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The Adventurer's Tales project was officially discontinued and deleted on the 15th November 2010, due to a succesful Request for deletion. This page is kept here for historical purposes and because we don't delete discussions.


All logged-in users are invited to submit their stories here. There are a few quick steps to listing your story. First, you'll need to write it: just make a userpage called [[User:<insert name here>/<story name>]]. Once your story is up, come to this page, hit edit, write your story's title (don't forget to link it to the article itself!) and a brief summary, and save. Come back and make sure your submission was accepted. That's all there is to it!

For larger stories and, if you so wish, fakes and fake RS characters, the RuneScape Fan Fiction Wiki.

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A Kingdom Divided

By Rangedwhip

The great cities of Falador and Burthrope have gone their separate ways, and relations between the two factions have descended into madness. This series follows a ragtag bunch of warriors as they fight the bloody political mess of Misthalin.

Shikael's last Duel

By Shikael

This is a story of Shikael, a dueller seeking fame. When he duels Asura, his nemesis, the battle will find its place in history, and Shikael's name will last for hundreds of years.

Part 2: The beginning is nearly finished, just needs editing and extra stuff to be added. A summary of part 2 is at the end of the first story.

The Mentor

Been a mentor isn't always bossing noobs around and force them to assasinate a lesser demon. Some times my students gives me 10 emeralds. Who knows when they'll give you a full Saradomin set. You just never know...

The Tale of James (incomplete)

By - Ilyas

Chapter 1 - James

Our story begins with a young man who had just come of age. He left home with confidence in his heart and excitement in his mind. This man's name was James. James was always the head of the class when he was young. His many friends looked up to him and admired him, worshipped him as they would Guthix. Now, his final year in school had finished, and he was ready to leave his small house in Varrock to explore the many lands of Gielinor. Where exactly he would go, nobody knew. However, James walked on.

America's Next Top Noob(the writter)

This is a nooby story...the writter is a noob as well

The Tale of 2 Noobs

by jin jin5000

I was walking along the street of Varrock. I heard 2 lvl 23s talking. The conversation went like this:

Noob1: My brother is lv 89 and he is gonna be proud of me!! Noob2:y??? Noob1: I got his username and pass from his desk and i logged in and i sold his blue crown that looked ugly for 300k!!! Noob2:wow? 300k? thats a lot!! Noob1:thats not all!!! i sold all his crown for 2mil!! Noob2:WOW!!! 2Mil??? i wish I had that. Noob1:Before i sold those ugly crowns, I checked the general store price!! it was 1gp!!!! i mad 2mil and 299,999 gp profit! Noob2: Wow u scammed that guy!!! great! Noob1: I know!!!!his is gonna give me 1mil for this! People around them: Wow..... noobz u just gave away 4bil. Noob1: whats bil Me:sigh..........


by Historian

I have dedicated my life to a research and study of the history of our world. It is important that more historians help to fill in the many gaps, in our knowledge of the various Heroes & Heroines, Kings and Queens and the Great Leaders whose deeds have changed RuneScape and who would otherwise be forgotten. For it is truly said - "Only those who honour the past, can hope to gain honour for themselves in the future." This is the story of how I discovered the Prophesy of Merlin, while adventuring in the Far North.

The Expedition

by Carralpha

Funny bunny

by Patcong The wilderness is a dangerous place. And when a large group of players go into the wilderness looking for treasure, things are likely to go wrong. Especially when the leader of the expedition is a traitor... This is a true story.

Carralpha, The Noob Protector

by Carralpha

A small boy steps up to Carralpha, with his hands out ready to catch a stray bread crumb. Carralpha raises his hands above his head and showers the small boy in gold.

The Shadow Mages

by Sir Robin336

Hello I have been playing Runescape for about a year now, i have gained the status of headmaster in my clan "The Shadow Mages" and this is the story of how a came to be in my clan.

The Labyrinth

by Sir Robin336

Ok im restarting this now so here goes nothing.

Lost Identities

by Bob2006ty

This is a riddle

(I made up this riddle in like 13 mins: it's rubbish but see if you can guess who they are, post your answer on the discussion page.)

A Tale of Two Tales

by Navij11

This is my story that I used to create a rant that reached 200+ posts. It is about a trip to the Jogre Cave with some extreme detail!

Chronicles from the Deep

by User:The evil dude

It is about a creature that gets shunned from RuneScape society and exiled to the sea. Years later, it will avenge RuneScape and command an army from the deep. Only a few people can stop the new rising terror...

[[User:Huanghe63/A Tale Of Woe|A Tale Of Woe]]

By Huanghe63

This story is about the World 111 glitch. Although I was not really involved, I created this story to kill some time.

Unknown Place

by Bob2006ty

The next riddle installment!

Micaris's Materialization Made Me Mad

by 1$

Here is a story I wrote for English class. It has RuneScape elements so I thought I would take the liberty to post it. There was a three page limit, so I could not make it longer, but I may continue it in my spare time. I could probably write another 10+ typed pages. Enjoy!

Red Dawn

By --Grievous797 16:21, 10 February 2007 (UTC) A story of a possible runescape civil war.

It was a quiet day,the same people begging for items, Pking, woodcutting and fighting.A player named Oblivion hated free players and rose up against the free players.He went with 40 followers to Edgeville.Thus began the first battle of the civil war....

Journal of Another Noob

By --Sir Robin 16:21, 10 February 2007 (UTC)

==[[ My Journal!

The Unforgiving Past

The Unforgiving Past By --User:Sworddude319 14:02, 15 March 2007 (UTC)

Being killed on your first day is all right. But if your'e itching for revenge, how can you bear it when you forget what killed you? This story is true.

Traiborn Tales 1:Traiborns List

Traiborn tales are the wacky adventures of me and Traiborn. Beware. It is not very sane, and is for loons only. It's wacky and funny though. Watch out for the snickerdoodles!

  • Part 1 is up!
  • Part 2 is up!
  • Part 3 is up!
  • Part 4 is up!
  • Part 5 and 6 shall be revealed as one since i have been gone so long.

By Malestro

The Last Shifter

This is something I've been working on for a while now, so there won't be any writers block to have to worry about because you'll be way behind what I write. So heres a synopsis:

Fifteen year old Conner Ericson has always been different than the other boys. But now he's going find out just how different he is. When Conner travels to the tower of the seven wizard he learns his heritage, a heritage long forgot.

  • Prolouge is up! Note: The character in the prolouge are the bad guys, their not my main characters.

Note: if you hate big words or non RS related stories, dont read this! lol jk but i do use big words alot. And its non RS related.


By Sir Robin

Destinies of Heroes

As you may know (visit my page) I like to write stories.Spelling isn't perfect - you can inprove it on my talk page ;).

The story begins with the release of Summoning skill. Healing another friend using this skill caused both players to become imune to attack and to PK anywhere, anytime (like in the World 111 Glitch which actually occured). A few years later, people from the last survivors begins to unite. Here begins a fight for the safety of RuneScape, where the Wilderness is lively and where Falador is a demonic ruin...

Feel free to comment it on my talk page.

By Aveyond007

The Schism

By Rabid Chipmunk

A young boy attempts to solve the mystery of a schism that occured in his town 10,000 years ago during the God Wars. However, his quest leads to something far more sinister: A conspiracy from the god Saradomin himself!

Daleks in Avarrocka

By The evil dude

Your eyes weren't decieving you just then. Yes, iam writing a story about Daleks, this time their temporal shifts have taken them to RuneScape (this story isn't part of the whole Doctor Who storyline). Read on to see their devious plots....

Cartman in RuneScape: Part I

By Mr. Garrison

So what happens when Eric Cartman wakes up in RuneScape? Well find out. More to come...

Poor little noob....

By Chasngcars

So I was trying to increase my prayer and attack level by killing Hill Giants when I was distracted and this little noob with a dagger attacked my giant. He or she got his/her butt kicked and ran to the ladder. So I was about to finish the giant off when I saw the person again, I stopped attacking the giant because if it died the person would get the bones and loot. Just when I moved away it attacked the dude and killed him. I got 1k, 2 big bones, mind runes and cosmic runes.

The fight for survival.

By Sworddude319

A trip into the Willderness goes horriblly wrong, as all 13 members of the team find themselves trapped, scared, and ripping each other apart in a fight for survival. Only one man can end it, but at what cost? True Story

The Ghost Ship

By Carralpha

Someone whose number 2 ambition is to see all of RuneScape is bound to see the member's wilderness sometime. But when Carralpha finds an area with no item spawns, no monsters and a ship that he can't examine or board, somethin is going on...

The Bane of Cataclysm

What will happen when one man opens the gate to the God Realm? Heaven only knows...Flango2 user·edits·chat·sign here, please (It's pretty short, by the way)

Kandarin: The Fourth Empire

By Chiafriend12

When someone is abducted to fight an unjust battle their friends must save them against the evils of Zurtzim of Zamorak.

How to advertise rubbish products

By Age Seers

Some merchants will try everything just to beat an opponent. This is a story of determination, courage, and general stupidity.

Freneskae: The 5th Empire

By Chiafriend12

Fredrim of Falador must set out to find and map the unknown land of Freneskae.

Coming sometime.

My Portal Opened A Wrong Gateway

By isaacmiranda7

My house portal to Falador opens up a gateway to an unknown galaxy and lets in gigantic reptiles....because of

Cooking Adventures

By fargo1168

The Lumbridge Cooking Tutor and an adventurer chef go on the quest of a lifetime. A tale of pirates and monkeys and so much more! Give me a shout if you like the story!

Part one is up!

Part two is up!

Part three is up!

Part four is nearing completion...

Another Journal Of Another Noob

By isaacmiranda7

June Journal Up! August Up! September Up! October Coming Soon!

The Time Machine

By ToaBionicle

A young boy's adventures through the history of RuneScape. Please Comment.

Chapter 1 & 2 up!

The Jedi

By Nick advent

Chapter 1-The Beginning

There was once a thriving city known as Varrock. In the centre of Varrock, there was a palace. One day, a player named Nick decided to start a group known as The Jedi to counteract the increased acts of scammers and lures.

The Grim Adventures of Zezima and Mandy

by Deriltih

The Grim Adventures of Zezima and Mandy

Zezima. Mandy. Brother and sister. MASSIVE OWNAGE!!!!


The Varze Story by Liwolf1

The Varze Story by Liwolf1

Sir Amik Varze is a person know across Gielinor, a White Knight, the leader of Asgarnia. His story is a rich one. A Rimmington boy who was raised by a fishing and mining family in Rimmington, he became a monk of Entrana, a campaigner for peace with King Vallence, and rose to power through a series of Unfortunate events. Click on the link above to read his biography. (This is a fictional biography written by Liwolf1)

Strike of the Duel Arena noobs

Just a record of my encounters with noobs. Hope you like em! Chef's hat.png Altarius95 The Master Cook! Talk to me Cooking cape (t).png

The GreenWolf Saga

by Liwolf1 This is a continous, multi-page story, based on many fictional characters created by Liwolf1, and also many real NPC's from the MMORPG RuneScape. Regulus Wolf, a follower of Guthix, is given the mission of protecting a young boy, Vannaka, in the future the most powerful warrior in Gielinor, from the forces working against Guthix, trying to undo balance. Can Regulus "GreenWolf" last long enough to finish his task?

Last edit made 5:30 pm ET, April 20, 2008

Cast of Characters (so far).

The GreenWolf Saga, Page 1: Chapters "Life's End" and "Skippy"

The GreenWolf Saga, Page 2: Chapter "Vannaka' Apprenticeship"


By isaacmiranda7

You have most possibly heard of Arrav but have you heard the legendary tale of his brother, Arravneth?This story will delve into some of Varrock, Falador and the Black Knights deepest Secrets. Chapter One Up!So is Chapter TWO!!!Chapter Three!!! Chapter Four underway!!

RS Wikia's 6:00 News!

By Wolf mask.png Liwolf1 Rune platebody (Guthix).png

Your place to be for Runescape's Breaking (and fictional) news stories! Amik Green is always there when it matters the most.

Latest Story (June 2, 2008):

Is King Lathas trying to stop thieves in Ardougne? If so, how will this affect our economy? A special edition of 6:00 News' Scapeline!

The Life of Drakwood

King Narnode Shareen.png Friend of Gnomes Guthix's Book of Balance.png

Drakwood has had a hard life. She has had to compete with all kinds of dangers, so, she decided to write a biography of her life.

The Stone of Jas


This story is based on the plot of the quest While Guthix Sleeps.

Lucien is rising in power. He has stolen an ancient artefact called the Staff of Armadyl, and no one knows his next move. Can Binny find out and stop him from possibly taking over the world?

Tales of a Black Knight

I read this page,and decided to make stories based off of runescape.The story is about a black knight.Please note that it is not a comedy,and you might not find it funny.Also,I will continue to add parts from time to time.Part one is done,here's the link:

  • [[User:Sir Scizor1/Tales of Black Knight/1|Part 1]] I hope its good,and feel free to comment on it on my talk page. -
    Water Wave icon.png
    Captain Sciz
    TalkEditsHiscores File:Runecrafter hat.png|link=
    19:16, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

The Power of the Stone

By:Caesermenace This story is about an adventurer named Lapferkeit who finds the stone that keeps the God Wars from happening again. His decision will shape the fate of Runescape. What will happen? Find out here!

Part one is up!
Part two is up!
Part three is coming soon!

The Lava Maze

By:MastaAwesome An epic tale of one hero's awesome adventure in the Wilderness until he meets his tragic doom in the Lava Maze. Based off of a true story (my own). Here's the link: User:MastaAwesome/Wilderness Survival Tale 1: The Lava Maze