Rapid Heal

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Rapid Heal is a Prayer that halves the interval at which the user's life points are restored from 6 seconds to 3 seconds per heal outside of combat.

Rapid Heal does not drain the user's prayer points quickly, but can not take effect in combat. This limits its use to out of combat. Using healing abilities or a healing familiar such as a Bunyip is recommended instead for players in combat.

This prayer does not increase the healing from rest or food.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Training: turn it on the moment you start combat training, along with various prayer boosting equipment, such as an Amulet of glory.
  • Healing while staying in safe spots when food stock is running low; this option will save food. It can be slow, but is also convenient.
  • In tandem with Regen bracelet, the Constitution cape, and a healing familiar (such as a Void spinner, Bunyip, or Unicorn Stallion) and resting to make healing faster. It cannot be combined with Rapid Renewal.

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