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Not to be confused with Phoenix (familiar).
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The reborn phoenix is a level 84 Summoning familiar. To create a reborn phoenix pouch, players will require the use of two phoenix quills, a crimson charm, 173 spirit shards, and a normal empty pouch.

Completion of In Pyre Need is required to summon a reborn phoenix.

The reborn phoenix will use solely melee or magic basic attacks, depending on its distance from the target.

It has a 7% chance to burn 2 logs (works with protean logs) at once when using bonfires (including portable braziers and the Prifddinas bonfires). This amounts to 25 extra logs during its lifespan, or 857.88 coins per extra log burnt. If made from scratch, the cost is 1,997.8 coins per extra log burnt. It also offers a +12 level invisible Firemaking boost (compared to the lava titan's +10 level invisible boost).

Reborn phoenix pouch[edit | edit source]


A reborn phoenix pouch is made by using a summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 173 spirit shards, a crimson charm, and two phoenix quills in the inventory.

Phoenix scroll (Rise From the Ashes)[edit | edit source]

A player activating the scroll on a target
A player activating the scroll on a pile of ashes

The Phoenix scroll (Rise From the Ashes) allows the reborn phoenix to use the Rise From the Ashes special move. Using the pouch on a summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls.

Rise From the Ashes has two distinct functions.

When cast directly at a target, the reborn phoenix blasts them with a smoke cloud, dealing magic damage with a chance of severely (~50%) draining their combat stats (Attack, Magic, and Ranged). This drops ashes on the player's tile.

Whilst ashes are on the ground, the special move can be cast on it. This will make the phoenix "rise" from the ashes, recover lost life points, and damage any enemies within a 3x3 grid around itself. This move can deal up to 2237+ damage, but the enemy must be near or on top of the targeted ashes. The lower the phoenix's health, the more likely it is to hit harder when it is reborn from the ashes.

The player can also drop ashes from their inventory, then use the Rise From the Ashes special.

It is worth noting that the scroll is multi-hitting. If there are multiple enemies near a pile of ashes when the scroll is used, then the attack will hit them all. This can target approximately 1-5 enemies, but has a glitch associated with it. If there are more than (approximately) 5 targets, the phoenix will be reborn, but not attack any of them.

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