Roseblood equipment

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Roseblood equipment is a range of tier-4 Magic equipment found only in Daemonheim. All Roseblood items require level 30 Magic to equip, and all but the Roseblood orb require level 30 Defence.

Roseblood items can be obtained as drops from various monsters, found on tables at the beginning of a dungeon, or woven from Roseblood cloth using a needle and some thread. Creating Roseblood equipment requires level 30-38 Crafting and 1-5 pieces of cloth. The cloth itself can be made at level 30 Crafting from Roseblood, which can be harvested from Roseblood plants (at level 30 Farming), dropped by monsters, or bought from the Smuggler.

Components and bonuses[edit | edit source]

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonusRoseblood robe armour equipped (female).pngRoseblood robe armour equipped (male).png
Roseblood hood.pngRoseblood hood------90.8-----
Roseblood robe top.pngRoseblood robe top------104.4-----
Roseblood robe bottom.pngRoseblood robe bottom------99.8-----
Roseblood gloves.pngRoseblood gloves------22.7-----
Roseblood shoes.pngRoseblood shoes------22.7-----
Roseblood shield.pngRoseblood shield------90.8-----
Roseblood orb.pngRoseblood orb---Spell-

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