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Ridgeley is the Hairdresser's pet. He is a chinchompa who can be found in the treadmill on the ground floor of the Hairdresser's shop running on the treadmill, powering the pole outside the building. Interestingly, unlike all other chinchompas he does not eat spicy tomatoes. In the Postbag from the Hedge #38 it is revealed that he is a member of the F.U.R.R.Y. charity (registered number 1337) as well as suggested that he is Guthixian.

Ridgeley must be fed cheese in order to complete the Falador easy task Chinchompa Powered!. Feeding Ridgeley cheese will produce an in-game message which reads You throw the cheese to Ridgeley, for which he appears grateful., attempting to use any other item on him will result in Ridgeley ignores you. Perhaps some cheese might get his attention.

Ridgeley running on his wheel.

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