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A redberry pie is a pie created from redberries at level 10 Cooking. Each half of the pie heals 125 life points for a total of 250 life points per pie. It is inadvisable to use them for healing due to their low restoration and high cost.

One redberry pie is used to bribe the Imcando dwarf Thurgo into helping the player, either to create a blurite sword during The Knight's Sword or to repair a dwarven battleaxe during The Giant Dwarf. Only one pie needs to be used for both quests. Additionally, Thurgo can create an Imcando pickaxe if given a redberry pie, along with four Imcando pickaxe fragments a gilded dragon pickaxe, and 1,000,000 coins. A redberry pie and 1,000,000 coins must also be given to Thurgo while having a dragon mattock, slice of imcando metal, shard of imcando metal, lump of imcando metal, and chunk of imcando metal in the players inventory in order for him to teach the player how to smith the imcando mattock.

A redberry pie can be given to Ramarno during or after Defender of Varrock for 1,000 Smithing experience. This completes the master quest cape achievement Blinded by Ramarno's Teaching.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Redberry pie.png Redberry pie
Cooking LevelCooking XPHourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
10784 (2.4s) 2,673
Servings2Life points LP125 (250)
Burn level50Cook-o-matic 25 Cook-o-matic 25?
F2P icon.png Free-to-play
Range Can only be cooked at a Range
Uncooked berry pie.pngUncooked berry pie11,9151,915

Making a redberry pie requires redberries, a pot of flour, and a pie dish. A good place to prepare it is at Mill Lane Mill north of Lumbridge – wheat is found in fields nearby, and Beefy Bill can supply you with empty pots, redberries, pie dishes, and water.

A pot of flour is created by placing the wheat grain in the hopper on the top floor of the windmill, grinding it by operating the hopper controls, and then collecting the flour with an empty pot on the ground floor. The pot of flour then must be mixed with water or a water source to make pastry dough.

Make a pie shell by using the pastry dough on a pie dish, and put the redberries into the pie shell to make uncooked berry pie. After successfully cooking it on a range, the player receives 78 Cooking experience. Players can accidentally burn the pie, creating a burnt pie, until they reach level 50 Cooking.

If all ingredients are bought from the Grand Exchange, successfully making a redberry pie yields a profit of 1,563 coins. However, if ingredients are bought from Beefy Bill's Supplies, the total cost is only 8 coins, resulting in a profit of 2,665 coins.

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