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Following Forum:Not so chatty, the community decided to close the on-site chat in favour of our other chat mediums, such as Discord and the clan chat. Below is the old contents of this page before Chat was disabled.

This page or section is an archive.
Please do not edit the contents of this page. Direct any additional comments to the current project page or contact an administrator for aid if no talk page exists.
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This page in a nutshell:
Follow all RuneScape Wiki policies and RuneScape rules when talking in the Chat.
For the help page, see RuneScape:Chat/Help.
For the logs, see RuneScape:Chat/Logs.
For the current chat ban archive, see Special:Log/chatban.

The Wikia Chat feature is an on-site live chat that registered users may utilise to communicate with others in real time. The feature may be accessed through a pop-up window at Special:Chat, or by entering via the right navigation rail in Special:WikiActivity. Note that the chat only works with the Oasis skin, and as such you are redirected to the Oasis version by aforementioned link.

Rules (Inside of Chat)

  1. Follow the use common sense, user treatment, don't feed the trolls, assume good faith, status and opinion-weight, gaming the system, and user block policies. Choosing to ignore these requests will result in a chat moderator taking action.
    1. Offensive or otherwise hurtful language that is derogatory or discriminatory towards groups or individuals is unacceptable. Pejoratives are not tolerated, whether they are meant to be hate speech towards their defined target in a particular context or not. Discrimination includes but is not limited to slurring or degradation of any type of or regarding gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, entertainment preferences, etc.
  2. Follow all of RuneScape's rules, which can be found here.
  3. Do not talk about or do anything illegal in nature. There may be entire topics which are illegal. This does indeed include any discussions about drugs, murder or any topic which is not seemed suitable in chat. Chat moderators and administrators have the right to decide what is suitable.
  4. Do not engage in spamming or advertising.
    1. Advertising is linking or speaking of another Wiki, website, youtube channel, blog, etc. with the intent of making other users visit. This is not tolerated and the user will have action taken against him/her.
    2. Spamming is the unwanted/un-needed action of repeating/posting unwanted content. This is indeed an offence and will not be tolerated.
      1. Per discussion, automatic replies activated via one's chat.js are not allowed. For example, saying "Hi <name>" may not make any person reply automatically with "Hi!".
      2. Spamming the automatic reply of someone who has not yet removed their script may count as spamming, depending on how many times you trigger it. This is left to the chat moderators' discretion.
      3. Spamming commands on an automated bot will not be tolerated. Bots are tools, not toys.
  5. Users may speak in whichever language they wish so long as it isn't excessive or disruptive; however, they should speak in English if requested to do so in order to ensure that everyone understands them.
  6. Disruption includes intentionally trying to irritate or harass other users. This may be by spamming, insulting, or intentionally joining and leaving the chat. It may include offences not listed here; action taken is up to the discretion of the moderators.
  7. Respect other users' warnings; if asked to discontinue a discussion on a certain topic, please do so. Use common sense.



If you wish to have a chatbot in the chatroom, there must be consensus to do so. Please make a request on the bot requests page outlining what the bot's purpose is in the chatroom, as well as the advantages when running it. If there is a successful bot request, the bot's commands should be documented on a subpage of either the owner's or the bot's userpage. If the bot promotes spamming in the chatroom, the bot might be removed from the chatroom or have a command removed. Any unapproved bots as well, will be removed from the chatroom.

Current chatbots run in the chatroom are as follows:

Username Owner Purpose Discussion
RSChatBot Sactage Logs the wiki's chatroom as well as produce statistics Forum:A Bot for Chat
TyBot (inactive) TyA Gives info on the GE Updater Link

Other notes

  • Please do not join the chat just to beg for in-game money or items, or just to come to trade items. You may read our money making guides if you are seeking either of the above.
  • If you see a link posted in chat, or private messaged to you by someone you do not know or trust, it is advised that you do not click it.
  • If another user has private messaged you inappropriate content, you can contact a Chat moderator through private message.

Chat moderators


The chatmoderator right allows users to moderate the chat by kicking and banning offending users. Administrators, as well as individuals who have passed the RfCM process are allocated this right.

A list of current chat bans can be found here.


Username Talk page Contributions Log actions
Calebchiam (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Cqm (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Gaz Lloyd (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions


Username Talk page Contributions Log actions
BlackHawk (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Chiafriend12 (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Chrislee33 (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Ciphrius Kane (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Clv309 (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Coelacanth0794 (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Cook Me Plox (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Cuxrie (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Degenret01 (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Elessar2 (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Habblet (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Haidro (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Iiii I I I (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
InvalidCards (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
IsobelJ (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Jayden (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Jlun2 (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Joeytje50 (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Jr Mime (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Kelsey (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Legaia 2 Pla (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Liquidhelium (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Merds (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Nex Undique (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Rawny (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Rich Farmbrough (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Ruud10K (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Ryan PM (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Salix (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Spineweilder (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
Starieeena (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions
TehKittyCat (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions

Active chat moderators

Username Talk page Contributions Log actions
Atheist723 (RfCM) Talk Contributions Log actions

Inactive chat moderators

Former chat moderators

Banning information

Banning guidelines

  • Unintentional join and leave spammers should be kicked. They are free to rejoin when they believe the problem has been fixed.
  • General spammers (such as repeated advertising, repeatedly posting links, repeatedly posting random text, etc.) should be banned for around three days. This should be extended for repeat offenders.
  • More serious infringements, such as posting dangerous/offensive links, should be punished with a longer ban than for general spamming, such as a week or longer.

Remember that the above points are strictly guidelines. It is up to the banning moderator to decide on the actual ban time.

Archives and appeals

  • The chat ban archives from 15 August 2011 to 14 June 2012 can be found here.
  • The current chat ban archive can be found at Special:Log/chatban.
  • Appeals may be made by banned users on the banning moderator's talk page (the banning moderator can be found here) or the user's talk page by following the Wiki's appeal guidelines.