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Roger is an NPC from the Meeting History quest. He is married to Laura. Together they have two children: a son named Jack and a daughter named Sarah.

Past A[edit | edit source]

In "Past A", Roger asks an adventurer to help his baby daughter, Sarah, who is suffering a mysterious illness. After curing his daughter, Roger happily narrates a story about how humans arrived on RuneScape through the Portal of Life.

Past B[edit | edit source]

In "Past B", Roger is pictured as being old.

After Meeting History[edit | edit source]

If you did not finish the part of the Meeting History quest where you cure Baby Sarah, and return to Past B to talk to him, he will carry on about a baby crying how he likes rabbits (because they don't cry); apparently driven mad by Sarah's constant tears. At the end of the dialogue he will remark on how he recognises the player's face, but can't remember from where.

Family[edit | edit source]


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