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The ring of kinship (gatherer) is an specialised version of the ring of kinship that gives a chance of extra resources when skilling along with a 50% damage reduction upon failing a skill task. No experience is given for extra resources obtained. The chance for both effects are the same for each individual tier. The ring cannot be taken out of the dungeon; it is converted back to the ring of kinship once a player leaves, or enters the dungeon in F2P.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

12 possible roles

Effects[edit | edit source]

As of 19 July 2010, members can now customise their ring by purchasing class upgrades with Dungeoneering tokens. There are 12 possible classes, and only one may be active at a time. However two classes can be activated if you have done at least the Easy Tasks of the Daemonheim set. In order to take advantage of the upgrades, players must wear the rings.

If a player dies outside of Daemonheim with the normal ring, the player can regain it from the Dungeoneering tutor for free. The ring will not lose its upgrade, and the tokens spent on upgrading the ring are not wasted.

An upgraded ring of kinship does not have any boost nor will it appear in a F2P world.

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Effect Chance 20% 23% 27% 30% 33% 37% 40% 43% 47% 50%
Upgrade Cost (Tokens) 135 175 335 660 1,360 3,400 6,800 18,750 58,600 233,000
Cumulative Cost (Tokens) 135 310 645 1,305 2,665 6,065 12,865 31,615 90,215 323,215

The cost of upgrading increases dramatically after tier 8 because players who have earned enough tokens to achieve those tiers will also have a significantly increased capacity to earn Dungeoneering tokens.[1] To get tier 10 in all of the 12 roles you must obtain 3,878,580 tokens which is equivalent to at least 38,785,800 experience (Level 110).

Players can refund the tokens spent for free once, or buy a "Ring of kinship reset" for 50,000 tokens for more refunds.

Damage reduction[edit | edit source]

The message: "Your ring of kinship specialisation reduces the skill challenge damage." is displayed when the gatherer ring is worn and the player fails a puzzle or skill door.

Ring reduces damage from this:

Skill doors
  • "You miss the chain and set off the trap." - Agility
  • "You dislodge some debris while attempting to fix the door, and it falls on you." - Construction
  • "The rope snaps again as you attempt to fix it, and you crush your hands in the mechanism." - Crafting
  • "The energy in the wisp is too strong for you." - Divination
  • "You hurt your hands on the vicious thorns covering the vines." - Farming
  • "The pile of debris fails to ignite. The same cannot be said for your clothes." - Firemaking
  • "You have mixed the wrong compound and it explodes in your face." - Herblore
  • "You fail to dispel the barrier and take a surge of magic energy to the face." - Magic
  • "You fail to mine the obstacle, and are harmed by falling debris." - Mining
  • "The gods snub your prayer, and the dark spirit attacks you." - Prayer
  • "You imbue the wrong type of rune energy into the door, and it reacts explosively." - Runecrafting
  • "You hit your hand with the hammer. Needless to say, the key is still broken." - Smithing
  • "You pull a muscle attempting to remove the plank." - Strength
  • "You fail to dismiss the rogue familiar, who hits you in anger." - Summoning
  • "You set off a booby trap on the lock, and fail to pick it." - Thieving
  • "You swing the axe against the grain and are showered with sharp splinters of wood." - Woodcutting
  • "You drop the rock on your foot while trying to hammer it into place. It is destroyed." - Statue bridge
  • "You trap you fingers in the spinning wheel, which really hurts." - Grapple tightrope/Winch bridge
  • "You smash the climbing hook head with your hammer, causing a piece to fly up and hit you in the eye!" - Grapple tightrope/Winch bridge
  • "You dislodge some debris while attempting to retrieve a stone block, and it falls on your head." - Three/Ten statue weapon
  • "You dislodge some debris while attempting to clear the obstacle and it falls on your head." - Collapsing room
  • "You dislodge some debris while attempting to retrieve the logs and it falls on your head." - Hunter ferret
  • "You force the tile without changing adjacent tiles, and the released energy harms you." - Flip tiles
  • "You have a hilarious accident with the hammer and chisel, destroying the block in the process." - Three/Ten statue weapon
  • "You have a hilarious fishing accident that one day you'll tell your grandchildren about." - Fishing ferret
  • "You fail to mix the compounds correctly, resulting in an alchemical accident." - Coloured recess (taking the potion)
  • "Your clumsy attempts at mining causes a minor cave-in." - Three/Ten statue weapon
  • "The ferret bites you and manages to slip away." - Hunter ferret (doesn't do damage, but still protects)
  • "The plant attacks you and you fail to uproot it." - Flower roots
  • "The plant attacks you and you fail to cut it.
    You should wait until the colour matches the docile central flower." - Flower roots
  • "You mishandle the sharp vase shards and cut yourself!" - Unhappy ghost
  • "You smash your hand with the hammer." - Unhappy ghost
  • "The gods angrily snub your prayer!" - Unhappy ghost
  • "You put your back out while trying to push the statue." - Statue bridge
  • "You put your back out while trying to wind the winch." - Winch bridge
  • "You accidentally get some of the liquid on your hands, burning them badly." - Return the flow
  • "The fierce little herb bites your hand." - Poltergeist (Corianger)
  • "The unstable herb detonates in your hand." - Poltergeist (Explosemary)
  • "The herb cuts into your palm and checks its enchanted gem." - Poltergeist (Parslay)
  • "The sharp leaves of the herb cut you badly." - Poltergeist (Cardamaim)
  • "You feel your life force ebb away from you and into the plant." - Poltergeist (Papreaper)
  • "The toxins on the herb burn your fingers painfully." - Poltergeist (Slaughtercress)
  • "The construct part reacts explosively as you imbue it with the wrong rune energy." - Magical construct
  • "You trigger a booby trap placed in the coffin. It impales your hand!" - Poltergeist

Not reduced:

  • "You have a hilarious fishing accident that, if it hadn't killed you, would have made a great story for your grandchildren." - Fishing ferret
  • "You burn the fish so spectacularly there is nothing left of it." - Fishing ferret
  • "One of your party angers the statues, and they zap you with magic!" - Follow the leader
  • "You strain your powers of telekinesis, but the tile just doesn't want to go there." - Sliding tiles
  • "This skater doesn't have the key. It bites you in annoyance." - Pondskaters
  • "You dislodge some debris while attempting to clear the obstacle and it falls on your head. - Return the flow
  • "You fail to mix the compounds correctly, resulting in an alchemical accident." - Coloured recess (recolouring)
  • "The mixture fizzes with magic: hostile, painful magic!" - Coloured recess
  • "The mixture froths and emits a toxic gas, poisoning you!" - Coloured recess
  • "The reaction is violently endothermic, freezing you solid!" - Coloured recess
  • "You place the weapon in the statue's hands...
    ...And it explodes!" - Three statue weapon
  • "You hear a loud noise and all the switches toggle back off." - Levers
  • "The trap gets you." -Suspicious grooves
  • "You are seared!" -Seeker sentinel
  • "You accidentally hurl the climbing hook into the chasm and lose it!" - Grapple tightrope/Winch bridge
  • "You fail to charge the construct, charging yourself instead. The result is painful." - Magical construct
  • "You take damage from the toxin in the room." - Toxin maze
  • "You take damage from the unstable portals in the area." - Portal maze

Quick-switch[edit | edit source]

Players can quickly switch from one type to another using Quick-switch on the ring's right-click menu.

This error message appears if the option has not been configured. "You have no ring selected to quick-switch to. Select 'Customise' and pick a secondary ring to quick-switch to."

To select the secondary ring, right-click on "Switch-to" in the customise interface and choose "Quick-switch".

Secondary class[edit | edit source]

With the release of Daemonheim Tasks on 10 September 2013, a secondary class can be selected after completion of the easy tasks, from the "secondary" section when accessing the "customisation" interface. Players are able to right-click the "switch-to" settings and select "secondary".

After the easy tasks, the secondary ring will have 25% effect, the medium tasks increase this to 50%, the hard tasks to 75% and finally the elite tasks make the secondary class 100% effective.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the Ring of Kinship is converted into a role, the roleless version can no longer be obtained inside a dungeon except in F2P worlds.
  • Whilst Dungeoneering, the Ring of Kinship cannot be destroyed.
  • Using the ring on one of the tables in the start room would kick the player out of the dungeon.

References[edit | edit source]

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