zealous with the switchfo box
16:30 <Suppa chuppa> The Mol Man: [[Skeleton]]
16:30 <Suppa chuppa> If you think that shouldn't be split, you're stupid.
16:30 <Suppa chuppa> (not you, mol)
16:31 -!- Fswe1 has joined Special:Chat
16:31 <Battleben> Skeleton should be split, I agree.
16:31 <Suppa chuppa> everyone's too lazy to do it though
16:31 <Suppa chuppa> me included
16:31 <Battleben> But I don't think anyone can be bothered to actually do it
16:31 <Suppa chuppa> i tried a couple days ago
16:31 <Suppa chuppa> but it's way too much
16:31 <Fswe1> Skeleton (22) and Skeleton (45) or something would be stupid though.
16:31 <Battleben> or figure out how, haha.
16:31 <Suppa chuppa> Skeleton (Daemonheim)
16:31 <Suppa chuppa> would take care of a lot of them
16:32 <Kq head> It should be divided better, really
16:32 <Battleben> the Daemonheim one isn't there.
16:32 <Fswe1> We have (Daemonheim) and (Lumbridge Catacombs).
16:32 <Kq head> and I don't think any of those are daemonheim
16:32 <Suppa chuppa> do we?
16:32 <Fswe1> It isn't?
16:32 <Battleben> The daemonheim one's aren't there.
16:32 <Battleben> Fswe
16:32 <Suppa chuppa> i thought the mage skeletons were only in daemonheim
16:32 <Kq head> Thok one should probably have it's own page
16:32 <Fswe1> Correct, Suppa.
16:32 <The Mol Man> Tarn's
16:32 <Battleben> Azzanadra is the Easter bunny
16:32 <Suppa chuppa> they're there though, Fswe1
16:32 <Battleben> No, there's some in Tarn's lair.
16:32 <Fswe1> Outside Daemonheim they're [[Skeleton mage]]s.
16:32 <Suppa chuppa> on that page
16:32 <Suppa chuppa> oh
16:32 <Kq head> because the thok one is unique
16:32 <Suppa chuppa> well
16:32 <Battleben> There are magic skeletons in tarn's lair.
16:32 <Suppa chuppa> then Skeleton (Tarn's Lair)
16:32 <Fswe1> Are you sure those are "Skeleton"s?
16:33 <Battleben> You could probably split off all of the tarn lair ones
16:33 <Battleben> Quite a few.
16:33 <Battleben> Yes fswe.
16:33 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
16:33 <Dtm142> RS2 without being able to run
16:33 <Fswe1> Okays.
16:33 <Dtm142> Sucks balls :@
16:33 <Battleben> Fswe
16:33 <Battleben> The Easter Bunny is Azzanadra
16:33 <Battleben>
16:33 <Kq head> Where's the level 180 skeleton?
16:33 <Fswe1> Me like.
16:33 <Fswe1> Me love.
16:33 <Fswe1> Me want you to add it to the horrors.
16:33 -!- Kapsar has joined Special:Chat
16:33 <Suppa chuppa> might not exist, Kq head
16:33 <Battleben> I dunno, I don't know where many of them are.
16:33 <Kapsar> hiya
16:33 <Suppa chuppa> hi
16:34 <Fswe1> And several mutations of Fredisietel.
16:34 <Kq head> I have every exquisite except orb... this is good.
16:34 <Battleben> Farmer Fred is my favourite Mahjarrat
16:34 <Kq head> The orb is hideous
16:34 <Fswe1> How'd you get his chathead
16:34 <Fswe1> ?
16:34 <Battleben> Used an account that hadn't done SHeep Shearer
16:35 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
16:35 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
16:35 <Kq head> should [[Scorpion]] and [[Giant rat]] have switch info boxes?
16:35 <Kq head> instead of listing combat levels
16:35 <Battleben> Yes
16:35 <Kq head> the only problem is stats for uneven combat levels :/
16:36 <Battleben> Mol, stop splitting stuff. Why'd you have to split chicken?
16:36 <Kq head> lol chicken?
16:36 <Fswe1> ...chicken?
16:36 <Fswe1> [[Chicken]]
16:36 <Suppa chuppa> Battleben because they're different
16:36 <Battleben> [[Chicken_(NPC)]]
16:36 <Battleben> For the chickens at Daemonheim.
16:36 <Battleben> Yeah, could have just used a switch infobox.
16:36 <The Mol Man> No
16:36 <Battleben> Or not bothered. Only difference is examine text and location.
16:36 <Fswe1> Mol, use switchfobox.
16:36 <Battleben> And not being attackable.
16:36 <The Mol Man> [[chicken]] is for monsters
16:37 <Fswe1> Use. Switchfobox.
16:37 <Fswe1> That's what it's for. ;)
16:37 <The Mol Man> they're different
16:37 <Fswe1> So use switchfobox.
16:37 <Battleben> ^
16:37 <The Mol Man> and there's no connection between them at all besides the fact that they're chickens
16:37 <Battleben> Especially since the only thing you could write in chicken was that
16:37 <Fswe1> Hence the existence of siwtchfobox.
16:37 <Battleben> "Chicken is an NPC found throughout Gielinor"
16:37 <The Mol Man> I could write more
16:37 <Battleben> if the article contents were actually any different
16:37 <Fswe1> Which also implies a large scale chicken invasion.
16:37 <The Mol Man> I'm just busy atm
16:37 <Suppa chuppa> Battleben: They are
16:38 <Fswe1> ANd "Chicken is an NPC" is the worst lead I've ever heard.
16:38 <Battleben> CHickens are Npcs that wander aroudn daemonheim doing nothing
16:38 <Fswe1> Add a release date to it and it'd be even worse.
16:38 <Battleben> and clucking.
16:38 -!- Neitiznot has joined Special:Chat
16:38 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
16:38 <Fswe1> I'm reverting and adding switchfobox now...
16:38 <Fswe1> [[Chicken (NPC)]]
16:38 <Suppa chuppa> Fswe1: don't
16:38 <Neitiznot> Back
16:38 <Fswe1> ...pourquoi pas?
16:38 <Suppa chuppa> ce ne sont pas le meme
16:38 <Fswe1> Si.
16:38 <Suppa chuppa> non, vraiment pas
16:38 <The Mol Man> Different types of the same race
16:38 <The Mol Man>     Either mostly yes, or no.
16:38 <The Mol Man>     No. They might be the same race, but are different. 
16:39 <Fswe1> ALso, if we split this, I insist that we split Khazard back to General Khazard (monster) too.
16:39 <Fswe1> And Nomad (monster).
16:39 <Fswe1> And Char (monster).
16:39 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
16:39 <The Mol Man> that's different actually
16:39 <Fswe1> And, heck, Nex (monster).
16:39 <The Mol Man> They have a connection
16:39 <The Mol Man> they are the same being but in different forms
16:39 <Neitiznot> And Fswe1 (monster)
16:39 <Suppa chuppa> they're the exact same individual
16:39 <Fswe1> They are exactly the same, save the examine text and the fact they aren't attackable.
16:39 <The Mol Man> Chickens are not
16:39 <Fswe1> THen use switch infobox! O_o
16:39 <The Mol Man> are you telling me those are literally the same entity in different forms?
16:40 <Fswe1> Not the same entity, the same species and model.
16:40 <Fswe1> And animation.
16:40 <Fswe1> And name.
16:40 <The Mol Man> so then split
16:40 <Fswe1> ANd graphics.
16:40 <Kq head> There's a lvl 3 chicken on the bestiary which apparently gives 0.2 xp per kill...
16:40 <The Mol Man> because they're not the same chickens
16:40 <Fswe1> You have to be kidding me.
16:40 <The Mol Man> they're different chickens with different purposes
16:40 <Fswe1> We have switch infobox EXACTLY for this purpose.
16:40 <Battleben> ^
16:40 <The Mol Man> no 
16:40 <Fswe1> Like, EXACTLY.
16:40 <Neitiznot> Mol, I think Fswe's right
16:40 <The Mol Man> we have it for when we need multiple infoboxes
16:40 <Fswe1> Completely and utterly exactly.
16:40 <Neitiznot> It's not a quest NPC or something
16:41 <Battleben> Heck, you could just add some text to Chickens page saying
16:41 <Fswe1> And we need multiple infoboxes.
16:41 <Kq head> Their purpose is null, to be fair...
16:41 <The Mol Man> no
16:41 <Kq head> They're scenery
16:41 <Battleben> "Some non-attackable chickens can also be found wandering around Daemonheim"
16:41 <Fswe1> One for the monster chickens, one for the non-attackable chickens.
16:41 <Battleben> Problem solved.
16:41 <Battleben> They don't deserve their own page.
16:41 <The Mol Man> they're not the same chickens, fswe
16:41 <Fswe1> ^
16:41 <Fswe1> So?
16:41 <The Mol Man> so don't merge
16:41 <Fswe1> They still are chickens.
16:41 <Neitiznot> Four exquisite items, yay
16:41 <Fswe1> UCS.
16:41 <Fswe1> Seriously.
16:41 <The Mol Man> that's not a place to say common sense
16:41 <Fswe1> You shouldn't take RS:G literally by the word. >.>
16:41 <The Mol Man> I am not
16:42 <The Mol Man> I'm using it as a partial justification
16:42 <Fswe1> Or any policy at all, if we're going there awnyay, but that's irrelevant.
16:42 <Fswe1> Why do we need to split it into an article which only has one sentence?
16:42 <The Mol Man> unless every chicken can be canonically linked to an unattackable chicken to prove they are the same NPC
16:42 <The Mol Man> it should be linked
16:42 <The Mol Man> a short article is no reason to delete it
16:42 <Fswe1> Whereas we could keep it at Chicken with switchinfobox saying "There are also some non-attackable chickens near Daemonheim and in The Pit."
16:42 <Kq head> [[Comorant]]
16:42 <Suppa chuppa> The article may grow, Fswe1
16:42 <Suppa chuppa> just cuz it's short doesn't mean it won't get better
16:43 <Kq head> what the hell was that bird called
16:43 <The Mol Man> because that's the weasel way out
16:43 <Fswe1> No, that's the reason it won't get better.
16:43 <The Mol Man> they're different entities is what matters
16:43 <Kq head> [[Cormorant]]
16:43 <Fswe1> not*
16:43 <The Mol Man> they are
16:43 <Fswe1> Let's split into Chicken (black) and Chicken (white).
16:43 <Battleben> How can it grow
16:43 <Fswe1> They differ more than attackable and non-attackable chickens.
16:43 <The Mol Man> that's not analogous, fswe
16:43 <Coelacanth0794> chicken (rainbow)
16:43 <Battleben> It's just a non-attackable chicken found in daemonheim. They don't even lay eggs.
16:43 <Kq head> [[Horses]]
16:44 <Suppa chuppa> That's a terrible argument, Fswe1. lol
16:44 <Coelacanth0794> yep
16:44 <Fswe1> It's true.
16:44 <The Mol Man> they are, for any practical reason, the same entities
16:44 <Kq head> They're scenery like [[Rook]]s are
16:44 <Battleben> Chicken (NPC) is for any practical reason, nearly identical to attackable chickens.
16:44 <Battleben> Except they can't be attacked.
16:44 <The Mol Man> no
16:44 <Suppa chuppa> Battleben: practical
16:44 <The Mol Man> they can't drop stuff
16:44 <The Mol Man> they don't lay eggs
16:44 <The Mol Man> they're scenery
16:44 <Battleben> If we merge Koschei the Deathless and Kharshai (who are functionally VERY different)
16:44 <The Mol Man> they're different exams
16:44 <Battleben> We should merge some damn chickens
16:45 <The Mol Man> you can't justify something with something else like that
16:45 <The Mol Man> by that logic, if I find a page with the word penis on it
16:45 <Fswe1> Yes, let's split everything with different examine texts.
16:45 <The Mol Man> I can put penis on any page I want
16:45 <Suppa chuppa> Battleben: That seems to be a special case.
16:45 <Fswe1> Let's have 30 articles for Zanik, yay!
16:45 <The Mol Man> it's not that they're examine is different
16:45 <Battleben> Why not? Koschei the Deathless is a monster fought in the Dominion Tower and during the quest.
16:45 <The Mol Man> it's that they are NPCs and not monsters
16:45 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
16:45 <Neitiznot> Hi Dogfoger
16:45 <The Mol Man> Neit
16:45 <Fswe1> The same applies for things like, uh, [[Vanstrom]].
16:45 <The Mol Man> call him Sean
16:45 <Fswe1> Yet we don't split him.
16:45 <Dogfoger> Wow... just saw on a youtube vid that someone made a Justin Bieber comic book
16:45 <Neitiznot> I only call him Sean in-game
16:45 <Dogfoger> neit has never called me sean
16:45 <The Mol Man> because all vanstroms are the same vanstrom
16:46 <Fswe1> Nope.
16:46 <Fswe1> Vampyre Vanstrom and orange human Vanstrom are very, very different.
16:46 <The Mol Man> they are all representative of the same character
16:46 <Dogfoger> A fucking justin bieber comic book
16:46 <Dogfoger> seriously
16:46 <Coelacanth0794>
16:46 <Fswe1> They don't use the same model, animations, examine, attacableness, etc.
16:46 <Battleben> I'd have agreed with you splitting rooster, since that rooster has a name and a personality and a cult following and stuf..
16:46 <Battleben> But not chicken
16:46 <Kq head> Can we take option C) Who cares?
16:46 <The Mol Man> That's not analogous, once again
16:46 <Fswe1> I should update [[Bandos]].
16:47 <Dtm142> Why haven't they added the rest of the guilds yet?
16:47 <Fswe1> It is, Mol.
16:47 <The Mol Man> all vanstroms are of vanstrom
16:47 <Fswe1> You split it on the basis of two things:
16:47 <The Mol Man> not all chickens are the same chickens
16:47 <Dtm142> They're still missing Woodcutting
16:47 <Fswe1> 1) Examine text
16:47 <Dtm142> And firemaking
16:47 <Dtm142> And summoning
16:47 <Fswe1> 2) Attackable or not
16:47 <Dtm142> And agility
16:47 <Dtm142> And smithing
16:47 <The Mol Man> and the fact that there is more than just 1 chicken
16:47 <Fswe1> Not all goblins are attackable either.
16:47 <Fswe1> Let's split those too.
16:47 <The Mol Man> how many vanstroms are in canon?
16:47 <The Mol Man> actually we should
16:47 <Dtm142> And hunter
16:47 <Kq head> I mean like... a page about a chicken is hardly going to affect us personally, it's existence will not matter within 2 days.
16:47 <Dtm142> And construction
16:47 <Dtm142> And dungeoneering
16:47 <The Mol Man> we should have a separate article for non attackable npcs named "goblin"
16:48 <Dtm142> And herblore
16:48 <Dtm142> And fletching
16:48 <Fswe1> *facepalm*
16:48 <Dtm142> And farming
16:48 <Dtm142> And slayer
16:48 <Battleben> Hey.
16:48 <The Mol Man> Don't facepalm when you're wrong
16:48 <Battleben> Some of the GWD monsters turn into NPCs during the world wakes
16:48 <Battleben> with their attack option removed
16:48 <Suppa chuppa> What're you talking about, Dtm142
16:48 <Battleben> Lets create articles for them!
16:48 <Dtm142> (I think that's all of them)
16:48 <Suppa chuppa> They're the exact same
16:48 <Suppa chuppa> Battleben
16:48 <Dtm142> Guilds that are missing
16:48 <Battleben> No they're not.
16:48 <The Mol Man> That's a different case as well ben
16:48 <Dtm142> @suppa
16:48 <Battleben> They're not attackable!
16:48 <Suppa chuppa> Oh, Dtm142
16:48 <The Mol Man> but they're of the same creatures
16:48 <Suppa chuppa> They're clearly the exact same entity
16:48 <Battleben> I'll go do that now.
16:49 <Suppa chuppa> have fun
16:49 <Battleben> Yes, chickens are the same creatures too.
16:49 <The Mol Man> no
16:49 <Fswe1> Chickens (NPC) are exactly Chickens (attackable), minus the fact they aren't attackable.
16:49 <Suppa chuppa> no...
16:49 <The Mol Man> they're different chickens
16:49 <Battleben> Yes, and these are different Pyrefiends.
16:49 <Fswe1> Nex during TWW is exactly Nex in the GWD, except she isn't attackable.
16:49 <Dtm142> Like Ernest
16:49 <Battleben> Therefor we should split them.
16:49 <The Mol Man> you can link logically that the monsters in GWD are the same as the NPCs
16:49 <The Mol Man> where's the link for the these chickens
16:49 <The Mol Man> other than the fact that they are chickens
16:49 <Dtm142> IMO granularity goes a bit too far.
16:50 <The Mol Man> that's akin to saying all black people are the same
16:50 <Kq head> They're the same breed of useless fowl
16:50 <Battleben> The chickens in Farmer Fred's farm aren't the same as the ones in Seth Groats farm.
16:50 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
16:50 <Battleben> Should we split them?
16:50 <Kq head> I don't see the big deal over it having a separate page though
16:50 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
16:50 <Dtm142> Then again, if I was writing the wiki for RS Classic, I would have separate articles for level 7 goblins and level 13 [spear] goblins
16:50 <Fswe1> Let's talk about holiday event article names now.
16:50 <Fswe1> *trollface*
16:50 <Dtm142> WHY NOT AN ARTICLE FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL NPC????????????????????
16:50 <Suppa chuppa> lol... calm down Dtm142
16:50 <Fswe1> "other than the fact that they are chickens"
16:51 <The Mol Man> Ben, they are attackable chickens as well
16:51 <Fswe1> EXACTLY!
16:51 <Dtm142> (H)
16:51 <Fswe1> OMG THINGIES!
16:51 <Cook Me Plox> lol, what are we arguing about now
16:51 <Battleben> Yes, and the pyrefiends in the world wakes not only difer in location
16:51 <Coelacanth0794>
16:51 <Fswe1> CHickens, COok.
16:51 <Kq head> Something pointless
16:51 <Fswe1> Mol made [[Chicken (NPC)]].
16:51 <Kq head> It's basically a non-issue
16:51 <Battleben> Mol split [[Chicken]] into [[Chicken]] and [[Chicken (NPC)]]
16:51 <Fswe1> I think that should be merged back to [[Chicken]].
16:51 <Fswe1> With siwtch infobox.
16:51 <Coelacanth0794> time to split skeleton then
16:51 <Battleben> Despite chicken (NPC) being identical to attackable chickens, except being non-attackable
16:51 <Kq head> ^
16:51 <Fswe1> And a line saying non-attackable chickens exist as well.
16:51 <The Mol Man> but they're different entities entirely
16:51 <Suppa chuppa> Coelacanth0794: please do
16:51 <The Mol Man> and different locations
16:52 <Coelacanth0794> i blame ben
16:52 <The Mol Man> and different examines
16:52 <Suppa chuppa> everyone's been too lazy to do so
16:52 <The Mol Man> and different use
16:52 <Battleben> So are the pyrefiends that aid K'ril during the world wakes.
16:52 <Fswe1> Different locations doesn't count, lol.
16:52 <Battleben> They have different locations
16:52  * Dtm142 wheel-wars with Mol before blocking him and everyone else on the wiki and ragequitting
16:52 <Battleben> not attackable
16:52 <Battleben> and a different use
16:52 -!- Rwojy has joined Special:Chat
16:52 <Cook Me Plox> hi wogs
16:52 <Coelacanth0794> wubwub?
16:52 <Fswe1> Wojwoj.
16:52 <Dtm142> Where's Shadowdancer when we need him?
16:52 <Rwojy> i nneed a bit of help
16:52 <Suppa chuppa> "need" him?
16:52 <Fswe1> in the Shadow Realm, duh!
16:52 <Cook Me Plox> I am a halp
16:52 <Rwojy> [11:51:55] <@ded_rwo> anyone know why the client is suddenly on old runescape?
16:52 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
16:52  * Coelacanth0794 kills rwojy with a flying whale fetus
16:52 <Cook Me Plox> nope
16:52 <Dtm142> Granularity was like his Achilles's heel
16:52 <Rwojy> ..
16:52 <Suppa chuppa> he's probably raging like an idiot somewhere, Dtm142
16:52 <Rwojy> that sucks
16:53 <Dtm142> Umm, certainly.
16:53 <Cook Me Plox> Mol, where are npc chickens?
16:53 <Suppa chuppa> What was it, Monk's robes, Dtm142?
16:53 <Dtm142> Yup
16:53 <Suppa chuppa> Cook Me Plox: dg
16:53 <Kq head> Daemonheim?
16:53 <Suppa chuppa> and the pit
16:53 <The Mol Man> Daemonheim and apparently the pit
16:53 <Fswe1> Daemonheim and The Pit.
16:53 <Kq head> I counted 3 in Daemonheim
16:53 <Kq head> I counted them.
16:53 <Dtm142> Oddly enough, it was him that introduced me to wikia
16:53 <The Mol Man> Attackable chickens are in neither place
16:53 <Suppa chuppa> heh
16:53 <Dtm142> I read his blog, and I thought it sounded interesting.
16:53 <Fswe1> And someone added SLiske's horrifying TWW chathead to the [[gods]] page instead of the non-cut off, full RotM chathead.
16:53 <Fswe1> I'm staying out of this...
16:54 <Dtm142> So I signed up for Wikia (shortly after he had ragequit)
16:54 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
16:54 <Suppa chuppa> oh, you weren't here when he quit?
16:54 <Cook Me Plox> A message from the scourge of the world, Shadowdancer:
16:54 <Dtm142> No
16:54 <Cook Me Plox> Grow the fuck up.
16:54 <Battleben> Mol, common sense dictates you shouldn't split an article
16:54 <Cook Me Plox> Ben, no
16:54 <Rwojy> dtm, does anyone older than you even visit the wiki?
16:54 <Battleben> into another article with 1 sentence.
16:54 <Rwojy> i mean account wise
16:54 <Fswe1> Common sense, u evil dictator.
16:55 <Dtm142> Not sure.
16:55 <The Mol Man> Many articles on this wiki are about relatively minor things, from hay bales to needles. We encourage gathering information on even the minutest scale. All items, non-player characters (NPCs), quests, whatever, are worthy of their own article, except in special cases where it is decided to combine or delete an article by consensus. 
16:55 <Dtm142> Don't think any of them edit
16:55 <Cook Me Plox> Mol, where are non attackable chickens?
16:55 <The Mol Man> Daemonheim and apparently the pit
16:55 <Kq head> [[Daemonheim]]
16:55 <Dtm142> Though Shadowdancer and even Merovingian have stopped in to say hi since I started editing here
16:55 <Suppa chuppa> Dtm142: I'm trying to get a sense of when you first joined. Were you an administrator before Ilyas was?
16:55 <Rwojy> huh, really
16:55 <Kq head> [[The Pit]]
16:55 <The Mol Man> I know for certain about the daemonheim ones
16:55 <Cook Me Plox> Wouldn't call it saying hi
16:55 <Dtm142> No Suppa.
16:55 <Battleben> And these chickens look identical to other chickens.
16:55 <Suppa chuppa> yeah, Cook Me Plox
16:55 <Rwojy> mol
16:55 <Suppa chuppa> and oh
16:55 <Battleben> and just have different examine texts.
16:55 <Ciphrius Kane> Cook, CTRL + F Daemonheim.  You'll see that you were answered at least twice
16:55 <Dtm142> Though I'm pretty sure I joined before him
16:55 <Suppa chuppa> hm
16:55 <Rwojy> i'd say that it belongs as trivia on the chickens page
16:55 <The Mol Man> I just went by the article for the pit tbh
16:55 <Battleben> Also, how do you know the chickens are female?
16:55 <Suppa chuppa> Tarikochi/
16:56 <Rwojy> in fact\]
16:56 <Kq head> They're hens?
16:56 <Cook Me Plox> thanks for the kind message, Ciph!
16:56 <The Mol Man> Because chickens
16:56 <Dtm142> Back when everyone had partyhats in their sigs (H)
16:56 <Suppa chuppa> lol
16:56 <The Mol Man> Chicken = female
16:56 <Rwojy> it was already trivia on the chickens page
16:56 <Dtm142> I was around before the Tarikochi era
16:56 <Rwojy> unless someone removed it
16:56 <Dtm142> First edit was August 27, 2006
16:56 <Suppa chuppa> oh
16:56 <Suppa chuppa> interesting
16:56 -!- Kapsar has left Special:Chat.
16:56 <Cook Me Plox> why don't we just change the wiki to a cult of personality based around Cook Me Plox?
16:56 <Rwojy> i actually have an ancient account i no longer have access to
16:56 <Suppa chuppa> So you were here after Earthere?
16:56 <Rwojy> that i played around that time
16:57 <Dtm142> Earthere joined long after me.
16:57 <Fswe1> Not saying we shouldn't, Cook.
16:57 <Battleben> *is bold and *merges them*
16:57 <Suppa chuppa> oh
16:57 <Dtm142> You mean it isn't already cook?
16:57 <Cook Me Plox> Don't, Ben
16:57 <Battleben> Because I'm not gonna make a fucking request for merge over something as stupid as this
16:57 <Suppa chuppa> BEn stop
16:57 <Rwojy> shouldn
16:57 <The Mol Man> and even if chicken was being used for both, the sexual dimorphism points to being female
16:57 <Rwojy> 't it just stay as trivia
16:57 <Cook Me Plox> Dtm, we need to make it more. I like this, but we need more.
16:57 <Rwojy> why does it need its own page
16:57 <Rwojy> for that matter
16:57 <Battleben> Mol.
16:57 <Rwojy> what is everyone talking about
16:57 <The Mol Man> [[RS:G]]
16:57 <Battleben> Hens are female.
16:58 <Fswe1> Wahi, don't merge it for now.
16:58 <The Mol Man> first sentence
16:58 <Fswe1> You will invoke Mol's anger.
16:58 <Rwojy> wat
16:58 <Battleben> Chickens can refer to both.
16:58 <Fswe1> And squirrels get nasty when angry.
16:58 <Battleben> I'll go make a request for merge, then!
16:58 <The Mol Man> I know my sexual dimorphism 
16:58 <Fswe1> Also, me might be pissed on cocaine! =D
16:58 <Rwojy> chicken means male and female
16:58 <The Mol Man> those are female
16:58 <Fswe1> Actually, he might not.
16:58 <Fswe1> But whatever.
16:58 <Battleben> Even if it's extremely stupid.
16:58 <The Mol Man> w/e, sexual dimorphism wins it this time
16:58 <Suppa chuppa> Fswe1: What?
16:58 <Rwojy> so wait
16:58 <Rwojy> you want a page for hens and chickens seperate?
16:58 <Fswe1> I was suggesting Mol to be a mad squirrel pissed on cocaine.
16:58 <Fswe1> But I suppose he isn't.
16:58 <Rwojy> or am i missing something
16:59 <Suppa chuppa> RwojyL you're missing something
16:59 <Suppa chuppa> lol
16:59 <Fswe1> It might have been [[Braindeath 'rum']].
16:59 <Kq head>
16:59 <The Mol Man> It's that two different entities are split rwojy
16:59 <The Mol Man> attackable and not
16:59 <Rwojy> that's stupid
16:59 <Rwojy> i mentioned that already
16:59 <Rwojy> it was a trivia bit
16:59 <Rwojy> on chickens
16:59 <Fswe1> May I interject something?
16:59 <Rwojy> that there were unattackable chickens in dg
16:59 <Suppa chuppa> sure
16:59 -!- Regis Dramen has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <Fswe1> Okay, keep going. ^_^
16:59 <Suppa chuppa> lol...
16:59 <Fswe1> *ding ding*
17:00 <Rwojy> i'm done my thing, i don't know hwy it has to be more complicated than that
17:00 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
17:00 <Kq head> Who cares if it has a different page?
17:00 <Fswe1>;boardseen#new
17:00 <Fswe1> Hm.
17:01 <Fswe1> Wahi, use the local gnome one.
17:01 <Fswe1> At the top of [[User:Fswe1/Gallery]]
17:01 <Fswe1> Oh, wait.
17:01 <Fswe1> Archive 5 then.
17:01 <Fswe1> wait...
17:01 <Rwojy> ben, where is that merge request
17:02 <Fswe1> ...where is it. ;_:
17:02 <Fswe1> Oh, there it is.
17:02 <Fswe1>
17:02 <Fswe1> Use dat.
17:03 <Kq head> "Lock up your daughters. Hee hee."
17:03 <Kq head> Hoo boy
17:04 <Fswe1> All hail The PEscallion, emperor of penguins, founder of the KGP, eater of fish.
17:05 <Battleben> [[RuneScape:Requests for merging/Chicken (NPC)]] Everyone sensible go and support.
17:05 -!- MrGW1337 has joined Special:Chat
17:05 <Suppa chuppa> Oppose
17:05 <Rwojy> i already am supporting, no conflicts pls\
17:06 <Cook Me Plox> Ben
17:06 <Cook Me Plox> Your RfM is disqualified.
17:06 <Fswe1> Remove Mol's name from the RfM, btw, Wahi.
17:06 <Fswe1> ANd Cook ninja'd me once again>
17:06 <Battleben> Oh, sorry.
17:06 <Rwojy> sry cook but you suck
17:07 <Battleben> Fine, done.
17:07 <Battleben> I didn't mean to.
17:07 <Battleben> Anyway, just go and put your opinion there.
17:07 <Fswe1> Lol.
17:07 <Fswe1> "Some people"
17:07 -!- Knightmere98 has left Special:Chat.
17:07 <Fswe1> squirrels* ;)
17:07 <Fswe1> Oh wait, Suppa.
17:07 <Fswe1> Never mind.
17:07 <Fswe1> HAI SUPPA!
17:08 <Fswe1> I SAID HAI SUPPA!!
17:08 <Suppa chuppa> hi
17:08 <Fswe1> HAI!
17:08 <Fswe1>
17:08 <Fswe1> Ful is 'the middle'.
17:08 <Fswe1> Confirmed.
17:09 <Suppa chuppa> what
17:09 <Fswe1> Nothing.
17:09 <Suppa chuppa> lol
17:09 <Fswe1> Do you agree that I'm utterly insane?
17:09 <Suppa chuppa> yes.
17:09 <Fswe1> Yay.
17:09 <Dtm142>
17:09 <Dtm142> :o
17:10 -!- Xsdvd has joined Special:Chat
17:10 <Dtm142> each weighing between 2#5 oz and 2#15 oz.
17:10 <Dtm142> :3
17:10 <Fswe1> oz?
17:10 <Fswe1> 2#5?
17:10 <Fswe1> ...what?
17:10 -!- Xsdvd has left Special:Chat.
17:10 <Dtm142> Ounces 
17:10 <Fswe1> An ounce is... 100g?
17:10 <Dtm142> 2 pounds, 5 ounces
17:11 <Fswe1> Uhm...
17:11 <Dtm142> 1.05 - 1.34 kg
17:11 <Fswe1> Use SI units. ;_;
17:11 <Rwojy> cook
17:11 <Rwojy> irc
17:11 <Dtm142> 1 kg = 2.2 pounds
17:11 <Rwojy> yeah
17:11 <Fswe1> Use kg. ;_;
17:11 <Rwojy> close enough, i think it's 2.212
17:11 <Fswe1> It's one of the seven SI gruond units. ;_;
17:11 <Dtm142> Meh
17:11 <Dtm142> You measure your weight in pounds here
17:13 <Fswe1> Mass*
17:13 <Kq head> level 38 scorpion has a slightly higher max hit than 37... so i'm guessing the 37 is missing 1 ranged level compared to its defence?
17:13 <Fswe1> "Here" being?
17:13 <Dtm142> Nope.
17:13 <Dtm142> Pounds = weight.
17:13 <Fswe1> So, pounds = Newton?
17:13 <Dtm142> Mass is slugs or something? idk
17:13 <Dtm142> Yes.
17:13 <Fswe1> ................................................
17:13 <Dtm142> So g = 2.2 pounds/kg
17:13 <Rwojy> wait
17:14 <Dtm142> (H)
17:14 <Rwojy> that's terrible
17:14 <Fswe1> Then what do you measiure mass in?
17:14 <Dtm142> Grams
17:14 <Dtm142> Or kg
17:14 <Dtm142> Or mg
17:14 <Dtm142> (H)
17:14 <Rwojy> that birthweight is ridiculously low, did they all survive?
17:14 <Dtm142> So far afaik
17:14 <Fswe1> So how do you calculate gravity when g =/= 9,81 N/kg?
17:14 <Suppa chuppa> Fswe1: We don't do phsyics with customary units
17:14 <Suppa chuppa> physics
17:14 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <Dtm142> Physics is always done in SI
17:15 <Fswe1> Aha.
17:15 <Fswe1> Who are "we"?
17:15 <Suppa chuppa> America and Canada
17:15 <Fswe1> You are odd...
17:15 <Dtm142>
17:15 <Rwojy> actually
17:15 <Rwojy> we do physics in metric in america
17:15 <Dtm142> Fswe, are you in Thatcherland?
17:15 <Fswe1> No, I am not.
17:15 <Dtm142> Oh, ok.
17:15 <Fswe1> Alas, poor Margaret...
17:16 <Fswe1> Amongst Britain's greatest leaders evur.
17:16 <Suppa chuppa> Rwojy: Yeah, that's what I was saying.
17:16 <Fswe1> Right up there with Churchill and stuff.
17:16 <Dtm142> (because Britain uses mph for speed)
17:16 <Dtm142> (as does 'murica)
17:16 <Dtm142> (they're like the same country, except for the language)
17:16 <Dtm142> (H)
17:17 <Suppa chuppa> And they use pounds too!
17:17 <Fswe1> m/s ftw.
17:17 <Fswe1> Although people tend to use km/h when not doing physics.
17:18 <Kq head> Should I get a new image for level 37 scorpions? They're slightly lighter brown coloured
17:18 <Dtm142> km/h is better
17:18 <Fswe1> I like reaction speed though.
17:18 <Kq head> It's unique to level 37 scorps
17:18 <Dtm142> Because with km/h, you know exactly how fast you're going.
17:18 <Dtm142> (H)
17:18 <Fswe1> [s] = mol/L/s
17:19 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
17:19 <Battleben> Guys
17:19 <Battleben> During mummies death animation, they turn into npcs and get a different examine text.
17:19 <Battleben> Shall we esplit?
17:20 <Suppa chuppa> no
17:20 <Battleben> Why not?
17:20 <The Mol Man> Stop being a fallacious fool
17:20 <Suppa chuppa> ^
17:20 <Fswe1> He's trolling.
17:20 <Fswe1> But he isn't wrong.
17:20 <Suppa chuppa> Yes to first sentence, no to second.
17:20 <The Mol Man> because as a product of the mummy's death, it is logical they are the same mummy 
17:21 <Battleben> But they're not the same mummy as the ones in pyramid plunder.
17:21 <Battleben> Well, if they don't die in pyramid pludner.
17:24 <Battleben> So, you know those horns/pointy things Azzanadra always has?
17:24 <Battleben> They're actually ears, because he's the easter bunny.
17:28 -!- Knightmere98 has joined Special:Chat
17:29 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
17:29 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
17:29 <The Mol Man> lol
17:29 <Rwojy> ben, as much as i love you this second, no one but mol would oppose it, so it's not an issue anymore
17:30 <The Mol Man> doesn't matter
17:30 <The Mol Man> I have an actual argumen
17:30 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
17:30 <Rwojy> but you say you have an arguement
17:30 <Suppa chuppa> Rwojy: I will
17:30 <Rwojy> and we say you don't
17:31 <Rwojy> well, someone unbiased can deal with it
17:32 <Battleben> [[File:Bucket detail.png]]
17:32 <Rwojy> touch it and die
17:33 -!- Neitiznot has left Special:Chat.
17:33 <Battleben> [[RuneScape:Requests_for_deletion/Bukkit]]
17:33 <Fswe1>
17:33 <Fswe1> yay
17:34 -!- Knightmere98 has left Special:Chat.
17:34 -!- AndorinKato has joined Special:Chat
17:35 <Battleben>
17:35 <Fswe1> "Hobgoblins are described as hardy but highly mobile guerrilla soldiers."
17:35 <Fswe1> [[Hobgoblin]]
17:35 <Fswe1> Doesn't look like it.
17:36 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
17:36 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
17:36 <Fswe1> Isn't Fredisietel a better name?
17:36 <Battleben> Probably.
17:37 <Fswe1> Terry Balando is his aname?
17:37 <Fswe1> ...drat.
17:37 <Battleben> Why?
17:37 <Battleben> Fswe, do you even desert treasure
17:37 <Fswe1> Because Gilberr.
17:37 <Fswe1> Thank god for Search and Replace.
17:38 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
17:39 <AndorinKato> l @ kid uploading personal images
17:39 <Battleben> Thankfully, the Kendal really is a god.
17:39 <Fswe1> Yay done...
17:39 <Fswe1> Brb.
17:39 <Fswe1> bbl*
17:40 <Fswe1> Also, changed/
17:40 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
17:42 <MrGW1337> hail tuska
17:42 <Suppa chuppa> hi
17:43 <Kq head> [[Scorpion]] is this good?
17:43 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
17:43 <Battleben> Jhallan is mentioned by Azzanadra as a "Cowardly and weak-willed" Mahjarrat.[1]
17:43 <Battleben> Humble chef of the Cooking Guild, Romily Weaklax's surname literally means "weak coward", whilst his forename means "walker". The former is the exact description Azzanadra gives Jhallan. Maybe this "family baker, from the North", could be just that.
17:43 <Battleben> Jhallan is romily weaklax ocnfirmed
17:43 <Kq head> But Jhallan is dead?
17:43 <Rwojy> lol
17:43 <Kq head> Hole in your theory
17:44 <Fswe1> Jhallan is mentioned by Azzanadra as a "Cowardly and weak-willed" Mahjarrat.[1]
17:44 <Fswe1> I thought rude and sneaky, but a loyal Zarosian and a formidable warrior.
17:44 <Fswe1> Silly Az.
17:44 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
17:44 <Kq head> I guessed the level 37's combat stats, it has a lower max hit than level 38 so I assumed it was missing 1 ranged level
17:44 <Fswe1>
17:45 <Fswe1> Scorpion needs orbing.
17:45 <Kq head> the level 37 scorpion looks different, should it have a separate image?
17:45 <Battleben> Bah, we were calling Jhallan Zarosian before he was confirmed to be one.
17:45 <Kq head> if you don't believe me, go check yourself :P
17:45 <Battleben> Fortunately, we're better at not spreading lies than we were back in the old days.
17:45 <Kq head> dragon 3hander?
17:45 <Fswe1> He was confirmed to be one with TaS.
17:46 <Fswe1> And it was obvious that he was one.
17:46 <Fswe1> Since we never help Zamorakians. :P
17:46 <Kq head> [[Hazeel cult]]
17:46 <Battleben> True, but we were calling him zarosian before it came out
17:46 <Fswe1> Anyway, bai for now.
17:46 <Kq head> [[Temple of Ikov]]
17:46 <Kq head> Yes you do
17:46 <Kq head> potentially
17:46 <Battleben> [[The General's Shadow]]
17:46 <Kq head> ^You get duped
17:46 <Fswe1> Yeah.
17:46 <Fswe1> I never got The General's Shadows.
17:47 <Fswe1> Our character is just being an utter moron.
17:47 <Fswe1> And it makes no sense post-RotM...
17:47 <Fswe1> Ah well.
17:47 <Fswe1> Nor does Enakhra.
17:48 <Kq head> "He will not recognise you as the adventurer that killed him earlier"
17:48 <Kq head> "the player will complain on how Khazard DID recognise him and it all was a trap, then the fight will begin."
17:48 <Kq head> More like General Bhaztard
17:48 <Rwojy> fight arena is one of the oldest quests, before any lore
17:48 <Battleben> Missing 13 rituals is pro.
17:48 <Battleben> Fight Arena has been updated twice, actually.
17:48 <Kq head> Your character is incredibly moronic
17:49 <Kq head> I hope they keep up the trend
17:49 <Battleben> It got signifanctly reworked in 2009, to give Khazard a second form
17:49 <AndorinKato> It's an unnecessary bundling of unrelated information on the basis that because these are all chickens, they are all the same in every respect enough so to warrant putting this information. That's akin to saying all black people are the same. 
17:49 <AndorinKato> Seriously?
17:49 <Cook Me Plox> wat
17:49 <The Mol Man> subtle ad hominen at its finest
17:49 <Battleben> And reworked Khazard's appearance to look like Lucien and Zemouregal
17:49 <Battleben> Also got updated in 2011 when rotm was released, some dialogue was tweaked
17:50 <Rwojy> andorin that is false
17:50 <Kq head> Chickens aren't named.
17:50 <MrGW1337> bwuk
17:50 <Kq head> [[Horses]] is an example of a named chicken
17:50 <Rwojy> the chickens aren't notable enough to be given a separate page
17:50 <MrGW1337> ^
17:50 <The Mol Man> That's not necessarily true
17:50 <Kq head> We should be able to incubate chicken eggs
17:50 <Cook Me Plox> Mol, there have been unattackable chickens since Ernest the Chicken
17:50 <Rwojy> rs:g isn't about having a page for every single thing
17:51 <AndorinKato> That is such a retarded argument that I don't know if I'm inclined to even read the rest of your textwall
17:51 <Kq head> So we get at the top of the page "If you were looking for the pet version, see Chicken (pet)"
17:51 <Kq head> That would be awesome
17:51 <The Mol Man> Alright Cook
17:51 <Cook Me Plox> but that seems to be the only one pre-dg
17:51 <Rwojy> actually why isn't there a chicken pet
17:51 <Kq head> I'm flinging my [[Morrigan's throwing axe|Tomahawk of Justice]] at everything, it's fun :D
17:52 -!- IsobelJ has left Special:Chat.
17:52 <Battleben> Why are we even having this stupid argument
17:52 <Kq head> ^
17:52 <The Mol Man> you started it
17:53 <MrGW1337> {{subst:#ifexist:User:MrGW1337/Signature|{{subst:Nosubst|User:MrGW1337/Signature}}|— [[User:MrGW1337|MrGW1337]] ([[User talk:MrGW1337|talk]])}}
17:53 <MrGW1337> ffs
17:53 <MrGW1337> wrong place lol
17:54 <Kq head> [[Shark (NPC)|Who cares?]] I mean, do we really care that a [[Rook|pointless]] [[Cormorant|scenery]] [[Gull|NPC]] has it's own page?
17:54 <Kq head> It won't really affect anyone.
17:54 <Rwojy> i can't keep my eyes open
17:54 <Rwojy> night
17:55 <Battleben> It's not about chickens specifically.
17:55 <The Mol Man> Too late to back out now KQ
17:55 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
17:55 -!- Rwojy has left Special:Chat.
17:55 <Kq head> I mean the reaction to it, not necessarily that it has it's own page, if Granularity says so then that seems reasonable...
17:56 <MrGW1337> [[Chicken_(NPC)|Bwuk bwuk bwaauk]]
17:56 <Kq head> You could give it a little more text though
17:56 <MrGW1337> the DG chickens
17:56 <Kq head> Like [[Rook]] manages to talk a load of crap about a bird nobody pays attention to
17:56 <The Mol Man> I was planning to eventually lol
17:57 <Battleben> All of the text could be on the other chicken page though
17:57 <Kq head> "Unlike attackable chickens, this chicken does not lay eggs"?
17:57 <The Mol Man> that's not a reason
17:57 <MrGW1337> i pay attention to [[rook]]s when i temple trek
17:57 <Kq head> Those examines could be separated, actually... on rook.
17:57 <Kq head> Bullet-pointed
17:57 <The Mol Man> we have unlimited space, we could have all information on one page
17:57 <Battleben> Yeah, that's pretty much all you could write about them mol.
17:57 <MrGW1337> and those chickens have diff examine and were added at a diff time :3
17:57 <Battleben> Yes, and there's no reason to not have them on one page.
17:57 <The Mol Man> there is
17:57 <The Mol Man> you're just blind to it
17:58 <MrGW1337> :)
17:58 <Kq head> Lol it's funny how [[Rook]] says "sells items? No" as if a dumb bird would be a salesman
17:58 <The Mol Man> it's fairly easy to write a decent sized blob of bullshit for the page
17:58 <MrGW1337> lol
17:58 <Battleben> The wiki merged Koschei the Deathless and Kharshai, who are much more significantly different from eachother than Chickens.
17:58 <Cook Me Plox> you already wrote a great deal of bullshit ;)
17:59 <MrGW1337> mm.. cant argue with that
17:59 -!- Neitiznot has joined Special:Chat
17:59 <Kq head> Where's the pit chicken?
17:59 <The Mol Man> they're the same person, ben
17:59 <Kq head> oh
17:59 <Kq head> crate expectations
17:59 <Kq head> chickens in the crates
18:00 <Kq head> You could explain how they appear in the pit
18:00 <Kq head> randomly when opening a crate :D
18:00 <Battleben> Them being the same person isn't an argument on why they should and shouldn't be merged, tbh. Merging and splitting should be based on the information the articles contain.
18:00 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
18:00 <The Mol Man> that's not the case for them
18:00 <Battleben> The case for what?
18:01 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
18:01 <Battleben> There's no reason not to merge an article that literally consists of a sentence and an infobox.
18:01 <Battleben> At most it would be just a few sentences.
18:01 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
18:02 <Neitiznot> Hey Smithing
18:02 <Battleben> This is definitely the stupidest discussion I've ever had tbh.
18:02 <Smithing> Hey Neit
18:04 <MrGW1337> /clear
18:05 -!- MrGW1337 has left Special:Chat.
18:06 -!- MrGW1337 has joined Special:Chat
18:07 -!- MrGW1337 has left Special:Chat.
18:07 -!- MrGW1337 has joined Special:Chat
18:08 -!- MrGW1337 has left Special:Chat.
18:08 -!- AndorinKato has left Special:Chat.
18:08 -!- MrGW1337 has joined Special:Chat
18:08 -!- MrGW1337 has left Special:Chat.
18:12 <Fswe1>
18:12 <Fswe1> ...
18:12 <Fswe1> Ew, it has "player" in it.
18:13 <Battleben> Why do we have information on how to use the strange rock fragment and about the Crate expectations minigame
18:13 <Battleben> on an article on chickens
18:13 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
18:13 <The Mol Man> we don't
18:13 <Fswe1> I think because someone wants to prove you can add more than one sentence to the page.
18:14 <The Mol Man> it's a short tidbit explaining each things relevance 
18:14 <Fswe1> I question the relevance of this though.
18:14 <Fswe1> But okay.
18:14 <Dogfoger> [[yg]]
18:14 <Fswe1> It's on the brink, I uppose.
18:14 <Fswe1>
18:14 <Fswe1> Holy cow, what a text wall.
18:14 <Fswe1> Why are we doing this!
18:14 <The Mol Man> I'm not explaining how to actually play the minigame or how to obtain the fragment
18:15 <The Mol Man> it's a minimal amount of information that briefly describes why it is relevant
18:15 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
18:15 <Fswe1> "That's akin to saying all black people are the same."
18:15 <Fswe1> Well, they are...
18:15 <Hallowland> k leon art sent me a completely weird message
18:15 <Hallowland> fswe read it lol
18:15 <Fswe1> Aside from name, personaility, place of birth, family, etc...
18:15 <Battleben> Chickens are like that too fswe.
18:16 <Battleben> Except they don't have names, of course.
18:16 <Fswe1> Tone of voice, primary language, preferred clothing, favourite flower, wive, stand on same-sex-marraige, etc.
18:16 <Battleben> Well, not that we know of.
18:16 <Hallowland> here's what leon art sent me: ""...the God letters are *generally* not canon, some things are still canon, such as Saradomin's name..." Yes, somethings are canon, but that's not on the merit of the God letters themselves, that because the God letters just happen to align with real lore. If you'd ask me, it would seem very peculiar if they would never line up with real lore. Just don't expect them to, consider them some form of fan fiction and everything is explained ;) - Leon Art"
18:16 <Fswe1> Aside from that, exactly the same.
18:16 <Hallowland> what in the world did he mean
18:16 <Fswe1> No idea.
18:16 <Hallowland> god letters were meant to add and clarify lore
18:16 <Fswe1> Let me read it again.
18:16 -!- MrGW1337 has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <Battleben> The god letters were canon once.
18:16 <Fswe1> ...nope, still don't get it...
18:16 <Hallowland> somethings *are* still canon
18:16 <Battleben> Lots of stuff from the god letters was added or referenced in the game.
18:17 <Battleben> The underwater city, for example
18:17 <Battleben> .And guthix being a butterfly.
18:17 <Hallowland> and runescape being nickname of gielinor :P
18:17 <Fswe1> How is splitting by colour racist, Mol?
18:17 <Fswe1> Something's colour is in no way related to its race.
18:17 <The Mol Man> twas a joke
18:17 <The Mol Man> lighten up
18:18 <Fswe1> I just don't get the joke.
18:18 <Fswe1> I liked the jokes in your glitch thingy. =3
18:18 <Fswe1> "Whether or not they're different chickens or not is irrelevant"
18:18 <Fswe1> Good English. (y)
18:19 <Fswe1> Needs more "or not".
18:19 <Fswe1> Whether or not they are or are not different chickens or not is irrelevant or not.
18:19 <Fswe1> =D
18:20 <Battleben> I agree
18:20 <Fswe1> or not.
18:20 <Neitiznot> Bye all
18:21 <Fswe1> Bai!
18:21 <Neitiznot> Amg bai Fswe1 :D
18:21 -!- Neitiznot has left Special:Chat.
18:21 -!- Shockstorm has joined Special:Chat
18:21 <Coelacanth0794> hi
18:21 <Shockstorm> hai
18:22 <Fswe1> dro
18:22 <Battleben> H:AI
18:23 <Battleben> Fswe, you're a noob for not liking orchestrated music.
18:23 <Fswe1> It isn't my fault.
18:23 <Fswe1> I just don't like it, in spite of wanting to. ;_;
18:23 <Coelacanth0794> lol
18:23 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
18:23 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
18:24 <Fswe1> I like some though.
18:24 <Fswe1> My most prominent problem is that the main melody is less, uhm...
18:24 <Fswe1> what's the word I'm looking for...
18:24 <Fswe1> "prominent", actually. =p
18:24 <Coelacanth0794> eh
18:25 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
18:25 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
18:25 <Battleben> Here's a good orchestrated theme
18:25 <Fswe1> And they sound too real, making them sound less real than midi.
18:25 <Fswe1> But that doesn't make sense.
18:25 <Fswe1> Or not.
18:26 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
18:28 <Fswe1> Exquisite crossbow.
18:28 <Fswe1> And shield.
18:29 <Battleben> Still don't know how you don't like orchestrated video game music.
18:30 <Coelacanth0794> super mario galaxy, boy
18:30 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
18:30 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
18:30 <Fswe1>
18:30 <Fswe1> hehe.
18:30 <Battleben>
18:31 <Fswe1> SMG has nice music, actually.
18:32 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
18:32 <Fswe1> Is it orchestrtated?
18:33 <Battleben> Yes.
18:33 <Battleben> OMG! slayer dungeon tommorow!
18:33 <Battleben> Finally my 99 slayer pays off!
18:33 <The Mol Man>
18:33 <The Mol Man> ffs
18:33 <Battleben> No watermark this time.
18:33 -!- The Other Jonla has joined Special:Chat
18:34 <The Mol Man> it's still not ours to use
18:34 <The Mol Man> suppa, delete please
18:34 <Fswe1>
18:34 <Battleben> But also resized
18:34 <Fswe1> Oh.
18:34 <Suppa chuppa> done
18:34 <Fswe1> Bandos, y u follow Varrock?
18:34 <The Mol Man> and you should warn him too
18:34 <Fswe1>
18:34 <Fswe1> What's the name of that poltergeist monster thing?
18:35 <Fswe1> Where you have to throw rocks at him and its arms.
18:35 <Fswe1> And, uh, those little black ghosts that damage him.
18:35 <Fswe1>
18:35 <Fswe1> Got it.
18:36 <Fswe1> Sounds nice.
18:36 <Fswe1> 00:35
18:36 <Fswe1> Cewl.
18:37 <Battleben> Bouldergeist
18:37 <Battleben> Of course.
18:37 <Fswe1> =P
18:38 <Fswe1>
18:39 <Fswe1> Heh, that comment.
18:39 -!- Henneyj has joined Special:Chat
18:40 <Fswe1>
18:40 <Fswe1> Would fit for The Pit, lol.
18:41 <Battleben> Or [[Blink]]
18:41 <Fswe1> Yes, Blink!
18:41 <Battleben> it comes!
18:41 <Battleben> KAPOW!
18:41 -!- Hallowland has left Special:Chat.
18:42 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
18:42 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
18:42 -!- Shockstorm has left Special:Chat.
18:43 <Fswe1> Bye bye, people.
18:45 <Fswe1> DAAAAMN!
18:45 <Fswe1> I swear, this is en elaborate scheme of Jagex to avoid me loggint out!
18:45 <Fswe1> Well played, Mod Lord, well played.
18:45 <Fswe1> Just as I'm about to leave, Mystery Revealed starts playing.
18:45 <Battleben> Did they put something on soundcloud?
18:45 <Battleben> Ah, song.
18:45 <Fswe1> Now I have to stay in-game for another 8 minutes.
18:45 <Battleben> *puts mystery revealed on*
18:46 <Fswe1> Just Scape Sorrow, btw.
18:46 <Fswe1> Yay, favourite parts have passed twice now.
18:46 <Fswe1> I can go in peace.
18:46 <Fswe1> Farewell!
18:47 <Fswe1> I got three Imperial Guard soldiers to attack the same troll.
18:47 <Fswe1> Cool.
18:47 <Fswe1> Btw, Mod John A finally placed a comment on the Red Axe thread.
18:47 <Battleben> I noticed.
18:48 <Fswe1> Have you read my bad poem for Emilee?
18:48 <Battleben> Yes
18:48 <Fswe1> Yay.
18:48 <Fswe1> Does it suck?
18:48 <Battleben> Yes
18:49 <Fswe1> "I'm sure most people dye because of lag related problems."
18:49 <Fswe1> Yay!
18:49 <MrGW1337> bwuk
18:50 <Battleben> Why am I in my POH!
18:50 <Battleben> I DON'T REMEMBER
18:50 <MrGW1337> too much drink
18:51 <Fswe1> You are so euphoric.
18:51 <Fswe1> Maybe less milkshakes?
18:51 <Fswe1> Yes, that'll do it.
18:51 <Fswe1> Anyway, goodbye.
18:51 -!- Fswe1 has left Special:Chat.
18:52 <MrGW1337> i lol'd at the discussions about [[chicken]]s
18:52 <The Mol Man> we're all stupid
18:52 <MrGW1337> bwuk
18:53 <Battleben> I still can't remember.
18:54 <MrGW1337> lol how suddenly [[chicken_(npc)]] has much more text and even a image
18:54 <The Mol Man> I was eventually planning on adding that stuff anyways
18:54 <The Mol Man> I don't do stuff without a plan
18:54 <MrGW1337> bwuk
18:54 <Battleben> Why do we need to know how to play crate expectations and how to active a strange rock
18:55 <MrGW1337> next step: chicken (the pit) chicken (rock fragment) and chicken (daemonheim)
18:55 <MrGW1337> hail chickens!
18:56 -!- Gravin yease has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <Gravin yease> Whats the kind of metal that can hurt Vryes?
18:56 <The Mol Man> silver
18:57 <Battleben> Also, blisterwood. ALthough that's a type of wood
18:57 <Gravin yease> Special type of metal? isn't there?
18:57 <Battleben> I still don't remember whjy I went to my ph]
18:57 <Battleben> Ah
18:57 <Coelacanth0794> runite?
18:57 <Battleben> [[Silvthril]]
18:57 <Coelacanth0794> oh hurt vyres
18:57 <Coelacanth0794> silver
18:57 <Battleben> For vyres and juvinates, you need Silvthril
18:57 <MrGW1337> u know
18:57 <MrGW1337> guthix balance potions
18:58 <Battleben> [[Silvthrill_rod]]
18:58 <MrGW1337> theyre rly useful for temple trekking
18:59 <Coelacanth0794> isnt everything melee anyways
18:59 <Coelacanth0794> thus use bloister staff
18:59 -!- Gravin yease has left Special:Chat.
19:01 -!- Henneyj has left Special:Chat.
19:01 -!- Henneyj has joined Special:Chat
19:02 -!- Henneyj has left Special:Chat.
19:03 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
19:03 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
19:04 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
19:13 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <Dtm142> Guthix balance potions aren't worth it for Temple Trekking
19:14 <The Mol Man> Said dtm 15 minutes later
19:14 <Dtm142> Just take blisterwood stakes and pop off the Juvinates.
19:14 <Dtm142> You should be able to one-hit them if you're lucky.
19:15 <Dtm142> Even on a hard path
19:17 -!- Henneyj has joined Special:Chat
19:18 <Henneyj> stupid chat
19:18 <The Mol Man> [[RS:CTP]]
19:18 <Henneyj> too stupid to respond
19:19 <The Mol Man> ever think it might be afk?
19:19 <Henneyj> shouldnt host the chat if it cant be around all the time
19:20 <The Mol Man> maybe it would respond if you didn't call it stupid
19:22 <Henneyj> i said hello once and it didnt say anything
19:23 <Henneyj> i even tried to be more charming
19:23 <Henneyj> 'nice skin youve got there'
19:23 <Henneyj> nothing
19:23 <The Mol Man> I'll try talking to it
19:23 <Henneyj> be my guest
19:24 <The Mol Man> Does it know you as Henneyj? Or just henney?
19:27 <Henneyj> Either
19:28 <Henneyj> I tries dropping the j as a disguise once but still no reply
19:31 -!- Henneyj has left Special:Chat.
19:32 -!- Henneyj has joined Special:Chat
19:32 <MrGW1337> tiny rooster is stil tiny
19:33 <Coelacanth0794> lol
19:34 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
19:34 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
19:35 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
19:39 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
19:39 <Coelacanth0794> dc'd
19:40 <Henneyj> is that an idiom for being unable to get anything done
19:40 <Battleben> Bye!
19:40 <Henneyj> as in washington dc
19:40 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
19:41 <Suppa chuppa> heh
19:41 <Coelacanth0794> it means i am disconnected
19:42 <Henneyj> you're still connected for me
19:42 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
19:42 <The Mol Man> I want to say "in a state of not being connected"
19:42 <The Mol Man> but dc isn't a state
19:42 <Joeytje50> caek
19:43 <The Mol Man> hi wood shoes
19:43 <Joeytje50> hi
19:44 <Joeytje50> how ya doin fatso
19:44 <The Mol Man> Just eating cheezeburger
19:44 <The Mol Man> how bout you?
19:44 <The Mol Man> smokin pot?
19:44 <Joeytje50> yeah ofc
19:44 <The Mol Man> let's stop now
19:44 <Joeytje50> :>
19:44 <The Mol Man> I'm out of dutch stereotypes
19:44 <Joeytje50> lol
19:45 <Henneyj> tulips, windmills, weird english accents
19:45 <Joeytje50> I've got plenty for you, dw, redneck hick
19:45 <The Mol Man> rednick hick isn't fair
19:45 <The Mol Man> that's the south
19:45 <The Mol Man> and my state never seceded 
19:45 <Joeytje50> you are saying other stereotypes are fair then?
19:45 <Henneyj> gonna drown because the country is all below sea level
19:46 <Hallowland> what in the world leon art wants? (didnt read his message yet)
19:46 <The Mol Man> well, they have to be applicable to the entire country 
19:46 <Hallowland> he suddenly came in the middle of a discussion saying nosense things
19:46 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
19:47 <Urbancowgurl777> i was going to make a joke about Joey sticking his finger in a hole to prevent a dam from collapsing
19:47 <Henneyj> host the hague because they love war crimes
19:47 <Urbancowgurl777> but it sounded weird.
19:47 <Joeytje50> lol
19:47 <Joeytje50> fergs dw I don't actually believe those stereotypes ^_^
19:47 <Joeytje50> :3
19:47 <The Mol Man> no one said you did
19:47 <The Mol Man> your unprovoked saying of that means
19:47 <The Mol Man> you do
19:47 <The Mol Man> racist pig
19:47 <Joeytje50> wait I thought americans were the racist pigs
19:48 <Joeytje50> especially the pig part
19:48 <The Mol Man> there you go again!
19:48 <Joeytje50> XD
19:48 <The Mol Man> America isn't racist; Islam isn't a race
19:48 <Joeytje50> ic
19:48 <Henneyj> their unprovoked election of a black president
19:48 <Henneyj> means they are
19:48 <Joeytje50> trudat
19:48 <The Mol Man> better than mccain
19:49 <The Mol Man> I'd elect a hobo over mccain
19:49 <Urbancowgurl777> is jewish..ness.. a race?
19:49 <The Mol Man> yes
19:49 <Joeytje50> yes
19:49 <Henneyj> But he's a Mc
19:49 <Urbancowgurl777> ic
19:49 <Hallowland> holy lord does anybody get what leon art is trying to mean?
19:49 <Henneyj> you guys love your Mcs
19:49 <The Mol Man> i'm not sure if you can actually consider Islam only a religion 
19:49 <Hallowland> his "metaphors" are apparently way too good
19:49 <Hallowland> >..
19:49 <Hallowland> >.>
19:49 <Henneyj> Big Mac, McChicken, McRib, McCain
19:50 -!- Mike111b has joined Special:Chat
19:50 <Mike111b> ~status
19:50 <TyBot> The GE Updater is running, on item 6 / 3543
19:50 <Urbancowgurl777> nope Hallow, don't get it at all
19:50 <Mike111b> wow
19:50 <Mike111b> smart bot lol
19:50 <Hallowland> >_>
19:50 <Mike111b> i JUST noticed GE updated
19:50 <Henneyj> btw I have some terrible news
19:51 <Henneyj> In England, there is no McRib
19:51 -!- Mike111b has left Special:Chat.
19:51 <The Mol Man> McDonalds sucks
19:51 <Henneyj> Burgers not big enough for ya?
19:51 <The Mol Man> Actually yes
19:52 <The Mol Man> I was at a Muslim friend's house
19:52 <The Mol Man> I only bring that up because we were talking about Islam
19:52 <The Mol Man> it is otherwise irrelevant 
19:52 <The Mol Man> and his dad had picked up McDonalds and got me a burger
19:52 <The Mol Man> and I remember thinking "What? This is a burger? This is too small!"
19:53 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
19:53 <Henneyj> you have Halal McDonalds?
19:54 -!- Hallowland has left Special:Chat.
19:55 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
19:56 <The Other Jonla> how does one religiously slaughter cardboard?
19:58 <Urbancowgurl777> yes
20:03 <Jr Mime> .
20:03 <Joeytje50> ..
20:04 -!- The Other Jonla has left Special:Chat.
20:04 -!- The Other Jonla has joined Special:Chat
20:04 <The Mol Man> ⋮
20:05 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
20:05 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <Hallowland> (pie)
20:06 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
20:06 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <Joeytje50> (caek)
20:06 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <Hallowland> dog
20:06 <The Mol Man> call him sean
20:06 <Dogfoger> hallow
20:07 <Dogfoger> thanks mol <3 glad you're trying
20:07 <The Mol Man> Anything to be a persistent asshole about changing what others do
20:07 <Dogfoger> Waddya need, Hallow?
20:07 <Dogfoger> lol
20:07 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
20:07 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
20:08 <Suppa chuppa> Can I cal him cat
20:08 <Suppa chuppa> call
20:08 <Hallowland> iz it true an eclipse happened at south africa today?
20:08 <The Mol Man> I was gonna say yes
20:08 <Dogfoger> do that and I will castrate you
20:08 <The Mol Man> but you originally said "cal"
20:08 <Dogfoger> with a rusty crowbar
20:08 <The Mol Man> catstrate*
20:08 <Suppa chuppa> lol
20:08 <Dogfoger> No, Hallow
20:08 <Suppa chuppa> Can I call you Al?
20:08 <Dogfoger> There will be one on the 18th
20:08 <Hallowland> al kharid
20:09 <Dogfoger> Not sure if solstice or equinox
20:09 <Dogfoger> but no, not today
20:09 <Henneyj> summer solstice, presumably
20:09 <Dogfoger> We're in winter
20:09 <Dogfoger> :3
20:09 <Hallowland> yea solstice
20:09  * Dogfoger slaps henney for not knowing his Geography
20:09 <Henneyj> oh weird southerners
20:09 <The Mol Man> Does charlie sheen have a bi-winter?
20:10 <Hallowland> wait what
20:10 <Hallowland> dog
20:10 <Dogfoger> yebo
20:10 <Hallowland> isnt it fall at south hemisphere?
20:11 <Cook Me Plox> [[rfm]]
20:11 <Dogfoger> No, it's winter
20:11 <Dogfoger> I know this because it's blerrie cold outside
20:11 <Dogfoger> and because it's june lol
20:11 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
20:12 <Henneyj> its fall on the equator, because its inbetween
20:12 <Dogfoger> fahk it be cold
20:12 -!- Mike111b has joined Special:Chat
20:12 <Hallowland> lol
20:13 <Hallowland> nub dog
20:13 <Hallowland> sean*
20:13 <Dogfoger> why am I a nub now?
20:13 <Hallowland> i dun want to call you sean but i have too ;-;
20:13 <Dogfoger> and why did the word nub not get spellchecked lol
20:13 <Dogfoger> You don't have to, but I would like it
20:14 <Dogfoger> plus, saying dog doesn't ping me anymore
20:14 <Hallowland> cus you told henney to study geography when u didnt know it was fall on south hemisphere and spring at north ^-^
20:14 <Hallowland> afk tears of guthix
20:14 <Dogfoger> but it's winter now
20:14 <Dogfoger> it was just autumn
20:15 <Suppa chuppa> Hallowland: He's right
20:15 <Dogfoger> it's now winter
20:15 <Suppa chuppa> It's winter in Aust
20:15 <Suppa chuppa> ralia
20:15 <Dogfoger> and it's blerrie cold
20:15 <Dogfoger> it doesn't ger cold in autumn here
20:15 <Dogfoger> the only time it's cold is winter
20:15 <Dogfoger> But our cold is a sunny day for people in England lol
20:16 <Henneyj> hey thats wrong and uncalled for
20:16 <Dogfoger> it was a joke
20:16 <Dogfoger> But there probably is some truth
20:16 <Dogfoger> we never get lower than like
20:16 <Henneyj> so it must be christmas for you guys soon, right?
20:16 <Dogfoger> -5 degrees celsius
20:16 <Dogfoger> (fp)
20:16 <Dogfoger> we have christmas the same time as everyone else lol
20:16 <The Mol Man> Is it true that if africa goes under 0 degrees it'll blow up?
20:17 <Urbancowgurl777> in texas it can ge anywhere from -2 celsius to 41 celsius
20:17 <Urbancowgurl777> get
20:17 <Dogfoger> yeah that's about the same here
20:17 <Dogfoger> we rarely go over 35
20:17 <Dogfoger> in summer
20:17 <Suppa chuppa> Urbancowgurl777: Sometimes it's colder >_>
20:17 <Suppa chuppa> and hotter
20:18 <Dogfoger> of course
20:18 <Urbancowgurl777> i know
20:18 <Urbancowgurl777> but i just did an 'about'
20:18 <The Mol Man> Suppa, you barely live in texas
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> what
20:18 <Urbancowgurl777> right now in houston it's 89/31
20:18 <Dogfoger> not like mother nature says "omg it's -2 C, I must stop making it cold nao."
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> what do you mean barely
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> born and raised yo
20:18 <Urbancowgurl777> austin doesn't count as part of texas
20:18 <The Mol Man> you "live" in texas, but you don't actually live there
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> what
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> nou
20:18 <The Mol Man> fergie lives in texas
20:18 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> i also live in dallas
20:18 <The Mol Man> she is alive
20:18 <Urbancowgurl777> yeys
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> :(
20:18 <Henneyj> i hear austins the only good bit of texas
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> Austin is awesome
20:19 <Urbancowgurl777> austin is gros
20:19 <Suppa chuppa> i live like 2 hrs from her, Mol >_>
20:19 <Urbancowgurl777> s
20:19 <Suppa chuppa> nooo
20:19 <Suppa chuppa> it's not
20:19 <The Mol Man> I heard people are always bugging Houston about problems
20:19 <Urbancowgurl777> HA i get it
20:19 <Urbancowgurl777> *claps for self*
20:20 <Suppa chuppa> Hallowland: um
20:20 <Suppa chuppa> can you take a look at Zaros
20:20 <Suppa chuppa> ah nvm
20:21 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
20:21 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <Hallowland> wat
20:21 <Hallowland> [[zaros]]
20:21 <Suppa chuppa> the history
20:21 <Hallowland> ah
20:21 <Urbancowgurl777> which god is tier 1?
20:22 <Hallowland> elder gods
20:22 <Suppa chuppa> me
20:22 <Suppa chuppa> oh
20:22 <Urbancowgurl777> wow
20:22 <Urbancowgurl777> no.
20:22 <The Mol Man> and me
20:22 <Suppa chuppa> lol
20:22 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
20:22 <The Mol Man> Suppa 
20:22 <Urbancowgurl777> so zaros was second best before his defeat
20:22 <Urbancowgurl777> <3
20:22 <The Mol Man> wanna know one of the Elder Weapons?
20:22 <Dogfoger> Accidentally highlighted and dragged a lot of what was said into my chat box lol
20:22 <Suppa chuppa> Is it you?
20:22 <The Mol Man> My Fists
20:22 <Suppa chuppa> niceee
20:22 <Hallowland> the elder gods we know are [[Ful]], [[Jas]] and [[Freneskae Creator God]]
20:22 <Dogfoger> could've got nasty o.o
20:22 <The Mol Man> Elder Fists
20:22 <The Mol Man> they ummm
20:22 <Hallowland> fergie, technically zaros is best now
20:22 <The Mol Man> punch things
20:23 <Dogfoger> Hallow, not more lore stuff, it always ends in arguments -.-
20:23 <Henneyj> mol
20:23 <Urbancowgurl777> how do you know he is?
20:23 <Dogfoger> Because he is
20:23 <Henneyj> the doctor called it 'elderly hand syndrome'
20:23 <The Mol Man> how did henney know I was here?
20:23 <Henneyj> you're just twisting his words
20:23 <Dogfoger> He is the second most powerful KNOWN god besides Guthix
20:23 <Dogfoger> well
20:23 <Hallowland> mod mark said he can play with any young god like a puppet as of Guthix's defeat
20:23 <Dogfoger> excluding the elders
20:23 <Dogfoger> So seeing as Guthix ix dead
20:23 <Dogfoger> Then that means Zaros is the best
20:24 <The Mol Man> No one correct Sean's typo, ix sounds pretty cool
20:24 <Suppa chuppa> 9
20:24 <Dogfoger> multiples of 3 don't count
20:24 <Hallowland> zaros was just an impulse for Zamorak's godhood, zamorak was almost a god when he attacked zaros
20:24 <The Mol Man> no, that's IX, suppa
20:24 <The Mol Man> you need a lowercase 9
20:24 <Urbancowgurl777> zaros <33
20:24 <Hallowland> zaros barely lost any power really
20:24 <Dogfoger> IX = 9 or 11?
20:24 <Henneyj> g
20:25 <Suppa chuppa> 9
20:25 <Urbancowgurl777> knew i followed the right one <3 thought he might control me and kill me or something
20:25 <Dogfoger> k
20:25 <Dogfoger> get confused
20:25 <Suppa chuppa> lmao 
20:25 <Hallowland> lol
20:25 <Dogfoger> stupid romans
20:25 <Dogfoger> I went with Guthix because I be loyal
20:25 -!- MrGW1337 has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <Dogfoger> then the dood went and killed himself (effectively)
20:25 <The Mol Man> ₉
20:25 <The Mol Man> lowercase 9
20:25 <Hallowland> fortunately fergie, he cannot kill you yet because guthix made a protective barrier around you that cannot break unless you are attacked by an elder god or elder artefact
20:26 <Dogfoger> Hallow
20:26 <Urbancowgurl777> oh yey :3=
20:26 <Dogfoger> that be gone now
20:26 <Hallowland> so zaros would need an elder artefact before he can kill you :P
20:26 <Dogfoger> Zaros is probably on Gielinor right now
20:26 <Dogfoger> along with the other gods
20:26 <Hallowland> he isnt yet
20:26 <Hallowland> armadyl and saradomin are
20:26 <Dogfoger> I bet you all my money he is
20:26 <Hallowland> you dont want to do that lol
20:26 <Dogfoger> Those are the obvious ones
20:26 <Dogfoger> My cashpile is 500k
20:26 <Dogfoger> go for it lol
20:27 <Dogfoger> I'm 99.9% sure Zaros is on Gielinor right now.
20:27 <Mike111b> what does <nowiki> mean?
20:27 <Henneyj> can you find out at senltininitlinen?
20:27 <Dogfoger> means there's no wiki
20:27 <Dogfoger> duh
20:27 <Hallowland> [[Wahisietel]] says Zaros is preparing to return to Gielinor, looking carefully at the other gods' moves before he can set a plan and enter gielinor
20:27 <The Mol Man> it means the code will be interpereted literally
20:27 <Urbancowgurl777> it makes the text behind it not.. uh
20:27 <The Mol Man> rather than parsed
20:27 <Dogfoger> He may have already done it
20:27 <Dogfoger> and made a plan
20:27 <Hallowland> well wahisietel still says that
20:27 <The Mol Man> so <nowiki><span style="color:red">text</span></nowiki>
20:27 <Urbancowgurl777> *brain fries*
20:27 <Dogfoger> so?
20:27 <Mike111b> what?
20:27 <Mike111b> |slayxp = 2055<nowiki> (15,000 if on special slayer task assigned by Sumona)</nowiki>
20:28 <Dogfoger> wahisietel may not know just yet
20:28 <The Mol Man> that's there to prevent that text from being parsed in the calculator
20:28 <Dogfoger> just because he's Zaros's general doesn't mean he knows everything
20:28 <Dogfoger> SEE? LORE ARGUMENTS
20:28 <Mike111b> what do you mean parsed
20:28 <The Mol Man> otherwise we'd get a syntax error with #expr
20:28 <The Mol Man> re-interpreted 
20:28 <Hallowland> wahisietel, azzanadra, char, nex, akthanakos and erm
20:28 <Mike111b> we dont run slayer xp through an expression though? do we?
20:28 <Hallowland> yea i think only those, 
20:29 <The Mol Man> we do
20:29 <Dogfoger> Excluding the deceased
20:29 <Hallowland> these are the closest allies of zaros
20:29 <The Mol Man> what page is that on, Mike?
20:29 <Hallowland> they would know if zaros returned
20:29 -!- Shockstorm has joined Special:Chat
20:29 <Mike111b>
20:29 <Suppa chuppa> hey mol
20:29 <Suppa chuppa> i got a question
20:29 <Hallowland> oh and sliske, sliske is also close to zaros
20:29 <Dogfoger> Not necessarily
20:29 <Urbancowgurl777> ._.
20:29 <Dogfoger> Zaros is a god of mystery
20:29 <Hallowland> oh and soran
20:29 <The Mol Man> hmmm, I guess the script for the calculator was removed then
20:30 <The Mol Man> I'd still leave those tags there for if we ever get that back in
20:30 <Mike111b> k
20:30 <Mike111b> ty
20:30 <Hallowland> I wonder what is the storm mentioned by the godless and quercus
20:30 <The Mol Man> That's nice suppa
20:30 <The Mol Man> I have a head
20:30 <Hallowland> that is probably zaros
20:30 <The Mol Man> wanna hear about it?
20:30 <Suppa chuppa> no
20:30 <Suppa chuppa> so
20:31 <Suppa chuppa> you know mmgtable?
20:31 <The Mol Man> what about it
20:31 <The Mol Man> and yes
20:31 <Hallowland> omg leon art stop spamming me with messages -.-
20:31 <Suppa chuppa>
20:31 <Mike111b> oh and cook told me about a KK log, [[kalphite king]] slayer xp is not accurate....anyone know what it is or an easier way to find out?
20:31 <Suppa chuppa> I added poems
20:31 <Suppa chuppa> it's not working
20:31 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
20:31 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
20:31 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
20:31 <The Mol Man> probably because the parameter gets parsed first
20:31 <Suppa chuppa> ugh
20:31 <Hallowland> omggggg
20:31 <Suppa chuppa> how do you fix that
20:31 <Mike111b> woot i found him
20:31 <The Mol Man> dunno
20:31 <Mike111b> cook, question
20:31 <Hallowland> guysss look at the message leon art sent me
20:31 <Hallowland> sense??
20:32 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
20:32 <The Mol Man> show example
20:32 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
20:32 <Hallowland> look at the message i left him before he sent that to me -.-
20:32 <Mike111b> oh and cook told me about a KK log, kalphite king slayer xp is not accurate....anyone know what it is or an easier way to find out?
20:32 <Suppa chuppa> just want poems, man
20:32 <Suppa chuppa> is that too hard to ask for
20:32 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
20:32 <Suppa chuppa> Mike111b: Uh, does slayer xp still depend on how much damage was done per person?
20:33 <The Mol Man> just use bullets
20:33 <Mike111b> not that i know of, but i suck at KK
20:33 <Urbancowgurl777> slayer xp has always been constant hasn't it
20:33 <Urbancowgurl777> unless KK is different
20:33 <Suppa chuppa> but poems are cooler
20:33 <Mike111b> oh and [[kalphite king]] slayer xp isnt displaying
20:33 <The Mol Man> poem doesn't parse things nicely
20:33 <Mike111b> i tried fixing it, it didnt work
20:33 <Suppa chuppa> but... poem...
20:33 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
20:34 <Mike111b> help suppa first <3 man deserves it
20:34 <Shockstorm> I hate poems because of english class
20:34 <The Mol Man> Do you know how old that extension is?
20:34 <Henneyj> whats poem meant to do in this situation?
20:34 <Suppa chuppa> No idea
20:34 <The Mol Man> poem makes single linebreaks actually break lines
20:34 <Suppa chuppa> Henneyj: it adds breaks for every new line
20:34 <Suppa chuppa> lol
20:35 <The Mol Man> Variables and ParserFunctions do work inside the <poem> ... </poem> container, but NOT within the <poem ... > tag itself ; this prevents templates with code such as <poem style="{{{1}}}">.
20:35 <The Mol Man> try the tag
20:35 <Suppa chuppa> wait twhat
20:35 <Suppa chuppa> wht
20:35 <Suppa chuppa> what
20:36 <The Mol Man> {{#poem|asasa}}
20:36 <Suppa chuppa> oh
20:36 <Suppa chuppa> Mike111b: lemme see
20:36 <Mike111b> [[kalphite king]] no hurry
20:36 <Suppa chuppa> k
20:37 <The Mol Man> we need a css class that can do the linebreak thingy
20:37 <Suppa chuppa> hyeah
20:37 <The Mol Man> Nikola Smolenski made the extension in order to practice working on extensions, after an idea by Yann Forget.[1]
20:37 <The Mol Man> poem is old
20:37 <Henneyj> lets call it haiku
20:37 <Suppa chuppa> lol
20:37 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
20:38 <The Mol Man> did you know the syllable count of haikus is a haiku?
20:38 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
20:38 <The Mol Man> The first line has five
20:38 <The Mol Man> The second line has seven
20:38 <The Mol Man> The third line has five
20:39 <Flaysian> Please accept this badge of exceptional observation
20:39 <Flaysian> courtesy of the International Jeffwang Foundation
20:39 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
20:40 <The Mol Man> :ɔ
20:40 <Flaysian> Phergi are you present
20:40 <Mike111b> does anybody want to donate to the ''mike111b needs a new drygore'' foundation?
20:40 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
20:40 <The Mol Man> Only if you buy a dryvac off of me
20:40 <Henneyj> ill give you 50 drachma
20:41 <Mike111b> can i sell those?
20:41 <Flaysian> I will give you 7 pretzels and one Spineweilder
20:41 <The Mol Man> Can I donate my Spineweilder?
20:41 <Mike111b> lol spine ur lived
20:41 <Mike111b> loved
20:41 <Suppa chuppa> mike
20:41 <The Mol Man> darn someone has already sold my spine
20:41 <Suppa chuppa> it had assigned = no
20:41 <Cook Me Plox> I will give you 200m if you make all the rest of the money making guides
20:41 <Suppa chuppa> so it wasn't showing slay xp
20:41 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
20:41 <Mike111b> removing that fixes it?
20:41 <Suppa chuppa> Cook can we use degen's favicon?
20:42 <Suppa chuppa> Mike111b: change it to assign =  and then the slayer masters that assign kalphites
20:42 <Suppa chuppa> oh henney changed it
20:42 <Cook Me Plox> What's Degen's favicon?
20:42 <Cook Me Plox> Is this a reference to his incompetence
20:42 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <Suppa chuppa> you no remember?
20:42 <Suppa chuppa> didn't i show you last night
20:42 <Cook Me Plox> I remember something 
20:42 <Cook Me Plox> god what was it
20:42 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
20:42 <Shockstorm> the libertarian party logo
20:42 <Suppa chuppa> check the history
20:42 <Suppa chuppa> April 1, 2011
20:42 <Suppa chuppa> at 00:06
20:43 <Cook Me Plox> ohhh
20:43 <Cook Me Plox> yeah
20:43 <Suppa chuppa> if i recall correctly
20:43 <Cook Me Plox> smart guy
20:43 <Suppa chuppa> was i right about the time??
20:43 <Suppa chuppa> -?
20:43 <Cook Me Plox> At the time i thought you meant the logo
20:43 <Suppa chuppa> oh
20:43 <Cook Me Plox> 20110401073345
20:43 <Suppa chuppa> aw
20:43 <Suppa chuppa> wait
20:43 <Suppa chuppa> wasn't that when i edited it
20:43 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
20:44 <The Mol Man> Let's use that picture you get when a file doesn't load as our favicon
20:44 <Cook Me Plox> [[File:Favicon.ico]]
20:44 <Suppa chuppa> I WAS RIGHT
20:44 <Suppa chuppa> BOOM
20:44 <Mike111b> BOOOM
20:44 <Cook Me Plox> CHOOM
20:44 <Mike111b> lol
20:44 <Spineweilder> Boom.
20:44 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
20:44 <Spineweilder> hi flay.
20:44 <Spineweilder> I think this is the first time I called you flay
20:44 <Flaysian> I spontaneously stopped receiving messages
20:45 <Hallowland> omg spien
20:45 <Hallowland> hai
20:45 <Spineweilder> always called you ronan
20:45 <Flaysian> this is all Cook Me Plox's fault
20:45 <Hallowland> hai flay
20:45 <Cook Me Plox> [[RS:C/L]] search .*Spineweilder.* flay .*
20:45 <Cook Me Plox> I will find multiple results
20:45 <Mike111b> oh wait cook, do u know kalphite king slayer xp?
20:45 <Flaysian> 'lo Hallow
20:45 <Cook Me Plox> no sir
20:45 <Cook Me Plox> And how the hell can you blame this all on me
20:45 <Hallowland> flay them all!!!!! - [[K'ril Tsutsaroth]]
20:46 <Mike111b> im going to take a mathematical edumated guess
20:46 <The Mol Man> <Spineweilder>.*flay.*\s would be a little more efficient 
20:46 <Henneyj> yea degen uploaded the wrong thing
20:46 <Flaysian> That is in fact where I got the name from, Hallow
20:46 <Suppa chuppa> lol
20:46 <Flaysian> I kid you not
20:46 <The Mol Man> flay all them asians 
20:46 <Henneyj> he was meant to upload that image as the logo
20:46 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
20:46 <Henneyj> and a cabbage as the icon
20:46 <Hallowland>
20:47 <Henneyj> but he got them mixed up
20:47 <Flaysian> A new favicon will be nice
20:47 <Flaysian> we could have had one so long ago if Cook Me Plox hadn't stopped us
20:47 <Flaysian> I say we take Cook Me Plox
20:47 <Flaysian> and ban him
20:48 <The Mol Man> can we ban him somewhere else?
20:48 <Suppa chuppa> let's do it here and now
20:48 <Flaysian> Yes
20:48 <Spineweilder> Alright
20:48 <Henneyj> then make a favicon representing the event
20:48 <Flaysian> Excellent
20:48 <Cook Me Plox> wait, what the hell is going on?
20:49 <The Mol Man> Nothing
20:49 <The Mol Man> turn around
20:49 <Flaysian> You're done Cook Me Plox
20:49 <Flaysian> you won't get away with your dastardly schemes any longer
20:49 <Flaysian> Prepare yourself for the might of
20:49 <Flaysian> the RuneWiki PoPo
20:50 <Henneyj> the A team
20:50 <Cook Me Plox> le popo, c'est moi!
20:50 <Henneyj> dadadaaa
20:50 <The Mol Man> le popo, cest mol!*
20:50 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
20:50 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
20:50 <Flaysian> I meant to ask you Cook Me Plox
20:50 -!- The Other Jonla has left Special:Chat.
20:50 -!- The Other Jonla has joined Special:Chat
20:51 <Flaysian> have you watched the new episodes of AD yet
20:51 <The Mol Man> (fp)
20:51 <The Mol Man> what a stupid question
20:51 <Flaysian> your face is stupid
20:51 <The Mol Man> flaysian
20:51 <Mike111b> that's not very nice.....
20:51 <The Mol Man> I think we need anustart 
20:51 <Mike111b> either of u
20:51 <Flaysian> yes this is flaysian
20:52 <Flaysian> I apologise Mike
20:52 <The Mol Man> flaysian? What do you say about us making anustart?
20:52 <Mike111b> :)
20:52 <Shockstorm> I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it
20:52 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
20:52 <Mike111b> does anyone know if there is one spawn location for [[exiled kalphite worker]]s
20:52 <The Mol Man> maybe you should actually watch AD
20:53 <Cook Me Plox> If that's a veiled criticism of me...
20:53 <The Mol Man> I'm assuming flaysian has
20:53 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
20:53 <Shockstorm> naw I just watch the highlights
20:53 <The Mol Man> watch all of it
20:53 <Flaysian> Every time I switch away from this tab I stop receiving messages
20:53 <Flaysian> thank you iPad
20:53 <Flaysian> thank you Steve Jobs
20:54 <The Mol Man> there's more funny than just buster inhaling lucille's exhaled cigarette smoke
20:54 <Spineweilder> I'm using an iPod ronan
20:54 <The Mol Man> fanboy
20:54 <Flaysian> You are a braver man than I Kieran
20:54 <Spineweilder> You know 
20:55 <Henneyj> i cant get chat on an ipod
20:55 <Spineweilder> kevin and you are the only ones who refer me as my real name
20:56 <Spineweilder> Why hnney
20:56 <The Mol Man> Last time I did you removed it from my userspace
20:56 <Flaysian> I must switch tabs now
20:56 <Flaysian> so I may not be present for a mo
20:56 <Spineweilder> Are you. Using the mobile site henney
20:57 <Dogfoger> Cook
20:57 <The Mol Man> lol
20:57 <Flaysian> try to withhold your tears
20:57 <Dogfoger> I have a real testing question for you
20:57 <The Mol Man> double space made spine look silly
20:57 <Dogfoger> Well, anyone really
20:57 <Flaysian> I must stay for this
20:57 <Flaysian> take it away Dogfoger
20:57 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
20:57 <Dogfoger> Who can tell me, without googling it please, how they get the flesh off the animals in museums, so as to just show the skeleton.
20:58 <Dogfoger> Hint: They don't cut it off
20:58 <Suppa chuppa> they eat it
20:58 <The Mol Man> As someone who works in the museum businees doing it for a living
20:58 <The Mol Man> they have people eating it, as suppa said
20:58 <Dogfoger> very close suppa
20:58 <Spineweilder> ever do rag and bone man
20:58 <The Mol Man> Dog
20:58 <Mike111b> ~status
20:58 <TyBot> The GE Updater is running, on item 680 / 3543
20:58 <The Mol Man> Sean, w/e
20:58 <Dogfoger> Not people
20:58 <Dogfoger> bugs
20:58 <The Mol Man> I eat dead animals for museums for a living
20:58 <Spineweilder> it magically comes off
20:58 <Dogfoger> flesh-eating bugs.
20:59 <The Mol Man> I think I know how they do stuff
20:59 <Dogfoger> how horrible is that?
20:59 <The Mol Man> the bugs just clean up >.>
20:59 <The Mol Man> they also use em when we strike and they can't hire any scabs
20:59 <Dogfoger> next time you go to see a raccoon skeleton in the museum, remember how they got the flesh off
20:59 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
20:59 <Henneyj> they put it in the flesh exhibit
20:59 <Flaysian> whattup Stinkowing boi
20:59 <The Mol Man> Ya, some hardworking kid like me ate it off
20:59 <Dogfoger> lol
21:00 <Dogfoger> mol i'm trying to eat
21:00 <The Mol Man> I'm not
21:00 <Suppa chuppa> what, flash?
21:00 <The Mol Man> I'm on break
21:00 <Stinkowing> Mol...if I see you call me "despicablly biased" ever again...
21:00 <Suppa chuppa> flesh*
21:00 <Stinkowing> ...let's just say I won't be happy
21:00 <Stinkowing> I am NOT biased, I was HURT.
21:00 <Spineweilder> i believe the rag and bone mans method is legit
21:00 <Dogfoger> Don't threaten people, it's not nice
21:00 <The Mol Man> and that hurt caused a bias
21:00 <Flaysian> ...which makes you biased
21:00 <Stinkowing> So? It's not exactly biased as it is trying to right a wrong
21:01 <Dogfoger> or WRITE a wrong
21:01 <Dogfoger> heheh
21:01 <Stinkowing> ...
21:01 <The Mol Man> vindictiveness is generally considered biased
21:01 <Stinkowing> You guys are horrid
21:01 <The Mol Man> no
21:01 <Flaysian> Your proposition of a 4 week block is wholly based on your bias as a result of you considering yourself hurt
21:01 <The Mol Man> we're rational
21:01 <Stinkowing> I even said that I figured that a month was too harsh
21:01 <Flaysian> and acting like a martyr rarely helps one's argument
21:01 <Dogfoger> like we don't pick on each other lol
21:02 <Flaysian> then why did you propose it ._.
21:02 <Henneyj> im equal to pi
21:02 <Stinkowing> Because I thought two weeks was too lenient
21:02 <Dogfoger> 0.315
21:02 <Dogfoger> something something something
21:02 <Flaysian> and all editors are equal so all editors are pi
21:02 <Stinkowing> maybe three at most, but that's just an odd number
21:02 <Flaysian> right Henney
21:02 <The Mol Man> I'm about 1.2 * 10^-76 off of being equal to e
21:02 <Henneyj> therefore everyone is irrational
21:02 <Flaysian> lmao, pi does not start with .315
21:02 <Dogfoger> Yo, suppa?
21:02 <Stinkowing> ...
21:03 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
21:03 <Dogfoger> i know flays
21:03 <Suppa chuppa> hi
21:03 <Dogfoger> can't believe no one corrected me sooner
21:03 <Stinkowing> You guys are ridiculous, just like I've seen in the past few years. Are you going to take ANYTHING seriously around here?
21:03 <Dogfoger> Suppa, when you said they eat it, were you joking?
21:03 <Suppa chuppa> Yes
21:03 <The Mol Man> tree point one for one fith nine too six five tree fith ate nine sethen nine tree too tree
21:03 <Stinkowing> Yes, you're taking action against Ansela
21:03 <Dogfoger> well you were really close
21:03 <Suppa chuppa> lol
21:03 <Suppa chuppa> Stinkowing: What do you mean?
21:03 -!- Kinglink15 has joined Special:Chat
21:03 <The Mol Man> No stinko
21:03 <Suppa chuppa> We take most stuff seriously
21:03 <Stinkowing> but you're calling me "Dispicable" for suggesting longer?
21:03 <Dogfoger> maybe you should become a con man psychic
21:04 <Kinglink15> o.o
21:04 <Dogfoger> Despicable*
21:04 <Suppa chuppa> maybe :P
21:04 <Stinkowing> I don't care about the spelling
21:04 <Flaysian> I do believe you're twisting his words
21:04 <The Mol Man> Your reasoning was despicable 
21:04 <Kinglink15> Did I just....
21:04 <Kinglink15> Walk into something?
21:04 <Stinkowing> Maybe that wasn't 'the reasoning?
21:04 <Dogfoger> run kinglink
21:04 <Kinglink15> -runs-
21:04 <Dogfoger> run while you still can
21:04 <Stinkowing> My reasoning was agreeing with you all.
21:04 <The Mol Man> then you need a better way with words
21:04 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
21:04 <Stinkowing> ...
21:04 <Stinkowing> that's brutal
21:04 <Dogfoger> hey miem
21:04 <The Mol Man> Why a month? Because Ansela recently put ME down.
21:04 -!- Kinglink15 has left Special:Chat.
21:04  * Dogfoger throws a caek at miems faec
21:04 <Stinkowing> I don't take "Brutally honest" very well
21:04 <The Mol Man> what else does that mean?
21:05 <Dogfoger> Both Ansela and Kane called me useless the other day, I didn't say anything besides "Well that hurt"
21:05 <The Mol Man> I am the only all important person on the wiki
21:05 <Dogfoger> MIEM
21:05 <Dogfoger> yunoeatmahcaek
21:05 <The Mol Man> and I don't even make a big deal out of it
21:05 <Flaysian> I don't think you're useless Dog
21:05 <The Mol Man> Sean*
21:05 <The Mol Man> call him Sean
21:05 <Dogfoger> I am on the wiki
21:06 <Flaysian> but you're close, yes.
21:06 <Flaysian> lol
21:06 <The Mol Man> Flaysian
21:06 <Dogfoger> Been here a year and I've made how many edits?
21:06 <Dogfoger> just over 300?
21:06 <Flaysian> Hello
21:06 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
21:06 <The Mol Man> did you hear me? Call Dogfoger Sean
21:06 <Flaysian> You mean Seán
21:06 <Dogfoger> wow
21:06 <Dogfoger> other jonla be back
21:06 <Dogfoger> Yes
21:06 -!- Kinglink15 has joined Special:Chat
21:06 <Dogfoger> Seán be the correct way
21:06 <The Mol Man> i'd need to change his regex in his chat js for that
21:07 <Kinglink15> Is it safe now?
21:07 <Stinkowing> Mol
21:07 <Stinkowing> you are not important to me
21:07 <Dogfoger> but I don't really care about that accent
21:07 <Dogfoger> Not yet kinglink
21:07 <Stinkowing> Especially if you think of yourself that way
21:07 <Kinglink15> Should I leave?
21:07 <Dogfoger> Nah
21:07 <Stinkowing> I'm so sick of the elitist people here
21:07 <The Mol Man> Everything is insignificant in the long run
21:07 <Stinkowing> I'm out
21:07 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
21:07 <The Mol Man> the only things that matter is what you let matter
21:07 <The Mol Man> are*
21:07 <Dogfoger> It seems like this fight is between Mol and Stinky, so maybe they'd be so kind as to take this to the PM?
21:07 <Flaysian> Toodles
21:07 <Mike111b> ~status
21:07 <TyBot> The GE Updater is running, on item 765 / 3543
21:08 <Dogfoger> or stinky could leave
21:08 <The Mol Man> I'm the most important person to me
21:08 <The Mol Man> and that's all that matters
21:08 <Flaysian> Damn straight
21:08 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
21:08 <Kinglink15> I should have brought popcorn....
21:09  * Dogfoger congratulates Kinglink15 on using should have instead of should of
21:09 <Dogfoger> free caek for tchu
21:09 <The Mol Man> I should of said should have too...
21:09 <Kinglink15> "p
21:09 <Kinglink15> ^:P
21:09 <Kinglink15> So
21:09 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
21:09 <The Mol Man> what I don't get with proper grammer
21:10 <Henneyj> should be should've
21:10 <The Mol Man> is why no one cares about ending sentences with prepositions 
21:10 <Kinglink15> Zaros Tier and information argument, just keep it as it was, Before death: Tier 2?
21:10 <The Mol Man> or who vs whom
21:10 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
21:10 <The Mol Man> I like how no one noticed the e in grammar
21:10 <Dogfoger> Who vs whom is so easy lol
21:10 <Urbancowgurl777> i noticed
21:10 <Dogfoger> I did
21:10 <Dogfoger> But you did it on purpose
21:10 <The Mol Man> I didn't
21:10 <The Mol Man> i was being careless
21:10 <Flaysian> please leave forever
21:10 <The Mol Man> but had someone corrected me, I would have said I did it on purpose
21:10 <Dogfoger> no point in nazi'ing a purposeful mistake
21:11 <Henneyj> noone cares about spelling
21:11  * Dogfoger shoots Henny
21:11 <The Mol Man> Noon*
21:11 <Dogfoger> Now you're failing Geography AND English
21:11 <Kinglink15> *is ignored* Really guys, take this elsewhere.
21:11 <Dogfoger> naughty naughty
21:11 <Flaysian> phergi do you still use IRC
21:11 <Flaysian> not #rswiki, but IRC in general
21:11 <Urbancowgurl777> no
21:12 <Flaysian> ok
21:12 <Urbancowgurl777> why
21:12 <Flaysian> Monty do you
21:12 <The Mol Man> if by use you mean not use, then yes
21:12 <The Mol Man> why do you ask?
21:12 <Flaysian> I was thinking if maybe having another unofficial invite only wiki channel
21:12 <Dogfoger> my rabbit's name is Monty
21:12 <Flaysian> so people can talk without any punks interfering
21:13 <The Mol Man> Don't waste an invite card on me
21:13 -!- Durpnip has joined Special:Chat
21:13 <Flaysian> because it seems like all of our chat mediums these days are more dramatic and negative
21:13 <Flaysian> than just places to talk
21:13 <Flaysian> idk, just an idea
21:13 <Cook Me Plox> lol, are you serious?
21:13 <Flaysian> 'lo Durp, by the way
21:14 <Flaysian> why would I not be serious
21:14 <Cook Me Plox> That's the worst idea I've ever heard from you
21:14 <Flaysian> are you doubting my gravity Cook Me Plox
21:14 <Cook Me Plox> And you have lots of bad ideas
21:14 <The Mol Man> ...and Cook's invite was just thrown in the trash
21:14 <Urbancowgurl777> why is that a bad idea?
21:14 <Flaysian> My ideas are always excellenr
21:14 <Kinglink15> I guess I will come back and ask later.
21:15 <Flaysian> they're just underappreciated :-)
21:15 <Cook Me Plox> because they're bad
21:15 -!- Kinglink15 has left Special:Chat.
21:15 <Flaysian> Do you think that all wikians should only use one channel to talk
21:15 <Flaysian> or something
21:15 <Cook Me Plox> do you really want an invite only channel
21:16 <Cook Me Plox> is this actually a serious idea though
21:16 <Cook Me Plox> because I will gauge my response accordingly
21:16 <Urbancowgurl777> it wouldn't be any different than one person making a channel for their friends really
21:16 <The Mol Man> Spoilers:
21:16 <Flaysian> not particularly, it occurred to me around half an hour ago
21:16 <The Mol Man> Anything you say will result in "LOL"
21:17 <Flaysian> a number of people don't come in either here or #rswiki as much anymore because they think it's too dramatic or negative
21:17 <Henneyj> LOL
21:17 <Cook Me Plox> having an invite only channel would cause drama and negativity
21:17 <Cook Me Plox> someone asks for an invite, do you say no?
21:17 <Urbancowgurl777> i don't think my problems would be solved in an invite-only channel
21:17 <Flaysian> if the channel wasn't invite only, it would be an #rswiki clone
21:17 <Flaysian> with less people
21:18 <The Mol Man> we could have #fergie
21:18 <Flaysian> do you not think so
21:18 <The Mol Man> where it's only you and you invite people
21:18 <Henneyj> if you did the inviting
21:18 <Cook Me Plox> but do you say no to certain people who ask for an invite?
21:18 <The Mol Man> you keep it on the down low
21:18 <Urbancowgurl777> what does it matter, it's an offsite unofficial chat medium
21:18 <Jr Mime> I heard banana
21:19 <Flaysian> yes, but if it's for wikians than I'd like to know if wikians are interested
21:19 <Henneyj> no different to people in clan skyping etc
21:19 <Flaysian> Also that "than" should be a "then"
21:20 <Flaysian> once again I blame Steve Jobs
21:20 <Flaysian> and Cook Me Plox.
21:21 <Flaysian> Going back to your previous statement phergi
21:21 <Flaysian> what would you like to see in such a channel
21:21 <Flaysian> if it were to exist
21:22 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
21:22 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
21:24 <Jr Mime>
21:24 <Jr Mime> What is this, I don't even
21:25 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
21:26 <Kq head> Another chicken-esque argument?
21:26 <Kq head> No? Shame. :/
21:26 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
21:27 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
21:28 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
21:29 <Ozank> Jr Mime pm
21:29 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
21:29 <Cook Me Plox> Stinko...come on man.
21:29 <Cook Me Plox> Same old attitude from HIS desysop thread
21:30 <Kq head> for some reason, level 37 & 38 scorpions are weak to stab instead of crush :o
21:30 <Jr Mime> Done Ozank
21:30 <Kq head> I guess a scorpion would die either way
21:33 <Urbancowgurl777> what is the name of the font used for the wiki wordmark?
21:33 <Urbancowgurl777> something about winter
21:33 <Cook Me Plox> neverwinter
21:34 <Urbancowgurl777> ty
21:34 <The Mol Man> Florida?
21:34 <Cook Me Plox> question is, will the font look decent when scaled down to 8 or 9 px?
21:34 <Urbancowgurl777> it's not bad
21:34 <The Mol Man> why 8/9?
21:35 <The Mol Man> how exactly are you picturing it formatted?
21:35 <Cook Me Plox> half of 16
21:35 <Cook Me Plox> similar to how it is currently
21:35 <Cook Me Plox> oh, that's decent actually
21:35 -!- Foodbandlt has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <Foodbandlt> Hey, what are the policies regarding including opinions in articles?  I can't seem to find them
21:36 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
21:36 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <The Mol Man> the answer is no
21:36 <The Mol Man> [[RS:NPOV]]
21:36 <Matthew2602> [[RS:NPOV]]
21:36 <Matthew2602> also hai
21:36 <Foodbandlt> Does that apply to '07 as well?
21:36 <Foodbandlt> And hi :D
21:37 <The Mol Man> implicitly yes
21:37 <Ozank> most likely yes Foodbandlt
21:37 <Foodbandlt> You really make use of that tab complete, Oz.  Lol
21:37 <Ozank> xD
21:37 <Foodbandlt> Thanks!
21:37 <Ozank> No prob :)
21:39 <Kq head> How do I add a link to 07 wiki?
21:39  * Jr Mime eats Foodbandlt
21:39 <Jr Mime> [[[[]]Blabla]]?
21:39 <Jr Mime> Oh
21:39 <Suppa chuppa> [[w:2007:
21:39 <Suppa chuppa> er
21:39 <Jr Mime> [[[[]]w:c:2007:]] I think
21:39 <Kq head> ty
21:39 <Suppa chuppa> something like that
21:39 <Suppa chuppa> idk
21:39 <The Mol Man> 2007: is all you need >.>
21:39 <The Mol Man> [[2007:Main page]]
21:40 -!- Thejman12 has joined Special:Chat
21:41 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
21:41 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
21:42 -!- Thejman12 has left Special:Chat.
21:42 <Kq head> On second thought, I think I'll leave it for now.
21:42 <Ozank> LOL
21:43 -!- Kapsar has joined Special:Chat
21:43 <Kq head> it's weird how everything is so even-levelled now...
21:44 <Foodbandlt> xD
21:44 <The Mol Man> take your socks off, or we'll knock em off for ya
21:44 <The Mol Man> when we release odd numbered combat levels
21:44 <Coelacanth0794> hi
21:44 <Kq head> odd-levelled stuff is pretty rare but it's all over the SoS
21:44 <Mike111b> ~status
21:44 <TyBot> The GE Updater is running, on item 1095 / 3543
21:44 <Kq head> like lvl 57 flesh crawler, lvl 13 giant rat
21:44 <Kq head> whats up with that?
21:44 <The Mol Man> mike, is there really a point to constantly checking the ge updater?...
21:44 <Ozank> to make sure its working
21:44 <Kq head> Yes, you never know when it might suddenly implode
21:45 <Ozank> and not stuck
21:45 <Mike111b> ^
21:45 <The Mol Man> it's not really necessary
21:45 <Henneyj> is Tybot unbroken now?
21:45 <The Mol Man> and any problem that occurs, tya would notice and fix himself
21:45 <Cook Me Plox> still broken
21:46 <Kq head> my skull sceptre is almost out of charges D:
21:46 <Henneyj> do you think it might have become self-aware?
21:47 <Urbancowgurl777> ugh
21:47 <Urbancowgurl777> i haven't eaten today
21:47 <The Mol Man> eat some sunflower seeds
21:47 <The Mol Man> or a klondike
21:47 <Foodbandlt> Just to make sure it's not just me, does this section violate [[RS:NPOV]] ?
21:48 <Foodbandlt>
21:48 <The Mol Man> if you have to ask, probably
21:48 <Foodbandlt> *shrug* 
21:48 <The Mol Man> just the title is not neutral >.>
21:48 <Foodbandlt> That's what I'm saying :P
21:48 <Foodbandlt> So I assume yes?  xD
21:50 <Kq head> stupid ass minotaurs wont drop a skull half
21:50 <Kq head> finally
21:50 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
21:52 <Ozank> Kq head
21:52 <Ozank> this is how good 2007 is
21:53 <Foodbandlt> Too amazing.
21:53 <Ozank> Ikr
21:54 <Kq head> deleted?
21:54 <Kq head> stronghold rats are weak to fire spells O_o
21:54 <Kq head> flammable rat?
21:54 <Kq head> as opposed to, say... rat that dies from being pelted with rocks
21:55 <Foodbandlt> xD
21:55 <Mike111b> [[virtus equipment]]
21:58 <Foodbandlt> PM Oz
21:58 <Jr Mime> Ozank
21:59 <Jr Mime> If you need, I can help you with tasks on 2007
21:59 <Jr Mime> Just ask me :D
21:59 <Ozank> ik :P
22:00 -!- Shockstorm has left Special:Chat.
22:01 -!- Mike111b has left Special:Chat.
22:03 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
22:06 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
22:06 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
22:06 <Jr Mime> Ozank
22:06 <Jr Mime> What image should I put on my welcome template?
22:06 <The Mol Man> placeholder
22:06 <Jr Mime> on 2007 ll
22:06 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
22:06 <Jr Mime> And no, Mol
22:06 <Jr Mime> lol*
22:07 <Ozank> not sure
22:07 <Ozank> i might make one too
22:07 <Kq head> I got a fudging clue scroll trying to get a skull sceptre piece... I thought the achievement diary increased the drop rate??
22:07 <Jr Mime> I'll check for new images
22:09 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
22:09 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
22:10 <The Mol Man>
22:10 <The Mol Man> That image's angle says "I am looking down your shirt"
22:10 <Kq head> Don't deny it!
22:11 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <The Mol Man>
22:11 <Ozank> dat master wand mime
22:11 <Ozank> i might use the fury ammy i uploaded lol
22:11 <The Mol Man> Don't need to look down hers >.>
22:11 <The Mol Man> Is it just me
22:11 <Joeytje50> (caek)
22:12 <The Mol Man> or is the new Jagex design team 13 years old?
22:12 <Kq head> No, just aiming at 13 year olds
22:12 <Kq head> It's their new strategy - catching up.
22:13 <Kq head> level 14 [[SoS]] rats are different from lvl 14 surface rats, they're weak to different spells...
22:13 <Ozank> also mime
22:13 <Jr Mime> Ya
22:13 <Jr Mime> I'm here
22:13 <Ozank> put 2007 in your welcome, it just says welcome to the runescape wiki
22:13 -!- Kinglink15 has joined Special:Chat
22:13 <Jr Mime> I changed it
22:13 <Jr Mime> I did {{SITENAME}}
22:13 <The Mol Man> "welcome to this RuneScape wiki"
22:14 <Kinglink15> Helo.
22:14 <Ozank> oh k
22:14 <Jr Mime> Oh, it did not
22:14 <Jr Mime> Fail lol
22:15 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
22:15 <Kinglink15> ?
22:16 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
22:18 -!- Ryan PM has left Special:Chat.
22:19 <Ozank> mime is this ok lol
22:19 <Ozank>
22:19 <Jr Mime> That's a bit blue o_O
22:19 <Jr Mime> And change The Style guide to The style guide :C
22:19 <Ozank> yeah i dont like multi coloured backgrounds
22:19 <Ozank> and ok
22:20 <Ozank> how about now @ mime
22:21 <Jr Mime> Little more blue, and it should be good
22:23 <Kinglink15> Working on the welcome for the 07scape wiki?
22:23 <Ozank> no, we're making our own personal ones
22:23 <Kinglink15> oh
22:24 <Kq head> Make that wiki nice and good so I can, err... link giant rats to it.
22:25 <Foodbandlt> :O
22:25 <Foodbandlt> WikiActivity!  She is dead!
22:25 <Foodbandlt> xD
22:25 <Suppa chuppa> hallow, there are a few typos in your edit
22:25 <Kq head> Foodband, I honestly only just realised what your avatar was O_o
22:25 <Jr Mime> Food, check RC lol
22:25 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
22:25 <Hallowland> i already fixed them, suppa
22:25 <Foodbandlt> Lol
22:25 <Suppa chuppa> oh, okay
22:26 <Foodbandlt> Usually people know right away xD
22:26 <Hallowland> kinglink, tell me something, why do you participate the godless faction when you are apparently following guthix?
22:26 <Kq head> I saw pink and yellow and had a hard time comprehending it
22:26 <Jr Mime> Oh and Food
22:26 <Jr Mime> Your move script is on 2007rs
22:27 <Foodbandlt> Orly? :P
22:27 <Foodbandlt> Getting any use out of it yet?  Lol
22:27 <Jr Mime> No lol
22:27 <Coelacanth0794> hallow... what?
22:27 <Foodbandlt> I didn't think you would be this early on xD
22:27 <Hallowland> what @ what?
22:28 <Coelacanth0794> godless is effectively guthix
22:28 <Jr Mime> Haha, no
22:28 <Hallowland> no it isn't
22:28 <Hallowland> let me get you the link
22:28 <Jr Mime> I have a page with 585781581 files to upload
22:28 <Kq head> Godless is partially guthixian
22:28 <Foodbandlt> O.O;
22:28 <Coelacanth0794> "or, if you thought guthix was right...
22:28 <Kq head> Guthix was a Mary Sue anyway.
22:28 <Jr Mime>
22:28 <Hallowland> godless only reflects *one* thing that *guthix* wanted not guthixians
22:28 <Jr Mime> Not 858851815, but tons
22:28 <Hallowland> the world without gods
22:28 <Kinglink15> Yeah
22:28 <Kinglink15> ^
22:29 <Coelacanth0794> and it's based on what guthix believes
22:29 <Hallowland> then why are you wearing guthixian clothes
22:29 <Coelacanth0794> and thus what his followers would otherwise
22:29 <Kinglink15> Because I am Guardian of Guthix? -shrugs-
22:29 <Kinglink15> Well ik we all are
22:29 <Kinglink15> But that's how I like my character
22:29 <Kinglink15> Plus, The godless, some are Formoer guthixian
22:30 <Foodbandlt> Already requested DPL I see, Mime.  Lol
22:30 <Kinglink15> ^Former
22:30 <Hallowland> guthixian faction still exists you know
22:30 <Coelacanth0794> it's also a game religion that you can change at any time
22:30 <Kinglink15> no
22:30 <Hallowland> coel and kinglink:,16,722,65005370
22:30 <Coelacanth0794> copypasta it
22:31 <Hallowland> idk if it will cause spam but
22:31 <Kq head> Guthix is dead. Guthix remains dead. And we have killed him. -Friedrichnietzscharix
22:31 <Kinglink15>  if you wanted to be Guthixian, for example, Seren and the Godless still offered compelling arguments for why they could be an adequate replacement. 
22:32 <Kinglink15> :l
22:32 <Kinglink15> Same difference?
22:32 <Hallowland> Now that Guthix is dead, what god do dwarves, druids and barbarians follow? Are they part of the Godless? 
22:32 <Hallowland> Mod Ollo: They can follow whatever god they like! Dwarves don't all follow Guthix after all. I think it likely that druids will tend to align themselves with the Godless, given Guthix's desire for a godless world, but it's down to personal choice. 
22:32 <Hallowland> Mod Osborne: Looking at the forums, I think there's been some confusion. There's a belief that Guthixians have moved wholesale to the Godless. This is absolutely not the case: the largest proportion of the Guthixian followers are still following the teachings of Guthix. He's not worshipped as a god, but they still respect his teachings. As for the Godless, they will have members who have Guthixian sensibilities (Biehn) and others who do not (Kara-Meir). When you interact with them, I hope you will see them as a diverse and complex group of individuals with a unified goal - to protect the world from the gods, should the gods harm the 
22:32 -!- TheWizardz786™ has joined Special:Chat
22:32 <Kinglink15> If you followed Guthix, Either join Seren if you disagree with Guthix Ideal, or Go godless because you agree with him. Simple
22:33 <Hallowland>  the world or its people."
22:33 <Kinglink15> Pretty much wat I pasted.
22:33 <Kinglink15> U just pick one fo the two.
22:34 <Hallowland> god you didnt understand did you...
22:34 <Kinglink15> Or u just have you're own opinion?
22:34 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
22:34 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
22:34 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
22:35 <The Mol Man> hicod
22:35 <Coelacanth0794> have you are own opinion
22:35 <Hallowland> if you followed guthix and not his religion you would *never* choose for Seren
22:35 <Kinglink15> No duh?
22:35 <Hallowland> if you followed guthix you would want the world without gods but you'd have notion of balance, the godless do not have that
22:35 <Hallowland> the only similarity with the godless and guthix is the world without gods
22:36 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
22:36 <Hallowland> the godless existed when guthix existed
22:36 <Coelacanth0794> you certainly speak for all of them
22:36 <Kinglink15> Yup lol.
22:36 <Hallowland> well mod osbourne does and Ij ust posted his quote that proves it
22:36 <Hallowland> just*
22:37 <Kinglink15> Lol
22:37 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
22:37 <The Mol Man> amfg hairr
22:37 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
22:37 <Kinglink15> Mod Ollo is ignored then?
22:38 <Hallowland> guthixians didnt follow guthix's teachings
22:38 <Kinglink15> I am not going to go into a argument with u Hallow. Ik what it means, and understand it.
22:38 <Kinglink15> SO drop it.
22:38 <Hallowland> yessir - let me get your title
22:38 <Coelacanth0794> it appears she understand them as black and white
22:38 <Kinglink15> ^
22:38 <Hallowland> what was it again...
22:38 <Coelacanth0794> hallow enough
22:39 <Coelacanth0794> or you'll be kicked
22:39 <Suppa chuppa> huh?
22:39 <Kinglink15> So
22:39 <Hallowland> kicked for breaking what rule?
22:39 <Kinglink15> How's everyone?
22:39 <Suppa chuppa> what did hallow do?
22:39 <Coelacanth0794> for being disruptive and continuing an aggravated conversation when asked to stop numerous times
22:40 <Hallowland> erm I said yessir if you didn't see, I had dropped the conversation before your attack
22:40 <The Mol Man> everyone needs to shut up
22:40 <Kinglink15> Hallowland yessir - let me get your title
22:40 <Kinglink15> 15:38:33 Coelacanth0794 it appears she understand them as black and white
22:40 <Kinglink15> 15:38:42 Kinglink15 ^
22:40 <Kinglink15> 15:38:44 Hallowland what was it again... 
22:40 <Coelacanth0794> doesnt look like it
22:40 <Hallowland> yes you don't like your title?
22:40 <Kq head> Nosir.
22:40 <Kinglink15> U don't Kq? Why not? your title is awesome :o
22:41 <Coelacanth0794> WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT TITLES
22:41 <Kinglink15> Wait, what was it again?
22:41 <Suppa chuppa> coel, what?
22:41 <Hallowland> >.>
22:43 <Kinglink15> I suppose everyone is good?
22:43 <Hallowland> evidently
22:43 <Cook Me Plox> so Zamorak is actually Saradomin's daughter, right?
22:43 <Kinglink15> ROFL!
22:43 <Kinglink15> No .-.
22:43 <Hallowland> ..
22:43 <Kinglink15> he's Zaros.... Former lover
22:43 <Henneyj> rebellious teenagers
22:43 <Coelacanth0794> saradomin is my fave mahjarrat
22:43 <Kinglink15> ^ XD
22:44 <Hallowland> well saradomin does have bluish-grey skin
22:44 <Kinglink15> Teenagers where <.< >.>
22:44 <Jr Mime> @ Mol
22:44 <Kq head> Guthix is Zamorak's evil twin
22:44 <Kinglink15> They owe me money.
22:44 <Kinglink15> WAit
22:44 <Coelacanth0794> but my favourite god has to be the anima mundi
22:44 <Jr Mime> Oh wait, nvm
22:44 <Kinglink15> I thought Zamorak is Saradomin evil twin :O
22:44 -!- Igottheinfo has joined Special:Chat
22:45 <Hallowland> cool
22:45 <Jr Mime> Oh wait, unnvm
22:45 <Jr Mime> Look at the ref coding:
22:45 <Hallowland> lol mime
22:45 <Kq head> Fremmenik is my favourite god, personally
22:45 <Kinglink15> o.o
22:45 <Igottheinfo> Are Ancient Magicks spells counted as standard elemental spells?
22:45 <Hallowland> yes
22:45 <Suppa chuppa> yup
22:45 <Kq head> Yes but they go air>earth>fire>water
22:46 <Igottheinfo> Are ice spells counted as water spells and so forth?
22:46 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
22:46 <Hallowland> bloodfire is fire, ice is water, gale is air, shadow is earth
22:46 <Suppa chuppa> and blood as fire
22:46 <Kinglink15> yup now they are
22:46 <Kq head> instead of air>water>earth>fire
22:46 <Igottheinfo> ok, thanks
22:46 <Cook Me Plox> Hallow
22:46 <Hallowland> yes cookie
22:46 <Hallowland> ?
22:46 <Cook Me Plox> What if Strange Man is actually Sliske
22:46 <Kq head> lol... "Rock" spells
22:46 <Igottheinfo> Didn't want to go to the pyramid and change
22:46 <Hallowland> I don't think he is but it's possible
22:46 <Cook Me Plox> what if Duke Horacio is a Mahjarrat
22:46 <Igottheinfo> Yeah, he wants people to fight his own minions
22:47 <Kq head> Darken my rock!!
22:47 <Hallowland> then we have [[darkness in Misthalin]] soundtrack.
22:47 <Kq head> What if Sigmund acually is Badnos
22:47 <Kinglink15> Well I am off again.
22:47 <Cook Me Plox> What if Mod Osborne doesn't actually have a clue
22:47 <Hallowland> then we have...a paradox
22:47 <Igottheinfo> No, Sigmund died
22:48 <Hallowland> then we are lost
22:48 <Igottheinfo> And Bandos is way stronger than him
22:48 -!- The Other Jonla has left Special:Chat.
22:48 <Kq head> Mod Osborne referred to [[Taw'Paak]] as "he" in the BTS, but I ask you, does that LOOK like a he to you?!
22:48 <Igottheinfo> I actually decided to stick with Bandos
22:48 <Igottheinfo> Looks like a tranny
22:48 <Kinglink15> Mod Osborne: I would have loved to have included more - there are arguments for Marimbo and Guthix in particular - but eight is a strong cross-section of beliefs. I felt that, if you wanted to be Guthixian, for example, Seren and the Godless still offered compelling arguments for why they could be an adequate replacement. For you Hallow. my sweet
22:48 <Hallowland> well she speaks very quickly, he may have accidentable gobbled the s
22:48 <Hallowland> he*
22:49 -!- Kinglink15 has left Special:Chat.
22:49 <Kq head> the subtitles said he, so it's a conspiracy
22:49 <Kq head> Also I swear tawpaak is wearing lipstick or something
22:49 -!- Raw Emotion has joined Special:Chat
22:49 <Hallowland> kinglink, what are you trying to mean? guthix himself wasnt guthixian
22:49 <Igottheinfo> Of course, everyone wants to worship a gorilla god that wants monkeys to kill humans
22:50 <Igottheinfo> No, he was Jasian
22:50 <Kq head> ape atoll is just an uncontacted civilisation
22:50 <Hallowland> guthixians loved to follow gods, therefore they'd be interested in seren
22:50 <Kq head> Seren is Guthix's girlfriend
22:50 <Kq head> so sure
22:50 <The Mol Man> gais
22:50 <Igottheinfo> Yea?
22:50 <The Mol Man> let hang out with wikia staff in google
22:50 <Hallowland> but guthixians that followed/follow guthix's teaching of world without gods may prefer the godless
22:50 <Igottheinfo> Who would not want things to happen?
22:51 <Kq head> Me
22:51 <Kq head> I want it to be epic
22:51 <Igottheinfo> I'd love to see a burnt-down version of Varrock
22:51 <Hallowland> and by the way, if you are going to ask me to discontinue a topic until you get a source somewhere in a website to make a better point then return the topic i believe it wotn work
22:51 <Kq head> Zemouregal tried it :P
22:51 <Igottheinfo> Yea :)
22:51 -!- The Other Jonla has joined Special:Chat
22:52 <Cook Me Plox> >If she was a problem, she would have been desysop'd already.
22:52 <Igottheinfo> But I'd like to see one of the known cities in Gielinor look somewhat like the cities/towns in Wilderness do now
22:52 <Cook Me Plox> Said on a desysop thread
22:52 -!- Hallowland has left Special:Chat.
22:52 <Suppa chuppa> Duh, cook
22:52 <Kq head> Who is being desysopd?
22:52 <Kq head> Ansela??
22:53 <Kq head> But why D:
22:53 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
22:53 <Hallowland> yikes, dc
22:53 <Suppa chuppa> cook, 60/9
22:53 <Cook Me Plox> 60/9? shards?
22:53 -!- Igottheinfo has left Special:Chat.
22:53 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
22:54 <Suppa chuppa> this trip
22:54 -!- Raw Emotion has left Special:Chat.
22:54 -!- Raw Emotion has joined Special:Chat
22:54 <The Mol Man> suppa
22:54 <Suppa chuppa> what
22:54 <The Mol Man> can you post that to r/iam14andthisisfunny
22:54 <Cook Me Plox> 21% chance of that happening if 1/5
22:54 <Suppa chuppa> what
22:54 <Suppa chuppa> what about 1/10
22:55 <Suppa chuppa> post what, mol?
22:55 <Kq head> Screw the rules, you have shards
22:55 -!- Raw Emotion has left Special:Chat.
22:55 <Suppa chuppa> oh...
22:55 <Suppa chuppa> god, you fali
22:55 <Kq head> Im guessing lol69
22:55 <Suppa chuppa> fail
22:55 <Cook Me Plox> 14%
22:55 <Suppa chuppa> hm
22:55 <Suppa chuppa> interesting
22:55 <Hairr> Cook, Suppa, Mol: If you were classifying text, would you want the probability that it is correct as well included in that return or just the classification ("yes" or ["yes",0.693829300001])
22:56 <Cook Me Plox> would want the confidence
22:56 <Suppa chuppa> what
22:56 <Cook Me Plox> or perhaps just the confidence
22:57 <Hairr> w/o knowing what the classification?
22:57 <Jr Mime> ["yes",581951823512581]
22:57 <Cook Me Plox> can't the classification be inferred from the number
22:57 <Jr Mime> Idk what you are talking about
22:58 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
22:58 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
22:58 <Suppa chuppa> ...spine
22:58 <Hairr> No, because if you're doing classification w/o knowing the initial label and data, you wouldn't know :x
22:59 <Suppa chuppa> Cook Me Plox: You have any idea why there's a mediawiki page linking to pubmed?
22:59 <The Mol Man> Fuck you, 7:00 EST
22:59 <Cook Me Plox> which?
22:59 <The Mol Man> You always make juey leave
22:59 <Suppa chuppa> [[MediaWiki:Pubmed]]
22:59 <Joeytje50> gtgbai
22:59 <Cook Me Plox> Hair, you're doing binary classification?
22:59 <Joeytje50> <3
22:59 <Joeytje50> (caek)
22:59 <The Mol Man> ;-;
22:59 <Suppa chuppa> oh wait
22:59 <Suppa chuppa> that's not it
22:59 <Suppa chuppa> lemme find
22:59 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
22:59 <The Mol Man> I wish 7:00 EST were human so I could kick its ass
23:00 <Suppa chuppa>
23:00 <Henneyj> wouldnt it make more sense to beat up joeys time zone?
23:00 -!- Igottheinfo has joined Special:Chat
23:00 <The Mol Man> that would involve addition everytime i want to talk about it
23:00 <Igottheinfo> The last subquest in Recipe for Disaster turned out to be fairly easy
23:01 <Hairr> Cook: Yes. Perhaps it could return a string object with the ability to gain the confidence from there: "yes".confidence() --> 0.6992188001?
23:01 -!- Igottheinfo has left Special:Chat.
23:02 <Suppa chuppa> any idea, cook?
23:02 <Jr Mime>
23:02 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
23:02 <Kq head> Uh... level 57 flesh crawlers have a lower max hit than lvl 56 ones??!
23:03 <Kq head> O_o
23:03 -!- Foodbandlt has left Special:Chat.
23:03 -!- Foodbandlt has joined Special:Chat
23:03 <Foodbandlt> Omg omg, hit my first 4 on '07 *screencaps*
23:03 <Foodbandlt> xD
23:04 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:04 <The Mol Man> you suck
23:04 <The Mol Man> I can hit 7s
23:04 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
23:04 <Foodbandlt> Starting over is more fun than I thought it would be :D
23:04 <Cook Me Plox> Oops
23:04 <Cook Me Plox> Suppa, what did you ask?
23:04 <Foodbandlt>
23:04 <Suppa chuppa> pubmed, yo
23:04 <Cook Me Plox> Hair, but with binary classification aren't you generating a number (in this case 0.69...) and then using that to determine whether it's Yes or No? Usually if p > 0.5.
23:04 <The Mol Man> to make a bar joke or a medium helmet joke...
23:05 <Cook Me Plox> Probably some remnant of Wikipedia
23:05 <Suppa chuppa>
23:05 <Suppa chuppa> do they even use it?
23:06 <Cook Me Plox>
23:06 <Cook Me Plox> Before June 2004, the MediaWiki namespace was used for boilerplate text messages to be used in articles, in much the same way templates are used today.
23:06 <Hairr> Cook: No, I'm creating the ability to use different labels for classification for the user
23:06 -!- Callofduty4 has left Special:Chat.
23:07 <Suppa chuppa> oh
23:07 <Cook Me Plox> Different labels like what?
23:07 <Suppa chuppa> cool
23:07 <Cook Me Plox> Now given that Wikia was created after June 2004...
23:07 <Hairr> "english" "español"..
23:08 <Cook Me Plox> Why was the first one "yes"
23:08 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
23:08 <Hairr> for an example
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> so it's not really binary classification then
23:09 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> btw are you still using Bayes?
23:10 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
23:14 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
23:14 -!- The Other Jonla has left Special:Chat.
23:15 <Kq head> [[Flesh Crawler]] how odd is this? level 56 crawlers have slower attack speed but higher max hit O_o
23:15 <Kq head> You'd think they were basically copy-pasted
23:15 <Jr Mime> Brb
23:15 -!- BrenRS has joined Special:Chat
23:16 <Jr Mime> I mean
23:16 -!- Ichigothrow has joined Special:Chat
23:16 <BrenRS> Hi
23:16 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
23:16 <Hairr> hello
23:16 <Ichigothrow> hi
23:16 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
23:17 <BrenRS> in case all you guys have been wondering if I'm still alive... this is what I've been up to:
23:17 <Foodbandlt> O.O
23:17 <Jr Mime> .
23:18 <Kq head> food I keep reading your name as foot band lt or something
23:18 <Jr Mime> ..
23:18 <Kq head> FoodBandit
23:18 <Foodbandlt> There's so many different ways that people read it, it's astounding.  xD
23:18 <Jr Mime> ...
23:18 -!- Bulletman786™ has joined Special:Chat
23:18 <Jr Mime> So laggy
23:18 <BrenRS> Trim will be on 2-August-2013 for me.
23:18 <Foodbandlt> People generally just refer to me as food because they don't know how "bandlt" should be read
23:18 <Bulletman786™> Hello Runescapers!
23:19 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
23:19 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
23:19 <Bulletman786™> FoodBandit, as in a Bandit of food...
23:20 <Foodbandlt> ^
23:20 <Foodbandlt> Indeed.
23:20 <Ichigothrow> how is every1?
23:20 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
23:20 <Bulletman786™> Meh
23:20 <Bulletman786™> Could be better
23:20 <Ichigothrow> anyone by chance have demon slayer armour?
23:20 <Kq head> Bandit of CAEK
23:21 <Foodbandlt> xD
23:21 <Foodbandlt> Is this where Ozank got that from?   Lolol
23:21 <Kq head> Joey talks about caek a lot
23:21 <Kq head> i'm guessing its from him
23:21 <Bulletman786™> Now, I am prb the most primitive of you all
23:21 <Foodbandlt> I will steal all of your food... except your caek.  I don't like caek.
23:21 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
23:22 <Bulletman786™> Nope, I am prob the most primitive of you all*
23:22 <Kq head> [[Catablepon|Is this food?]]
23:22 <Jr Mime> .
23:22 <Cook Me Plox> are confus me sometimes
23:23 <Foodbandlt> No, in that case I'm food.  
23:23 -!- Ichigothrow has left Special:Chat.
23:23 <Hallowland> guys
23:23 <Hallowland> I'm sorry ;-;
23:23 <Kq head> I have to spam monster examine on those things now
23:23 <Cook Me Plox> Why?
23:23 <Bulletman786™> No
23:23 <The Mol Man> don't spam it kq
23:23 <Foodbandlt> Lol
23:23 <The Mol Man> just click the monster once and you'll get stats
23:23 <Kq head> there's 3 versions of it
23:24 <The Mol Man> TIL 3 is spam
23:24 <Hallowland> I am getting too rude sometimes because of lore and overreacting towards certain things, forgive me, I swear I'll try to fix that
23:24 <Kq head> TIL Nothing
23:24 <Suppa chuppa> It's fine, hallow
23:24 <Kq head> Yeah, you could be worse... =P
23:24 <Kq head> A lot worse.
23:25 <Bulletman786™> I barely have a million whilst others have billions
23:25 <Cook Me Plox> I have billions!
23:25 <Foodbandlt> Lol
23:25 <Bulletman786™> In coins or items?
23:25 <Cook Me Plox> USD
23:25 <The Mol Man> both
23:25 <Kq head> Would an off-hand javelin make sense?
23:25 <Cook Me Plox> coins
23:25 <The Mol Man> in the real world, not at all
23:25 <Cook Me Plox> although I could get 2 billion vials
23:25 <Bulletman786™> Off hand=inside your skin killing you
23:25 <The Mol Man> you'd look incredibly stupid
23:25 <The Mol Man> but in runescape, all logic is out the door
23:26 <Cook Me Plox> do you realize how weird dual throwing darts are IRL
23:26 <The Mol Man> logic
23:26 <The Mol Man> out the door
23:26 <Kq head> Dual wield axes sounds fun but they have no off-hand morrigan's...
23:27 <Bulletman786™> Or dual swords
23:27 <Kq head> lol aren't darts supposed to be carefully aimed irl
23:27 <Cook Me Plox> Hallow, now get Ben and Fswe to do the same...
23:27 <Kq head> javelins are just meant to be flung as far as you can
23:27 <Kq head> knives are for circus acts
23:27 <Kq head> and cutting cheese and stuff
23:27 <Foodbandlt> And assassins 
23:28 <Foodbandlt> Can't forget about the assassins 
23:28 <Bulletman786™> No, Flaming torches are for circus acts, Knives are for suicide...
23:28 <Foodbandlt> Lol
23:28 <Bulletman786™> And cutting cheese...
23:29 <Bulletman786™> And stuff..
23:29 <Kq head> Connor uses a tomahawk D:<
23:30 <Bulletman786™> What is everyone's best non essential skill?
23:31 <Coelacanth0794> define non essential
23:31 <Kq head> summoning
23:31 <Bulletman786™> Mine (lol) is mining
23:31 <Foodbandlt> /Was/ fishing
23:31 -!- Durpnip has left Special:Chat.
23:31 <Jr Mime> .
23:31 <Coelacanth0794> period
23:31 <Bulletman786™> Essential=needed=attack strength defense magic 
23:32 <The Mol Man> Thieving
23:32 <The Mol Man> :D
23:32 <Kq head> Use [[Needle Strike]] with thrown weapons, it's hilarious
23:32 <Kq head> axe waggling
23:32 <The Mol Man> waggle dat ax
23:33 <Bulletman786™> ^ lol
23:33 <Kq head> it looks like i taunt with the axe while blowing brains out with the crossbow
23:33 <Bulletman786™> Anyone go to the end of the wilderness?
23:33 <Suppa chuppa>
23:33 <Suppa chuppa> cook
23:33 <The Mol Man> Cook
23:33 <The Mol Man> wtf
23:34 <Jr Mime> Wtf cook
23:34 <Kq head> i go to the end of the wilderness sometimes
23:34 <Kq head> it's peaceful...
23:34 <Kq head> So peaceful...
23:35 <Coelacanth0794> what'd cook do
23:35 <Foodbandlt> The magical flying axes are very peaceful :D
23:35 <Bulletman786™> For alot of people it's Firemaking, when leving Varrock to go to GE there is always a long line of fires
23:35 <Suppa chuppa> make that page
23:35 <Foodbandlt> Are those even still there?
23:35 <Jr Mime> Food
23:35 <Jr Mime> Someone used your script! (Me)
23:35 <Coelacanth0794> explain to my unmediawiki'd brain why that is signifigant
23:35 <Foodbandlt> Lol
23:35 <Kq head> I haven't seen fire lines since they made bonfires
23:35 <Foodbandlt> I hope it worked! xD
23:35 <Suppa chuppa> It's the same as the default
23:35 <The Mol Man> mediawiki has defaults for uncreated ages
23:35 <Suppa chuppa> so wondering why he made it
23:35 <The Mol Man> pages*
23:35 <The Mol Man> and now pretend I said what suppa said
23:36 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:36 <Jr Mime> It certainly did
23:36 <The Mol Man> Anyways I suggest we use the word "voyeur" instead of show
23:36 <Cook Me Plox> I can't even remember what that page is used for
23:36 <Bulletman786™> What show?
23:36 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
23:36 <The Mol Man> delrev
23:36 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
23:36 <The Mol Man> probably
23:37 <Kq head> pre-eoc doesnt exist anymore - why don't people just update it instead of labelling it?
23:37 <The Mol Man> it'd be nice if mediawiki actully told you where it did
23:37 <Bulletman786™> (Facepalm)
23:37 <The Mol Man> because kq
23:37 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
23:37 <The Mol Man> that's like literally all I can say 
23:37 <The Mol Man> Suppa
23:38 <The Mol Man> I'm thinking pages like that weren't always present in media wiki maybe?
23:38 <The Mol Man> so they had to be created or something
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> maybe
23:38 <The Mol Man> I mean, a lot has changed
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> that's true
23:38 <The Mol Man> regardless, we must scrutinize cook
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> might have also had a typo
23:38 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
23:38 <The Mol Man> why the hell did you do it cook?
23:38 <Kq head> Scrutiny is fun
23:39 <Kq head> More fun than throwing eggs at sheep
23:39 <Bulletman786™> Lol
23:39 <Suppa chuppa> Did you know that mediawiki has a page for Yottabits per second?
23:39 <Bulletman786™> Or people
23:39 <The Mol Man> lol
23:40  * Foodbandlt googles Yottabit
23:40 <Kq head> It has plenty of food for you to banditise
23:40 <The Mol Man> a lot of bits 
23:40 <Suppa chuppa> llota bits, mol
23:40 <The Mol Man> 1000000000000000000000000
23:40 <Suppa chuppa> llota is pronounced yotta
23:40 <Kq head> My life is a lie, Suppa.
23:40 <Foodbandlt> Lol
23:40 <The Mol Man>  * Studio laughs
23:40 <The Mol Man> That's my suppa!
23:41 <The Mol Man> * Studio laughs louder
23:41 <Bulletman786™> I am a girl
23:41 <Kq head> That's nice.
23:41 <The Mol Man> Said the bullet*MAN*
23:41 <Bulletman786™> It'sy boyfriends account
23:41 <Foodbandlt> o.o
23:42 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
23:42 <Kq head> Eek! Where did mol go?
23:42 <Bulletman786™> Couldn't take my news