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On 22 November 2011, Jagex released an updated version of Part of their revamp was to convert the old Knowledge Base, or Game Guide, into a community-editable wiki, similar to this wiki. Members who meet certain requirements are able to edit articles on Jagex's official wiki.

We at the RuneScape wiki would like to take a moment to remind our readers not to copy content from this wiki to Jagex's official wiki. Doing so is disrespectful to this wiki, is against the policies of Jagex's official wiki, and is against the law.

Every time you edit a page on this wiki, all contributions to this wiki are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (see RuneScape:Copyrights for details). What this means is that when you view an article on this wiki, you are free to:

  • Copy, distribute, and transmit (share) the wiki's content; you can place it on your website if you like, and
  • Edit the wiki's content; after making your own copy, you are free to edit it as you see fit.

However, you must do so under the following conditions:

  • You must provide attribution to the authors of the wiki's content. That is, you must link back to this wiki whenever you display content that originated on this wiki.
  • You must release your version of the content under a similar license. If you copy, edit, and redistribute content from this wiki, you must release it under a license that is compatible with our CC-BY-SA license.

According to the current version of their fansite page, Jagex is unwilling to follow these conditions:

In all cases we retain copyright ownership and the right of approval in advance of you using any copyright material. We also retain the right to request anyone to remove the material.

All rights, including copyright and database right, in the RuneScape, FunOrb and Jagex websites and their contents, are owned by Jagex Ltd., or otherwise used by Jagex as permitted by applicable law.

From this post, Jagex wishes to retain full ownership of content on their wiki, with all rights reserved. Because Jagex is unwilling to release their wiki content under a compatible license, it is not legally possible for them to host any content from this wiki.

Also note that this wiki is not considered a reliable source by Jagex's wiki:

The wiki is a reference for the community, and any information added to the wiki must be factual and based upon an official source. Sources of official information are:
  • The RuneScape website
  • The RuneScape game itself.
  • Official communication from Jagex, such as news posts or forum posts.

Please abide to the rules of all parties involved and do not copy content from this wiki to the Jagex wiki. We at the RuneScape Wiki have spent years developing the articles that tens of thousands of RuneScape players use every day as a source for accurate, complete, and up-to-date information. The editors of Jagex's official wiki may write their own original content, as we have done.