Rebuilding Edgeville

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For the achievement, see Rebuilding Edgeville (achievement).
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Rebuilding Edgeville is a miniquest that features the player assisting Mandrith in cleaning up Edgeville after it was attacked by the Dragonkin during Ritual of the Mahjarrat, released six and a half years prior.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Talking to Mandrith[edit | edit source]

The aftermath of the Dragonkin's attack on Edgeville

Start the miniquest by speaking to Mandrith in the ruins south of the Edgeville bank. He will ask for your help repairing Edgeville of the damage from the Dragonkin attack. If accepted, he will give you a to-do list which can be read to see what still needs repairing. The tasks can be done in any order.

Removing scorch marks[edit | edit source]

You can start by cleaning up the scorch marks, which requires use of Aggie's broom. The uncharged version is found against the wall in her house in Draynor Village. If Aggie notices the player taking the broom, they will be transfigured into a pig for a short while and scolded. The broom can only be successfully taken while Aggie is looking away from the player. The broom must be charged with 100 water runes before being usable. Once it has been charged, go to any of the scorch marks in Edgeville and left-click the broom to clean them up. This must be done a total of four times. Each of these actions grants 12,500 Magic experience. The broomstick from Swept Away will not work.

Repairing structures[edit | edit source]

The guard building after the Dragonkin's attack

Next, in order to fix the broken structures, first talk with Jeffery found east of the bank near his furnace. He will give you his hammer which can be left-clicked in order to fix surrounding buildings. Each of the repairs grants 3,000 Construction experience, bar the Guard House, which instead grants 30,000 experience. Six different buildings must be repaired:

  • House north of the bank, requiring 10 mahogany plank.
  • Market stall north of the bank, requiring 10 planks. As the market stall is next to the house, if house has not been fixed, you may receive the warning "I require 10 mahogany planks to fix that."
  • Broken window on the north side of the bank, requiring 5 planks and a molten glass.
  • Jeffery's Armoury, east of the bank, requiring 5 planks.
  • Guard house, north-east of the bank, requiring a marble block.
  • House south east of the river, requiring 10 oak planks.

Cleaning up the environment[edit | edit source]

  • After fixing all broken structures, choose to either consecrate or desecrate the burnt skeleton directly north of the bank, leaning against the southern wall of the building. Either action grants 5,000 Prayer experience.
  • Next, the fairy ring east of the river must be cleaned up using 5 bittercap mushrooms. This grants 10,000 Farming experience.
  • Then the debris that can be found in the river must be cleared. There is a piece of wall and roof next to the fairy ring that must be cleared. Both of these will grant 5,000 Mining experience.
  • Lastly, four burnt trees must be nurtured using a magic watering can (having one in the tool belt works). Each tree that is nurtured grants 2,500 Farming experience. Any four around Edgeville will do. If you accidentally chop down a burnt tree, the tree stump may be nurtured giving a half normal tree which will become a normal tree when it regrows giving credit for one of the four trees nurtured.

Once everything has been cleaned up, return to Mandrith to receive your reward.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rebuilding Edgeville reward.png
  • 50,000 Magic experience
  • 18,000 Construction experience
  • 20,000 Farming experience
  • 10,000 Mining experience
  • 5,000 Prayer experience
  • A dragonkin lamp
  • Chance to receive Effy after opening dragonkin lamps

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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