Respect (Artisans Workshop)

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This article is about the currency. For the rule, see Respect.

Respect is a currency used in the Artisans Workshop to buy rewards from the Artisans' Workshop Reward Shop ran by Egil.

Players cannot have more than 100% respect at a time. Players will get a green text message when they reach 100% respect telling them they need to spend their respect before they can gain more.

Earning respect[edit | edit source]

  • 1% respect per 10,000 experience gained by smithing
  • Fixing pipes gives less than 0.15% respect
  • Wearing a Falador shield 4 provides a 5% bonus to the respect earned
  • Using an Artisans' workshop respect enhancer gives an extra 0.25% respect whenever 0.25% respect is earned. This effectively gives double respect if respect is earned in small amounts, but some training such as making Burial equipment gives all the respect as a lump sum, and the enhancer only gives slightly more.
  • When making burial armour sets the respect is awarded once the set is completed and not during the smithing process.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Reward Price (Respect) New effect Trim requirement
Quick Repairs 5% Repairing burst pipes in the Workshop's ceremonial swords area will become 50% faster. Yes check.svg
Repair Expert 15% Repairing the pipes gives 50 more Experience. Yes check.svg
Golden Cannon 50% Allows turning the Dwarf multicannon to Golden version. Increases cannonball capacity to 60. Yes check.svg
Royale Cannon 100% Allows turning the Dwarf multicannon to Royale version. Increases cannonball capacity to 90. Requires Golden Cannon. Yes check.svg
Restocking Cannon 100% Grants your cannon the ability to reload automatically. You must have cannonballs in your inventory and be within 15 squares for this to work. Requires Royale Cannon. Yes check.svg
Sword Polishing Kit 1% Gives 1 sword polishing kit, which - when held in your inventory - prevent a ceremonial sword from breaking.
Solemn Smith I 20% Making complete burial armour sets gives +1% XP (stacking up to +5%). Requires the previous upgrade Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith II 40% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith III 60% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith IV 80% Yes check.svg
Solemn Smith V 100% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Sword Orders 100% The player has a higher chance to get a ceremonial sword design when finishing smithing an item Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordsmith I 30% Making a ceremonial sword gives +1% XP per upgrade Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordmith II 30% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordmith III 30% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordmith IV 30% Yes check.svg
Ceremonial Swordmith V 30% Yes check.svg
Luminite injector 100% each +1 base progress for all players in the workshop for 5 minutes
Blacksmith's outfit piece 50%
(300% total)
With ceremonial swords being reworked, the Blacksmith's outfit has instead been put in the rewards shop, costing 50% per piece (5 pieces) and another 50% for the Blacksmith's helmet add-on
Cosmetic override 100%
(300% total)
Cosmetic overrides for the old rework armours: Necturion Outfit (and Necturion (Masterwork) Outfit), Invictum Outfit (and Invictum (Masterwork) Outfit), and Aetherium Outfit (and Aetherium (Masterwork) Outfit)

For historical rewards see the Artisans Workshop (historical) page.