Ritual of Rebirth

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The Ritual of Rebirth is a ritual that is used primarily by phoenices but can also be used by any other magic creature to rebirth themselves and restart their natural lifespans.[1][2] The Phoenix is a regular user of this ritual and the player must help her complete it during In Pyre Need when she is injured and cannot complete it herself.

For the Phoenix to perform the ritual, it needs to be burnt alive on a funeral pyre made of cinnamon, sassafras, ailanthus, cedar, and mastic trees. It also needs to be sufficiently weak such that the flames of the fire will kill it. After it is burnt to ashes, it will be reborn.[3] There are other ways of performing the ritual too, however. During 2017 Christmas event, the Phoenix performs it on a burnt-to-ash Rudolph by bringing him to her lair, dousing the ashes with her flames, and saying Dabarim Kana'anim. This was enough to rebirth him, but with the side effect of imparting Phoenix-like magical essence into him and giving him flaming wings.[4]

The Phoenix also says that the ritual can possibly breathe life into inanimate objects.[5] However, when this was tested with the Clockwork Gnome, it failed to occur.

References[edit | edit source]

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