Rumbleguts (spider shopper)

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Rumbleguts the spider shopper occasionally appears at the Manor Farm. He may be sold spiders in exchange for beans. As a medium-sized animal buyer, he will appear or renew his order for spiders every two days and purchase up to 8 animals before leaving, unless the player is at least 'Master Farmer' rank in the farming reputation system; then he will buy up to 16.

Positive traits give more beans, negative traits give fewer beans, specific traits that the buyer wants give significantly more beans.

For Rumbleguts to appear you will first need to talk to Granny Potterington and ask about the farm, then choose "Can we advertise what we're selling" from there a menu will open where you can choose to advertise specific animals, from this selection you choose spiders.

Base beans per growth stage
Stage % of beans Sell price
Elder 70% 175 beans
Adult 85% 213 beans
Adolescent 100% 250 beans
Baby 20% 50 beans
Egg 10% 25 beans

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rumbleguts' examine refers to the Goblin Diplomacy quest, where players help two goblin generals decide if red armour or green armour looks better.