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If you are reporting vandalism in progress, use this page.

What this page is for[edit source]

    • Protecting and unprotecting pages.
      Highly visible pages or content that may have links from outside websites are encouraged to have some level of protection. This should be done according to the RuneScape:Protection policy.
    • Moving protected pages and files.
      Due to misuse of the page move tool, some pages are protected from being renamed except by an administrator. If you can make a case for a page move, requests for the page move can happen here.
    • Minor edits to protected pages.
      This commonly applies to protected templates that can have a substantial impact on thousands of pages if they are changed, so caution is urged when they are modified.
    • Importing pages from another wiki.
      While seldom used for content on this wiki, this is an option that is available for bringing in content from another wiki and preserving its edit history, which requires administrator rights.
    • Hiding revisions and edit summaries.
      In the case of copyright violations, privacy violations, offensive material, etc., revisions may be hidden using Special:RevisionDelete.
    • General questions for the administrators.
      You will get a faster reply by joining our Discord server and asking there; however, you can still post here and the administrators will answer to the best of their abilities.

What this page is not for[edit source]

    • Requests for deletion.
      If you believe an article does not meet the wiki's standards, post on Requests for deletion. Spam, accidental page creations, and other similar issues should be tagged with {{D|Reason}}.
    • Issues that do not require administrator tools to resolve.
      Visit the user help page instead. If you're not sure if your problem requires an administrator, post it here.
    • Users who may be vandalising pages.
      Instead, please report the user on the Counter-Vandalism Unit.
    • Requests to become an administrator.
      If you are interested in learning what administrators do and how to become one, please visit Administrators for information on the role and Requests for adminship for the process of becoming an administrator.
    • Account deletion requests.
      This is not possible.
    • Account renaming requests.
      See this page for more info.

File merges[edit source]

* [[:File:Acrobat hood.png]] into [[:File:Acrobat hood (male).png]] * [[:File:Acrobat pants.png]] into [[:File:Acrobat pants (male).png]] * [[:File:Acrobat shirt.png]] into [[:File:Acrobat shirt (male).png]] * [[:File:Hat (female) (green).png]] into [[:File:A stylish hat (female, green).png]] * [[:File:Hat (female) (maroon).png]] into [[:File:A stylish hat (female, maroon).png]] * [[:File:Hat (female) (yellow).png]] into [[:File:A stylish hat (female, yellow).png]] * [[:File:Hat (male) (brown).png]] into [[:File:A stylish hat (male, green).png]] * [[:File:Hat (male) (yellow).png]] into [[:File:A stylish hat (male, yellow).png]] * [[:File:Hat (male) (red).png]] into [[:File:A stylish hat (male, maroon).png]] * [[:File:Shirt (male) (yellow).png]] into [[:File:Shirt (male, yellow).png]] * [[:File:Shirt (male) (red).png]] into [[:File:Shirt (male, maroon).png]] * [[:File:Shirt (male) (brown).png]] into [[:File:Shirt (male, green).png]] * [[:File:Shirt (female) (green).png]] into [[:File:Shirt (female, green).png]] * [[:File:Shirt (female) (yellow).png]] into [[:File:Shirt (female, yellow).png]] * [[:File:Shirt (female) (maroon).png]] into [[:File:Shirt (female, maroon).png]] * [[:File:Shoes (male) (brown).png]] into [[:File:Shoes (male, shoes).png]] * [[:File:Shoes (male) (red).png]] into [[:File:Shoes (male, boots).png]] * [[:File:Shoes (female).png]] into [[:File:Shoes (female, flats).png]] * [[:File:Shoes (female) (strap).png]] into [[:File:Shoes (female, straps).png]]

Thanks! Micha (talk) 03:45, 28 October 2021 (UTC)

All merged - thanks for spotting the duplicated files :) Magic logs detail.pngIsobelTalk page 10:45, 28 October 2021 (UTC)

Another - Please merge [[:File:Massive pouch (full).png]] into File:Massive pouch.png. I see no evidence that those are two separate things - the pouch doesn't change when full. Micha (talk) 21:16, 31 October 2021 (UTC)

Looks like an accidental duplicate of the regular pouch file - I deleted rather than merged as there was an existing version of around the same time period. Thanks again! Magic logs detail.pngIsobelTalk page 11:42, 1 November 2021 (UTC)
I can’t look now because, well, it’s deleted, but I thought there were significantly more versions there than on the current file page. Micha (talk) 07:36, 2 November 2021 (UTC)

Make materials in Calculator:Perks clickable links[edit source]

Currently, there is no easy way to go from the perk calculator to a component page (e.g., if you want to see what to disassemble to get it). The result section writes the names of the components used, but they aren't links.

Replacing MediaWiki:Gadget-perkcalc-core.js#L-844 which currently has:

                    .append($("<div>").text("Results for level "+info.levelwithpotion+" Invention "+potionNote+"in a"+(info.gizmo=='armour'?'n ':' ')+info.gizmo+" gizmo with materials: "+mats.join(', ')))

With this:

                    .append($("<div>").text("Results for level "+info.levelwithpotion+" Invention "+potionNote+"in a"+(info.gizmo=='armour'?'n ':' ')+info.gizmo+" gizmo with materials: " {
                        return '<a href="/w/'+mat.replace(/ /g, '_')+'" title="'+mat+'">'+mat+'</a>';
                    }).join(', ')))

Would make them into links

Artoire (talk) 09:33, 22 November 2021 (UTC)

Please restore history of File:PHS ardy bear.png[edit source]

Title says it all. Thanks. --Saftzie (talk) 00:06, 2 March 2022 (UTC)

Sorry - the file kinda broke after I merged them and I get an error when trying to undelete the previous versions. Another admin has also tried and gets the same error. I'll ping the server techs again and see if there's anything that they can suggest. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelTalk page 10:25, 2 March 2022 (UTC)
I've uploaded the previous version to work around. Magic logs detail.pngIsobelTalk page 10:59, 2 March 2022 (UTC)

API bug[edit source]

Requesting my watchlist from the API, for example via the sandbox:


returns an error:

internal_api_error_TypeError: Caught exception of type TypeError

Other lists appear to be fine, although I didn't check them all. This behavior is new within the last week. For reference, the same query on en.wikipedia completes fine. As I write this, Special:Version on this wiki reports

MediaWiki 1.36.3 (d4c54b3)
PHP 7.4.28 (fpm-fcgi)

while on en.wikipedia it reports

MediaWiki 1.38.0-wmf.24 (f9858b2)
23:05, 28 February 2022
PHP 7.2.34-18+0~20210223.60+debian10~1.gbpb21322+wmf5 (fpm-fcgi)

so I don't think it's an intentional API change. Is there another update due? Thanks. --Saftzie (talk) 04:00, 9 March 2022 (UTC)

Should be fixed now. Thanks for the report. - TehKittyCatTalk Wikian-Book 09:52, 9 March 2022 (UTC)

Please delete redundancies from Template:Wilderness slayer drops[edit source]

I created a DataTable based table to log drops into and can't delete the old one because it tells me I would be deleting too many lines at a time.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 03:14, 7 September 2022 (UTC).

Nice job with creating a data submission module for the chest! I've updated it due to some minor inconsistancies with the other submission modules and deleted the manual table from that template. Thanks! Lava hawk.png BlackHawk (Talk)    08:11, 7 September 2022 (UTC)

Requesting minor update to MediaWiki:Gadget-switch-infobox.js[edit source]

Hello there! I'm currently down a rabbit hole working on a nice fix for pages that have multiple "Switch infobox"es or a "Switch infobox" with an "Infobox" with multiple versions. Because of the way the switches are implemented they have unintended interactions with each other. A simple example of this is Pineapple pizza: The switches at the top for "full" vs "half" also changes the switches in the creation section between "Pineapple ring" vs "Pineapple chunks", and vice versa. I've gone through and identified a whole list of pages with these sort of unintended interactions at User:Strauburn/Pages with switch infobox issues.

I'll preface this by saying I promise I'm being careful not to break any existing pages, as I know the modules and templates I'm looking at are used in a lot of places (thousands). I've already made a minor change to Module:Switch infobox to add an optional parameter to allow for manually specifying ID's for the switching (rather than the default of 1, 2, 3...) so they don't all interact with each other. My new problem is that the Template:Synced switch (often used to sync chatheads and detail images with the switches) doesn't work properly when using specified ID's on a switch infobox elsewhere on the page, because it will load a default version anytime it doesn't recognize an ID. Now my plan to fix that is to add an optional parameter to Module:Synced switch that adds a "data-nodefault" attribute to the rsw-synced-switch div. I then need the javascript to check for the existence of that attribute before it loads a default.

Later I can also add more optional parameters to Module:Synced switch to allow specifying IDs there as well in case you want to sync it to a switch infobox with specified IDs, but that shouldn't require any additional javascript updates. One step at a time.

Anyway, that's all to explain why I'm requesting the changes I'm requesting. Here are the actual changes I'd like to MediaWiki:Gadget-switch-infobox.js: UPDATE: I'm editing this to hide the code snippets that I put here originally. Instead, the updates are reflected in User:Strauburn/JS/MediaWiki:Gadget-switch-infobox.js, so you should look there instead.

Show if you really want to see the code snippets -->

Change lines 393 - 402 from:

			if (!$toShow.length) {
				// show default instead
				$toShow = self.$syncedswitch.find('.rsw-synced-switch-item[data-item="0"]');
				if (self.$buttons.length) {
			} else {


			if (!$toShow.length) {
				// no match, check if there's a default item
				if (!self.nodefault) {
					// show default instead
					$toShow = self.$syncedswitch.find('.rsw-synced-switch-item[data-item="0"]');
					if (self.$buttons.length) {
			} else {

And insert this line after line 364:

		this.nodefault = self.$"[data-nodefault]");

which should make that first part of the SyncedSwitch function look like this:

	function SyncedSwitch($box, index) {
		var self = this;
		this.index = index;
		this.$syncedswitch = $box;
		this.$buttons = self.$syncedswitch.find('div.synced-buttons');
		this.attachedLabels = false;
		this.nodefault = self.$"[data-nodefault]");

		/* click/change event - triggers switch event manager */

(Edited to add link to the JS)

Thanks! Mattock of Time and Space.pngStrauburnTalk page 20:04, 17 November 2022 (UTC)

Perhaps as past editors, maybe @TehKittyCat:, @Habblet:, @Elessar2:, or @Gaz Lloyd: might be a good person to take a look at this?
Please let me know there's a better format for me to give this in, or if you'd like to discuss something. I'm also on the RSW Discord sometimes.
Thanks! Mattock of Time and Space.pngStrauburnTalk page 21:51, 18 November 2022 (UTC)

Updating again. I hid the code snippets in my original post above, and instead have the updated version on a user page at User:Strauburn/JS/MediaWiki:Gadget-switch-infobox.js, so you can copy the code from there. I tested it out with my common.js and previewing an edited page and it seems to be working as expected (aside from the fact that I don't know how to keep the original version from also loading in addition to my user-modified version).
As always, let me know if you have questions or if there's something I can do to help this move forward. Thanks! Mattock of Time and Space.pngStrauburnTalk page 06:43, 1 December 2022 (UTC)
MediaWiki:Gadget-switch-infobox.js has been updated. Seers headband 2 chathead.png Elessar2 (talk) 13:47, 2 December 2022 (UTC)

Fresh Start Worlds Update History[edit source]

The fresh start worlds page needs its update history section, as its currently protected could someone add this as the update history section please.

* {{UL|type=patch|update=Garden of Kharid & DXP: LIVE Friday! - This Week In RuneScape|date=7 November 2022}}
** The Inverted Slayer Master Cape's teleport can be used from the Backpack.
** The Box of Banking can now be deposited in the Bank using 'deposit all' option in fresh start worlds.

* {{UL|type=patch|update=This Week In RuneScape: Master Max Capes|date=3 October 2022}}
** Fixed an issue that caused players to disconnect while checking Telos' reward pool while not wearing a Luck Ring in Fresh Start Worlds.
** Updated the login message for Fresh Start Worlds.
** Halo Skill Pets' examine texts now correctly display player name and skill experience.

* {{UL|type=update|update=Fresh Start Worlds Launch - This Week In RuneScape|date=26 September 2022}}
** Added to game.

Thanks! Chromatic partyhat detail.png Coulson72 Talk Magical zygomite (NPC).png 03:12, 13 January 2023 (UTC)

Sensible addition. I have added this. Lava hawk.png BlackHawk (Talk)    08:13, 13 January 2023 (UTC)