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Ravens are birds in Prifddinas that are components in unlocking the Ravensworn title. They spawn at 00:00 UTC every 13 days and disappear 24 hours later. The first day a raven appeared was 4 October 2014, meaning the next raven would appear on 17 October 2014, and so on. Its location varies from world to world, being known to inhabit one of 9 locations. Its location per world is the same for every player, but its appearance and examine text varies from player to player.

The last raven spawned 7 days ago on 24 September 2022. The next raven will spawn on 7 October 2022 in 6 days. (wrong?)

Spotting a raven with the left click option prompts the message: You have found X/13 ravens. I wonder what happens when you find them all?. Spotting 13 unlocks the title [Name] the Ravensworn. Only one raven can be spotted per spawn, and all ravens on all worlds disappear for a player after being spotted. The earliest time at which the title could be obtained was 9 March 2015.

Before the method of obtaining the title was discovered, Mod Raven gave various hints on how to obtain it, using clues about bad luck to hint at a theme surrounding the number 13.[1] Mod Raven posted a tweet promising to disclose everything about obtaining the title if he had at least 10,000 Twitter followers before 4 October,[2] and, having surpassed this mark before the date, then stated that he would give a cryptic solution the following Monday.[3] As the first set of ravens spawned before he could reveal the solution, providing one proved unnecessary, although he did clarify how often the ravens spawned.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Map of all Raven locations

# Clan Description Image
1 Crwys Behind the building with Coeden inside the Crwys district Raven (Crwys 1).png
2 Crwys East of the house east of the spirit tree Raven (Crwys 2).png
3 Cadarn South of the house with the spinning wheel (opposite entrance to Max Guild on the ledge) Raven (Cadarn 2).png
4 Cadarn The window outside Haf's Battlestaves Raven (Cadarn 1).png
5 Trahaearn South of the Seren stones between the two buildings Raven (Trahaearn).png
6 Iorwerth East of the Iorwerth church, on the southern ledge Raven (Iorwerth 4).png
7 Iorwerth East of the Iorwerth church, on the ledge between the buildings Raven (Iorwerth 1).png
8 Iorwerth West of the Iorwerth church Raven (Iorwerth 2).png
9 Iorwerth West of the Rush of Blood entrance, south corner of the house Raven (Iorwerth 3).png

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • The Ravensworn (RuneScore.png 20) – Obtain the Ravensworn title by spotting 13 ravens in Prifddinas.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 8 June 2020 (Update):
    • Corrected a typo in the examine text of a Raven from Prifddinas.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The ravens are themed around the number 13: the ravens spawn every 13 days and 13 of them need to be spotted for the title.
    • They initially only appeared for 13 hours, but this was changed to 23 hours with the release of batch 2.
    • This was changed again and the time they appeared was increased to 24 hours after an unknown update.
  • Upon release, there was a bug allowing players to click a raven several times in one go, possibly unlocking the title prematurely. Their progress towards the title was reset.[4] Anyone who did it were presented with the message: Your Ravensworn title has been removed. You will need to find the right number of ravens to unlock it.
  • The ravens' examine texts are references to Mod Raven, who usually portrays himself as the future overlord of mankind.
  • The examine text about familiars is a reference to the song "Don't Cha".
  • The examine text could be a reference to the wise and just Raven King, John Uskglass, from the novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.
  • A bug caused players logging in when the 13th Raven spawned at the reset on 9 March 2015 to have their progress towards the title reset back to 0. This has been fixed.
    • To make up for this bug, an extra raven was spawned on 13 March 2015.
  • On 2015 April Fools, Jagex added a raven, named Terry, to the outskirts of Draynor Manor. When spotted, players would get the message: You have found 1/365 ravens. I wonder what happens when you find them all?.
  • If the raven spawns at the same day as an update, it has a chance of moving locations.
  • If you continue spotting ravens after having earned the title, the message You have found 13/13 ravens. I wonder what happens when you find them all? will continue to appear; there is no counter for ravens past 13.

References[edit | edit source]

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