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Research - Kharid-et is an achievement that requires the player to complete all listed research at the Kharid-et dig site.

This achievement had a grace period which ended on 30 September 2020.

Research[edit | edit source]

Mission name Level Where to start Rewards
Demon Door 12 Study the Outer Wall Debris just south-east of the entrance, next to the Imperial steel cache.
Proving Grounds 17 Study the doorway of the north-west building in the Barracks
Cell, a Door 47 Study one of the cell doors in the Prison Block.
Lockdown 58 Study the central vault found during the first step of The Vault of Shadows mystery.
Requiescat in Pace 86 Study the stained glass window after passing the Pontifex barrier
Where There's Smoke 100 Study the fireplace in the Kitchen
Shadow Play 107 While the pylon perk is active within Kharid-et, interact with the Praetorium War Table to enter a separate chamber.

Once there, Study the War Table.

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