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Rout is a threshold Ranged ability that is unlocked from the Scare Tactics book. Similar to its basic counterpart, it stuns, knocks back and binds the target for 3 seconds whilst dealing 40-200% ability damage.

Against monsters that are not stun-immune, Rout works well in conjunction with Piercing Shot. This is because Piercing Shot deals an extra 94% damage when the target is stunned.

Compared to its melee counterpart, Stomp (ability), it does not require being in melee distance and can attack from a distance. The 1 square knockback and stun only happens if the attack successfully hits and the mob is 1x1 square size.

This ability shares its countdown timer with other threshold stuns (Stomp, Forceful Backhand, Tight Bindings, Horror and Deep Impact).

Despite being a free-to-play item, Scare Tactics can only be obtained by members. Free players can only obtain it by trading. Therefore, unlike the melee variants, Shock, Horror, Demoralise, and Rout are impossible to unlock in free-to-play Ironman Mode.

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