Rumours of the Raksha

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Rumours of the Raksha can be obtained from excavating varanusaur remains, dragonkin reliquary, and dragonkin coffin excavation hotspots at the Orthen - Crypt of Varanus excavation site. This page is required to complete the Crypt o' Zoology mystery.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Parties scouting the coastlines of nearby landmasses have returned with news from the west of a being unlike any other we have so far encountered. I have become the master of the dinosaurs on this island, even subduing some of the larger specimens Skeka classifies as rexes.

This is a rex like no other, they say. Those that have survived an encounter with it describe it as larger than other rexes, more aggressive and ravenous. Its skin is a pitch black, unlike the colourful rexes we have on the island. Based on eyewitness accounts of how it hunts, it has some ability to incapacitate its prey, perhaps with some sort of paralytic venom, perhaps a defensive mechanism of its spike-covered body. On this description alone, Skeka has classified it as a hellebores rex, after the poisonous black flower - as deadly as it is beautiful.

Beyond its appearance, though, the reports suggest it to be more physically developed than other rexes, and with a clear intelligence on display, even going so far as to purposefully target our scouts' observation outposts. One of the survivors made a statement that claims it communicated directly with her, not with words or sounds, but via images in her mind. It's nonsense, of course - rexes are creatures of instinct, not intelligence. The idea of a more dangerous quarry for me to entrap fills me with excitement; me and my varanusaur pack will master this new beast.

They call it Raksha - taken from the name of a fallen entity among some of my people's older mythologies - 'The One Above All' or 'The One That Speaks' in our modern vernacular.

I call it a challenge.

-Varanus, Nodon hunter

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