Respect (Artisans' Workshop)

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This article is about the currency. For the rule, see Respect.

Respect is a currency used in the Artisans' Workshop, earned while smithing items in the Workshop. It's used to buy rewards from the Artisans' Workshop Reward Shop, ran by Egil.

Respect is measured in percentage points, with 2+ decimal places of precision (0.01%); however, the interface only displays respect to the nearest 1%. Players cannot have more than 100% respect at a time. Players will get a green text message when they reach 100% respect, telling them they need to spend their respect before they can gain more.

Earning respect[edit | edit source]

  • Players earn 1% respect per 10,000 experience gained from smithing equipment and ceremonial swords.
    • Respect is awarded once the item is completed and not during the smithing process.
    • If smithing an item would increase the player's respect over 100%, any extra respect is lost; for example, if a player has 99% respect, and smiths an item that gives 30,000 Smithing experience, they will have 100% respect after completing the item, not 102%.
    • Bonus experience does not double respect earned.
    • Smithing protean bars or smelting ores doesn't yield respect.
  • Fixing ~21-26 burst pipes awards 1% respect.
  • Wearing a Falador shield 4 provides a 5% bonus to respect earned.
  • Using an Artisans' workshop respect enhancer gives extra respect, in multiples of 0.25% respect, when smithing items that yield 0.25%+ respect; multiple charges are consumed for items that give multiples of 0.25% respect.
    • An item that gives 2,500 Smithing experience will yield 0.25% (base) + 0.25% (extra) = 0.50% respect and consume 1 charge.
    • An item that gives 11,000 Smithing experience will yield 1.10% (base) + 1.00% (extra) = 2.10% respect and consume 4 charges.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Name Price (Respect) Effect Required
for WOYA
Dwarven Instinct Fragment 100% One half of the Dwarven instinct aura. X mark.svg Members
Quick Repairs 5% Repairing burst pipes becomes 50% faster. Yes check.svg Free-to-play
Repair Expert 15% Repairing burst pipes gives 50 more Smithing experience. Yes check.svg Free-to-play
Golden Cannon 50% The player can now ask Egil to convert their dwarf multicannon into the golden version, which has a cannonball capacity of 60. (The regular multicannon has a capacity of 30.) Yes check.svg Members
Royale Cannon 100% The player can now ask Egil to convert their dwarf multicannon into the royale version, which has a cannonball capacity of 90. Requires Golden Cannon. Yes check.svg Members
Restocking Cannon 100% Gives you the ability to reload dwarf multicannons automatically; you must have cannonballs in your inventory and stand within 15 squares of the cannon. Requires Royale Cannon. Yes check.svg Members
Sword Polishing Kit 1% each Gives 1 sword polishing kit. When held in your inventory, it prevents a ceremonial sword from breaking, and is consumed in the process. X mark.svg Members
Solemn Smith I 20% Making a complete set of burial armour gives an additional 1% XP, up to 5%. Each tier requires the previous tier. Yes check.svg Free-to-play
Solemn Smith II 40% Yes check.svg Free-to-play
Solemn Smith III 60% Yes check.svg Free-to-play
Solemn Smith IV 80% Yes check.svg Free-to-play
Solemn Smith V 100% Yes check.svg Free-to-play
Ceremonial Sword Orders 100% Players have a 10% higher chance to get a ceremonial sword design when they finish smithing an item. Yes check.svg Members
Ceremonial Swordsmith I 30% Making a ceremonial sword gives an additional 1% XP upon successful completion, up to 5%. Each tier requires the previous tier. Yes check.svg Members
Ceremonial Swordmith II 30% Yes check.svg Members
Ceremonial Swordmith III 30% Yes check.svg Members
Ceremonial Swordmith IV 30% Yes check.svg Members
Ceremonial Swordmith V 30% Yes check.svg Members
Luminite injector 100% each When used, every player in the Workshop gains +1 base progress when smithing, for 5 minutes. X mark.svg Members
Blacksmith's outfit piece 50%
(300% total)
Gives you a piece of the Blacksmith's outfit that you do not already own. The outfit increases Smithing experience by 1% per piece when worn, plus an additional 1% (6% total) if the entire set is worn. After purchasing all 5 pieces, you can buy this reward one more time to get the blacksmith's helmet add-on. X mark.svg Members
Necturion Outfit 100% These are cosmetic overrides based on armour sets that were developed for the Mining and Smithing rework, but later scrapped. Purchasing an outfit also unlocks its masterwork version. Yes check.svg
Invictum Outfit 100%
Aetherium Outfit 100%