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You can use this to generate a page list that can be used in the AWB script.

 template = RuneScape:AutoWikiBrowser/Script/Pagelist
 form     = DPLForm
 result   = DPLResult
 param    = cg|Categories*|
 param    = ncg|Not ""|
 param    = ns|Namespace**|
 param    = nns|Not ""|
 param    = lf|Links from**|
 param    = lt|Links to**|
 param    = nlt|Not ""|
 param    = use|Uses template**|
 param    = nuse|Not ""|
 param    = uimg|Uses image**|
 param    = ttl|Pagename*|
 param    = nttl|Not ""|
 param    = re|Use regex for inputs|No|select|No,Yes
 param    = redir|Redirects:|include|select|include,exclude,only
 param    = os|Offset|0|int|0-
 param    = lmt|Limit|500|int|0-
Please wait for the calculator to load.

Note: "" means that it works as the opposite of the above.
* Seperate values with a | character. Wildcards can be used by entering a % anywhere. For example in the categories input, "It%ms", "%tems" and "Item%" match Items.
** Seperate values with a | character.
Namespace: Enter "Main" for mainspace. Uses template/file: Include the namespace, for example: File:Bucket.png|Template:Pie
Redirects: select include or exclude to include or exclude redirects in the pagelist. Select "only" to limit the pagelist to redirects only.
Regex: won't work for namespace and template/file usage.
Offset: Each list can have up to 500 results. If you want to generate more results, copy the generated list to somewhere else and change the offset.