Regeneration aura

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This article is about the aura. For recovering life points, see Constitution.
For the ability, see Regenerate.
Regeneration aura detail.png

Regeneration is a tier 3 aura that doubles the rate at which life points recover over time. This effect stacks with the effects of the regen bracelet, Rapid Heal, Rapid Renewal, musicians, Fortitude curse, and the Lunar spell Dream.

The aura will remain activated for 1 hour and has a recharge time of 3 hours.

Aura stats[edit | edit source]

Loyalty points
Aura equipped.png
Tier Slot
3 Aura slot.png
Duration 1 hour
Cooldown 3 hours
Cost to extend (50%) 20 Vis wax.png: RS3 Inventory image of Vis waxVis wax
Cost to extend (100%) 40 Vis wax.png: RS3 Inventory image of Vis waxVis wax
You regenerate lifepoints at an increased rate.

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