Rock of Resilience

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Rock of Resilience is an item obtained from the Power Bundle gift box (costing 250 RuneCoins) during Mental Health Awareness Week in 2022. Activating the rock grants a 4% experience boost to the user and a 2% experience boost to nearby players for one hour, and consumes a charge. Unlike the similar Sceptre of enchantment, the boost does not deplete while logged out.

The rock comes with 15 charges, and each purchase of the Power Bundle grants an additional 15 charges. The Power Bundle can be purchased a total of three times, for a total maximum of 45 charges. Only 1 charge can be used per day.

When combining the boost with bonus experience, it works multiplicatively instead of additively; for instance, with both Rock of Resilience buff of 2% from someone else's rock and bonus experience in the trained skill, the total experience modifier will be 2.04.

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