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Charm logs are the RuneScape Wiki's way of keeping track of charm drop percentages from monsters that drop charms. Charm logs always exist on a separate of a monster's page and is of the form Charm log:<Monster>.

Charm logs are reader friendly; they have an easy to use interface that requires absolutely no knowledge of the MediaWiki source code or even the visual editor. Users will see a table at the top of the data page with a box for the total number of kills and one for each of the 4 types of charms in the order gold, green, crimson, blue and labelled with a picture of the charm.

Users must keep in mind that only submissions which document every charm of a sample of at least 50 kills will be accepted. Do not ignore picking up any charm if you wish to submit your data. Users should also keep in mind that while they are not directly editing the log, the submission still displays as an edit in recent changes. In other words, all submissions are reviewed for legitimacy and any and all vandalism will be reverted. As with any vandalism, persistent abuse of charm logs can lead to temporary blocking. The submission script calculates the likelihood of each submission and blocks or tags less credible submissions. All tagged and blocked submissions are recorded on this counter-vandalism page.

While charm logs do often contain large amounts of data from a myriad of players, they should not be taken for fact.

Creating a new log[edit source]

Creating a charm log is a relatively simple task, but unlike the submissions, requires understanding of editing.

In these explanations, replace <Monster> with the monster's name exactly as it appears in its page's name.

Note: editing Charm: namespace pages requires the 'charmedit' user rights. This right is limited to Rollback, Custodian, Administrator, and Bot. If you need help creating or editing a charm page, contact one of those users. For a list of users that can help, see here. Note that these lists are of all users, some of whom may be inactive; sort the 'Last logged in' column by most recent activity.

Data page[edit source]

Create a new page of the form 'Charm:<Monster>'. It can be created either with Template:Newpage charmlog from the suggestions when editing or with this blank template:

{{Charm data

The only parameters the editor needs to fill out are the log= and the charms= parameter. The log= is the page of the log and the charms= is the number of charms dropped per kill.

Monster page[edit source]

Finally, go to the monster's page and find the Drops section. Create a new subsection of this section with:


It is best if this is the first section after the 100% drops or the first if the monster has no 100% drops.

Once all these steps are completed, the new charm log will be available for any user to contribute their finds to the wiki.