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Quickchat is a feature in the RuneScape Wiki chat that allows you to get Hiscores stats and Grand Exchange prices easily within the chat. It works similar to RuneScript that is in IRC, but with quickchat you say it yourself, instead of having the bot say it. The data is received from the RuneScape hiscores API located at, using Template:ParseHiscoreData and Template:ParseHiscoreCombatLevel for hiscores, and from the Grand Exchange Market Watch for GE prices.

Command Format Function
qc, quickchat /qc command parameters Main command. Using /qc command gets the exact same as just using command. Uses the commands that are in this table.
pc, privchat, privatechat /pc command parameters Exact same as the qc command, but uses inline alerts instead of saying it publically. Can be used to avoid spamming the chat.
name, defname, setname, ign, rsn /name ingame name Sets your runescape in-game name. This makes it easier to get your own stats. Your name will default to your wiki username.
namecheck, checkname, getname, whois /namecheck username of a user in the chat Sends a request to the user, who will then send a reply with what they set as ingame name. This will then appear as inline alert in the chat.
lvl, level, stats, hs /lvl skill username Gets the stats for the given user. Combat and total levels work too.
07lvl, oldlvl, oslvl, 07stats, oldstats, osstats /07lvl skill username

/lvl skill username @07

Gets the RuneScape Old School stats for the given user. Combat and total levels work too. This also works by with the regular /lvl command, by putting @07 behind the regular command.
ge, price /ge item amount Gets the GE price and tells you what it is in an inline alert. Default amount is 1. You can separate multiple values with a comma.
gep, geprice /gep item amount Same as ge command, but publicly says the price.
circus /circus date Will get the location of the circus of this week, or if the specified date is an accepted format, the location of that week. For date formats, all ISO 8601 formats are accepted. An example is "1 January 2021".
sof, th /sof date
/th date
Will get the D&D that gives an extra Treasure hunter key of this week, or of a date that follows the correct format (like with the circus command).
eval, parse, echo /eval wikicode Processes the wikicode and shows you the result in an inline alert. The result can be max. 5 lines and/or 1000 characters long.
calc, expr, math /calc expression Can be used to solve simple expressions. Allowed syntax/operators: + - * /, (), x^y (number^power), {a*b}^{x-y/z}, sqrt[expr]. Example with all of those:
(2.5+5)*{sqrt[6/sqrt[4]]-5}^2 = (2.5+5)*√64 2 = 80.0961894323342
players, online /players Can be used to show the amount of people online at the moment. Especially useful during blackouts, updates, etc.
accounts /accounts Shows the amount of RuneScape accounts currently in existence.
gu, geupdate /gu Shows when the last GE update was, according to RuneScript. The /gu command is private by default.
help /help command Gives you help in general, or help with a specific command.
  • Parameters like this are required, parameters like this are optional.
  • Private commands like help and ge will not become public when using /qc.

Skills[edit source]

You can check the skills for players using /lvl skill username. The skill can be one of the following:

  • agility/agil
  • attack/att/atk
  • construction/con/cons/const/construct
  • constitution/hp/hitpoints/hits/lifepoints/lp/health
  • cooking/cook
  • crafting/craft
  • defence/def/defense
  • divination/div[1]
  • dungeoneering/dg/dung/dungeon[1]
  • farming/farm
  • firemaking/fm/firemake/fire
  • fishing/fish
  • fletching/fletch
  • herblore/herb/herblaw
  • hunter/hunt/hunting
  • magic/mage
  • mining/mine
  • prayer/pray
  • ranged/arching/range/ranger
  • runecrafting/rc/runecraft
  • slayer/slay/slaying
  • smithing/smith
  • strength/str/strenght
  • summoning/summ/summon[1]
  • thieving/thief/thieve
  • woodcutting/wc/woodcut
  • combat/cb/cmb
  • overall/total/tot/combined

  • duel/duelling/tournament
  • bh/bounty/bhunt
  • bhr/rogue/bhrogue
  • fog/fist/guthix
  • ma/armies/mobilising
  • baa/baattack/baattacker/attacker
  • bad/badef/badefender/defender
  • bac/collector/bacollecter/collectercase 'bacollect':
  • bah/bahealer/baheal/healer
  • cw/castle/cwars/castlewars
  • conq/conquest
  • dom/dominion/dt
  • cru/cruc/crucible
  1. ^ a b c Not available for RuneScape Old School commands.
  • All of the minigame hiscores are not available for the RuneScape Old School commands.

Entering combat (or cb/cmb) will also say all skills that affect your combat level, in the order of the RS hiscores.

NOTE: You can't use spaces in the minigame's name. This will make the script recognise the words after the space as the entered username. Use the names listed above to get the minigame scores and ranks.

Help[edit source]

With the help command you can get help within the chat without needing to open this page. You can say /help for general help, /help commands for a list of commands, or /help <command> for specific help for that command.

Bugs and suggestions[edit source]

If you find any bugs, or if you have any suggestions, you can post them on RuneScape talk:Chat/Help/QuickChat.