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This is a guide to quickly completing the daily repeatable tasks, plus a few other things, available to players. It is recommended that players read the whole guide before setting off, in order to plan the most efficient use of their inventory space.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Path[edit | edit source]

  1. Start at Catherby bank.
  2. Go east to tend to the fruit tree patch at the beach.
  3. Run back to the bank and buy 40 pineapples and 80 seaweed from Arhein on the docks.
  4. Bank again and go to the allotment north of Catherby and tend to herbs and compost there.
  5. Bank at Catherby once more and run west to Geoffrey and collect flax from him (after completion of the easy Seers' Village tasks)
  6. Teleport (using Ardougne lodestone or Ardougne cloak 2 or higher) or run to the north Ardougne allotments. Tend to herbs and compost there.
  7. Visit Wizard Cromperty for Pure essence (after completing the medium Ardougne tasks) and then bank at Ardougne south bank.
  8. Bank everything and prepare to fight the Jade Vine. Remember hatchet, secateurs (there is a Tool Leprechaun at Handelmort Mansion if required) and antipoison.
  9. Replant the Jade Vine after defeating it. Don't forget to check it again in several hours so it's available to fight the next day.
  10. Go to the general store near the bridge and buy all available vial of water packs.
  11. Bank everything again, and withdraw the items needed for Karamja - coins, Brimhaven tablet (after Love Story) or Teleport to house runes/tablet (if house is in Brimhaven) or Karamja lodestone to get there; 10 coins or Karamja gloves 3 to get to Shilo Village, and optionally a juju teleport spiritbag to get to Herblore Habitat.
  12. Tend to the fruit tree patch.
  13. Run south to Dell Monti and collect pineapples from him. Pick some more pineapples from the spawns nearby.
  14. Use gloves or cart to get to Shilo Village and buy vial of water packs from the general store. Bank in Shilo Village.
  15. Leave Shilo Village and run east to Herblore Habitat, or use spiritbag to teleport directly there. Tend to fruit tree patch and compost there.
  16. Run north-west to the fairy ring south of Tai Bwo Wannai or, alternatively, use an Ardougne cloak to teleport to the monastery south of Ardougne and run east to the Tower of Life fairy ring (the latter method is quicker) and teleport to Miscellania (code C-I-P).
  17. Increase approval rating. Collect produce and add money to the coffers once a week.
  18. Use the fairy ring to teleport to Edgeville (code D-K-R) or Edgeville lodestone and run through the Grand Exchange to reach the tree patch in Varrock Palace grounds.
  19. Return to the bank and deposit everything. Collect combat gear and go to fight Bork.
  20. Teleport to Yanille using Watchtower Teleport, teleport to house (if located in Yanille), Yanille tablet or Yanille lodestone. Visit Bert to have buckets of sand delivered to the bank.
  21. Run north from Yanille's west entrance to reach the Tree Gnome Village fruit tree patch. Tend to it.
  22. Use the Tree Gnome Village spirit tree to teleport to Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  23. Tend to the fruit tree east of the spirit tree and the tree south-west of the bank.
  24. Teleport to Oo'glog lodestone and run east to sandstone. Mine 50 red sandstone, making robust glass and potion flasks on the way back through shortcut in the wall to bank (will take two trips to make a full set). 
  25. Buy Raw bird meat packs from Chargurr.
  26. Use a Taverley tablet to get to the Taverley tree patch and tend to the tree there.
  27. Run north to Poletax and buy 40 vial of water packs.
  28. Teleport or run to Falador and tend to the tree spot in the park.
  29. Bank at east Falador bank and teleport or run to the south Falador allotments and tend to herbs and compost there.
  30. Teleport or run to Lumbridge, banking either there or Draynor Village, and tend to the tree spot south of the forge.
  31. Bank in Lumbridge and teleport to Trollheim to tend to the herb patch on the roof.
  32. Use the tiny elf crystal to teleport to Lletya and tend to the fruit tree there and bank.
  33. Use the ectophial to teleport to Port Phasmatys and tend to the allotments to the west. If you have done some Morytania tasks, Robin can change some bones to bucket of slime and grinded bone in pot every day.
  34. Use a games necklace to teleport to Barbarian Assault and go north over the basalt rocks to the lighthouse. Buy vial of water packs from Jossik the first floor.
  35. Run east to Rellekka and buy more vial of water packs from Sigmund The Merchant.
  36. Get 4 bush seeds and teleport to Varrock lodestone south of town and go to bush patch west of Champions guild. Check condition, pick berries, clear patch and add seeds. Teleport to Port Sarim lodestone, run west to Rimmington and tend bush patch there. Teleport to Yanille lodestone and run north to fairy ring and teleport near Tower of life. Run west to tend bush patch there. Return to fairy ring and teleport to Miscellania and go to Etceteria to tend bush patch there.

Alternatives[edit | edit source]

  • An alternative to steps 8 and 9 is to defeat the Jade Vine every other day, checking its health on the days between. This saves the player from having to remember to check back on it in time for it to become wild again.
  • If a player hasn't completed Love Story or Watchtower and doesn't have their house in Yanille, they can use a ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars and run east to reach Yanille or use the Yanille lodestone.