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Rolo the Stout is one of the main characters from the Let Them Eat Pie. Like the rest of the pompous merchants that have arrived to Taverley, they enjoy extorting the poor by selling them basic necessities at unreasonable prices. Nails Newton is aware that he has a massive warehouse full of food and intends to give it to the people, but needs to obtain his seal to do so. Players must poison him by giving him a terrible pie, which is disguised as a mouth-watering pie.

Until the consumption of the pie, Rolo can be found on the first floor of The Pick and Lute pub in Taverley, with his friend Kepple. After he eats the mouth-watering pie he can no longer be found in the game. Eating the pie caused Rolo to puke everywhere, resulting in the inn attempting to clean the ceiling and staircases of his vomit and even calling in priests to exorcise the stench. Post-quest dialogue with Nails states that due to Rolo's obesity, he was sent to a specialist clinic and confined to an iron bowel.

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