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For the upgraded version, see Greater Ricochet.

Ricochet is a basic Ranged ability. It requires level 45 Ranged to use. It is mostly used when fighting multiple opponents, such as when training Slayer or Dungeoneering.

The ability hits the target for 20-100% ability damage, and will also strike 2 nearby targets within a 6 square radius of the primary target. It can hit secondary targets beyond your normal attack range, but cannot hit secondary targets you cannot see (straight line-of-sight required).

It is very similar to the Magic ability Chain, although the 2 additional hits of Chain will not take effect if the initial hit misses. Ricochet does not have this issue.

The Caroming perk will increase the number of targets Ricochet can hit.

Ricochet can be effectively used to keep attacking enemy monsters automatically while being AFK from the game, although it requires caution from the damage taken. Using a Quickbow (for lower levels) or a Crystal Bow (for higher levels) will make this more effective as the damage dealt will be enough to draw more monsters before killing the current one, while also removing the need for ammo. This will require to toggle ON auto-cast of skills so if triggers automatically once recharged.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 25 March 2019 (Update):
    • Increased the effective range of the Ricochet ability against additional targets (previously it hit enemies within 4 squares of its attack, this is now 6) this change also affects the Caroming perk.
  • update 25 March 2019) (Update):
    • The Ricochet ranged ability now targets secondary opponents at range 6, up from 4.