Ritual of Reversion

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The Ritual of Reversion is an Elven ritual used to revert sung crystal back to its seed form. One notable use was when several lords of Elven Clans used it in the Fourth Age to revert Prifddinas back to a seed to protect it after the city was attacked by the Iorwerth Clan.[1][2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • An alternative name for this ritual is the "Song of Reversion".[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Elven clan herald, RuneScape. "Iorwerth, led by the former lord, attacked the city in a desperate grab for power. The remaining clans were not warriors you understand, so the Iorwerth slaughtered them in droves. To protect the culture and traditions of the houses, the great lords of the other houses fled into exile. But before they did, they did the unthinkable. To protect Prifddinas, they performed the Ritual of Reversion and the city began to unmake itself. The people watched in horror as the great city shrank in on itself, homes gone, everything that made them elves...gone."
  2. ^ a b Cadarn: The Great Divide, Part II, written by Cerridwyn, RuneScape. "Baxtorian knew that the chance to save Prifddinas might never come again, so he put thought of his beloved queen out of his mind and snuck in to the city with a squad of warriors. They worked secretly for several weeks to locate and free the clan elders, then gathered them in the Grand Library and sang the Song of Reversion. I watched from outside as the spires of Prifddinas shrank into the crater like a withering plant."