Rapid Renewal

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Rapid Renewal is a Prayer which reduces the interval between natural healing to the user's life points from 6 seconds to 1.2. It requires both level 65 Prayer and level 65 Dungeoneering to use. It currently has the fourth highest prayer level required for any prayer in the default prayer book. To unlock this prayer, a scroll of renewal needs to be purchased, at a one-time cost of 38,000 Dungeoneering tokens.

This prayer can be an effective way to recover life points without using food. However, Rapid Renewal drains a player's prayer points by 100 points per minute. Note that a player will not recover life points in combat unless wearing Constitution skillcape. If a player has access to a reliable prayer restoring source, including an altar that is near where they are training or monsters that drop variants of bones and player has access to bonecrusher and variants of Twisted bird skull necklace, then this prayer will be very useful.

Many players purchase the prayer as it needed to complete the hard Daemonheim Tasks, which provides considerably useful benefits within Daemonheim, experience rewards, and 38,000 tokens upon completion (refunding the cost of the prayer). Note that completion of the third task set is also required to claim the rewards for completing the fourth task set.

Unlocking the Rapid Renewal prayer is one of the requirements needed to wear the Completionist cape.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At one time, Rapid Renewal at Nex on the last phase would cause the user to stay at 1 life point and not cause death. This has been fixed.