Ring of seeking (both)

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The ring of seeking (both) is an item that can be bought from Faruq's Tools for Games in Al Kharid. The purpose of the ring is to alert the player when a friends chat member wearing a ring of seeking (seek) or a ring of seeking (hide) is nearby. The ring will also alert other members of the friends chat who are wearing a (seek) or (both) ring when the player is nearby. Every 15 ticks, any member of the friends chat wearing an active (seek) or (both) ring will receive a chat message of either "The ring of seeking shakes gently." if another member of the chat wearing a (hide) or (both) ring is within a 21x21 tile area centered on the seeker, or "The ring of seeking remains still and silent." if there are none nearby.

This ring can be used for the game of Hide and Seek with friends chat members or other players. Hide and Seek is not an officially-organised minigame, but is organised by players. This means that it is up to the players to set up the rules.

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