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Ripper demons are powerful demons that require a Slayer level of 96 to harm, and are one of the four monsters that make up the "Raptor Mob". They are mostly killed to create ripper demon pouches and the nipper demon pet.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

They are level 131 monsters 33,563 health. Offensively, they possess an Attack level of 99 and accuracy of 3031, while defensively, they possess 90 Defence with 90 affinity towards earth spells, 65 towards other magic, 55 melee and 45 ranged affinity. As demons, they are weak to demonbane weaponry and the Demon Slayer perk and ability.

When idle, the demon simply wanders around like a normal monster until they attack or are attacked, upon which they root in place unless the player is underneath them. The demon uses basic melee attacks that can deal up to 1,330 damage per hit, but can attack anywhere from 1-3 hits per attack. If the player is not within melee range of the demon, they will dart into the shadows and appear next to the player, performing Slaughter - if it is on cooldown, then a simple melee attack is used.

Along with these simple attacks, the demon also has a special adrenaline bar that fills as it successfully damages the player. When this bar fills, the demon has the ability to perform their signature instant-kill attack. The demon will leap into the ceiling and disappear, causing the player to lose it as a target. The demon will quickly target the player once up, with a shadow that always appears west of the player's position, unless there is no space for the demon to land on, on which the shadow will appear on the player's position instead. This shadow has a visual appearance of 2x2 AoE but has an effective range of 4x4. If the player is within this 4x4 radius, the demon will deal 32,000 hard typeless damage against the player. Regardless if the strike lands or not, the player will quickly reacquire the demon as a target, and it will not attack for two seconds to allow the player to move back into melee distance.

Ripper demons are also sensitive to the smell of blood; while not normally aggressive, if the player's health falls below 35% of their maximum health, nearby demons will attack them. The demons will not shake off even if the player restores their health, but it will prevent other demons from attacking. Nonetheless, this should be avoided at all costs and the player should teleport out if this does occur.

When the demon reaches 0 life points, it will perform a last-ditch struggle attack. The demon will spin uncontrollably on the spot, dealing 950 melee damage per tick for a brief time before collapsing. The area of effect of this attack is somewhat unusual, although it is still fairly easy to avoid by standing at least three spaces away from the demon. Although drops will be shown upon reaching 0 health, it is best to wait to collect them once the demon drops dead.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

AoE Method[edit | edit source]

The spot to stand on for the AoE method. The combat dummy is placed two tiles north of the tile the player is standing on.

The AoE method can be performed with either Magic or Ranged, both of which are normally not recommended when killing ripper demons in standard combat. This method allows players to quickly breeze through ripper demons with ease; with best-in-slot equipment, it is possible to get 800 to 1000 kills per hour.

In order to perform this method with Ranged, mechanised chinchompas are required, whereas with Magic is with Blood Barrage on Legacy Mode. The player will also need to have a melee training dummy to have a target to hit. As shown with the picture, the dummy should be placed two tiles north of the AoE spot. This will hit all demons that attack the player without having to move and get attacked by the demons that get stuck. A melee dummy is required as it can be attacked with any combat style, despite being immune to ranged and magic damage. These dummies also last 10 minutes each if not destroyed upon being deployed, unless the player is forced to teleport early.

A dwarf multicannon with the ability to autoreload is also needed for this method, as the player is not expected to move from the spot unless an instant-kill is imminent. Oldak Coils and Kinetic Cyclones' AoE is too small compared to the cannon, but is safer for those trying the method out for the first time. Magic tank armour is highly recommended for the head, gloves and boots to use Animate Dead to provide additional damage reduction from the demons' attacks; each cast lasts for 12 minutes.

In the main chamber, the southernmost tile provides players the most protection against ripper demons. As the player will not be in melee range, the demons will automatically dash to the player and apply Slaughter, but become stuck in the process, unable to get out and attack unless the player moves out. This means that their only attacks will be Slaughter and last-ditch struggle. However, one of the spawns is diagonally across from this spot; ripper demons are capable of using melee diagonally across the player, so this demon will need to be prioritized first whenever it spawns to avoid instant-kill attacks. Devoted and Enhanced Devoted perks are recommended to reduce damage from the melee hits - as the player will be hit often, they will have a high activation rate, and the two roll independently of each other.

Area looting is also required for this method in order to quickly pick up drops.

Magic has slightly higher costs than range but provides far more stability compared to ranged. The player has the ability to pick better magic tank equipment without suffering from accuracy penalties. Legacy Mode should be more than enough to heal off all damage dealt from the demons with Blood Barrage and Animate Dead.

Vampyrism aura.png
Achto Primeval mask.png
Attuned ectoplasmator.png
Demon horn necklace.png
Large rune pouch (red).png
Augmented Inquisitor staff.png
Augmented Virtus robe top.png
Off-hand slot.png
Augmented Virtus robe legs.png
Achto Primeval gloves.png
Achto Primeval boots.png
Asylum surgeon's ring.png
Elder overload potion (6).pngMagic notepaper 5.png400Weapon poison+++ flask (6).pngEnhanced Excalibur.png
Gem bag (upgraded).pngSpring cleaner 9001.pngLarge rune pouch (black).png
Binding contract.png300Rocktail.pngRocktail.png
Rocktail.pngRocktail.pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngCannonball.png5000Archaeology journal.pngRoyale cannon stand.png
Royale cannon base.pngRoyale cannon barrels.pngRoyale cannon furnace.pngMagic notepaper 5.png450
  • Rune pouches to hold runes for Blood Barrage and Animate Dead
  • A Dwarf multicannon and cannonballs to draw aggression
  • Archaeology journal for fast teleport (Kharid-et is the closest bank)
  • Emergency food
  • Can use a staff in place of dual-wield magic for higher damage at the cost of slower rate of fire
  • Gem bag to hold uncut dragonstone drops
  • Contracts to make ripper demon pouches
  • Notepaper to note all unnoted drops

Ranged is more cost-efficient compared to Magic but players will suffer accuracy bonuses due to mechanised chinchompas being tier 75, which does not work well against the demons' Defence level of 90 and 45 ranged affinity. Try to keep the head, gloves and boots to tier 75 or lower to get some protection without sacrificing too much accuracy.

Vampyrism aura.png
Chaos helmet.png
Attuned ectoplasmator.png
Demon horn necklace.png
55Blight bolts 5.png
Mechanised chinchompa.png
Augmented Pernix body.png
Augmented Off-hand Blightbound crossbow.png
Augmented Pernix chaps.png
Achto Primeval gloves.png
Achto Primeval boots.png
Asylum surgeon's ring.png
Elder overload potion (6).pngMagic notepaper 5.png400Weapon poison+++ flask (6).pngEnhanced Excalibur.png
Gem bag (upgraded).pngSpring cleaner 9001.pngLarge rune pouch (black).png
Soul rune.png300Rocktail.pngRocktail.png
Rocktail.pngRocktail.pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngCannonball.png5000Archaeology journal.pngRoyale cannon stand.png
Royale cannon base.pngRoyale cannon barrels.pngRoyale cannon furnace.pngBinding contract.png300
Magic notepaper 5.png450