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For the 2020 Hallowe'en event item, see rotten potato (2020 Hallowe'en event). For the joke item, see really rotten potato.
Rotten potato.png The subject of this article can only be used by Jagex Moderators.
It cannot be obtained by conventional methods and is not designed for use by players.
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The rotten potato is an item exclusive for Jagex moderators. It was added as a hidden item next to the release of Farming in 2005, and remained hidden until it was discovered through an exploit in June of 2011.

History[edit | edit source]

The Rotten Potato was first introduced on the 17th of May 2005 with the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, where it functioned as a useless item found in a backpack[1]. When Farming was released in 2005, Jagex moderators still had to play by the rules of the skill and wait for farming patches to grow during their testing. To speed this process up, an item was developed to grow patches instantly. To hide such a tool from the playerbase, the item had to be themed to fit alongside the update and other items added through the update. Name suggestions ranged from Dragon toothpick to Dragon sponge,[2] but a decision was eventually made to re-purpose the Rotten Potato to become the developer tool. Its previous item ID of 4813 was never replaced and remains empty in the item database.

While the item is intended for Jagex Moderators, there was an incident where it was obtained by a player who had pickpocketed a Jagex Moderator inside of Stealing Creation, who had it in his inventory. Despite a statement claiming that the players were unable to use it, the players who pickpocketed the item appeared to be capable of spawning and wearing a quest point cape with only 51 quest points.[3] However, in an attempt to transfer the potato to an other account, the player who stole it dropped the item, but on dropping it a message appeared stating 'Too late! It's already gone.' The item then vanished.

Since the incident, Jagex have added safeguards to ensure no ordinary player can use the potato should they ever get one. Jagex have also publicly used the potato on several occasions in public events, livestreams and videos to showcase its purpose and features.

Known features[edit | edit source]

  • Using the item on a player will print their information to the Developer Console, and print the following message in the chat: Outputting some info about <player> to the console...
    • On occasion, before its removal, it could also give the option to teleport a player to Botany Bay if they are found guilty of macroing in the game. In July 2015, using the option would teleport both the player and the moderator using the default magic teleportation animation.[4] As of October 2015, the option teleports the player only and the animation is shown to be a claw grabbing them from above.[5]
    • Using the item on a player that is on the island of Botany Bay will instantly kill them using a unique animation, causing all of their items to be dropped.
  • On occasion, choosing the "Eat" option of the item will allow moderators to teleport players directly to Botany Bay. Choosing the "Heal" option will restore the moderator's health.
  • Choosing the "JMod-Tools" option allows for the ability to access additional features.
    • It can provide access to information and tools relating to clans, Distractions & Diversions (including Demon Flash Mobs).
    • It can max level the user (setting all of their skills to level 99 or higher).
    • It can allow the user to view debug names, obtain data on penguins, and manipulate/test features of quests (notably The World Wakes) and Fremennik Sagas.
    • Information about non-player characters in the game can be viewed.
    • The user can toggle invisibility for themselves, edit features of their account, equip specific items and clear their inventory.
  • Star Stuff is for Shooting Star Distraction & Diversion. The option is used to control when and where a star appears, so the user can check if the star will clip in to any scenery.
  • Tools for Farming was added in 2005.
    • Single Cycle progresses the users patches 5 minutes.
    • Catchup is running the login farming code to put in manually minutes passed.
    • Nuke all wipes all patches for the user.
    • Tools gives the usual farming tools to your inventory.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you choose the "Keep me logged in" option with the rotten potato, a message will appear in your chat-box saying:
    • You not log out LONG time.[sic]
    • You not running AME timer either.[sic]
  • If you use a rotten potato on another item, it will delete the item. Using the rotten potato on another rotten potato will result in the following message:
    • Whee! Rotten potato all gone![6]

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