Ring of metamorphosis

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Opal ring detail.png

A ring of metamorphosis is made by enchanting an opal ring with the Lvl-1 Enchant spell. While wearing the ring, there is a 6% chance[1] to receive double experience when catching butterflies barehanded. The ring has 10 charges, after which it will crumble to dust.

The doubling effect stacks with bonus experience. For example, catching a black warlock gives 475 Hunting experience and 125 Agility experience. When the ring uses a charge, this doubles for 1200 experience total. If a player has Hunting bonus experience such as from a small fallen star, then this adds 475 which also gets doubled by the ring, for a total of 2150 experience.

The effect also stacks with items that give bonus experience. For example, a complete nimble outfit adds 7.5 to the base 125 Agility. The ring effect doubles this to 15, bringing the total for one catch to 2165 experience.

  1. ^ Based on a test of 100 ring charges, which took 1664 catches.