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RuneLabs was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

RuneLabs was a website feature that allows players to submit suggestions for game content, and to vote on the submissions. It involved five steps to get a player-made idea into the game: Submitting an idea, receiving support from players, a review from Jagex, a player vote, and finally the idea being developed into the game. Each month had a certain criteria for ideas that Jagex was looking for.

It closed on 28 May 2016 due to a lack of player participation, and will only re-open for certain occasions, such as the annual player survey.[1]

Process[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Players add ideas[edit | edit source]

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In order to add an idea, players must be a member. A title, description, and category is needed to classify the idea. Categories include: combat, community, Distraction and Diversions/Minigames, Ninja updates, quests, seasonal events, skills, and miscellaneous updates.

A Forum QFC can optionally be added, to provide a link to a thread of a similar suggestion.

After making an idea, a preview is shown and a button to publish.

Step 2: Players support ideas[edit | edit source]

Players can support ideas until a given date by press the 'Support' button on the ideas page. The number of supports is then shown on the left. Ideas can be added to a personal wish list to easily find them later.

Ideas can also be reported to Jagex if it contains a serious issue.

Step 3: Jagex reviews ideas[edit | edit source]

Jagex then reviews the ideas that are suitable to be implemented into the game, and ones that are not get rejected. The rejected ideas are still currently shown on the Ideas list as normal ideas, without any icon to tell the difference, only by looking at the actual page can you tell if it has been rejected.

Step 4: The best ideas are voted for in Player Power[edit | edit source]

The top ideas then pass into the 'Player Power' stage, where they are voted for to decide the idea that will be implemented.

Step 5: The top idea is put under development[edit | edit source]

The top idea is then put into development, and should be seen in the game later that year.

Winning ideas[edit | edit source]

2015[edit | edit source]

Month Scope Winning idea Author
January Medium Adamant and rune dragons Dragonforcae[2]
Slayer belt Dragonsseed[3]
Farming timer[notes 1] Hey Bola[4]
February Small Instant Lodestone Network teleports f d c[5]
March Large Seren quest and Seren prayers/spellbook Gaga Lady[6]
April Skilling (medium) Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing Ferenc2017[7]
May Hallowe'en (small) Icthlarin vs. Amascut event Cinder Quill[8]
June High-level mobs Wyverns Anarchy Time[9]
Ripper Demons Omnis[10]
Camel Warriors Syrus Coy[11]
Acheron mammoths Adelunth[12]
July Medium-sized quest Beneath Cursed Tides Guitar Girl[13]
August Any Blood dye iZaz[14]
September N/A
December Game world expansion The Arc region of the Eastern Lands Avernic[15]
  1. ^ The farming timer came in third, but was still accepted due to the small difference in votes with the second idea (Slayer belt) and the fact that its scope was considered small.

2016[edit | edit source]

Month Scope Winning idea Author
January Eastern Lands activities Slayer/combat area Monkeymaner[16]
February Eastern Lands brainstorm N/A[notes 1]
May Ideas for 2017 N/A[notes 2]
  1. ^ No final poll: "The team will only be picking ideas out that they feel will fit with what they are doing and what is doable in the time available."
  2. ^ No final poll: "Instead, we will handpick the ideas that stand out as truly game-changing. Then, those ideas will be added to the RuneScape 2017 Survey, planned for release at the end of May!"

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