Ring of Wealth glitch

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On 15 March 2011, an update to the Ring of Wealth introduced new teleport abilities for the ring and made the ring notify the player when it increased the chances of obtaining a rare drop. Within half an hour of the update, players discovered that while in LootShare, the effects of the Ring of Wealth stacked. This allowed players to obtain valuable boss drops at an alarmingly common rate.

As such, players were able to get valuable boss drops by killing the boss in large groups. The Corporeal Beast was the most targeted boss, as it had the most valuable drops at the time of the bug. The day after the glitch, Mod Mark personally apologised for what happened. After Jagex reviewed the bug, they promptly fixed it, and ring's unique ability stopped stacking in LootShare mode. No rollbacks were given.

2017[edit | edit source]

On 13 November 2017, a similar bug occurred when luck rings, including Luck of the Dwarves, were updated to inform the player what item they received as a result of wearing the ring. The effectiveness of the rings seemed to be accidentally changed during the update, causing players to receive a significantly larger number of rare drops than intended. The bug was hotfixed a few hours later.[1]

Jagex released a statement the following day explaining that they would not be performing a server rollback or taking action on accounts except those that they were 100% confident were abusing the bug. Unlike the first incident of this bug, it only affected a few areas: God Wars Dungeon bosses (including Nex, but not her hard mode variant), the Kalphite King, Corporeal Beast, and the WildyWyrm. On top of those, the rare drop table was also affected.[2]

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