Raptor's Challenge

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The Raptor's Challenge was a D&D that lasted from 2 November 2015 to 30 November 2015. During this D&D players could receive one assignment per day from the Raptor, who appointed himself as a Slayer Master. However, one task needed to be completed before receiving a new one. At the end of the event, the Raptor was tired of the puny Slayer creatures Gielinor offers, and so he went in search of bigger game. His chest of slaying, having previously been located north of the Fremennik Province lodestone and near the Burthorpe bank chest, now resides in War's Retreat.

How to start[edit | edit source]

The Raptor's final location

To start the challenge, players could find the Raptor at one of several locations listed below. When talking to him, he instructed the player to come over, and informed them that he was their new slayer master. Assuming the player had a free spot in their inventory, he gave them a gem after talking with them. This gem acted similarly to the enchanted gem.

All players could start this D&D regardless of their Slayer level. Both regular and hardcore Ironmen were able to take part in this activity.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Raptor could be found near the locations where the new slayer monsters are found. During the first week he was located south of Port Sarim Jail near the the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. The week following that he could be found west of Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede, just east of Al Kharid's eastern gate near the Ripper Demon cave entrance. The week after that he could be found between Sophanem and the Camel Warriors island. Finally, in the fourth week, he could be found north of the Fremennik Province lodestone.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The Raptor followed different rules compared to other slayer masters:

  • The Raptor's assignments could not be done in co-op slayer.
  • The Raptor assigned players monsters that are around their level. This also included monsters the player has blocked from the normal slayer masters (e.g. a player who has blocked aberrant spectres did have a chance of getting them from him) as well as tasks that the player does not even have the required slayer level to complete.
  • Tasks were separate from that of the player's current task.
    • Slayer contracts took higher priority over the Raptor's potential assignment. In addition, his tasks could not be done with a special contract.
    • The Raptor did not assign a task that the player is already doing from another slayer master. E.g. If a player was assigned aviansie from a Slayer Master capable of assigning them, he did not assign them unless the player completed/removed that task.
  • Slayer helmets provided bonuses as if the player was doing a task under another slayer master; however Tuska's Wrath did not work as with a normal slayer assignment.
  • Unique drops that could normally only be obtained on a slayer task could be found while doing a Raptor task.
  • Elite variants of the monster were not guaranteed to spawn when given a task from the Raptor, instead following the same rate as if killing them off-task.
  • Slayer golden rocks could be obtained from doing the Raptor's challenge.
  • The built-in slayer counter did not check the amount of monsters assigned by the Raptor. This count only reflected the number of monsters in the player's normal assignment, if any.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Monster name Number of kills per task Minimum combat level when assigned
Aberrant spectres 113–365 90
Abyssal demons 186–224 ?
Acheron mammoths 35–46 131
Airut 149–181 122
Ankou 66–95 35
Black demons 204–298 100
Bloodveld 110–169 81
Camel Warriors 39–52 126
Cockatrices 78–85 ?
Dagannoths 171–288 103
Dark beasts 180–299 122
Fire giants 132 91
Gargoyles 170–245 ?
Goblins 29–36 ?
Grotworms 85–123 80
Hellhounds 134–200 100
Jellies 114–168 91
Kalphites 55–244 37
Minotaurs 19–34 32
Ripper Demons 32–84 130
Rune dragons 50–77 120
Trolls 5–18 ?
Waterfiends 206–365 100
Wyverns 40–70 124

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The amount of tasks that a player has completed were tracked. When the player completed 15 tasks, they were awarded with the cosmetic Raptor override. This override is still available, but now only from opening his chest with his key. Players were told how many tasks they had completed when they completed a task. An enhanced variant, Raptor (Advanced), is unlocked after 30 monsters introduced during the Raptor's Challenge are killed. Unlike completing tasks from the normal slayer masters, slayer points were not obtained from completing his tasks. Monsters (except for certain bosses) on a Raptor task yielded double slayer experience.

The new monsters—Wyverns, Ripper Demons, Camel Warriors, Acheron mammoths—each drop one part of the Raptor key, which can be used to open the Raptor's chest. This chest could be found next to the Raptor during the month of November. The chest was then moved to Burthorpe where it stayed until it was moved to War's Retreat on January 27th of 2020. These key pieces are still obtainable after November 2015.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a player were to complete their 15th Raptor task on 16 November 2015 before the day's update, they would be greeted with the message:
    You have unlocked the basic Raptor cosmetics! These can be improved by slaying the new high level mobs!
    You will be able to obtain this reward after the next game update.
  • The ability to receive tasks from the Raptor ended as expected when the new update of 30 November 2015 occurred. If a player still had an active assignment from the Raptor, then they were not able to finish this due to the Raptor not being a slayer master any more and his gem being removed from the game.