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The RuneScape Wiki celebrates April Fools every year, like Jagex, by playing extremely funny practical jokes.

Guidelines[edit source]

Best practices to follow for April Fools ideas for the wiki:

  • Keep jokes and pranks out of article content. Edits that change existing information into false or misleading information will be considered vandalism.
  • Avoid overlays that cover up content, cannot be hidden or dismissed, or otherwise interfere with normal browsing of the wiki.

Past April Fools jokes[edit source]

2019[edit source]

The RuneScape Wiki releases Crabby, a virtual assistant inspired by Microsoft's Office Assistant. It appears in the bottom left corner of the window with interactive dialogue, and unique lines appearing on specific pages.

A full-length advertisement for Crabby in the style of Apple's marketing replaces the main page (an archived version can be found here), and a Crabby banner is placed in the sitenotice.

2018[edit source]

2017[edit source]

2016[edit source]