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Redacted Dragonkin Research is a lore book that can be obtained from killing Verak Lith from the Dragonkin Laboratory. It will have a higher chance to be dropped if the player is playing the dungeon in Story mode. Obtaining it is part of the Dragon Ink achievement.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Redacted Dragonkin Research.
Redacted Dragonkin Research

Subject 26

Subject 26

Hypothesis: The curse is a mental compulsion. Sufficient distraction should alleviate the influence.

Subject 26: Dragonkin, male, adolescent. Caught attemping to steal orikalkum from the stores.

Method: Subject was immobilized by amputation of extremities. Metal rods were inserted into sensitive points on the subject's body, including eyes, temples, hands and stomach. Every fifteen seconds the metal rods were targeted with a lightning incantation which delivered powerful electric shocks to the subject's body, creating extreme pain response.

Result: Whilst the subject experienced extreme pain, the curse was not deadened and the subject described the effects as layering the pain on top of the curse, adding to it, rather than deadening it. Subject's limbs were regenerated and the rods removed, subject appreciated being involved in vital research into curing the curse. Have recommended all further punitive action be removed.

Note: Subject could make a good research assistant if they recover sufficiently from the experiment.

Subject 74

Subject 74

Hypothesis: The curse works by driving the kin into a rage due to the application of extreme pain. Removal of higher brain functions should alleviate the curse.

Subject 74: Dragonkin, female, adult. Attempted murder of an elder kin.

Method: Target was subject to 6 months of intense mental enchantments. They were systematically stripped of their rationality, logical thinking and reasoning by carefully stripping away their sense of self and the memories they had accrued over their lifetime. Effectively reducing them to the mental state of a child.

Result: Without their higher brain functions the subject gave themselves completely over to the curse and became completely feral. They were incapable of reasoning and could not be calmed by any method. Subject terminated.

It is my belief that the curse is more than just a mental geas which afflicts us. Perhaps the analogy of 'the chains that enslave us', as my brethren like to scream, is not so far from the truth. If it is a link, it would explain why our attempts to deaden it have failed, as the curse simple re-establishes itself. Further exploration is required, but I am confident that this is an avenue worth investigating. There are always new subjects to experiment on.

Subject 103

Subject 103

Hypothesis: The link is a construct of anima, the energy used by the slavers. Therefore application of material kreath takla should disrupt the link.

Subject 103: Dragonkin male, adolescent. Captured necrosyrtes.

Method: Subject was restrained and kreath takla was applied to their eyes, head, chest and hands, the known locations of magic. Kreath takla activated by the Dissonance Chorus.

Result: Subject described the pain from the curse reducing. Deadening effect lasted mere moments before subject began screaming and then was torn apart by the dimensional currents that formed along their body. A mercy sterilization was applied to the subject before they could be consumed fully.

Anima link a possibility, but kreath takla is clearly not the right approach if we are to free ourselves from the curse.

Subject 107

Subject 107

Hypothesis: If the link is anima based, then it is reasonable to assume that it should be possible to overload it with an extreme application of anima.

Subject 107: Green dragon male, adult.

Note: I was forced to use one of the failed dragon experiments for this procedure. Whilst the dragons do not really suffer the full effect of the curse, they do possess a limited form of it as a result of dragonkin blood in their veins. I would have preferred a live kin as a test subject, but since the stone has been hidden away the number of available kin has reduced as we have gone into hiding on various worlds. A pity, this data will have to suffice.

Method: The subject was transported to a broken world where the anima manifests as spiritual essence. Subject was restrained and these anima forms were harvested with the aid of one of the native priests who believed me to be an emissary of the spirits for some reason. Large numbers of the spirits were then transferred into the subject.

Result: Subject demonstrated a moment of lucidity, demonstrating self awareness and interest in their surroundings. Lucidity lasted approximately 4 and half minutes, before the subject returned to their feral state.

Conclusion: The link is anima based and can be overloaded temporarily by the judicious application of anima, This research is promising.[sic]



Further anima tests on various worlds have led to similar results. Unfortunately the deadening cannot be sustained for long periods of time without a constant supply of anima, which is too dangerous to be viable.

Since it is a link, this means it should be possible to access this link somehow. If that is true, then it should be possible to transmit anima back along the link. It might be theoretically possible to overload the stone itself, severing the curse entirely from all dragonkin.

This would require a phenomenal amount of anima that has been refined and directed. It would also require access to the stone and a means of amplifying and directing the anima flow. No means currently exists, but the potential is definitely worth exploring.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its description in player-owned house bookcase is "Extensive dragonkin research results. Found in the Dragonkin Laboratory."