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Red Raktuber is a penguin-controlled submarine.

Red Raktuber is the name of the submarine that players track down and board during the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber.

The submarine appears to sport some slight modifications to a standard submarine. For example, it is currently able to dock, and presumably walk on land as a giant penguin, due to the giant footprints found near Witchaven.

History[edit | edit source]

The Red Raktuber was created for the KGP by Glosur, Medwin, Baden, and Obert, a group of dwarves who split away from The Red Axe to aid the penguins in their plans for world domination. The submarine was based upon the design of the player's clockwork suit, which was lost at the end of the quest Cold War. The designs have since been significantly modified. The ship was originally captained by Captain Marlin.

Eventually, the ship went missing, and a cabin cleaner was sent ashore to deliver a message to the KGP that those on board the ship had found a new leader, one that was better than Pescaling Pax.

Hunt for Red Raktuber[edit | edit source]

The submarine landed on the shores of Yanille.
Main article: Hunt for Red Raktuber

During the quest, players attempt to track down and board the Red Raktuber. After interrogating the captured penguin, players learn how to board the Red Raktuber using a conch shell, and a specific signal consisting of 3 of the penguin emotes. With the help of Ping & Pong, players also learn from the dwarves how to disable and reset the course of the submarine. Players then finally steal a telegram, which indicates the last sighting of the ship, east of Yanille.

On board the ship, players discover that Captain Marlin has come under control of a sea slug. They are thrown into the brig, and their toolbox is confiscated. The player must then search a nearby hat rack to find an array of sea-related items and creatures to improvise for a lockpick and the tools required to disable and re-route the ship to a nearby tropical island.

After the quest[edit | edit source]

Players discover that they were tricked by Pescaling Pax into returning the ship to him and the KGP, and that the dwarves were in fact working with the penguins. The ship is taken, along with a captured Larry to the Motherland.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 July 2009 (Update):
    • Rewrote some of the code in the Red Raktuber quest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like many things in RuneScape, the Red Raktuber is a reference to the Red October. The Soviet ship gained recognition in the 1984 namesake book by Tom Clancy, and a movie of the same name, released in 1990. The name of the quest "Hunt of the Red Raktuber", is also a pun to the name of both the book and the film. Furthermore, as confirmed in the One Foot in the Grave miniquest, Raktuber is also a month in the Gielinorian calendar.

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