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Rockfish Pie can be obtained from various excavation hotspots at the Warforge dig site. The other pages for completing the Heart of the Forge mystery are Farewell to Kili, The Bronze Age, Bertha, and For Peat's Sake. The page has once been part of the journal of the Imcando dwarf Thalmund.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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My dearest Kili,

Ah, Kili, if only you could see me now, my love. I got old. Fat too, but mostly old. You'll wonder how I got fat as a prisoner of war, but, well, I got my distillery going, a little makeshift oven off the forge, and, well... The goblins bring me food all the time - they think it buys them favour in that meat grinder up above, poor things. I make a mean rockfish pie!

I poured my life into this place. I'm a master smith now, Pa! I wish you all could see it, what I made of meself in the end. I've made friends down here like you wouldn't believe. The greenskins are mean sons-of-Bandos on the battlefield, no doubt, but I see them here as a people, as children even. Maybe even my children. They're my family now, and I do all I can to help them survive in here, to get out alive. I shed a tear for each that falls, but I'm limited in what I can do to help.


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