Reprehensible Snowgre

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The Reprehensible Snowgre is a likely fictional creature that is mentioned by Lady Table and Sir Tiffy Cashien during Ritual of the Mahjarrat. She mentions that it is "sighted" frequently, and compares it to what she thinks are also fictional characters, the dragonkin. When the player character inquires about the Reprehensible Snowgre, Sir Tiffy assures them that the Temple Knights are rather certain that it's a mythical creature and nothing to worry about.[1][2][3]

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  2. ^ Player character, "Ritual of the Mahjarrat", RuneScape. "What's the Reprehensible Snow-"
  3. ^ Sir Tiffy Cashien, "Ritual of the Mahjarrat", RuneScape. "Wouldn't worry about it, old bean. We're pretty certain that one's a myth."