Royal Guard

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A tortoise battle unit, used by the Royal Guard.

The Royal Guard is the primary military force of the Gnomish Empire. The Royal Guard maintains a strong presence throughout the Empire, although its activities can be seen most primarily in areas such as the Tree Gnome Stronghold and Battlefield of Khazard. The term Royal Guard is used somewhat rarely in-game, although during the Monkey Madness quest it is referred to as such very frequently.

The Royal Guard was likely established in some form by the gnomish race in the early Fourth Age, after it re-emerged from its God Wars-era hiding. It has since allowed the Gnomish Empire to grow in strength and political prominence, and has defended the Empire during recent conflicts such as the Arposandran War and Khazard - Gnome War.

Besides using basic infantry troops, the Royal Guard also maintains an Armoured Tortoise Regiment and numerous glider units, the most celebrated of which is the 10th Squad. The Guard has also become well-known for its terrorbird breeding programs, which provide many soldiers with effective mounts.