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The Adventurer's Log 3D Viewer UI, also known as ALog3D Viewer UI, is a userscript created by the fansite RuneApps. Contributors to the project include Skillbert II, creator of the project, as well as RSW editors Cook Me Plox and Ryan PM. This project is released under the GNU Public License.

The source can be seen at MediaWiki:AL3DUI.js and downloaded here.

For additional information on GPL, see:


  • Bobbleheads
  • Camera zoom
  • Camera vertical movement
  • X-Axis and Y-Axis movement
  • Autopaint switch (Slower frames drawing)
  • Detail switch (top-down view for item images)
  • Player Kit Hex table modifying with item ID's
  • Easy inputs for: Players, NPC ID, Model ID and Animation ID




The code below can be saved to a bookmark to load the script when clicked on the Adventurer's Log page on the RuneScape website:

var script = document.createElement('script');
script.type = 'text/javascript';
script.src = '//';



  • Base64 string field: A custom Base64 string where *- replaces \+ from a default Base64 string where the length can vary depending on the amount of items worn, colors used and visible default clothing.
  • Hex string field: A converted version of the Base64 string. This is useful in terms of readability.
  • Player name: Insert any player name to change to their saved avatar. This works for staff and private Adventurer's Logs.
  • Model ID: The identification number used by the model in the game. The range is from 0 to over 105,000 where most are in chronological order. Some models are replaced by later ones when removed from the game such as Mammoths and the original Lizardmen.
  • Animation ID: The number that a particular model, player or non-player character uses to animate themselves. The range is from 0 to over 26,000.
  • NPC ID: The identification number used by a non-player character in the game. Used in conjunction with the Bestiary, most attackable monsters are quick to find. The range is from 0 to over 21,500.
  • Hex Table: The modifiable table to the left of the screen when viewing players or manually inputting Base64/Hex strings.
  • Hex Table - Equip: Allows an object to be stored on the model by ItemID when it is zero or higher. When lower than zero, it gives options for default clothing and hair styles.


  • X-Axis: Moves the viewed model, player or non-player character left and right.
  • Y-Axis: Moves the viewed model, player or non-player character up and down.
  • Center Y: Overrides the focal point of the viewer to be at a slightly lower point on larger player kits or non-player characters.
  • Autopaint: Enables and disables consistent frame drawing where disabling slows down the rate at which frames are drawn.
  • Bobble: Enables and disables the 'Bobblehead' camera mode as a fun feature.
  • Detail: Positions the camera to a top-down view of a given model, player or non-player character. Intended for taking pictures of items that would appear on the ground such as platebodies.
  • Reset: Positions the camera to the original settings on launch.


There are some actions that can be currently done as commands in the Developer Tools console of Google Chrome and Firefox.

  • imgcapt.setSize(w, h): Sets the size of the canvas where 'w' is the width and 'h' is the height.