Ritual of Enervation

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The Ritual of Enervation is a Mahjarrat ritual where the Mahjarrat breed. When the elder god Mother Mah had a particularly violent nightmare, she would cause seismic activities which included avalanches and earthquakes. Whenever the Ritual was performed, the seismic activity seemed to stop, but it is unknown whether the ritual ever actually had anything to do with their cessation. It is revealed by Seren's memories that she taught the Mahjarrat both the Ritual of Enervation and the Ritual of Rejuvenation. The purpose of the Ritual of Enervation was to sap Mah's powers during her nightmares in order to protect the land. This power they sapped was the first way they bred new Mahjarrat.

Wahisietel questions in his memory whether Mother Mah actually exists or not, but does not deny that seismic activity occurs. It is unknown if the Mahjarrat continued to only breed during earthquakes after they left Freneskae, although it is known that Moia and General Khazard have been born on Gielinor, but whether during an earthquake or not is unknown.