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The Reward box is found in the Dominion Tower and can be accessed after finishing a fight in the tower. Two others are found on the ground floor on either side of the Strange face. Rewards received from the box are determined by the amount of Dominion Factor the player has, which is determined by the particular fight and the mode being played. After a game has finished, players can look in the reward box to receive item rewards based on their current Dominion Factor (only that which was received in the most recent game).

The reward box interface.

The interface allows players to convert rewards specific to Dominion Tower into an experience book (or to add to an existing experience book), to bank all items (except an experience book), to reroll the rewards (if the player is wearing a Desert amulet 4), or to take items into inventory individually by clicking on them.

A right-click "Check-DF" option allows players to check how much Dominion Factor they have without claiming the rewards.

A right-click "Exchange" option converts rewards specific to Dominion Tower that are in inventory into an experience book (or adds to an existing experience book in inventory).

Possible items received from the box include:

The Reward Box will only give players up to 20 of any individual item at once, excluding scorpion meat.

The contents of the Reward Box will only persist until logout, at which point it will be sent to inventory, bank or the floor if the two former places are full.

Re-rolling the reward box while wearing the desert amulet 4:

Each item has a certain unknown amount of dominion factor assigned, which allows the game to populate the chest. If you opened up the reward chest with 100k dominion factor, it will contain 100k dominion factor worth of items.

You can take some desirable items out of the chest before rerolling, this will deduct the associated amount of factor from the chest.

You can reroll up to 3 times every daily reset. It is not known yet if the game can refresh your rerolls while you're still logged in, giving up to a maximum of 6 rerolls before you have to keep or abandon the contents.

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